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Copyright Enforcement Group: Protecting Your Music from Pirates In United States, music composed and recorded automatically comes under the umbrella protection of copyright law. However, to improve your legal standing and gain added protection, it is important to register with the US Copyright Office. By registering your music with the US Copyright Office ( you receive formal legal documents, which prove your ownership of the music. Copyright protection prohibits people from using an artist’s creative work without his/her permission, although it is important to note that your work can be used for following purposes: research activities, news reporting, commentary and criticism, all without your permission. However, apart from these uses, if a corporation, entity or person utilizes your content for anything else, you have the right to pursue them legally. The difficulty comes in actually identifying the pirate or infringer so that you can take action. To find those infringing by illegally downloading your music, you need a guardian that monitors the internet 24/7/365, identifies those stealing your content and provides you with the means to take action against them. There are several anti-piracy companies available. One of the best is Copyright Enforcement Group or CEG ( They have been successfully protecting their clients’ content for several years. They have in-house technical, legal and copyright experts who are available to help musicians and music rights holders fight online piracy. CEG is currently monitoring over 20,000 copyrighted pieces of content for their clients. CEG’s models are quite a bit different from those of the other anti-piracy companies. They take the clients concerns as paramount importance. Their models run the gamut from providing content owners with infringer information only to providing comprehensive services. There is even a very popular monetization model available that is at no charge to the content owner.

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