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Project Update January 14, 2012

Roadway Projects

Pearland Parkway & Dixie Farm Road Alignment Study • Purpose: Determine a definitive alignment, which is adopted into the Thoroughfare Plan and used for land acquisition and dedication via platting

• Initial layouts consider: • • • •

Existing fixed points City Limits Existing right-of-ways Geometrics

• The alignment is refined considering: • • • • •

Drainage Existing structures Acquisition factors Environmental Issues Other agency infrastructure

Pearland Parkway Alignment Dixie Farm Road to FM2351 • • • • •

120’ right-of-way 4-lane boulevard with raised median 1.9 Miles One lane in each direction passable in 100-year storm Identify obstructions • Structures • Pipelines • Ditches or creek crossings • Significant floodplain or floodway issues • Equalize acquisition from both sides where practical

Pearland Parkway Alignment Dixie Farm Road to FM2351

Pearland Parkway Alignment DFR to Airport • 6 Parcels (4 owned by the City), 9 Structures

Pearland Parkway Alignment Adjacent to Airport • 1 Parcels, 1 Bridge, 2 Floodplain locations

Pearland Parkway Alignment Airport to FM2351 • 3 Parcels, 0 Structures

Pearland Parkway Alignment DFR to FM2351 Summary: • Total Estimated Parcels: 6 • Total Estimated Structures: 9 • Total Potential Pipeline Relocations: 4 • Major Floodplain Areas: 2 (Cowarts Creek) Other Considerations: • Hill Sand Landfill • Pearland Regional Airport • Tie-in at FM2351

Dixie Farm Road Alignment Veterans to SH35 • • • • •

120’ right-of-way 4-lane boulevard with raised median 1.8 Miles One lane in each direction passable in 100-year storm Identify obstructions • Structures • Pipelines • Ditches or creek crossings • Significant floodplain or floodway issues • Equalize acquisition from both sides where practical

Dixie Farm Road Alignment Veterans Drive to SH35

Dixie Farm Road Alignment Veterans Drive to Wells Drive • 12 Parcels, 3 Structures, Cowart Creek Detention Pond

Dixie Farm Road Alignment Wells Drive to BNSF RR • 15 Parcels, 8 Structures, 8 Pipeline Crossings, 2 Pipelines Parallel, Houston Airpark, Railroad Crossing

Dixie Farm Road Alignment BNSF RR to SH35 • 8 Parcels, 0 Structures, 1 Pipeline Crossing, 4 Pipelines Parallel

Dixie Farm Road Alignment Veterans Drive to SH35 Summary: • Total Estimated Parcels: 35 • Total Estimated Structures: 11 • Total Potential Pipeline Relocations: 9+ • Total Bridges: 0 • Major Floodplain Areas: 1 (between Veterans and RR) Other Considerations: • Detention available in Cowart Creek Detention Pond • Cannot build RR overpass next to airfield • West of Veterans the alignment holds the existing north ROW line to avoid multiple structures

McHard Road & Max Road Alignment Study • Next Steps • Make final alignment adjustments • Adopt alignments into the Thoroughfare Plan

PISD School Issues • Jamison Middle School – Met with PISD & have general agreement on solution – Working out details – Solution is similar to Rustic Oaks with PISD, City, and Brazoria County partnership – Schedule

• Rustic Oaks Elementary School – Plan in place – City fulfilled our obligation – PISD & Brazoria County working out details & Interlocal for the work – Schedule

PISD School Issues • Carleston Elementary School – PW working on plan to enclose ditch and provide additional paving – Scheduling work for next summer

• Wilder Elementary – Issue: Parking on Kingsley – Working with principal to communicate – Installed “No Parking” signs

Pearland Parkway • Engineer submitted 60% plans • TxDOT reviewing Categorical Exclusion (CE) documents, drainage report and 60% plans

Barry Rose/Hughes Road • Hughes Road Grand Opening Ceremony to be held on Wednesday, December 19th from 2:00 – 2:30 p.m., Pearland Parkway at Barry Rose

ITS Project • Contract awarded on November 26th • Pre-Con meeting scheduled for 2nd week in December

TIP Projects Update • Max Road – TxDOT provided comments and revisions for consultant proposal and contract – Engineer submitted revised proposal

• Fite Road – Staff is reviewing the scope and proposal

TIP Projects Update – 2012 Submittal • CR403 – Air Quality Conformity Year is 2025 – Not eligible for funding – HGAC needs a funding commitment to include in a future Air Quality Conformity Update

• Providing additional information and clarifications as requested by HGAC

Cullen Parkway – Phase II • Bridge bents and beams completed • Hand poured the median between McHard and park entrance • Subgrade preparation north of the bridge ongoing • Drainage laterals are complete on northbound side

Bailey Road • Acquisition negations/proceedings continued

Business Center Drive • Contractor working on storm sewer • CenterPoint pole relocation has been permitted

SH35 – BW8 to FM518 • Broadway/Main Street intersection – Paving scheduled to begin 12/17 (nighttime pours) – 5 nights

• Bridge work continuing – Town Ditch and Hickory Slough bridge drainage outfalls complete

• Drainage – Drainage laterals complete along northbound side

Quiet Zone Railroad Crossing

• TxDOT Area Office has approved the City’s plans for modifications to the Crossing for the Quiet Zone • BNSF forwarded draft agreements and City staff is reviewing documents • Determining means to move forward with construction

Drainage Projects

Cowart Creek Diversion Diversion Ditch • BDD4 opened bids for Phase II of slope paving. • Bids are well under the estimate ($149K)

Cowart Creek Diversion (cont’d) Pump Station • Completed jack and bore operations for 60” pipe from wet well to the pond • 36” gravity outfall from pond to channel installed. Rock filter dams around pump intake and up and downstream of overflow weir installed • Slope paving installation activities in the channel have begun Re-grading of Roadside Ditches • Staff reviewing 60% design plans submitted by Consultant

Westchester Sidewalk and Drainage • Submitted 90% review comments to Consultant

Cullen Regional Detention • Staff is reviewing 90% PER • Geotech field work completed • Planning presentation for Council in February

Facility Projects

Westside Library • Bid opening held November 29th, 2012 • Apparent low bidder is Construction Masters

Old PD Renovations • Asbestos abatement is underway • Bid opening held on November 29th with Bass Construction Co. apparent low bidder


Hickory Slough Detention at Max Road & Max Road Sports Complex, Phase I • Completed clearing and grubbing of pond, fill site and future Hughes Road right of way • Mobilized for pump station construction • Initiated removal of top soil and pre-excavation survey • Engineer working on 90% Sports Complex PS&E package • Continue coordination with CenterPoint for site power • Property acquisition completed

Trails at JHEC • Obtained geotechnical investigation proposal for borings needed for boardwalk foundations • Consultant preparing 90% plans • Legal, Parks, & Projects working with County on agreement for available CIAP grant funding

South Gate & Cypress Village Parks • Irrigation completed and inspected at Southgate & Cypress Village • Sod & hydro-mulch completed at Southgate & Cypress Village Parks • Cleaning up both parks to open in December

Shadow Creek Ranch Park • Consultant continued preliminary site and data reconnaissance • Modeling the existing drainage conditions while waiting on survey data • Consultant using data from Harris County Flood Control District along with LiDAR data to define the floodway/floodplain

Utility Projects

City of Houston Interconnect

30” Waterline • Closing out contract • Final contract $3,693,899, approx. $483,000 under awarded amount

Alice Street Water Plant • Chemical pumps have been completed • All punch list items are complete • After two weeks of pumps functioning continuously the GST demolition will begin

Longwood WWTP Rehabilitation

• Electrician completed relocating conduits at disk filter area and existing pull box • Completed demolition for existing 24” underground piping at disk filter area

Barry Rose WWTP Rehabilitation

• Began pouring concrete pillars for new thickener bridge • Began forming filter area slab • Underground pipe & valves at filter area complete • Partial completion of new bridge installation on Sludge Tank No. 2

Hatfield Basin Trunk Sewer • 90% PS&E plans submitted by the Engineer and reviewed by staff • Completed PISD easement acquisition at Jamison Middle School, completed corner clip acquisition at FM 518 • Completed 90% tree protection plans based on tree evaluation report • Held Utility Coordination meeting with utilities • Engineer preparing 100% plan submittal • Budgetary concerns

Twin Creek Regional Lift Station • Wet well, associated piping/coatings and electrical rough completed • Pipe bursting for 8” gravity along Bishopton complete • Slip lining of 12” force main along Pearland Parkway with 8” forcemain complete • Installation of 8” force main from lift station to Pearland Parkway is underway

Far Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements • Engineer submitted final PS&E package • Held Technical Review Committee meeting • Started advertising for bids November 28th

Old Alvin 20” Waterline • Continued working with the Acquisition Manager to acquire ROE and/or easements • All easements have been acquired with the exception of one 25’ strip easement • Consultant continuing plan revisions and utility coordination reviews • Plan submittal for final review before TRC scheduled for mid December

BellaVita Waterline Interconnect • Contractor completed the 4” sanitary and 12” water line directional drill under Clear Creek • 12” waterline directional drill across Dixie Farm Road and Dixie Farm Road Park complete • Public Works completed 200’ of open cut to tie in the newly installed segments of water line • Water meter vault delivered to site • New lines expected to be active by the end of the week

McHard Road 16” Water Line & Roadway PER • Met with Monument Pipeline to discuss potential waterline installation conflicts. • Consultant submitted Preliminary Drainage Report to the City and BDD4 for review • Follow up with TxDOT’s Permit Coordinator regarding line crossings beneath SH288, Cullen, and SH35 • Geotechnical work continues along proposed alignment

Project Update Questions/Comments January 14, 2013

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January 2013 Project Update  

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