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2. Project meeting Padua


GeoSEE UP TO DATE At present GeoSEE project partners are successfully continuing efforts on the project activities. In addition project partners are continuously working on media and non-media activities. These activities have been successfully completed or are in a constant state of development till the perceived end of the project:

DID YOU KNOW? “Even though geothermal is technically a finite resource, the typical lifetime for geothermal activity can range from 5,000 years to 1,000,000 years therefore, it’s considered a renewable resource.” Source:

Within WP1: Transnational project and financial management Partnership agreement and Subsidy contract have been signed, members of the PMT(Project Management Team), PSC(Project Steering Committee) and PTS(Project Technical Secretariat) have been appointed. In addition the implementation manual has been done. Within WP2: Communication activities the following actions have been done: Manufactured promotional material: pens, USB sticks and notebooks,  Enhancement of visual identity: project logo, application rules and uniform templates for reports, press releases and all other PR measures,  4 manufactured Newsletters,  Production of the Communication plan: contains communication analysis, goals, the overall strategy, targets, methods and tools and responsibilities amongst the partners,  Organization of media activities and appearances of all PPs: “Zname” Newspaper (REAP), „Naš Čas“ (KSSENA), The Earth Day (REAN)  Project website development ( ) Within WP3: Centralized information database and user requirements the following the outputs and results have been done:  State of the art reports in each partner country,  State of the art in the partners countries and SEE,  Review of technologies for hybrid uses of geothermal and additional RES,  Review of models, standards and data for RESs mapping and their integration.  WP4: Advancing low-temperature geothermal energy technologies Activities within this WP are in progress. Project partners are currently dealing with output description of case-study locations.


Project meeting in Padua The project meeting was primarily aimed at presenting the current updates of the project and gain insight on possible optimization of efforts. Progress on each of the work packages was presented as well as some difficulties regarding their execution was pointed out. In addition, past experience from various partners in their specific field of expertise were presented by UM (Technologies for geothermal and RES integration), TESAF (Geographic models), IGR (Integration and information database) to name a few. Special focus was given to the relevant content of the information database.


Fig.1 : Partner representatives at the project meeting

“On average, for every 100 meters you go below ground, the temperature of the rock increases about 3 degrees Celsius. Or for every 328 feet below ground, the temperature increases 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit.� Source:

Fig.2 : Study visit of the local geothermal system


Project meeting by presentations The presentations were conducted as follows:

CONTACT US: Energy Agency KSSENA, Titov trg 1, SI-3320 Velenje Slovenia, T: +386 3 8961 521, E-mail: www:

Welcoming by Province of Padua

Current updates of the project by KSSENA

Technologies for geothermal and RES integration by UM

Past and Current initiatives and projects by IGR

Geographic models by TESAF

User requirement analysis by KSSENA/UM

Integration and information database by IGR

The continuation of session Integration and information database by TESAF

Financial issues and reporting by KSSENA

Geographic models by TESAF

Work package 4 by UM

Timetable for future activities and explanations of the contents of the actions

Final remarks and conclusions of the meeting by KSSENA and all partners

The content of the gathered presentations is described in detail in the Padua project meeting minutes, which will available online shortly.

The project is co-financed by the EU through SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme.


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