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planets Erin collins

Mercury  Mercury is the closest the planet to the sun.  The distinctness of planets 12c 3p miles.  Unlike when mercury orbits the sun it travels 36 million or 58 million kilomters.

Venus  Venus is closest to the earth it is the brightest planet in the night sky  Venus floats slowly around the earth  Venus orbits make the seasons to

Mars  Mars is a red planet. Mars is not so faraway Mars has seasons like us On Mars their are huge craters like volkano

jupter  The diamiter or 14c750

of jupeter is 88700miles

planets Erin Collins  
planets Erin Collins  

planetsplanets Erin collinsErincollins MercuryMercury  Mercury is the closestMercuryistheclosest the planet to the sun.theplanettothesun. ...