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2 - 11th ISSUE


The Editor The holiday season is one that we all hold dear. No matter our religion or country of origin, I think we can all agree that the holidays are a special time of year. For many of us, our Christmas countdown has begun, and along with that, our countdown to go home begins. We often reflect on our year, usually with shock as to how fast the year has gone by. As we reflect, many of us think of all the things we have to be thankful for. For some, Thanksgiving was just celebrated and marks the beginning of the holidays. No matter what our traditions are, I believe it’s so important to keep our traditions alive and be thankful for all we have here in Kraków. After all, we are all a part of this Kraków life, and at the end of the day, we have each other in this country that we are temporarily living in. With countless Christmas tables, exams, and holiday baking, it may seem like we have so much to do with so little time. Christmas alone brings so much anticipation with it: the anticipation to go home, the anticipation to buy tons of presents for your loved ones, and the anticipation of just spending time with those loved ones. It’s a time where we can all get cozy and simply appreciate the company we have around us. So with that, I appreciate you, the reader! Without you, it wouldn’t be possible to create such a publication. Safe travels and happy holidays!

Co-Editor in Chief CoperniNews

11th ISSUE - 3


The Authors

ANDERS KVELDSTAD 4th year co-Editor in Chief & Typographer

OYKE DUROGLU 3rd year co-Editor in Chief & Typographer

SYNNE BIRKETVEDT EKLUND 4th year Typographer

KRISTIAN NORDSTAD 4th year Journalist

ELISABETH FOSSELI 4th year Journalist

NORA CHARLOTTE SØNSTEBØ 3rd year Illustrator

4 - 11th ISSUE


The Authors

MARIE VELAND 3rd year Journalist

SIMEN AURAN SJØLYST 4th year Journalist

AYLING SELJEHAUG 3rd year Social Media

JULIE GJEISKLID EVENSEN 3rd year Proofreader

INGA HATOUCHYTS 6th year Illustrator

VASVI SADHWANI 2nd year Journalist 11th ISSUE - 5


The Authors

DANICK LAMBERT 4th year Freelancer

FILIP SADURSKI 1st year Proofreader


6 - 11th ISSUE


Danick’s Speciale

HOMEMADE TACO Tortilla Flour – 300g Salt – just a pinch Butter – 1/3rd of a 200g block Hot water – 150ml Chicken Chicken breast – 1 (*optional 2 cloves of garlic) Pico de gallo 2 tomatoes 1 red onion Cilantro Lime juice – half a lime Pinch of salt Avocado slice Feta cheese

Caramel-lime sauce • Sugar – 4 tbsp • Lime peel – whole peel • Lime juice – whole lime • Star anis – 3/4 stars • Cinnamon – 2 sticks • Water – 200ml Chipotle mayo (same as above) *oil for frying* *optional* tomatillo salsa *Note* This is really just a recipe for the tortillas! You can fill them with whatever you’d like! These below are a few of my favorites.

Fish • Filet of white fish (cod or Haddock are my favs) • Beer batter • Flour – 150g • Beer (preferably a lager) – 200 ml • Chipotle mayo • Mayonnaise – 2 big spoonfuls • Chipotle peppers – 1 tbsp (find as whole chipotle peppers in a small can at Carrefour) • Fish sauce – 5-10 drops • Lime juice – half a lime • Cabbage

A few tips to make your taco night go smoothly:

Eggplant • Eggplant • Batter • Rice/tapioca starch – 125ml • Water – 250ml • Cabbage

3. If you buy frozen fish the night of, you can thaw it by putting it in a bowl in the sink, filling with cold water and let your tap run very softly so that a little bit of water is always going into the bowl.

8 - 11th ISSUE

1. Prep your tortillas in advance. Roll and cook them close to when you’re ready for everything else. Make sauces and things on the side (cabbage, pico de gallo) first. They can sit and wait. 2. If you cook chicken, it can always sit for a little bit. Chicken doesn’t have to be hot and sitting (AKA resting) makes sure the juices stay in the chicken! Fry all your stuff at the end! You want fried food hot and crispy.


Tortillas ware. The balls you don’t use can keep for 1. Combine flour and salt, mix together with a up to 5 days.) fork. Cut your butter into smaller cubes put in a bowl and put in the freezer for 5 mi- 5. *Note, do this next to last as you’ll want nutes.Heat your water to about 60 celcius fresh, warm tortillas* Take the balls out of (like the temperature where you can finally the fridge and roll them out. (if you don’t drink hot tea and not burn your tongue) have a rolling pin, just use a wine bottle or bottle of oil) 2. Get your butter, put into your bowl with the flour and smash it into the flower with your 6. Fry in a dry pan (no oil) on medium heat. fingers (until there are no clumps of butter Once you see it form bubbles, flip them. If left. Your mix will kind of look like crumbs) that side is golden, that’s perfect! Wait until the other side is golden and take it off the 3. Add your hot water, 100 mls at first, then heat! mix together with a fork. Check the consistency, if it’s not coming together (like a dough), add the rest of the water. If it is, dump the mixture on your table and knead for 2-3 minutes. (remember that it’s better to have a little too much water in your dough (if it sticks to the table as you knead) because you can add flour! You cannot add water at this stage)

4. Portion into balls, just a little bigger than golf balls! Put onto a plate, cover with plastic wrap and put in the fridge for 30 minutes. (The plastic is important so they don’t dry out! You can also put in a Tupper11th ISSUE - 9


Chicken Start with our Pico de Gallo (not so liquid-y salsa). Cube the tomatoes, brunoise the onion (cut into really tiny cubes! Marco Pierre White has my favorite youtube video on how to do it well), chop your cilantro and mix it all together. Add a pinch of salt and lime juice, give it a quick stir

8 if you’ve got numbers/induction). Add a generous amount of oil. Salt and pepper your chicken and add into your pan. Cook until the white has climbed half way up the sides. Flip and cook for about 3 more minutes. Don’t cook too long or you’ll have dry chicken! Take out of the pan and put to the side to rest. Leave your pan on the heat. Take the juice from your Pico and put it in the pan to dissolve all those brown pieces of goodness. Once dissolved, pour over your chicken as it rests. When you’re ready, cut the chicken into strips, lay into your tortilla, add an avocado slice, then some pico and feta. Fish 1. Shred your cabbage as thin as you possibly can and put to the side. (don’t need much, just about a handful) 2. To make chipotle mayo: you can find chipotle peppers whole at Carrefour in a small can. You’ll have to make a paste, either put into a blender or use a hand mixer (rinse your blender quickly! If not it will stain). Mix mayo, chipotle, fish sauce and lime juice in a bowl. 3. Make sure your fish is either fresh or thawed. You’ll need two things, a bowl of flour+salt+pepper (to initially coat) and your batter. To make the batter, mix flour and beer. You want a consistency similar to thin pancake batter.

and put to the side. (you’ll notice there will be some liquid at the bottom, we’re gonna use it shortly)

4. Get your oil hot. (I used 1 bottle of oil in a sauce pan. DO NOT fill your pot more than HALF way.) Use medium high-heat.

For the chicken breast, you’ll want to smash it 5. Roll the fish in the flour+salt+pepper. Then flat so it cooks quickly and evenly. The best way dip into your batter and lay into the hot oil is to take your breast, put it between two pieces (don’t just drop it cause you will splash yourof plastic wrap and smash it with your fist! self. Hold the tip of the fish and lay about Get your pan hot, medium-high heat (like a 7 or half of the fish in and then drop it. This is sa10 - 11th ISSUE


fer than just dropping it!). It will bubble so drop 1 piece, wait until it bubbles down and then you can drop another. To serve, layer the bottom of your tortilla with cabbage, add fish, avocado slice, *tomatillo salsa*, chipotle mayo. Serve with a lime wedge. Eggplant (vegetarian) Make your caramel-lime sauce (this can be made in advance and kept in the fridge). Add water, cinnamon, star anise and lime peel to a sauce pan. Bring to a boil and boil for about 10 minutes. Make a basic caramel. Add sugar to a sauce pan on low-medium heat. Make sure the sugar is evenly layered on the bottom and watch the su-

bubble so be CAREFUL, add half the liquid, wait a second, and add the rest). It should be a little thinner than syrup, if it’s like water, boil until it is a little thicker. Add lime juice and bring to a boil. Strain and chill. Shred cabbage as thin as you can! To make your batter simply mix starch and water. My favorite mix is 50/50 rice/tapioca starch. Use whatever starch you can find (rice/corn/ tapioca) You’ll find that it’s pretty tough to mix. My tip is to use your hands and massage slow. The starch will also settle after time, mix again with your hands before using (again it’ll be tough, but massage slow. We call this a slurry, which can be used to thicken sauces). Get oil to hot, medium-high heat. You need two things now, batter and a bowl of starch+salt. Cut your eggplant into strips, roll them in the starch+salt and dip + cover with your batter. Drop into hot oil. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, rotating once or twice. Take them out of the oil and quickly drain the oil onto a paper-towel. Toss in some of your sauce.

gar turn into a light-golden brown color. It will not all liquify at the same time, but DO NOT touch it with a spatula. If you see the sides are browning quickly, take off heat for 10 seconds and turn your pan from side to side (bring the handle side to side) and place back on. Once it’s just about all liquid (Golden, not dark brown. The trick is to use a low heat and be patient), stir together. Add water from step 1! (we call this step “shocking” which stops the cooking. It will

- Danick Lambert


11th ISSUE - 11

h t i w e l b u o r t g Havin hemistry? bioc

Are the phy siology lec tures not making any sense? Do you feeling overwhelmed and need some help with your study technique?

Fear not! StudyAid is happy to introduce our Private Academic Tutors that are here to help YOU! Contact us on our StudyAid Facebook page to be set up with one of our amazing tutors. You can also check out for more information on our tutors and booklets.



Kraków Gay clubs have since the dawn of time been sanctuaries where LGBTQ people of all colors and sizes come to finally be themselves and have a good time. Though the current Polish politics and the Catholic church have been harsh on the LGBTQ community lately, Kraków still has a blooming gay nightlife.

A GAY GUIDE TO KRAKÓWS NIGHTLIFE As the cold and pollution huddle into the streets of Kraków, there’s no better way to warm up than a Saturday night at a gay bar. Even though we may not be able to dance in cages like we once did at our beloved Cocon (RIP), I am here to let you know that hope is not lost! 14 - 11th ISSUE

Papuga The previous owners of Cocon (presumably) are behind this colorful club in Dietla street. Once you enter through the gates, you’re greeted by a huge mural of a colorful parrot, signalizing that you’ve come to the right place. Bring your student ID for a free entrance, and walk down the stairs to the sound of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” playing faintly in the background. This club has two bars, a few lounging rooms and, of course, dance floors! Each room features different music, so you can freely choose whatever fits your mood. Every few nights they have spectacular drag queen shows featuring both local and international queens. So, keep your eyes glued to the club’s Facebook page to see when you’ll have the chance to meet one of these magical creatures. Be warned, however, the club rapidly fills up after 23:30, so you’ll have to come early to avoid a queue. Ciemnia This cozy, dimly lit club on Krowoderska Street may have earned too harsh of a reputation for what it is. At first, many might describe it as more of a chill bar than a nightclub, but this is not entirely the truth. It’s an intimate bar with lovely clientele. The bartenders are welcoming, and you’ll always catch runway shows featuring male underwear models on the screen behind the bar. This club also hosts drag queen shows from time to time. You might even see some drag queens casually lounging by the bar. The


Kraków thing that may make this club stand out from your standard brown bar is the stall-like area in the back, in which bar patrons may become better known with one another. This area also features “alternative entertainment” playing on screens of the stalls to better set the mood. Another defining feature of this establishment is the time in which people usually visit. It can be described as an afterparty-place since most guests don’t arrive until 3-4 am. If you have an open mind, enjoy cheap beer and don’t feel like you’ve danced enough when Le Scandale plays “It’s time to go say goodbye”, this might be your next stop. On a more serious note, it is important to realize that these gay spaces are made for a reason. As many LGBTQ people in Poland feel alienated from other nightclubs, it is important to respect them in their own space. In a gay club, there is no such thing as dressing too feminine, wearing too little or wearing too much makeup. Please respect this if you chose to visit one of these holy grounds. Also, if you see someone you might not expect to see there, bear in mind that they might not want people to know. Outing someone is an extremely hostile thing to do and might cause some to face extreme repercussions. With that being said, gay, straight or in between, anyone is welcome to these places.


11th ISSUE - 15




It’s that time of the year again, and Christmas is right around the corner. There is still a month until the New Year’s resolutions kick into action. There’s no better cure for your throbbing headache after a foggy night out or a better substitute for some company on your way home from an (un)forgettable Christmas table. You gotta love burgers. The most versatile food, suitable for any occasion and mood. I have set out on a mission to find the perfect patty and explored the burger scene in our dear city. I have tried them all so you don’t have to. I share with you here some of my favorites. Disclaimer: this is not a review, merely a reference to my personal favorites. Some you might be familiar with these, and some you might not. Streat Slow Food Classy burgers, with a creative twist. Perfect for a wine-flu, or as an after-class snack. This place used to be a food truck, but due to high demand, they have now set up at two locations. In their food truck days, there used to be hours of waiting. You can now find them at Dajwór 8 and Tadeusza Kościuszki 1. Also available for delivery with UberEats, for you lazy fellows. 16 - 11th ISSUE


Kraków Corner Burger If you like a monstrous burger to devour yourself in, this is the place for you. Their Massive Beef Attack has enough meat to feed an entire African village and leave you with a months worth of meat shame. They even have a pretty good veggie option available, perfect in the age of meat shaming. Stop by at Dajwór 25 in Kazimierz, or get it delivered by UberEats. Antler Poutine & Burger Canadian-themed grill with outstanding burgers at a fair price. Their poutine, cheesy and greasy fries topped with gravy, really does the trick. Located at Wiślna 8, just a block south of Rynek Główny. Available for delivery with Pyszne.

Boogie Truck Food truck serving entrecôte burgers. Juicy patties with some serious toppings. Conveniently located next to the tram hall, on Skwer Judah in Kazimierz. Also available for delivery with UberEats.

Gogo Burger One of the better ground rounds around. Order your burger with gloves, and eat like a savage. Unfortunately, there are no go-go dancers at this joint, as the name might imply. Located at Starowiślna 6. If you are too lazy to go there yourself, UberEats will deliver directly to you. Zacny Burger The guys at Zacny are flippin’ burgers at the coolest food truck around. You will find it on Plac Izaaka in Kazimierz. Grab an ice cream from their neighbor, Frozen Rolls, if you still have room left after gorging down their burger. Available for delivery with UberEats.

BEEF Burger Bar This place deserves a mention. Who hasn’t tried their greasy burger on their way home from Le Scandale? A good antidote for Captain Morgan’s revenge. Generously sized burgers, and convenient opening hours. From those of you unfamiliar with this place, they are located at Warszauera 1, on a side street from Plac Nowy. 11th ISSUE - 17



(Treat Others Than Yo’elf)

[=a=christmas=present=guide=] TEXT: ELISABETH FOSSELI LAYOUT: OYKE DUROGLU

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! It is time to enjoy porridge and mulled wine while listening to those old Christmas hits that we all cherish. It is also time to figure out what to give to our loved ones, and this can be quite a challenge. I hope these tips can help you on your Christmas present quest and make the time before Christmas a tiny bit less stressful. All these things are also student-budget friendly!

18 - 11th ISSUE



Happy Socks As the name suggests, Happy Socks sell a wide variety of socks and underpants that make you happy with their fun design. In their shop here in Krakรณw, there is something for everyone in every size!

Crystal Glasses It can be quite frustrating finding a gift for those who already have everything. What about giving them a couple of crystal whiskey glasses? You can find them all over Krakรณw, either in tourist shops nearby Rynek or in Galeria Krakowska, for example at Mensa Home.

Personalized Items In Galeria Krakowska, there is a shop called fotojoker where you can print your own pictures on whatever you might desire: mugs, phone cases, purses and even mini shirts for teddy bears. All you need to bring is your phone, and your item will be ready in 5 days.

Skincare Skincare is essential for these cold winter days, so why not give away some good products for Christmas! JeJu Beauty Store in Kazimierz sells vegan, eco-friendly products for the entire body - a present for your friend and the environment!

11th ISSUE - 19



Interior A present for the home is always nice and even nicer when it is solid handmade goods! Marka Concept Store in Kazimierz is an all polish design interior store, which sells beautiful cups, vases, and candleholders. You can also find scented candles with every scent imaginable at Bath and Body Works!

Games A fun game you can enjoy together is as good a gift as any. A good tip is Mexican Train, where you compete by getting rid of your dominoes first by building them into chains.

Makeup Who wouldn’t enjoy a customized makeup pallet for Christmas? At Inglot, you can put together a makeup pallet with whatever colors you like, and the prices are very reasonable.

20 - 11th ISSUE



Cookbook - Binging With Babish Do you know someone who would enjoy trying Homer Simpson’s Space-Age Out-of-This-World Moon Waffles? Well then, you should consider giving them the cookbook “Binging with Babish”. The author, Andrew Rea, has Recreated 100 recipes from movies and TV shows. At you can find links to where you can order the book.

Homemade gifts Few things are more heartwarming than a gift crafted with your very own hands. Hand knitted clothes are easy to make and will not take up much of your time. You could also make homemade candy and give it away in a nice jar. Another option is to prepare ingredients for a cake and put it in a jar with the recipe attached.

Christmas Market Last, but not least, the Christmas market in Kraków is full of potential Christmas presents. Here you can find all sorts of things like gloves, caps, homemade candles and chocolate in all kinds of shapes.

11th ISSUE - 21


Come and cheer on the Copernica Swim Team at the

Deans Cup! Friday, December 6th 16:00-18:00 ul. Rakowicka 27


Wine Guide

W i n t e r Wine Guide Are you a wine lover like us, but at times you struggle with choosing among Kraków’s huge selection? With wine-selling-shops on every corner and with wines of every category, it’s easy to get confused. Whether you’re going to a vorspiel, a friends for a cozy night, or you just want something to sip on before going to bed: there is a wine for you! To guide you through the jungle of wines, we are introducing a brand new column in Coperninews: MMM’s wine tasting! We will test different types of wine, and hopefully we’ll make it easier for you to choose what to buy<3 Since Christmas is approaching, we’ve decided to test red wines!


24 - 11th ISSUE


Wine Guide The One for Christmas Navajas

We wanted to find a wine that is perfect with Christmas food. This spanish red is a mixture of sweet, fruity, and very easy to drink. We think even the most picky wine drinker would love this one. It’s a bit more expensive than what some of us might be used to buying, but it’s totally worth it! Especially when it’s Christmas :) Location: Wino i Sery, a really good wine shop with a bit more expensive wine, check it out!!  Price: 49 zł From: Spain, 2015

The one for all occasions Casillero del Diablo

Do you often feel like you just want that one glass of something good? Maybe you’ve had a long day at school studying, a really heavy workout, or you just need something to cheer you up. This wine is a perfect match for you. As many other wines are best with food, this wine is an absolute favorite for that one glass to treat yourself. It is fairly cheap, can be brought at Biedronka, and will become your go to wine. You deserve it. Location: Biedronka at Rynek Price: 32 zł From: Chile, 2018

The one for pasta Olaria 

This is an OK wine. Nothing special, you get what you pay for. Personally, we would not drink it alone, but it’s said to go well with pasta. Why not try it out? Location: Supermarket Mila Price: 18.99 zł From: Portugal, 2018

11th ISSUE - 25


Wine Guide The one for the cozy night Côtes du Rhône Les Pierrasques This is a pleasant surprise for a nicely priced wine. It is a fruity, dry and slightly spicy wine from the south of Rhône. This red is well suited for the upcoming gingerbread baking season. Gather your friends and get ready for a cozy baking night while enjoying a glass or two of this smooth and inexpensive wine.   Location: Carrefour at Galleria Kazi Price: 18,99 zł From: France, 2018

Happy Tasting!

26 - 11th ISSUE



We all know her as a cheerful class representative with an atypical ability to gulp vodka. However, behind that face lies an extremely talented special effects makeup enthusiast!

My friends and I were at a cafe right before Halloween. I was drawing, and one of them turned to me and told me I was quite good. He then asked whether Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to paint his face for an upcoming Halloween party. I agreed and decided that the eaHow and when did you get into siest cool thing to draw was a skull, so I looked up images of skulls to learn their special effects makeup? I started doing special effects makeup proper anatomy and drew one on his (SFX) in high school around 2012/2013. face. 32 - 11th ISSUE


self-expression? I’d say that SFX to me is a way to use my artistic vision in a new way and on a different canvas. It’s fun thinking of how to make your ideas look believable and have depth while distorting reality. It’s kind of like an optical illusion, and when you see it all come together and see that your image looks real on the person it’s very satisfying. For anyone trying to take up this unique hobby, is there anywhere in Kraków where you buy your materials? I’m not specifically sure where you can get proper special effects makeup. I am usually limited to what I already own in terms of makeup. If you go to a costume store, you can find simple products like large tubes of colored face paints and After that when Halloween came arofake wounds. und, friends would ask me to paint their faces; all I needed to know is what they want me to draw. Did you take any classes, or did you teach yourself? Honestly, I taught myself how to draw and do SFX. It really is about looking at the shape and contours of the face or body and assessing how to give the art realistic dimension. There are also some really cool SFX YouTube channels that I found inspiring, although I’ve never tried recreating their art. Would you say it’s a way of 11th ISSUE - 33


Not 5 @ CDK After countless 5@CDK interviews, we decided to put a polish twist on this column. For this issue, we’ve asked none other than our Polish teachers. *We usually interview 5 people. However, with the enthusiastic responses we’ve received, we were able to have space for 4. 1) 2) 3) 4)

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? What polish food do you think is underrated and more people should try? What’s the funniest teaching moment you’ve had? What’s the strangest thing a student has done?

Piotr Słomian 1. Gifts under the Christmas tree 2. Kluski z makiem 3. I give students different tests so they can’t look off of each other during an exam. Once I had a student ask me why his exam was different from his neighbors. 4. I use cassette players in class for listening tasks. I once had a student who had changed the cassette from the polish text to a song, so that was an interesting surprise.

Roman Jędruś 1. Kolacja! On the 25th of December, we have a Christmas dinner. We eat 12 dishes of different foods, sing Christmas carols, and give presents. 2. Carp! It’s not delicious, but it’s a very old tradition, so people still eat and care for it. 3. It was April 1st, the fools day. I came into the classroom, and the students had loosened my desk. So, when I put something on it, the whole thing fell down. It was so funny and everybody laughed. 4. I had a student from France. I asked her what the name of the polish president that died in the airplane crash was (It was Kaczyński). She answered by making a duck-sound, since duck in polish is kaczka. 34 - 11th ISSUE


Not 5 @ CDK

Monika Burzyńska 1. I like everything about Christmas! I like Christmas trees, cooking, baking, and giving gifts. 2. I generally like all Polish food. I think some people don’t like bigos; its sour cabbage with meat and sausages inside. It takes a long time to prepare, but I think it is quite good and I like it. 3. I think it’s very funny when you discover some words that are similar in Polish and in other languages, but the meaning is completely different. In some other classes, the students made and sang a song about a sickness, Vu Zed Vu (Chicken pox). I thought that was funny. 4. I think it’s strange that they talk so much in Norwegian and it’s annoying when they use phones during class. I don’t mind eating, but I don’t like speaking too loudly.

Marta Ptak 1. We have a small piece of bread “opłatek” and we go around and wish for something good for the person. Then, we break off a piece of their bread and eat it. 2. Gołąbki. It’s a traditional dish with rice and meat inside. Sometimes on Christmas Eve, we make it with rice and mushrooms. It’s wrapped in cabbage leaves and covered with tomato sauce. It doesn’t look very good, but it is! 3. When my class has lesson with adjectives and opposites, I asked for my students to think of a celebrity and describe them. One of my students proposed me as the celebrity and said “jest młoda i brzydka”, but he didn’t realize brzydka meant ugly. The whole group was petrified. After a few times of him repeating himself hoping to correct his form, I explained brzydka didn’t mean beautiful. He was so embarrassed but we all thought it was funny. 4. We had to reschedule one class and we did a small city game in Rynek. One task was to ask a florist a question. A group of boys bought a giant flower for me, so when they handed in the assignment they also gave me the flower. It was unusual, but it was very nice! LAYOUT: SYNNE BIRKETVEDT EKLUND

11th ISSUE - 35

Profile for CoperniNews

CoperniNews 04.12.19  

This is the 11th issue of CoperniNews, a newspaper for the medical students at JUMC.

CoperniNews 04.12.19  

This is the 11th issue of CoperniNews, a newspaper for the medical students at JUMC.