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Blondies Gift & Garden Centre Joyce Swaren, Bob Notenbomer, Lynda Moffatt, Joan Wilson Leacock, Chey Haughian Photo taken by “A Day in the Life Photography”

Blondies Gift & Garden - 365 Days of Plants


Nurture Pregnancy Centre

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JC Enviroblasting


Canadian Foodgrains Bank - Report on 2020 Grain Production

14 - 15 Justine Bice Matthew Power

Canadian Humanitartian Unique Education Support

16 - 17 Sherrie Sand

Prairie Gleaners

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MH360 Networking Group

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Transition Medicine Hat - Walk the Talk

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5th Avenue Memorial United Church

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By the C - What's in a Name?

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IFix Technology - Your Technology Partners

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Chloe's Closet & Curio Shoppe


SixOneSix Entertainment

24 - 25 0 2020

Little Munchkins Clothing & Such

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FEBRUARY is the time for planning Spring, deciding "do I want to seed for my vegetable garden this year? Do I want raised beds so I don’t have to work so hard or do I want a big garden to grow lots of vegetables and herbs?" Or is this the year to make a low maintenance garden or zero scape or maybe a bee and butterfly garden? So many options! Then there’s Valentines Day when you may want a beautiful flower for your Sweetie. Maybe


a mini rose, a beautiful orchid or a beautiful fresh bouquet. And boom – it is now MARCH. The greenhouse fills up with all the baby plants and flowers for the upcoming Spring. Our favorite time when we plant and watch them bloom and grow. We always have lots of tropicals and succulents. This past year young and old people have rediscovered the joy and health benefits of house plants. so popular for the young and the older people. The Spring shipments start coming and the walls get decorated with beautiful art for inside and outside. The Gift Store will have more decorative items, Real-Lite Candles, plus the Lampe Berger oil and lamps, jewelry and endless gift ideas.

Spring is in the Air for APRIL Easter – we have the Easter egg hunt in the tropicals area and all through the greenhouse. The kids love it and are waiting at the door to get in. We always have Easter Lilies and beautiful Hydrangeas Azaleas and Gerberas and so much more. April the 15th is our 17th Anniversary of Blondies. We always celebrate with cake, coffee and treats. Its always exciting when the trees, shrubs and perennials start coming in. The Nursery gets filled up with beautiful flowering trees. Everyone is anxious to start in the yard again. In MAY we look forward to Mother’s Day, we have so many beautiful gift flowers to choose from. Hydrangeas, Gerberas, Mums, Lilies, Mandevillas, Bouganvilleas and Gardenias. We build custom planters for our customers and the local restaurants, and other businesses. The greenhouse is full of Hanging Baskets of every color and rows and rows of fresh organic herbs, and


all kinds of flowers for the flower beds, raised beds, window boxes and any size planter. Before you know it, May long weekend is here, when everyone wants to get going on the planting and seeding and all the yard work. We carry fountains, bird baths, benches, and dramatic yard art. There's something for everyone! Very quickly we are into JUNE and just waiting for everything to grow bigger and even more beautiful. We carry organic fertilizers to make everything grow better. We also have Plantskydd to keep the deer away from your gardens and trees. Also in June the grass is growing nicely and if you have fur babies we have this awesome product to keep the doggie pee stains away. It is called “Dog Spot Prevent” – our customers rave about it. We can’t forget Father’s Day. We always have lots of gift ideas for Dad. Anything from fountains, windchimes and more.

In JULY there is Canada Day. Which we do celebrate with lots of Red/White flowers amongst other items. July is also a very hot month, but everyone is still working in the yard weeding or moving plants and adding more plants. Then there is AUGUST, now we are enjoying the fruits of our labour. Picking a few things from the garden. Sprucing up our flower beds and planters. And hopefully sitting back and relaxing a bit in our beautiful yards.


SEPTEMBER is a joyful time when harvesting is happening and we are making pickles, jams and all that fun stuff. Putting out the fall Mums and starting to clean up the yards and still planting trees. Hoping for fall to stay a long time. We get very busy working on Christmas in the middle of September. We have to rearrange the place and move lots of stuff. Then put the trees up and figure out what themes we will do this year. By the end of September we are pretty much ready for Christmas with 20 Christmas trees decorated in all styles and colors. The events planned for the season begin. The fresh trees come in December and the whole place smells so good, it smells and feels like Christmas

flowers, succulents and cacti! During November and December we have all kind of events for the whole family. Santa's here for photos, different classes for making porch pots, poinsettia bowls and center pieces. We bring in entertainers and live music. It's a beautiful, festive, winter wonderland! We are your Tropical and Christmas Destination! Merry Christmas!

Although Christmas fills a big part of our building, we always have tropicals,

403-504-0040 1855 2nd Avenue, Dunmore, Alberta Facebook: Blondies Gift & Garden Centre 8 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020


A Place tSo oLfta nd

A ba your h by fills a p lace eart in knew that you n ever was e mpty . -Unko wn


Pregnancy Centre Nurture Pregnancy Centre is a non-profit organization where women and their families can find different kinds of support from the early stages of pregnancy until their child is two years old.

SUPPORTS WE OFFER: • Peer counselling • Educational classes • Maternity and children's clothing • Resource library • Diapers and Formula • Toys and Furniture • Layettes for newborns • Life coaching Nurture Pregnancy Centre is an organization that encourages the family's well-being, especially in this pandemic. It is essential for the quality of life that pregnant women be aware of their mental

health, not only for her, but also for the child's future. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we have a friendly environment with the resources you need, and a team with the necessary skills to help, especially in this challenging time. All cultural and religious backgrounds are welcome. We follow the COVID guidelines and regulations to ensure that you and your family have a safe environment. It is always important to stay connected; and be aware of anxiety and depression. So, peer-to-peer support and life coaching helps pregnant women and families to understand, empathize, be well-informed and connected with other people in similar situations. In our Centre, we encourage you to prioritize your mental health. It is good for pregnant women, mothers and fathers to talk about their emotions and feelings, and what better place than at Nurture Pregnancy Centre. We are a faith–based organization where baby’s lives from conception on, are precious. The only thing that matters is helping you, your baby, and family improve your quality of life. Giving you and your baby a brighter future. Our income is by donations and grants, so if you, your parents, grandparents, friends, would like to donate something, please do so. You can call us for more information. If you also know somebody with leadership skills, fresh ideas, organizational skills, and love to care for other people “we are looking for you”. We need board volunteers to help us maintain, develop, and grow our Centre in our community.

SERVICE HOURS: Monday - Thursday 10:00 A.M. - 4 :00 P.M. (Closed on Friday and Holidays) Walk-In Centre • • 403-504-8560 • 321 6 Ave SE Medicine Hat, AB T2A 2S6 • email:



Telling Medicine Hat’s Story In Stone Since 1970 In 1970, Albert & Yvonne Anctil founded Medicine Hat Monumental to help the people of Southern Alberta share the stories of their loved ones for generations to come.

Today, Michael and Wanda Anctil, and family carry on that tradition. Our local craftsmen create memorials of distinction, using only the highest quality granite quarried from around the world, and handcrafted in Canada. Our memorials are warrantied forever, backed by the Rock of Ages Full Perpetual Warranty.

Let us help you create your story in stone. Now with two locations to serve you


Memorials of Distinction Since 1970

Jc enviroblasting is a locally owned and operated company new to Medicine Hat and area to provide a safe, environmentally friendly, fast and effective solution to restore surfaces back to original condition. JC Enviroblasting can remove any type of coating from any surface quickly, safely and properly. This revolutionary media blasting uses a mixture of air, water and Media of different kinds that are EPA approved. The water in the dustless blasting process reduces friction and heat. That means no warping of metal, steel, aluminum and many other surfaces. Dustless blasting costs less than traditional sandblasting using 80% less Media and a reduction of 92% less dust created in comparison. Blasting

with faster, better results! JC Enviroblasting is ideal for blasting in areas where dust and containment are concers, such as health concerns & respiratory health. This is ideal when working on mold and fire/smoke damages, indoor swimming pools and kitchen or RV cabinetry. There is easy containment and cleanup. We get the job done in a fraction of the time of traditional media blasting without creating that horrible dust cloud or hurting the surface below. Leace the paint and surface removal to us! With our mobile units we get the job done in a fraction of the time with better surface retention.


Automotive & Trailers Graffiti Removal Heavy Equipment Brick & Stone Log Homes Cabinetry Wood Siding & Fences Road Signage

If you think your project needs to be stripped back to it's original condition we can make it happen. The most environmentally friendly way to get the job done right! 403-952-9933 (Chris Isberg) 403-581-3688 (Joe Sawchuk)


REPORT ON 2020 GRAIN PRODUCTION Charlie Redpath Co-ordinator In 2000, the First Assembly of God Church bought a quarter section of farmland south of the city. The property location is SW Âź -13-12-06-04. The Church Board was contacted to see if they would rent the land for a Charity operation. They were given the information on the Canadian Food Grains Bank (CFGB). This operation partners with other church organizations and give assistance to people in Third World Countries. This request was approved and we have been operational since. The Canadian Food Grains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and church based agencies working to end global hunger by: supporting international programs to meet immediate food needs, 14 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020

reduce malnutrition, and achieve sustainable food security; inuencing improvements in national and international polices that contribute to ending global hunger; and increasing and deepening the engagement of Canadians to end global hunger. Projects funded by CFGB from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. were as follows: they worked in 34 different countries and had 107 projects. There were $42,163,536 dollars budgeted and 865,731 beneficiaries. Locally, on April 24th we seeded about 75 acres of the land to Brandon wheat. Our neighbours, the Weiss family did this work, they also sprayed the land

whenever it was needed. We had fertilizer donated by Richardson Pioneer Ltd and Nutrien Ag Solutions (Canada) Inc. Nutrien also spread the fertilizer in the field. The crop looked very promising. AFSC supplied hail coverage for the area.

us to use.

Harvest day was August 19th, we had two machinery dealers who supplied combines, Western Tractor Co Inc (John Deere) and Rocky Mountain Equipment (Case). Perry Wold assisted with hauling the grain to Paterson Elevator. Another young man hauled grain to Richardson Pioneer. We harvested 2467.79 bushels of #1 wheat and received $15,634.19 for it. The Federal Government matches this donation four to one. (15634.19 x 4 =62536.76) We usually serve hotdogs, sausage and coffee to all the people that attend the harvest event. This year we could only serve coffee and donuts due to the environment conditions. These were donated by Tim Horton’s and Grand Rental Station donated a tent for

We did not have a supper in March but if things get back to normal we plan to have a get together so we can talk about “all the things we have missed” God Bless You All.

I hope and trust I did not miss anyone who has assisted during this project that helps people in Third World Countries. Thank you to everyone who made this project possible.



UNIQUE EDUCATION SUPPORT Canadian Humanitarian annually supports 562 students to go to school. This unique program offers students more than just a desk in a classroom. It builds a community of support around each student, so they can have every opportunity to finish their educational dreams, and become contributing community members as adults.


Find out


Each student receives, their school uniform, shoes, underwear, day and night clothes, school supplies, text books, and all they need to study. Their neighborhood center is open 6 days a week from 8 am until 6 PM, and all day Saturday. It is a safe place to study, have a hot meal, participate in clubs like drama, sports, music, art or reading. The on-site library has school materials, computer lab, and

books for recreational reading. It is a place to explore talents, and feel included. Canadian Humanitarian has over 1134 program alumni. These amazing young adults are contributing to their homes and their communities, as successful graduated University, College, or Trade School Students. Lives are changed forever, with this successful effort to change the life of a child.

If you would like to know more about how you can support a student in this meaningful program, contact Rachel at rachel@ canadianhumanitarian. com To find out more about programs: http:// canadianhumanitarian. com/programs/ and how to support a child through sponsorship: https://secure. canadianhumanitarian. com/sponsor/




Since 2009 the Prairie Gleaners Society recognized an opportunity to GLEAN, (which means to pick up and gather that which is left) from our abundance and help redistribute where the need of others can be alleviated. It is a practice described in the Bible that became a legally enforced entitlement of the poor in a number of Christian kingdoms. We always partner with reputable relief organizations to ship and distribute the produce to the people in need throughout the world. Â We have shipped our dehydrated soup mix around the world to such places as El Salvador, India, Philippines, Haiti, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, 20 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020

Zambia, and Northern Canada. Using 2019 data, we have come up with the following interesting information. We produced 320 barrels of product and assuming 6-7 barrels per lift, using 6 to be pessimistic, gives 42 lifts of bagged product. Our fully burdened cost was $127,645. 00 for 2019. This gives $2,775 per lift, assuming 80 boxes per lift this gives $34.69 per box. Assuming 7 bags per box, therefore $4.95 per bag. Assuming 100 cups of soup per bag, the cost per cup is $0.05. The Prairie Gleaners has seen approximately 3407 volunteers this year, from retired individuals and

families to youth and service groups. This year we average approximately 20 volunteers per day. Our organization operates off the generosity of donors in vegetables, time and financial support helping us maintain our operational costs and projects.

to 12 pm. closed Saturdays on long weekends. We are located approximately 4 km south of highway 3 on Range Road 63. Address, directions can be found on our NEW website We can be reached by phone at 403-526-5240.

We have also joined with the Medicine Hat chapter of the Mustard Seed to provide them with two (2) bags of our dehydrated soup mix weekly, which when rehydrated is equivalent to approximately 240 cups of soup. The Mustard Seed tells us that their clients love the taco soup, or chili that their food preparation cooks make with our dehydrated vegetables. This program started in July as a 3 month trial and has since been expanded to be a more permanent agreement. Our regular hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30am 2020 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 21



SixOneSix Entertainment is a locally owned and operated Entertainment Centre located in Medicine Hat’s Downtown Core. We Provide 12,000 Sq ft of Fun for all ages. We have Medicine Hat’s First and only Axe Throwing location with 7 lanes, 14 Targets. We have Medicine Hat’s only year round Golf simulator where you can just come and hit some balls and get better in our driving range or bring some buddies and do 18 holes and be home a lot sooner than on a real golf course and can even play when there is snow on the ground. Do not lose your swing over the winter… keep it find tuned year-round. We cannot forget what made us, us... our Virtual Reality booth. We are Medicine Hat’s First and only Virtual Reality centre which has 7 Stations for your enjoyment. Come down check us out for all your entertainment adventures…. All in one place 120 - 450 3rd Street SE!


The Most Canadian Experience You'll Have in Medicine Hat! Few people (apart from lumberjacks and history buffs) get to experience the thrill of throwing weapons. SixOneSix Entertainment operates a facility that lets you enjoy the thrill of throwing axes, and compete against each other to see who has the best aim. 24 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020

Whether you are a first-timer looking to try axe throwing, an experienced timber sports veteran who wants to practice their skills, or a competitor in our leagues, SixOneSix Entertainment is your spot! Our action-packed hour-long sessions have you nailing those bullseyes in no time!

Safe exploration Paying attention to details is our specialty. You might notice things like curtains for the VR boundaries. Our headsets are suspended from the ceiling to limit tripping hazards. This is all done to keep you safe and aware of where you are while you are in VR.

Each axe throwing Session starts with your group meeting with our host lumberjack or lumberjane, followed by some target practice. Once everyone has had a bit of practice, we unleash them into the cages. Simply see who the best shot is or make up some interesting games like a Around the World. Our action-packed hour-long sessions have you nailing those bullseyes in no time! The time is yours to use however you want!

We're Clean VR headsets will be clean and sanitary. Most of all we thoroughly clean each headset in between each use. We are getting a UV Light Machine to use to kill all germs totally. If something is not right, let us know we are here for you.

We make it our mission to provide an enjoyable but safe experience for everyone. That is why our experts are always on hand to monitor the cages and make sure everything is in order. We pride ourselves on bring axe-citement to any and every session we host! SixOneSix Entertainment offers dropins, party bookings, and league play in Medicine Hat, AB. No experience necessary — just bring closed-toed shoes and an awesome attitude, and we show you the rest.

VIRTUAL REALITY We have a large selection of high quality experiences ranging from Travel, Education, Friendly shooters to family mini games. We are proud to offer only the best! Multiplayer No one goes on vacation or long trips alone. VR is remarkably similar, and we encourage you to come in with small or large groups for maximum fun.

GOLF SIMULATOR Golf is a sport that requires consistency and everyday practice, and a 6-month break does not help people improve and gain interest. Therefore, many people quit golf with frustration and walk away with nothing. New golfers have an extremely hard time to improve their skill level because there is not a lot of golf courses for beginners. BUT! What if you can play golf all year around? What if you can play 18 holes of golf in just one hour without sacrificing a full day of the weekend? Our business starts with these ideas.

Things to Watch For coming soon • Medicine Hat’s First Axe Throwing Mobile Trailer for Events • Medicine Hat’s First Virtual Reality Free Roam Laser Tag Mini Arena • Medicine Hat’s First SnookBall Table (SoccerPool) We can be reached at: 403-594-0221 Follow our Social Media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, TikTok 2020 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 25

We are a 100% nonprofit gently used children’s/maternity store that is entirely run by volunteers and donations. All profits are given to local charities that benefit children and moms. At this time Little Munchkins is open and accepts donations Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 3pm. We welcome the help of volunteers. To get in touch, visit our facebook page or in person at 607 2nd St. SE.

In response to these crazy covid days we are trying to help families keep up with their growing children through the seasons. This is why we have placed all our clothing at $2. We believe in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for the benefit of our community and our world. We want our children to follow our examples. Little Munchkins has been able to give close to $10,000 to charities and families throughout MedicineHat since we opened our doors a little over 2 years. Little Munchkins sells children's clothing, toys, books, shoes and maternity wear. We are focused on keeping our prices low. Pricing items are based on category rather than brand name. The average item is around $3 - $4 and our books are $ .25 We have all the brand names, Calvin Klein, Gap, H&M, Zoo York, DC, Vans, Roots, Carters, Old Navy...All are $2 !!! Let’s put an end to the stigma of second hand shopping.


(403) 977 - 0082 607 2nd Street SE, Medicine Hat (Next door to the Monarch)

We have been grateful to have the support of the local population. We rely on “word of mouth” along with our facebook presence to build our business of quality used children’s clothing at Budget Prices.

So far we have donated to: Neonatal Unit at Medicine Hat Hospital • Medicine Hat Hospital • Prenatal Center • Local Families • Halo • Salvation Army • SPCA

“Great place! Tons of kids and baby clothes etc and I love that they donate back to the community! Went for the first time today and they were super nice! Will definitely keep going back and plan to donate as well!” - Erica “This store has to be one of the best stores for finding what you need for your kiddos, not only is the service extremely friendly and efficient! But the clothes, toys, books etc are a variety that you can't find anywhere else! And if you can't find what you're looking for, the staff is always ready and willing to help you. I feel so relaxed and at home in the store and that’s not something I can say about other places in the Hat. I appreciate everything the store has to offer.” - Jacqueline “Great little store! Has a good selection, the lady who runs it is super friendly and very helpful! I will definitely pop in more often!” - Paige “Just a FYI - if anyone is looking for gently used clothing and toys. Head on down to Little Munchkins downtown. Sizes newborn to size 18 and a great selection of maternity wear.” - Darnyll 2020 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 27

COPY WORKS DESIGN AND GIFTS Copy Works Design And Gifts is a family owned business for over 21 years located in the Coop Mall on 13th Avenue. We are your one stop print shop for all your printing, photocopying, banners, engraving, graphic design, custom t-shirts/hoodies and promotional products.


Phone: 403-504-0011 3030 13 Ave SE, Medicine Hat


STRINGAM LLP Stringam LLP is a regional law firm driven to provide a competitive edge in an increasingly complex Alberta. Stringam LLP is committed to challenging the status quo by delivering consistent and uncompromising solutions in innovative ways. Our clients benefit from a diverse team of professionals providing premium legal representation. Phone: 403-488-8200 402 3rd Ave SW, Medicine Hat


MEDICINE HAT HEARING Do You Need New Hearing Aids? Or maybe some adjustments on your existing hearing aids. Call Medicine Hat Hearing, an independently locally owned clinic with over 25 years of experience.


Medicine Hat Hearing

Phone: 403-580-3800 Email: 66A – 8 Street NW, Medicine Hat

MICHAEL GROSS As a leading real estate agent in the area since 2003 Michael Gross has helped his clients not only achieve their real estate goals, but also make new memories of their own as they embark on this new chapter of their lives. Mike brings unsurpassed experience in the industry, knowledge of the area and negotiating strategies to help you accomplish optimal results. Phone: 403-866-7655 Email:


Master Electrician/Owner


Vexxon Electric Vexxon Electric is a family owned and operated Electrical Contractor based in Medicine Hat. With over 20 years of experience you are getting quality, knowledge and honest service. We also offer our customers 24/7 emergency call outs, with no additional fees and free estimates for any project, big or small. Phone: 403-952-5511 Email: 2020 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 29

BEING HUMAN SERVICES Human Resources consultant with over 5 years of experience in Human Resources, a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations and a member and candidate of the Alberta Certified Professional of Human Resources (CPHR). Experienced with a broad range of clients, from large to small and in a variety of industries, such as non-profit, retail, mechanic shops, environmental, and health care.


Employment Specialist

I help any kind of organization, big or small, to make the most of their people and teams, and improve their bottom lines. With a combination of knowledge, processes, and trust – I will be your collaborator and partner. Phone: 403-580-3338 (office) 222 South Railway Street SE, Medicine Hat

FRIESEN BUILDINGS Friesen Buildings is Family Owned since 2008, started out of Two Hills, Alberta, and now serves all of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Specializing in steel and timber buildings over 1200sq. ft in agro, and commercials industry. We handle all projects from work to play. Whether you need a workshop or Riding arena, Friesen Building's has you covered.


Sales Quality Control

Phone: 403-502-2307 Email:



GREAT NEWS! Researchers have discovered a multi-purpose cure for many of our problems. Most surprising: the answer sits in plain view but we have been walking past it. Oops! I’ve got that backward. WE have been sitting, but need to walk past it. Because walking is the answer. The evidence clearly shows: we should restrict our sitting and lying down to 23 hours a day. Now, how hard can that be? In fact, most Canadians tell surveys that they enjoy walking but they just don’t have enough time. That excuse doesn’t hold water these days. With meetings, concerts, and many social gatherings cancelled and 32 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020

gyms closed, we have lots of time. Reduced work time translates into more free time, even if we have less money to spend. So, lets get active and enjoy the outdoors. A brisk walk in your own neighbourhood is a low-cost way to get your blood circulating, and even better, put you in a positive frame of mind. You can

see about four kilometres of front yards in an hour. You will be surprised at some of the interesting, even quirky, improvements people have made. But you don’t have to stay to the beaten sidewalk. Try exploring the back alleys where fascinating activities may be stumbled on. People often keep their best stuff tucked away, but still visible from the back. The Parks and Recreation Department maintains over 140 km of trails in all parts of the city. For example, a sunny but calm day is perfect for an extended hike from the water reservoir behind Tower Estates out to Echo Dale Regional Park. If the weather is blustery, stay to the more sheltered trail from the Public Library along the river through Lions and Strathcona Island Parks. Don’t know where the trails are? You can pick up a map at the Parks and Recreation office at the entrance to Kin Coulee. The Police Point Park Nature Centre keeps some in a box outside the front door, so you can get one even when the building is closed. Mark each trail as you try it, and see if you can cover the entire system over the next year. You can even download an app with digital maps for Medicine Hat and other Alberta locations at If you don’t like walking alone, here is a fun alternative. You can easily walk with a friend while still staying apart. Why not call up someone you haven’t seen for a while and arrange to meet at a trailhead? After an hour of walking and talking, you will both feel terrific! So good, in fact, that you each call someone else next week, and have a different “walk and talk”.

Depending on the weather and your personal interests (code for “Where is the washroom?”), different routes offer different experiences. Here are several suggestions to start with. First, you can park near the YMCA and walk up the river. This puts the library on your route if you need to warm up, and perhaps take a “pit stop”. Second, the parking at the foot of Scholten Hill is about half an hour from the washrooms at the Strathcona Island water park. And of course, the Police Point Nature Centre washrooms are open in the daylight hours all winter, giving convenient access to eight kilometres of trails through the riverside forest. This winter, we hope you will walk the talk, and connect with friends at the same time. You will be glad that you did.

Rob Gardner Co-ordinator 403-527-2052 548 - 11 Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1T3

Promoting sustainable living in southeastern Alberta


5th Avenue Memorial United Church The first Methodist Church was built on the corner of Third Street and Sixth Avenue where the present Royal Bank is situated. The first church, erected in 1883, was a small wood frame building. It was later replaced by a large brick church named Century Methodist in 1900. In 1912, this church was sold to the Royal Bank and construction commenced on the present day Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church at a cost of$100,000.00. It was originally named

Fifth Avenue Methodist Church which is clearly evident on the cornerstone of the building. Across the street from the church, the red brick church manse was erected. It still stands today and is owned by an individual. In 1925, Fifth Avenue Methodist Church became Fifth Avenue United Church through the union of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational Churches. In June 1931, the congregation celebrated the


burning of the mortgage and one month later the church was gutted by fire. All that remained were the walls, the iron framework which suspended the roof, the beautiful Gothic stained glass windows, which were made in Quebec, as well as the pews. The congregation commenced rebuilding immediately opening five months later, but with some definite modifications. The roof line was changed to a simple, relatively low-sloped gable roof and the north and

south balconies inside the church were not rebuilt. In 1957, the attached Christian Education Building was built and dedicated in 1958. This addition provided a large gymnasium/auditorium, classrooms and offices at a cost of $140,000.00 precluding land costs. Fifth Avenue has served the community well – graduations, Red Cross meetings, Hospital Aid meetings, music concerts, Boy Scouts meetings, and numerous church functions to mention only a few.

As so many historical buildings, Fifth Avenue was constructed of local sandstone and red brick. Its bell tower faces Fourth Street and Fifth Avenue – hence the name. The churches’ front doors of the sanctuary and the Christian Education Building face Fourth Street. At the front of the church is a large historic pipe organ and, as it did in the past, it remains the main architectural focal point of the church. The church’s design was indeed ahead of other western churches as the sanctuary has a sloped

flloor f and curved pews which enables all the parishioners to have an excellent view of the alter and pulpit. Of the three balconies, only the rear balcony remains. The doors to the missing balconies remain, but when opened they reveal a solid wall. The basement with its relatively high ceiling houses many meeting rooms. It is one of the few churches in the city that has street level basement access. In 1998, Fifth Avenue United Church amalgamated with Memorial Salem United giving it is present name, Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church. Fifth Avenue Memorial has contributed much to the history and social fiber of Medicine Hat life and it is hoped that this contribution will continue for many generations to come.

We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. Please be our guest this Sunday. We will make you welcome and respect your individuality and your dignity regardless of your race or class, age or sexuality, background or income. Sunday School, youth groups and music.

403-526-2237 •


What’s in a NAME? I am Cindi, the C in by the C. The NAME behind the brand. A lifetime resident of Medicine Hat, I have been immersed in the customer service side of fashion for many years and have developed a thorough understanding of the key pieces that make women feel special. I ultimately realized that I had a deep desire to take the effortless wardrobe staple item, the boyfriend blazer, and elevate it by designing it around themes inspired by art, music, film and fashion. by the C is my brainchild. On January 1st, 2011, while out for lunch with my husband Dale, the idea for creating "Blazers with a Personality" hit me. by the C was created and we spent the next couple of years working on logistics. In the spring of 2015, I met Sandra - a wonderfully skilled seamstress. I told her my vision and she was able to create my dream. The first blazer "off the presses" was "Well Heeled." I gave it to my mom and we both cried! We made 25 different 36 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020

prototypes, making changes along the way. During this time, I was busy looking for a factory that could produce my blazers...a factory in Canada. I finally found a factory in Toronto with just the right expertise to produce my designs. by the C was launched in July, 2016! A storefront and a website soon followed. Since the brand’s inception, my vision has grown into a successful business. The timeless designs are a colourful mix of materials and are combined with cultural references, creating blazers that merge feminine with masculine, and classic with contemporary. While my aesthetic style continues to evolve, my commitment to quality and vision remains unchanged. All by the C blazers have a unique NAME embroidered on the inside lining. Buttons, lining and other intricate details are selected to match their NAME. Currently, we have 32 NAMED blazers.

“Olive Another” has olive green lining, olive green Swarovski crystal buttons and three embroidered olives tumbling out of the breast pocket (make sure to try this on with the “Olive Another” watch and T-shirt!). There is a martini glass with the words “Bottoms Up” embroidered on the lower rear portion of this fun blazer! “Out of the Blue” has luxurious royal blue lining, with gorgeous Swarovski crystal buttons. The lining in “Horsin’ Around” is, guess? You got it, horses. The cloth horse buttons on this blazer were made especially for by the C. Newly arrived design, “Tusk Because” features black and white elephant lining with a small elephant embroidered on the back. We call them “Blazers with a Personality!”

Many details define my blazers. My NAME, my signature, is embroidered on the inside of each blazer, under the embroidered Canadian Maple Leaf. There is a small silver C suspended from a silver chain, sewn into the

neckline. The C is me. All come with a by the C embroidered garment bag. I want everyone to feel like they have an extra special purchase. Our sizes are generous, and most customers take at least a size smaller than what they think. I always like to chat with my customers, so we can choose the fit best for them. They are meant to be roomy, like you are wearing your “boyfriend’s” jacket. Sizes are XXS-XL, fitting approximately a 0-22. Something for everybody and Every Body! I am involved in every aspect of each blazer. Sometimes the NAME comes first, and I source special buttons and lining that will match the NAME. Other times, a gorgeous button or a fun lining comes first, and the NAME reveals itself. After all the lining and buttons are ordered, everything is shipped to the factory in Toronto. The factory begins the process with the cutting of the lining and the black crepe fabric. After this huge job is completed, the pieces that require embroidery are bundled up and shipped back to me. All pieces must be kept in proper order to keep the dye lot the same. Typically, this is 5 pieces per blazer and we must manufacture at least 100 blazers at a time (usually 150-200) about 750-1000 pieces of cut out fabric is sent to me. I number and NAME each and every piece of fabric. The pieces to be embroidered are delivered to Wynter at RAD Casuals and this is where the magic happens. RAD has been involved since day one, working on designs for the backs, etc. I use local talent when available and RAD Casuals has been a perfect fit. The pieces are reorganized, bundled and sent back to the factory, where the final blazers are assembled (this includes sewing on the buttons and the silver Cs). Quality control is so 2020 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 37

important to me – this is my NAME and why I choose to be an integral part of the process. It is to make sure hockey sticks do not end up on the back of “Nip and Tux.” Surprisingly, we have never had a mishap! There are a lot of sleepless nights while we are in the factory, but as soon as they arrive, I am always beyond excited to see the new designs come to life. It is a labour of love! Blazers with a personality…which one suits YOUR personality? Since the inception of by the C, I decided to expand my inventory and include other merchandise to coordinate with the blazers. Purses, leggings, jeans, luxurious silk scarves and tops are all now part of the

shopping experience at by the C. Our by the C brand has also expanded to include watches, candles, T-shirts and sneakers (with original artwork). I am passionate about helping other women designers and artisans get more exposure for their products. I am proud to showcase their unique designs in the store and on our website. We currently feature the whimsical artwork of Medicine Hat native, Kelly Schlenker – tea towels, cards and bookmarks, all wonderful gift items. Susan Renner, also from Medicine Hat, creates Sacks from Scraps, one-of-a-kind repurposed fabric makeup bags and tote bags. A size and design for all – such fun accessories! Red Deer artist, Darcy Edinga of Silk Concepts, hand paints silk scarves – so many vivid, beautiful colours! We now carry silk face masks by Darcy. Calgary-based artist, Moya Maxted designs watches especially to match our blazers. Also, Moya’s artistry is displayed on her beautiful silk scarves. Just arrived, creatively inspired sneakers by Moya and Me. I pride myself on exceptional, personal service to all by the C customers. Whether in person, on the phone or on my website, you can expect that I will be involved with your purchase from start to finish. Visit us at 626 3rd Street SE in beautiful downtown Medicine Hat or on my website,

So, what’s in a NAME? Everything! by the C, the C is ME.




YOUR TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS We have long been Southern Alberta’s number one mobile device and computer repair shop and this year at IFIX we unveiled new services designed to focus on IT Services and Web Development. With the ongoing restrictions that many businesses are currently facing, an online presence is more important than ever. IFIX will get your business on the web and work with your team through all your technology challenges.

Introducing: Website Services

Website Build $499 Website Hosting $99 per month BONUS 1hr of IT support included Search engine optimization plans starting at $199 per month 42 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 2020

With hundreds of millions of online searches happening every day through Google, Bing, and Yahoo; it is crucial you have an online presence. Customers are going online to make their buying decisions much more than previous years and your website is a window into your business. Our goal is to ensure you have a fast and userfriendly website that helps drive your business. Many aspects that go into creating the right website, primarily, Search Engine Optimization. These services will elevate the visibility of your site while increasing click-volume, because when was the last time you were on page 2 of a Google search? Our website services will make sure you have a properly optimized site in terms of front-end and back-end development. Our sites are fast,

user-friendly, secure, and focused on converting visitors into buyers. Let us help your business grow by developing your online presence and letting the world know what makes you the right choice.

Introducing: Managed IT Services Starting at $99 per month The world is now accelerating further into the digital age. This means businesses must adapt to the evergrowing capabilities offered by new technologies in order to keep up with their customers. That is why we are offering Managed IT Services to take care of all your business tech needs. This way, you have professional IT experts ensuring everything is connected, secure, functioning, backed up and up to date. Our IT Management services will take care of phones, computers, networks, data security and so much more. Having your IT managed by the experts will save you the time of solving technical issues yourself so you can focus on building your business. Taking advantage of the right technology in the right way will ensure

you capitalize on all the opportunities available with new tech. Times are changing, and so is the world of business. Take the right steps for your businesses future by making sure your online presence is superb and your office tech is running smoothly. With our help, your business can proceed successfully into this new era of technology. Therefore, with our new services being unveiled, we are excited to announce an exclusive offer through our Website and IT services. When you sign up for a website and have it hosted through us, we will include 1 hour of Managed IT services for your business every month! See for yourself the benefits of signing up for our fully managed IT services. Thank you and contact us to learn more.

911 S Railway St SE Medicine Hat, AB. 403 526 6810 2020 COMMUNITY CONNECTION 43

YOUR FAR OUT FASHIONS AN EMPORIUM OF THINGS! • Home decor, furniture, wall pictures • Quality brand name new and barely used ladies and mens attire • Winter coats and jackets • Various footwear from snow boots to shoes • Teapots, cookie jars • Pet clothes and dishes


• Dresses, sweaters, leggings, skirts, pants, sleepwear • Jewelery and jewelery boxes • Jigsaw puzzles, games and books • Pillows • Christmas gift ideas galore!

Chloe's Closet & Curio Shoppe


SERVICE HOURS: Monday - Thursday

Pregnancy Centre

10:00 A.M. - 4 :00 P.M. (Closed on Friday and Holidays)

KINDS OF DONATIONS: • Financial Donations • Maternity Clothes • Baby Clothes (New & Used) - Sizes from Newborn to 4T • Baby Furniture & Toys (Cribs must meet current safety standards) • Diapers, Formula, Infant Supplies

Walk-In Centre 403-504-8560 321 6 Ave SE Medicine Hat, AB, T2A 2S6 email:


CONSTRUCTION Bice & Sons Drywall/ Stucco Services Ltd. 3, 2139-10 Avenue S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-7688 Boarding/Taping, Insulation, Ceilings, Painting, Steel Framing, Parging, Exterior Acrylic Stucco, Foam Build outs, Residential and Commercial

Friesen Buildings Medicine Hat, AB 403-502-2301 Buildings, Steel Foundations, Concrete Floors, Insulation

AUTOMOBILE / VEHICLES Jiffy Lube 3215 Dunmore Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-4356 Oil Changes & Auto Services

CHURCHES Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church 476 – 4 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-2237 Sunday Service, Sunday School, Youth Group, Music


JC Enviroblasting 1511 Eagle View Place SW, Medicine Hat, AB 403-952-9932 403-581-3688 Mobile Surface Blasting, Residential, Commercial, Agriculture

Vexxon Electric 1167 Balmoral Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-952-5511

Home and Office Lighting, Service Upgrades and Trouble Shooting, 24/7 Emergency Call-out, New Construction, Data Cabling




IFIX Technology 911 South Railway St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-6810

By the C 626 – 3 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-0383

Phone and Computer Repair, Website Design, Managed IT Services

CRAFTS & HOBBIES Quilting Creations and Fabric 902 Kingsway Avenue Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-5114 Quality Quilt Fabric, Notions, Longarm Service

Little Munchkins Clothing & Such 607 – 2 nd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-977-0082

Blazers, T-shirts, Leggings, Cashmere Wraps, Scarves, Purses, Watches, Makeup, Bags, Jewellery, Greeting Cards

Chloe’s Closet & Curio Shoppe 511A – 4 th Avenue SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-4888 Delightful & Gently Used Items, Dress, Shoes, Purses, Lingerie, One of a Kind Home Décor

Non-profit, Children’s Preloved Clothing, Gently Used Maternity, Shoes, Boots

FUNERAL SERVICES Cook Southland Funeral Chapel 901 - 13th Street S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-6455

Serving Families in Time of Need, New Chapel, On-site Reception Centre

FITNESS & ENTERTAINMENT Six One Six Entertainment 120, 450 – 3 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-594-0221 Entertainment,, Axe Throwing, Golf Sim, Virtual reality, Pool Table


Grace Memorial 1924 – 10 Avenue NW Medicine Hat, AB 403-905-0440 Funeral services “In time of

Medicine Hat Monumental Co LTD 765 12th Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-5422

Medicine Hat Hearing Centre 66A – 8 Street NW Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-3800

Hearing Aids, Hearing Tests, Hearing Aid Repairs, Digital, Bluetooth and Rechargeable Technology


HAIR SALONS Couture Hair & Beauty 545 North Railway St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-1550

Hair Services, Extensions, Waxing, Color, Pedicures

HEALTH Dignity & Grace Project 403-527-9005 Empower, educate and encourage people and their families around Living and dying well.


Nurture Pregnancy Centre 321 – 6 th Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-8560 Pregnancy support up child’s life.




Blondie’s Gift & Garden Centre 1855 – 2nd Avenue Dunmore, AB 403-504-0040

Gold Dust Jewellery 910 Allowance Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-0467

Trees, Shrubs, Perennials, Annuals, Hanging Baskets, Herbs, Fairy Gardens, Home Décor, Wall Art, Fountains, Ceramic Pots, Garden Seeds, Christmas Trees and Decorations

Bow Appliances Service 403-977-1869

“Service In Your Home” on all washers, dryers, fridges, stoves and dishwashers.

HAT Smart City of Medicine Hat 580-1 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-502-8799

Incentives to Customers for Energy Efficient Upgrades Custom jewellery design, manufacture and repair.

LEGAL Stringam 35 – 7 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-488-8200

Canadian Food Grains Bank Medicine Hat, AB A Christian response to hunger.

Canadian Humanitarian Suite 1, 675 – 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-2741 Making a difference – breaking the cycle of poverty.

Wills & Estates, Civil Ligations, Real Estate, Mediation, Injury, Business, Family & Divorce, Surface Rights, Bankruptcy

Prairie Gleaners 11502 Range Road 63 Cypress County (Medicine Hat) AB 403-580-9432


Support poor communities, processing and packaging of food and supplies that have been gleaned.

Being Human Services 222 South Railway St SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-3338 Human Resource Services, Recruitment Services, Life coaching, Professional Development, Government Programs

Transition Medicine Hat Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-2052 Promotes sustainable living in southeastern Alberta through community, demonstration and instruction.



PRINTING & TECHNOLOGY Copy Works Design and Gifts 116, 3030 – 13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-0011 www.copyworksdesign. com Design - Print - Copy; Banners & Signs, Promotional Products, Engraving, Advertising Custom T-Shirts And Stickers

REAL ESTATE Michael Gross Maxwell Network Realty 1501 Dunmore Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-866-7655 Residential, Commercial

RESTAURANTS, FOOD, PHARMACY Buffet Medicine Hat 111, 3215 Dunmore Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-3399

Largest buffet selection. Over 200 seating capacity. Fully licenced, catering available.

South Country Co-op 100, 3030 – 13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-6603 Grocery 403-528-6604 Pharmacy Food, Pharmacy, Fuel, Agro


Med Hat Asian Market 520A – 4th Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-957-0575 Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Filipino Products

SENIOR’S CARE Masterpiece Southland Meadows 4401 Southlands Drive SE, Medicine Hat, AB 403-977-8009 Luxury Independent Seniors Suites, Tours Available, Optional Service Packages We Are Here For You!


403.528.4356 3215 Dunmore Road SE Behind Earl’s Restaurant

Mr. Kim Schick Owner/Operator