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2 Construction Directory 2021

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Donna Bengert

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Sherrie Sand

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Clint Chant, Kelly Auger, Renae Auger (Back row, left to right)

Ivica Zuna and Brayden DeMan

KA Cabinetry & Home Finishing Ltd.


Advance Design and Construction

10 - 11

Bice & Sons Drywall / Stucco LTD

14 - 15

TBC General Contracting

28 - 29

Artisan Interiors & Renovations Ltd How to Get Through the Renovation Maze and be Successful

30 - 31

Alberta Drones

Creekside Cabinets

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Rick Mann Construction Rubber Stone

Factory Blind Outlet

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CertaPro Painters Top 10 Reasons to Hire CertaPro Painters

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2021 Construction Directory 3


Locally owned and operated since 2003


KA Cabinetry & Home Finishing’s Ltd. started back in 2003, but Kelly has been building custom cabinets for over 30 years. With that much experience in the shop, KA Cabinetry has become a leader in the industry. 4 Construction Directory 2021

KA Cabinets, custom builds all types of cabinets, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, entertainment units, custom closet designs, bars for the man cave, fireplace mantles, floating shelves and many more special features.

We operate with a Spray booth that is set up to do our own inhouse staining, painting and lacquering for all your finishing needs.

our supplies are purchased right here in Medicine Hat & surrounding area.

We have our own installation crew that works efficient and in a timely manner. We also have an option to do a supply only.

Supporting local helps to build a stronger community.

By committing to use KA Cabinets, you are supporting local, as most of

Making the decision easy for choosing KA Cabinetry and Home Finishing’s Ltd. for all your home projects.

2021 Construction Directory 5

Window Coverings KA Cabinetr y & Home Finishing’s are now offering a wide array of Hunter Douglas window coverings.

6 Construction Directory 2021

Hunter Douglas has a great reputation for a quality product and a Limited Lifetime Warranty that cannot be beat. With an extensive selection of styles, fabrics, colors, & features to pick from, finding just the right product can be easy. Let us talk about Power View Automation. Today’s connected home is more advanced and easier to control than ever before. Let Power View motorization and your home’s

window treatments be part of this technology, controlling your shades right from your smart devices. Power View is the perfect fit for an energy efficient home, as you can schedule the operation of your window treatments to optimize your home’s efficiency. And with no operating cords, Power View contributes to a safer environment for young children and pets.

Hunter Douglas can offer a variety of power view options including battery, plug in power, and hard wiring low voltage wire, which is installed at the framing stage of your home. Stop into our showroom to inquire more or book an appointment for a free consultation and we look forward to coming up with creative ideas and smart solutions for all your window needs.

2021 Construction Directory 7

Epoxy KA Cabinetry & Home Finishing’s Ltd. is now certified and trained in Epoxy flooring..

These projects are perfect on a variety of surfaces including exterior or interior cement, garage floors, wood decks, pool pads, and countertops just to name a few. With lots of colors to choose from, we can do a flake, quartz, or a metallic style. This project is a step-by-step process which usually takes 3-5 days from start to finish. With the finished project being a low to no maintenance result. KA can also service your concrete

8 Construction Directory 2021

overlay needs turning your old driveway or sidewalk into something that looks brand new. With a longlasting life, and a heavy PSI rating, this can bring up the value of your home or business for resale. Call us at (403) 528-1611 or stop in at our shop to inquire about a free estimate.

CHECK OUT OUR NEW LOCATION 1320-7th Ave SW, Medicine Hat, AB

• Custom Built Line Of Cabinetry • Prefabricated Cabinetry • Quartz and Granite Countertops • Lighting • Custom Digital Cabinet Layouts • Full Kitchen Renovations as Well as New Construction • Hunter Douglas Window Coverings

2021 Construction Directory 9

If there is one question, we have been asked countless times over the years, it’s this: “WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET THIS PROJECT DONE, AND WHAT WILL IT COST?” If you have ever been involved in commercial building or renovation, you know the many considerations and processes can feel overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you have a well

thought out start to finish step-by-step process, your project will have a far greater chance of attaining your end goals. Our decades of experience have proven a construction plan needs to include a few essential components to bring confidence and completion success to a project. So if you're thinking of a new building or renovation, read on for a few tips.





PLANNING is critical, from suitable site location to operational goals, including experienced team members, your projects overall success hinges on this one single item. To streamline the process and help bring critical aspects to your attention, you could consult an experienced company like Advance Design & Construction Ltd. We specialize in design-build commercial construction services. DESIGN in the form of concept sketches will bring your ideas to life, and are to display function of design to scale, creating long-term suitability and efficient layout, including material arrangements. We will help develop a preliminary draft to frame the overall details of your project. Design should include development and building code requirements considerations. 10 Construction Directory 2021

BUDGET is often considered to be a part of Design; a budget is determined and driven by design. This can be an intensive process, and necessary to establish project feasibility and suitability to your overall project goals. A budget balanced design will go a long way toward project satisfaction. With final details established, affordability is calculated and verified. DRAWINGS & PERMITTING

are needed once you decide to move forward. Permit and construction drawings will be generated, including engineered design as required by the permit authority. Permit approval is required before any work on site\location can begin. This will also establish fine work process and material detail you require, providing an opportunity to further develop your final details.


ARE WE READY TO START? Only a few things now. A final review of work scope, detailed specifications, and construction drawings that form a part of the contract is next. The contract also establishes costs, terms, responsibilities of each party, and other clarifications. We can spend considerable time talking about Contracts and Construction starts. If you would like to know more, please call us.

At Advance Design & C o ns t ru c t io n Ltd . , we h ave provided service on the following kinds of projects: •








23 South West Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E7




Ph: 403.580.5054 Fax: 403.580.5072

2021 Construction Directory 11

12 Construction Directory 2021

Contractors can apply for the

ENERGUIDE RATINGS REBATE through the City of Medicine Hat’s HAT Smart program.


HAT Smart offers incentives to City of Medicine Hat utility customers for energy efficient upgrades. Let’s work together to help the environment one home at a time. For detailed information about incentives visit or call 403.502.8799

2021 Construction Directory 13

Our company is committed to providing quality workmanship with complete customer satisfaction. We will meet all your drywall needs from new construction or renovations in residential or commercial.

STEEL FRAMING: The strength of structural steel framing along with consistency and conservation of resources makes it the ideal material for construction framing. Steel framing can lower construction costs and does not shrink, split or warp which eliminates nail pops or drywall cracks to repair. Interior walls made with steel framing prevent sound transmission between rooms much better than wood framing. Discounts on builders risk insurance for steel framed structures can result in 14 Construction Directory 2021

significant cost savings for builders. INSULATION/POLY: Have a comfortable affordable warm house. A healthy house today is well sealed, well insulated and properly ventilated. Batts are like fibrous blankets that fit snugly between wall studs. Loosefill insulation is light fibrous fill that is blown into your attic space. The poly acts as a vapour barrier and prevents moisture from moving from warm interior spaces into a colder condensed exterior space.


BOARDING: Satisfaction is guaranteed with our family operated boarding crews at Bice & Sons Drywall. It is our boarders specialty to know what type of gypsum wallboard to apply, where to apply it and how to apply it . Many types of gypsum board are used for different reasons and in different environments, sound board, moisture/mould resistant, ceiling board, fire resistant, flex board as well as water repellant exterior board to name a few. Our boarders can apply it all with presicion and to perfection.

unique effect. SUSPENDED CEILINGS: Many varieties of sizes, styles and colors of tile are available for commercial and residential suspended ceilings. Our professional installers will tell you how a suspended ceiling is functional, attractive and provides easy access to the plenum area. Hidden antennas, wires and duct work provide a clean flat design that looks very attractive.

TAPING: Quality is number one with our taping specialists. We take pride in calling them drywall artists, as they not only perform joint and corner treatments but apply decorative crown moldings, ledges, step downs and niches that add style and elegance to your interior home finishes. TEXTURE CEILING: Textures add a new dimension to flat, smooth walls, they add visual interest and warm the room. Once the ceiling has been painted with a special texture undercoat we can then apply different types of texture finishes either regular splatter ceiling texture, basket weave appearance or a knockdown texture, all have a different

If you have any questions or would like a free estimate on your project please call Hugh or Patty Bice at Bice & Sons Drywall/Stucco Svc. Ltd. at 403-527-7688 or email us at 2021 Construction Directory 15

16 Construction Directory 2021


2021 Construction Directory 17

CREEKSIDE CABINETS Creekside Cabinets was formed in 2012 as a small 2 man shop for residential and light commercial. Today it is a fast growing custom cabinet workshop, supplying to residential, commercial, multifamily, and anything and everything that someone would want built. We are equipped with high end machinery to allow us to give an exact product for anyone's needs. Creekside Cabinets Owner Randy Sinclair has been in the Cabinet & Finishing business for 15 years and has a ton of experience with

18 Construction Directory 2021

designing, drawings, and installing. Creekside is all about customer service and if there is any problems, they will be fixed right away to make sure every job is completed with the customer happy. We supply Cabinets, Laminate Countertops, Quartz Countertops, Granite Countertops, and Corian Countertops. The cabinets can come in all types of wood example, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Birch, and any other exotic species.

Contact us today to discuss your custom cabinets 403-529-1199 851 Industrial Ave SE Ross Creek Business Center Medicine Hat

2021 Construction Directory 19


Premium Surfacing Solutions

We cover ugly concrete, asphalt and pavers


After 20 Construction Directory 2021

uses high quality synthetic and recycled rubber granules to create a surfacing solution that is perfect for your residential & commercial project. We install directly over existing surfaces & specialize in: • Driveways • Pool Decks • Patios • Sidewalk Resurfacing • Garage Floors • Basements • Steps & More!


ubber Stone is a Canadian company that has been in the resurfacing industry since 1988. For almost 30 years we have been providing quality surfacing products across North America. Through direct installations, as well as our network of over 100 dealers, our highly trained installers ensure that we can handle your project with integrity and excellence. We focus on durability, elasticity, UV stability, and strength to deliver a resilient surface perfect for your driveway or rubber surfacing project. Our Polyurethanes,

Epoxies and Rubber Stone EPDM have been through extensive testing and are the highest quality materials available in the rubber surfacing industry. Surfacing Products use regionally sourced materials that can help you qualify for funding and Grant opportunities through local Tire Recycling Programs. is a pre-approved vendor for Rubber Surfacing applications in several Canadian jurisdictions including Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Your Local Dealer in Medicine Hat is Rick Mann Construction!


• Quick and Convenient Installation • No disruption to Your Property • Soft to Walk On • Durable and Flexible • Aesthetically Pleasing • Excels in Ice and Snow • Ready to Drive on After 72 Hours • Made with Recycled Rubber


Using Rubber Stone on your driveway keeps approx.


from the landfill.

Made with 100% Recycled Rubber!

Rubber Stone is extremely durable and can be applied right over the old surface with no messy removal required! Plus, it withstands the heat of summer, the cold of winter and everything in between! ✓Soft to Walk On ✓Excellent Traction ✓Multiple Colours Available ✓Quick Installation ✓Ready to Drive On After 72 Hours!

Rick Mann: Call For A Free Estimate: 403-928-3242

Your Local Dealer in Medicine Hat is Rick Mann Construction

22 Construction Directory 2021

2021 Construction Directory 23

24 Construction Directory 2021

2021 Construction Directory 25

TOP 10 REASONS TO USE 1.quality QUALITY. take the to order do to materials, andWe perform the right taskstime in the right ensure youright, are left with durable, quality finishes.quality the job use only high materials, perform the right tasks 2. EXPERIENCE. and Our locally owned and operated business successfully completed many interior/exterior projects. inhas the right order to ensure you are Our project teams are familiar with the unique conditions and left with durable, quality finishes. deterioration found in this area, and how to professionally handle 1. QUALITY. We take the time to do the job right, use only high

each. You will feel confident the work has been performed correctly.

2. EXPERIENCE. Our locally

3. VALUE. CertaPro Painters® provides the best value – quality

owned and operated that endures at a fair price. After all, business the true test to your paint investment dollars is time itself. Our paint systems look and has successfully completed many perform great for many years after the competition’s has failed. interior/exterior projects. Our project 4. FLEXIBILITY. We work hard to accommodate the unique teams are familiar with the unique aspects of your particular project - from timing and scheduling concerns, to coordinating with other trades, to found taking conditions and deterioration in neighbours’ concerns into consideration – our goal is to this area, and how to can professionally minimize the disruption that painting entail on you and your family’s lives. handle each. You will feel confident the workWehas been performed 5. COLOUR. will help you choose the right colour. With the assistance of local colour consultants, we will ensure you get correctly. exactly what you picture for both your interior and exterior needs. 6. DETAILS. From the thorough proposal we tailor for your specific

3.project, VALUE. CertaPro to the consistency of your Painters® project’s straight paint lines, to the clean up at the end of each day, we know that it is the details of each job that lead to your complete satisfaction.

8. LIMITED WARRANTY. * We offer a written two-year limited warranty on all residential painting projects.

9. SAFETY. We are serious that “safety is job one” and continually train our people on the safe use of materials, equipment, and

methods. YouWe will feelwill confident that you we are performing 5.access COLOUR. help choose safe work on behalf of you, your family, and the environment.

the right colour. With the assistance offocus local colour consultants, we will on customer service that is not commonly found in the trades. Youyou will feelget certain that your experience CertaPro ensure exactly what with you Painters is one of uncommon customer service and quality. picture for both your interior and Each CertaProneeds. Painters business is independently owned and operated. exterior

10. CERTAINTY. We strive to perform high quality painting with a

provides the best value – quality that endures at a fair price. After all, the 7. NO SURPRISES. We make sure that we fully understand your true your paint investment needstest and theto details of your project at the start. Starting off on the same page from our itself. first meeting ensures that you get what dollars is time Our paint *Some exclusions and limitations may apply; see written warranty for details. you expected when we finish. systems look and perform great for 6. DETAILS. From the thorough many years after the competition’s proposal tailor for your specific We make it quick and easy. Contact uswe today. has failed. project, to the consistency of your Medicine Hat 403-526-6197 | Lethbridge 403-380-8337 project’s straight paint lines, to the 4. FLEXIBILITY. We work hard to 403-362-9084 Brooks clean up at the end of each day, accommodate the unique aspects we know that it is the details of FREE -ESTIMATES AT CERTAPRO.COM of your particular project from each job that lead to your complete timing and scheduling concerns, satisfaction. to coordinating with other trades, to taking neighbours’ concerns 7. NO SURPRISES. We make sure into consideration – our goal is to that we fully understand your needs minimize the disruption that painting and the details of your project at the can entail on you and your family’s start. Starting off on the same page lives. ®


26 Construction Directory 2021

ARTICLES from our first meeting ensures that you get what you expected when we finish.

8. LIMITED WARRANTY.* We offer a written two-year limited warranty on all residential painting projects. 9. SAFETY. We are serious that

“safety is job one” and continually train our people on the safe use of materials, equipment, and access methods. You will feel confident that we are performing safe work on behalf of you, your family, and the environment.

10. CERTAINTY. We strive to perform high quality painting with a focus on customer service that is not

commonly found in the trades. You will feel certain that your experience with CertaPro Painters® is one of uncommon customer service and quality. Each CertaPro Painters® business is independently owned and operated. *Some exclusions and limitations may apply; see written warranty for details.

We make it quick and easy. Contact us today. 403-526-6197 FREE ESTIMATES AT CERTAPRO.COM

2021 Construction Directory 27


Have you been spending a LOT of time at home this past 18 or so months? Are you finding yourself looking a lot closer at the space around you and how your home functions? Your home might offer enough room during most times, but with more people crammed together trying to get things done, maybe not. Many people have been considering renovations during the pandemic. Whether it is putting an addition on, renovating or adding an office space, updating the kitchen, bathroom or investing in outdoor spaces to extend livable space, there are a few important realities you will want to consider and understand moving forward with your project. Patience and planning ahead is key right now to a successful renovation project, and having a team of experts helping you out might be the way to go! Be Flexible, Especially Right Now. Supply chains have been and will continue to be disrupted for a wide variety of building materials. Increased construction activity, factory shutdowns, limited availability of raw materials and shipping delays for products coming from overseas are all factors. Having to wait for that faucet you really want doesn’t mean you can’t use your sink; instead, a temporary faucet can possibly be installed until the correct one arrives. Planning for these kinds of hiccups, especially if a specific item or material has been hard to get during the pandemic, can help. Our team at TBC has definitely learned to adapt to this the last while, and we are very thankful for strong longstanding relationships with many suppliers and trades who have helped us with sourcing materials and to come up with different solutions as needed. Prices May Change. You have probably already heard the news: the 28 Construction Directory 2021

cost of lumber has soared to record highs. This is due to a combination of the pandemic, tariffs, disrupted supply chains and a surge in remodeling and new home construction due to low interest rates. We have heard that prices may be starting to settle down as supply is now getting caught up. Once you have an estimate in hand and the products are on order you should be fairly safe to not see any increases while the work is being done. Here are a few things to consider when looking for the right company for the job: Take Your Time. Ask friends and family for recommendations and about both the good and the bad experiences they’ve had. Was the work done well? On time? Did contractors promptly return calls? What did the contractor do when it found surprise asbestos in the walls? Or when the quartz you wanted for your countertops was stuck

on a truck somewhere? Did they communicate well and offer solutions? Reputable contractors are also more likely to know the local rules, regulations and city requirements, especially when it comes to what’s needed for permits and inspections. Even if you’re considering a contractor based on a recommendation from a friend or family member, ask the contractor for references, and make sure you can see their work. A reputable, experienced company will most likely have a website and project photos, along with client testimonials and references to share with you. Create a Detailed Plan. The more specifics you include in the plan from the start, the better. People want to jump to the work first. Sometimes the hard part is getting through the process of figuring out exactly what you want and how much it’s going to cost. A contractor with years of experience can also help you through this and give solid advice on what you could/should do. Also, if you get more than one estimate BE SURE you are comparing apples to apples, be sure the scope of work and levels of finishing included is the same. Have Some Fun! Don’t forget to enjoy the process of transforming your space. With the right team and a solid plan in place, renovations can be fun… and the end result very rewarding with a new space to enjoy for many years.

Call Team TBC to chat about getting your project started!

2021 Construction Directory 29


How To Get Through The Renovation Maze And Be Successful Whether you’re a do it yourselfer or hiring a renovator, it’s difficult to go through a renovation without some challenges. In my years of experience as a renovator I’ve found the choices homeowners make regarding the type of materials to use, and the installation are key to a successful renovation. Premium products are often not installed properly, or poor quality products are installed. These are things you want to avoid as much as possible in order to have a renovation you can be proud of. 30 Construction Directory 2021

GETTING THE MOST VALUE OUT OF YOUR BUDGET In my experience this is the biggest challenge in the renovation Industry. So many different products, so many installation choices and each one important to being happy with the finished product. I believe at Artisan Interiors this is one of our greatest strengths. Spending 14 years in Calgary and almost 10 years in Medicine Hat has provided access to products, pricing and Installation experience that are difficult for other companies to compete with. Our

TESTIMONIALS Brent performed all the renovations in our home with very professional skill and effectiveness. He is a very knowledgeable carpenter and can accomplish any kind of work required in renovation projects such as - framing, siding, parging, cabinets, molding, installed garage doors and openers and all the other work required and carried out with care and precision. We highly recommend any renovation projects to be carried out by Brent Weeres of Artisan Interiors and Renovations Ltd.

I've had the pleasure of working with Brent over the past 8 years. I've consulted with Brent on a wide variety of projects from windows to a brand new kitchen. He is very easy to deal with and he seems to have a talent for new creative ideas and solutions. I've had customers return to me and compliment Brent on his professionalism & quality of workmanship. I would recommend Brent to complete your renovation needs today. - Matt Case, Contract Sales Rona Store #66210 Medicine Hat AB, T1B3Z9

- Andre Therrien

standards and attention to detail are high, and our pricing is very competitive. Renovations are very costly, and we understand customers deserve to get as much as possible out of their budget whatever it is.

repairs. Aluminum decking now also available in Medicine Hat. Our goal is to help you through the maze so that in the end you're excited about the value you’ve received.

SERVICES WE PROVIDE Our passion at Artisan Interiors is kitchens and bathrooms, the two areas of the home that create the greatest return for resale value. Although we are a full-service renovation company and do everything from additions, basement developments, flooring, garage packages to windows, doors, flooring, handyman services and 2021 Construction Directory 31

ABOUT US We are a supplier of DJI products and provide sales and technical services, new drone setup, drone servicing and repairs, firmware updates and product training. We also supply spare and replacement parts and accessories including cases, displays, cameras and more.

Visit us at: #6 3307 Dunmore Rd. SE, Medicine Hat, AB 32 Construction Directory 2021


• Vertical Surface Inspection • Bridge Inspection • Preventative Maintenance Programs • Aerial Photography • Mapping • Terrain Modeling • Cinematography and Video Production • Thermal Inspection • Agriculture Management • Livestock Management • Wildlife Monitoring • Search and Rescue




2021 Construction Directory 33


M300 RTK A New Standard For the Commercial Drone Industry DJI's latest commercial drone platform takes inspiration from modern aviation systems. Offering up to 15 km of transmission distance, up to 55 minutes of flight time, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning, an IP45 protection rating, advanced AI capabilities, and supporting up to 3 payloads simultaneously, the M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high performance and unrivalled reliability.

AGRAS T20 Intelligent and Powerful With its powerful performance and outstanding spraying capabilities, the T20 can conduct autonomous operations over a variety of terrains, such as broadacre farmlands, terraces, and orchards. New features, like an omnidirectional digital radar, have helped the T20 take stability and flight safety to the next level, providing users with highly efficient results.

403-487-5555 • WWW.ALBERTADRONES.CA #6 3307 DUNMORE RD. SE, MEDICINE HAT, AB 34 Construction Directory 2021

2021 Construction Directory 35

Factory Blind Outlet where elegance meets affordability. Factory Blind Outlet is the outlet store for Blinds By Vertican. All of our blinds are locally manufactured, keeping local people working. The factory has been in operation since 1979 and has employed hundreds of people over that time. If you are looking for some new window coverings stop by Factory Blind Outlet to see our wide variety of our custom-built window coverings. With our huge selection of traditional Horizontal and Vertical blinds to the sophistication of the Vienna and Transitional shades in numerous colours and patterns, there is something for everyone. If it is energy efficiency that you are looking for, check out our vast line of Cellular shades. These blinds are the gold standard when it comes to keeping the heat out in the summer 36 Construction Directory 2021

and the cold out in the winter. There are numerous options such as cordless, motorized, day/night and top down bottom up. A new option to the cellular lineup are our perfect fit blinds which include there own frame to eliminate any light sneaking in. We have a huge selection of light filtering or room darkening colours to choose from. Tired of all of the heat coming in from your skylight, no problem we can custom build a solution for you. We also carry a huge selection of roller shades and screens with hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from. If you like to sit out on your deck and enjoy the great outdoors but don’t like the heat, wind or bugs, we have the answer for you. We have numerous options for solar shades as well as our exclusive Rhino Shade. The Rhino Shade is a motorized retractable screen with zipper technology that can withstand the worst that mother nature can throw at it. Stop by and have a look. In addition to our current products, we have a wide variety of discontinued and clearance products with a savings


of up to 90% off of manufacturers suggested retail price. With all of our products locally manufactured right here in Medicine Hat, we offer quality blinds, great service, and an industry leading warranty on all our products at competitive prices. We offer free inhome no obligation consultations, as well as contractor special rates for large orders. Stop by 549 17 St S.W. (next to Restore) or give us a call at 403-525-4209 and we will be happy to see what we can do for your windows and decks. Our motto is “We’re Not Happy, Till You’re Happy” Thank you for shopping LOCAL!


No miserable wind. No pesky insects. No glare from the sun. No unbearable heat from the direct sun.

2021 Construction Directory 37


13 Rossdale Street SE Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1X3 403-928-3242

Renovations, Restoration, Building Repair, Rubberstone, Sierra Stone, Enduraflake

TBC General Contracting

COMMERCIAL/ CONTRACTORS Advance Design & Construction Ltd.

23 South West Drive SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E7 403-580-5054 Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Renovations, Agricultural, Specializing in Design Build

GEIB Construction

#3, 3271 Dunmore Road SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 3R2 403-548-0707 Concrete Work, Renovations, Bobcat Services, Snow Removal

38 Construction Directory 2021

Bay 102, 1720 – 10th Ave. NW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3G9 403-526-0343 Commercial Contracting, New Home Construction, Home and Office renovations

2021 Construction Directory 39

Energy Plus Insulation

P.O. Box 925 Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7G8 403-502-2150

Loose fill fiberglass attic & wall insulation Residential, Commercial, Agricultural

Jim’s Electric (2006) Ltd.

TRADES Align Doors & Maintenance LTD. #5, 1355 Brier Park Cres. NW Medicine Hat, AB T1C 1V1 403-952-6127 Garage Door Sales, Liftmaster Openers, Storm Doors, Lifestyle Screens, FinDoor, Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Pentagon Security Shutters, Rolling Steel

Bice & Sons Drywall & Stucco Services P.O. Box 23044 Medicine Hat, AB T1B 4C7 403-527-7688

Residential, Commercial, Office Renovations

Certa Pro Painters

1048 Allowance Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3G8 403-526-6197 Residential and Commercial Painting, Drywall repair, Power Washing, Durabilty Coatings

40 Construction Directory 2021

143 Southwest Drive SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E8 403-529-2566 Complete Electrical Services

Jakes Drywall

525 North Railway St. SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 2Z4 403-504-6778 Drywall, Insulation, T-bar Ceiling, Steel Stud Framing, Insurance Claims

Just Smok’n Eavestrough Ltd. 841-A 16 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-8229

Roofing, Full Exteriors, Fascia, Soffit, Cladding, Wood & Vinyl Fencing, Insurance work warranty

TRADES DIRECTORY Plato’s Superior Roofing Ltd. 3317 – 17 Avenue SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-4439

www.platossuperiorroofing. com

Commercial, Industrial, Residential Flat Roofs, Shingles, Reroofing, Concrete Tile, Cedar Shingles, Fibre Glass Asphalt

Roof Rider

14 Craven Place SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7T8 403-581-1355

Roofing, Fascia, Soffit & Eavestrough

Spider Electric Ltd.

3372 – 17 Avenue SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-9315 Oil & Gas Facilities, Water Treatment Stations, Retail and Office building and Renovations, Condominiums

2021 Construction Directory 41

Copy W

42 Construction Directory 2021


2021 Construction Directory 43

Heartstone Cabinets division of Amron Construction

#8, 1500 South Railway Dr SE, Redcliff, AB T0J 2P0 403-548-3137

Custom Cabinetry, New construction, Renovations

FINISHING Artisan Interiors and Renovations Ltd. 403-581-0602

www. Full Service Renovation Company

Bert’s Vacuums 915A South Railway St. SE 403-527-2440 Vacuum Sales, Repairs and Cleaning products, Carpet Cleaner Rentals, Auto Scrubbers, Carpet Extractors, Air Purifiers

Creekside Cabinets Inc.

851 Industrial Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 3L7 403-529-1199

Residential & Commercial, Custom Cabinets Laminate, Quartz and Granite Counter Tops

Factory Blind Outlet

549 – 17 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7W5 403-525-4209

Quality Window Coverings . Outlet Prices

44 Construction Directory 2021

KA Cabinetry & Home Finishing Ltd.

1320 – 7 Avenue SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 7K7 403-528-1611 Custom build all types of cabinets



Kleenway Services 25 Industrial Drive SE Redcliff, AB 403-866-1871 www.

SERVICES Alberta Drones #6, 3307 Dunmore

Road SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1A 0C1 403-487-5555

Drones, parts & accessories, Cameras and Gimbals

Black Knight Protection Services Inc.

1012 Founder Street SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1X5 403-502-1249 Security Company, Competitive Pricing, Custom Services, Fully Trained and Licensed Guards

Copy Works Design and Gifts

116, 3030 – 13 Avenue SE, Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1E3 403-504-0011

Graphic Design, Printing, Promotional Items, Engraving, Banners & Signs, Calendars, Business Cards, Advertising, Custom T-shirts & Clothing

HAT Smart Program - City of Medicine Hat 580 – 1 Street SE Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E6 403-502-8799

Incentives to customers for energy efficient upgrades.

46 Construction Directory 2021

Final Detailed Construction Cleanup, Move in & Move out Cleaning, Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery & Area Rug Cleaning, Window Cleaning, Janitorial, Home Cleaning, Disinfecting System

South Country Co-op

969 – 16 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 4X5 403-528-6603 Grocery 403-528-6604 Pharmacy

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Meet Wally, your new butler. Quick and easy access to the full power of your central vacuum. Stretch hose goes from 2 ft. to 13 ft. Great for those smaller areas that need frequent cleanups.



Busy homeowners everywhere – meet Vroom, a line of quick-clean products that solve life’s daily cleaning dilemmas.

Fits out of sight in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Hang it from the ceiling of your garage and have the full power of your central vacuum in a convenient retractable hose! 18 ft. and 24 ft. hose available.


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