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“Almost all the news, part of the time.” Volume 1, Number 7

November 2011


Oracle Run draws more than 200 runners

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Washington Irving and Sleepy Hollow, See Story, Pages 8 & 9

Oracle Bond Election Results*

Yes ................................ 1,851 No ................................. 3,125 * Unofficial

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

November 2011

A letter from the chairman: supervisors’ update By Pete Rios Chairman, Pinal County Supervisors I just wanted to pass along a few items to update you on what is happening in

Florence with the Board of Supervisors. I was re-elected as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors until the end of our terms in 2012. It has been a pleasant

Oracle Towne Crier

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experience as the Chairman and I look forward to keeping up the good work with my colleagues on behalf of the citizens of Pinal County. Despite the sluggish economy, Pinal County has done it’s best to weather the storm. This budget year, the Supervisors had to cut $2.1 million. We were able to do this without a reduction in workforce. When it comes to cutting a budget, I am reminded of the often used phrase: “I have good news and I have bad news.” The good news is that your tax bill will be lower since we did not raise the tax rate and housing

valuations are going down. The bad news is that we are going to have to shrink or downright eliminate services for residents. While some may cheer at the elimination of services, we must keep in mind that there are people that need and use these services. I am hopeful for a day when we can bring back or strengthen services that have been a victim of this economy. The Board recently adopted the redistricting lines for the upcoming 2012 election. We had to go to five supervisor districts due to the 2010 Census population figures coming in at just over

375,000 residents in Pinal County. Our elections department did a great job offering three mapping options that would be likely to pass Department of Justice standards. Before we voted to adopt the redistricting lines, the Elections Department solicited opinions in public meetings held throughout the county. The Supervisors voted on a map that reflected the input from our citizens. I want to pass along my thanks to all of you who took time to voice your opinion on our redistricting. I want to remind the citizens in the eastern part of the county that we still have

vouchers available for free dumping at the Dudleyville Landfill. Each household is allowed two free visits to the landfill per year to dispose their trash and other waste. If you haven’t used up your two visits, please come by my district office in Mammoth located at 118 South Catalina. You will need to present a utility bill for your home to receive your voucher. In closing I would like to say it is a pleasure serving you as your voice on the Board of Supervisors. If you have any questions, please call my office at (520) 8667830 or email me at pete.

Checkpoint conducted at Peppersauce

Arizona Game and Fish Department and U.S. Forest Service officers conducted a joint law enforcement checkpoint Saturday, Nov. 5, in the Peppersauce Cave area. They screened a total of 99 vehicles and 233 hunters, campers, Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) operators and recreationists. Two OHV citations and two warnings were given, and two taken deer were checked for game tags and sampled for Chronic Wasting Disease. (Photo by Diane Tilton, AGFD)

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Telephone San Manuel Office: (520) 385-2266 San Manuel Office Fax (520) 385-4666 “There are numerous countries in the world where the politicians have seized absolute power and muzzled the press. There is no country in the world where the press has seized absolute power and muzzled the politicians” —-David Brinkley _______________________________________

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Oracle Triad – Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month at 3 pm at the Oracle Fire Department. Triad




tt o







Oracle TRIAD aims to:




nt y

f ri

• Increase community knowledge on the harmfulness of abuse/misuse of alcohol and prescription medications. • Protect older adults from neglect, abuse and fraud. • Understand the risks of depression, isolation and suicide for older adults. • Educate, provide resources and promote services for a healthy and safe quality of life.

Did You Know ...

Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens (PGCSC) Senior Resource Room Sun Life Family Health Center 23 McNab Parkway, San Manuel • Information • Resource • Needs Volunteers • Local Services to Help Seniors Learn about our services and ways to help seniors in our TRI-COMMUNITY AREA. Call 385-2234 ext 6306 Ambassador Office

Clean out your medicine cabinet & cupboards:

Medications must be in the original containers. No needles, inhalers or liquids please.

Drop off:

Sun Life Family Health Center

23 McNab Parkway, San Manuel • 385-2234 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. & 1:30 to 5 p.m.

TRIAD is a cooperative project composed of seniors, Pinal County Attorney’s Office, Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens, and other community partners who are dedicated to preventing the victimization of seniors, improving their quality of life and reducing consequences associated with abuse and misuse of prescription medications and alcohol. Community members are welcome. Call to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

November 2011

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Pinal County Sheriff’s Report The Pinal County Sheriff’s Report is taken from the daily logs, based on the information provided by deputies. All persons arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Oct. 10 An accident with injuries was reported in the 300 block of West American Avenue, Oracle. A vehicle rolled near St. Helen’s Catholic Church. Oct. 10 An accident without injuries was reported in the area of East American Avenue and North College Drive, Oracle. Oct. 11 A person reported seeing three juveniles walking down the street holding guns.

The three were on John Adams walking towards the Oracle Post Office. A deputy was dispatched to the scene and determined that the three boys were carrying toy guns. Oct. 16 An accident with injuries was reported in the area of South Mt. Lemmon Road and East Campo Bonito Road, Oracle. A juvenile male, 9, fell out of the back of a pick up. Oracle Fire Department responded. The call was turned over to Tri-City Meds, which requested a helicopter to fly the boy to University Medical Center. PCSO assisted with setting up a landing zone at the intersection of Mt. Lemmon Road and Webb Road. Oct. 17 Theft was reported in the 1000 block of West American Avenue, Oracle. Items were taken from a storage unit. Oct. 17 Burglary was

reported in the 2000 block of West American Avenue, Oracle. Oct. 21 Assault was reported to have occurred at a residence in Oracle. The report was made to deputies at the Mountain Vista School. Oct. 24 Burglary was reported in the 1000 block of North Calle Valencia, Oracle. Oct. 27 Burglary and criminal damage were reported in the 1800 block of North Calle Valencia, Oracle. Three windows were broken. Oct. 27 Two goats were reported running east on American Avenue, Oracle. Pinal County Animal Control was notified. Oct. 29 Burglary was reported at a church in the area of West Linda Vista Road, Oracle. A storeroom’s locks were broken. Oct. 31 A fight was reported in the 2000 block has changed! Subscribe today for just $2 per month for full access to stories and photos from throughout the Copper Corridor! Remember to update your bookmark!

of West El Paseo, Oracle. A 13-year-old girl was knocked down by some other children, sustaining a possible broken hand. Oct. 31 Assault was reported in the 3000 block of North Rockliffe Boulevard, Oracle. Nov. 3 Pablo Antonio Ruiz, 24, Oracle, was

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arrested in the area of Campo Bonito, Oracle, and was charged with unlawful flight from law enforcement. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail in Florence. Nov. 3 Joseph Lee Cogdell, 21, Oracle was arrested in the area

of Calle Futura at the car wash, Oracle, on warrants for interfering with judicial proceedings (two), drug paraphernalia violations (two) and possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail.

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Elk Statues

By Gary Every Two old men wander in the sculpture garden, looking a little lost amidst this tourist trap of galleries, restaurants, and stores filled with expensive knick knacks. The old men walk silently and slowly side by side. Both men wear work boots, denim pants, flannel shirts, and baseball caps. Gradually they wind their way through the rose bushes and Buddha statues to end up at the life sized metal elk. They stop to reach out reverently and touch the life sized statue, bronze bovine beast raising his head proudly as if to whistle and bugle, magnificent rack of antlers with spikes pointing to the

heavens like the stars of a celestial constellation. Elk are large and magnificent beasts, so large and so stout. Highways where elk live are adorned with an abundance of elk crossing signs. You do not want to hit an elk with a car. Your car will be totaled and you may be seriously injured or even killed. The elk may be able to walk away from the collision. There are elk involved with human traffic fatalities every year. In the forests along the Mogollon Rim there are electronic signs connected to motion detectors to warn motorists when elk are near the edge of the road. I was camped at

place called Gabaldon, outside Greer the highest campground in elevation in the White Mountains of Arizona and I awoke just before sunrise. Everyone inside the tent was snoring so I snuck out for an early morning walk. I strolled past the beaver dam and tiny pond beside the campground. The light was just beginning to creep out of the corners of the sky but the sun was still hidden behind

the mountains. There was fog everywhere. The mountains were shrouded in clouds. It really didn’t matter that I couldn’t see where I was going - I was just out for a morning stroll. I found myself walking through a thick patch of forest, wisps of fog blowing softly in and out of trees, creating an eerie ghostlike effect. A soft cool breeze raised goose bumps on my flesh but

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Fall Hours 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. At the Village Square Plaza on American Ave., Oracle

Photo by Gary Every

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November 2011

when the wind gusted it pushed the fog away, except for a few thin strands of mist that clung to the tops of the pine trees. The sun started to peek above the mountains and for the first time I could see clearly where I was. I was in the middle of an elk herd. There were hundreds of elk scattered between the trees. In the darkness, shadow and mist I had not noticed the hundreds of sleeping

brown torsos. Some elk slept on their sides and other elk cows were kneeling as they slept. Now that I was looking they were everywhere, scattered between the trees in little clumps of three or four. On the dark edge of twilight and with the fog, I had assumed they were boulders but they weren’t; they were elk, hundreds of elk. Elk sleeping on their sides, elk kneeling, and even calves. Hundreds of elk and I appeared to be more or less in the center of the herd. Apparently elk don’t snore when they sleep because if they did I would have heard them. Now that they were beginning to awaken the elk snuffled and snorted. First the elk shook their heads as if trying to displace cobwebs and then they wiggled their ears. Sometimes a tongue would dart out and wrap itself from snout to eye, cleaning herself. A few cows stretched their necks and shoulders while I watched these intimate morning rituals in amazement. The middle of the herd was an impossible place to be and to this day I am not certain exactly how it happened. As the herd awoke most of them seemed blissfully unaware of my presence. One elk, with a sleeping calf curled against her side, stared at me in wild eyed disbelief. As I walked closer her eyes filled with panic and her shoulders twitched. Her long legs began to unfold as if she was preparing to rise abruptly. I realized for the first time what a position of danger I was in. If my presence in the middle of the forest was suddenly detected and I was considered a dangerous predator then the herd would stampede and I would be trampled to death. I angled my path slightly, giving nervous mama a wider path. Her sudden movements had awakened her baby, who twisted his See Elk, Page 14

November 2011

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Page 5

Annual Oracle Run draws more than 200 runners By John Hernandez Oracle Run Race Director Darrel Klesch felt that something special was going to happen at this year’s race. It was the 29th year of the race and was falling on the 29th day of the month. Perhaps the stars and planets were aligning themselves to create something unusual or spectacular. It was more likely that it was the world class runner Craig Curley lining up on the starting line after having run 11 miles earlier that morning as his warm up. Whatever the reason, Craig Curley set a new Oracle Run men’s record

with a time of 32:48.1. He beat his own record set in 2008 by 15 seconds. Craig was the Oracle Run champion in 2008 and 2009. He skipped the race in 2010 to begin training for the USA 2012 Summer Olympic trials. He is training for the Olympic marathon. Finishing second in the overall men’s division was James Miles with a time of 37:11.6. Brian Hall finished third in 38:31.1. In the women’s division four time Oracle Run champion Paula Morrison was unable to overcome Katie Williams who took first place in a time of 39:50.4. Paula won the

Oracle Run women’s division four times in a row from 2006 – 2009. She did not run last year. Paula finished second with a time of 41:22.4 and Polly Campbell came in third at 41.44.5. There were more than 200 runners competing this year in one of the toughest 10Ks (6.2 miles) in southern Arizona. The top local runner was Jesse Camarena from San Manuel. He finished 14th overall and second in his age division in a time of 49:16.9. For the ladies, Elizabeth Tilley of Oracle was the top local runner finishing 26th overall and second in her age division.

Sisters Monique and Alicia Hauweghen of San Manuel finished first and second in the 20 – 24 age division. Ken Huff from Oracle, the man who usually runs in

jeans (he wore shorts this year), came in second in the 55 – 59 age division and 34th overall. Other local runners included John Wasley, Daniel Rangel,

Chris and Julie Hall, Shane Welch, Cathleen Piermarini, Kyra Rickel, Charla Wright, Jenine Mayer, Alan Rubenstein, See Race, Page 15

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Oracle Run Race Director Darrel Klesch, right, congratulates race winner Craig Curley. (John Hernandez photo)

Diaper Bag: News from the Family First Pregnancy Care Center There’s a nip in the air and the holiday season is fast approaching. It is Thanksgiving time and we are so thankful here at Family First for the support of our community. Our recent Chuckwagon Roundup was great fun and brought in money to continue our programs. Thanks to all who attended. We will be collecting non-perishable foods for the Tri-City Food Bank here at our office - please help those who are less fortunate by bringing by canned and packaged food. It will be so appreciated. Our programs continue - our Earn

While You Learn program is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. and Story Time for moms and tots is every Wednesday from 10-11. Material assistance is always available by taking a class. For any information, call us at 520-8969545. We are located at 1575 W American Ave. You can also check us out at www.

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

November 2011

Mental Escape By Skylar Khan Individuals will often try to decrease stress by thinking, feeling or acting in particular ways by coping. Coping mechanism can be successful or not. Handwriting analysis will reveal which coping methods are being employed. Following are illustrations of some mental escape traits, namely: • Evasiveness • Self-Deceit

• Procrastination Many of us have a desire to escape from reality. We do not want to face responsibilities or we are apprehensive about our work environment. This unrealistic imaginative activity aids in stress reduction. Evasiveness is one of the mechanisms employed to deal with perceived pressure. The trait is seen as an initial hook appearing within oval letters such as a b d

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match his unrealistic expectations. The easiest person to deceive is oneself!

g and o.

The larger the hook or curve within an oval letter, the higher the degree of evasiveness. The individual does not want to be pinned down to a definite point of view on certain subjects, be they workrelated or of a personal nature. These individuals hem and haw and give an indirect answer to your question. They do not outright lie to you, they simply circumvent the issue, or they answer a question with a question, for example: “Where did the stain come from?” You ask. The indirect answer may be, “This tablecloth was imported from Czechoslovakia.” You ask, “How old were you when 9/11 occurred?” “I was born and raised in Canada.” “When will you be leaving for your trip East? “We are expecting to receive our tickets as we speak.” You can see that the person is not avoiding your questions. He simply dodges the issue. Sometimes it is not practical to tell the truth and evasiveness will allow the person to elegantly veer away from the subject. Self deceit is another defense mechanism. The individual, faced with an unhappy situation, mentally alters it to

Self-deceit is seen as a single loop placed to the left within the oval letters a d g and o. The degree of denial depends on the size of the inserted circle in relation to the size of written text. The person will rationalize “it is not as bad as it looks.” He copes by living with a false sense of security. “I had to make policy and procedure changes because there was not enough time allotted for the project.” By explaining why things are the way they are instead of the way they should be, the individual eases his/her conscience. Procrastination is another form of mental escapism. The writer puts off something unpleasant or burdensome until some future time. Procrastination is easily detected in t bars and i and j dots that are placed to the left of the stem.

The farther the i dot appears to the left in See Escape, Page 7

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November 2011

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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And so it goes at the ranch … By Sigrid Settle I found one of my coolers leaking the other evening and decided to pull up my sleeves and fix it. I took the cooler apart, piece by piece, so I could locate the leak; but alas I could not visually see anything that gave a clue as to where the cooler pan was leaking and where water escaped down the side. Night was beginning to set in and I had to put the cooler back together so the animals that roam freely on my property wouldn’t decide this cooler was the perfect place to set up a new residence. I found myself holding a flashlight in my teeth so I could get all the cooler parts in their proper place once again. I walked off thinking about the parts I’d need to finish the job the next day. Daylight came and I rushed off to Dubs Plumbing to get replacement parts and


Continued from Page 6 the letter i, the higher the degree of procrastination. The same applies to the t-bar which is seen on the left of the t stem. The writer defers until tomorrow what should be done today. And when details are delayed too long, the whole project can collapse. This detracts from job performance and interferes with one’s peace of mind. There are other forms of mental escapism. They can be offset by such dynamic qualities as persistence and determination. Defense and coping mechanisms can be detected in the handwriting of highly efficient people. The need to escape serves a specific purpose in the way people go about their daily business. It may not always be unconscious, or it may not always be simply a reaction to threat; it may be undertaken deliberately in a show of initiative.

undercoating material. While there Becky. as she was ringing up my purchases, told me Dorothy had opened up a new store called the White Picket Fence which was selling antique furniture; as a matter of fact Becky had made some major purchases including an antique feather bed. With plumbing replacement parts in hand I went off to see Dorothy’s new store. As I walked around her new store there was a feeling of coming home again. It wasn’t just that Dorothy was back in business; it was the fact that Dorothy was going to be around again with her special brand of hospitality. The coffee machine was nestled in the corner, ice tea was brewed and cookies spilled over on a dish ready to be consumed by anyone who walked into the store. There were chairs to sit in in front of the store if a person was

ready to share a story or two with others, but only if you had the time and inclination. Dorothy and I found ourselves standing in the store having a discussion with a woman who had just come to Oracle for the first time. She was given a verbal tour of Oracle as Dorothy and I talked about some of the sights she might decide to see including Linda Vista where the artists prepare their artistic creations. I then had to rush off to the post office to send several packages on their way. I met the new arrival to Oracle again at the post office and off we went to Linda Vista as she would most likely have trouble finding it without a guide to lead her there. After a very lengthily discussion with her at Linda Vista, I left to fix the cooler before the temperature got too warm. As I lay sopping wet on the ground beside the

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cooler, putting on the last repair piece, I remembered that I had been working on this repair for almost 16 hours with some rather long breaks in-between. I wondered if this was what others found when they went to repair broken equipment. Somehow I didn’t need to find the answer really; this was how life is in Oracle. You


might find you need to repair a piece of equipment only to find yourself in a discussion with someone about a treasure they had just purchased or hugging a friend in celebration of a new turn in their life or giving a complete stranger time so they might find something new and unexpected. No I didn’t need to think about how

Penni Wyz Boutique

much time this repair took as I tightened the last screw, this was just life in Oracle. This was a way of life that might prove to be hard at times, but at other times it’s as if a sense of peace and wonder is given to you to hold for a moment or two before it brushes by you. And so it goes on the Ranch…

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

November 2011

Washington Irving and the By John Hernandez Halloween has passed, reminding us of ghosts, goblins, monsters, witches and such, not to mention candy. During Halloween week there were many scary movies shown on television to commemorate the holiday. One of the classic ghost stories I

remember seeing as a kid was the Legend of Sleepy Hollow with its scary ghost, the Headless Horseman (not the movie that starred Johnny Depp and was different than the original story written by Washington Irving but an animated film made by Walt Disney Studios). If you were a child

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growing up in the 1950s or 1960s then you probably remember the television show the Wonderful World of Disney. It was while watching that show that I first saw and heard the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Later in school I would read the short story as well as the story of Rip Van Winkle also written by Washington Irving. I always thought that Sleepy Hollow was a made up fictional place. Many years later I would find myself in Sleepy Hollow and visiting the Old Dutch Church and other places mentioned in the story as well as learning about the man who wrote the story. Washington Irving was born on April 3, 1783 the 11th child of EnglishScottish immigrants. It was the same week that Irving’s parents learned of the surrender of the British to the American Army marking the end of the Revolutionary War. They named him Washington in honor of General George Washington. Irving is most famous for his two short stories “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” They are both two of the earliest stories in American Literature and are still read today. He was America’s first international best selling author. Besides encouraging American authors such as Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Edgar Allen Poe, he made contributions to American culture that is still around today. Irving along with his brother William and a friend started a magazine in New York City called Salmagundi. It was a satirical magazine that lampooned the culture and politics of New York. It was the Mad Magazine of its time. In one of the

issues Irving affixed the nick name Gotham to New York City. Gotham was an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning goat’s town. Where would Bruce Wayne and Batman be without Gotham City? Using the name Diedrich Knickerbocker, Irving

wrote A History of New York from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty. It was a satire on local history and contemporary politics. It would become so popular that the name Knickerbocker became synonymous with

Manhattan residents. The New York NBA professional basketball team was named the Knickerbockers although they are more commonly known as the shortened version “Knicks”. A magazine which Irving would write for took the

November 2011

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Legend of Sleepy Hollow hearted English Christmas festivities that had been abandoned and wrote about old English Christmas traditions that would contribute to the revival and new interpretation of how Americans celebrated Christmas. Author Charles Dickens gave credit to Washington Irving as influencing his classic story “A Christmas Carol”. I first visited Sleepy Hollow, New York when

it was known as North Tarrytown. It is a small town on the Hudson River about 25 miles north of Manhattan. My wife Diane was born and raised there. Her family lived on Crane Avenue named for Ichabod Crane one of the main characters of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Many of the town’s street names are named for characters in the book. She attended Sleepy

Hollow High School whose sports teams are called the Horsemen. The town itself was founded in the 1600s. It was first settled by the Dutch. The Headless Horseman came from a Dutch fable which Washington Irving first heard when he visited Tarrytown. The area is rich in history – from the Native Americans who originally lived in the area

to the Dutch, German and English settlers who came and settled along the Hudson River. If you visit the Old Dutch Church and its graveyard you will see graves from the 1600s as well as the graves of soldiers killed in the Revolutionary War and Civil War. General Motors had a large auto plant in North Tarrytown. In the 1980s General Motors

started cutting back and eventually closed the plant laying off many people. The people of North Tarrytown decided to capitalize on the history of the area including the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. They changed the name of the town to Sleepy Hollow in 1996. The area now attracts many tourists. It’s funny how a nearly 200 year old story is still read a nd i mpacting lives.

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name Knickerbocker. It would become the most influential literary magazine in America. In a revision of The History of New York, Irving wrote a dream sequence in which St. Nicholas soared over tree tops in a flying wagon. This creation was later dressed up by others to become Santa Claus. In his “The Sketch Book”, Irving depicted harmonious warm

Page 9 Family Owned and Operated

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

November 2011

Dr. Doris Helmich unanimously selected as interim president of Central Arizona College PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. – Dr. Doris Helmich has been named the interim

president of Central Arizona College. The unanimous decision

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announced by the CAC Governing Board at a future date. Helmich replaces Dennis Jenkins who announced his retirement as president/ CEO on Nov. 1 after serving in the role since July 1, 2007. He spent almost 40 years at the institution. “Central Arizona College is a vital and integral part of Pinal County,” Helmich said. “It is a wonderful institution of higher education that has the ability to serve the many diverse communities that comprise our area. We have outstanding and caring faculty, a first-

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The family of UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions plans includes Part D Prescription Drug Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans featuring the UnitedHealthcare®, AARP®, SecureHorizons®, Evercare® or AmeriChoice® brand names. Plans are insured or covered by an affiliate of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and a Medicare-approved Part D sponsor. If you prefer, you can contact UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions directly for more information or to enroll at 1-800-850-8197, TTY 711 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, 7 days a week. Or visit our Web site at Y0066_100802_141247 CMS Approved 09152010

came during a Pinal County Community College District Governing Board special meeting held on Wednesday, Nov. 2, at CAC’s Signal Peak Campus. Helmich will serve as interim until the conclusion of a nationwide search for a new president. The Governing Board will announce details of her tenure as interim president at the regularly scheduled Governing Board Meeting on Nov. 15 at the Superstition Mountain Campus in Apache Junction, Ariz. Details pertaining to a nationwide search will be

OVEX3245827_000 CB9BC553 •

Dr. Doris Helmich rate staff, and incredible students who are excited about the possibilities of our future.” Helmich said that her immediate goal is to listen and refocus the college on helping students learn. “Creating lifelong

learners is the mission of the college and the reason we exist,” she emphatically stated. CAC’s employees are primed to carry out that mission. “We have many talented faculty and staff members who have terrific ideas,” Helmich stated. “I need to hear those ideas. I need to listen - really listen – and empower our people to be creative and make good decisions. It is time for us to come together as an organization to serve the people of Pinal County to the best of our ability.” Helmich said her leadership philosophy is to serve and that everyone will have a chance to be heard and express their viewpoint. “When all is said and See CAC, Page 11

November 2011

MVS costume parade winners …

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona


uncertainty and doubt that creep into organizations Continued from Page 10 when employees are kept in the dark. done, we will need to put “I want and need to know aside personal agendas and what the community, the make decisions that are employees and the students in the best interest of our think of Central Arizona students and the future of College,” she said. “It is Central Arizona College.” how we will improve.” Helmich recognizes Helmich acknowledged that communication is a that accreditation is a vital key to success and huge priority and that she plans to institute regular will depend on the entire communication efforts faculty and staff to create that help combat the fear,

a systems portfolio worthy of a positive review. “I have confidence that we are able to do this - and to do this with style - with everyone’s participation,” she said. “My vision for CAC is that we can be the best community college in the state by focusing on helping students learn inside and outside of the classroom. Our newlyapproved strategic goals include an emphasis on

Page 11 student learning through access, retention and student completion. Our key indicators for performance on these goals will be shared soon.” Helmich said her goal is to breed a collegial atmosphere where employees are committed to each other’s success that ultimately leads to a highperforming organization focused on helping students learn.

A native New Englander with roots in Rhode Island, Helmich joined the CAC family in 2001 as director of student success, while also spending time in the classroom as an adjunct faculty member. Since 2004 she has served as the dean of students and the chief student affairs officer, holding the title of vice president of student services prior to becoming interim president.

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Did Bobby Manriquez predict his win in the Mountain Vista School’s annual Halloween costume parade? Was Mia Ellis late for her very important date as the second place winner? Did Andrea German turn the judges into stone for gazing upon her head of snakes during her third place showing? These are all questions that enquiring minds want to know. (Submitted photos)

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Service Repair Center • Shuttle Service Available • Discounted Menu Prices

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

November 2011

Mt. Vista School inducts five new members into National Junior Honor Society Five seventh grade students from Mt. Vista School in Oracle were inducted into membership of the National Junior Honor Society. The ceremony was held at the school on Tuesday, Nov. 1, in the evening. The ceremony was attended by the new inductees, current NJHS members, parents, administrators, and board members. The students

conducted the ceremony. Paige Padilla, NJHS President, welcomed those in attendance. Marissa McRae read the poem The World is Mine by Tyneson Guyer. Adriana Berumen spoke to the new members about scholarship, Sammy Buckler spoke about service, Devan Parkhurst spoke about leadership, Emily Soulé spoke about citizenship,

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Oracle Office: (520) 896-9844 • 970 N. Dodge Drive Hours: Mon - Wed - Thurs 8 am-noon & 3-6 pm

Students inducted into the MVS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society are Cody Bradley, Breanna McGinnis, Monique Navarro, Sarah Silva and Jessica Vickery.. (Submitted photo)


Open 7 days a week 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Homes for your lifestyle, designed to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

German Food

during German Weekend Nov. 11-13 2 for 1 Drinks


Solar Homes Inc.

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305 E. American Avenue, Oracle • 520-896-3333 •

and Breanna Chargualaf spoke about character. Desiree Gallarado led the new inductees in the NJHS pledge and principal, Dennis Blauser, conferred the certificates and welcomed the new members. The students inducted were Cody Bradley, Breanna McGinnis, Monique Navarro, Sarah Silva and Jessica Vickery. The new members were selected by a Faculty Council for meeting high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character. National Junior Honor Society members are chosen for and then expected to continue their exemplary contributions to the school and community. The Mountain Vista Middle School Chapter has been active since 2005. Nannette Soulé is the NJHS sponsor. The National Junior Society ranks as one of the oldest and most prestigious national organizations for middle school students. Chapters exist in more than 60 percent of the nation’s middle schools and, since 1929, millions of students have been selected for membership. NJHS is sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which also sponsor the National Honor Society.

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November 2011

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Crossword: On the Go ACROSS 1. Joanne Woodward’s character Eve had three 6. Bag in French 9. SAT, e.g. 13. Positive electrode 14. Taxing job 15. *_____-cross bicycling 16. *Take one up or down 17. Mentally quick 18. Tapestry 19. *Usually illegal while driving 21. *Drive-_______ 23. One of Sinbad’s seven 24. Bluish green 25. London’s Big ___ 28. Musician’s time to shine 30. Large, colorful parrot 34. Bear’s hang-out 36. Pluribus 38. Policeman’s club in

India 40. Sky bear 41. Receive, as in debt 43. Daytime drama 44. Helen in Russian 46. To mark for omission 47. Charlie “Bird” Parker’s sax 48. Parent’s demand 50. Cribbage pieces 52. Acid 53. Italian car maker 55. “For what ___ worth” 57. *It now often costs extra 61. *Share a ride 65. Boredom 66. Charlotte of “Facts of Life” fame 68. This bird gets the worm 69. Dangerous trick 70. Under the weather

Solution to last month’s puzzles

71. Type of simple protein 72. Salad prep 73. Unagi 74. Same as mesotron DOWN 1. *Type of food 2. “Up the ____” 3. Sweet talk 4. Changes, as in written word 5. 7-game ______ in baseball playoffs 6. Slang for heroin 7. *Often free on smartphone 8. Like malicious remark 9. Novice 10. Very light brown 11. Ore smelting byproduct 12. Comedy Central’s “____.O” 15. Relating to the body 20. Campbell or Watts 22. One looking for attention 24. Sometimes difficult to grasp 25. Down in the dumps

26. Between Marquess and Viscount, pl. 27. One born to Japanese immigrants 29. “____ ho!” 31. Home in Spanish 32. Coral reef island 33. “_____ up?” 35. Goes with rave 37. Christmastime 39. *Comes in nano and shuffle versions 42. Roman king’s abode 45. Up to date, French 49. Slob 51. Flow, as in video 54. Eagle’s nest 56. “Star Trek’s” final frontier 57. For fear that 58. To, archaic 59. African migrants 60. “The ____ of Navarone” 61. *Most are now smart 62. Scraps of meal 63. Dish of stewed meat 64. Country singer-songwriter Loretta 67. Type of brew

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Tickle your funny bone Where did we come from?

A little girl asked her mother: ‘How did the human race appear?’ Her mother answered: ‘God made Adam and Eve; they had children; and so was all mankind made.’ Two days later the girl asked her father the same question. Her father answered: ‘Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved.’ The confused girl returned to her mother and said, ‘Mum, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad said they developed from monkeys?’

Look for the solution in the Nov. Crier.

Her mother answered, ‘Well, Dear, it is very simple. I told you about my side of the family, and your father told you about his.’

Page 14

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

November 2011

Health Issues: Vitamins By Dr. Michael Miles Vitamins and minerals are essential for life. They are the “keys” that make our bodies work. At one time vitamins were believed to be vital amines, which is how they got their name. Vitamins and minerals are small molecules that fit into much larger molecules called enzymes. These enzymes function as the factories of our bodies. Some of these enzymes break down incoming materials (food) into its raw

components, while others take these newly acquired raw components and build them into materials that are useful for our own bodies, such as hair and skin and hormones and new enzymes, etc. Ideally all the vitamins we need are provided in the foods that we eat. However, they are very fragile and are destroyed easily when exposed to light and air and heat. It is extremely rare for vitamins to survive in processed/ packaged foods. And, it

is common for vitamins to be lost when foods are cooked. Because vitamins and minerals are vital for life and because they are lost in most of the foods we eat these days, many people have decided to take a multiple vitamin/ mineral supplement on a regular basis. There are a couple of factors to consider when selecting a good supplement. One choice to consider is “natural” versus laboratory-prepared vitamins. Vitamins link



Oracle Office 1812 W. American Ave. •




~ 896-9099 • Se habla Espanol Oracle Listings - Homes

•Solid brick home on 1/3 ac., with oak trees and a spacious backyard. Wood, slate and travertine floors, ceiling fans, wood burning heat. $159,000. •Excellent MH on 2.5 ac. with fantastic views, split floor plan with large MB, block skirting, covered deck. $78,500. •DRASTICALLY REDUCED!! Very well maintained home surrounded by oak trees, lovely fireplace, large kitchen, quiet neighborhood. $79,000. •Over 1 1/2 ac. completely fenced ready for your children, horses & pets, 2 story home with 2 bd upstairs, 2 down. $120,000. •Lovely slump block home high on a hill with unobstructed views, 4 bd, 2 ba in pristine condition. $199,000. •Stunning farmhouse on 3.3 ac in Cherry Valley, horse facilites, garden area, peace and quite, lovely interior details. $325,000.

•Enjoy the wildlife and views from this immaculate home on an acre. So many upgrades inside, flagstone patio. $225,000. •Almost new MH, 3 bd., plus bonus room, large kitchen with lots of cabinets, breakfast bar and DR, 360 deg. views on 2 1/2 ac, horse propoerty. $199,900. •Views in every direction from this lovely MH on 1.25 ac., heated swiming pool, horse property, everything you could want! $195,000. •Beautiful 2300 s.f. MH on 2.5 ac. with amazing views, plenty of room inside and out. $130,000. •Open plan 5bd, 2 ba home on a very private lot with great landscaping, a playhouse and lots more. $178,900. •Nice brick home in school neighborhood, large fenced backyard, large lot, remodeled kitchen. $89,000. •4 bd, 2 story home also includes a rented duplex, home has new AC, carpet & remodeled bath. Only $130,000. •Country living on Hwy 79, 2.49 ac., desert wonderland with private well, fully fenced. $110,000.


103 S HOBE ROAD MLS#: 21113933 Beautiful home built to look like an old farmhouse. This setting among the trees on over 3 acres gives you peace, quiet and privacy. There is a little red barn and horse corrals and a shed and dog run or chicken pen. The other side of the property has a great gardening shed and fertile garden plot fenced in. There are decks and porches on all sides. Inside is a great U-shaped kitchen, bay window in the dining room, fireplace in the living room all with wood floors. Up just a few steps is the master bedroom and full bath. Up a few more steps are the den and 2nd bedroom and full bath. This is a delightful property. $ 325,000

•Commerical property on America Ave. owner has started construction on approximatly 6,000 sq. ft. bldg and is including building materials on site. $145,000. •Choose your own parcel from 1.25 to 3.75 ac., flat, easy to build on, utilities at street. $84,900 to $210,000. •40 ac. for your own ranch, can be split, great investment property. $60,000. •4 view lots, 1.25 ac. each in high view area of Oracle, homes only. Utilities at lot line. 3 lots for $95,000; 1 lot for $96,000.

•REDUCED!! 3.3 ac. on Linda Vista Rd with great views, ready to build, utilities at road. $164,900. •Two Lots with shared well 1.5 ac each. Price reduced to $26,500. •1.25 to 10 ac., buy part or whole, has excellent well, borders State land, no financing necessary, owner will cary. $32,000 - $125,000. •Half acre plus lot with all utilities, paved road, homes only area. $33,000. •Beautiful hilltop views from 5 ac. parcel. Can be split. Horse property. Well Share. $89,500. •Unique .69 ac. parcel, awesome views, no impact fees. $55,000.

•Large home on corner lot, updated with 5 bd, 3 ba, family room. $115,000.

•Large 5 bd home with in-law suite on corner lot, 3 baths & family room, great views. $150,000

San Manuel

Surrounding Area

4182 N ROCKLIFFE BOUL MLS#: 21114576 MH only lived in since Dec 2009. Large kitchen and formal dinning room.Beautiful 360 views of several mountain ranges which include Mount Lemmon and the Galuiro Mountain range, high desert vegetation. Well maintained home with a large front porch to enjoy the peace and quiet, starry nights, sunrises and sunsets. Horse allowed. Storage shed, fenced back yard. Owner considering all offers $ 199,900

•Beautiful wooded 3 ac. lot with like new Cavco MH, great price for this home & land. $94,000. •Great mountain views from this 3.75 ac. south of Mammoth. $47,000. •Just under 44 acres for your own little ranch, hilltop location south of Mammoth. $344,000. •Secluded area with great views, large room addition on mobile, lots of mature trees, 1 1/3 acres. $49,000. •Mammoth Bar, all equipment. $99,000 Liquor license also available. Call for details. •Nice large lot, covered patio, wheel chair ramp, metal skirting on MH, fenced yard. $19,500. •Historic Mercer Ranch, HQ parcel, 47 ac., remodeled home, corrals, hay barn, hanger & airstip., great well. $295,000. •Secluded area with great views, being sold as is for value of 1.3 acres. $39,000.

•3-lots to choose from. Hill top views shared well, horse property, leveled off areas for home sites. Two lots $50,000 each & one lot $70.000. •Hwy 77 and Main, zoned commercial/ residential, water, sewer and electric at property line. Leveled off pad area, great views. Owner will carry. 2.1 ac. Price reduced to $24,500. •Beautiful MH with fantastic views and 3.3 ac. to spread out in, well, fireplace, large MB, $125,000. •REDUCED!! Stunning views from this elevated property on high side of Redington Rd. Can be split. 8.48 ac $149,500. •Beautiful views, 37 ac in secluded area, State land on 2 sides, zoned for site build or MH. $250,000. •4 lots with great mountain views, lots range from .34 to .60 ac. Lot 2 is $12,500, other lots are $14,500.

up with their enzymes much like a person shakes hands when greeting another person. So, a vitamin is like a hand. It comes in many forms. There are right hands and left hands and open hands and closed hands. The hands that fit perfectly for hand shaking are the open, right hands. The other forms don’t work as well. In nature the less useful vitamin forms are filtered out, leaving only the useful ones to do the work (like the open, right hands). In the laboratory all the various forms of the vitamin are LAND LISTINGsThis NOTdilutes IN AD preserved. the effectiveness of those pills. An example of this is found with Vitamin E. There are many forms of Vitamin E. The d-alphatocopherol form is the dominant one used in nature. Most laboratory-

produced Vitamin E is mixed with all of its forms and designated dl-alpha-tocopherol. So, look for the “d” form when shopping for Vitamin E to assure optimal benefit. Now, what about minerals? Minerals rarely exist on their own in the body. They are usually connected to carrier proteins. I think of these carrier proteins as the trucks that carry in a supply of minerals. And, as I am fond of saying, “Some truck drivers know where they are going, and some don’t.” Some of the better carrier proteins these days are citric acid (citrate), malic acid (malate), and picolinic acid (picolinate), as in “calcium citrate” or “zinc picolinate.” Another factor to consider when selecting

a supplement is that capsules are less likely than tablets to have added ingredients such as binders and coloring. These added ingredients are usually considered somewhat toxic by the body and need extra energy to process. So, whether you are addressing a specific condition or simply supplementing to compensate for a deficiency in our food supply, when selecting vitamins and minerals look for clues that will indicate a good product. Look for d-alphatocopherol Vitamin E and/or calcium citrate and/or zinc picolinate on the bottle. These will give you an idea of the overall integrity of the company you’re dealing with and give you optimal benefit from your dollars spent.

the two old men wind their way slowly through the Continued from Page 4 sculpture garden as if they •.34 acre with concrete slabs and a single car garage/work area $61,000. are making a pilgrimage neck andnewwanted to feed. •One acre with access off Linda Vista, boulders, views, to the life sized elk statue. trees. $105,000. With her child suckling •7.14 ac. in Oracle with 360 deg. views. Can be split, horsesAlmost allowed, as if they cannot the mother elk remained MH or site built ok. $150,000. really believe they are .•1.25 ac. Flatand usable,motionless. homes only area, horsesShe allowed. $59,500. calm •Just over 1 ac with beautiful views, very private. Utilities in. doing such a thing they watched me continuously $39,000. •1ac. inIhomes only area with fantastic views & naturalreach out haltingly to as tiptoed softly and features. $69,900. touch slowly through rest ofon, utilities •Great lot in center of Oracle.the Ready to build at lot the giant bronze line.the $31,900. beast. The old men stretch herd. One elk stood up •Corner lot .48 ac zoned commerical. Easy access to American Ave. running away, their fingers, expecting andand Hwy 77.startled, $35,000. •Sunrise, sunset and Catalina Mountain range all in your view fromfur this 1instead of metal. They ac. nearly lot. $79,900. causing two or three touch the life sized elk •Best price for to 5 in Oracle can be split, others thearea, same. I shared well. Reduced to $44,900 statue, look at each other braced the stampede •4 lots, 1.25 ac. for each, custom home area. Owner will carry. Submit offers. $82,000. and smile, expressing but I only had another •Horse Property! Build your home or put a manufactured home on this great themselves with wordless get beyond the last 3.34step ac $109,000. nods. Perhaps the silence tree and step back into the has been practiced, hours meadow with the beaver of quiet sitting in the dam and gurgling creek. The rest of the elk lay back hunter’s lair, waiting for the ambush. Maybe down. everything there is to Those are the memories say, every joke, every I am thinking about while

story, every insight has been said before, during countless conversations over thousands of roaring campfires. Perhaps the most important things will never be said. How our time on this earth is finite. How every breath is measured. How every heart beat no matter how wild and excited or calm and serene moves us one step closer to that inevitable ending. Then there is the elk. There is the bond between the men and the elk. There is the bond between the two men as they work to together to chase the elk. Is there any need to mention how the pursuit of an animal so magnificent becomes a religious quest eventually. The old men smile and nod silently. There is no need for words because surely somewhere in the forest a beautiful brute of a bovine beast calls with a tremendous bugle - fur, hoof, antler and bone quivering with the song of the mountain as it echoes from stone to stone.


Trans-Atlantic Cruise & European Tour

* Departs March 17, 2012 22 Days from $1999 Surrounding Listings not in Ad

Experience the history, culture, and beauty of the Caribbean, Madeira, Alicante and Barcelona before you discover the best of Italy on our 22 day Trans-Atlantic Cruise and Italy Tour aboard MSC’s elegant Poesia. Save up to $800 per couple on oceanview balcony cabins!

Inside (1)

Oceanview (5) Balcony (6) •Large well-kept home, great views, 3 bd, 3ba, 616 sq.Supr. ft. Balcony (9)

$2099 $2399 $2699 $2899

$1999 $2099 $2299 $2499

basement with its own entrance, rock fireplace with pellet stone insert, large 500fees. sq.ft. beauty withCST # 102141920 *PPDO,RV pluscarport $348 tax, includes service, andagov’t Add-on airfareshop available. equipment. $249,000. details! •5 bd. home on 40 ac. on Redington Rd., qualityCall home, for artesian well. Views. $250,000 •2 view lots, city water, sewer, paved roads. $16,500 each. Please mention: TN111642 •2 bd, 2ba MH on 3 ac., Lots of trees and privacy, home in great condition. $99,000. •Spectacular 7 ac. in Aravaipa Canyon, well and septic


November 2011

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Oracle Union Church sets breakfast date Come out and enjoy a tasty treat while nattering with neighbors on Saturday, Nov. 19, from 7 – 11 a.m., when the Oracle Union Church will be hosting an all you can eat breakfast and rummage sale. Biscuits, sausage gravy, scrambled eggs with ham, orange juice, tea and coffee. Mm … There’s very little in life that feels better in the morning than tucking into a breakfast that you don’t have to cook


Continued from Page 5 Arnold Nelson and James Walsh. John Wasley of Oracle received a nice surprise when his daughter Teri and grandson Nathan flew in from California to see John and compete in the race. “If I had known they were coming,” John said, “I would have trained harder.” They both finished ahead of him. The 2012 Oracle Run will be the 30th consecutive year the race has been held. Race Director Darrell


yourself; but, the folks at Oracle Union Church have found a way to make it even nicer than usual. The cost of attending and enjoying this bountiful breakfast is $5 for adults, $3.50 for children under 12 and free for children under five. The breakfast and rummage sale will benefit the church. Meanwhile, the fine ladies of the church will be holding a bake sale, the proceeds of which will be used

Klesch will be planning something special for this occasion. The Southern Arizona Roadrunners (SAR) have already placed next year’s race on their calendar. Once again it will be one of their Grand Prix races. The 2012 Oracle Run will be Saturday, Oct. 27. For more information about SAR visit their website at www. Let’s make next years race a bigger and better event.




Furnace Start-Ups Furnace Filters Complete Replacements Licensed Contractor #35743 FAST, RELIABLE RADIO DISPATCHED

RV STATION Propane * Water Waste * Trash

Complete line of plumbing SupplieS

•Faucets•Sinks•Toilets •Copper pipe & fittings•Traps & drain pipe•Sewer pipe & fittings•PVC pipe & fittings•Plumbing tools•Water heaters•Plumbing part•Submersible pumps & related items


FAX: 896-9580 3835 W. hWY. 77, ORACLE

to purchase Christmas gifts for children held in Pinal County Protective

Services, as well as to help needy families during the Christmas holidays.

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FREE ADS! Details Business

Non-commercial word ads are free for items up to $500. Free ads are limited to 20 words. *

If your ad is more than 20 words, the charge is $5 for another 10 words. **

All commercial ads are a flat $5.00 for 10 words.**

* Rates are per month. Free ads must be resubmitted each month for inclusion. *Please note, ads are charged in 10 word increments whether or not you use all 10 words.

Advertise in the Crier Call (520) 385-2266 Oracle

Psalm 1:2

Church Directory Assembly of God ORACLE

Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Evening Service 6 p.m. Wednesday 7 p.m. Thursday Royal Rangers 5 p.m. Pastor Jack Siddle, Jr. Residence 896-2507

Living Word Chapel 3941 W. Hwy. 77, Oracle 896-2771 • 896-9020

Sunday: First Service 9:00 a.m. Fellowship Time 10:30-11:00a.m. Second Service 11 a.m. Children & Youth classes available for both services

Pastor James Ruiz

Oracle Union Church

Oracle Church of Christ

2425 El Paseo 896-2452 896-2067 Sunday Bible Study • 10 am Worship • 11 am

Oracle Seventh-Day Adventist Church 2150 Hwy. 77, Oracle

Saturday: Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. Pastor John Roybal

First Baptist Church American Way, Oracle 520-808-3171 Pastor Ray Lott

Sunday: American Ave., Oracle • 896-2544 School 9:30 a.m. Near Mt. Lemmon Turnoff Fellowship 10:30 a.m. “A community church for a world community.” Morning Worship 11 a.m. Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Free food distribution Pastor: Dr. Ed Nelson 2nd Tuesday, 11 a.m.

To be included in the monthly church listing, call the Oracle Towne Crier 385-2266.

Place an Ad Call:

(520) 385-2266 Email: Adoptions BIRTHMOTHER, Your feelings matter! Creative, optimistic married couple hope to create trusting relationship with you for baby’s future. Legal. Confidential. Expenses paid. Text/Call Kathy & Eugene. 646-339-8326. (AzCAN)

Help Wanted NEED A CDL? Need a job? Careers starting at $40k/year. As little as 4 weeks. Call Southwest Truck Driver Training, 602-352-0704 (located in Phoenix). (AzCAN) DRIVER: Build your own hometime! Part-time, Full-time, Express & Casual lanes! Daily or Weekly pay. Modern equipment! CDL-A, 3 months recent experience required. 800-414-9569. (AzCAN) ADVERTISE YOUR JOB Opening in 87 AZ newspapers. Reach over 1 million readers for ONLY $330! Call this newspaper or visit: (AzCAN) SEE YOURSELF making 6-figures? Our top earners do! We can help you get there. Family-owned Arizona-based trucking company looking for Owner Operators with/ without equipment. Great freight, newer fleet, 24/hr driver support w/competitive pay, benefits package. 877-2074662. (AzCAN)

Instruction ALLIED HEALTH career training. Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-481-9409. (AzCAN) AIRLINES ARE HIRING. Train for high paying Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-314-5370. (AzCAN)


EARN COLLEGE DEGREE ONLINE. *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SHEV certified. Call 888-216-1541. www. (AzCAN)

Real Estate

uManufactured Homes

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November 2011

RLV OracleArt concert a fun evening By John Hernandez The Saturday evening performance by Dawn Avery and Larry Mitchell was an enjoyable and special evening for those that attended the benefit concert for Rancho Linda Vista Arts. It was even more special for the kids in the RLV music program as they got to jam with Dawn and Larry to close the show. How inspiring for these kids to play with Grammy Award winning and Grammy nominee recording artists. Oracle’s own “Diamond” Jim Hewitt played some nice violin along with Mitchell and Avery. He also was the sound technician for the concert. Avery started the show with a Mohawk thanksgiving and healing ceremony engaging the audience while explaining the meaning of the

ceremony and its tradition. As Dawn spoke to the audience, Larry played some nice mellow guitar sounds. Dawn then joined him on cello creating an almost spiritual sound which blended well with the ceremonial blessing. They then played music from their album “Our Fire”, a compilation of Native American contemporary songs. Dawn sang in both Mohawk and English. Dawn’s music is hard to label. It is a blend of folk, smooth jazz, Native American sounds, classical and other genres. The audience also got a sneak preview of a new album they are recording. They were the first group to hear one of the songs from the CD. Dawn and Larry have been at Rancho Linda Vista for over a week now and have been recording the new CD

Native American dance. The concert ended with the kids from the RLV Arts jamming with Dawn, Larry and Jim on a song. People then got to meet at a makeshift studio in the and talk with Dawn and Wilson Barn. It is an album of meditative music and will Larry. Their CD “Our Fire” was for sale with an be out the first of the year. While the music wasRING LE autograph if requested. You can listen to Dawn’s playing, Dawn ledAaTEgroup AB C AIL music and purchase from the audience in a AV her recordings at www.

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November 2011 Oracle Towne Crier  
November 2011 Oracle Towne Crier  

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