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Hale Hearing - Help for Hearing Loss at Hale Hearing On the Cover: The staff of Adapt Mobility

Adapt Mobility Celebrating 5 Years in Business!

4-7 Clearview Eyecare - Don't Ignore Your Dry (Or Teary Eyes). Here's Why

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Sherrie Sand

Canadian Foodgrains Bank - Medicine Hat & District Growing Project 2021

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26 - 27 5th Avenue Memorial United Church

28 - 29 By the C - Did You Know These Interesting Facts about By the C Blazers?

30 - 31 Yatin's Gastropub - Every Day is an Adventure

32 Blondie's - We're Still Here

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Crestwood Pharmacy - We Take the Time For Your Health

16 - 17 Prairie Gleaners


Chloe's Closet & Curio Shoppe

38 - 39 Hat Alignment and Automotive Service


Cam's Custom Collision Ltd. 0 2022

20 - 21 Red Cap Cleanup Inc



ADAPT MOBILITY IS CELEBRATING YEARS IN BUSINESS! Trevor Eichelbaum, owner, and operator has over 22 years of experience with mobility solutions. Adapt Mobility started out with just two and has now grown to a group of eleven. This would have never been possible without the support of our amazing community and his hardworking staff. Our goal at Adapt Mobility is to provide our clients with the best service and equipment that fits their need and situations. With the bonus of our after hour/ emergency line to ensure our clients are never without service. 4 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

Adapt Mobility offers a wide range of products from mobility products to incontinence products to compression garments. Our lift chair suppliers are Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies, both companies have a variety of styles, fabrics, and sizes to choose from. We always have someone in store to assist you in finding the perfect fit of lift chair to suit your needs. Here at Adapt Mobility we carry a variety of mobility aids from walkers to scooters, wheelchairs to power chairs. When searching for aids to get around we ensure to get the proper equipment and fit for you! All products in store, we have certified technicians to assist in repairs or troubleshoot any issues. Compression/incontinence: Adapt Mobility is not just mobility aids. We also offer Custom and Ready-made Compression garments with certified fitters on staff. Fittings are offered both in store along with in home visits.

We offer Harmony home care beds, with the bonus of acrossthe-board sizes of adjustable beds from single to a king. Along with our beds, we have aids that assist in everyday living. Safety, Care and being comfortable is important to us, so we ensure to offer you the best quality.

Another one of our essential services includes incontinences supplies. We carry pull-up, briefs, and catheter supplies. Call to gather more information on incontinences with our educated team members.



Are you in need of information of what would be your best choice regarding lifts and ramps? Adapt Mobility has you covered, we will work with you to find out what type of lift or ramp would benefit you most, with safety being our number one priority. A certified technician can come to your home and give you an estimate on product requested.

“Trevor was amazing to work with and he gave my family the boost we needed with our youngest!" - Rebecca May Anne Hintz “I had to go to MEDICINE HAT from LETHBRIDGE to finally get good service and someone who cares. Thanks so much Trevor!” - Nina Cockburn​ ​ “Trevor goes above and beyond to make sure his clients medical or mobility needs are met completely!!!!!” - Angie Werner

Trevor, Crystal and their staff take great care of their clients and insure to offer the best solution that will meet their needs. We look forward to assisting our community and surrounding areas in the years to come.

Adapt Mobility What moves you? 2022 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 7

By Dr. Kerrie Snider, OD


any people have dry eye symptoms and they include more than just dry, gritty, tired eyes. Dry eye symptoms also include wet, runny, watery eyes, maybe you’re constantly wiping when you’re driving or if you step out into the sun and a burst of wind hits your face and your eyes start immediately watering. Or if you rub your eyes a little, and they start to burn. All of these things stem from Dry Eye Syndrome in different ways perhaps and with different underlying problems. Dry eye is more than just a “little inconvenience”. It literally affects your mental health and wellbeing. If you struggle with dry eye, you know what a bother it is. It can be so frustrating to read a book or sit down at a computer or work on a hobby that you enjoy, and only lasting for 10 minutes before


your eyes are strained and tired. Physically, if you ignore your dry eye symptoms, they can start to desensitize your cornea, you can lose feeling and it can cause scarring and cause permanent vision damage. If you’ve let the symptoms go on for years, it’s going to take a little bit of work to get back to the place where you feel comfortable again. You should be able to use your eyes and your vision without even thinking about it. If you are constantly thinking about your eyes and the problems they are causing you, you need to book a consultation with an optometrist who treats dry eye a lot and stays at the front of the research. Dry eye research is ongoing, and new therapies are continually being developed. There is hope so don’t ignore your dry eyes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr Kerrie Snider is the lead Optometrist at ClearView EyeCare in Medicine Hat. She has a passion for helping people suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome. She has had a great deal of success treating dry eye and offers some of the newest and best treatments for Dry Eye available anywhere.

Call ClearView EyeCare today at 403.526.2285 to Get Relief From Your Dry Eyes. Unit #4, 568 South Railway St SE


A Soft Place to La nd

A ba your h by fills a p lace eart in knew that you n ever was e mpty . -Unkn own


Pregnancy Centre Nurture Pregnancy Centre is a non-profit organization where women and their families can find different kinds of support from the early stages of pregnancy until their child is two years old. SUPPORTS WE OFFER: • • • • • • •

Peer counseling Educational classes Maternity and children's clothing Resource library Diapers and Formula Toys and Furniture Layettes for newborns


improve your quality of life; giving you and your baby a brighter future. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we have a friendly environment with the resources you need, and a team with the necessary skills to help, especially in challenging times.

Nurture Pregnancy Centre is an organization that encourages the family's well-being. All cultural and religious backgrounds are welcome. For the quality of life of pregnant women, it is essential to be aware of their mental health because it involves the child’s future. It is always important to stay connected. Peer-topeer support can help pregnant women and families to understand, empathize, be wellinformed and connected with other people in similar situations. It is good for pregnant women, mothers and fathers to talk about their emotions and feelings, and what better place than at Nurture Pregnancy Centre. We are a faith– based organization where baby’s lives from conception on, are precious. The only thing that matters is helping you, your baby, and family

leadership skills, fresh ideas, organizational skills, and love to care for other people “We are looking for you”. We need board members and on-site volunteers to help us operate, maintain, and develop the services provided.

Our income is based on donations and grants, so if you, your parents, grandparents, friends, would like to donate something, please do so. Financial donations can be given through E-transfer, Canada Helps, by mail, or within the Centre. You can call us for more information. If you also somebody

know with

SERVICE HOURS: Monday - Friday 10:00 A.M. - 4 :00 P.M. (Closed on Statutory Holidays) Drop-In Centre • • 403-504-8560 • 321 6 Ave SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 2S6 • email:



Wash including motor Wax Clean rims and tires from dirt and brake dust Dress tires Clean all flares, molding, trim, emblems, nerf bars (running boards) Vacuum Vent blow out Wipe down all vinyl/plastic/leather Clean all cup holders/cubbies/crevices/ glove box/trunk Dress all vinyl/plastic/leather Shampoo all seats/matts/trunk Clean the roof liner Clean inside and outside of all windows Door jams cleaned Treat all weather stripping

5 - 8 Hours depending on how dirty


• • • • •

Vacuum Vent blow out Wipe down all vinyl/ plastic/leather/cup holders/cubbies/crevices and glove box Clean the roof liner Shampoo seats, mats, trunk if carpet Clean inside and outside of all windows Door jams cleaned Treat all weather stripping

3 - 5 Hours depending on how dirty



• • • •

• • • • • • •

• •

Wash Vacuum Vent blow out Clean vinyl/plastic/leather/cup holders/cubbies/crevices Dress all the vinyl/plastic/leather Inside and outside windows cleaned

2 -3 Hours depending on how dirty


• •

Headlight Restorations Ozone Treatments Chlorine Treatment Rim Polishing Power Polishing Ceramic Coating in 1, 2 or 5 year Ceramic Spray Coating - 6 month protection for rims and paint Odor Eliminator Bombs in a variety of scents Gift certificates available


Medicine Hat and District Growing Project 2021 Charlie Redpath Coordinator I would like to give you a little history on the land. First Assembly of God Church purchased the land in 2000. The ‘big’ question was – what are we going to do with 160 acres of farm of farmland? I was aware of the Canadian Food Grains Bank and how they used their grain and money to help feed people in Third World Countries. I suggested that we should ‘farm it’ and give the proceeds to the CFGB. Numerous gifts that are donated are matched 4 to 1 by the Federal Government. This means that a $20,000.00 gift can become a $100,000.00 gift. We thank God for this opportunity to help in a Third World Country. 14 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

The year 2021 was very busy. On April 23 we started putting fertilizer on the field, we were going to seed the south side (about 70 acres) along South Boundary Road. Nutrien Ag Solutions and Richardson Pioneer Ltd were suppling the fertilizer. Southwest Fertilizing Co was spreading the material on the field. We had a very dry growing season and lots of smoke from the fires in BC. The Lord blessed us with a nice-looking crop and several people asked me what we used to make it look so good. I told them God was looking after the crop and had people praying for it. Even though it was very dry there is always a chance of hail. AFSC donated hail insurance for the crop and we purchased crop insurance for the crop. And we had no hail. We had plans to harvest on August 14 at 8.00 A.M. but guess what? It rained at about 6.00 A.M. so everything was put on hold until about 1.00 P.M. That rain was not heavy but did cause some problems which we were able to deal

with. We had arranged for two combines to harvest. Western Tractor Co Inc (John Deere) and Robertson Implements (New Holland), we then had P&B Wold to haul the grain to the elevator. (Richardson Pioneer) Due to maintenance repairs we could only use one elevator. As you travel, talk to each of the people at the businesses named in this article. Thank them for their time and wish them well.

immediately so they could use it where it was needed. On a personal note, I would like “thank” everyone that has helped, donated time or money and has been a blessing to this project. I would like to give a special “thank-you” to Donna and her staff for the work they do in getting this book ready for the Public. It is so great to have it in the community.

On harvest day, we collected $4295.00 in donations. With the sale of the wheat we collected another $18969.33. This was sent to CFGB in Winnipeg


Phone: 403-527-4542 Fax: 403-527-4990 16 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

1827 Dunmore Road S.E. Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1Z8

At Crestwood Pharmacy, we provide pharmaceutical services as well as a wide variety of home health care products and services. We offer friendly, personal service and are happy to take the time to address your questions and concerns. Our team is certified in fitting medical braces, support stockings, as well as mastectomy supplies. Drop by to see Karen, Carly and the team at Crestwood Pharmacy, they will take the time for your health! OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: • • • • • • • • • •

Compression stockings Wound care Ostomy Mastectomy Incontinent products Braces and supports Injections Medication care plans Blister packaging Delivery services 2022 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 17


Since our inception, 13 years ago in 2009, the Prairie Gleaners Society recognized an opportunity to GLEAN; which means to pick up and gather that which is left from our abundance in an attempt to help redistribute where the need of others can be alleviated. This is a practice described in the Bible that became a legally enforced entitlement of the poor in a number of Christian kingdoms. We partner with reputable relief organizations to ship and distribute our dehydrated vegetable mix to people in need throughout the world. We have shipped our vegetable mix to over 30 countries around the world, such as India, Zambia, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Northern Canada, and recently Ukraine, and locally the Mustard Seed, to name a few. We had 227 workdays for 2021, and received 267,913 kg of product which is equivalent to 1,080 kg (2, 597 lbs) of produce used per day. We had over 17,951 volunteer hours provided during the year and averaged 22 volunteers per day. Our organization operates off the generosity of donors in vegetables, time and financial support helping us maintain

our operational costs and projects. Our regular hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 :00 p.m. We are closed Saturdays on long weekends. We are located approximately 4 km south of highway 3 on Range Road 63. Prairie Gleaners Society accepts its mandate from Isaiah 58:10 – If you give food to the hungry and satisfy those who are in need, then the darkness around you will turn into the brightest noon. Website: Plant Address: 11502 Range.Rd.63 Cypress County, AB, T1B 0K7 Telephone: (403) 526-5240 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 656, Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 7G6 Email: Facebook: Prairie Gleaners Society Instagram: Prairiegleanerssociety Registered Canadian Charity # 85950 4524 RR0001 2022 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 19

elcome to Cam's Custom Collision. We offer full auto body services for all your vehicle needs, whether it's an insurance claim or a personal out of pocket repair. We enjoy working on it all from repairing and painting, motorcycles, fiberglass panels and house doors to classic cars and trucks. Anything that needs a paint job we can take it on! Come on down anytime and talk to Cam or any of the staff with questions you may have about your auto body needs. We will be happy to help you out. HOURS: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm (Closed 12pm - 1pm daily) Closed all holidays

Cam's Custom Collision LTD 20 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022






Red Cap Clean Up is a locally owned and operated commercial cleaning company. Our philosophy is when you succeed, we succeed. That is why we believe your cleaning team is an essential part of your organization’s workflow and why we pride ourselves on making sure your cleaning needs are met consistently. Our experienced staff look forward to making a difference in our cleaning and our community. Red Cap Clean Up is a bonded, insured company with WCB coverage. Our services provided, range from healthcare offices and facilities, small to large offices, retail, restaurant, deep cleans and cannabis facility cleaning. We do move ins and outs for residential moves, condo and apartments as well as office moves. We also provide floor waxing services to our commercial clients. 22 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

We have a deep passion in our cleaning procedures, policies and standards to provide the best service for our clients we gratefully are service to. At Red Cap Clean Up we listen to your concerns and needs that you need to be met. We offer cleaning packages to our clients to take care of the weekly, monthly and annual deep cleans, so our clients can focus on their business at hand. We look forward to being of service to our community.




“When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing loss” -Mark Ross, Ph.D


hen you lose hearing, you lose it permanently, you cannot return to 20/20 hearing. Our goal is to work with you to help maximize the amount of hearing you have left. Hearing loss is one of the world’s most common health problems. Trying to hide or compensate for a hearing loss is much more obvious than wearing any pair of hearing aids. At Hale Hearing, we allow patients to try out hearing aids at no cost for 30 days, in order for them to truly realize how it can improve their lives. His advice for people trying out hearing aids for the first time: Wear them, wear them, wear them – all the time, every waking hour, then, go back and talk with your practitioner. Your satisfaction will vastly improve if you do those two things. Your hearing has to be relearned, not just purchased. When you first begin using hearing aids, your brain will be startled to receive these signals that, up until now, have been missing. It


is a learning process, much different than putting on a pair of glasses and enjoying improved vision instantaneously. Remember, the job of your hearing aids is to help maximize your current hearing levels. It just takes time, patience, and

The sooner we seek treatment for hearing problems, the more successful we’ll be at slowing the negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects that come with it. practice. Stick with it! Once you reach the end of the learning curve and your brain has been successfully retrained to every day sounds, you will be able to better hear and understand things around you, and you will no longer miss out on so many of life’s special moments. I am here with my clients every step of the way – helping

them achieve the best hearing they can have. Allen has been improving people’s hearing in Medicine Hat since 1997. Hearing aids have made remarkable improvements in the last few years, and can now help with many types of hearing loss. So if you feel that it’s time give Allen a call at Hale Hearing and let us see how we can help. Please call 403-526-0633 today to book an appointment. Hale Hearing is located in the Co-op Mall on 13th Avenue SE. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, sound plays an important role in our lives. Whether it’s alerting us to danger, delivering needed information, or simply making us laugh, smile, or cry, sound informs, entertains, and connects us to the world.

Yes No

Do you have trouble hearing and underst anding conversation? Do you find yourself asking people to repeat the mselves? Do friends and fam ily complain that you play the TV too loudly? Does it seem as tho ugh people are mumbling? Do you have difficult y hearing while talking on the phone? If you answered “ye s” to one or more of these questions you may have a hearing loss. Call today for an ap pointment.

Our goal is to schedule you in for a hearing test within one week.

Our top-rated hearing aids of 2022 are here • The most discreet design • Best speech understanding • 100% money back guarantee

403-526-0633 103, 3030 13th Ave. SE (Co-op Mall)


5th Avenue Memorial United Church The first Methodist Church was built on the corner of Third Street and Sixth Avenue where the present Royal Bank is situated. The first church, erected in 1883, was a small wood frame building. It was later replaced by a large brick church named Century Methodist in 1900. In 1912, this church was sold to the Royal Bank and construction commenced on the present day Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church at a cost of$100,000.00. It was originally named

Fifth Avenue Methodist Church which is clearly evident on the cornerstone of the building. Across the street from the church, the red brick church manse was erected. It still stands today and is owned by an individual. In 1925, Fifth Avenue Methodist Church became Fifth Avenue United Church through the union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches. In June 1931, the congregation


celebrated the burning of the mortgage and one month later the church was gutted by fire. All that remained were the walls, the iron framework which suspended the roof, the beautiful Gothic stained glass windows, which were made in Quebec, as well as the pews. The congregation commenced rebuilding immediately opening five months later, but with some definite modifications. The roof line was changed to a simple, relatively lowsloped gable roof and

the north and south balconies inside the church were not rebuilt. In 1957, the attached Christian Education Building was built and dedicated in 1958. This addition provided a large gymnasium/auditorium, classrooms and offices at a cost of $140,000.00 precluding land costs. Fifth Avenue has served the community well – graduations, Red Cross meetings, Hospital Aid meetings, music concerts, Boy Scouts meetings, and numerous church functions to mention only a few.

As so many historical buildings, Fifth Avenue was constructed of local sandstone and red brick. Its bell tower faces Fourth Street and Fifth Avenue – hence the name. The churches’ front doors of the sanctuary and the Christian Education Building face Fourth Street. At the front of the church is a large historic pipe organ and, as it did in the past, it remains the main architectural focal point of the church. The church’s design was indeed ahead of other western churches as the sanctuary has a

sloped floor and curved pews which enables all the parishioners to have an excellent view of the alter and pulpit. Of the three balconies, only the rear balcony remains. The doors to the missing balconies remain, but when opened they reveal a solid wall. The basement with its relatively high ceiling houses many meeting rooms. It is one of the few churches in the city that has street level basement access. In 1998, Fifth Avenue United Church amalgamated with Memorial Salem United giving it is present name, Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church. Fifth Avenue Memorial has contributed much to the history and social fiber of Medicine Hat life and it is hoped that this contribution will continue for many generations to come.

We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Please be our guest this Sunday. We will make you welcome and respect your individuality and your dignity regardless of your race or class, age or sexuality, background or income. Sunday School, youth groups and music.

403-526-2237 •




BLAZERS…. Designed by Cindi Franko. I am the C.

Sizes are XXS-XL (fitting sizes 0-22)

They are manufactured in a factory in Toronto.

We call them “Blazers with a Personality”

We are so proud to be made in Canada a small Maple Leaf is embroidered on the inside right side. My signature is embroidered on the inside. Most blazers have a small item embroidered on the lower rear portion to match their “personality”. All embroidery is done back in my hometown (Medicine Hat).

Each piece that is embroidered is sent back to me to be sorted and numbered before they are sent for embroidery. All blazers are fully lined with luxurious lining. 30 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

The sleeves can be worn rolled up or down.

Our blazers are boyfriend blazers and meant to be worn with jeans, leggings, or a little black dress. Dress them up or dress them down. They are generous fitting and usually people wear a size smaller than they think. Matching, removable pocket squares and scarves accompany each blazer.

You can wear the scarves many ways…around your waist, in your hair, tied around purse handles, looped around your neck, tied like a tie etc.

Special buttons are selected for each blazer…most are Swarovski crystals, although some fun cloth ones have been made especially for by the C. Sometimes I come up with a name or a theme and then search out suitable linings and buttons and sometimes it works the opposite...I find the buttons and fabric and then come up with a name.

Our by the C logo is embroidered on the yoke of each blazer and a small silver C hangs from a silver chain.

Perfect for traveling as they are so versatile. All blazers have fun names embroidered on the inside lining, which match their unique “personality” They are sold in our store at 626 3rd Street SE or on our website Follow us on: @bythecblazers 2022 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 31



Yatin's Gastropub takes pride in supporting our local community. We work with local businesses such as Douglas Meats, Sugar Daddy Cheesecakes, Brewmaster and Redcliff Bakery. We have also started doing meat draws on Monday's with all the proceeds going to local non profit.

can dance the night away or play a game of shuffle board, throw some darts, or challenge your friends to a game of pool. We are family friendly entertainment until 8 pm.

Our menu consists of many signature items. We make in house mushrooms, pickles, cheese sticks, gravy, and soups. Our delicious fish and butter chicken meals are made from a 30 year old family recipe.

Book your party or event: 403-527-9988 1177 1st Street SW, Medicine Hat

In addition to our signature menu we are Medicine Hat's premier live entertainment venue. Throughout the week you can find various entertainment such as karaokee, poetry nights, jams, and entertainers from all types of genres. So you 32 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 6am - 12am Sunday: 8am - 8pm


Joyce Swaren


P • 403-504-0040 F • 403-526-3352 Cell • 403-952-0633 nd Dunmore, Alberta T1B 0K3 1855 2 Avenue


The past two years have been quite the whirlwind. We have all experienced unprecedented change and challenges. For some, the challenges were more than their businesses and bottom lines could handle. We are thrilled, and relieved to say that we survived! Stock was very hard to come by, staffing was a major hurdle and COVID restrictions presented endless pitfalls. Despite these difficulties, we endured. We adapted and adjusted to whatever was thrown at us, but we couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of our cherished families, dear friends and loyal customers. Without them we might have met the unfortunate fate of many businesses over these many months. 34 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

It is with great pride and humility that we once again accepted two Best of Medicine Hat Awards. For the third year in a row we were voted Best Garden Centre and for the seventh year in a row we were voted Best Gift Shop. We work very hard in an attempt to meet and exceed the wants, needs and expectations of our wonderful customers, but we are acutely aware that it is a never ending quest. It is our loyal customers who kept us afloat during the pandemic and it is those same customers who will keep us here as long as we never take them for granted. We are so very grateful for those who have supported us throughout the years and we’re very excited to see new faces and start new friendships.

The staff at Blondie’s is always happy to share their expertise and provide helpful advice. Joyce is a trained horticulturist with a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of what to plant in order to be successful in our unique climate. We carry a large selection of house plants, annuals and perennial plants, trees and shrubs. If we don’t have what you want, we’ll try to get it. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we will do our best to find it, Whether you’re wanting to add colour and life to your home or looking for that perfect gift, we are here for you year round. When it’s not growing season, Christmas is our favourite time of the year. We spend weeks decorating the greenhouse, transforming it into a magical winter wonderland. Come and visit us anytime, any season and you’ll

always find something new, surprising and exciting. It’s our 18th birthday! April 2004, Joyce started Blondie’s with a vast amount of education and experience, a big dream and a small budget. Over the past years we have grown and learned, adapted to change and adjusted with trends. But over the years, one thing that hasn’t changed is our love and appreciation for our community, the friendly people who live here, and all of the beautiful plants and trees we can grow in this wonderful place we call home. We look forward to serving Medicine Hat and area for the next 18 years and beyond.


YOUR TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS We have long been Southern Alberta’s number one mobile device and computer repair shop and this year at IFIX we unveiled new services designed to focus on IT Services and Web Development. With the ongoing restrictions that many businesses are currently facing, an online presence is more important than ever. IFIX will get your business on the web and work with your team through all your technology challenges.

Introducing: Website Services Website Build $499 Website Hosting $99 per month BONUS 1hr of IT support included Search engine optimization plans starting at $199 per month 36 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2022

With hundreds of millions of online searches happening every day through Google, Bing, and Yahoo; it is crucial you have an online presence. Customers are going online to make their buying decisions much more than previous years and your website is a window into your business. Our goal is to ensure you have a fast and userfriendly website that helps drive your business. Many aspects that go into creating the right website, primarily, Search Engine Optimization. These services will elevate the visibility of your site while increasing click-volume, because when was the last time you were on page 2 of a Google search? Our website services will make sure you have a properly optimized site in terms of front-end and back-end development. Our sites are fast,

user-friendly, secure, and focused on converting visitors into buyers. Let us help your business grow by developing your online presence and letting the world know what makes you the right choice.

Introducing: Managed IT Services Starting at $99 per month The world is now accelerating further into the digital age. This means businesses must adapt to the evergrowing capabilities offered by new technologies in order to keep up with their customers. That is why we are offering Managed IT Services to take care of all your business tech needs. This way, you have professional IT experts ensuring everything is connected, secure, functioning, backed up and up to date. Our IT Management services will take care of phones, computers, networks, data security and so much more. Having your IT managed by the experts will save you the time of solving technical issues yourself so you can focus on building your business. Taking advantage of the right technology in the right way will ensure

you capitalize on all the opportunities available with new tech. Times are changing, and so is the world of business. Take the right steps for your businesses future by making sure your online presence is superb and your office tech is running smoothly. With our help, your business can proceed successfully into this new era of technology. Therefore, with our new services being unveiled, we are excited to announce an exclusive offer through our Website and IT services. When you sign up for a website and have it hosted through us, we will include 1 hour of Managed IT services for your business every month! See for yourself the benefits of signing up for our fully managed IT services. Thank you and contact us to learn more.

911 S Railway St SE Medicine Hat, AB. 403 526 6810 2022 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 37


AN EMPORIUM OF THINGS! • Home decor, furniture, wall pictures, knicknacks • Quality brand name new and barely used ladies and mens attire • Coats and jackets • Various footwear from snow boots to strappy sandals • Teapots, cookie jars


• Pet clothes and dishes • Dresses, sweaters, leggings, skirts, pants, sleepwear, shapewear • Jewelery • Jigsaw puzzles, games and books • Pillows • Gift ideas galore!

et & Curio

los Chloe's C



Telling Medicine Hat’s Story In Stone Since 1970 In 1970, Albert & Yvonne Anctil founded Medicine Hat Monumental to help the people of Southern Alberta share the stories of their loved ones for generations to come. Today, Michael and Wanda Anctil, and family carry on that tradition. Our local craftsmen create memorials of distinction, using only the highest quality granite quarried from around the world, and handcrafted in Canada. Our memorials are warrantied forever, backed by the Rock of Ages Full Perpetual Warranty.

Let us help you create your story in stone. Now with two locations to serve you

Memorials of Distinction Since 1970



Hat Alignment & Automotive Service (previously Hat Alignment & Frame Service) is a locally owned and operated automotive repair and wheel alignment shop that has been in operation for over 50 years! It is newly owned and operated by Nathan Dykstra and has expanded to a specialty alignment shop with a full automotive service and repair center. The shop, still located at 668 South Railway Street SE, has a new hoist and a team ready to help you ensure your vehicle is in good working order. We are still here to keep your frame and wheels straight but can’t wait to assist in maximizing the lifespan of your vehicle! Let’s work together and keep your wheels on the road with regular preventative maintenance, a “Peace of mind” inspection, oil changes, tune ups, diagnostics, and more! 403-527-1985 Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm 668 South Railway St. SE

Front brake pads, rotors & calipers Rear brake pads, rotors & calipers / Rear brake drums, shoes and wheel cylinders Brake hoses and brake lines Drive belts Battery, cables & terminals Radiator hoses Lights – headlamps, fog lights, turn signals, park lights, licence plate lights, brake lights, and reverse lights Windshield wipers and washer fluid Horn Tires (tire pressure, condition and tread depth) Front differential fluid, transfer case fluid, rear differential fluid Ball joints Tie rods / steering linkage Steering rack or steering gear box Wheel Bearings Stabilizer links and bushings Shocks / Suspension struts U-joints CV joints and boots Fuel lines Air filter Fluid levels & condition – coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine oil Fluid leaks


CHURCHES Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church 476 – 4 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-2237 Sunday Service, Sunday School, Youth Group, Music

CONSTRUCTION AUTOMOBILE / VEHICLES Cam’s Custom Collision Ltd. 730 – 6 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-5030 Auto Body Services, Repairing, Painting, Fiberglass panels

Hat Alignment & Automotive Service 668 South Railway St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-1985 Auto repair: Suspension, Alternator, Electrical, Engine, Power Steering, Leak, Starter, Radiator; Wheel Alignment, Oil Change, Transmission Replacement, Diagnostics

Showroom 674 Auto Detailing 674 – 17 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-928-6913

Bice & Sons Drywall/ Stucco Services Ltd. 3, 2139-10 Avenue SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-7688

Auto detailing, Interior and Exterior Cleaning, Headlight Restorations, Ozone Treatments, Power Polishing, Ceramic Coating

Boarding/Taping, Insulation, Ceilings, Painting, Steel Framing, Parging, Exterior Acrylic Stucco, Foam Build outs, Residential and Commercial

Softspray Carwash Inc. 633 – 15 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-5454


6 self serve bays, 2 RV/ semi truck bays Ask about our wash card


IFIX Technology 911 South Railway St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-6810 Phone and Computer Repair, Website Design, Managed IT Services


FASHIONS/ CLOTHING By the C 626 – 3 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-0383

Medicine Hat Monumental Co LTD 765 12th Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-5422 medhatmonumental.

HEALTH BE. Gluten Free #3, 939 Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-3733 Gluten free foods


Blazers, T-shirts, Candles, Sneakers, Jeans, Dresses, Scarves, Watches, Greeting cards, Purses, Journals, & so much more.

Chloe’s Closet & Curio Shoppe 511A – 4 th Avenue SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-866-1237 Delightful & gently used items. Dress, shoes, Purses, lingerie, one of a kind home décor.

FUNERAL SERVICES Cook Southland Funeral Chapel 901 - 13th Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-6455 Serving Families in Time of Need, New Chapel, On-site Reception Centre



Clearview EyeCare Unit #4, 568 South Railway St SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 2V6 Phone: 403-526-2285 Eye exams, Prescription Glasses and Contact Lenses, Eye disease diagnosis and treatment, injuries.

Dignity & Grace Project End of Life Doula 403-580-0762 Empower, educate and encourage people and their families around living and dying well.

Hale Hearing Aid Centre 103, 3030-13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-0633 Audio Exams, Hearing Aids, Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning

Dr. Jason Schnieder #3, 939 Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-0327

Blondie’s Gift & Garden Centre 1855 – 2nd Avenue Dunmore, AB 403-504-0040

Naturopathic Medicine Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, Hanging Baskets, Herbs, Fairy Gardens, Home Décor, Wall Art, Fountains, Ceramic Pots, Garden Seeds, Christmas Trees and Decorations

Nurture Pregnancy Centre 321 – 6th Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-8560 Pregnancy support up to the first two years of a child’s life.

HOME AND YARD Bert’s Vacuums 915A South Railway St SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-2440 Vacuum Sales, Repairs and Cleaning Products, Carpet Cleaner Rentals

Bow Appliances Service 403-977-1869 “Service In Your Home” on all washers, dryers, fridges, stoves and dishwashers.

Red Cap Clean Up Inc. Medicine Hat, AB 403-458-1010 Commercial Cleaning, Move In/Out, Deep Cleaning, Office, Retail, Healthcare, Post Construction

ORGANIZATIONS Canadian Food Grains Bank Medicine Hat, AB A Christian response to hunger.


Human Dignity Now Medicine Hat, AB 403-512-4466 Human, Animal & Environmental Actions for Dignity Globally

Prairie Gleaners 11502 Range Road 63 Cypress County, AB 403-526-5240 Support poor communities, processing and packaging of food and supplies that have been gleaned.

PHARMACIES / MEDICAL Adapt Mobility 1023 Trans Canada Way SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-6020 Scooters, Lifts, Wheelchairs, Walking Aids, Bedroom and Bathroom Aids, Compression Garments, Incontinence Supplies, Free Delivery

Crestwood Pharmacy Ltd. 1827 Dunmore Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-4542 Blood Pressure Testing, Diabetic Supplies, Wound Care, Prescription Service, Home Health Care Aids, Mobility Supplies, Retail Postal Outlet, Giftware


DIRECTORY Ultimate Freedom Plus 618 – 16 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-5039 Home medical equipment, Independence and Mobility Specialists, Daily Living Aids and Walkers, Power and Manual Wheelchairs, Bathroom Safety, Residential Accessibility, Free Deliveries



Copy Works Design and Gifts 116, 3030 – 13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-0011

Yatin’s Gastropub 1177 – 1 st Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-9988 yatins-gastropub.

Graphic Design, Printing, Photocopying, Banners & Signs, Vinyl Letters/ Stickers, Promotional Products, Engraving, Advertising; Custom T-shirts/Hoodies


Everyday is an adventure

MedHat Asian Market 520A – 4th Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-957-0575 Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino Products



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