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Merry Christmas May all your Christmas wishes come true!

From all the staff at Spotlight Magazine.

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We Need to Hear

Scott Cowan, Editor

insel, lights, Christmas tree’s (sorry I meant elaborately decorated religiously neutral holiday plants) crowded malls, gifts and Tylenol for the credit card bills, Happy holidays and seasons greetings!


is a time to let go, begin by restoring and building relationships. Love is the greatest gift, easy to give, rewarding beyond measure. In hospital dying no one ever says, “I’m really glad I held that grudge all these years”.

We’ve matured to a level of enlightenment where extending traditional greetings is met with politically incorrect stares. Communities are passing by-laws to protect the “right,” to say Merry Christmas. Canada prides itself as being multi-cultural. The problem is no one can define what being Canadian is any more. Defining Christ as the true meaning of Christmas makes one intolerant. We need to decide if we’re still a Judeo Christian nation. Or a cultural stew of all the nationalities we’ve allowed to immigrate here, but not to assimilate into our homeland. Entire schools are dispensing with Christmas plays, or greetings, because one person in that community is offended by the holiday. Are we still a democracy, or do we operate under the system the offended minority rules? Should we trample the rights of the majority of children, parents, and hundreds of years of tradition?

Are you excited about the season or silently dreading Dec 25th? If you wish it would just be over. Return with me, to a distant place, seldom visited in your mind. Journey back to where Christmas was magical. At what age did you lose the Spirit, the wonder, the true meaning of the holiday? When was the last time you sang a carol? When did you last go shopping without feeling obligated? Love pushed you from shop to store searching out the perfect gifts. Remember when even the wrapping was important? Lack of Christmas Spirit is as psychologically damming as Dickens “Christmas Carol”. How do I, Scrooge that I’ve become, refresh Christmas in my soul?

The world is searching for answers, but politicians and people look to the United Nations. We steadfastly ignore the manger scene 2000 years ago. About the only thing we can say for sure is that December 25 isn’t the actual day of Christ’s birth, but it’s the one we’ve chosen to celebrate the occasion. Seasons greetings, Xmas, are all dodges to sanitize the holiday of Christianity, while preserving the good will toward others. The “spirituality light,” hocus pocus, deck the halls, rockin round the Xmas tree mentality prevails. In this gigantic push we call inclusive, simultaneously trying to be unbiased, we’ve marginalized the majority of Canadians. For over 200 years we simply believed in a thing called Christmas. No matter how we try and purge the season each year, we’re confronted with the same choice a certain Inn Keeper in Bethlehem had 2000 years ago. When Mary and Joseph knocked on his door he answered, “No room”. I believe that phrase burns in his memory even today. Is there room in your Christmas for the Savior? Reach out and invite a friend, family member, even a miserable neighbor, who has no where to go Christmas day; and love on them. Fill a stocking, even if they’re adults, wrap a gift. Christmas

Christmas is about God’s love and forgiveness for mankind. Who are you not forgiving? Family members sometimes say the worst things, then reap years of regret. Year’s obscure facts, only the separation remains. Why not give each other the best gift ever. Evan if you were the one wronged, mail a card asking for their forgiveness and tell them they’re loved. Is pride, anger or being right, worth the loneliness? Think if they aren’t here next Christmas? Be bigger than the offender knowing you get the best part of the deal by offering, and learning to forgive. Make the attempt at reconciliation. My Dad died Dec 19th. There wasn’t a day in my life that he didn’t tell me he loved me. Whenever I left home, he’d wave good-by. I once asked him why he was always there at the door or window. “One day will be the last, he answered”. Then one evening in the hospital he said, “I love you I’ll see you later,” then, was gone. Dad had ways of saying much, with few words. He wasn’t educated, but had a PhD. in kindness. These cherished memories and Christmas, make me miss him all the more. I’d give anything to spend five minutes with him. Meanwhile I’ll be dreaming of a white (sand beach) Christmas, where palm tree’s glisten and children listen, to hear waves crashing on the shore. Comments e-mail to scott-cowan@

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Tax Planning for the Family Farm The family farm serves a special role and accordingly receives special status in Canada’s tax law. Two important tax planning strategies can be used when transferring a Canadian farm property. The rules surrounding these strategies are very complex and only a general discussion is provided here. Capital Gains Deduction on Qualified Farm Property shelters up to $800,000 of capital gains, per Canadian resident during their lifetime. Qualifying property includes land used in a Canadian farming business or an interest in a family farm business owned through a corporation or a partnership. Tests for qualification may include whether the owner is engaged in the business of farming on an active and continuous basis, and whether the farming income was greater than income from all other sources for at least two years. However, other considerations such as the application of Alternative Minimum Tax may result from the use of the Capital Gains Deduction, thereby reducing its benefit. Intergenerational Farm Property Rollover permits tax-deferred transfers of farm property to other family members. Canadian farm property, including shares of a family farm corporation, enjoys an additional tax benefit in the nature of a tax deferral. A farmer may be able to transfer the interest in the family farm to Canadian resident children on a tax-deferred basis either during his/her lifetime or at death. In general, the child will inherit the parent’s tax cost base, so the deferred gain could be taxable when the child subsequently disposes of the property. In theory, farms that are passed down from generation to generation could escape capital gains tax indefinitely. Where the Intergenerational Rollover is available, there may still be a tax liability to your estate if your Executor opts to forego it since your beneficiaries intend to liquidate instead of keeping the farm property intact (assuming Capital Gains Deduction is unavailable). Your Estate Plan – This can be particularly tricky where some family members will inherit the farm property or carry on the farming business and others will not. Conflicts can arise between the competing interests of these beneficiaries. A tax benefit to one beneficiary may reduce the value of another beneficiary’s inheritance. It is important that your estate plan take into consideration whether these tax strategies will be available and their effect on all beneficiaries and your estate as a whole. For example, the Intergenerational Farm Property Rollover can save estate taxes, but ultimately the tax on the unrealized gain may be payable by the child who receives or inherits the farm property because the tax cost base will not be increased. Conversely, the tax cost base of other property inherited by the other children will generally be the fair market value at the time of death and additional tax will only be payable on further increases in value after the transfer to them. As with all tax planning, professional advice is critical to understand the specific implications in your situation. The Capital Gains Deduction and Intergenerational Rollover tax planning strategies for farm properties should be carefully orchestrated to maximize benefit.

For more information, contact:

Dan Hein, BRE

Associate Investment Advisor BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. Medicine Hat, AB Tel.: 403-528-6771

The comments included in this article are not intended to be a definitive analysis of tax applicability or trust and estate law. The comments contained herein are general in nature and professional advice regarding an individual’s particular tax position should be obtained in respect of any person’s specific circumstances. ® “BMO (M-bar roundel symbol)” is a registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal. Opinions are those of the author and may not reflect those of BMO Nesbitt Burns. The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled from sources believed reliable but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness.

Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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Cypress - Medicine Hat

A VICTORY FOR DEMOCRACY Bill 28, The Modernizing Regional Governance Act, created a great deal of controversy in the Legislature recently and for some very vaild reasons. The Alberta government was forced to change its tune after sober second thought being raised by the Opposition parties in the Legislature with this obviously flawed piece of legislation. One of the Bill’s primary goals is to allow the Province to assume stricter controls over development throughout the province’s municipalities. The Bill would establish the Province’s authority to force municipalities to enter into regional planning boards like the Capital Region Board or the Calgary Regional Partnership and impose strict controls on the governing bodies. Along with the strict controls come strict consequences for those that do not comply. The Bill states that, “if the Minister considers that a municipal authority or regional services commission has not complied with an Alberta Land Stewardship Act (Bill 36) regional plan, the Minister may take any necessary measures to ensure that the municipal authority or regional services commission complies with the ALSA regional plan.” Those measures for those elected, officials who fail to co-operate or provide requisite information, unbelievably are a fine of up to $10,000 or one year in prison.

from the government is a victory for democracy, local civic government autonomy, and all Albertans.” “I am delighted to see the Premier come around to our perspective on this legislation,” Leader of the Wildrose Party Danielle Smith said. She also added “Wildrose strongly believes in the autonomy of local governments and the current Bill 28 would have undermined that independence.” The Wildrose will continue to advocate for your duly elected civic officials to have the legal, unobstructed, autonomy they require to act in the best interests of their constituents. Drew Barnes, MLA, Cypress-Medicine Hat Email: Twitter: @DrewBarnesMLA

The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (AAMDC) and the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) haven’t had an adequate opportunity to go over the proposed Bill due to the lack of any prior consultation being done. The lack of consultation, coupled with the recent civic elections that saw some of the towns, counties and Municipal Districts experience a significant turn-over in councillors that hadn’t even been sworn-in before the Bill was introduced in the house by the Municipal Affairs Minister, added to the uncertainty. What’s most concerning to every Albertan is that their locally elected officials would essentially be restricted from the decisions the constituents of their communities democratically elected them to make. Also of great concern to taxpayers, will be the effect Bill 28 will no doubt have, on introducing yet another layer of bureaucracy to an already cluttered regulatory environment. After a raucous twelve-hour debate forced by the opposition, that went on until 1:45 am Halloween morning, the Premier announced the next day that Bill 28 would not proceed until more thorough consultation with municipalities and municipal leaders could be completed. The outcome was due to an all-night session between the official opposition and the Alberta government. According to Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson, who lead the charge in the debate, “this reversal Pg. 7

Candice Kennedy, Intimate Secrets

corice, for a nice t n u h e h t Dear Cand n Everyhave been o experience, g in t n Recently I u a d its find it a but never f I t n t e u r b e f t if e d s ing up fits so I be look ld u o h s one I pick t a h eed help, w right. I n my corset? r o f g in p p ho for when s , Yours truly orset Helpless C

Dear Helpless, There are a few things you have to think about before buying corsets that will make the experience go a little more smoothly. First think about what kind of boning you require. Plastic is the cheapest and most common type found in modern corsets. If you’re after a pretty top or something to wear in the bedroom, then this is probably the choice for you. Keep in mind however that plastic boning cannot be used for waist training and should not be laced tightly, as this can cause the plastic to bend and dig in. If you choose an overbust corset and have a large chest, you should avoid plastic as it will be uncomfortable and will not provide enough support. The next choice would be steel boning which comes in two different types, spiral steel and flat steel. Spiral steel is more flexible then flat steel. This type of boning provides a lot more support than plastic and is usually much more comfortable. Corsets with steel are usually a lot more expensive however if you are planning on wearing your corset regularly or for long periods of time, the benefits of buying a corset with this type of boning are well worth the additional cost. Not only will it be a lot more comfortable, but it will last much longer and if far less likely to lose its shape. A steel boned corset can be used for waist training if the overall construction of the corset is strong enough. Next Decide whether you want an overbust Pg. 8

or underbust corset. An overbust corset covers the breast, while an underbust corset stops just below them. Underbust corsets are far easier to buy off the rack than overbust corsets as they go by the waist measurement only, rather than waist and bust. If you are planning on wearing your corset underneath your clothing an underbust corset is far less obvious than an overbust corset.

tighten it up all the way comfortably, you may need a slightly smaller size so it can be laced tightly. Check that the cut of the corset is flattering. There is no point buying an expensive corset if it makes you feel unattractive. Make sure that your corset is reasonably comfortable. While they usually take a bit of time to get used to, a corset shouldn’t be particularly uncomfortable to wear unless you are lacing it very tightly.

Research where you can buy your corset. If you want a corset with plastic boning, you’ll be able to buy a corset from a wide range of shops (they are sometimes sold as normal tops, but usually you will need to look in underwear shops), but steel boned corsets are harder to come by and you may find the only way to get what you want is to order it online. If you are planning on using your corset for waist training, you will get the best results by having your corset custom made.

Last make sure to ask about how you should clean your corset. Normally Corsets cannot be machine washed, most corsets need to be dry cleaned or washed by hand, and they should be cleaned only rarely. When possible, wear something between your corset and your skin to reduce frequency of washes. Make sure you will be able to clean your corset before you buy it.

Consider the way you want your corset to fasten at the front. The most common choice is steel busk which usually has five of six large clips on that secure the corset and create a straight line down the front of the corset. Your other choices are a zipper or wire hook and eye closer. ALWAYS make sure to try the corset on before you purchase. When trying on your corset there are a few things to consider. Check that your corset fits, if you can

Happy shopping.

Candice Kennedy Intimate Secrets

To have questions answered please write to: Any questions sexually charged or graphic will be edited for tasteful publication or answered by email.

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uyer and Cellar written by Jonathan Tolins and Stephen Brackett directing, is an off Broadway hit; one man show starring Michael Urie. It is this season’s must see play. The theatre is located at 27 Barrow Street between 7th and West 4th. Pat Addis fresh off her Tony Award win, is a producer on this project. Michael has theatre goers in awe.

This story is emotionally charged and incredibly funny in places. This fictitious and unauthorized story centres on Barbra Streisand and her book, “My Passion for Design.” The script follows the employment of the star as he works in Barbara’s basement. As are all one man shows, the make it or break it moments are in timing, and the ability of the actor to mesmerize and transport the audience to a place of belief. After two hours of narration and comedy, Urie had our audience convinced Barbara was the supporting actress. Not to mention dialogues with his friend and other employees. The play runs in New York till January, and then goes on the road to Chicago. Finishing with expected sell out crowds in Los Angeles, which is Barbra Streisand territory. Michael grew up in Plano Texas and was involved in high school theatre. He attended community college and was accepted to four years at Julliard. In his junior year he landed his first part in Uptown Girls. His advice to emerging actors is to get in the union and take everything you are offered to get experience and credits. His first drama teacher Gerri Calvin in Texas at Vines High School cast him in Fiddler on The Roof. Almost every celebrity can trace their beginnings to a teacher. He moved into different mediums with Direct TV directing films. He has appeared in several TV shows. Sammy Davis Jr. was a huge inspiration early in his career. He showed me a picture a friend gave him of the late performer he keeps in his dressing room. He is a big believer that comedy has Pg. 10

an underlying element of truth. He claims it is his audience that keeps the performance fresh each evening. He looks forward to possibly meeting Barbra but thinks it would change his performance. He spoke fondly of his parents and sister who are supportive of his career and performing. He works with the Trevor Project which is a suicide hotline, and Equity Fights Aids. I was most impressed with his personal philosophy. He said, “I try and be nice to everybody, you never know someone’s assistant you’re rude to today; may be the person you’re trying to get a part from next year.” Good advice for us all. Michael Urie was a delight to interview, and yes he was very nice to me.

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HUNTING IN SOUTHERN ALBERTA Patrick Schile I think of all the times of I have gone out hunting and the one common thing that made it a great hunt was not the fact of taking an animal. Which is what everyone thinks is why people hunt. This is a thrill all on its own, as you’re looking in the scope and see the animal with its horns and large body. I think the best part of a hunt is the friends you are with. Being outside in the fresh air seeing all the marvels the day has to offer from sunrise to sunset. To see the prairie chickens leave there roosts to watch the porcupine’s come out of the trees to start the day. And yes if you didn’t know porcupines sleep in the trees. To watch the sun rise come up in the morning, everything starting to awaken as you sits with a fresh hot drink and good friends telling stories of things that have happened on past hunts.

child so happy too with what they have accomplished. I think it is an instinct from the days of the cave man to hunt and provide for their family. We always use the meat from the animas we take. Now I have this memory of that day forever in my mind and stories to tell on other hunting trips. This is what makes hunting a great sport of relaxation and being with great friends in the amazing thing we call Mother Nature.

My second best part off the hunt is when you take someone out for their first time and they too can experience the thrill of hunting. To see their face light up with anticipation when they are looking at their first animal is exiting! When they shoot there first animal, the adrenaline rush they experience is phenomenal. I have taken all my children out hunting both of my daughters and my son. My son was the one that stands out in my memories as he had taken his first mule deer buck and white tail buck in one season on the same day. The smile on his face taking the picture was worth a million dollars! The nervousness I had seen in his face as he was about to take the shot was so visible. We had snuck up on the first deer and he took his time setting up for the shot. We didn’t want him to hear us. Boom! He had missed! Boom! He missed again on the second shot. That deer must have felt sorry for him as he never ran or spooked on either shot. The third shot was right on the spot with a little bit of encouragement to just slow down and breathe and relax. My son had practised all year for hunting at our local range and I have to say he is a really good shot at the range. When it came down to that moment it was different to look through a scope, down the rifle barrel and have this beautiful deer standing in front of him. Which all hunters have gone through their first time? To see our prize and we call it buck fever. Once he calmed down and started to control his breathing like he had been practicing and gently squeezed the trigger as I whispered in his ear. The bullet hit its mark and he got his first whitetail buck. This was a very proud moment for a dad, to see their


Backstrap 2 pounds

Backstrap (Cut into 2 inch Chunks)

1 Quart

Apple Cider

1 1/2 Pounds

Thick Sliced Bacon

2 (12 ounce) bottles

Barbecue Sauce (Your Choice)

Directions 1. Place chunks of venison into a shallow baking dish, and pour enough apple cider in to cover them. Cover, and refrigerate for 2 hours. Remove, and pat dry. Discard apple cider, and return venison to the dish. Pour barbeque sauce over the chunks, cover, and refrigerate for 2 to 3 more hours. 2. Preheat an outdoor grill for high heat. Charcoal is best, but if you must, use gas. Remove meat from the refrigerator, and let stand for 30 minutes, or until no longer chilled. Wrap each chunk of venison in a slice of bacon, and secure with toothpicks. 3. Brush the grill grate with olive oil when hot, and place venison pieces on the grill so they are not touching. The bacon will kick up some flames, so be ready. Grill, turning occasionally, until the bacon becomes slightly burnt, 15 to 20 minutes. The slower, the better. Dig in, and prepare to want more!

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TEAM Insurance & Financial Services


Simplified insurance and financial solutions for the energy industry. • General Liability • Disability Insurance • Health & Dental Plans Thomson-schindle-Green

#100 chinook Place, downtown medicine hat

(403) 526-3283

Toll-Free: 1-800-830-9423

Financing for whatever moves you. From cars to trucks and motorcycles to RVs, let State Farm Finance Corporation® finance or refinance all your vehicles. Call me for more information on our competitive rates. Get to a better state™. Call me today.

Crystal Metz, Agent State Farm Representative 2-1335 Trans Canada Way SE Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1J1 Bus: 403-526-1345


Some products and services may not be available in all service areas. State Farm Finance Corporation of Canada, Aurora, Ontario


insurance & Financial services ltd.

There’s a Story Behind Every Smile! Chris Keim, General Dentist Crestwood Dental Clinic Hi, my name is Chris Keim and I am a General Dentist here at the Crestwood Dental Clinic. I have lived in Medicine Hat and have been practicing at our clinic for the past 13 years. My mission is to take care of families by providing treatment in all aspects of Dentistry. I always strive to be gentle and caring, always having your best interest at heart. I was born in Saskatoon SK in 1964, making me 29 years old. (I never was good at math!) In my leisure time outside the clinic, I enjoy fishing with the family, camping and hiking. Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a real philosophy of mine. I feel it helps in experiencing all that life has to offer, so to that end, I spend a lot of time focused on exercise and a healthy diet. Much easier said than done however! I am married to my beautiful wife and partner in life, Dawn. She is a music teacher at the conservatory Canada Studio here in the Hat. She shares my love of the outdoors and obviously, music is a huge passion of hers. We have five children, all adult aged and we are now learning to adapt to life with an empty nest. After the outdoors my wife and I have found a passion for travel. Up to this point most of our trips have been to warmer climates to escape the cold winters but we hope to see more than just sand and surf in the near future. Thirteen years ago I was very lucky to find an opportunity with Crestwood Dental Clinic and decided to make the move and begin anew in Medicine Hat. It was one of the best choices I have ever made. I love Medicine Hat and Crestwood is a great place work. My colleagues are awesome and the staff are wonderful to work with. The clinic is large and modern and we offer any form of dental treatment you may require. Look for me either on the lake in summer or standing in the cold, ice fishing in the winter (which still boggles my wifes mind). Please, come by and say hello. I look forward to meeting you. Pg. 13

Why Us?  Just a short drive away  Convenient location  Free parking  Wheelchair accessible  Competitive pricing  Monthly payments to fit your budget

 Direct bill to dental insurance

 Sleep dreamily through dental procedure

 Dental implants and restorative dentistry

 24 hour emergency

General Dentist

Pg. 14

25 years of experience! $1900.00 single tooth implant plus crown and grafting.

Call today for your free consultation


“ ”

Able Dental Group offers warm, safe memories, because under anesthesia there are no memories at all.


Kinsmen Club Cameron Kemp, Past President (2012 - 2013) & Major Project Chairperson The Kinsmen Home Lotto Project was started in 1983 and has going for the last 31 years. This project has been the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat’s primary source of revenue for the service Club since that time. Over the past ten years, the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat has donated approximately two million ($2,000,000.00) dollars within Medicine Hat and the surrounding community. Most notably, the local Kinsmen Club has contributed substantial financial support (and sometimes the time and sweat of its members) to the construction of a number of legacy projects within Medicine Hat, including: •

• • • • • • •

The construction of one of the city’s largest and oldest parks, Kin Coulee Park, with its toboggan hill, beach volleyball courts, and picnic areas; The construction of the Kinplex, with its dual ice surfaces and Kin Social Room; The construction of the original Medicine Hat Children’s Library and its subsequent renovation; The construction of the Medicine Hat Kinsmen Baseball Complex in Crescent Heights; The Kinsmen Aquatic Centre at the Family Leisure Centre; The Southridge Health and Wellness Centre with its running track, weight room, gymnasium and meeting rooms; The Kinsmen Kid’s Area at Hidden Valley Ski Hill in the Cypress Hills; and The Medicine Hat Kinsmen Skate Park in conjunction with the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association.

The Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat also has a number of annual sponsorships including, but not limited to: • • • • • • •

The sponsorship of FREE Public Skating in Medicine Hat since 1984 (29 Years); The sponsorship of FREE Family Swimming in Medicine Hat since 1993 ((20 Years); The sponsorship of FREE Public Skating in Redcliff since 1988 (25 Years); The sponsorship of FREE Family Swimming in Redcliff since 2003 (10 Years); The sponsorship of the St. Louis School Breakfast Milk Program since the late 1990s; The sponsorship of the Medicine Hat Interpretive Association’s Easter Program since 1999 (14 years) The sponsorship of numerous local organizations including Big Brothers Big Sisters, C.O.R.E. Association, Cactus Country 4-H, Medicine Hat Horse Show, and the Rotary

Music Festival; and The sponsorship of minor sports programs including Medicine Hat Minor Tackle Football Association, Medicine Hat Little League, Medicine Hat Minor Softball Association, Medicine Hat Lacrosse Association and Medicine Hat Ringette Association.

The home is once again this year being built by Jayco Builders Inc. and will be located at 108 Somerside Way SE. Tickets prices will once again be 1 ticket for $100.00 and 3 tickets for $250.00 with an additional level of ticket being offered this year, being 8 tickets for 500.00. Tickets for this year’s Home Lotto project are slated to go on sale starting December 1, 2013 on our website at and by telephone by calling our ticket centre at (403) 529-6546 or toll free 1-877-529-1982. However, if you would rather buy tickets in person you can also buy Home Lotto tickets and at the following third party locations: • • • • • •

Richardson’s Jewellery in the Medicine Hat Mall; Sobey’s in Southridge; Medicine Hat Co-op Ltd. (13th Avenue SE & Northland locations); MacKenzie Drugs on North Railway Street; The Corona Tavern in the River Flats; and From any current member of the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat.

New this year we have made arrangements in Redcliff for tickets to be sold at the Redcliff Hylton Hotel so that the residents of Redcliff that support the Club have a convenient way to purchase tickets in person. We also have paired up with the Medicine Hat S.P.C.A. whereby they will receive a specified donation from the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat at various ticket sale levels, which means that support of Kinsmen Home Lotto 31 is also support of the S.P.C.A. This year’s early bird draw will be on January 7, 2014 for $10,000.00 cash with the last day to purchase tickets being December 24, 2013. The Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat thanks the citizens of Medicine Hat for supporting our Home Lotto project for the last 30 years and remind them that support of this project is crucial to the financial success of the Club and the continued tradition of the Kinsmen Club of Medicine Hat donating money into our community as they endeavor to “Serve the community’s greatest needs.” Yours in Kin, THE KINSMEN CLUB OF MEDICINE HAT Pg. 15


Pg. 16

HELMET Matt Brassard Owner/General Manager Sports Connection Source for Sports The Skating, Hockey and Ringette season is well underway!!!!! I am writing to discuss a very important topic that can be easily over looked. The games that are being played on an ice surface are faster than they have ever been, and with speed comes some risk. Helmets play a very crucial part in staying safe. Helmets, are arguably the most important piece of equipment. In our store, we are asked many questions about helmets. The following are the 3 most common questions: • What size do I need? • How much should I spend? • When does a helmet need to be replaced? What size do I need? There are many companies that offer different sizes and models. When shopping for a helmet, it is a good idea to have an open mind. What I mean by an open mind is, don’t shop by brand or what your friend just bought. Allow the professionals to fit and size the helmet that best fits your head shape. 90% of all helmets are adjustable, this allows for a customized fit. Make sure you try the helmet on, a Bauer helmet you bought 5 years ago will fit differently today. The molds that are used to make helmets change along with the technology that goes into them, so try it on before buying it. This includes parents coming in without their child, always bring your child with you to ensure a proper size and fit.

to leak, bring the helmet back, this might be something that is covered under warranty. Safety Tips: Most recreational skaters (public skating and outdoor rinks) don’t wear helmets. This is one of the most dangerous places to skate. Think about this for a second, you have all age groups, all skill levels and absolutely no structure during the ice time. Most games or practices have a coach or instructor who is controlling the flow and direction on the ice. Public skating is often over crowded, creating a congested environment. This is a recipe for disaster, even the best skaters can be blindsided by a falling skater at any time. There are no second chances when it comes to head safety. Now that you have some basic helmet knowledge, hopefully this helps you during your next helmet purchase.

How much should I spend? As a retailer, this is a loaded question. The price of a helmet is based on the level of protection that it offers. The prices range from $39.99-$249.99. The amount of money that should be spent on a helmet should reflect the level of play or match the level of risk involved. Again, this is something the professionals can help you with, but rule of thumb- you only get one chance when it comes to your head You get what you pay for. When does a helmet need to be replaced? All helmets will have 2 stickers on the back, CSA and HECC. These are very important to look for, if either of these stickers are not present, DO NOT BUY IT!!!!!! Once you have located both stickers, the HECC sticker will have an expiry date stamped on the sticker. This will be the guideline to use. There a few things to keep an eye on to make sure your helmet is in good working order. • Look for cracks on the exterior shell. Most cracks will develop in the areas where the screws are located. If you find a crack, bring the helmet into a store that sells helmets and let one of the professionals take a look at it. • Screws, snaps and clips. It is good practice to check these on a weekly basis. Look for cracks and rust. These are all easily replaced and when a helmet is purchased at our store, we fix and replace these for free. • Check the foam and gel pads on the interior of the helmet. If the foams become hard and crusty, it is a good indication that the helmets needs to be replaced. If the gel pads burst or start Pg. 17

Pg. 18

Pg. 19

When the Media Paints Half a Picture Brent Dunstan Guest Columnist


ometimes I find complaints about the media’s left wing bias tiresome. But coming home from the recent Conservative Convention, and reading the media reports, it’s hard not to agree with them. The media coverage was truly “enlightening”. I’m certainly glad that reporters were there to determine that “right-wing” decisions were being made at a Conservative Convention. Truly, that’s coverage worthy of an award for investigative journalism. Not everyone shares the same opinions regarding politics, nor should they. That’s democracy. Opposition Parties have the job, and responsibility, to critically evaluate the Government. Our Parliamentary system is dependant on this. It’s an “iron sharpens iron” way of ensuring good governance. However, when the media chooses to report events in a particular way, fails to report them altogether, or is selective, we know only what the media allows us to see. The reports of the CPC Convention taking a “sharp tilt to the right” were a bit over-dramatic and lacking the benefit of context. To illustrate; if you consider yourself opposed to Conservatives, I’m going to ask that you agree with the following statements. Each is a verbatim media account of policies adopted at this Convention, except edited to express the opposite intent (should becomes should not, etc.); otherwise I have copied them directly. So then, to oppose reported Conservative policy, you would hold that: • Canadians should be forced to join unions and pay dues. • Federal public service unions and those in federally regulated industries should not tell their members how much of their dues go to political donations, media, and other activism. • Federal public service pensions should not be brought in line with those in the private sector. • Discrimination against girls through gender selection be encouraged. • Criminals who commit multiple serious crimes should not serve their sentences consecutively, but concurrently, so that they spend less time in jail. Remember, these are opposite statements of what was reported to being adopted as policy by the Conservatives. Do they sound okay to you? Canadians forced to join a union? Baby girls, inferior and aborted, solely due to preference? Multiple offenders getting sentencing discounts, so that they can be set free sooner? I can hear the protestations. “That’s not fair! One sentence statements can’t be complete, especially out of context.” Congratulations! You now know EXACTLY what this article is about. For example, two reported policy amendments regarding unions, one allowing the right to choose union membership, the other ensuring a union’s financial transparency, makes Conservatives “anti-union” according to the media. Taken out of the context of the complete policy, that went unreported by the media, could make one think so. But here is the actual policy, as adopted. Judge for yourself.

Pg. 20

The Conservative Party of Canada: • Supports the right of workers to organize democratically, to bargain collectively, and to peacefully withdraw and withhold services while; respecting the law, respecting the right of other workers, without sanction, not to participate should so they chose, and, respecting private property. • Believes that Government should work with unions and employers in areas of Federal jurisdiction to develop dispute settlement mechanisms and encourage their use to avoid or minimize disruptions of services to Canadians; • Supports the right of union workers to a secret ballot in any strike vote and in all union elections; • Supports the requirement that unions be subject to full, transparent annual financial reporting so long as they enjoy a not-for-profit status and receive public support in the form of tax deductibility of union dues. • Believes that the Federal Government must act to ensure that members of unions under federal jurisdiction have control over the use of funds collected in the form of mandatory dues. The Federal Government should legislate the following; • Federal Public Service unions and unions in federally regulated industries must explicitly detail on an annual basis for their membership the portion of their budget allocated to political donations, donations to media organizations, and to political activism and campaigns. • Federal Public Service unions in federally regulated industries must allow members to opt out of the portion of their dues that are allocated to the activities in the above. Does this sound anti-union to you? There were pro-union protesters in Calgary streets over this? Another entire article could be written about adopted policies that went unreported by the media. Some examples; declaring that the purchasing of sex or third party profiting from prostitution be criminalized. Including harassment via digital communication (e.g. text messaging) in the Criminal Code, to address the issue of cyber-bullying. There was one to ensure that a military reservist’s job is secure, upon his/her return from service. That a Charter of Rights for victims of crime be formed and adopted in Canada. One reducing the number of tax brackets, so that lower and middle income earners pay less taxes. One ensuring the protection of company pension funds, so that their pensions will be there when seniors need them. One that places liability for the operation or abandonment of a pipeline on the operator, and not the public or property owners. That Canada support international marine research, and regulate Ocean activities to minimize environmental impact. It’s likely that you heard about none of these. Why not? Perhaps it’s because they don’t fit the media’s picture of Conservatives, and what they would adopt as policies. But they were adopted, each and every one. Surprised?

Pg. 21

Gregory Thomas, CTF - If Stephen Harper really wants to help working Canadians and their families, he needs to scrap the pork-barreling Employment Insurance system designed by Pierre Trudeau, and give Canadians back their own money. This year in Canada, every working Canadian couple, with each worker earning at least $47,400, will watch as $4,277 in EI “contributions” are shipped to Ottawa on their behalf. The government has hiked that maximum EI tax haul by 25% since 2008, when it was $3,412. Now some provincial premiers are beating the drum for a huge hike in the deductions taken from our paycheques for the Canadian Pension Plan: They argue that Canadians aren’t saving enough for retirement. But a working Canadian couple could save over $67,000 in 10 years, if they simply were allowed to keep their EI contributions in their own, personal, tax-sheltered rainy-day fund. They could use the money in the event of a job loss or keep it for their retirement. For Canadians who plan their lives around staying employed — think about school teachers, bus drivers, lab technicians, accountants, business managers — EI is nothing more than a rip-off, pure and simple. And it is a rip-off on a massive scale: Between 1981 and 2009, Ontarians paid $75 billion more in EI taxes than they collected in EI benefits. Albertans paid nearly $18 billion more than they collected. It’s a similar story across Western Canada. Even worse, when workers in many parts of Canada find themselves suddenly out of a job, they can’t collect EI, because the regional rules tilt the playing field against them. City dwellers lose out while their laid off colleagues, who might have worked at the same company and even in the same building, might be permitted to collect EI cheques for weeks because their residence is located in a rural community. No other nation on the planet runs its employment insurance system this way. Our EI system was morphed in the 1970s into a vote-buying machine for the government in power. Sadly, not much has changed in 40 years. Today, less than half of Ontario’s unemployed can collect EI benefits, while in other provinces, everyone who loses their job ends up collecting. No wonder that in Newfoundland and Labrador, 60% of EI claimants have made at least three claims in the past five years. Canada’s EI system is making Canadian workers poorer: robbing them of thousands of dollars that rightfully belong on their paycheques, and providing a cruel incentive to others not to work, not to upgrade their skills, and not to seek opportunity where there are steady, year-round jobs available. Canadian employers are filling hundreds of thousands of jobs with foreign workers, while we spend billions of dollars paying EI benefits for people who “go on unemployment” year after year after year. We spend more than a billion dollars every year, just on the administration costs for this wasteful, destructive pork-barrelling scheme. Canadian workers deserve to keep their own money. They deserve to know that the money that comes off their paycheque will be there — for them — when they need it, not shipped off to Ottawa to buy votes for politicians. For more related articles visit The official site of the CANADIAN TAXPAYERS FEDERATION, a citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government. Pg. 22

Christmas Shopping Made

Leslie Cochran, Loft 3 Design Company


hopping for Christmas is never easy, whether it’s for your Mother in Law or a co-worker at the company Christmas party. Loft 3 Design Company makes it easy…we’ve found the coolest most affordable items that will make giving and getting exciting, all within any budget! It is almost Christmas and many of us are scrambling around trying to choose the perfect gift for a friend or relative. What do they want? What do they need? What can we buy? We can spend hours in shops asking ourselves these questions. There is another way to select the perfect gift but it involves changing our perception of what gift giving is all about. The problem is that we think about giving gifts as the exchange of physical objects. A useful alternative is to think of a gift as communication. When you give a gift to someone, what you are actually doing is speaking to them. You buy, make or discover a gift that says something to the receiver. They receive the gift, and if they are perceptive, they understand your message. Of course this is obvious, but somehow we forget it when we go to choose gifts. We fo-

cus first on the object or the need, and then check what message it conveys. If you harness this thinking, when you choose gifts, then you can quickly move towards the perfect gift. Ask yourself first, “What do I want to say to this person?” Then move on to “What can I give them that will communicate this?” This is opposite to the more common “What can I buy them?” and then “What will they think of it?” This method could help you come up with some slightly off beat gifts, but at least they will be meaningful. Of course, there is a caveat. If you have nothing positive to say to the person, but feel that you must give a gift, and then go back to your old ways of thinking. Communicating negative things with a gift may not be the best way to enjoy your Christmas. Try it only if you are feeling brave. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Loft 3 De-

sign Company! Pg. 23

Scott Stenbeck, Local Divorce Litigation Lawyer

Inquires: 1 - 866 - 783 - 6232

‘TIS THE SEASON’ Christmas holidays are the time of year that, in my experience, is the most common time for separations. Why? Well, I think that the ideals that are promoted as to how Christmas is supposed to be so perfect often clash with what our families are like in the real world. The holidays are also often more a season of stress than of relaxation for most of us, and that extra tension ends up being the last straw in many families. This is also the time of year when the Provincial and Queen’s Bench chambers lists get longer with applications for access over the holidays, and I certainly, from time to time, end up bringing those applications myself. Christmas can also be a difficult time if a person is unfortunate enough to be in a high conflict divorce situation, because if orders aren’t followed, the Court House is closed and there are no sittings over the holidays, so if an opposing party decides to breach an order for Christmas access, sometimes all that can be done is just to live with the situation and bring a contempt application after the fact. In thinking about what to do with holiday access, I can share what some typical situations are, and also some words of wisdom from Judges in our area. Firstly, if the communication and working relationship is there, the absolute best situation is for everyone to just get together on Christmas Day, especially in the morning to open presents. I know a number of divorced parents that get along well enough that they do this, and it isn’t a problem for anyone. Failing that, in most ordinary circumstances, a common holiday access situation is something like one parent having from the start of the school break up to and including all of Christmas Day on odd numbered years, with the other parent having Boxing Day until the end of the school break, and with that arrangement switching on even numbered years. When Christmas access can’t be agreed to, it is best to bring the application to Court to deal with it long before the holidays, if it is at all possible. Judges get really tired of all the access applications in the last two court days before Christmas, and it is difficult to get the time to give every application the attention that it should have. That being said, sometimes everything looks fine until the beginning of December, and I have brought many applications the last court day before Christmas because the opposing party suddenly backed out or refused to go along with a previous understanding of how the holidays would be split.

1750 Gershaw Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB Phone: 403-526-9500 Toll-Free: 1-800-403-1891

Pg. 24

One Lethbridge Judge, during one such application that I saw during the last Queen’s Bench chambers date prior to the Holidays a few years ago, had something like this to say part way through the application: “You know what counsel? Christmas comes with shocking regularity on the 25th of December every single year. If there is not an agreement on Christmas access and you know in advance, you should be bringing your application in August or September, not December unless it is a true emergency.” The other guideline that I have heard from the Bench is that regardless of the parental conflict, unless there is some legitimate safety concern for the children, it is expected that at least some holiday access will be consented to, and that no parent, no matter the level of acrimony, is to be completely shut out from contact with the children during the holidays. I was before a Provincial Court Judge right in Medicine Hat a few years ago, dealing with Christmas access on the last date before the holidays, when an opposing party would not agree to or consent to anything at all in terms of parenting time for my client over the holidays. We were the first case up that morning, and the courtroom was packed the way it always is the last day before the Holidays. The Judge finally got tired of the opposing party’s excuses as to why no time or day would work for holiday access, and had something like this to say: “Now you listen to me. Unless there is some legitimate safety reason, the other parent is going to see the children over the Holidays. That is going to happen. I want you to go into the hallway with the other party and agree on some Christmas access time, and if you don’t, I will just pick some. You don’t come in here and say that you aren’t going to give any access at all over the holidays”. At that point, the Judge lifted his gaze from the other party, whom he had been addressing, and looked at the packed court room, and raised his voice and addressed the room full of people waiting for their cases to be heard, and said something like this: “And all you people here this morning, you listen to me. I expect people to be reasonable and consent to some Christmas access. No one is going to be coming up here and saying there will be no access to the other parent unless there is a very good reason. For you people that are going to do that this morning, you better go out of the courtroom and talk about what access you are going to agree to for the holidays, because if you don’t, I am just going to pick days and give orders for access all day long, and you might not like the days I pick”. With that, about half the people in the Courtroom got up and went outside!

Make Saving Less Taxing with aLess Tax-Free Make Saving Savings Account

Taxing nt a Tax-Free Investmewith Savings Account

It’s likely you opened and contribute to your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) for the tax-advantaged


savings. But, remember, your TFSA is more than just another savings account. By having a TFSA at Edward Jones, you can benefit

It’s likely you opened and contribute your from working with a financial advisor to who willTax-Free meet with you to better understand your needs. Working Savings Account (TFSA) for the tax-advantaged together, we’ll personalize your TFSA with the best savings. But,that remember, your TFSA is more thanneeds. just investments will be tailored to meet these

anothermore savings Keep ofaccount. what you save. Call me today. By having a TFSA at Edward Jones, you can benefit from working with a financial advisor who will meet !aacckkssoonn WWooooddrruuffff with you to better understand yourDD needs. Working !iiinnnaaannnccciiiaaalll AAAdddvvviiisssooorrr together, we’ll personalize222 your TFSA with the BBB-‐-‐-444000 SSS tttrrraaaccchhhaaannn CCCooouuurrrttt SSS EEE best MMMeeedddiiiccciiinnneee HHHaaattt,,, AAABBB TTT111BBB 444RRR777 investments that will be tailored meet these needs. 444000333-‐-‐-555000444-‐-‐-to 000555555000


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Keep more of what you save. Call me today.

1 (877) 834-6281 Fax:

(403) 487-5018 D-303 Southridge Dr. S.E., Medicine Hat Web: Facebook: Awesome Blossom Flowers Email:

Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund

!aacckkssoonn DD WWooooddrruuffff !iiinnnaaannnccciiiaaalll AAAdddvvviiisssooorrr ...

222 BBB-‐-‐-444000 SSStttrrraaaccchhhaaannn CCCooouuurrrttt SSS EEE MMMeeedddiiiccciiinnneee HHHaaattt,,, AAABBB TTT111BBB 444RRR777 444000333-‐-‐-555000444-‐-‐-000555555000

Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund Pg. 25

& d Seal ss, Re l Chef u la C a Debbie Blue se Cake Directions 12 tbsp Butter 1 1/2 Cup Sugar 2 Cups Flour 1/4 tsp Salt 6 Egg Whites (3/4 Cup) 3/4 Cup Milk 2 tsp Vanilla This cake will need to be made three times. • One with 2 cups puréed cranberries added to the above recipe. • One with 1 can pumpkin pie filling, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp nutmeg and reduce milk to 2/3 cup to the above recipe and • One just as the recipe is above.

You will end up with one cranberry, one white and one pumpkin cake.

Icing for Cranberry Cake 1 Cup Cream Cheese 1 Cup Buttercream 1 Cup Cranberry Jelly

Icing for White Cake 1 Cup Cream Cheese 1 Cup Buttercream 1 Cup Spiced Pumpkin Purée

Icing for Pumpkin Cake 1 Cup Dark Chocolate Wafers

Final Assembly • Take cranberry cake and ice with cranberry (icing on top only with icing) • Then put white cake on top of the iced cranberry cake. Then put the pumpkin icing on top of the white cake. • Then put the pumpkin cake on top of the iced white cake. Then spread the chocolate over the pumpkin cake. Cool till chocolate hardens. Spread another layer of chocolate on top of hardened chocolate, let cool again till hardens. When you serve the cake, cut into layers on a bed of mixed berry coulis. You can find chef Debbie at

1 Cup Milk Chocolate Wafers Melt on double boiler

Merry Christmas from Gainsboro Studio 403.526.3054

Pg. 26

Saving Tax Free with the TFSA Jackson Woodruff Financial Advisor

Would you like an effective way to save for a major purchase, an emergency fund or another financial need? If so, the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) may be right for you. Introduced in 2009, the TFSA is available to any Canadian resident who has reached the age of majority. The account owner can contribute up to $5,000 annually ($5,500 annually for 2013 going forward), and the TFSA offers a flexible way to invest tax free to pay for any short - to long-term needs. Many people use a TFSA to complement a retirement strategy. The ability to withdraw money and recover the contribution room is a significant advantage for most investors. However, you should evaluate your expected tax rate and consider other long-term savings accounts along with your TFSA. Tax-advantaged accounts, such as the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and TFSA, provide different advantages, and you should consider the most effective combination of account options to fit your needs. For example, if you have unused RRSP contribution room, consider making your RRSP contribution before you contribute to a TFSA. You receive a tax deduction for your RRSP contribution, and you may be able to use the refund to contribute to the TFSA. A TFSA can hold any investments that are eligible in registered accounts. An important consideration for your TFSA investments is how long you expect to keep your money invested. In other words, the longer you can take advantage of the tax-free growth of your investments, the greater the benefit.

For money you may need in just a few years, you may want to consider short-term fixed income. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) could be appropriate, but only if you’re confident you won’t need the money before they mature. For long-term goals, consider the following for your TFSA: • Fixed income • Foreign investments not eligible for favourable tax treatment • Other investments appropriate for long-term savings While the TFSA provides flexibility, it may not be appropriate for everyone. Tax-advantaged accounts, such as the RRSP, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) and TFSA, provide different advantages, and you should consider the most effective combination of account options to fit your needs. Other savings options may carry benefits and features that may better suit your situation. That’s why it’s important to discuss your options with a financial advisor. Edward Jones, its employees and Edward Jones advisors cannot offer tax or legal advice. You should consult a qualified tax specialist or lawyer for professional advice regarding your situation. Member – Canadian Investor Protection Fund

2B-40 Strachan Court S.E. Medicine Hat, AB Bus: 403-504-0550 Fax: 877-335-9404

We spe cialize in • Desti nation W eddings • Hone ym • Flights oons & Accom • All In modatio clusives ns • Cruis es Lynnette Schile 417 3rd St.SE Medicine Hat, AB (403) 581-8075 Pg. 27

orporate Christmas SOLD OUT

Sat Nov 9 Fri Nov 15 Sat Nov 16 Thur Dec 5 Thur Dec 12 Fri Jan 10


Limited seating available, please book early. For more information or to book your Company’s Christmas function, please call 403-529-2222 or 403-5028190 Pg. 28

Art View | Wendy Struck

Art View

Most artists are eventually expected to talk and write about the work they make. It can be a real challenge. We create in part to lose ourselves in the right brain, to act intuitively without analysis. To think about describing and explaining our work can feel at odds with our motivation. But art is visual communication and we must be purposeful about it. If you don’t know what your work is about, will anyone? I create to communicate but also to question, to explore and present ideas, and to initiate a dialogue with others. I use paint as my medium in order to express and interpret daily life and because I enjoy texture, colour and fluidity. Adding layers of drawings and photo-transfer lets me see the complexity of life mirrored in my work. I assemble and build with found objects to reference both their function and symbolism. Creating, for me, is a means to document events as I experience them. I feel the need to record evidence of where I am, the places I visit, and the activities within those settings. For me the work is a chronicle, a proof, of people and places having existed. My work normally begins as painting. The firm surface of wood gives me options for layering with mixed media, using various textured surfaces, and objects that influence the work with their own history. On canvas I sew layers of paper and fabric. I work with a variety of images that for me represent human presence; figures, houses, clothes, furniture. I am particularly engaged with the notion of setting or living space, including cityscapes, neighbourhoods, and in- |

teriors, because I am profoundly affected by my own environment, both private and public. Whether using a figure, an unmade bed, or an open door, I am suggesting that our surroundings not only represent an experience and state of mind but are participants in those experiences. I am currently experimenting with marrying an expressive, loose approach to painting juxtaposed among the more defined space of linear drawing. I enjoy both the layered, complex imagery of mixed media, and the stripped down, quieter images of painting. In recent years, my work also incorporates small 3 dimensional objects. These objects are old knick knacks and pop culture ephemera such as Barbie doll torsos, wood blocks, glass bottles, and metal hardware. These form a kind of archival collection referring to daily contemporary life, as an archaeological documenting of current culture as well as personal experience. If you want to see the art and not just read about it, go to Wendy Struck is a local artist who provides a variety of services. Contact Wendy for more information about exhibits, commissions, custom murals, and private art classes. Email or call 403-488-6386

Pg. 29


MP, Medicine Hat, Alberta The focus of our Conservative Government remains firmly fixed on the Canadian Economy, jobs and long term prosperity. As part of our strategy we have recently announced a rate freeze of Employment Insurance premiums for employers for the next three (3) years. This means employers and employees will continue to pay EI premium funds at the current rate. With this freeze we expect that employers will be better able to hire additional employees and increase productivity. This is a significant key component of the strategy that will ensure approximately $660 million dollars will remain in the pockets of employers and their employees. It was announced by the Prime Minister that our Government has signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, CETA. This will support the growth of our Canadian economy and facilitate growth by potentially creating some 80,000 new jobs. This agreement is the largest trade agreement to be put in place since the North American Free Trade Agreement. This accord will open up trade to an additional 500 million prospective new customers and trading partners. The EU agreement will ensure that 99.6% of industrial goods will enter Canada tariff free; Canadian Fish and Seafood being traded to the EU countries will be 100% tariff free when the agreement is implemented. On Agriculture products 92.0% of tariffs will be eliminated. We have secured exports to the EU for beef and veal products in the amount of 50,000 tonnes; for Pork we have secured just over 80,000 tonnes and for Bison 3,000 tonnes. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Pork producers and the Canadian Cattlemen, with both groups expressing their satisfaction with this new agreement. These are just a few of the many Canadian goods which will have access to the countries of the European Union, with most of them tariff free. More details are available on the web site

Answer to Crossword

The House of Commons committees have now been established for this session and MPs selected for the various committees. I

Pg. 30

am pleased that I have been selected to be on the Agriculture Agri-Foods Committee as well as remaining on the Public Safety Committee. On another matter, I was delighted with the conversation I held with the Commander of the British Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) who confirmed that the British military will be continuing their training at CFB Suffield for the long term. The British military personnel contribute significantly to the economy of Medicine Hat and area, and I am grateful for their decision to maintain the training of their troops in our Riding. Over this past year I have worked with the Ministers of National Defence MacKay and Nicholson to advocate for the continuation of BATUS at CFB Suffield. I met with these Ministers on a regular basis to ensure that they understood the importance of BATUS to the local economy. In addition I also worked with Lord Joplin of the House of Lords in the UK who also pushed to have BATUS continue at CFB Suffield. My priority is to continue to work hard for the people in Southeast Alberta and be the voice for all the communities in the Medicine Hat Constituency. The role of Member of Parliament for this constituency is an honour and privilege for me to serve you. If you have any concerns and/or comments, I encourage you to call or email me. You can reach me at my offices in Medicine Hat, Brooks, Taber and Ottawa.

Pg. 31



Crossword puzzles provided by ( Used with permission.

Across 1- Deli side 5- Colors 9- Boy or man 13- Garment of ancient Rome 14- Chilean pianist Claudio 16- “The Clan of the Cave Bear” author 17- Impressed 18- Sleeveless garments 19- Feminine suffix 20- Dweeb 21- Citrus cooler 22- Greek goddess of the hearth 24- Carson’s successor 26- Portable shelter 27- Boxing venue 29- Furniture for holding clothes 33- Snow conveyances 34- Words of woe 35- Like Nash’s lama 36- Occurrence 37- Avarice 38- Sick 39- Archipelago part

41- Has a bug 42- Name on a bomber 44- Excessive secretion of saliva 46- View 47- New Year’s word 48- Demonstrate 49- Large towns 52- Enemy 53- Stool pigeon: var. 57- Part of HOMES 58- Start of a Dickens title 60- “The Time Machine” race 61- Specks 62- Klondike territory 63- Fly 64- What’s ___ for me? 65- Start of a counting rhyme 66- Done for Down 1- Ollie’s partner 2- Actor Rob 3- Antiquing agent 4- Walked like a duck 5- Capital of Cuba 6- Hives

7- Scottish Gaelic 8- Posed 9- Conductor 10- Em, e.g. 11- Director Riefenstahl 12- Zeno’s home 15- Conducted 23- Break off 25- Nav. officer 26- Domesticates 27- As ___ resort 28- Answer 29- Engulf

30- Pungent bulb 31- Ball girl 32- Singer Fitzgerald 33- Vessel 34- Come up 37- Contradict 40- Least difficult 42- Green prefix 43- Novelty 45- Caustic stuff 46- Lustrous 48- Athenian lawgiver 49- Basic monetary unit of Ghana


50- Golf club which can be numbered 1 to 9 51- South American monkey 52- Simulate 54- Baseball family name 55- Horse of mixed color 56- “Star Trek” captain 59- Calendar abbr. Answer: Pg. 30 Pg. 32

6oz Steak Lunch Special 11:00am - 2:00pm Daily

WING SPECIAL Every Wednesday & Saturday Check out our $2.95 selection of full can beers.

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Pg. 34





Pg. 35

Pg. 36

Spotlight December 2013  

Medicine Hat, AB

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