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Project Manager  Job  Pos0ng Must  Haves: • • • •

Industry Experience Technical  background  and  good  people  skills Passion  for  the  work   Highly  Independent

Job Descrip0on • 60%  Project  Management  (AdministraEon,  Scheduling,  Contractors) -­‐ Manage  all  projects,  Manage  contractors  (off-­‐site) • 20%  Internal  CopperMoon  work -­‐ Office  management,  administraEon,  basic  bookkeeping • 20%  ProducEon

More Detail: • Industry  Experience -­‐ Project  Experience -­‐ Willingness  to  do  producEon -­‐ Familiar  with  CMS,  Web  Development,  Print/Layout,  PrinEng • Technical  background  and  good  people  skills -­‐ Knowledge  of  online  systems  (Such  as  Basecamp,  Freshbooks,  Google  Cal,  ZenDesk) -­‐ Interpersonal  skills  (dealing  with  people,  clients,  conflict  situaEons) -­‐ Comfortable  giving  presentaEons,  chairing  meeEngs,  etc. -­‐ Organize  and  deliver  training  sessions  to  clients -­‐ Mac  based • Passion  for  the  work -­‐ First  NaEons  values  and  knowledge -­‐ Passionate  about  First  NaEons  issues -­‐ Willing  to  work  hard  and  problem  solve  to  get  the  posiEve  end  result • Highly  Independent -­‐ Able  to  meet  billable  targets  consistently -­‐ Self  moEvated  and  results  driven -­‐ Love  to  work  independently -­‐ Willingness  to  do  sales  (new  and  exisEng  clients) -­‐ Implement  company  systems  (rouEnes,  procedures,  documentaEon,  scheduling) -­‐ Ability  and  willingness  to  travel -­‐ Go-­‐ge]er,  problem  solver,  Lynchpin

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Applica0on Process • Submit  applicaEon  with:  Le]er  of  IntroducEon,  with  resume  and  work  samples • We  prefer  applicaEons  by  e-­‐mail,  and  creaEve  applicaEons  are  welcome • There  is  no  deadline,  we’ll  hire  the  right  person  when  we  find  them!

Wage, Loca0on,  Hours,  and  Benefits The  wage  for  the  posiEon  varies  very  widely  based  on  experience  and  work  efficiency.  The   locaEon  is  flexible.  You  can  work  from  home  or  one  of  our  staffed  offices.  The  job  is  a  full-­‐Eme   equivalent  posiEon,  with  25-­‐40  hours  per  week.  Our  benefits  consist  mainly  of  extra  paid   vacaEon  Eme,  with  an  extra  2%  paid  each  year,  up  to  10%.

Why Do  We  Deserve  You? We  operate  on  a  basic  principal  that  people  are  our  most  valuable  asset.  We  expect  the  best   from  each  other,  and  you  should  expect  to  get  the  best  from  us.  Our  relaEonships  are  built  on   trust  and  respect,  and  our  work  environment  is  designed  to  be  both  efficient  and  very  flexible.   We're  a  small  company  with  a  firm  trajectory  of  growth,  and  you  could  grow  with  us.  We  have   virtually  no  management  layer  and  we  avoid  bureaucracy  like  the  plague  while  maintaining  very   high  levels  of  accountability.  Our  work  schedule  is  very  flexible,  meaning  you  can  work  as  much   or  as  li]le  as  suits  your  needs.  We  pay  fairly,  and  we'll  reward  you  for  your  hard  work  and   dedicaEon  to  the  team. We're  looking  for  mature,  goal  oriented,  skilled,  hard  working  people  who  would  love  to  work   with  an  aboriginal  communicaEons  company.  We  want  to  have  the  right  people  on  our  team.

Building Experience If  you  are  a  recently  graduated  student,  a  new  freelancer,  or  if  you  are  interested  in  working  for   us  but  are  lacking  skills  or  experience,  please  contact  us  to  discuss  training  and  experience-­‐ building  contract  opportuniEes. Send  applicaEons  to: Jacob  Beaton View  more  about  us  on  our  website:

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CopperMoon Project Manager Job Posting

CopperMoon Project Manager Job Posting