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Maj 23rd 2004

The Prime Minister Opens Copenhagen Consensus Today the Danish Prime Minister opens Copenhagen Consensus at Eigtveds Pakhus. From May 24th to 28th Copenhagen Consensus will gather eight of the World’s leading economists – among them several Nobel Laureates – to discuss and prioritize solutions to serious global challenges. The Copenhagen Consensus expert panel includes: • • • • • • • •

Professor Jagdish N. Bhagwati, Columbia University, Professor Robert W. Fogel, University of Chicago Professor Bruno S. Frey, University of Zurich Professor Justin Yifu Lin, Peking University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor Douglass C. North, Washington University in St. Louis Professor Thomas C. Schelling, University of Maryland Professor Vernon L. Smith, George Mason University Professor Nancy L. Stokey, University of Chicago

Professor James J. Heckman, an original member of the panel, sends his regrets and best wishes. Due to being awarded an honorary doctorate from Université de Montréal, Professor Heckman is unable to participate. Bjørn Lomborg said today that the expert panel represented some of the best analytical minds in the World: ‘I am proud that we have attracted a dream-team of experts whose expertise is of the highest international level. These experts will answer the question: If we decided to use $50 billion on improving global welfare, which projects should we start with? The ambition of Copenhagen Consensus is to provide better knowledge to make such choices. The 10 scientific papers that have been written for Copenhagen Consensus contain 36 possible solutions to the challenges. The team of experts will review the challenges across the different fields and estimate what the best solutions are to the many challenges facing the World today. The next five days will be very exciting.’ The expert discussion will produce a prioritized list of opportunities to solve ten great challenges facing the world. The list will be announced at a press conference at Eigtveds Pakhus on Saturday May 29th at 12 noon. For additional information, see the Copenhagen Consensus web site: Additional information: Earlier today, the Danish Minister of Environment opened the Copenhagen Consensus Youth Forum. A specific press release has been issued regarding this Forum. Additional information: Senior Media Liaison Officer Anita Furu ph. 72 26 58 18/26 12 58 03 International Media Liaison Officer David Young ph 7226 5823 / 26 96 55 06

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The expert discussion will produce a prioritized list of opportunities to solve ten great challenges facing the world. The list will be anno...