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34 Combating Hunger

How You Can Help

Academy for Educational Development:

SurfAid International:

AED is a nonprofit organization working globally to improve education, health, civil society and economic development.

SurfAid International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering through communitybased health and nutrition programs.

In collaboration with local and national partners, AED fosters sustainable results through practical, comprehensive approaches to social and economic challenges. AED implements more than 250 programs serving people in all 50 U.S. states and more than 150 countries.

Drastic improvements in child mortality and illness can come from simple behaviors in the home - things like mosquito nets, hand-washing, exclusive breastfeeding and giving children with diarrhea more to eat and drink.

AED’s Global Health, Population & Nutrition Center currently manages more than 15 large-scale international nutrition-related programs. AED strives to improve the delivery of health services to children and mothers and the practice of healthy behaviors.

Donations: Donations can be made online or by mail, and can be directed to specific projects.

SurfAid established Mother’s Care Groups, a proven approach that drives lasting behavior change in the home, using peer-to-peer teaching networks to create healthy new social norms. Care Groups are up and running in 53 Mentawai and Nias Island villages, serving 35,000 people. SurfAid’s evolution of Care Groups promises to create a vehicle for dramatic change that can scale up to save vast numbers of children from unnecessary death and suffering. Change created via the Care Group process is self-reinforcing and establishes new cultural norms; follow-on studies have documented that behavior change is durable.

Donations: Donations can be made online.

Guide to Giving

Guide to Giving  

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Guide to Giving  

Copenhagen Consensus Center Guide to Giving