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Copenhagen, Denmark, October 23rd - 25th 2013


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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

It is evident most organizations are facing the same challenge: the continuous internal struggle between Product and Service

By: Thomas Igou

A note from the editor From my experience and encounters at last year’s Aftermarket Business Platform, coupled with extensive research and surveys in designing the 2013 edition, it is evident most organizations are facing the same challenge: the continuous internal struggle between Product and Service. Historically, manufacturers have been leaders through their product sales; futuristically, they will gain market share through their unique offerings. But how can organizations bridge the gap, presently? We recently conducted a survey with aftersales professionals from across Europe, and a few trends seem to stand out in terms of what will be the most pressing issues of 2013. One of them is Pricing. It was already a hot topic

last October in Copenhagen; at our Spare Parts Business Platform in February of this year, it was also on everyone’s lips and in fact our pricing round tables were among the most popular and most populated; finally, we see with our Manufacturing Pricing Excellence Platform this May that pricing extends beyond just the service division and is a hot trend across manufacturers. It is widely known, after all, that a 1% increase in price translates to 11% bump in profitability, while a 1% improvement in fixed or variable costs only increases profitability by 3% to 7%.

Another hot topic that came from the research was Data. Whether it stems from handling of data in terms of telematics, or facilitating data and logging systems for condition monitoring and condition based logging, data is critical for success. That’s why the agenda will have its own track looking at Data in the Aftermarket, and will dig into such topics as Master Data Management. It is essential to avoid having multiple masters of information in different systems and to synchronize key information needed in the end-to-end process by having it centrally administered into one user friendly, transparent system. What are your pressing issues for the year? Continue the conversation with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Thomas Igou The Editor

Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


About our Aftermarket Business Platform The #1 event for senior aftermarket professionals from leading manufacturing companies across Europe and Globe.

Fantastic conference, very well organised, excellent presentation content and great business networking opportunities with industry peers.

This conference is … very important and useful to get a deep insight into single companies as well as to have an overview of the world business situation. Absolutely recommendable!

Mr. Michael Kübel Director Group Service Operations, Vaillant Group

One of the few conferences that meet the requirements of a Service Directors Level: High Profile Speakers and a good platform for systematic Networking.

Mr. Balthasar Gwechenberger Mr. Ed Farquhar Global Service Manager, Palfinger AG Marketing Director EMEA, PROS

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

Welcome To Our Company – A World Of Manufacturing Copperberg’s goal is to accelerate growth and progress within organizations and across the global manufacturing industry. So, how do we actually do that?

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Herbert Spencer once said: “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action”. On a daily basis we work hard to improve, develop and innovate our conference concepts in order to ensure the best hand-on, real life strategies for all our attendees.

As long as no human, no organization, is 100% satisfied, our strive to create the best business platforms continues

When you exit the door after attending one of our events our ambition is that you should know how to convert the ideas, networking and thought leadership sessions into real life action and organizational growth, and that you have created a network of industry peers that lasts a lifetime. Our team is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, or as one of our key note speakers once said – “the epicenter of Industrial manufacturing”. The Copperberg team is characterized by its experienced members with great knowledge who design events to make a difference.

And we do make a difference. It is a privilege to work with all the organizations that are in our network and for every day we grow more and more humble to the fact that there is so much to learn. As long as no human, no organization, is 100% satisfied, our strive to create the best business platforms continues.


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Lisa Bergström Managing Director Copperberg

Aftermarket Business Platform 2013



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Table of Content

Day 1 - 23rd October - Page 10 17.00 Check-In and Registration Opens 18.00 Meet the Market 20.00 Advisory Board Dinner, closed-doors

Day 2 - 24th October - Pages 11 - 15

The World of Manufacturing About Copperberg: Copperberg is the specialist events organiser for the Global Manufacturing industry. Dedicated for senior executives from global organisations -our events are giving you the tools to improve short term results whilst simultaneously designing robust future strategies. For several years we have been building our knowledge base and establishing relations with key stakeholders to ensure that we are the leading business network for the industry. All our meetings are based on conituous and profound research with professionals within the manufacturing industry. Our platforms provide you with the perfect combination of networking and education. We give you leading edge ideas, innovative case studies and filled with key insights from leading organizations combined with hundreds of minutes of organized networking.

08.00 Late Registration 08.15 Chairman´s opening: Aftermarket Megatrends 09.00 Aftermarket Café 09.45 – 10.50 Tracks 10.50 Networking Break and 1-to-1 meetings 11.20 – 12.30 Tracks 12.30 Networking Lunch, 1-to-1 meetings and VIP Luncheon 13.30 Aftermarket Roundtable Discussions 2013 15.30 – 16.40 Tracks 17.15 Peer-to-peer to Meetings 19.00 Exclusive dinner and networking program

Day 3 - 25th October - Page - 16 08.45 Chairman opens the day 09.00 Aftermarket Firestarters: Pricing 10.50 Networking Break and 1-to-1 meetings 11.00 From Product to Service 11.30 Balancing global synergies/ local presence 12.00 Chairman closes the conference


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


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Sponsor our Aftermarket Business Platform “This conference is the leading platform for aftersales and service professionals in Europe, and has stood the test of time. Now in its 7th edition, we are proud to see the event constantly growing, and we expect 2013 to be our biggest event yet. This is an opportunity you simply cannot miss out on.” Åsa Karphammar Senior Business Advisor Copperberg

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013 highlights:

2013 Opportunities

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

Inside the Marketplace data successful aftermarket information product warranty SLA pricing customer stored filtered distributed organization processes IT systems tools optimize predictive maintenance master data management +


Data is an integral part of a successful aftermarket. So much information (product, warranty, SLA, pricing, customer…) is gathered, stored, filtered and distributed within an organization that appropriate processes and IT systems must be put in place. Such tools would optimize master data management and predictive maintenance.

Sales Growth Initiatives

In today’s market environment, many manufacturing organizations see their service division as the driver for revenue growths in the coming years. To capitalize on untapped potentials, it’s essential to develop new sales growth initiatives, from innovative service offerings to optimized pricing strategies.




Growth markets, especially the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) represent the greatest market potential and are seen with keen interest by many organizations as having great strategic importance. However, before market entry or expansion of local presence can be accomplished, it’s critical to understand the many market specificities such as infrastructure outlook, local competition or customs requirements.


Achieving Service Excellence


Organizations nowadays strive to have a world class service. This means a shift in the traditional thinking of customer satisfaction, which implies fulfilling or meeting customer needs, and more towards customer delight, going the extra mile and surpassing customer requirements, by proposing something fresh, new, and unique.

+ +

Building an Aftermarket Framework

There are many factors, both internal and external, that affect how an aftermarket strategy will be run. It’s thus important to have a framework in place that will devise certain mechanisms. For instance, mapping out a knowledge management strategy and supporting IT tools to ensure knowledge is retained within the organization, or competence development to ensure you have the pool of service-minded talents.


Optimizing Spare Parts Process

Having the right part at the right place at the right time is of great essence. To accomplish this cycle, it is also essential to optimize the spare parts process to reduce variable costs and increase margins.

Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


Aftermarket Megatrends Aftermarket is constantly evolving, and proposing new challenges. Some trends that commonly come up revolve around: Knowledge + – The strength of the future Aftermarket will be how to capture, analyse, and share insights and experiences gathered by field engineers and customer service operatives, and how to use that knowledge in a full-loop circle to share it with R&D and product developers to optimize design for service

Data + – With perpetual and incremental technological advancements, data becomes both a greater challenge and a greater opportunity for growth. A successful Master Data Management in the aftermarket should be based on a zero tolerance mentality: no lost data, but no wasted efforts on useless data.

Service Dominant Logic + – Key for marketing: service, rather than goods, will become fundamental to economic exchange. This evolution in mentality will be beneficial and profitable to those organizations that have or are transforming from product manufacturers to customer-centric service providers.

What are your thoughts on the future megatrends of Aftermarket? For further discussions, join our LinkedIn group and share your ideas!


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

Program 2013 +

The Opening Cocktail

Day 1 is a great opportunity to break the ice and focus on networking, all in a relaxed atmosphere. Fun networking activities are planned for you to meet as many peers as possible, and you will also have the possibility to begin your 1-to-1 meetings.


The conference was quite useful and very interesting. It is very good for netowrking and understanding of trends on different markets and problems that the industries are facing. It definitely gives input for thought. The level of organization was very good too


- Yanina Yakovleva, Head of Commercial Aftermarket, Ferronordic Machines LLC

We start with Day 1 - 23rd October 17.00 Check-In and Registration Opens 18.00 Meet the Market In this opening networking session, delegates will be involved in ice-breaking activities as well as several lightning talks from some of our partners. Cocktails will of course be served. Business casual and business cards required.

20.00 Advisory Board Dinner, closed-doors

Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


Keynote sessions Day 2 - 24th October 08.00 Late Registration n 08.15 Chairman´s opening: Aftermarket Megatrends The opening plenum session will delve into the future of aftermarket and the service division. What will be the megatrends of the coming 5 years? How will they affect your industry, organization, customers, suppliers, and the whole aftermarket ecosystem?


Aftermarket Megatrends

• Servitization: Most organizations are already moving away from being product-oriented. And the shift will only increase. How will that affect the nature of your business? • Knowledge: The use for and use of knowledge will increase over the coming years because of technological advance ments, and information will become an even more common commodity. • Change: A continuous willingness to change will be the only way for organizations to adapt and gain the competitive edge, in order to perpetually offer unique service offerings. Leaders will be driving change, not reacting to it.

The following session is all about you and your thoughts. After having listened to some of the megatrends in the service division, discuss among your peers, in small groups, what you think the future of aftermarket looks like. Important things to discuss and get out of this interactive session:


Aftermarket Café

• What will be the megatrends of Aftermarket? • How will they affect your industry, your organization, your suppliers and customers? • What can you proactively do to meet the coming challenges and reap the benefits?

This year, the Aftermarket Café will not be the opening feature of the conference, but will follow the opening keynote on the megatrends of aftermarket. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to discuss, in small focused groups, what your thoughts are on the future of aftermarket and how it will affect your industry, organization, and service offerings

n 09.00 Aftermarket Café – The best ideas come with a good cup of coffee


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

Aftermarket - Tracks + 09.45 – 12.30 Track 1: Creating an Aftermarket Framework

+ 09.45 – 12.30 Track 2: Sales Growth Initiatives

+ 09.45 – 12.30 Track 3: BRIC

n 09.45 Talent Management in the Aftermarket – How to manage the shift in competence needs?

n 09.45 How to demonstrate and communicate the lowest Total Cost of Ownership – the only guaranteed way for you and your customers to make money

n 09.45 Insights into aftersales operations in Brazil

The shift of an organization from being product to service-minded means there is a need to align internal competencies to follow the same path. Furthermore, as organizations become more customer-centric, a new level of excellence needs to be reached from a company talent pool in how to deal with customers.

In a world where some believe that the lowest price is the best option, learn how to present value so that customers are willing and able to pay for it. • How to determine your value proposition for industrial customers? • Learn how to present and calculate customer Total Cost of Ownership • How to respond to customer roadblocks to buy on value and how to effectively deal with them? • Learn how to follow the roadmap to become best in class at creating and presenting a TCO message

• How to manage the shift proactively? • How do required competencies of a customer-centric organization differ from the traditional manufacturing organizations? • How do you create attractive career paths within aftermarket to ensure top talent?

n 10.20 Containing information through Knowledge Management As seen in the opening session, we see Knowledge as one of the megatrends of the future. It thus becomes essential for organizations to have a solid knowledge management in place to capture, organize, share and analyse insights and experiences (knowledge). The design and maintenance of complex engineering systems generates tremendous amounts of documentation, making knowledge management an integral part of a successful service lifecycle maintenance.

n 10.20 Meeting customer requirements through Value Based Selling

• What is the potential in Brazil and what are market specificities that make it a unique region? • Critical success factors: how does the current economic conjuncture impact aftersales operations in the region? • How does aftersales operations in Brazil fit in a global strategy?

n 10.20 How to structure and run a successful aftermarket in Russia

Today, with globalization and the internet, the balance of power has shifted in the customers’ hand, and they are the ones who define value. Unfortunately, the majority of today’s sales forces are out of sync with current marketplace realities. • What is value? How to understand customer’s perception of value? Customers will buy what they need from companies who understand what they want • Understanding and accepting that the customer, and not the marketing department, define the value proposition • How to work on a global scale, with local customers in understanding and creating value?

• What it knowledge management, and what is its importance in relation to aftersales activities? • What are knowledge management tools that support the aftermarket function? • How can you map out a process to ensure clear roles and responsibilities and ensure the right knowledge is captured, organized, shared and analysed?

Brazil is currently one of the fastest growing markets with a booming economy, rising middle class, and the prospect of hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. How does this BRIC nation fit into your global aftersales strategy? Where do the pitfalls and benefits lay?

Russia is geographically the closest BRIC nation, and thus has keen interest from many organizations. However, its size alone represents an enormous challenge in running a successful aftermarket strategy, with the lack of infrastructures in such a vast geography making it extremely hard to meet Service Excellence standards. • Infrastructure in Russia and challenges of dealer network development • Russian business culture: are we service minded? • Organizational structure, KPIs, flexibility and performance in unstable market conditions

n 10.50 Networking Break and 1-to-1 meetings

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


Aftermarket - Tracks + 09.45 – 12.30 Track 1: Creating an Aftermarket Framework

+ 09.45 – 12.30 Track 2: Sales Growth Initiatives

+ 09.45 – 12.30 Track 3: BRIC

n 11.20 Aligning Service and Product Innovation

n 11.20 Pricing as an enabler for revenue growth

n 11.20 Customer Service in rapidly changing India

In order to create an aftermarket framework, and thus make aftermarket an integral part of the overall organization equally valued as the product division, it is important to align service and product innovation.

One of the most important factors in sales growth initiatives is understand how to present value to customers. However, pricing should not be neglected. No matter the perception of value, pricing will always remain an enabler for revenue growth.

India, like Russia, is a vast nation with unique infrastructure challenges. However, it is a leader in innovation and boasts many top leading organizations, and the market outlook is very peculiar as there is fierce competition from local organizations. How can you position your organization on the Indian market?

• Optimizing Design for Service to increase revenue potential of aftersales activities • Designing services – which are the factors to consider and how can you apply a step-by-step process? • What are the issues involved and tools used to design successful commercial services?

• Challenges of implementing an effective aftermarket pricing strategy • How to manage local market pricing whilst maintaining global price levels and avoiding arbitrage? • Value based pricing: understanding incremental value and overcoming challenges in data collection

n 11.55 Panel Discussion – Creating an Aftermarket Framework

n 11.55 Innovation in design to offer unique service offerings

Many organizations face similar challenges, one of which is lack of recognition of the service division as a profit center. And this is regardless of whether or not the service division already is a profit center. One of the ways to overcome this is creating an aftermarket framework, identifying and creating path on the basics of a successful aftersales division.

The money-grabber nowadays is not offering a unique product, because products are more and more commoditized, but being able to offer unique services around a product. In order accomplish this, innovation needs to be a key in the design for service phase to capture early on unique service offerings.

• How to align Product & Service innovation to strengthen the value of the Aftermarket? • Talent Management – How to make aftermarket an attractive career path to capture and retain a high level talent pool • How to frame a knowledge management process to gather, share and analyse information?


• How to be innovative when designing services? • How to understand your customers’ needs to design services that they will want? • IT tools and solutions to support innovation in the design phase

• Rising expectations of Indian customers from service • Unique economic and socio-cultural aspects of India • Bridging the gap between Service capability and tangible satisfying customers experience

n 11.55 The birth of a global service division in China: expansion, infrastructure, and collaboration China is no longer an emerging market but established. However, it is considered still a growth market because the untapped potential is huge. In order to be successful, an organization must understand the market outlook. The days of low cost labor are long gone, and today a rising number of Chinese organizations have entered the local and global market place to compete with European and American global leaders. • How to build up a gradual worldwide aftersales service infrastructure from China? • The importance of team work with the customer: how to interact with major customers globally? • Where is the future of aftermarket in China heading, and what are essential market specificities to know?

12.30 Networking Lunch, 1-to-1 meetings and VIP Luncheon

This one-hour break is ideal for networking. Grab a plate of exquisite food and link up with some of your unknown peers to make new connections and recap the key points covered in the morning. You can also take this opportunity to schedule more 1-to-1 meetings, meet the partners in the expo area, or ask follow up questions on one of the earlier presentations by directly meeting one of the speakers.


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

Executive Circles & Tracks + 13.30 Aftermarket Roundtable Discussions 2013 The Roundtable Discussions are your opportunity to get your voice heard. In a stimulating work atmosphere, the participants discuss new perspectives and ideas. After 40 minutes the discussions end and the participants move on to the next table. You will experience intensive discussions, share innovative ideas and identify practical solutions. Some of the topics that will be discussed (subject to change): +

Aftermarket Roundtable Topics

n Value Based Pricing

n Parts Forecasting

n Spare Parts Inventory Management

n Master Data Management in the Aftermarket

n Demonstrating your Total Cost of Ownership

n Business Transformation – from product to service minded

n Aftermarket Supply Chain Optimization

n Design for Service

n 15.00 Networking Break and 1-to-1 meetings




15.30 – 16.40 Track 4: Data in the Aftermarket

15.30 – 16.40 Track 5: Optimizing Spare Parts Process

15.30 – 16.40 Track 6: From customer satisfaction to customer delight: achieving Service Excellence

n 15.30 Leveraging the Cloud paradigm for aftermarket services

n 15.30 How can you enhance your inventory management to lower the costs of spare parts logistics?

n 15.30 Insights into aftersales operations in Brazil

The Cloud represents a new way to manage the aftersales process, with lower costs and potentially higher customer retention by enabling real time data to be shared across the organization, meaning increased efficiency for field service engineers. • Improve your customer and dealer support with minimal impact on back- office IT resources and budgets while reducing your server hardware and maintenance costs • To what extend can cloud computing affect Aftermarket services and support? • How to use SaaS-based offering to deliver the most up-to-date, accurate and configuration-specific services and parts information to field engineers and reduce costs

Spare parts logistics is a complex and costly challenge to many organizations. Being able to enhancing the inventory management is a great tool to lower the costs associated with spare parts logistics. • Inventory management as the key factor to having the right parts at the right place • How can you lower the costs of spare- parts that are caused by emergency shipments? • Supply chain analysis to identify your areas of improvements

Brazil is currently one of the fastest growing markets with a booming economy, rising middle class, and the prospect of hosting the FIFA World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. How does this BRIC nation fit into your global aftersales strategy? Where do the pitfalls and benefits lay? • What is the potential in Brazil and what are market specificities that make it a unique region? • Critical success factors: how does the current economic conjuncture impact aftersales operations in the region? • How does aftersales operations in Brazil fit in a global strategy?

Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


Aftermarket - Tracks +



15.30 – 16.40 Track 4: Data in the Aftermarket

15.30 – 16.40 Track 5: Optimizing Spare Parts Process

15.30 – 16.40 Track 6: From customer satisfaction to customer delight: achieving Service Excellence

n 16.05 Effective aftermarket strategy through Master Data Management

n 16.05 Optimizing the Spare Parts Process

n 16.05 Design for Service: Innovate your service offerings

Data is a central part of a successful aftermarket strategy. In order to have World Class Service and better serve customers, to offer value based pricing, to optimize spare parts process, or any functionality of the aftermarket, it is essential to have the tools and support to collect, aggregate, match, consolidate, quality-assure, persist and distribute.

Having the right part at the right place at the right time is of great essence. To accomplish this cycle, it is also essential to optimize the spare parts process to reduce variable costs and increase margins.

One way to reach service excellence is through innovation. Being service-minded in the design phase will enable unique service offerings and facilitate an alignment of the service division with the product one.

• Devising a master data process to support the collection, aggregation and distribution of data • IT Solutions and tools for a successful master data management • Benefits of centrally administered information to synchronize key information needed in the end-to-end process

n 16.40 Remote Service Management – How to optimize predictive maintenance for greater customer retention? Predictive maintenance is a key function of great customer service. The ability to forecast when a product will be down, and being able to be proactive in maintenance and repairs will offer great value to your customers. • The role of the Support Center to minimize unplanned downtime • Key challenges in implementing a successful Remote Service Management system • Optimized processes to connect high performances systems and services experts to reduce life cycle costs

• How business strategies drive supply chain solutions? • Key requirements and drivers in the decision making approach and process optimization • How to optimize the European spare- parts distribution network to reduce variable costs and increase margins?

• Identify the drivers of cost in the different lifecycle phases of product development and learn how to integrate and map DfS issues in the NPD process • Work systematically with service planning issues relating to DfS • See how to model and justify service requirements in the development process

n 16.40 Spare Parts Management – latest technologies to improve parts availability and inventory performance

n 16.40 Turn your service-centric organization from a cost to a profit center

A successful spare parts process is only possible with the right technological solutions and support. Organizations need to balance their inventory levels and need to map out their logistic channels and distribution networks all the while forecasting the right amount of parts to deliver to global customers.

Today, aftermarket can generate up to 50% or more of an organization’s turn over. However, most companies are not on that level yet, because there is a lack of internal collaboration in making aftermarket a true profit center.

• How to set up substitutions and alternates relationships to help “parts” rationalization and manage the large number of stock units? • IT solutions and services to harmonize internal systems and facilitate forecasting of spare parts • Centralization vs. decentralization of warehouses – what are key benefits of each and how do they fit in your spare parts operations?

• Automate your service supply chain to lower lag time and human errors • Streamline your operations to ensure you maximize profitability in the after market • Re-examine your business processes to find the one that generates the greatest value to your organization

n 17.15 Peer-to-peer to Meetings This period is especially dedicated for you to privately meet, on a prearranged basis via our website, any of the participants, partners or speakers. Open to all delegates, but limited to only a few partners.

+ 19.00 We end Day 2 with

our exclusive dinner and networking program


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

Day 3 - 25th October +

The Closing Keynote

Last year, Alex Gelbcke, VP Europe Aftermarket, Tenneco, gave the closing keynote on Day 3 in front of 100+ participants. It was one of the most appreciated sessions of the event.

08.45 Chairman opens the day n 09.00 Aftermarket Firestarters: Pricing Firestarters are one of the new features of this year’s agenda. The session will start with three 10-minute presentations from three different industry leaders on aftermarket pricing strategies. A short Q&A will follow, after which all the participants will go in breakout conversations and discuss their views. A moderator in each conversation will be assigned to write down key learnings, which will be collected and revealed in the Post Event report. 09.00: 3 presentations on Pricing Strategies 09.30: Break-out conversations

n 10.50 Networking Break and 1-to-1 meetings n 11.00 From Product to Service – Change Management as a supporting tool for your Business Transformation Changing from a product oriented manufacturer to a customer centric service provider is a challenge. Year after year, this remains a hot topic among our delegates, who are all facing the same challenge. Change management is the best tool to approach a shift in mentality within the organization and truly balance out revenue growth from the product and aftersales divisions.

n 11.30 Balancing global synergies/ local presence regarding services offered, pricing, parts availability and inventory management With more and more organizations extending and expanding in markets around the globe, the main challenge becomes to provide the same high quality standards in all service areas on a global basis. However, aftermarket being so complex, how can you ensure the brand is perceived with the same standards across markets, all the while ensuring customer delight with a strong local presence?

12.00 Chairman closes the conference


From Product to Service

• Change management as an internal supporting tool to achieve transformation • Changing the focus in development to also include functions to support life cycle services • Moving up the value chain from a product provider to a holistic offering including aftermarket services – requiring a complete organizational and business strategy reformulation


Balancing global synergies/ local presence

• How to balance availability with global inventory management? • How to manage local market pricing whilst maintaining global price levels and avoiding arbitrage? • How to work with field service in developing more advanced spare part services?

Aftermarket Business Platform 2013


About 2012 Event Speakers 2012 Alex Gelbcke, VP General Manager, Europé Aftermarket, Tenneco

Billy Butler, Director, Global Customer Quality, Dell

Frank Bunge, Global Aftermarket Director, Leica Microsystems

Terje Vedeler, SVP Drilling Lifecycle Services, Aker Solutions

Bo Femtvik, Director Competence Development, Tetra Pak

Wolfgang Kortas, Head of Services Integration, Services and Customer Support, Airbus

Yanina Yakovleva, Head of Commercial Aftermarket Ferronordic Machines LLC

Geir Garmannslund, Vice President Business Improvement, Rolls-Royce Marine Services

Fabricio Noronha, Aftersales Manager Latin America, LiuGong Machinery

Juha Pankakoski, VP Head of BU Parts, Konecranes

David Higgins, Director – Parts & Service, Peugeot Motor Company PLC

Amit Sood, VP – Marketing, Sales, Parts & Services, CLAAS India

Jean Luc Lavenir, North Europe – Area Director, Otis

Pricing Aftermarket Service





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Business Development 

Sales & Marketing

Audience Profile

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General Management 


Business Development 

Sales & Marketing

Aftermarket TV – Inside Aftermarket Europe 2012 Other Head Of  Senior VPs Vice President Specialist Manager Director


October 24th - 26th 2012 Copenhagen, Denmark

The Roundtable Discussions are your opportunity to get your voice heard. In a stimulating work atmos


Aftermarket Business Platform 2013

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Your booking is binding. You may substitute a delegate at any time. Please note that substitutions are not permitted unless approved by the organizers. For all cancellations (without an approved substituted delegate) received in writing more than 5 business days prior to the event and, a €120 (+VAT) administrative fee will be charged and a credit voucher for the remaining amount will be issued. Credit vouchers may be used at any Midfield Media conference within one year of issuance. For cancellations less than 5 business days prior to the event, the full amount of the delegate pass is non-refundable. Full payment is due 10 days upon invoice and no later than 5 business days prior to the event. Delegates that have NOT submitted payment prior to the event will not be admitted to the event. Admittance is then only granted upon approval of credit card payment directly onsite.

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Aftermarket Business Platform 2013  

The concept agenda for Aftermarket Business Platform in Copenhagen 23-25 of Octber - now available

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