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Welcome to a new season of fashion! In the months that have passed since the last fashion fair, the Vision Family has been working harder than ever to bring you the best fashion brands, the most exciting press shows, innovative collaborations with leading brands, and not forgetting the ever-evolving Vision Paper, packed with the latest news and stories from the exhibitors and collaborators at CPH Vision and Terminal-2. Happy reading. The Vision Family

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C openhagen Fashion Fai r s Ly sage r v e j 1 0 2 9 2 0 C ha r l o t t en l u n d Denma r k +45 3964 8586 info @ cph v ision . d k cph v ision . d k / t e r mina l-2 . d k

Terminal 2: Stand T047


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Modern Classic Hejle Hamre

After cutting his teeth at Narciso Rodriguez and a stint as senior designer at DKNY, Norwegian fashion designer Hejle Hamre is finally making his own waves. Hamre’s signature style unites contrasts and plays on feminine chic and his collections are executed in luxe, fluid fabrics and a neutral colour palette. His first collection showed at Oslo Fashion Week last year and the designer will this coming season profile his contemporary classic style for the first time in Copenhagen.

Style Amplitude

Soaked in Style


soaked in luxury

This year Stylein celebrates its 10th anniversary – as well as its debut at CPH Vision. Created in 2001 by former elite gymnast Elin Nyström, the Swedish fashion brand has since become a firm favourite with fashion lovers across the globe. Stylein juxtaposes the feminine and the raw to create fluid forms with careful detailing and styles that always flatter the female form.

Fashion loving city girls rejoice, as Soaked in Luxury will open a shopin-shop at the legendary Copenhagen department store Magasin this autumn. The brand’s image has undergone a revamp over the past seasons, resulting in a cleaner, chicer silhouette and a cohesive collection of affordable fashion must haves.

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neon intimateS BJöRN BORG

Those industrious Swedes don’t sit still for long. And Bjørn Borg is no exception. This season the Swedish brand launches a collection of functional sports underwear, entitled Active Sport, for athletic men and women. If you’re not so sporty, the new Love All Lace for women, a lace version of the popular Love All brief, and Originals, classic and timeless men’s underwear, will be right up your laid-back alley.


Take a Hike clip & Rope

Thanks to a boot-loving American named John H. Harvey, the modern man can walk in style with Clip & Rope boots. Harvey’s near-death experience with a mudslide back in 1932, which saw him heroically hike for 4 days to safety in bare feet, led him to create the Clip & Rope hiking boot. The boots died back in 1979 together with Harvey, but were luckily rediscovered in 2003 by a hiker, who discovered Harvey’s abandoned log cabin high in the Wisconsin mountains, and have since been reproduced in limited qualities.

Old Pants jens bjerg sørensen

If you don’t speak Danish then start learning because this season you’ll need to be able to pronounce the name of a new brand. With a philosophy based on the heritage and vision of yesteryear, Jens Bjerg Sørensen in a new line of underwear founded on the 72-year-long story of the man who created JBS – Denmark’s ’original’ underwear brand. Jens Bjerg Sørensen combines the latest technology with organic materials and a modern fit to create old-school undies for men.

Mr. Classic hackett london

”Clothes that wear in, not out,” is the very essence of tailored and traditional gent’s brand Hackett London, according to founder Jeremy Hackett. Over the past years the quintessentially British brand has expanded its line to include eyeglasses, grooming products, and bespoke tailoring, and is the official clothing sponsor of Aston Martin Racing as well as sponsor of other sporting events.


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Purchasing Power minimum

It’s not just the demands of consumers brands cater to. Århus-based fashion brand Minimum launch a B2B web shop this summer, which reads like their consumer web shop yet caters solely to buyers’ needs. The new site provides a comprehensive stock overview and makes it possible for stores to order and supplement products when it suits them, saving time on both administration and delivery.

iDo Apple

Tecnofobes go home. Copenhagen Fashion Fairs has launched its entire brand list and floor plans for CPH Vision and Terminal-2, as well as all the fair’s planned activities during Copenhagen Fashion Week, as a smart phone application – leaving you more space in your bag for an iPhone to view it all on. The clever clogs at Humac, Scandinavia’s largest Apple authorised service provider, have developed an innovative concept that makes shop service better for both business owner and customer. WeShop is based around Apple’s iMac, and functions as an all-in-one till terminal complete with hand scanner, receipt printer and money drawer. Kerr-ching.

East meets West

Shoe Art art shoes

johnny ramli

With an unique feel and an eclectic look, mixing different metals and cultural icons, jewellery by Bali-based jewellery brand Johnny Ramli perfectly captures this season’s ethnic vibe. The brand's combination of Eastern spirituality with Western chic manifests itself in Cross pendants, Buddha charms, antique coins, and chunky chains in oxidised silver.

What do Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common? They both love Art shoes. The Spanish brand known for it’s comfortable take on footwear has recently added six new lines to its SS12 collection of men’s, women’s and unisex shoes. The collection focuses on handicraft, with natural materials such as wood and cork soles and wedges, unseamed textured leather and cotton, and embellishment in the form of embrodiery, buckles and buttons completes the collection.




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mik ael jansson

Juergen teller

The House that Marc Built

T H E V I S I O N PA P E R PAGE e l e v e n

In 1986 the fashion world changed forever when a longhaired man of diminutive STATURE and unspectacular appearance produced the very first collection of his eponymous label. Producing unpredictable directions that both shocked and surprised, the label – and the man behind it – fast became synonymous with pioneering fashion and zeitgeist.

In keeping with the brand’s international profile and philosophy to coexist with the modern urban individual,“Marc by Marc Jacobs is more than just quirky, trendy designs, quality leather and beautiful colours, it’s also a lifestyle: a particularly experimental, creative and playful attitude to modern life,” says Scandinavian PR & Communications Manager Asbjørn Riis-Søndergaard. “Marc Jacobs is an artist; fashion is meaningless alone and it is first when placed in a social context that it becomes exciting, inspiring and magical,” he adds. The brand’s profile is therefore to be interpreted and understood in relation to the local milieu and the cultural mechanisms that control daily life in the city the brand, “In our case, it’s Scandinavia with boutiques in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We work with the distinctive preferences and behaviour patterns that exist in each city, taking these into account when we interpret the label Marc by Marc Jacobs,” he adds.

The name was Marc Jacobs, and the man has evolved into an international brand that is a household name across the globe and at the forefront of fashion and lifestyle. The brand currently encompasses mens-, womens and childrenswear, swimwear, footwear, bags, accessories, jewellery, eyewear, watches, fragrance, tech and homewear, as well as a host of special items produced in collaboration with others. Marc by Marc Jacobs, created as a diffusion line in 2001, is a ready-to-wear label with a strong profile, rooted in New York. Copenhagen is home to one of the brand’s stand-alone boutiques, opened in 2006. Since inception, Marc by Marc Jacobs Copenhagen has become a piece of New York in Copenhagen; more than clothing and bags, it is an advocate of a life filled with fun and fuelled by curiosity. With the aim of giving Copenhagen a more international format, the team behind the shop are working hard at making the brand an integral part of culture in Copenhagen – a cultural curator in the city through a line of exciting and innovative projects.

Thus far in 2011, the team has married fashion’s exclusivity with the urban subcultures in Copenhagen through initiatives such as Broken Hearts Club – the hyped Berlin club which transformed the city store to a heaving international nightclub. Other initiatives to unite the global with the local and highlight the international format of the brand’s presence in the market include an in-store pop-up coffee lounge and whisky bar, a brand birthday bash at Copenhagen’s trendy meat packing district, Marc’s personal Guide to Copenhagen and summer BBQs in collaboration with the city’s annual Distortion music festival. And during Copenhagen Fashion Week Marc by Marc Jacobs is cooperating with CPH Vision to focus on uniting the city’s underground environment and elements of New Yorker-style street culture. Later this year plans to further cement Marc by Marc Jacobs’ philosophy in Scandinavia will be set in action though boutique birthday events, product launches and parties to unite the fashion elite with the subculture faction. “The Marc by Marc Jacobs universe is exclusive, luxurious and trendy and therefore appeals to urban men and women who are quality and style conscious, creative, edgy and brave at the same time. Since this perception of the brand is generally applicable worldwide, it’s not so much about ‘cementing the brand‘, but more about inviting people to be a part of this exciting universe,” Asbjørn RiisSøndergaard concludes.

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I WANT ALWAYS GETS E LL E d enma r k sha r e t hei r seasona l picks wi t h The Vision Pape r

S ki r t b y S e l ec t e d F emme L e at h e r i s s t i l l o n t r e n d , a n d t h i s p e n c i l s k i r t i s b ot h r aw a n d c l a s s i c at t h e s a m e t i m e , e s p e c i a l ly w h e n w o r n w i t h a w h i t e s i l k s h i r t.

Un d e r wea r b y Un d e r p r o t ec t ion W i t h f i n e , d i t s y p r i n t s a n d m a d e e n t i r e ly f r o m e n v i r o n m e n ta l ly f r i e n d ly m at e r i a l s , w e l i k e u n d e r w e a r f r o m U n d e r p r ot e c t i o n .

B l a z e r b y S no b d e N o b l esse R e d c o n t i n u e s t h r o u g h s u m m e r i n to t h e au t u m n - w i n t e r s e a s o n , a n d i s at i t s b e s t w h e n u s e d i n a m i n i m a l i s t lo o k . T h i s b l a z e r t i c k s a l l t h e b ox e s .

D r ess b y Bene d ik t e U t z on S n a k e p r i n t i s t h e n e w l e o pa r d , a n d w e lov e t h i s f e m i n i n e d r e s s w i t h i t s d i s c r e e t p r i n t a n d f i n e d e ta i l s .

S hoes b y Lise Lin dv ig T h e s e c o o l s h o e s a r e a n ELLE favo u r i t e b e c au s e w e a l s o n e e d g r e at f l at s w h e n o u r f e e t t i r e o f h e e l s . T h e y a l s o p e r f e c t ly e n c a p s u l at e au t u m n ’ s m a s c u l i n e t r e n d .

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Philanthropic Fashion

Philanthropic Fashion

With increasing attention from the fashion industry, Designers’ Nest continues to cement its position as one of the world’s leading fashion talent awards. Profiling the cream of upcoming Nordic talent from eight of the best design schools across the region, tomorrow’s designers compete to win a 50,000 DKK cash prize as well as a foot up the industry ladder and vital exposure. We take a closer look at the schools behind the competing designers and talk to Vogue italia's sara maino about emerging talent.

TEKO TEKO is Scandinavian’s largest design and management college for the fashion and lifestyle industry with over 1,000 students undertaking vocational and further education courses within the industry. TEKO produces manpower for the industry, with graduate students holding designer, retail and positions for fashion companies around the globe. The Danish Design School Founded on Nordic design tradition that marries form and function with a shrewd eye for business, The Danish Design School educates tomorrow’s designers and crafts artists though three and five year design programmes. The school has a capacity for around 700 students in Copenhagen as well as the tiny Danish island Bornholm, situated in the Baltic Sea.

Beckman’s College of Design The Stockholm school has for almost 70 years produced some of Sweden’s leading fashion designers, costume designers, illustrators and other creatives. Focused on the art of creation and communication, Beckman’s promotes personal expression and creativity and multidisciplinary knowledge sharing to give students the best ballast for a future in the fashion and design industry. Aalto University School of Art & Design, Helsinki Finland has a rich creative tradition and is internationally recognized for its design. The historical Aalto University School of Art and Design is an international school offering bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in design. Sixteen percent of the some 2,000 students are from abroad, enriching the international feel and overall creativity of the institution.

S A R A M A I N O i s a pa s s i o n at e a dvo c at e o f n e w ta l e n t. I n a d d i t i o n to h e r p o s i t i o n a s S e n i o r Fa s h i o n E d i to r at Vo g u e Ita l i a , s h e s p e n d s m o s t o f h e r s pa r e t i m e t r ac k i n g d o w n n e w ta l e n t a s h e a d o f ta l e n t s at Vo g u e . i t a n d t h e a n n ua l Vo g u e Ta l e n t s g u i d e . T h i s s e a s o n S a r a M a i n o i s o n e o f f i v e n ot e d i n d u s t r y p r o f i l e s j u d g i n g D e s i g n e r s N e s t. H av i n g s p e n t t h e pa s t t w o d e c a d e s i n t h e i n d u s t r y, S a r a M a i n o h a s a f i r m g r a s p o f w h at u p c o m i n g d e s i g n e r s n e e d to m a k e i t i n t h e fa s h i o n i n d u s t r y: " U p c o m i n g d e s i g n e r s n e e d to p o s s e s s a lot o f c r e at i v i t y a n d h av e a f i r m i d e a o f w h at t h e y wa n t to e x p r e s s . t h e y a l s o n e e d to b e c o n s ta n t a n d b e l i e v e i n t h e m s e lv e s a s m u c h a s p os s i b le . H owe ver , th e b i gg est c hallen g e th e y fac e i s to f i n d s o m e o n e t h at p r o d u c e s t h e i r w o r k a n d i n v e s t s i n t h e m . It ’ s n ot e a s y to f i n d . ” s h e s ay s .

Keep an eye on M o r t e n U n d e r b j e r g O l s e n , A s t r i d A n d e r s e n , M ag n u s Lö p p e , m i l l e m a r i e j e n s e n , S o f i e R o s e n k r a n d s Da n i e l s e n , L æ r k e B a n g , C h r i s t e l T h u e H ø g s t e d , H e l e n e H o l m S pa r wat h , S i d s e A n s b j e r g B o r da l , N h u D u o n g , S a s u K au p p i , S at u M a a r a n e n , S o f i a J ä r n e f e lt.

Iceland Academy of Arts The Department of Design and Architecture at the academy offers a three-year degree in fashion design that through the principal values of curiosity, understanding and courage equips students with the skills and development required to be global players. Swedish School of Textiles in Borås Combining creation and innovation, degree programmes at Borås, an area noted for its textile production, cover the entire scope of textiles – from design through manufacturing to management and technology. The school even has the capacity to manufacture its own textiles. Borås aims to be one of Europe’s leading research and development centres for industrial design specializing in textile and fashion. An active player on the international scene, the school has also participated in a global project to reproduce garments worn by Tutankhamon almost 3,500 years ago.

ESMOD, Norway The international fashion university network ESMOD expanded to include Oslo, Norway in 1990 and has since gone from strength to strength.The school celebrates the fashion industry through creativity, imagination and exploration, and teaches not only fashion design but also fashion sales, marketing and manufacturing skills. The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) is new to Designers Nest this season. The school houses over 3,000 students on further education and business courses, and design programmes allow students to gain an understanding of the entire design process, from fashion design to marketing. Kolding Design School With firm focus on design skills, Kolding Design School teaches students the benefits of self-development and teamwork to create unique results. The school’s ambition to produce strong individuals with a versatile knowledge of all aspects of the design process and the ability to step into a collective working process has resulted in numerous wellestablished fashion designers and industry professionals. Additionally, the school focuses on innovation, research and sustainability.

Egekilde er det friske og uspolerede vand fra kilden dybt inde i skoven. Smager forfriskende rent uanset om du drikker med eller uden brus – eller snupper en af de skønne smagsvarianter. Nyd smagen af Egekilde – ren naturkraft.

T H E V I S I O N PA P E R PAGE s e v e n t e e n

Questions and Answers W h e n I wa s a c h i l d I wa n t e d to b e . . .

M a r ga r e ta Van d en b osch

a fashion d esigne r o r

I believe in... peop l e .

a fashion i l l u s t r ato r .

M y g r e at e s t i n s p i r at i o n i s . . . m u sic , a r t, f r ien d s an d fami ly.

At n i g h t I d r e a m o f. . . I ’ m a ca l m s l eepe r , an d I ’ m a l so goo d at taking naps when nee d e d . F o r ins tance , to a d j u s t to t ime d iffe r ences when t r av e l l ing . I r a r e ly r emem b e r an y d r eams I may hav e ha d .

My st yle icon is... Au d r e y H ep b u r n .

When I ’ m angry I … t r y to r eso lv e t hings – b u t I ’ m ha r d ly e v e r ang r y.

Margareta Van den Bosch is the brainchild behind the success of Swedish fashion mastodon H&M’s clothing collections. Van den Bosch has worked at H&M for almost 25 years, 21 of which were spent as design director, responsible for H&M’s constant stream of affordable on-trend clothes. She is currently the creative advisor, overseeing the brand’s celebrity and designer collaborations which so far include the likes of Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo, Madonna, Karl Lagerfeld and more recently Lanvin. The Vision Paper caught up with Van den Bosch to delve deeper into what makes her tick.

I f I wa s n ’ t wo r k i n g i n fa s h i o n I wo u l d b e … an a r chi t ec t, which is what m y son b ecame .

M y g r e at e s t ac h i e v e m e n t i s . . . m y goo d r e l at ions wi t h man y peop l e t hat I ’ m v e r y happ y a b o u t.

Please don’t give me... t hings .

N ot m a n y p e o p l e k n ow t h i s b u t. . . I l ike f ly fishing .

M y favo u r i t e wo r k o f a r t. . . i t ’ s d iffic u lt to say j u s t one , b u t I l ike P icasso .

When I’m happy I… l ike to b e wi t h f r ien d s .

M y favo u r i t e i t e m o f c lot h i n g i s . . . t he shi r t.

T h e l a s t s o n g I da n c e d to wa s . . . r ock m u sic at a pa r t y.

M y m o s t va lua b l e p o s s e s s i o n i s . . . I d on ’ t hav e an y.

I wo u l d r at h e r b e . . . safe t han so r r y.

I w i s h I ’ d n e v e r wo r n … a l ot of t hings .

M y favo u r i t e s ay i n g i s . . . t ime wi l l t e l l .

I n 1 0 y e a r s ’ t i m e , I h o p e to b e . . . hea lt h y an d a l i v e .

T H E V I S I O N PA P E R PAGE e i g h t e e n

Spon diogo

una burke

A Talent The idea for Not Just a Label was born from the brothers’ desire to use the internet as a fashion networking site. Specifically targeting graduate and avantgarde fashion designers, the website globally showcases their collections without the usual hurdles faced by upcoming designers. Recognized by the industry as a one-stop-shop for emerging talent, the site has become a staple with fashion editors and stylists scouting for the next big thing. The progressive website also lets consumers source information about and purchase design by the designers of tomorrow. In turn, the designers receive a free global forum from which they gain worldwide exposure to help build their brand. For some upcoming designers, Not Just a Label can mean international exposure in leading fashion magazines such as Vogue and Dazed & Confused. Earlier this year NJAL celebrated its third birthday with the launch of a new website and online shop, offering a selection of designer clothes produced by more than 5,000 emerging talents from over 40 countries, and that is each month filled with new stock curated by some of fashion’s leading insiders. The Vision Paper caught up with cofounder Stefan Siegal – one of this season’s Designer’s Nest judges – to talk about talent. What, in your opinion, are the most important qualities an upcoming designer should possess? “I am always fascinated by designers who back their designs with a deep inspiration that reflects their personality or illustrates events in their life. When reading collection descriptions, much of the time, you feel like you have read it all before, and mostly it is written well after the collection has been created, when a sales manager has to maximize sales and exposure. Real designers are independent; they design as a way to express themselves. You can really see this in their garments.” How can the industry best nurture new talent in the fast-moving realm of fashion? “By taking the speed out of fashion! Individuality has become a statement for luxury. The appetite and demand for alternative and sustainable production is predominant

across many sectors such as food, hospitality, lifestyle and I hope fashion will be next. Young designers recognise their responsibility in creating sustainable fashion. We believe it is more valuable and eco-friendly to buy an item that will last for many seasons. By buying directly from a designer you support local production, local business and help a young creative talent. I think consumers have to do their part too! “ What are the greatest challenges new designers face, and how can they best overcome these? “Since we have started Not Just A Label I feel the market has changed drastically; at the moment I believe there are more opportunities than challenges for young designers. However, designers have to be willing to be creative not only in terms of design, but also when planning their marketing and branding strategy, when selecting stockists and focusing on their regional markets. We live in a global market, which means designers have to be willing to leave antiquated methods behind and run their businesses on five continents at the same time. Opportunity and challenge in one, it just depends how you look at it.” Who, in your opinion, should we be keeping an eye on and why? “Me when I start going out in Copenhagen! Jokes aside, we have been visiting Denmark for the last few seasons and the number of strong design talent is incredible. I really hope they will start to operate internationally very soon!” Is there a country that is currently particularly good at producing new talent? And what do you think this can be attributed to? “We have to move away from seeing fashion as something which happens in four cities, or places famous for a school. In the past three years I have seen talented designers come from places I would have never imagined. The quality of design schools, as well as the access to production, is crucial. Countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Latvia are surprising us every season. But furthermore, we were also able to scout fantastic designers from Poland, Lebanon, Ukraine and Slovenia. Overall, there is no longer a standard benchmark, we just have to accept creativity is now global and celebrate this as an opportunity for the fashion industry as a whole.”

T H E V I S I O N PA P E R PAGE n i n e t e e n

eleanor amoroso

Not Just a Label is exactly that. Launched in 2008 by brothers Stefan and Daniel Siegel, Not Just a Label (NJAL) is a web-based platform to support and nurture emerging talent in the fashion industry. The innovative brand is today synonymous with profiling contemporary fashion from upcoming designers across the globe, and is a frontrunner in democratising style.

for Talent

katie rowland


T H E V I S I O N PA P E R PAGE t w e n t y

Heads Up W i t h au t u mn fas t app r oaching , i t ’ s t ime to ge t to u gh on skinca r e in p r epa r at ion fo r t he co l d e r mon t hs ahea d. These t r ansseasona l picks wi l l g u i d e yo u o u t of s u mme r an d in to coo l e r c l imes .

S k y n I ce l an d , P u r e C l o u d C r eam A s i t s n a m e s u g g e s t s , t h i s c r e a m i s a s w h i t e a n d f lu f f y a s a c u m u lu s c lo u d . P e r f e c t f o r u s e ov e r a s e r u m to n o u r i s h s u m m e r ’ s s u n k i s s e d s k i n .

N i l ens Jo r d , P e r fec t Look F o u n dat ion M i n e r a l f o u n dat i o n m ay n o lo n g e r m a k e t h e c u t a s t h e w e at h e r t u r n s . O p t f o r m o r e c ov e r ag e w i t h a c r e a m - b a s e d f o u n dat i o n .

K ieh l’ s , Acai Damage - Repai r ing S e r u m T h i s l i g h t w e i g h t s e r u m c o n ta i n i n g t h e b e r r y- o f -t h e m o m e n t d e tox i f i e s , m att i f i e s a n d to n e s t h e s k i n .

O r i b e , M ois t u r e & C on t r o l S hampoo H y d r at e h a i r w i t h a g e n t l e s h a m p o o t h at m o i s t u r i s e s f r o m r o ot to t i p.

K ane b o , 1 0 M in u t es Re l a x ing M ask F o r a q u i c k f i x o p t f o r a m a s k to r e p l e n i s h a n d r e g e n e r at e t h e s k i n .


T H E V I S I O N PA P E R PAGE t w e n t y t w o

Behind the scenes G r e at e s t s t y l i n g c h a l l e n g e ? I d on ’ t hav e a sing l e e x amp l e I can r emem b e r , b u t t he b igges t cha l l enges a r e a lway s t he mos t comme r cia l j o b s –

t hose f u r t hes t away f r om what I am .

Funniest job? The f u nnies t t hing is when I ge t pai d we l l fo r what I d o , an d when c u s tome r s b u y in to t he u ni v e r se I c r eat e . A lt ho u gh mone y is not e v e r y t hing i t ’ s a g r eat mot i vat iona l fac to r in comme r cia l j o b s .

B i g g e s t w i s h r i g h t n ow ? A Uni t e d S tat es Visa .

Which three things are essential w h e n wo r k i n g a s a s t y l i s t i n t h e fa s h i o n i n d u s t r y ? S e l f - confi d ence , empat h y an d ca l m .

Dream Client? C omme d es G a r cons , whe r e a r t an d fashion con v e r ge . A n d t he y ne v e r d e l i v e r what yo u e x pec t – t he y c r eat e some t hing new each t ime .

The Vision Paper caught up with stylist Simon Rasmussen, whose keen eye and nimble fingers styled the latest campaign for Copenhagen Fashion Fairs, for a quick chat about his world of fast-moving fashion.

I f yo u w e r e n ot a s t y l i s t, w h at wo u l d yo u d o ? I ’ d p r o b a b ly s t i l l d o some t hing c r eat i v e . . . b u t if I we r e to wo r k in a comp l e t e ly d iffe r en t fie l d I ’ d b e a ps ychot he r apis t.

Which person most needs yo u r s t y l i n g h e l p ? The r e a r e a lot of peop l e who co u l d d o wi t h a he l ping han d , so I ’ m not s u r e whe r e to s ta r t. B u t m y goo d f r ien d M a l ki t S ingh co u l d d efini t e ly u se some he l p : he d r esses l ike a sm u r f in a n u r sing home .

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My Copenhagen

Kristopher Arden-Houser Contributing Talent Editor, Vogue Italia Tivoli. Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 Copenhagen V ”Perhaps its a bit cliche but I love Tivoli. Being originally from California, I grew up with Disney Land so when I have an option to visit mini “wonders of the world” I am happy to oblige. It must be said that I am intrigued with the rumor that Walt Disney was inspired by the park when he was developing his franchise in America.”

With a reputation as one of the world’s best cities, Copenhagen has something for everyone. We share a few insider tips about where to go and what to do in the bike-friendly, ultra cool City of Spires.

Zakkerey Anders Alexandar Larsen Sales Director, Copenhagen Fashion Fairs Slotskælderen hos Gitte Kig. Fortunstræde 4, 1065 Copenhagen K ”This place is an institution and serves the city’s best smørrebrød (that’s open sandwiches to the non-Danes). Enjoy with a beer or a snaps – in the company of friends or colleagues – and it doesn’t get much better than this!”

Hearing Aid Earlier this month, cult Danish headphone company AIAIAI launched a special retail initiative at their Copenhagen headquarters. The AIAIAI office in central Copenhagen now houses a shop featuring the brand’s own products as well as

Best Foot Forward

a series of curated commodities in collaboration with carefully selected brands

The chic city centre shop A Pair offers high-end footwear from

and personalities. Additionally, an area in the shop is dedicated to the new

leading international labels as well as its own-brand footwear.

radio-station Sound of Copenhagen, which broadcasts shows live from a studio

In addition to shoes for men and women, the shop also offers a great

in the shop window. AIAIAI. Studiestræde 31,1455 Copenhagen K

Cecilie Christensen Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Denmark Kafferiet, Esplanaden 44, 1263 Copenhagen K Copenhagen is full of beautiful places, but I particualrly love Kafferiet, combined with a stroll around Kastellet. Fresh air and a pink cup of to-go soy latte from the cute coffee house on Esplanaden charges my batteries on Saturday mornings following an often busy week.

range of accessories including small leather goods, jewellery and bags.




/ prices from DKK 129,-


Understøt dit brand med Mac – det ypperste kassesystem Ekspeder kunder på din Mac, samtidig med at du styrer musikken i butikken via iTunes. Boost dit salg ved at inspirere dine kunder med film og billeder på fladskærme, der viser dine nyeste modekollektioner.

For mere information

Mulighederne er uendelige med en Mac… Konceptet er fleksibelt og kan skræddersyes lige til din virksomheds størrelse – uanset om I har et enkelt kasseapparat eller er en hel butikskæde, der har behov for et større informationsflow.

tlf: 70 21 53 53 web: Sjælland: Vesterbrogade 12 1620 København V Jylland: Fredens Torv 2 8000 Aarhus C Fyn: Vestergade 94 5000 Odense C

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The Vision Paper SS12  

The official style and news catalogue of the two leading fairs in Copenhagen: CPH Vision and Terminal-2 during Copenhagen Fashion Week 4-6th...

The Vision Paper SS12  

The official style and news catalogue of the two leading fairs in Copenhagen: CPH Vision and Terminal-2 during Copenhagen Fashion Week 4-6th...