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Volunteerism at Your Sheriff’s Office Tom Brokaw once said “It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.” Nowadays it is tough to make a buck stretch and still get the job done. Everywhere we turn we are reminded of the rising costs of goods and manpower that are needed to make your Sheriff’s Office grow and continue to provide services at a level that you deserve. That is one of the many reasons that I am reaching out to you, a very valuable resource, and encourage you to consider volunteer opportunities with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office We are in the early stages of getting our volunteer program up and running. Starting a volunteer program sounds easy, however it does take time and planning to make it effective and fit each volunteer in their perfect niche. This does not mean that we are not ready for volunteer assistance it just means that we will take it through a well thought out path to ensure a successful partnership. One of the first volunteer opportunities that I want to offer is being part of the Sheriff’s Posse. Your Sheriff’s Office reaches out to the community in numerous ways. I encourage all my employees to volunteer and help meet needs within the community they live and work in. This includes being available to work with Relay for Life and the Annual Kids Fishing Day. Both of these opportunities require time and effort to make a successful event. With your assistance we can fill the gaps in areas like “Jail and Bail”, event parking and security, and maybe even spending some precious moments with a youngster reeling one in. The payout of your invaluable time and assistance will greatly benefit our community as well as making that one difference to our future citizens. As always I encourage the lines of communication that we have opened through our social media sites, and other media sites as well. Of course the telephone still works as I am always just a phone call away. I encourage you to explore volunteering with our Sheriff’s Office and encourage your participation in a program that I know will not only benefit the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office but Cherokee County as well. SHERIFF LOVIN

Sheriff's Roundup - Volunteerism  
Sheriff's Roundup - Volunteerism  

A call to the county to participate in a super volunteer program with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office.