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The Future of Brand and Logo Protection In this age few things are more essential to a company's fortune and exposure than their logo and brand. They are an indelible image consumers will always associate with a particular business or group. Online piracy threatens the sanctity of brands and challenges copyright holders to take charge with the protection of that identity. Copyright Enforcement Group is the industry leader in the tracking of illegally shared files, whether they be audio, video, images or data. This is vital business intelligence and creates worthwhile solutions to a difficult issue. From monetization to takedown notices, there are many different solutions in protecting a brand's valuable copyright. It is easy to register a trademark, but tracking its appearances and use online can be a complicated technological issue. CEG TEK works in full compliance with the DMCA to legally find infringers and deal with the problem before it grows out of control. These services can be offered in a variety of business models for companies of all sizes. In fact, many plans are offered at no charge up front to the copyright holder. With its sterling reputation, CEG TEK International [] is the most secure and most flexible option when protecting a brand and logo.

The Future of Brand and Logo Protection