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“Almost all the news, part of the time.” Volume 3, Number 3

July 2013


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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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Pinal County Sheriff’s Report The Pinal County Sheriff’s Report is taken from the daily logs, based on the information provided by deputies. All persons arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. June 7 Marcos Samuel Nieto, 35, Oracle, was arrested in the 2200 block of W. Calle Encanto, Oracle, and was charged with aggravated assault on a minor. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail in Florence. Burglary was reported in the 2200 block of W. Calle Grato, Oracle. June 9 Theft was reported in the 400 block of N. Robles Rd., Oracle. June 10 Criminal damage was reported in the 800 block of N. La Mariposa Pl., Oracle. A sliding glass door was broken. June 11 An accident with injuries was reported in the 1400 block of N. Calle Granada, Oracle. Criminal damage was reported at the main gate for SaddleBrooke Ranch, Oracle. An unknown person driving a black vehicle drove through the

gate arm. June 12 An accident without injuries was reported in the area of E. Highway 77, Oracle. A vehicle struck a deer. June 14 Burglary was reported in the 1100 block of S. Mt. Lemmon Rd., Oracle. June 16 Joshua Robert Hendrickson, 31, Oracle, was arrested and charged with fighting/disruptive behavior and failure to appear. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. July 19 Theft of copper was reported in the 2200 block of W. Beverly Circle, Oracle. July 20 Kenny D. Whitten, 31, Oracle, was arrested in the 1700 block of N. Sunset, Oracle, and was charged with aggravated harassment. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. A grass fire was reported in the 200 block of N. Timberline Rd., Oracle. The fire engulfed two sheds before being extinguished by Oracle Fire Department. June 21 Theft of a car stereo was reported in the 1500 block

of W. American Ave., Oracle. June 22 Jesus Francisco Valenzuela Jr., 53, Oracle, was arrested in the 2700 block of Rockliffe, Oracle, and was charged with disorderly conduct. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Theft of miscellaneous items from a garage was reported in the area of N. Donald Dr., Oracle. June 24 Burglary was reported in the area of N. Justice Dr., Oracle. June 25 A counterfeit $100 bill was turned over to Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputies by a clerk at the “middle” Circle K, Oracle. June 27 Burglary was reported in the 2000 block of W. Calle Encanto, Oracle. June 28

Burglary from a vehicle was reported in the 32000 block of S. Biosphere Rd., Oracle. July 1 Brandon Jocalbe Miller, 26, Oracle, was arrested in the 2700 block of N. Rockliffe Blvd., Oracle, and was charged with aggravated assault. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail. Theft of a debit card was reported in the 1100 block of N. Hunter Cir., Oracle. July 2 Robert Scott McGille, 30, Benson, was arrested in the 300 block of Pablo Ct., Oracle, and was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of dangerous drugs, possession of dangerous drugs for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was transported and booked into the Pinal County Jail.

Oracle TRIAD Coalition

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or s

We have very attractive rates available. Please call (520) 385-2266 for more information.

July 2013

TRIAD is a cooperative project composed of seniors, Pinal County Attorney’s Office, Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, Pinal-Gila Council for Senior Citizens, and other community partners who are dedicated to preventing the victimization of seniors, improving their quality of life and reducing consequences associated with abuse and misuse of prescription medications and alcohol. Community members are welcome. Call to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

July 2013

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Arizona’s First Olympian By Gary Every Special to the Crier Lewis Tewanima was Arizona’s first Olympian.  Tewanima was born in Shungopovi on the Hopi mesas in 1877.  Legend has it that as a young man, Tewanima used to run from the Hopi Mesas almost 60 miles to Winslow just to watch the trains roll past and then run back home, covering well over 100 miles in a single day.  When he was asked about this later, Tewanima just shrugged and said, “It was summer time, the days were longer.”  As a young man he was sent to the Carlisle Indian school in Pennsylvania where he ran for the track team.  One of his teammates was Jim Thorpe.  The Carlisle track team was coached by the legendary Pop Warner.  While running for Carlisle, Tewanima once missed a train carrying the team to a track meet.  Tewanima ran 18 miles to the athletic event and then placed second in a two mile race.  Jim Thorpe once wrote about his legendary Hopi teammate, “I recall the day Carlisle had a dual meet with the Lafayette College 20 man team.  We had only three Indians, me, Frank Mount Pleasant, and Lewis Tewanima.  Tewanima’s reply was ‘Me run fast good.  All Hopi’s run fast good.’”  It was common for Carlisle’s three man team of super athletes to compete in track meets against school with 20 or 30 athletes and win the track meet anyways. One hundred years ago Tewanima ran in the 1908 Olympics in London, representing Arizona while it was still a Territory and becoming Arizona‘s first Olympian.  Tewanima competed in the marathon

Lewis Tewanima (Photo can be found online at finishing ninth. The 1912 Olympics were held in Stockholm, Sweden.  Jim Thorpe won the 1912 Olympic decathlon and was crowned “greatest athlete in the world.”  Arizona had only just become a state and did not have to wait long for their first Olympic medal when Lewis Tewanima won silver in the 10,000 meters.  His time of 32 minutes and 6.6 seconds set an American record that stood for over a half century.  After 50 years it took another Olympics and another Native American to break the record.  At the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Billy Mills from a reservation in South Dakota set a new American record in the 10,000 meters. After winning his Olympic medal, Tewanima became a national celebrity for

a short time, including a ticker tape parade in New York City. Tewanima chose to abandon the limelight and returned to Second Mesa on the Hopi Lands, adopting the traditional shepherding and farming lifestyle of the Hopi, content to grow corn, melons, and beans.  According to author Leo W. Banks, Tewanima rarely left the Hopi reservation but made an exception in 1954 when an all time great American Olympic team was selected and celebrated at New York’s Waldorf Astoria in 1954.  For the 66 year old Tewanima it was his first airplane trip.  While other more experienced travelers battled air sickness, Tewanima puffed calmly on his cigar and enjoyed the flight.  Again Olympics, Page 11

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

And so it goes at the ranch …

Firefighters from the Oracle Fire Department were able to capture and relocate this huge rattlesnake. (Sigrid Settle photos)

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By Sigrid Settle Special to the Crier With the breath of warmer air blowing across Oracle, I found myself on my daily walk with the dogs, looking at the green leaves bursting forth on the trees, the prickly pear cactus opening their buds to show bright yellow flowers that had been waiting for the warm air to release them from their cocoons and hummingbirds flitting about seeming joyous as to the smells that emanated from the awakening foliage. The daily walks started becoming a ritual of almost reverent anticipation discovering each new event that unfolded before me and filling me with an overwhelming feeling of joy.   And so it was the

July 2013

other afternoon, I was awaiting the arrival of my nephew and his friend from Okinawa, Japan, reminiscing in my mind how beautiful the environment around me had become, as I opened the chicken coop to give my ever-optimistic chicken, who yearly tries to hatch unfertilized eggs, an afternoon feed of scratch and lay crumble only to find another sign of the warmer weather, a gigantic rattlesnake nestled securely in one of the chicken boxes.  It was difficult to tell exactly how long this visitor was  as he was tightly coiled in that box  taking a nap and not interested in moving out of its cool, shady location.   I  didn’t check my chicken to see if she had been injected with a Ranch, Page 11

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July 2013

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

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Summer reading at Oracle Library: delightful, delicious, downright scary By Suzan Austin Look for these titles among the selection of books at Oracle Public Library. Delightful A Week in Winter by Maeve Binchy. The late, beloved Irish writer’s last novel. The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection by Alexander McCall Smith. The world-famous detective,

Clovis Andersen, helps Mma Ramotswe solve a case. Classified by Fern Michaels. Four Charleston women embark on new lives. Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews. While attending court-mandated group therapy, a media star bonds with three fellow patients and helps them find closure

and justice. Delicious Cook the Books by Jessica Conant-Park. After a painful breakup with boyfriend Josh, Chloe Carter finds a job as an assistant cookbook writer until the death of a friend and expert chef brings Josh back into her life. Bone Appetit by Carolyn Haines. In the midst of a

Diaper Bag: News from the Family First Pregnancy Care Center Looking for something cool to do during the heat of summer? You might consider bringing your toddlers to our Story Time on Wednesdays from 10-11 am here at our center. And free classes in our Earn While You Learn program are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Material assistance is available by taking a class.   The classes we offer in the center revolve around

pregnancy, childcare and development, building communication and good relationships in families, discipline issues, and life skills. They are easy, often fun, and can offer encouragement and support. Our center is located at 1575 W. American Ave. and is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Sp o r ts P hys i c a ls

You can also call us at

520-896-9545 or check us out at www.familyfirstpcc. org.

Monday, July 22 • 8 a.m. to noon Tuesday, July 23 • 8 a.m. to noon

1870 W. American Ave., Oracle 896-2092 Tuesday, July 23 • 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 24 • 8 a.m. to noon

23 McNab Parkway, San Manuel 385-2234

Sun Life Family Health Center

cook-off at a posh spa, PI Sarah Booth Delaney gets embroiled in murder when the beauty contest/cook-off’s top contender is poisoned. Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson. Aspen’s favorite cater and sometimes sleuth, Goldy Bear, digs into a smorgasbord of murder, arson, and… nine adorable beagle puppies! Watch for Davidson’s latest book, The Whole Enchilada, and add

Goldy’s newest recipes to your collection. Downright scary Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz. The 11th book in the Odd Thomas series has Odd chasing a rogue truck driver, banding together with an eccentric group of allies to stop a sociopath. Koontz at his creepy best! Joyland by Stephen King. College student Devin Jones comes to work as a carny

in a small-town amusement park and confronts the legacy of a vicious murder. This is King’s latest book. Out of Range by Hank Steinberg. A husband searches for his missing wife – and the secrets of their marriage – and enters a dangerous work of international espionage. A debut thriller from the creator of the TV series “Without a Trace.”

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Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

July 2013

Ask Evaline: What do we know about Oracle in 1930 - 1950?

By Evaline Auerbach Special to the Crier While most of the history of Oracle shared locally has recounted the early history from 1880 (or before) through the 1920’s, some people have asked “Don’t you have anything on the 30‘s and 40‘s?” Now, because Phil Hunt, a resident of Derby, Kansas, has been in touch with the Oracle Historical Society and generously shared both the story of his time in Oracle and pictures taken by his parents, we can get a look at some of the area in 1946 and 47. Phil’s father, in those years, was employed by Weneger Drilling, under contract to Anaconda Copper Company, to drill test holes for the mine at Red Hill. That mine, of


course, became the San Manuel Mine and San Manuel, the town, was built from the ground up as a “company town” in the early to mid 1950’s. But what was it like for 7 year old Phil Hunt to be in the Oracle area in the late 40s? At the age of six, having just moved to the Oracle area, he started school, first grade, at Tiger, although his family did not, officially live in that town. The crew working on exploration for the San Manuel Mine lived at an encampment called “Red Hill” which had a store and other amenities for the benefit of those who lived near it. His parents lived in their trailer, a bare-bones sort of trailer home from

Assembly of God 1145 Robles Rd., ORACLE 520-896-2408

9:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. 6 p.m.

Wednesday night services postponed through the summer months.

Pastor Nathan Hogan

Living Word Chapel 3941 W. Hwy. 77, Oracle 896-2771 • 896-9020

Saturday Service:

mine was a worthwhile venture (much as Oracle Ridge Mine was explored recently and Copper Creek is being explored.) After the Hunts had been there for about a year, their trailer was moved

Psalm 1:2

Church Directory Sunday School Morning Worship Evening Service

which they had to go to a separate building for showers. Their trailer and others provided the housing for the Inspiration crew while they drilled test holes to determine whether the proposed copper

6:00 p.m.

(except 5th Saturday of the month)

Sunday: First Service 9:00 a.m. Fellowship Time 10:30-11:00a.m. Second Service 11 a.m. Children & Youth classes available for both services

Pastor James Ruiz

Oracle Church of Christ

2425 El Paseo 896-2452 896-2067 Sunday Bible Study • 10 am Worship • 11 am

Hunt Home c. 1946 A nieghbor, seated, and Mrs. Hunt, Phil’s mother on the phone with her back turned are pictured. (From the Phil Hunt Collection)

Arizona Express that “Curly” Neal had most recently used to transport guests and others from Tucson to Oracle and Mammoth, and back again. In fact Mr. Neal’s death in 1926 had been caused by a freak accident where the car he was fixing fell on him— but probably not this car. At the relatively new [Fall, 1938] Oracle school, a three-room adobe. [See sidebar] he attended a combined first and second grade class. He recalls at least three schoolmates from his second year in school, which was He Continued on Page 7

Evaline Auerbach

Buckle up.

Oracle Seventh-Day Adventist Church

We’d hate to meet you by accident.

2150 Hwy. 77, Oracle

Saturday: Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. Pastor John Roybal

First Baptist Church American Way, Oracle 520-808-3171 Pastor Ray Lott

Sunday: School 9:30 a.m. American Ave., Oracle • 896-2544 Fellowship 10:30 a.m. Near Mt. Lemmon Turnoff Morning Worship 11 a.m. “A community church for a world community.” Free food distribution Worship Service 10:30 a.m. 2nd Tuesday, 1 p.m. Pastor: Dr. Ed Nelson

To be included in the monthly church listing, call the Oracle Towne Crier 385-2266.

What’s the rush? We’ll be there when you really need us. 2285 E. Rancho Vistoso Blvd. Oro Valley

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Oracle Union Church

to Oracle, to the grounds of the old Mt. View Hotel (now the Baptist Church). Mrs. Hunt did not drive and she wanted to live in town. One other trailer was parked on the grounds as well, but Phil does not know who owned that. When Phil came back in 1995 to look at the places where he had lived, played and attended school, he found that the tree which the Hunt trailer parked beneath had gone, but that shoots were again growing. He recalled Annie Neal, since her husband’s death the sole owner of the place, lived in the building that had been the hotel, along with another lady. His parents took a picture of him in front of the hotel, so we now have a look at this Oracle landmark in a different decade that previously shown. Though the house across highway 77 (American Avenue) that had been the Neals’ home was standing, he says that the Diaz family lived there. He does not know whether it was still owned by Annie Neal. Phil also recalls, through another picture, the Family Owned and Operated

July 2013

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Page 7

Oracle at the end of the 40s: a story of a 7 year-old had been in touch with one of those classmates, JoAnn Basteen (sp?), now Striplin, whose father, he recalled, was the postmaster at the post office - now Dr. Bunch’s office building. Another classmate was Billy Lackner whose father owned the ranch that has since become the grounds for Biosphere 2. He confirms that Billy’s father was a dentist who went to Tucson frequently to practice his trade. The other schoolmate was Frankie Diaz whose family who lived in the former Neal Home. He remembers his teacher, Mrs. Mills, at the Oracle School.

So, what would Phil Hunt look at if he were to return to Oracle today. Among other things, he would like to see the condition of the Mt. View Hotel. He says that he was sad to note in his previous trip that the building behind the main one had been torn down and that the building left did not have its balconies any more. He would also try to locate the place where his family’s trailer was parked. At the school, he would look to see if the bell he remembers atop those adobe rooms was still there. He would also like to know if anyone remembers Mrs. Mills. CORRECTION: The

Drill Rig at Red Hill or Tiger. (From the Phil Hunt Collection) June article “Ask Evaline” contained a “name change” for the first Oracle Postmaster. Actually,

he was James Branson, Postmaster without a dedicated post office from December 28, 1880 to

April 24, 1883. Evaline Jones Auerbach is a founding board member, twice President and Historic Member of the Oracle Historical Society. If you wish to

contact her with questions or information for future articles, please email, call (520) 610-8742 or write 2045 W. Paseo Redondo, Oracle.

The Oracle School

Phil Hunt (small boy to the right) is pictured neat the water tank for the trailers on Red Hill. Hunt’s father is pictured in the center (man with his arms folded) The other man in the photo is unidentified. (From the Phil Hunt Collection)

Phil Hunt (small boy to the right) is pictured in front of the Red Hill Trailer Camp Store with his parents. (From the Phil Hunt Collection)

From an article by Benice Crosulich, Arizona Daily Star Jan. 15, 1939: [the following lines are the entire headline of that article:] CHARMED LIFE IS RESIDENTS’ GIFT TO ORACLE Benefactions of William Trowbridge and Others Protect Village COMMUNITY IS ALL A “Oneness” of purpose Pervades Unique Settlement of 40 years “The newest thing in Oracle is its community school; given it this fall by [William] Trowbridge. That gift was just in the nick of time, for the old building’s walls [Steward library; now apartments] were bulging, its foundations insecure and the growing number of students had spilled down the road into the old Masonic home [formerly the Steward House, now Grace Manor]. Today [1939] the 94 children go to classes in as modern a structure as could be built, but one which does not clash with the feeling of Oracle’s settled age. Its three rooms have modern lighting, heating, and open into a hall in such wise that the hall becomes a stage where community plays are given. “No imported laborers worked on that school. It was a community business in which local, unemployed labor was given a chance to earn, but also to put its spirit into the project.” This school was added onto over time and became known as the Oracle Ridge School. It is at the corner of Mt. Lemmon Rd. and Cody Loop north.

Page 8

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Crossword: The Forties ACROSS 1. American Mennonite 6. Woolen cap of Scottish origin 9. Mountain lake formed by glaciers 13. Buckwheat dish 14. Back then 15. It sometimes follows nausea 16. Irritate or bother 17. *Betty Grable was known for one and the other 18. Historical period 19. *1940s Bomb type 21. Dissimilar 23. Message in a bottle? 24. *Eastern group 25. Digital audiotape 28. Dry riverbed 30. Knickknack 35. Applications 37. Fusses or stirs 39. Gibson garnish 40. Actress Sorvino 41. *Japanese-Americans from this state were interned, abbr.

43. Ghana money 44. Sinbad the Sailor’s home 46. Past times 47. Aquarium organism 48. Iroquois tribe 50. Understands 52. *Month when Pearl Harbor was attcked 53. Go to and fro 55. One who plays for the University of Utah 57. *Chinese MarxistLeninist 60. *New Middle Eastern country 63. Hue perception 64. H+, e.g. 66. Be of use 68. News _____ 69. French lake 70. The third canonical hour 71. Polio vaccine developer 72. Shakespearean verb ending 73. Portfolio content

DOWN 1. Also known as 2. Supernatural life force 3. Negative contraction 4. Drives away 5. Barn loft 6. Barber’s supply 7. Sensitive subject? 8. Ski bump 9. Serengeti antelope 10. Every which way 11. Usually served brown or white 12. To the ___ degree 15. *Fastening invention 20. Newton or Stern, e.g. 22. “Just kidding!” 24. Science of living organisms 25. *Disney’s unlikely flyer 26. From the East 27. To the point 29. *June 6, 1944 31. Ancient Peruvian

32. *Where Jackie played, Ebbets _____ 33. Elks’ hangout 34. *Widely considered first computer 36. Delhi dress 38. Your majesty 42. Unborn vertebrate 45. Gather on the surface, in chemistry 49. Grass bristle 51. Layers 54. Like a gymnast 56. Roof overhang, pl. 57. “Nana” author 58. Twelfth month of Jewish civil year 59. Jerk 60. Mark of a ruler 61. Listening devices 62. Bloodsucking parasites 63. *Murrow covered WWII for it 65. ___meal for breakfast 67. Tennis do-over

Solution to last month’s puzzle

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July 2013

Tickle your funny bone

July 2013

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Page 9

Grandfather, grandson bring home trophies By John Hernandez Waldo Sanchez has been body building for over 30 years. He has won numerous competitions around the country. He has been semi-retired but when his grandson was asked to compete in a competition, he decided to work out and train along with him. Xavier Sanchez is only 10 years old. He has been training for one year. In March he and his grandfather entered two bodybuilding contests. Xavier entered his first bodybuilding contest at the Tucson Classic. Xavier finished in first Place in the Kid’s Division. Waldo finished in first Place in the Ultra Masters Division (ages 60-69). They then both entered the Arizona Copper Classic in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Xavier again took first place in the Kid’s Division. Waldo took first place in the Ultra Masters Division and third in the Heavyweight Open Division. Two other members of Waldo’s Gym in Oracle placed at the Copper Classic. Soriano Maes took second Place Novice and second Place in the Middleweight Open Class. Terry Stager finished in third

builds self esteem, and keeps them off the streets. Waldo’s Gym is unique in that members can work out at their leisure and a time that is good for them. Members have 24

hour access to the gym seven days a week. Family memberships are available. If you would like to join or find out more information about Waldo’s Gym contact Waldo at 520-334-7658

Xavier and Waldo Sanchez show off their trophies from recent competitions. (John Hernandez photo) Place in the Ultra Masters Division. Waldo’s Gym is one of the few gyms in Arizona that enters bodybuilding contests as a team. Having all four members of the gym that entered the Copper Classic come home with trophies is

Saving enough for


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quite an accomplishment. Waldo says he is going to retire from competition and concentrate on training others. Waldo has another grandson and sons who

have competed and placed in bodybuilding contests. He would like to see more kids get involved in bodybuilding. He said it teaches them discipline,

Waldo Sanchez, Xavier Sanchez and Soriano Maes (Submitted photo)

ACTOS? If you have been taking ACTOS (Pioglitazone) and have been diagnosed with

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Page 10

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

Health Issues: Swimmer’s Ear By Dr. Michael Miles Special to the Crier I was driving through San Manuel the other day with a friend. He saw some kids walking in the afternoon heat and commented that he thought every child in town should be in the swimming pool on hot summer days like these. That comment generated this article.

Swimmer’s Ear is a common condition in summer months. It is so common that many ear, nose and throat doctors believe that every individual will experience some form of Swimmer’s Ear during their lifetime. Basically, it is inflammation of the outer ear canal. This inflammation can be

July 2013

caused by an infection (either bacterial or fungal) or by some skin disease that swells up the canal. Because of the abundance of nerves in the canal, it can be quite painful. The skin lining the external ear canal is also very thin. It can easily be torn, especially when introducing foreign objects like Q-tips, sticks, paper



Oracle Office 1812 W. American Ave. •




222 E. 5TH STREET MLS#: 21230988 This is a one of kind home that can only be appreciated by viewing what lies behind the walls. This remarkable home has many upgrades and provides a showroom quality. Slip away to your own private Oasis in your own backyard. Upgrades include new ac-heater unit, new roof with hot fiberglass and cool coating, water softner, pre-wired phone lines, surround sound, satellite, ceiling fans and many more upgrades. Seller will pay $2,000 of buyer’s s closing cost. $129,000.

~ 896-9099 • Se habla Espanol Oracle Listings - Homes

•Beautiful 100 year old oak trees surround this 2 bdrm, 3 ba block built home on .85 ac. $207,000. •Incredible remodel 3 bdrm, 3 ba home, everything in this home has been redone, upgraded and/or replaced. $169,900. •2 bedrm, 2 ba, quality strawbale constructed home on 3.25 ac of wood oak paradise. $315,000. •3 bdrm, 2 ba, 2 car garage, private hilltop, pride of ownership on almost 1/2 acre, Mtn views, shed/ workshop, move in ready in Oracle! $156,000. •Very well maintained 1.25 with 2bd/2ba, rock ramada, workshop, new roof. $79,000.

•Stunning Southwest style home, 3 bd, 2 ba with adobe walls on 1.75 acres, fully lanscaped, completely remoded. $385,000. •2bd/1ba on private 1 acre lot, quite neighborhood, wooden picket fence around front yard, trees, irises, wild life and views provide sweet serenity. $134,900. •Well maintained block home, fenced in backyard with nice trees, room addition can be used as family room/ sun room with a separate office/den. $89,000. •Awesome indoor and outdoor living awaits you, 1780 sq. ft. home on 1.25 acres near National Forest. $269,000.


•4 beautiful 1 ac home sites, owner may carry, utilities at lot line. $79,000. •Three 3.3 ac. off Linda Vista starting at $129,900. •Beautiful views from this lot in Oracle, utilities at lot line, Perc test done. $69,995. •Stunning 360 degree views on one of the nicest 3 - 4 ac lots in Oracle. $149,000. •3.31 ac with unbelievable views, located in homes only $150,000. •(2) 5 ac parcels, mtn views, horse property, $65,000 per 5 ac or $120,000 for the 10 ac owner may carry. •Great lot in center of Oracle. Ready to build on, utilities at lot line. $25,000. •1 ac. in homes only area with fantastic views & natural features. $49,900

•Horse Property! Build your home or put a manufactured home on this great 3.34 ac parcel. $105,000. •.69 ac. unique property among custom built homes, $49,900. •Rare 40 ac parcel, elevation at 4800 ft offers cool summers, own private well and eletric at property line, boarders State land, owner carry considered, $289,000 or 20 ac with well for $170,000. •7.14 ac. in Oracle with 360 deg. views. Can be split, horses allowed, MH or site built ok. $150,000. •4 lots, custom home area, submit offers. 2 at $32,000, $45,000 or $75,000. •2.5 ac horse property with great views, site - built or MH. $45,000. •Choose your own parcel from 1.25 to 3.75 ac., flat, easy to build on, utilities at street. $79,900 to $199,000.

San Manuel

•Reduced move-in ready, 3 bd/2ba Seller will pay $2,000 of buyer’s closing costs. $129,000. •2 bd, 1 ba home, with views, fenced backyard and wood kitchen cabinets. $38,000 or owner carry at $45,000. •Start living the dream, turnkey restaurant at a price you can’t beat. Call (520) 400-0242 to see today. $195,000. •2ba, 1 ba home, includes upgraded electrical, gorgeous mountain views, great price with some updating this will make a great starter home or investment property. $29,900.

•Well kept home remodeled kitchen & bathroom, large storage workshop, fenced back yard. $65,000. •Newly remodeled home, new plumbing, painted inside and outside, wood kitchen cabinets, very private backyard. $68,500 •Charming home on 40 AC home and well is solar powered, beautiful views, horse property, can be split. $275,000.

•Great lot for MH or site built homes, located 10 mi. from Oracle Jct, 3.34 acres, very affordable with electric at lot line. horses allowed. $29,900. •PRICED REDUCED! Hilltop views, open floor plan, custom kitchen cabinets, wood floors, fireplace, bay windows, 5 bedrm, 2ba, fenced yard, 2 car carport, covered porch. $119,900. •3 bdrm home with updated kitchen, laundry room, covered porches, fenced yard, new electric June 2012. $57,000. •2 view lots, city water, sewer, paved roads, make an offer on both lots, and owner will make you a deal. $9,000 each.

•Great potential for a business or resideital home site, corner of Hwy 77 and Main St. Mammoth. $18,500 •3bd, 1 3/4 1412 sq. ft., new metal roof, energy efficient windows, garage, front trees, views. $88,000. •Privacy, great views, remodeled home with newer roof, skylights, oak kitchen cabinets, front porch, deck above carport. $85,000. •37 acres, secluded area borders state land, site build or MH, horses allowed. $130,000. •3 bedroom, 2ba horse property! Get away from it all, 2.5 acres, wood stove, barn, corrals, workshop, hay storage, and your own well! $98,000.

Surrounding Area

541 E MOUNTAIN VIEW PLACE MLS#: 21306735 Lovely home with nice views, privately located in a culde-sac, yet close to local amenities. Youll love the high ceilings with plant shelves and other nice architectural touches. This home shows pride of ownership and its move-in ready! Located in the Town of Oracle, just 30 minutes from Tucson and the higher elevation boasts an average 10 degrees cooler than Tucson! Come enjoy the fresh mountain air and clear skies of Oracle! $156,000

•1.25 to 10 ac., buy part or whole, has excellent well, borders State Anatomy of the Ear land, no financing necessary, owner will cary. $32,000 - $125,000. •Premium lot with boulders, 1.04 acres of outstanding views, beautiful sunrises and sunsets. $65,000. •1.04 ac premium lot, custom home area, views, views views! clips, aches (otitis media). $65,000. hair pins and keys. •1.36 ac. custom home lot with view, boulders, oaks and Otitis more. A person with excessive media is caused by $100,000. wax buildup istrees more likely in the middle •One acre with boulders, and views, new access off pressure Linda Vista, boulders, views, trees.Swimmer’s $84,000. to develop Ear and trees, ear,owner usually trapped by •4 view lots, nice views, custom home area, boulders may carry.trapping $82,000. by unsterile water the swelling shut of the •2.5 ac land, borders state land, build your custom home, utilities at in the canal. A person eustachian tubes that street. $140,000

who jams wax back into connect the middle ear to the canal with Q-tips is the throat. also setting themselves The ear is structured with up for this inflammatory anAd ear lobe (pinna) on Surrounding Listings not in condition. the outside to “catch and Swimmer’s Ear (otitis funnel” the sound down externa) should not be the external canal. This confused with the other external ear canal is the common cause for ear tube leading from the ear

•Mobile home with large addition, 4 bdrm, large family room, 1 carport, $20,000 •Beautiful views of the Galurio Mountains, lots of vegetation & large Saguaros. $10,000. •Great mountain views from this 3.75 ac. south of Mammoth. $47,000. •4 ac in the Redington area, Mesquite trees, views, private well & septic. $59,000. •Mobile home with large addition, 4 bdrm large family room, 1 car carport $18,000. •2 parcels on the east side of the San Pedro River near Sacaton. 2 40 ac. parcel for $120,000. •5 ac. with beautiful views of the Galiuros, zoned for site built or MH, horses allowed. $39,000. •Just under 44 acres for your own little ranch, hilltop location south of Mammoth. $322,503 •Great location for any business located on Hwy 77. $65,000. •9.88 ac. with lots of mature Mesquite trees, 1/2 interest in well, septic installed. $48,000. •8.84 ac, can be split, has two building sites, saguaro and view. $99,000

lobe to the ear drum. The eardrum separates the outer ear (external ear canal) and the middle ear. It is in the middle ear where very small bones transmit the sound vibrations to the inner ear where they are translated into brain signals as sound. Unless the eardrum is punctured, the external canal is the only place that infected water can Ear, Page 11

July 2013

Ranch Continued from Page 4

fatal dose of venom as the rattlesnake was only one foot from her nesting box. As the men arrived from the Oracle Fire Department and pulled the rattlesnake out of the chicken coop, they commented that it looked as if it has just had a meal.  Its belly didn’t look extended enough to hold a chicken, but I continued

Ear Continued from Page 10

penetrate easily. When one gets exposed to questionable water, it is wise to rinse out the ears with fresh, clean water as soon as possible. If there is a high degree of suspicion that the ears have been infected, it would be helpful to pour some diluted hydrogen peroxide or other anti-microbial agent into the ears. However, one should never introduce anything into the ear canal if it is suspected that the eardrum has been punctured as it sets one


Continued from Page 3 according to Banks, “At a preceremony press conference, photographers scrambled to shoot pictures of Bob Mathias, the 1952 Olympic decathlon champion, in his Marine Corps uniform standing next to Tewanima decked out in his Hopi finery - a velveteen shirt, buckskin leggings and moccasins, headband and turquoise necklace, belt, rings and earrings.” Three years later Tewanima was among the inaugural class of athletes inducted into the Arizona Sports Hall Of Fame. Tewanima died in 1969 after his 90th birthday.  His

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona worrying about her until I saw her head pocking out of her box as if wondering what the commotion had been just minutes before. The men put the white plastic container, with the rattlesnake, in their truck and graciously gave me a ride up to the gate so I could let them out of my property.  Somehow, riding in the fire truck I became a small child again feeling excited  and joy returning to my very being. up for a more serious infection. At times it may be necessary to consider oral antibiotics to treat Swimmer’s Ear. A note of caution should be taken if a steroid cream is considered to bring down the inflammation. Steroid creams can enhance the development of fungal infections. Fungal infections are often distinctive from bacterial infections because they have large amounts of discharge that exits the ear. There are special treatments other than antibiotics to address fungal infections. obituary in the New York Times stated that he got lost on his way home from a religious ceremony and fell to his death from atop a 70 foot cliff.  Every Labor Day the Hopi people host the Lewis Tewanima Memorial Footrace, attracting hundreds of runners.  The footrace ends with a long climb up a steep staircase in honor of Tewanima’s legendary stamina.  Former tribal chairman Ivan Sydney once described the race, “When we recall Lewis Tewanima, we’re reemphasizing running as part of our tribal identity.  It is a source of pride, and it provides a sense of unity.  We can’t afford to forget.”  

A great way to feel joy is to connect with Nature. But another way is to have

a ride in a fire truck. And so it goes at the ranch…

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se r erti o Adv siness u e b er r you rvice h ! se $50 ths for mon e e r s th RIER buy $50 in the C

Page 12

Oracle Towne Crier, Oracle, Arizona

July 2013

Oracle author publishes mystery By John Hernandez Elizabeth H. Tilley has lived in Oracle for 11 years. She works as a waitress at the Patio Café and at Adventure Rope Gear as project coordinator, bookkeeper, and sales representative.

She recently received her Ph.D. in Family Studies from the University of Arizona. Elizabeth is an avid runner including marathons and coaches track at Mt. Vista Junior High. She has three kids with the oldest 18 and

Special Advertorial

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out of the home. As busy as she is, Elizabeth found some time to write a mystery story. Elizabeth has had academic papers and “psychological stuff” as she calls it published. She likes to write poetry as well as short stories. Her favorite poets are Billy Collins, Emily Dickinson and Charles Bukowski. She likes reading mysteries especially the works of Walter Mosley, James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell. But she gets her inspiration from what is around her. “There are lots of things that make me think of a story,”

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she said. For instance, one of the ideas for Trouble in Hope Junction came to her while driving through Oracle. She saw a yellow rubber glove hanging on a mile marker sign. “Rubber gloves play an important part” in her book, she explained. Her mystery was written in 2007 and she has just had a Kindle edition published. “It is good for summer reading, a quick read,” she explained. Trouble in Hope Junction is written under her maiden name Elizabeth Russell. The story takes place in a mountain town in the Catalina Mountains of Arizona. The Kindle edition is available at Amazon’s introduction reads: “Teri Nagel is a young, recently hired detective in the Hope Junction Police Department (HJPD). She

has left a better paying, more prestigious job in the big city of Austin, Texas to join the police force in a small mountain town outside of Tucson, Arizona. Teri is determined to start her life over and never expects to work on a murder case again. Shortly after she is hired, a series of murders occurs in this small town. While investigating the murders, she is able to form a friendship with her less than appealing boss. Together, Teri and John are able to solve the crime, but Teri soon realizes that the murderer had an accomplice, and it may be too late to unravel the trouble in Hope Junction.” The character of Teri Nagel is loosely based on Elizabeth. Elizabeth lived in Austin, Texas. Instead of being a runner, Teri hikes. As for the mountain towns of Oracle

Elizabeth Tilley and Hope Junction, there may be a similarity although any resemblance to the characters in the book and people of Oracle is purely a coincidence, Elizabeth explained. Trouble in Hope Junction is the first of what Elizabeth hopes is a series of Teri Nagel stories. It introduces the town and the characters. She has already started writing a sequel.

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