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Oracle Towne Crier “Almost all the news, part of the time.” Volume 2, Number 5

September 2012

Oracle’s Joey Corona part of horse expo

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

September 2012

Pinal County Sheriff’s Report The Pinal County Sheriff’s Report is taken from the daily logs, based on the information provided by deputies. All persons arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Aug. 6 Theft of a vehicle was reported in the 1000 block of North Justice Drive, Oracle. The call was determined to be a civil matter. Aug. 8 Thomas Howard Miller, 45, Oracle, was arrested in the 1900 block of North College Drive, Oracle, and was charged with disorderly con-

duct. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail in Florence. Aug. 10 An unattended death was reported in the 1700 block of North Calle Valencia, Oracle. Aug. 13 A concerned citizen reported finding a person passed out in the 1000 block of North Sycamore Drive, Oracle. PCSO responded to the scene and found a juvenile female, 17, who had been chased by a dog and had a panic attack, passing out. Oracle Fire Department treated the girl and then she was transported to the Oro Valley Hospital for

Oracle Towne Crier

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treatment. Theft of cables was reported in the area of North Cody Loop Road and East Mount Lemmon Highway, Oracle. Johanna G. Patchell, 23, Oracle, was arrested in the 21000 block of South Texas Star Drive, Oracle, and was charged with disorderly conduct. She was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Aug. 14 Criminal damage was reported in the 700 block of North John Adams Street, Oracle. A mailbox was damaged by a vehicle. Aug. 15 Criminal damage was reported in the 2000 block of West Beverly Circle, Oracle. Theft of teeth was reported in the 2000 block of East American Avenue, Oracle. Aug. 18 Theft was reported in the 2100 block of North Nathaniel Avenue, Oracle. A storage unit was burglarized.


Aug. 20 Theft was reported in the 2000 block of West El Paseo, Oracle. Aug. 21 Criminal damage was reported in the 900 block of East Mount Lemmon Highway, Oracle. A vehicle’s window was broken. Aug. 24 Theft of teeth was reported in the 2100 block of West American Avenue, Oracle. Aug. 25 Assault was reported in the 36000 block of South Mount Lemmon Road, Oracle. A juvenile male was cited and released for simple assault. Theft of beer was reported in the 2000 block of West American Avenue, Oracle. Aug. 26 William E. Cole, 54, Oracle, was arrested in the 1700 block of Timberline, Oracle, and was charged with threats/ intimidation, disorderly conduct, assault, aggravated assault and preventing the Psalm 1:2

Church Directory Assembly of God ORACLE

Oracle Church of Christ

Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Evening Service 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m. Thursday Royal Rangers 5 p.m.

2425 El Paseo 896-2452 896-2067 Sunday Bible Study • 10 am Worship • 11 am

Telephone San Manuel Office: (520) 385-2266 San Manuel Office Fax (520) 385-4666

Living Word Chapel

Oracle Seventh-Day Adventist Church

“There are numerous countries in the world where the politicians have seized absolute power and muzzled the press. There is no country in the world where the press has seized absolute power and muzzled the politicians” —-David Brinkley _______________________________________

Sunday: First Service 9:00 a.m. Fellowship Time 10:30-11:00a.m. Second Service 11 a.m.

Member: Arizona Newspaper Association, National Newspaper Association.

Advertising Information

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3941 W. Hwy. 77, Oracle 896-2771 • 896-9020

Saturday Service:

6:00 p.m.

(except 5th Saturday of the month)

Children & Youth classes available for both services

Pastor James Ruiz

Oracle Union Church

2150 Hwy. 77, Oracle

Saturday: Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. Pastor John Roybal

First Baptist Church American Way, Oracle 520-808-3171 Pastor Ray Lott

Sunday: School 9:30 a.m. Fellowship 10:30 a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Free food distribution Pastor: Dr. Ed Nelson 2nd Tuesday, 1 p.m. American Ave., Oracle • 896-2544 Near Mt. Lemmon Turnoff “A community church for a world community.”

To be included in the monthly church listing, call the Oracle Towne Crier 385-2266.

use of a telephone in an emergency. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Burglary was reported in the 1800 block of West Alex Austin Drive, Oracle. Criminal damage was reported in the area of North Rockliffe Boulevard and West American Avenue, Oracle. Aug. 27 Burglary was reported in the 1000 block of West Alex Austin Drive, Oracle. Theft of a purse was reported in the 1000 block of West Neal Street, Oracle. Criminal damage was reported in the 1000 block of North Calle Del Rancho, Oracle. A fence was knocked down. Criminal damage was reported in the 3000 block of West Highway 77, Oracle. Aug. 28 Burglary was reported in the 1800 block of West Alex Austin Drive, Oracle. Aug. 29 A runaway juvenile was reported in the 36000 block of South Mount Lemmon Road, Oracle. The juvenile ran away from officials at Tucson Medical Center. It was reported to Tucson Police Department, but an officer never arrived to take the report. Pinal County turned the case over to Pima County Sheriff’s Office. Aug. 30 Heriberto Daniel Valenzuela, 23, Oracle, was arrested in the 2400 block of East American Avenue, Oracle, and was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Burglary was reported in the 2600 block of West El Paseo, Oracle. A toolbox was taken out of a service truck.

Burglary was reported in the 300 block of North John Adams Street, Oracle. Aug. 31 Jorge Bonillas Armendariz, 20, Oracle, was arrested in the area of American Avenue and College, Oracle, and was charged with failure to comply with a court order. He was cited and released. Fire was reported in the 2300 block of West Paseo Redondo, Oracle. Lightning struck a yucca plant, setting it and a nearby tree on fire. Oracle Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire. Burglary was reported in the 400 block of East Cody Loop Road, Oracle. Sept. 1 Burglary was reported in the 1400 block of North Calle Granada, Oracle. Sept. 5 Illegal dumping was reported in the 2100 block of East Oracle Transfer Station Road, Oracle. A Waste Management employee reported that an unknown person had dumped his trash in the driveway to the facility after being told that the facility was not yet open. Sept. 6 Nathaniel B. Harrison, 35, Oracle, was arrested in the 1700 block of Justice Drive, Oracle, and was charged with possession of dangerous drugs and probation violation. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Sept. 7 An accident with injuries was reported in the area of Linda Vista and Mint, Oracle. A 76-year-old man was injured after he crashed his quad. He was transported by ambulance to University Medical Center with a possible broken arm and possible Sheriff, Page 3

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September 2012

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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Letter to the Editor: Teachers are amazing Dear Editor, I have been meaning to share this with you for a while now. Approximately 3 weeks ago, on a Wednesday, I had the opportunity to substitute for Janice Vigil. Janice has a class of 25 kindergarten students. On this day 23 of them were in attendance. The morning began with a trip to

Sheriff Continued from Page 2 broken ribs. Sept. 8 Roberto Chavez Proano, 43, San Manuel, was arrested in the 2100 block of West American Avenue, Oracle, and was charged with disorderly conduct and assault. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Laura L. Villaescusa, 23, San Manuel, was arrested in the 2100 block of West American Avenue, Oracle, and was charged with assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct. She was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Theft was reported in the 2100 block of West American Avenue, Oracle. Sept. 9 Three runaway juveniles were reported in the 36000 block of South Mount Lemmon Road, Oracle. Criminal damage was reported at the Mountain Vista School in Oracle. A rock was thrown through the cafeteria window.

Mountain Vista for a video presentation regarding character, which focused on selfcontrol and good decisionmaking. Janice had taken care of lunch count and other early morning activities prior to leaving at 8:30 for her training workshop. The trip to Mountain Vista went off without a hitch. I considered it a success because there were no difficulties and I did not lose any students. Upon our return to Oracle Ridge I reviewed the concept of self-control with Janice’s class of kindergartners and spelled out my expectations regarding their behavior for the day. Surprisingly enough this actually worked. The students stayed in their seats and waited for appropriate times to ask questions. If there were any aberrations from the expected a quick reminder of what self-control was refocused their attention. Janice had left me a very or-

ganized list of her schedule and items to accomplish. I admit we did not complete her entire list. This is partly due to the time spent focusing on the character attribute of self-control. We also took brief breaks between her lessons once pretending to be pigs and the next time pretending to be dogs. The students quickly returned from pretending to be animals to their seats ready to continue on with the next assignment. I must say, for a few minutes prior to heading to lunch I lost some of their attention as we were packing up book bags, Wednesday folders, etc. As the kindergarten teachers do, I stayed with the class during lunch. The students were very mannerly during their lunchtime. For the lion›s share of the day everyone behaved beautifully. I would like to thank the students for behaving so

Oracle Foothills Realty, LLC A Full Service Brokerage Roger D. Douglas, PCAM-Designated Broker Office: 520.896.2498 • Fax: 520.896.2496

Douglas Property Management & Development, LLC

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well for their guest teacher. I was thankful when Janice returned. Even though it was a short day I was wiped…I mean tired, beat, exhausted. What teachers do is amazing. I have always respected the profession, but I had forgotten what it was like. I started my teaching career with fifth-grade students and over the course of my teaching I also taught third grade. Way back in the beginning my student teaching consisted of a semester with kindergartners and a semester with first graders. It was very good for me to return to the classroom. It reminded me of just how difficult and how important a teacher’s role is. It also

reminded me of the importance of good substitute teaching professionals. So it is with a sincere and heartfelt thanks that I commend the teachers of our district (and all teachers) for the wonderful things they do for their students. Keep up

the excellent work. Respectfully, /s/Todd Kissick Superintendent, Principal & Preschool/Childcare Director Oracle Elementary School District #2 office: 520-896-3074

Neck & Back Pain Relief Dr. John P. Huntington Doctor of Chiropractic

• Short Term Care for Your Neck & Back Pain • Accepts M.D. Referrals • Affordable/Medicare, Other Insurance Accepted •

Oracle • 520.896.9844

Español ... y Más (Spanish ... and More) Fall 2012 Session with Judy Freeman starts Oct. 2&3! * start froM thE bEginning or build on what you alrEady havE * To thank the Tri-Communities for 10 years of teaching the best students I’ve ever had, the price listed is 10% off the regular fee!! • the beginning Class meets Wednesdays from 6-8 PM. • the intermediate Class meets Tuesdays from 6-8 PM. Both classes meet in The Acadia Ranch Museum, 825 Mount Lemmon Road in Oracle. Each class runs for 13 weeks and costs $125. We offer other opportunities to practice what you’ve learned outside of class as well, so come along for the fun! Contact: Judy freeman at 818-2256 or visit our website:

Oracle Triad – Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month at 3 pm at the Oracle Fire Department. Triad







ri he S

tt or




en io r


Oracle TRIAD aims to:

• Increase community knowledge on the harmfulness of abuse/misuse of alcohol and prescription medications. • Protect older adults from neglect, abuse and fraud. • Understand the risks of depression, isolation and suicide for older adults. • Educate, provide resources and promote services for a healthy and safe quality of life.

Fed. Guidelines for Prescription Drug Disposal

Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet or drain. Follow these procedures:


1. Take your prescription drugs out of the original containers. 2. Mix drugs with an undesirable substance such as cat litter or used coffee grounds. 3. Put the mixture into a disposable container with a lid or sealable bag. 4. Conceal or remove any personal information including RX number on the empty containers. 5. Place the sealed container with the mixture & empty containers in the trash.

TRIAD is a cooperative project composed of seniors, Pinal County Attorney’s Office, Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens, and other community partners who are dedicated to preventing the victimization of seniors, improving their quality of life and reducing consequences associated with abuse and misuse of prescription medications and alcohol. Community members are welcome. Call to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

September 2012

Fire Board candidates ready for election

Sierra Oaks offers Child Find services

There will be eight candidates for the five available positions on the Oracle Fire District Board. The non-partisan positions will be determined in the Nov. general election. The eight candidates that are seeking the board

ORACLE, Ariz. - Sierra Oaks School would like to inform all parents to contact the school if they would like information regarding special education services for any child with a possible disability aged three through 21 years of age. The school is responsible for identifying children with disabilities and for referring children from

positions are Charlotte Poole, Ellie Brown, Bud Bristow, Manuel “Manny” Navarro, William “Bill” Predgo, John Doran, Robin O’Connor and Robert “Bob” Proszko. Information on the candidates will be published

closer to the election. In Mammoth, no one has filed to run for the three available positions on the Mammoth Fire District Board. Baring candidates, the Pinal County Board of Supervisors will appoint members to the Board.

birth through two years of age to Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) for evaluation and appropriate services. Sierra Oaks is also responsible for providing free appropriate public education (FAPE) which includes special education and related services to children with disabilities at public expense, under public supervision and

• PARK ’n SWAP EVENT – EVERY THIRD SATURDAY – Sept. 15. • MONDAY LUNCH – noon. Have a great lunch each week, spend time with your friends. • OAKS FESTIVAL – The date for the Oaks Festival is April 27, 2013. • Next OCC BOARD Meeting – Sept. 24, at 4:30 p.m. in the center. • ORACLE CRAFT EVENT – Saturday, Oct. 13. A special craft event at the Center in conjunction with Oracle State Park activities. More information later. 685 E. American Ave. • Oracle • 520-896-9326

ACTOS? If you have been taking ACTOS (Pioglitazone) and have been diagnosed with

Bladder Cancer or are experiencing the following symptoms: Blood in Urine, Urinary Urgency, Pain in Urination, Back or Abdominal Pain Call us immediately at 877.369.8800, as you may have a legal claim. Your personal, professional consultation is FREE

Moeller Law Office 3433 E. Fort Lowell, Ste 105 Tucson, AZ 85716 While this firm maintains joint responsibility, most cases are referred to other attorneys for principal responsibility.

without charge to the parents. For more information contact Sierra Oaks School at 520-896-3100 or visit the Child Find website at ChildFind.

CHECK IT OUT The British are coming to the Oracle Public Library By Suzan Austin Do you like the dry humor of British comedies, the subtleties of their mysteries, the twists and turns of the series on Masterpiece Theater? Take note. The library has more than a dozen of these gems--some old, some new--waiting for you on their DVD shelves. Choose from a selection that includes the following: “Downton Abbey”: Follow the lives of the Cawley family and their servants in their elegant country home in 1912 Edwardian England. Series 1 and 2. For added enjoyment, check out “The World of Downton Abbey,” a companion book to the series that offers insights into the story, characters, and background information on British society in the early years of the Twentieth Century. A Fine Romance: A young Judi Dench and Michael Williams portray romance-wary dating game dropouts who lurch their way through rocky times to companionship, friendship, and finally love. Series 1-3. Was Dame Judi practicing for her role in As Time Goes By (another Britcom shown currently on PBS)? Foyle’s War: Set in World War II England and starring the incomparable Michael Kitchen, Inspector Foyle protects the home front with dignity, integrity, and a dry sense of humor. If you are Library, Page 5

September 2012

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Page 5

Oracle Library offers computer skills classes Adults interested in learning more about using a computer are invited to sign up for one or all in a series of classes at Oracle Public Library in Sept., Oct. and Nov. Sessions will be held on Sat. or Mon. beginning at 3:00 p.m. Topics to be covered include: “Exploring the Internet” on Sept. 24, “Introduction to EBay” on Sept. 29, “Exploring Google” on Oct. 15, “Job Search Online” on Oct. 29, and “Your Resume” on

Nov. 10. Additional classes on these topics and other computer skills will be scheduled if there is sufficient interest. The volunteer instructor is a retired corporate information technology troubleshooter and teacher. The classes are available courtesy of the Copper Corridor Business Success Center. Class size is limited, so early sign-up at the library front desk is encouraged.


widowed men—a wealthy ex-fighter pilot and a retired milkman-- share a flat but find their “odd couple” friendship threatened by the arrival of an alluring woman. Without Motive: A serial killer is loose on the moors and overworked Detective Chief Jack Mowbray is being pressed by his boss to catch the murder “yesterday” if not sooner. Series 1 and 2.

Continued from Page 4 one of the few people who hasn’t seen this series, you are in for a real treat. Series 1-6 available. John le Carre’s A Perfect Spy: Follow the life of Magnus Pym, double agent and master of deception during the years of the Cold War. As powerful today as when it was produced in 1987. (Recommended for mature audiences.) Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis: Currently showing on PBS, so you can catch up on episodes you missed. Painted Lady: Murder and stolen art take Maggie Sheridan (Helen Mirren) into the dark underworld of the art trade. Determined to find her friend’s murderer and retrieve the stolen painting, Maggie poses as a wealthy Polish countess and uses a valuable painting to bait the killer. (Recommended for mature audiences.) Pie In The Sky: Detective Inspector Henry Crabbe would rather cook than detect, but retirement doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Criminal investigations and culinary adventures make for some tasty episodes. Series 1-5. Prime Suspect: Helen Mirren stars as Jane Tennison, a brilliant but frustrated detective fighting to rise in a male-dominated police force. Series 1-7. A Rather English Marriage: Two recently

Participants will receive a workbook so they can

practice their computer skills on a home computer

or at library computers during regular hours. A

small fee will be charged to cover materials.

Birthday girls celebrate at Triangle L Four of Oracle’s finest ladies celebrated their birthdays with a grand party at the Triangle L Ranch. The party was held on Sat., Sept. 1. The Oracle Virgos as they called themselves enjoyed the evening with many of their friends and family. Live entertainment was provided by The World Record Band from Los Angeles, California that is on tour. One of the fine musicians happens to be the son of Diane and Ned Creighton of Oracle, Andy Creighton. Happy birthday Judy Walsh, Nicole Poissant, Judy Kalish and Diana Creighton Photo by John Hernandez

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

September 2012


Did you know the Golden Goose has gently used golf clubs and equipment? Now is the perfect time to upgrade and get into the swing of things for fall! 15970 N. Oracle Rd., Catalina, AZ

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any one regularly priced item* *Excluding Jewelry and Vintage Antiques & Collectibles. Coupon expires 9/30/12

Open: Tues-Fri 10am to 2pm & Sat 9am to 2pm Donations Accepted: Mon-Sat 8am to 3pm


The Golden Goose Thrift Shop is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization.

Photo by John Hernandez

By John Hernandez Joey Corona started riding horses when he was eight years old. He started training horses on his own when he was 16 using the knowledge of working with horses that he learned from his grandfather and uncles. On Sat. Sept. 15 he will be part of the fourth annual Southern Arizona Horse Expo at the Southern Arizona Equestrian Center/77 Arena in Oracle. Corona will give a demonstration on how to gain a horse’s respect. He will be working with a twoyear-old quarter horse named Drifter. It is the first time Corona will be giving a public demonstration of his training techniques. “It is a good opportunity for me,” he said. Respect is an important part of Corona’s training

of horses. “You have to get them to trust you and gain their respect,” he said. “If they don’t trust you, you will never get a saddle on them.” In the old west days, they used to break the horse’s spirit sometimes tying up the horse or whipping them Corona uses hard work. “When they calm down, I relax their training,” he said. “When they shy away or get excited, I make them work more.” Corona says his method is one of the gentlest ways to train a horse. “I don’t beat them, I don’t hurt them,” he explained. His philosophy on training is to build a relationship with the animal. “Build trust and communication,” he emphasized. “You have to learn what the animal is communicating to you, try to understand more about what the horse is saying. Gain that respect.” Starting horses and problem solving are Corona’s training specialties; he works with all breeds of horses. “They are all the same to me,” he said with a laugh. He explained consistency is important when working with horses. “Every horse is different, they can be fine one minute and the next day they are a different animal,” he said. “One small movement can be dangerous for you; they can blow up in a second.” Corona owns three horses of his own. His hobby is competing in team roping. Sometimes his partner is his son who he is teaching about horses. The fourth annual Southern Arizona Horse Expo begins on Sat. Sept.15. Corona will have a booth on Sat. but will be giving a demonstration on Sun. Sept. 16 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Clay Harper, world re-

September 2012

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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Joey Corona part of horse expo nowned horse trainer and founder of the Southern Arizona Horse Expo said on his website, “Corona

is a true horseman. He truly gets it. He is very down to earth and horses know he speaks their lan-

guage.” Come out to the Expo and support a local cowboy and the event that

always brings attention to Oracle. It promises to be quite a show. Tickets for the event are

And so it goes at the Ranch... By Sigrid Settle I was browsing through the internet when I found my way to Wikipedia and started reading their description of the Australian Cattle Dog aka Queensland heeler to see what they had to say about my faithful companion Spirit. The site stated it’s a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for driving cattle over long distances and across rough terrain. Australian Cattle Dogs form a strong attachment to their owners, and can be protective of them; as well as having a high level of energy, a quick intelligence and an independent streak. At the independent streak I stopped reading and looked down at my companion who lay at my feet oblivious to the information on Wikipedia and having proved to possess a rather large streak of independence during the last downpour of rain we had experienced in Oracle. The day had started off with a heavy covering of clouds and the smell of rain in the air, but with an optimistic attitude I decided to head off to the post office and recycling center with the absolute certainty I would be ahead of the rainstorm brewing above my head. Spirit sat beside me in the car as we drove up to the gate, her head leaning out the window sniffing excitedly at the scents that would pass before her nose and be captured in her nostrils. The joy was only momentary, as I had to close her window because of the rain droplets that

began entering the interior of the car. She looked at me as if to express her dissatisfaction at being cut off from the environment she enjoyed with such relish. When we arrived at the post office the rain was falling at a steady rate and by the time we dropped off the recycling items the rain began to come down so heavily the windshield wipers were having trouble keeping ahead of the rain. I raced home and as I got across the wash I decided to drop Spirit off by the back door so she wouldn’t get as wet coming into the house with the hopes I’d avoid water puddles on the floor. When I raced up the back door steps I became soaked with rain from head to foot, but I turned around to Spirit and called for her to come into the house. She sat in the car looking at me as if I’d gone half mad asking her to step out of the car. I called her again and there was that look, the same one she had given me when I closed the window and cut off access to her beloved environment; somehow her beloved environment was not as appealing now. I called her a third time, but she still had that look of determination that the car was her best option. Just as I was walking down the steps to pull her out manually she leaped from the car, raced up the back steps and entered the house with barely a drop on her. As I entered the house large puddles of water formed around my feet and a line of water followed me all the way to my bedroom where warm,

available for $10 per day in advance or $15 per day at the gate. Tickets can be purchased at Boot Barn

stores in Tucson, Arizona Feeds, Mt. Vista School, or online at

Oak Tree Realty Johnny Benavidez

2395 W. El Paseo, Oracle


“List or sell with me and I will donate 5% of my commission to the church or food bank.” dry clothes awaited my shivering body. Yes Wikipedia, Australian Cattle dogs do form strong attachments and are very protective, that is unless there is a heavy rainstorm and they have other, more intelligent choices to make; leaving me to wonder sometimes who is the more intelligent species. And so it goes at the Ranch…

Open 7 days a week • 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Celebrate Oktoberfest at the Oracle Inn with two German weekends:

Oct. 12, 13 & 14 and Oct. 19, 20 & 21 • Wine Tasting Sat., Oct. 13, 5-7 p.m. • Live German music Sat., Oct. 20, 4-7 p.m. in the lounge

Murder Mayhem Presents

“In Search of the Ghost of Tom Mix” A Murder Mystery Dinner & Show Thursday, September 20 Cocktails 6:30 p.m. Dinner & Show 7 p.m.

Dinner & Show Tickets $30 Show Only $20

Dinner Choices: Salmon, Charred Chicken or Prime Rib (add $2 for Prime Rib)

Must be 21 to attend. Reservations required. Buy your tickets NOW!

Karaoke Every Thursday Night 8-11 p.m.

Come cheer on your favorite NFL team on one of our 10 TVs. Enjoy football, food & beer Specials!

Use our banquet facilities or let us cater your private parties or events

305 E. American Avenue, Oracle • 520-896-3333 •

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

September 2012

Crossword: Cartoon Families Tickle your ACROSS 1. Fastener 6. Hermey, e.g. 9. Thunderous character 13. One who avoids company 14. ___ Kilmer 15. Southern chicken stew 16. Grossly unconventional 17. One of Bo Peep’s flock? 18. Daytime host 19. *Peter or Lois or one of their children 21. Onion-like bulb 23. Blue feeling 24. Better ____ Ezra, band 25. DNA transmitter 28. Alternative for Liz? 30. *Todd or Tina or Timmy 35. Right side of U.S. 37. Seed cover 39. Like yellow polka dot bikini 40. Musical finale 41. Linear particle accelerator, for short 43. Castle material 44. Wrong 46. *Heckle and Jeckle, e.g.

47. Test answer 48. *”Rugrats” character 50. As opposed to a wood 52. Knightly title 53. Affirm solemnly 55. Former Soviet Socialist Republics 57. *Flintstones’ neighbors 61. *Surname of family in longest-running American sitcom 65. It can melt 66. Pine juice 68. Lowest part of a ship 69. Rooster to a farmer 70. In the past 71. Another spelling for Layla 72. Low-cal 73. Hitherto 74. *Papa Smurf, e.g,

8. “Pound of _____” 9. Sound of a bell 10. *Hank or Peggy or Bobby 11. Butter substitute 12. Smallest, as in litter 15. Jimmy Carter product 20. Vitruvian Man, e.g. 22. Mad Hatter’s accessory 24. “Into ____ ___” 25. Summary 26. Actress Watts 27. Echo sounder 29. Stumble 31. Catch one’s breath 32. Approaches 33. Boredom 34. *”Red _____” 36. Homework to a student

38. Batman’s cave, e.g. 42. Crocus, pl. 45. Downhill race 49. The day before 51. Jack is this and quick? 54. Test format 56. Pitch 57. Iranian money 58. Tangerine-grapefruit hybrid 59. Cry plaintively 60. A dull person 61. See him run? 62. Skidded 63. Stare amorously 64. Not far 67. *”The Jetsons” were a Space ___ counterpart to “The Flintstones”

Solution to last month’s puzzle

DOWN 1. Dutchman’s wooden gear 2. Frown 3. Opposed to 4. Feudal lord’s property, pl. 5. Modular dwelling 6. Two, e.g. 7. “____ & Order”

funny bone They dressed the truck up with the guy on the roof. I was walking down the street when I was accosted by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless woman who asked me for a couple of dollars for dinner.. I took out my wallet, got out ten dollars and asked,’If I give you this money, will you buy chocolate with it instead of dinner?’ ‘No, I had to stop eating chocolate years ago’, the homeless woman told me. ‘Will you use it to go shopping instead of buying food?’ I asked. ‘No, I don’t waste time shopping,’ the homeless woman said. ‘I need to spend all my time trying to stay alive.’ ‘Will you spend this on a beauty salon instead of food?’ I asked. ‘Are you NUTS!’ replied the homeless woman. I haven’t had my hair done in 20 years!’ ‘Well’, I said, ‘I’m not going to give you the money.. Instead, I’m going to take you out for dinner with my husband and me tonight.’


5 homeowners in this general area will be given the opportunity of having new MAINTENANCE-FREE SIDING applied to their homes with

optional decorative work at a very low cost. This amazing new product has captured the interest of homeowners throughout the United States, who are fed up with constant painting and other maintenance costs. The manufacturer of this product has been rated the highest nationwide for several years! This product is backed with lifetime labor and material warranty, and provides full insulation summer and winter. This product can be installed on every type of home. It comes in a choice of colors & is now being offered to the local market.

AAA Siding - Improving Arizona homes for 23 years. For an appointment please call:


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100+ Vehicles • Heavy Equipment • Furniture • Jewelry • Electronics • Tools • Artwork • Collectibles • Household Items • Appliances• Jewelry• Computers• Tools• Clothing

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Including Flowing Wells School District Surplus, & Much More L IVE O NLINE B IDDING AT S IERRA A UCTION . COM

Phoenix: 520.882.5600

The homeless Woman was shocked. ‘Won’t your husband be furious with you for doing that? I know I’m dirty, and I probably smell pretty disgusting.’ I said,’That’s okay. It’s important for him to see what a woman looks like after she has given up shopping, hair appointments, and chocolate.’

September 2012

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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“Get great services, great benefits, and the new Arizona Football Commemorative Coin.” Add any of these services to a new or existing account, and get your coin! • Open any checking account. • Open a share certificate or an IRA. • Request a VISA® credit card. • Request a vehicle, boat or motorcycle loan. • Apply for a mortgage or home equity loan. • 520.298.7882

Rich Rodriguez Head Coach Arizona Football

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

September 2012

Health Issues: Chiggers By Dr. Michael Miles Though we are thankful for the monsoons, along with the much needed moisture and consequent vegetation come the bugs. Some of the more bothersome ones of this season include mosquitoes, kissing bugs and chiggers. Chiggers will be our topic of discussion today. These little critters are extremely small mites. In fact, the term chiggers refer to the larval stage of the harvest mite. They are related to ticks and spiders. They hatch

in grassy areas and by the time they are only 1/50 of an inch in size they are in search of food. They instinctively climb to the top of tall blades of grass and await passing animals on which to feast. Once a larval mite jumps onto a host animal (including humans) they will latch onto the skin with their mouths and secrete saliva that breaks down skin cells to ingest. They do not burrow into the skin nor do they ingest blood. Their meal of choice is skin. The irritation that we feel

is our own reaction to the saliva. Our bodies have an inflammatory response that swells the skin tissue and creates a cavity within which the mites reside while they eat. This inflammation also results in intense itching. Though the bugs may be rubbed or washed off before they finish their usual three to four day meal, the inflammation will occur as soon as the saliva is injected and the resulting welt and itch may last from seven to ten days. The itch can sometimes be relieved with creams

and oils that bring down the inflammation. I am not fond of steroid creams, but they may help diffuse the inflammation and swelling quickly. This situation is another case where the best treatment is prevention. In other words, do not come in contact with these little mite larva. Avoid brushing through grassy areas during this time of year. Trim down the grassy areas around your house.

If you will be maneuvering in and around such areas wear long sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into high boots. Insect repellents can be helpful as well. Immediately upon returning from a suspicious area thoroughly wash yourself with soap and water. Particular areas of the body that are attractive sites for mites include the belt line, under the arms and in and around the groin. Rubdowns with

a towel will help dislodge chiggers that are clinging on. Don’t forget to wash the clothes. Many people suggest that a diet with generous portions of garlic in it helps to repel insects like these mites and mosquitoes. Garlic has many beneficial qualities and as such can only be a worthy consideration. This is a beautiful time of year. I hope that you can enjoy it in comfort and in health.

By Danielle Neibling

suited the prevailing condition of the structure: forlorn and in rough shape. Horehound was the only topsoil fixer, and appreciated by the quail as cover. Because almost nothing of the native grasses remained, removal of the Horehound seemed a cruel eradication of the animated; beeping birds that made paths through it and found their way across the clearings that were driveways run amuck. I remembered the words of a fellow estate gardener from New Jersey: “If you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.” Regrettably, it rang true. If I hoped to restore the land, I hoped the critters would forgive this period of brush

removal. The art of pulling Horehound, and burning or bagging it, is soon learned. You must grasp the base of the plant just below the soil surface, tugging steadily at the entire root system, while being careful not to let the Velcro fleurettes touch your clothing. The plant does not have a tenacious foot, and areas are steadily purged; I have an odd sentiment of gratitude that it is this easy. Desert Broom is another story. The required energy to swing an auger deep into the ground to sever the cable-tough taproot is why the legacy of Desert Broom remains. I did not like the naked ground. I abhorred the barren look of Tucson roadsides, so I cleared sections. It wasn’t that I had a strategy—far from it. Just that it was easier to adjust to, for me visually, as well as to retain some provision for the quail. In these clearings, Rabbit and Turpentine bush, Love Grass, followed by Purple Three Awn, and Arizona Cotton top grasses eventually appeared; magic of a couple of years passing while raising kids, finding employment, and connecting to community. Late comers to this array have been Desert 4’o’clocks, Milkweed Vine, Vervain and Arabis, a member of the mustard family. These are all much “better behaved” plants that, like many sensitive Weeds, Page 11

A Lineage of Weeds



Oracle Office 1812 W. American Ave. •




~ 896-9099 • Se habla Espanol Oracle Listings - Homes

•Lots of privacy in this 2 bd, 2 ba. MH on 1.3 ac. covered with Oak trees, home has new roof and cooler. $75,000. •Solid brick home on 1/3 ac., with oak trees and a spacious backyard. Wood, slate and travertine floors, ceiling fans, wood burning heat. $159,000.. •Nice property for a great price. Mobile home with bedroom and bathroom on each end, large screened porch. $38,000. •Views in every direction from this lovely MH on 1.25 ac., heated swiming pool, horse property, everything you could want! $195,000. •Owner will carry with with 50% down. This commercial building used as a feed store has great potential. $199,000. •3bd, 1 ba home, fenced yard, in nice neighborhood, 2 car carport. $70,000.

•Spacious, well built home on top of the hill, 4-car attached garage, 3-car detached garage on 3.7 ac. $335,000. •Open floor plan, passive solar design, amazing views. Very secluded. $209,000. •Terrific house with wood fenced backyard, large trees in front. Two bedroom two bath with family room, formal dining or den. A must see! $104,000. •’71 MH needs work, great lot, utilities in place, horse property. $49,000. •4 bdrm, 2 bath block home in established neighborhood. $100,000. •Lovely home with investment opportunity, 4 bdrm new A/C, carpet, paint and newly renovated. $107,500. •Awesome indoor and outdoor living awaits you, 1780 sq. ft. home on 1.25 acres near National Forest. $295,000.

•Horse Property! Build your home or put a manufactured home on this great 3.34 ac parcel. $109,000. •4 lots, custom home area, submit offers. 2 at $32,000, $45,000 or $75,000. •Commercial property on American Ave. owner has started construction on approximately 6,000 sq. ft. bldg and is including building materials on site. $145,000. •Choose your own parcel from 1.25 to 3.75 ac., flat, easy to build on, utilities at street. $84,900 to $210,000. •Unique .69 ac parcel, awesome views, no impact fees. $49,900. •One acre with boulders, trees and views, new access off Linda Vista, boulders, views, trees. $84,000. •3 view lots, 1.25 ac. each in high view area of Oracle, homes only. Utilities at lot line. 3 lots for $86,900. •2.5 ac land, borders state land, build your custom home, utilities at street. $150,000.

•4 beautiful 1 ac home sites, owner may carry, utilities at lot line. $79,000. •Three 3.3 ac. off Linda Vista starting at $129,900. •Beautilful views from this lot in Oracle, utilities at lot line, Perc test done. $69,995. •2.5 ac horse property with great views, site - built or MH. $50,000. •Beautiful hilltop views from 5 ac. parcel. Can be split. Horse property. Well Share. $89,500. •1.25 to 10 ac., buy part or whole, has excellent well, borders State land, no financing necessary, owner will cary. $32,000 - $125,000. •20 ac. of flat usable land on Florence Highway, 2 wells, completely fenced. $189,900. •Premium lot with boulders, 1.04 acres of outstanding views, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. $65,000. •7.14 ac. in Oracle with 360 deg. viewås. Can be split, horses allowed, MH or site built ok. $150,000. •1ac. in homes only area with fantastic views & natural features. $59,900

•Affordable Green Living! 4+ acres with fabulous views and a home with many solar features. See to appreciate. $180,000. •Affordable Green Living! 4+ acres with fabulous views and a home with many solar features. See to appreciate. $180,000. •PRICED REDUCED! Hilltop views beautiful open plan, custom kitchen cabinets, SS appliances, wood burning fireplace. $125,000. •Secluded area, borders state land, site build or MH, horses allowed, $155,000. •Mammoth Bar, all equipment. $90,000 Liquor license also available. Call for details. •Secluded area with great views, being sold as is for value of 1.3 acres. $39,000. •Great mountain views from this 3.75 ac. south of Mammoth. $47,000. •Privacy, great views, remodeled home with new roof, skylights. $95,000.

•3-lots to choose from. Hill top views shared well, horse property, leveled off areas for home sites. Two lots $50,000 each & one lot $70.000. •2 parcels on the east side of the San Pedro River near Sacaton. 2 - 40 ac. parcel for $120,000. •5 ac. with beautiful views of the Galiuros, zoned for site built or MH, horses allowed. $39,000. •9.88 ac. with lots of mature Mesquite trees, 1/2 interest in well, septic installed. $48,000. •3 bdrm home with updated kitchen, laundry room, covered porches, fenced yard, new electric June 2012. $57,000. •4 lots with great mountain views, lots range from .34 to .60 ac. Lot 2 is $12,500, other lots are $14,500. •Great Investment Opportunity! The Mammoth Plaza including 10 rentals & land leased to D.E.S. $225,000.

weed has taken center stage in the yard. It’s the plague du jour. Upon first occupying the Wilson Homestead, the old place was a sea of Desert Broom and Horehound. This


565 N CALLE VALENCIA MLS#: 21219577 Completely remodeled around 2000, this home is modern and well maintained. Over 2900 sq. ft. includes a huge master suite with living area, large bathroom, walk-in closet and French doors onto a covered porch. The large kitchen has custom hickory cabinets, copper ceiling fans, a 6’x 6’ walk-in pantry, plus breakfast bar and a spacious dining area. The quiet two room office suite can readily be used as a 5th bedroom and bonus room. The flex room off of the living room is a den, formal dining, or media room, you decide! Separate laundry room and ample storage throughout! Completely surrounded by a six foot privacy wall, the backyard is ready for your children and pets. Come see this home today!. $ 174,500

Surrounding Area

816 N ESTILL DRIVE MLS#: 21219182 MOTIVATED SELLER! ALL APPLIANCES AND SHED INCLUDED. MH on beautiful 1.25 oak covered acre makes a great fulltime or parttime home in the cool community of Oracle. Property has a fenced yard and large circular driveway. Newer roof and cooler. Fenced garden area. Large covered porch will afford you many hours of pleasnt leisure time. $ 70,000

Danielle Neibling

•Great lot in center of Oracle. Ready to build on, utilities at lot line. $25,000. •Best price for 5 ac. in Oracle area, can be split, shared well. Reduced to $34,900.

Backflow Assembly Testing Septic Tank Cleaning Service Portable Toilets Surrounding Listings not in Ad Complete Line of Plumbing Supplies Coolers & Cooler Supplies RV Station: Propane, Water, Waste, Trash Insured & Bonded

September 2012

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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Diaper Bag: News from the Family First Pregnancy Care Center Summer is over, the kids are back in school and the Family First Pregnancy Care Center Is looking forward to our fall activities. First, the Earn While You Learn classes in pregnancy, parenting and life skills is ongoing – and in return, families are receiving material assistance of diapers and other infant supplies. Each Wed. from 10:00 a.m.

to 11:00 a.m. is Story Time for toddlers, and the Ten for Teens program is looking for new participants. The third annual Chuckwagon Roundup is Oct. 20 at the SIL auditorium in Catalina from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and includes a BBQ dinner and auction. This is the Family First Pregnancy Care Center’s main fundraiser and is essential to keeping the center open.

They are looking for donations of items to be auctioned (art, jewelry, gift certificates, etc.) and for table sponsors, too. Tickets are available for $10 each. For information call 520-896-9545, visit or stop by 1575 W. American Ave. They are open Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Weeds Continued from Page 10

The juicy little plants quickly elongated and provided the landscape with Shamrock phantom worthy of St. Patrick. The horses would gulp mouthfuls much to my dismay, for by this time the stems were flocked with nettle-like bristles. At this stage, Amsinkia intermedia is messy to pull. The stalks ooze slime from between fibers, and the roots hold tight. My mower is no match for it. I surrendered to time, watched it run its course, and keep curious equines off it lest they colic, or do serious damage to their

livers from an accumulation of alkaloids. So obsessed had I become with the soap opera of my own garden, I didn’t immediately notice that Amsinkia and Tumbleweed plague the entire town, and counties beyond. These are not plants it is possible to irradiate, but ones that have taught me to accept the cycle, and to secure pasture gates. Redeeming aspects: weeds harbinger the end of winter. They can’t run away from you and the native plants do return a much better selection than what is offered at Home Depot.

souls, need some space to themselves. Each season brings more diversity. But the plagues continued. I suspected the fill dirt, brought in to shore up the west foundation of the house, because of the sudden appearance of Russian thistle. The first year after clearing Horehound, a cute, soft moss covered the ground in Feb., neatly carpeting every knoll in a way that enchanted my daughter, who would pet the soft little mats.

When you were kids, your sister pulled your hair and stole your lunch money.

Would you let her arrange your funeral? 2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. • Oro Valley

(520) 544-2285

Preplanning. It’s even smarter than you think.

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NW AZ MOUNTAIN RANCH Foreclosure Steal. 38 acres in secluded valley at clear 5,200’, bordering 640 acres of State Trust. Free well access, loam garden soil, sweeping mountain views, maintained road. $23,800, $2,380 dn, $230 mo. Guaranteed financing. Chris at 1st United 602-478-0584 for brochure. (AzCAN) BUYER’S MARKET LAND SALE Prescott area, Ruger Ranch. 36 acres, originally sold for $266k, NOW ONLY $52,900. Electric, private road, mountain top with amazing views. 1st come basis. Financing & ADWR report available. Call AZLR 866-632-0877. (AzCAN)

Business Services Ranch Store Center

Self Storage 5’x10’ - $45 10’x10’ - $60 10’x15’ - $70 10’x20’ - $80

520-896-9200 1015 W. American Ave., Oracle

Have a stubborn chair that won’t stay fixed? Give it to


896-0907 FBA Home Repair and Improvements Indoor/Outdoor Projects INDOOR •Carpentry •Drywall •Flooring •Windows •Doors •Painting •And more . . .

OUTDOOR •Landscape Design •Fencing •Tree & Shrub Service •Planting •Demolition & Disposal •Maintenance •And more . . . All Work Guaranteed – FREE ESTIMATES – (520) 385-4262 Not a Licensed Contractor

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Family First Pregnancy Care Center donates supplies to local schools The Family First Pregnancy Care Center last week delivered the

donated school supplies to the Mountain Vista School, Oracle Ridge School and

Sanctuary Massage because your body is a temple

ramona j. willis, lmt

520.896.6539 studio location 1995 W. American Ave. upstairs in the Village Square oracle, arizona Treatment Rates

Swedish or Deep Tissue $60 for 60 mins or $75 for 90 mins (recommended) or $95 for 2 hrs Specialty Treatments, Lymphatic or Ashiatsu add $10 Qigong Class (Ongoing) Mondays at 5:30 p.m. Pilates Classes Wednesdays Starting 9/12 at 3:30 p.m.

call or email today for an appointment

Sierra Oaks Community School. The children were overjoyed to receive their box of goodies. The school and Family First thank the whole community for pitching in and donating so many supplies for the kids. Family First Pregnancy Care Center was proud to sponsor this annual campaign for the school children. At left: Children at Mountain Vista, Oracle Ridge and Sierra Oaks Community Schools were excited to receive their school supplies. (Submitted photos)

Pizzeria & Ristorante

2161 Rockcliffe Blvd. Oracle


Pianist Raymond Santoro performs every Saturday from 6-8 p.m.

Hours: Sun., Tues.–Thurs. 11am to 9pm, Fri. & Sat. 11am to 10pm, CLOSED Mon.


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