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City of Newcastle Upon Tyne ASC Chief Coach Report 2010 AGM

• •

2009 After 31 years of success the Club is in the midst of change. – The City Council no longer employs Swimming Development Officers – Dawn Peart left to become Team Manger to British Swimming in March – Ian Oliver retired from City Council in August

• • • • • • •

It can go forward in Partnership with the City Council from a position of strength The Club is Internationally recognised The only Club in the country to have a swimmer at the last 5 Olympic Games International swimmers every year for last 24 years The Club continues to be one of the leading clubs in the country Dominant in the North East Top Club in Northumberland and Durham.

Coaching • • • • • • •

The results you are about to see are the achievements of swimmers in the Club Why are they superior to most other clubs in the country ? Answer – the coaching they receive. We have a strong knowledgeable, dedicated and committed coaching staff. Most have been together for many years. Lead Coaches in the performance areas – B Squad and above – Christine Foggo, Gary Donkin, Tony Reed, John Sim, Geoff Peart, Dave Robertson and myself. These coaches are supported by other coaches including Jacqui Dixon, Richard Savage, David Reed, Craig Logue, Martin Hall and Dave Hewitt The Dolphin Squads, which act as the link between swimming lessons and the mainstream competition squads, are led by coaches Dave Robertson, Bronwen Aal, Dave Hammond, Dave Hewitt and Martin Hall and helped by others including Terry Smith who has been involved at Gosforth Dolphins for 25 years.

International •

European Junior Championships Prague Czech – –

European Junior Open Water Championships Croatia –

Kayleigh Dawson

Gymnasiade(World Schools Games) Doha Qatar –

Laura Dawson

Eindhoven International Holland – England –

Kayleigh Dawson

Celtic Games Cardiff – Scotland –

Jessica Thielmann

Open Water Internationals France –

Kayleigh Dawson

World Cup Berlin –

Paul Robinson, Laura Dawson, Rachel Haigh, Jessica Thielmann

Open Water World Cup Eliat Israel , Dubai and Sarjah United Arab Emirates –

Kayleigh Dawson 6th 5K

Tri Nations Crystal Palace GB v Russia v Canada –

Jessica Thielmann 4th 1500 Freestyle 9th 800 Freestyle 400 Freestyle Laura Dawson 100 Butterfly 50 Butterfly

Laura Dawson, Kayleigh Dawson

WISE Inter Schools International Swansea –

Laura Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Joshua Crowther, James Garland

Representative Honours •

UK Schools Games Swansea – North Team – Phoebe Lenderyou, Lewis Wiseman-Ord

Inter District Champs Sheffield N&D Team – Laura Dawson, Lyndsay Hall, Sophie Hastings, Phoebe Lenderyou, Andrew Burn, Zak Dawson, Joshua Hobbs

ESSA National Championships Crystal Palace Div 1 Team – Gold Phoebe Lenderyou 100 BC ESSA Record Lewis WisemanOrd 400 FS – 2nd Laura Dawson 100 BF Jessica Thielmann 200 IM Zak Dawson 100 BS Joshua Hobbs 100 BF – 3rd Lucy Gordon 100 FS James Garland 200 IM – Finalists Kayleigh Dawson 100 BC Andrew Burn 100 BC Jamie Magee 100 BF

National Squads •

GB Development Squad – Jessica Thielmann

England Level 3 Squad – Kayleigh Dawson, Phoebe Lenderyou

England Level 2 – Becky Wilde, Alex Wheeler, Lewis Wiseman-Ord

England Level 1 – Lyndsay Hall, Zak Dawson, Joshua Hobbs, Alasdair Wright

Scotland Senior Squad – Andrew Mayor

Scotland Youth Squad – Laura Dawson

Scotland Youth Development Squad – Lucy Gordon

British Championships Sheffield 16-20 March 2009 • • •

Paul Robinson – Bronze 50m Freestyle Finalists – Jessica Thielmann, Rachel Haigh, Laura Dawson Semi Finalists – Phoebe Lenderyou, Rachel Haigh, Paul Robinson

Other swimmers – Kayleigh Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Joshua Crowther, James Garland.

9 swimmers covering 37 events

ASA Age Group National Championships Sheffield 22-26 July 2009

Gold - 2 –

Silver - 3 –

Lyndsay Hall, Tom Howley, Tom Sproston

Teams – –

• •

Victoria Hall (1st A Squad Finalist) Phoebe Lenderyou, Zak Dawson, Joshua Hobbs, Jamie Magee, Alasdair Wright

Other Individual Swimmers –

Phoebe Lenderyou 200 IM

Finals – 10 –

Phoebe Lenderyou 400 IM 200 BF 100 BF

Bronze - 1 –

Phoebe Lenderyou 100 BC 200 BC

Final Boys 400m Medley Team Zak Dawson, Jamie Magee, Joshua Hobbs, Tom Sproston Other Teams Girls 800m Freestyle and 400m Medley, Boys 800m Freestyle and 400m Freestyle

9 Individual swimmers covering 38 events plus 2 relay swimmers Girls 11th place Overall 17th place

ASA Youth and Senior National Championships Sheffield 28 July – 2nd August 2009 •

Silver – 2 –

Bronze – 1 –

Liz Hierons, Rachel Smedley, Andrew Burn, James O’Connell, Paul Robinson, James Welford, Alex Wheeler

Teams – –

• •

Laura Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Jessica Thielmann, James Garland, Lewis WisemanOrd.

Other Individual swimmers –

Kayleigh Dawson, Rachel Haigh, Jessica Thielmann, Becky Wilde, Lewis WisemanOrd,

Semi Finals – 7 –

Kayleigh Dawson 200 IM

Finals – 12 –

Jessica Thielmann 800 FS Lewis Wiseman-Ord 1500 FS

Final Girls 800m Freestyle Team 4th Lucy Gordon, Becky Wilde, Kayleigh Dawson, Jessica Thielmann. 400m Freestyle Team 8 th Lucy Gordon, Becky Wilde, Charlotte Sim, Kayleigh Dawson Other Teams Girls 400m Medley Team Boys 400m Medley Team, 400m Freestyle Team

15 swimmers covering 65 events plus 1 Team swimmer Girls 7th place 9th overall

Junior League Team • 5th National Final Enfield – Lauren Gill Championship Record 50 BF – Winners Victoria Hall 50 BS, Zak Logue 50 BF, Alasdair Wright 50 FS

• 4th Northern League Final Everton Park • 1st Durham and District League • See Table of results since 1995

Masters Results •

European Masters Championships Cadiz Spain – Nicky Valentine 200m BF 7th 400 FS 8th

• •

ASA Short Course Masters Championships Sheffield 23-25 Oct 2009 Gold -3 – Kate Smith 1500 FS Kevin Smith 200 BF 100 BF

Silver – 5 – Anthony Greener 800 FS Mark Hanlon 50 BS 100 BS Nick Valentine 200 BF 800 FS

Bronze – 3 – Anthony Greener 400 FS Kevin Smith 200 IM Nick Valentine 400 IM

• •

Teams 2 Silver Mens 200 Medley Team and 200 Freestyle Team Rob Whittle,Mark Hanlon, Kevin Smith, Neil Bowers. Other swimmers – Rebecca Sleight, Aerian Rogers, Marga Rodriguez, Arthur Aplin, Peter French, Jaime Hernandez, Robin Sleight

NER Championships Senior and Youth Championships 2-3 May LC Sunderland 2009 Open • 8 Gold - Kayleigh Dawson, Rachel Haigh, Paul Robinson, James Welford • 10 Silver –Kayleigh Dawson, Laura Dawson, Rachel Haigh, Jessica Thielmann, Paul Robinson, Lewis Wiseman-Ord • 4 Bronze – Kayleigh Dawson, Laura Dawson, Jessica Thielmann, James Welford • 24 Finalsists – Laura Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Amy Jessett, Zoe Kirkwood, Rachel Smedley, Jessica Thielmann, Becky Wilde, James Garland, Valentin Kokorin, James O’Connell, James Welford, Alex Wheeler, Lewis Wiseman- Ord. Youth • 5 Gold – Rachel Haigh • 10 Silver – Laura Dawson, Laura Dawson, Jessica Thielmann, James Welford, Lewis Wiseman-Ord • 2 Bronze –Kayleigh Dawson, Laura Dawson Teams • 2 Gold 3 Silver 2 Finalists (including B Team)

NER Bagcats LC Sheffield& Leeds June 2009 • •

9 Gold – Phoebe Lenderyou, Megan Riley,Andrew Burn, Joshua Hobbs 14 Silver – Victoria Hall, Phoebe Lenderyou, Megan Riley, Zak Dawson, Joshua Hobbs, Tom Howley, Jamie Magee, Alasdair Wright • 5 Bronze – Chloe Tunnell, Andrew Burn, Zak Dawson, Joshua Hobbs • 50 Finalists – Alex Bennett, Emily Cheung, Steph Dollimore, Lyndsay Hall, Sophie Hastings,Amy Larsen, Phoebe Lenderyou,Charlotte Morris, Livvi Place, Megan Riley, Chloe Tunnell, Zoe Windsceffel,Oliver Bratley,Andrew Burn,Zak Dawson, Jack Gallagher,Jake Harland, Joshua Hobbs, Tom Howley,Damon Jones,Alex Kirtley, Jamie Magee, James Sproston, Tom Sproston. Teams • 1 Gold 3 Bronze 3 Finalists (including 1 B Team)

NER Senior and Junior SC NER Bagcat 2009 • • • • • • • •

Seniors 14 Gold – Kayleigh Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Jessica Thielmann, Andrew Mayor, Paul Robinson, Lewis Wiseman-Ord 5 Silver – Elizabeth Bishop, Laura Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Lewis Wiseman-Ord 8 Bronze – Kayleigh Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Phoebe Lenderyou, Jessica Thielmann, Paul Robinson, Lewis Wisman-Ord 27 Finalists – Kayleigh Dawson, Laura Dawson, Lucy Gordon, Elizabeth Hierons, Phoebe Lenderyou, Charlotte Sim, Becky Wilde, Andrew Burn, James Garland, Jamie Magee, James O’Connell, Paul Robinson, Tom Sproston, Alex Wheeler Teams - 6 Gold

• • • •

Junior 10 Gold – Phoebe Lenderyou, Jessica Thielmann, Andrew Burn, Joshua Hobbs 11 Silver – Elizabeth Bishop, Alex Burn, Jamie Magee, Tom Sproston, Alex Wheeler 10 Bronze – Phoebe Lenderyou, Charlotte Sim, Oliver Bratley, Andrew Burn, Jamie Magee, James O’Connell, Tom Sproston.

• • • • •

Bagcat ( Age Groups) 10 Gold - Zak Dawson, Joshua Hobbs 5 Silver - Sophie Hastings, Amy Larsen, Oliver Bratley, Zak Dawson 3 Bronze –Joshua Hobbs 18 Finalists – Rose Bell, Sophie Hastings, Livvi Place, Oliver Bratley, Jack Gallagher, Jake Harland, Joshua Hobbs, Tom Howley, Alex Kirtley, Robert Pallister

N&D Championships Senior and Youth Championships 2009 Senior • 10 Gold – Paul Robinson James Welford Rachel Haigh Jessica Thielmann • 7 Silver – Lewis Wiseman-Ord James Welford Lucy Gordon Jessica Thielmann Kayleigh Dawson • 8 Bronze – Valentin Kokorin Paul Robinson Lewis Wiseman-Ord Jessica Thielmann Phoebe Lenderyou Lucy Gordon. Youth • 12 Gold – Valentin Kokorin James Welford Lewis Wiseman-Ord Rachel Haigh Jessica Thhielmann Lucy Gordon • 11 Silver – Lewis Wiseman-Ord Valentin Kokorin Oliver Schmid James Welford Jessica Thielmann Lucy Gordon Kayleigh Dawson Becky Wilde • 7 Bronze – Lewis Wiseman-Ord Valentin Kokorin Lucy Gordon Jessica Thielmann Phoebe Lenderyou • 30 Finalists - Alex Wheeler James Garland Lewis Wiseman-Ord Oliver Schmid Elizabeth Hierons Kayleigh Dawson Becky Wilde Lucy Gordon Catherine Shafto. TOP CLUB AWARDS WINNERS • Mark Latimer – Seniors • Guy North – Youths

N&D Bagcats 2009 • •

62 Gold – Andrew Burn Joshua Hobbs Tom Sproston James Sproston Alex Kirtley Zak Dawson Jamie Magee Alasdair Wright Joe Taylor Lyndsay Hall Chloe Tunnel Mirriam Jessett Lucy Pages Charlotte Morris Phoebe Lenderyou Victoria Hall 35 Silver – Alasdair Wright Tom Sproston Jamie Magee Robert Pallister James Sproston Andrew Burn Zak Dawson Joe Taylor Zak Logue Oliver Bratley Jack Gallagher Joshua Hobbs Phoebe Lenderyou Charlotte Morris Mirriam Jessett Zoe Windsheffel Chloe Tunnel Lyndsay Hall Megan Riley Lucy Pages 39 Bronze – Jack Gallagher James Sproston Andrew Burn Alex Kirtley Tom Howley Jamie Magee Zak Dawson Oliver Bratley Joe Taylor Robert Pallister Joshua Hobbs Zoe Windsheffel Mirriam Jessett Charlotte Morris Megan Riley Lucy Pages Victoria Hall Lyndsay Hall Zoe Kirkwood Phoebe Lenderyou. 104 Finalists – Alasdair Wright Tom Sproston Zak Dawson Jamie Magee Alex Kertley Lewis Welford Jake harland Robert Pallister Joe taylor Zak Logue Jonathan Hobbs Jack Gallagher Oliver Bratley Leon Mills Damon Jones Tom Howley Joshua Hobbs Alex Gallagher Megan Riley Alex Bennett Nicola Hastings Mirriam Jessett Chloe Tunnel Steph Dollimore Lyndsay Hall Mary Davidson Zoe Kirkwood Victoria hall Livvi Place Charlotte Morris Chloe To Emily Cheung Imogen Bishop Amy Larsen.

TOP CLUB AWARDS WINNERS • Tom Randall – Age Groups

N& D Teams 2009 • • • •

2009 – 24 Events 21 Gold 8 Silver 1 Bronze

Other events • Scottish Open Long Course, Short Course and Age Group Nationals • Open Meets – Performed Successfully at Burns Open, Sheffield Premier and No frills Meets. Middlesbrough Open : City of Sunderland, Stockton and South Tyneside Chester-le- St

• Graded Meets – Blyth N&D Series Tynemouth Sheffield Newburn

Sponsors •

British Swimming – For the 2nd Year. One of 5 Development Clubs in Great Britain £10000 for 1 year to be reviewed from British Championships. One of only 3 clubs to be renewed. Money has paid for • • • • • •

Land Conditioning Carl Johnson plus use of EIS Gym Darren Wigg physio screening plus AA land work World Cup Berlin 2 Coaches at BSCA Conference Nutrition advice support Water Time for AA training camp paid for by British Swimming (nearly 2K)

Sport Newcastle. – – – –

Sports Scholarship Programme –Club via Eldon Square Associates Extra £1000 Helped towards Club costs at National and major events Rising Stars Rachel Haigh Laura Dawson

Staff Appointments • Dawn Peart – has taken up the appointment of Senior Team Manager with Great Britain • Ian Oliver GB Coach European Junior Championships and World Cup • Richard Savage England Level 1 and 2 Coach • Helen Thielmann Team Manager England Level 3

Future • There are many new challenges – Taking the Squad management over. – Partnerships with the City Council and Northumbria University – Ensuring water space is maintained due to MyPlace scheme. – Preparing for the next decade

• This needs to be met by the new committee • My many thanks to Chair Sue Sim who is leading the delicate negotiations with both the City and Northumbria • Ian Oliver • 25-01-10

Head Coach Report 2010  

Head Coach Report 2010