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Power Words For Brochure Printing Power words in brochures can spell victory or failure in a marketing campaign. If you do not know yet how to use them, you might want to consider reading up about them first. In this article, I will help you do just that. With four simple, easy to understand brochure printing strategies, you should learn how to effectively use your power words. 1. Knowing the power words for your industry. First you should know the real words for your industry. You cannot just print random words like "Free" or "Sale" in your color brochures. It pays to do a little bit of research and see what your particular target market for your industry uses as powerful words. For example, for sales brochures, the words, "affordable", "discounts" and "save up to" can really work wonders in leading the eye. For travel purposes, words like "luxurious", "relaxing", and "scenic" can help readers feel the emotions that your color brochure is communicating. Using the precise powerful words at the right locations can really help you sell your product or service to your true target market and spell success for you. 2. Positioning words at key places. And speaking of proper positioning, there are a few ideal areas in a brochure where big and bold printings of your words can really help you succeed. The best place to put them is in a Z pattern in your brochure cover, brochure body and at the back. The Z pattern basically is the pattern that most people follow when reading something. By placing them in emphasized text in these locations, you can double your chances of your collaterals getting picked up and succeeding. 3. Using special artistic and typographical effects. Now, some keywords like "Sale" or "Free" only really work well when there are artistic or typographical effectives involved. In most cases, people use vibrant colors, shadows, 3D text or even just a simple "bold" typeface to really get your words to notice. As long as these power words are emphasized this way and your other text looks just like regular printing, people eyes should readily travel to these words and easy give you an extra advantage with your brochures. 4. Creative use of brochure printing materials. Finally, words can even be more effective if you try using some creative uses of brochure printing materials. More particularly I am talking about metallic or glitter inks that catch the light and shine and twinkle. Using these kinds of inks for your power words can add that special impact to your words, further encouraging people to read your color brochures. You can use metallic inks to get that sleek silver, copper or gold effect with your letters to get that luxurious finish, while a dash of sparkling ink to your power words should make it more exciting and magical. Read more. More Information visit at Brochure Printing or

Power Words For Brochure Printing