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The Planets Caitlin Smith

pluto ď Ź

Because Pluto is so small you would be very light if you

saturn ď Ź

Seconad biggest planet in our solar system . Saturn has a small rocky core covered with liquid gas.

mars ď Ź

Mars is somefims called the red planet because surfale is red.

ď Ź

Mercury is the closest to the sun

Earth ď Ź

It is the only planet that has an atmos phere containin 21 percent oxygen.

venus ď Ź

Venus has no moon

jupiter ď Ź

Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our Solar System. The Earth could fit inside Jupiter more than 1000 times.

the planets Caitlin Smith  

The PlanetsThePlanets Caitlin SmithCaitlinSmith plutopluto  Because Pluto is soBecausePlutoisso small you would besmallyouwouldbe very ligh...

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