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easels & storage NEW!

Three new products to make it easier to teach outside!


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Teaching Easels & Storage: Flexible, mobile and ready to go! Our Idea Lab Educator Advisors have told us they rearrange their classrooms on a monthly, and some even on a biweekly, basis! With different reopening protocols and the fluctuation of students attending school in-person, classrooms are changing more now than ever. Flexible furniture makes it easier to adapt to different layouts as needed and a big part of flexibility is mobility. All of the easels and storage carts within these pages are designed to move and with our new products for outdoor classrooms, they are ready to go anywhere learning takes place—inside or out! See our new outdoor easels and storage solutions (pages 17,18 and 28). Shown in photo above: Premium Royal Reading Writing Center (RC200), Book Browser Cart (BB005-9) and Tech Tub2 that holds 6 devices (FTT700).

Copernicus Thank You program 1 Our Vision & Values 2 Warranty 2 Social & Environmental Responsibility 2

Easels Pick your easel 3 Royal® Reading Writing Centers 5 Inspiration Stations 9 Early Childhood 11 Bamboo Teaching Easels 13 Indoors - All grade levels 15 NEW! Outdoors - All grade levels 17

Storage Solutions Pick you storage solution 21 Leveled Reading Book Browser Carts 23 Library on Wheels 25 STEM/STEAM Arts and Crafts Storage 27 NEW! Outdoor Classrooms 30 Storage Tubs 31

You are awesome. You make a difference. We thank you. Introducing the Copernicus Thank You Program Educators, you have faced challenges like never before, and for that, we are grateful. To show our appreciation we have launched the Copernicus Thank You Program. Every month we’re giving away product, supplies you need or a contribution to your Donor’s Choose project—your choice! Sign up here!

Real Classroom Ready™ and a shout out to our Idea Lab Educator Advisors–real teachers These days, classrooms are indoors, outdoors and at home, and more than ever, the products that support learning need to be flexible. We thank our Idea Lab Educator Advisors for their unwavering support and guidance over the past year. You have helped us develop and test our new products under unusual circumstances this year, ensuring they are ready for classrooms wherever they may be.

Congratulations to Jessica Meacham our first and longest standing member of the Idea Lab. Jessica is a STEAM teacher who works at the Southern Door County School District in Wisconsin. She has been instrumental in testing new concepts and providing feedback since 2009. This summer she presented for us at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) virtual event called Tools that Work and talked about how she uses our Tech Tub. She presented from her school and remained calm, cool and collected during her live presentation despite the fire alarm testing going on in the background! Interested in joining our Idea Lab? Find out more here.

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Lifetime warranty coverage on almost everything we make!* We’ve Got Your Back Warranty

Forget those painful warranty claim experiences you have had! When you buy a Copernicus product (no matter where you bought it), you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ve got your back. Contact us directly if you have ANY problems or questions. Email us at: info@copernicused.com or call to talk to a human being at: 1-800-267-8494. Register your products here and while you’re there, learn more about our whiteboard replacement program that is a win-win for your classroom and the environment. *The only exception to our lifetime warranty is on whiteboards (5 year and replacement program), hand sanitizer dispensers (1 year) and our clear panels (2 year).

16 years-old and still going strong!

2020 Social & Environmental Responsibility Highlights Hospital and School Support Since March, we have donated over 400 products to teachers, parents and hospitals in need during the pandemic.

Product delivered to Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Fergus, ON

100 Acres Protected We protected 100 acres this year making our total to date 650 acres of legally protected forests, wetlands and meadows. Trees for Schools Program Although our program was paused this year due to school closures, we were still able to plant 9000 trees on Copernicus property. Plastic Packaging Removal We have removed plastic packaging from 90% of our product line and are still working to eliminate more. Carbon Credits Over 5500 carbon credits were purchased to help us offset approximately half of our carbon emissions. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2025. Learn more about our initiatives

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Pick your easel in three easy steps


How is the easel used? Within classroom, throughout a scho or outdoors?

Primary Grades

Single classroom use multi-purpose storage

Standard Royal Inspiration Station (IS2)

Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC105)

Classic Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC005)

All Grade Lev

Primary Grades

Indoor classro

Single classroom use with optimal storage

Premium Royal Inspiration Station (IS3)

Regal™ Writing (RC107

Teach (LLS1

Premium Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC200)

All Grade Le

Early Childhood

Outdoor classro

Single classroom use Double Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel (BE1) Early Learning Station (ELS1)

Primary Teaching Easel (PTE78)

Early Childhood Painting easels


Double Sided Art Easel (PDR11)

Page 3

NEW! Clear Painting Easel (CS700-CLR-P)

Single Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel (BE2)

Outd Learn (OLC

na ool

™ Reading g Center 7)



What is the grade level? Primary grades or early childhood?

 Child-safe design  Durable build  Teacher-driven features

What kind of storage is needed? Storage for manipulatives or books?

Basic Reading Writing Center (RC201)



her Trolley 100)

Deluxe Chart Stand (CS700)

Basic Chart Stand (BCS1)

Tabletop Easel (TTE100)




NEW! Outdoor Deluxe Chart Stand (CS700-EXT)

door/Indoor ning Center C1)


NEW! Pack and Go Whiteboard Easel (PGW01)

Real & Ready Stories

Whiteboard Replacement Parts Program

Read our post on outdoor classrooms for quick tips on how to use the outdoors to teach your students, set up your outdoor space and other free resources.

Have a well-used whiteboard that needs replacing? Rather than sending your easel to the landfill, we now sell replacement whiteboards at a heavily reduced cost for all of our easels. Learn more here.

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Snap-on chart paper hooks Stay on when bumped, flips paper easily and hangs a variety of sizes

Dry-erase frame

Easy to wipe down and keep clean

Angled dry-erase board It’s magnetic too!

Rear removable whiteboard Allows two students to work at the same time and one side is lined

Page 5

A uniquely designed Big Book rack holds books firmly in place

Ultra-Safe premium book ledge with rounded corners and it locks into position so it stays put

Royal® Reading Writing Centers

Slide out tubs with safety stops

Designed with teacher-driven features and built to last, our easels make classroom organization easier, foster collaboration and communication, and are handy for displaying daily lessons and schedules—all in one compact footprint.

All easels have locking casters and some have foot-activated brakes Page 6

“I recently purchased the Copernicus Regal Reading and Writing Center and I am absolutely thrilled with it. I was however a little nervous when I saw all the parts that I had to put together, but it was actually pretty easy. I don’t have a whiteboard in my library classroom, so the center works wonderful for that. I use the whiteboard and chart paper. I am much more organized using the tubs underneath. Each week, I put each grade level in a different tub and pull out my material when needed. Definitely a great addition to my story corner!” - Elementary School Teacher, Narrows, Virginia

Royal® Reading Writing Centers See how our easel compares

Premium Reading Writing Center (RC200)

Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC105)

Classic Royal® Reading Writing Center (RC005)

Regal™ Read Center (RC10

This easel is the ultimate in storage with ten slide-out storage tubs, eight Tiny Tubs for smaller items, three book folders and chart paper hang tags. It is a versatile lesson center in one compact footprint.

This easel is an essential teaching tool. It includes a rear removable whiteboard that is doubled-sided (lined on one side), a Big Book rack, four slide-out storage tubs, Tiny Tubs for markers and two foot-activated brakes.

This easel provides quick access to the tubs and includes a middle shelf to help keep everything organized. The rear removable whiteboard is double-sided (lined on one side).

This easel is ve the Royal® with single-sided re and no middle Tiny Tubs.

More features

Page 7

Ultra-Safe premium book ledge Designed for classroom safety with rounded corners and a spring-loaded locking mechanism that holds the ledge in place. It is designed with a spot for books to make story time easier and a marker trough. A note about Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): Our book ledge used to contain Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Manufacturing PVC is an environmentally harmful process, but many companies use it because it is easy to work with and low cost. It is a work in progress, but we have nearly reached our goal of removing all PVC from our product line.

ding Writing 07)

Basic Reading Writing Center (RC201)

ery similar to h but with a ear whiteboard e shelf or

The easel has the quality build of all our teaching centers, but is priced right for tight budgets. It includes five storage tubs, a Tiny Tub and chart paper hang tags.

Warranty Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards

More affordable

Page 8

“The whiteboards being on an angle is a great feature because the kids can really practice their hand writing and it’s great for fine motor skills. The foot breaks make it a lot easier for me to put them on, take them off, move it around wherever I need it in the classroom. I find that the tub stops are a really good idea. It’s a safety feature that is important to have on a moveable cart.” Melissa Downey, Grade 1, St. John Catholic School, Arthur, Ontario

Page 9

Inspiration Stations Ideal for independent and group activities and with a pull out whiteboard, there is even more space to collaborate! This product is designed to help keep the classroom neat and tidy and is intended for single classroom use (not meant to move room to room).

Premium Royal Inspiration Station (IS3) Chart paper hooks and telescoping hooks to accommodate wide pocket charts Top shelf for teacher storage

Ten tubs for extensive storage

Rear removable double-sided dry erase board with lines on one side

Front magnetic dry erase surface with slide-out board - enlarges work area by 15” W

Ultra-Safe premium book ledge that locks into multiple positions

3” casters, 2 foot-activated brakes

Standard Royal Inspiration Station (IS2)


This base model is the same as the Premium but with fewer storage tubs and no rear whiteboard.

Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards

Page 10

The removable paint trays and spill-proof caps on the paint pots make cleaning up a cinch.

Page 11

Early Childhood Early childhood education is an important part of a student’s development. These products are designed to help young students build motor skills, explore creativity and textures, and are built specifically for smaller students.

Early Learning Station (ELS1)

Primary Teaching Easel (PTE78)

This easel has a double-sided whiteboard, one side lined for students to practice their printing. It also includes a roll-up felt surface with corner ties and magnets to secure to the station. The frame folds easily for storage.

This easel has an extra long front dry-erase board that measures 40” H x 28” W to accommodate little learners and a rear removable felt board.

NEW! Double Sided Art Easel (PDR11)

NEW Clear Painting Easel (CS700-CLR-P)

The Double Sided Art Easel is a compact collaborative and creative sensory station. It has plenty of storage for materials and racks for drying artwork.

This painting easel is built the same as our popular chart stand but with a clear, ¼” hardened dry-erase acrylic board and a set of paint trays.

Also popular for early childhood is our Sand and Water Sensory Center.

Warranty Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards

“The Double Sided Art Easel is great because everything is at the student’s level so they can be completely independent from start to finish. It is great for fine motor skills with the clips and containers.” - Paula Kells, Kindergarten Teacher, Fergus, Ontario

Page 12

I couldn’t resist the beautiful natural colors of this easel, and I highly recommend it to any teacher who is looking to create a calm classroom environment. I’ve had my Bamboo Teaching Easel for three years, and it’s amazing durability keeps it looking new, year after year. This easel is easy to wheel around my third grade classroom where I use it to create anchor charts during mini lessons and as a whiteboard at our back table during small group instruction. - Laura Santos, Third Grade Teacher, Blogger, California, Instagram @coreinspiration Page 13

Bamboo is a sustainable and fast-growing plant and has a much smaller carbon footprint than other materials like metal. The tubs are made with 25% recycled content making this easel more environmentally sustainable than our other easels.

Bamboo Teaching Easels

Double Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel (BE1) This easel was designed to bring natural elements into the classroom and is ideal for neutral or early year environments.

Single Sided Bamboo Teaching Easel (BE2) This easel provides the same aesthetic but is a more affordable. It has one whiteboard and no middle shelf.

Warranty Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards

Follow Kindergarten teacher Ashlea on Instagram @keepitsimpleteacher for lesson ideas and to see how she uses her Copernicus Easels in the classroom and for online teaching! Page 14

Shown in lowest position

Page 15

All grade levels I Indoor These easels have functional and flexible features to accommodate a range of grade levels, activities and price points. Learn more about these easels here.

Deluxe Chart Stand These affordable chart stands are designed to be durable no matter where you are teaching. With a double sided whiteboard, storage tubs, chart hooks, telescoping hooks for pocket charts and height-adjustable upon assembly— they are a flexible teaching tool!



Deluxe Chart Stand (CS700) This model is designed for indoor use with 2” twin wheel casters, two locking.

Now with new packaging!

See page 17 for our Chart Stand with larger casters suitable for moving around outdoors. Shown in highest position

We are updating our easel packaging to use paper pulp packing material and as little plastic as possible. It’s a win-win for educators and the environment because it makes it quicker to unbox and it is easily recycled.

Basic Chart Stand (BCS1)

Teacher Trolley (LLS100)

Tabletop Easel (TTE100)

This “no-frills” chart stand it ideal for tight budgets and is quick and easy to assemble. Tubs sold separately.

Resource teachers will love this trolley. With storage, a book ledge, and even a place for file folders, everything is ready to move!

A portable easel with one side lined, three Tiny Tubs and a marker ledge that can be set up anywhere needed and can also be used outdoors. Store inside.

Warranty Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards Page 16

All grade levels I Outdoor Whiteboards and storage are key components in indoor and outdoor classrooms and these easels and carts provide different combinations of both that support a range of grade levels and activities.

NEW! Outdoor/Indoor Learning Center (OLC1)

NEW! Outdoor Deluxe Chart Stand (CS700-EXT)

This rugged cart supports a variety of outdoor activities and the large wheels and handles (similar to a wheelbarrow) make it easy to push over all sorts of terrain. The storage tubs and large rack hold up to 110 lbs! Store inside.

This stand is built just like our popular one for indoors but with large 5” casters, two locking to make pushing over outdoor terrain easier. It also includes a handy hand sanitizer dispenser holder to help keep hands germ-free without having to make trips back into the school (sanitizer not included). See page 16 for a list of features.

Warranty Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards

Page 17

Check out our NEW outdoor storage option. See page 30.

See our Outdoor Easels in action and get some great outdoor ed activities on Instagram @theowlsnestschool


Magnetic surface!

NEW! NEW! Pack and Go Whiteboard Easel (PGW01)

Real & Ready Stories

This handy easel is lightweight, has a comfortable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying, a marker pocket and a kickstand to set it up at an angle. The strap also allows it to be hung portrait or landscape.

Read our post on outdoor classrooms for quick tips on how to use the outdoors to teach your students, set up your outdoor space and other free resources.

Warranty Lifetime on easel components 5 year on whiteboards Page 18

Storage Tubs Built tough enough to hold 10 lbs and made with 25% recycled material. Some models include adhesive name pockets.

Sturdy frame design Durable metal frames can be wiped down easily and hold up to 90 lbs of just about anything!

Page 19

Storage solutions After a busy day, having everything organized and in its place may sound like a pipe dream, but there is hope! The first step in improving organization is finding the right storage solution. Our flexible and mobile options make cleaning up easier by aiding in color coding and with different tub combinations and sizes to hold all sorts of “stuff”.

Large Casters Mobility makes rearranging classrooms easier and all our carts include two locking casters for safety.

Page 20

Pick your storage solution


How is the sto classroom, thr

In-class storage

Leveled Reading Book Browser 9 (BB005-9)

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart 9 (BB005-9-1)

In-class or throughout a school

Library on Wheels™ With 18 Small Tubs (LW430-18)

Library on Wheels™ (LW430)

Gym / Outdoor classroom NEW!

Outdoor Classroom Cart (BC300-EXT)

Phys Ed Cart (BC300)

Storage Tubs


Manipulatives Cleaning Tub (SAN-TUB1)

Storage Tubs (See page 32 for colors and sizes available)

Learn more about Tech Tub for charging, storing and locking up devices Page 21

Leveled Rea Browser 18 (


orage cart used? Within a roughout a school or outdoors?

ding Book (BB005-18)

What kind of storage is needed? Storage for manipulatives, crafts, books or technology?

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart 18 (BB005-18-1)

STEM/STEAM or Arts & Crafts

STEM Storage Cart (LWSTEM)

Premium STEM Maker Station (STEM100)

Base Model STEM Maker Station (STEM102)

3D Printer Cart Premium Model (TD5001)

3D Printer Cart Base Model (TD5000)

Clear STEM Storage Cart (BB005-9-C)

Multi-Purpose Cart with Blue & Yellow Tubs (CC005-9-WBY)

Storage Room Organizer for Leveled Literacy Programs (LLS300)

Spring Loaded Paint Drying Rack (PDR20KD)

Double Sided Drying Rack (PDR40)

Wall Mount Drying Rack (PDR21) Page 22

I just love my cart! It was a great way for me to organize additional books and student resources in my classroom. It is very sturdy. It allows my students (and myself) to find things easily. It looks GREAT in my classroom! Page 23

- Deedee Wills, Kindergarten Teacher, Colorado, Instagram @deedeewills

Leveled Reading Book Browser Carts These durable carts hold up to 90 lbs and make the perfect in-class storage solution, where students can help themselves to a book, and all the casters lock to keep the cart safely in place. They are also useful for color coding Lego and anything else you can think of, or to store each student’s belongings to reduce the spread of germs.

Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart 9 (BB005-9)

Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart 18 (BB005-18)

This cart has a combination of six Large Divided Tubs and three Large Open Tubs. Shown with upper level angled (set upon assembly). Also available with clear tubs (see page 29) (BB005-9-C).

This cart is ideal for organizing books of different reading levels. It includes 18 Small Open Tubs ideal for smaller books commonly used in literacy programs.

Add racks to make this cart into a complete classroom library!

Warranty Lifetime on all products shown

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart 9 (BB005-9-1)

Deluxe Leveled Reading Book Browser Cart 18 (BB005-18-1)

This cart includes a side and back racking system and six Large Divided Tubs and three Large Open Tubs.

This cart includes a side and back racking system and 18 Small Open Tubs ideal for smaller books commonly used in literacy programs.


Personal Storage Tub Cart – Base Model (BB-PSTC) This cart makes it easy for students to keep their belongings separated or for educators to pick up their PPE, cleaning supplies, etc. each day. Student’s Personal Tub Kits Keeping students’ belongings all in one place helps cut down on sharing which reduces the spread of germs. Each kit includes a Tiny Tub and hanging bag. These tub kits are available individually and in sets of ten or thirty. Page 24

™ Library on Wheels These carts are built with super strong, 1” tubing and large 5” casters (two locking) to ensure large quantities of books or materials (up to 90 lbs) can be loaded up and moved throughout a school. The handy adhesive name pockets also help organize books alphabetically or by grade level.

Page 25

Librarians will find these carts useful for delivering books to classrooms while library use is reduced or repurposed to distance students.

Library on Wheels™ (LW430)

Library on Wheels™ with 18 Small Tubs (LW430-18)

This cart includes nine Large Divided Tubs.

This cart includes 18 Small Open Tubs.

Warranty Lifetime Page 26

Dewey the Document Camera Stand with Microscope and Light Uses devices you already have, including smartphones and tablets to create a doc cam to share work, engage with the microscope or use for hybrid teaching.

STEM Maker Station Premium Model Learn about the five ways educators are using this cart.

STEM/STEAM Arts & Crafts Storage

Page 27

STEM Maker Station - Premium model (STEM100)

STEM Maker Station - Base model (STEM102)

This compact, all-in-one mobile cart has 16 storage tubs to hold different sized materials, a Base Tech Tub for locking up robotics (add your own padlock) and a large compartment on the back for oversize cardboard pieces. The pegboard keeps tools close at hand and there’s even a tape/ribbon dispenser rack.

This cart is the same as the premium model, but without the added Tech Tub, pegboard on the side or rear whiteboard.

Warranty Lifetime on all products shown

Tech Tub® Standard Stores, charges and locks up devices

Clear Storage Tubs Durable tubs have a lifetime warranty and come in a variety of sizes and colors. See page 32 for options.!

STEM Maker Station Learn about the five ways educators are using this cart.

3D Printer Cart - Premium Model (TD5001)

3D Printer Cart - Base Model (TD5000)

This sturdy cart with large locking casters makes sharing a 3D printer throughout a school easier. With all the storage and a slide-out laptop tray, everything is kept in one handy spot. Includes two Large Open Tubs, one Really Big Tub and a Base Tech Tub can be used for locking up specialized equipment (add your own padlock).

This cart is the same as the Premium model but it has two more Large Open Tubs instead of the Base Tech Tub.

Page 28

STEM/STEAM Arts & Crafts Storage

STEM Storage Cart (LWSTEM) This sturdy cart includes 23 tubs for materials, robotics and manipulatives. The tubs aid in color coding and can be removed from the cart. The removable, dry erase board is perfect for collaboration and sketching out ideas.

Clear STEM Storage Cart (BB005-9-C)

Multi-Purpose Cart (CC005-9-WBY)

Storage Room Organizer (LLS300)

The three clear Large Divided Tubs and six Large Open Tubs keep manipulatives organized and make it easier to see what is in each tub.

This cart includes nine Large Open Tubs to hold just about anything; books, manipulatives, maker materials and tools.

Your choice of five different tub color combinations and can be assembled horizontally or vertically (see page 22). Includes 12 Large Open Tubs (labels not included) and a magnetic whiteboard on the side.

Spring Loaded Paint Drying Rack (PDR20KD)

Double Sided Drying Rack (PDR40)

Wall Mount Drying Rack (PDR21)

This rack is perfect for drying the masterpieces of budding artists and includes many useful features including 20 spring-loaded racks, rack spacers that can be personalized with name labels and more!

This portable drying rack is designed to sit on a counter or tabletop and includes 40 drying racks.

When space is an issue, use this wall mounted art drying rack to protect and dry artwork. It includes 20 drying racks.

Page 29

NEW! NEW Complete Outdoor Classroom Cart (BC300-EXT) This cart is designed to hold all the essentials for an outdoor classroom and with the heavy-duty casters it is easy to get everything moved outside. The Large Open Tubs store whiteboard slates, clipboards or other materials. There is a removable magnetic whiteboard on the back and the bottom racks hold seat cushions. There’s even a hand sanitizer dispenser attached to the frame! Cushions, slates and sanitizer not included. Store inside.

Outdoor Classrooms

Phys Ed Cart (BC300) Durable and lightweight, this cart organizes all kinds of gym-related gear from basketballs to yoga mats. (Store inside).

Many schools are using outdoor spaces for lessons, but getting everything outside in one trip can be a challenge. These durable carts make it easier to teach outside and can support the diversity of activities happening in outdoor classrooms.

Real & Ready Stories

Warranty Lifetime on all products shown 5 year on whiteboard

Read our post on outdoor classrooms for quick tips on how to use the outdoors to teach your students, set up your outdoor space and other free resources. Page 30

Storage Tubs

Our tubs are designed to last and are backed with a lifetime warranty. They are made of durable plastic and most are made with 25% recycled content (unless specified otherwise). They are designed with the perfect spot for adding a label or picture of their contents. Tubs have a lifetime warranty.

Extreme Product Testing Watch this retro video to see how our tubs withstand being dropped, crushed and run over.

Page 31

Manipulative Cleaning Tub Kit (SAN-TUB1) Shared manipulatives like Lego, tan gram shapes, counters, etc. need a fast and easy way to be cleaned every day. This simple but useful tub kit includes two of our durable Large Open Tubs and a clear mesh-bottomed tub for a complete washing and drying set. The mesh-bottomed tub is also available on its own (SAN-CC4068).


Large Open Tub SKU: CC4068 + color = CC4068-G General purpose storage

Large Divided Tub SKU: CC4069 + color = CC4069-Y Built in dividers to keep your books upright











Holds up to 10lbs

Small Open Tub SKU: CC4070 + color = CC4070-R Perfect for small quantities of books Blue Green

Holds up to 10lbs

Really Big Tub SKU: CC4073-B Suitable for your oversized books and manipulatives (Tub not made with recycled materials) Blue

Red Clear Yellow

Holds up to 5lbs

Stubby Tubby SKU: CC4074 + color = CC4074-B Great for storing papers and small items

Holds up to 15lbs

Tiny Tub Caddy SKU: TTC1 Handy for keeping your pens and small art supplies organized (Tubs not made with recycled materials)

Blue Red

Holds up to 5lbs Page 32

Check out our online resources! Watch our videos! Check out product demos, how-tos, extreme product testing and more!

Assembly Instructions Can’t find your instructions or prefer the digital version. Get them here!

Free Educator Resources Check out our collection of articles, activities and lessons as you adjust to schools reopening, teaching remotely or home schooling your kids.

Real & Ready Blog: Stories from the Classroom See what other educators are doing in their classrooms, get tips and links to helpful resources.

Have a question? Find answers on our FAQ page.

Tips & Tricks See how to care for your whiteboard and other Copernicus products.

As a certified B Corp™, we are part of a community of like-minded businesses that want to use business as a force for good. We want to redefine what a successful business is by being directed and shaped through a social and environmental conscience. Canada USA 8194 County Road 109, R.R. #3, Arthur, ON N0G 1A0 P.O. Box 248, Buffalo, NY 14225 e: info@copernicused.com w: www.copernicused.com t: 1 800 267 8494 or 519 848 3664 f: 1 519 848 5516 Copernicus reserves the right to change or modify pricing and products specifications with or without prior notification. Illustrations and descriptions may not be exactly as shown. No part may be reproduced by any means without prior authorization of Copernicus Educational Products Inc. All rights reserved. 2021©

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Copernicus Educational Products - Easels and Storage - 2021  

With different reopening protocols and the fluctuation of students attending school in-person, classrooms are changing more now than ever. F...

Copernicus Educational Products - Easels and Storage - 2021  

With different reopening protocols and the fluctuation of students attending school in-person, classrooms are changing more now than ever. F...

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