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2. Additional project meeting in Velenje (Slovenia)



GeoSEE UP TO DATE Activities of the GeoSEE project are currently progressing according to schedule, as project partners are successfully continuing efforts on the project activities. In addition project partners are continuously working on media and non-media activities. WP1: Transnational project and financial management requires an ongoing effort till the end of the project, with activities such as day to day project management, steering and monitoring of the projects implementation, financial and certification of expenditures and so on. However, the management structure has been, in a large part, put into place so that project activities are being coordinated fluently. Besides some minor deviations in project partner’s perspectives and approaches, that have to be mitigated, the management of the project is functioning properly.

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WP2: Communication activities also require ongoing effort from the project consortium, so mainly the most important advances we`re made in the organization of media activities, the enhancement of the project`s visual identity with numerous press releases and other PR measures as well as the updating of the project website. Within WP3: Centralized information database and user requirements the following the outputs and results have been done:  State of the art reports in some partners countries,  User requirements in the partners countries,  Project vision and strategy of GeoSEE,  Online Information Repository. WP4: Advancing low-temperature geothermal energy technologies Activities within this WP are in progress. By the time of the project meeting in Velenje, templates for outputs 4.2 process modelling of low-temperature geothermal energy and 4.3 economic modelling of low-temperature geothermal energy has been completed by UM, MF, TESAF and LP KSSENA. The templates of the outputs were presented at the meeting in details and participants had the chance to raise any issues regarding un-clarity or inadequacy. Project partners are currently dealing with the output description of case-study locations.



Additional project meeting in Velenje The additional project meeting was held to address some of the shortcomings in the project activities progress. The meeting was hosted by KSSENA. Special attention has been given to financial assets allocation within the project. Presentations were given from various partners. An emphasis was put on work package 4, specifically acts 4.2 (process modeling) and 4.3. (economic modeling), where the templates for these two required outputs were presented. This was to ensure that the project partners would have a better understanding about the information that is required for a comprehensive analysis of these two quintessential points of the project to be completed.


Fig.1 : Partner representatives at the project meeting

The partners also reviewed the remaining activities in WP5 and WP6. First off, work package 5 was presented. This work package encompasses the production of the web GIS, which will primarily gather all information that is relevant for the projects cause from all project partners and produce a web based geographical software that is able to display, basically the relevant research on the exploitation and utilization of low-temperature geothermal energy. The presentation was aimed at providing project partners with detailed determination of expected input data. The overall structure was presented, as well as the deadlines and a simplified budget. The example that was used to present this output has been web GIS from the project EnergyCity.


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Fig.2 : Roundtable discusion among project partners

This presentation was followed by some insight on the last work package, WP6. The main idea of this work package is to expand the scope of the project and address the viability of project efforts continuation well beyond the end date. With this in mind, several aspects were included in this presentation, such as the overview of laws and legislation, highlighting the environmental and social benefits, developing market penetration models, etc. Recommendations were provided to the participants on how the outputs will be structured and again, what is the data that is expected by the project partners to contribute. On the meeting we have all agreed that we will start with activities in WP6 earlier than it is predicted in Application Form, because we don`t want to be late at the end of the project. After consulting with REAN, work package leader, we together predicted January 2014 for start of the WP6.

The project is co-financed by the EU through SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme.


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