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THE TUDORS THEME CLASSES Y1 – Y6 This half-term our whole school topic theme is about the Tudors. We are developing our creative approach to the curriculum to make the learning come alive for the children by putting in lots of practical hands on experiences. We have arranged 2 exciting opportunities to bring this topic to life. TUDORS HISTORY WORKSHOP  All KS1 and KS2 classes are having a Tudor history workshop in school on Wednesday 1 st February.  The children will learn how the Tudors lived and have the chance to dress up in Tudor costumes and to handle Tudor artefacts.  We are looking forward to the visit and know the children will enjoy such a fantastic hands on history experience! SCHOOL TRIP TO HOGHTON TOWER  The second exciting part of our theme work is a trip to the Hoghton Tower on Tuesday 28th February for Y4, Y5 and Y6 classes and Wednesday 29th February for Y1/2, Y2 and Y3 classes  You can see information about Hoghton Tower on the following website. This will be a wonderful opportunity for your child to experience first hand learning on this fascinating topic. The total cost for these two activities combined is £10. School has funded part of the cost of these experiences to keep the costs lower for parents. It is possible for you to pay in weekly instalments of £2 per week. We need to have received your payments by Friday 2nd March 2012. Yours Sincerely Mrs J Stallard Headteacher Coppull Primary School and Children’s Centre – Tudors Trip and workshop I give permission for____________________________Year_________ to go on the trip. Signed_____________________________________________

Tudors Trip  

Tudors Trip letter

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