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Project Update January 10th, 2011

Roadway Projects

Cullen Parkway

• Approximately 90% of NB lanes poured • Completed ditch grading in south east corner of intersection with Broadway and along most of the east side • Signal installations at all intersections in progress • Completed retaining wall east side north of Hickory Slough • Set bridge beams and poured bridge deck • Contractor is in LDs with TxDOT

Cullen Parkway

Dixie Farm Road Phase II – Mary’s Creek Bypass to SH35

• Completed slip form paving on future southbound main lanes • Requested contractor clean up and dress up of tieins in advance of holiday weekend • Contractor submitted request to TxDOT for time extension due to delays • Driveways, sidewalks, signals, signage, and striping are the major outstanding items • Contractor is in LDs

Walnut Reconstruction

• One parcel remains but we have a ROE • Finalized utility relocations • Finalized Construction Materials Testing Contract • Finalized Construction Management contract

Magnolia Road

Construction phase II – Veterans Dr to Pearland Parkway • Contractor worked on punchlist items, including hydromulching and mowing • Contractor completed grinding of the bridge. • Street lights installed by CenterPoint • Closeout underway

Magnolia Road

Construction Phase III – Morgan to Harkey and CR 89 • Installed power drops to signal poles at Cullen Parkway and FM 1128 and Morgan • Contractor did not respond sufficiently to address trench and pavement sub grade issues • Legal department issued letter to contractor and surety • Initiated construction of 15-in sanitary line to West Oaks LS #22 at English Oaks Dr and Old Oaks Dr

Dixie Farm Road

Detention – East Mary’s Creek • Monitored the hydromulch on the haul road • Grass is growing

Town Ditch Phase III

• Boretunco completed the third and final box culvert run under BNSF on November 24th • Channel excavation and lining west of the railroad track is complete • Substantial completion scheduled for this month – weather permitting

Orange Street

• Council awarded the contract to Texas Sterling on November 22nd • Held a Construction Phase Kick-Off meeting on December 6th 2010 • Anticipated Notice to Proceed date of January 10th • Continued coordination with the utility companies; AT&T in particular because of several conflicts • Pre-Construction Meeting held on January 4th 2011

Bailey Road (Veterans to FM1128)

• Plans received containing drainage revisions, dispersed for review among City departments • Held kickoff meeting for Noise Impact Analysis contract and issued NTP • ROW acquisition underway – 61 of 65 parcels acquired, 1 in active negotiation and 3 in condemnation

McHard Road (Country Place to Cullen)

• Irrigation and landscaping ongoing • Final clean-up in progress • Streetlight installation begun

McHard Road (Country Place to Cullen)

McHard Road (Soundwall Construction)

• Continued coordination with utilities to relocate all utilities in conflict • Mow strip and column installation completed on north side wall • Mow strip installation begun on south side

SH35 – BW8 to FM518

• Awaiting letter from TxDOT for balance of City’s cost of the utilities based on the AFA (est. $400,000) • Additional work due to old survey & old lines will be added to the work by TxDOT – Cost is within AFA • Working with TxDOT to address local business concerns • Submitted for USACE permit for low water crossing • Mitigation plans completed; waiting on permit and TxDOT approval

FM 2234 Widening

• Utility relocates and coordination ongoing • All bridge caps poured and beams laid • New pavement at Reflection Bay’s north west corner completed • New pavement at Kirby’s north west corner completed • Lime and base work from Bucees to SH 288 completed

Interim Traffic Signal Installation – Mykawa Road at Brookside Road

• NTP issued • Majority of submittals reviewed and approved • Obtaining Letters of No Objection from utility companies • Groupbuilder notice of project starting sent December 30th 2010

Drainage Projects

Cowart Creek Diversion

Detention Pond • Pond A excavation complete • Continued excavation of Pond B • Continued bore of box culvert between Ponds A & B under pipeline • Hauling activities and fill placement at designated fill sites continued • 90 % Pump station plans returned to engineer for revisions

Cowart Creek Diversion

Diversion Ditch • Conoco Phillips issued NTP • Placement of box culvert under CR327 complete • Placement of box culvert south of CR100 complete. • Issue with cover over boxes north of CR100 • Issue with AT&T conflict north of CR100 • Engineer submitted design plans for N/S ditches; met with Brazoria County to discuss criteria

Facility Projects

Hillhouse Road Service Center

• • • •

Submitted plan package for LEED Certification Conducted pre-construction meeting November 10th Received Building Permit Dec. 7th Contractor has mobilized with the installation of a site security fencing and the SWPPP • Site clearing and excavation of detention/mitigation ponds has begun

Recreation and Natatorium Center

• TDLR inspection conducted and report submitted, with minor corrections • Addressing minor warranty issues as they arise • Closing out project

Public Safety Building • Continuing work on system performance issues with Interview Rooms Audio/Visual recording system • HVAC control system operating software adjustments still being made in some areas of the building • Building commissioning for LEED conducted week of December 13th; working through 24 punch list items • Addressing minor warranty issues as they arise

Fire Station #5

• Accepted bids for the Compressor and Cascade System • Advertised the alerting system for the facility • Substantial walkthrough on January 10th • Move in the week of the 10th • Scheduled to be operational on the 14th

Fire Station #6

• Building permit issued • Contractor started site preparation • Completed underground utilities

Animal Control Expansion

• Renovations to office areas complete, punchlist items being corrected • Order placed for replacement kennel gates in existing building • Replacement cat condos received • Warranty items sent to contractors attention

Pearland Gateway – Project Stars

• Survey and geotech completed • 60% design due in January • Bid by end of February


Trail Connectivity

• North route has been walked • Estimated incremental cost for north route is approx. $400-500K; bridges & redesign • Can bid trail to FEMA lots and loop on SWEC property very soon • McLean sidewalk/trail would be throw-away without expensive underground storm sewer – use of DG may be appropriate $10,000 savings • Will discuss grant deadline with TPWD if necessary

Sports Complex at Max Road • Attended Pre-Development meeting on Dec. 1st • Reviewed scope and discussed making some adjustments to fields and parking lots • Assessing impact to detention capacity for revised layout • Worked on project design schedule and action items related to data gathering

Utility Projects

City of Houston Interconnect 30” Waterline Interconnect • Installation of waterline under Beltway 8 complete to just west of the Pearland Parkway circle with the exception of the Clear Creek crossing • 6,618 feet of waterline has been installed • Began installation of casing at Kinder Morgan Pipeline crossing, and installation of waterline at CenterPoint crossing • Clear Creek crossing to begin in January • CoH 72” line scheduled for completion in March 2011

City of Houston Interconnect

Alice Street Water Plant • Slab has been poured for the 5 million gallon ground storage tank • Completed constructing the panels for the walls of the ground storage tank • Erecting the tank scaffolding • Completed installation of vertical turbine cans at pump building

Surface Water Reservoir

• Working towards filling the reservoir • Have contractor ready to install pump, electrical, and piping to deliver water • Need spot water contract in place

Knapp Road LS & SH35 Utilities

Longwood WWTP Rehabilitation

• • • •

Completed review of PER Received second revision to proposal Met with representatives to discuss fee structure Negotiating design contract with Malcom Pirnie; submit for Council approval in January

Barry Rose WWTP Rehabilitation

• Staff met with BBI to discuss comments on the draft Preliminary Engineering Report • BBI revised PER to address City comments • Requested proposal for design services • Expect to present design contract to Council for approval in January/February

Hatfield Basin Trunk Sewer

• Met with Engineer for initial scoping of project • Collected data to assist with scoping of project

Far Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements • Met with Engineer to scope project and proposal • Engineer submitted proposal for design • Staff reviewed proposal and scope and recommended modifications • Negotiations ongoing

Old Alvin 20” Waterline

• Met with Engineer to scope project and review proposal • Reviewing proposal • Expect to present design contract in February

Project Update Questions/Comments January 10th, 2010

December 2010 Presentation  

December 2010 Presentation