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Planets John Rodgers

Mercury Mercury is near to the Sun.  Mercury only spins on it axis.  Mercury has been known since at least 

at times.  When Mercury orbit the Sun it get hotter.

Venus Venus is sometimes regarded as Earths Sister. 

Venus orbit round the Sun in 262 days.  Venus has phase like the moon. 

In the early days of Venus 4 billion year long life. 

Earth It is the only planet in the solar sytem that has life.  It is only planet that has liqiud water on its surface.  Earth atmosphere contains 21 percent oxgen . 

The Earth is the third planet from the Sun.

Mars ď Ź

You may sometimes hear Mars

Planets John Rodgers  

PlanetsPlanets John RodgersJohnRodgers MercuryMercury  Mercury is near toMercuryisnearto the Sun.theSun.  Mercury only spins on itMercuryo...

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