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JULY 2014

Diamond to offer Centurion upgrade

Diamond supports an existing fleet of over 500 Centurion-equipped DA42 aircraft and will now include Centurion 2.0s engines in the existing DA42 type certificate, offering the ability to upgrade from 135-hp Centurion 1.7 and 2.0 engines to a 155-hp 2.0s. See story on page 19 Photo courtesy Diamond Aircraft Industries

Waterville Airport Open House – Saving an airport

By Kevin Psutka, COPA president and CEO I attended an event at Waterville Airport in Nova Scotia, on May 31, 2014 to not only help save the airport from closure in the near term (Sept. 30, 2014) but to educate local citizens and politicians on the importance of a GA airport in the region. Thanks to good weather, the event was well attended. See for a history of the issue. More than 40 aircraft flew in and the aircraft based there were on display so that citizens could get up close and chat with owners about the importance of the airport. There were also several displays, including the Air Cadets, who also had a glider and towplane there to provide introductory flights, and COPA’s Brian and Norma Chappell helped me to man a COPA booth with information including COPA’s Guide to Public Airports, our Community Airports brochure, and some economic impact studies from similar airports to illustrate an airport’s value to the community. Local politicians as well as a member of the provincial government were on hand to hear my presentation, which sparked a lively conversation about the need to maintain the airport until a business case study is completed, funding for an alternative is found and an airport is built. I emphasized that unless and until an alternative is funded and built, the current airport should remain in place.

Aerial shot of some of the 40 aircraft that flew in. Photo courtesy Gerrard Killam

Publications Mail Agreement Number 40005288

Notable statements were made on behalf of the provincial government (funding is available to assist in identifying an alternative) and by a municipal politician who emphasized that a business case study would be done and that the September 30 closure date may be flexible. Of course the devil is in the details and so it remains to be seen whether or not the airport can be saved or an alternative can be developed before it is closed, but the open house certainly highlighted the need for careful consideration about the potential loss of this community asset along with several jobs and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year being injected into the economy.

Kevin Psutka and Walter Isenor explain why the Waterville airport is the icing on the cake as an economic generator for the Annapolis Valley.

Certificate presentation to COPA Flight 188 Debert, Nova Scotia. Receiving the Flight 188 Charter are, from left; Michael Copp, Navigator; David Comeau, Co-Captain; Susie Frazer, Flight Captain; Kevin Psutka, COPA President and CEO, Brian Chappell, COPA Director representing Nova Scotia, Val Kyte, COPA For Kids Administrator.

Aircraft line up to purchase fuel.

Aviation accident summaries . .12 Bry, the dunker guy . . . . . . . . . .18 Canadian Plane Trade . . . . . . C-1 COPA Flight news . . . . . . . . . . . 7 COPA Flight Safety Bulletin . . B-3 Fit to fly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B-6 From a pilot’s perspective . . . .B-4 Notes from the Ninety Nines . . .16

Lively discussion about the airport’s future. Photos courtesy Kevin Psutka

Off we go . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-7 On the horizon . . . . . . . . . . . .B-13 On the step . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13 Plane talk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-11 Product review . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-8 Rem’s report . . . . . . . . . . . . . .B-2 TC aviation enforcements . . . . .15 View from Manitoba . . . . . . . . . .3

COPA protects Personal Aviation and promotes it as a valued, integral and sustainable part of the Canadian Community.



JULY 2014

2014 Neil Armstrong scholarship winners chosen nity volunteering and university has allowed Mr. Ho to practice good time-management, which he sees as an asset for a competent pilot. He looks to start training for his private pilot’s license with the goal of working for the airlines. It is the COPA Neil Armstrong Scholarship Selection Committee’s pleasure to award Mr. Brian Ho the ab-initio scholarship for 2014.

First place, Brian Ho

COPA NJA SCHOLARSHIP 2014 AB-INITIO ($7,000) Brian Ho, 18, of North York, Ontario Mr. Ho is an undergraduate student currently enrolled in the Science and Aviation program at The University of Waterloo. This program allows Mr. Ho to undergo flight training while earning a degree in Science. Throughout high school Mr. Ho had taken on extra-curricular activities including as co-president of the aviation club and captain of two sports teams, the dragon boat and swim team. Currently he is the Administrative Coordinator at the Waterloo Paddling Club. He is developing his leadership and managerial competencies by actively contributing to the club and their operations. Successfully balancing both commu-

Second place, Grace Wijaya.

COPA NJA SCHOLARSHIP 2014 ($3,000) Grace Wijaya, 17, Calgary, Alberta Ms. Wijaya has had an early interest in aviation. She joined the Air Cadet program five days after turning 12 years old with her mind set on attending the pilot scholarships. The six years spent in the program

have all been steps toward achieving the goal of attending the Air Cadet Power Pilot scholarship. Ms. Wijaya received her flight training at Super T Aviation in Medicine Hat with 12 other girls. Throughout that summer, her passion for aviation and flying skills grew. Five weeks later, Ms. Wijaya earned her Private Pilot License, received a pair of wings pinned to her chest, and achieved the Top Pilot award for having the highest Transport Canada written and flight test results at Super T Aviation. Ms. Wijaya is pursuing Aerospace Engineering as a career. She has been accepted to Carleton’s Aerospace Engineering, Toronto’s Engineering Science Program and waiting to hear from McGill University. Her goal is to pursue graduate studies in areas of aerodynamics and propulsion, and work for firms such as Bombardier or Lockheed Martin, hoping to be able to contribute to renewable forms of aviation. Looking to advance her license, Ms. Wijaya is planning to achieve her night and instrument ratings to be better equipped to pass on her passions to younger cadets as a familiarization pilot, and gain understanding of the practical reality of flying in addition to her theoretical university education. The Selection Committee awards this scholarship in support of Ms. Wijaya’s pursuit of flight training and aviation career.

COPA NJA SCHOLARSHIP 2014 ($2,000) Evan James Redka, 19, Branchton, Ontario For one semester of a high school cooperative program, Mr. Redka worked as an aircraft maintenance engineer. During

Third place, Evan Redka.

this time he helped service Robinson R22s, R-44s and also a Bell 206 Jet Ranger. His time at Rotor Services Ltd. taught Mr. Redka the basics of helicopter operation, maintenance, and introduced him to the “unique and captivating culture of aviation.” This experience proved an important asset when applying to the Commercial Helicopter Pilot program at Canadore Colledge. Having graduated high school, Mr. Redka has been working this year to reduce his debt load for the 2014/2015 school year. Mr. Redka loves nothing more than an adventure, so in the future he can see himself flying in Northern Canada or even overseas if the opportunity should arise. The Selection Committee congratulates Mr. Redka on his winning application.

Services offered include: * OSHKOSH AWARD WINNING AIRCRAFT PAINTING * Annual inspections of all aircraft with a MTOW of 5700 kg or below * Fabric repairs and recovers * Non-jigging structural repairs * Complete aircraft restoration * Installation of all STC’d mods to aircraft, i.e. VG’s, speed fairings, speed cowls. Horton STOL Kits and extended fuel systems * Repairs and maintenance on all amateur-built aircraft (i.e. RV’s, Murphy, Bush Caddy, etc.) * Import inspections of American aircraft * Interior detailing and window polishing * Exterior fuselage polishing and paint restoration

Paint shop located seven miles northeast of London International Airport, London Ontario. Serviced by a 55’ x 2000’ grass runway with no obstacles. GPS Co-ordinates: N 43° 09.22 W 81° 07.64 Maintenance Shop located at CYQS, St. Thomas Municipal Airport, St. Thomas, Ontario Phone: 519-461-1964 Cell: 519-852-1964 Email:

Transport Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO #74-98)


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JULY 2014


Aviation volunteers have amazing passion

I said before, I did not grow up in aviation, but I like to assist my AME Sid Kalinski with inspections. When I had to be away and returned I saw Bob May, his hands all dirty working on my engine. Bob, with his wife Judy Saxby, started Keewatin Air in 1971, pioneered Medevac services in Nunavut and other scheduled services from Winnipeg and Churchill. Eventually the company was sold in 2005. I could not believe it, Bob an aviation pioneer, airline boss and working on my airplane because he likes airplanes (I am sorry I did not take a picture).

By the time many of you are able to read my views, COPA’s Annual Meeting will have passed and many faithful and conscientious members will have expressed their opinion about COPA’s projects, aims and objectives now and into the future. Since I did not grow up, “looking over the airport fence longing to be a pilot” I continue to be amazed about the passion volunteers have to support our Freedom to Fly. COPA promotes rules that make it possible to build and fly privately owned airplanes and fly factory build aircraft with a minimum of restrictions for personal use. No other organization in Canada speaks for, advocates and protects personal aviation to make it a sustainable part of the Canadian Community.

View from Manitoba

Poker Derby Not all aviation volunteers are COPA Ninety Nines distributing prizes following the Poker Derby held in support of the Rosella Bjornson members and in the Scholarship Fund on May 24. by last two weeks I had Jerry Roehr For the last 20 Interesting Lunch NATO in the Ukraine. My interest the privilege of meetyears the fund raised On May 26, 2014, I was in- was the endurance of the six Canaing some dedicated thousands of dollars. vited by former St. Andrews Air- dian F18s in transit over the Atpeople. The Rosella Bjornson port Board member Roger Gadd, lantic, which it is about three hours As for the last 20 scholarship is through COPA member and Hon- at a three degrees up attitude. years, on May 24, on awarded annually to a orary Colonel Ross Robinson to The F18 at full throttle has an behalf of the Manifemale pilot to further a lunch meeting. I listened to endurance of 13 minutes. It was toba Chapter of the her aviation carrier (I guest speaker Colonel Joël Roy, interesting to learn also what kind Ninety Nines, Cindy was able to draw for the current 17 Wing Commander of a support system and personal Glover and Marythe grand prize for an and Commander of the Air Force that has to be put in place very Lou Milhausen orApple iPad donated Training Centre here in Win- quickly to accomplish a successganized a Poker nipeg. Search and Rescue is part ful mission. Derby in support of a the Rosella by St. Andrews Airport Inc.). In support and on behalf of of his command. Bjornson Scholarship Fund. A lot of questions were raised Annual About 20 pilots participated, col- COPA Flight 35 (Lyncrest) My Cessna 182 annual inlecting playing cards at various Shawn Wolk did all the barbecu- about the political chain of coming. mand to the military in support of spection was due in May. Well as airports.

71 Bank St., 7th Floor Ottawa, ON, K1P 5N2 Tel.: 613-236-4901 Fax: 613-236-8646

General E-mail: Web site: The Recognized Voice of General Aviation in Canada



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Kevin Psutka Patrick Gilligan Heather McLaren Tanya Storing Cathy Stanton-Gaudon Ghislaine Desjardins Christine Duncan Michel Hell Joanne Nault

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Job function Association management and representation Association representation/member assistance Administration Finance and accounting General office duties Membership processing General administrative duties Publishing management and editorial Ad sales and coordination

Note: COPA staff can also be reached via e-mail by using the initial of their first name in front of their last added to: (Example: Kevin Psutka: Membership rates in the association are $55.00 (plus GST or HST) per year. COPA members receive monthly issues of COPA Flight as part of their membership package.






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To reach a director by E-mail, please enter the director’s first initial and last name, then add (Example:

Nomination Committee Lately I had the privilege to be the Nomination Chairperson for this year’s COPA Board of Directors election. This brought me in touch with a lot of exceptional COPA members. I encouraged some to run and I am sad that not all of them were elected. Manitoba COPA members had trust in me to give me their proxy to vote for necessary by-law changes. However, what a surprise and honour when an Ontario member called me to ask if he could give me his proxy. As I said in the beginning COPA advocates and protects personal aviation to make it a sustainable part of the Canadian Community. Let’s all work, as often as we can, on that file.

Jerry Roehr is a COPA Director representing Manitoba and Nunavut.

COPA Circulation 15,700 Copies Digital Only 1,065 Subscribers Dedicated to the Advancement of Aviation in Canada ESTIMATED MONTHLY READERSHIP 50,000

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JULY 2014

Anti-spam: COPA’s clarifies privacy policy

On July 1, 2014, Canada’s new antispam legislation will come into effect. Once the law is in force, it will help to protect Canadians by prohibiting the sending of commercial electronic messages (CEM) without the recipient’s consent (implied or express). There are three government agencies responsible for enforcement of the new law: the Canadian Radio-television and Commission Telecommunications (CRTC), the Competition Bureau and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. The new law provides that a CEM must contain the following information: • The name of the person sending the message and the person, if different, on whose behalf it is sent;

• The physical and mailing address, a telephone number providing access to an agent or voice mail system, an email address and the web addresses of the person sending the message

• An unsubscribe mechanism to allow the receiver to withdraw their express or implied consent must be able to be performed in no more than two clicks.

You can go tothe website for more information on the act. COPA researched how best to comply, including seeking legal advice, and we have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect the different types of electronic communications send such as electronic membership renewals and the COPA eFlight newsletter. Please review the privacy policy below. Please update your Membership Profile in the Member’s Only section of the COPA website. You now have to OPT-IN to continue to receive electronic information from COPA third party partners such as The Personal and Magnus Group. If you do not do this by 1 July, you will not receive solicitations in the future. You will still be able to OPT-OUT of receiving direct mail pieces from our partners by checking the opt-out box. If you currently receive third party information and you no longer wish to receive them, please send an email to and we will

update your membership record within 10 days of receipt of your email. If you have any questions about COPA’s privacy policy and this change to comply with the anti-spam legislation, please contact Heather or extension 110.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Introduction The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association is committed to respecting your privacy and recognizes your need for appropriate protection and management of any personal information you share with us. Personal information means any information that may be used to identify an individual, including but not limited to a first and last name, a home or other physical address and an e-mail address or other contact information, whether at work or at home. COPA has established this Online Privacy Policy so that you can understand the care with which we intend to treat your personal information and to comply with the requirements set out in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada and Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation. We want you to know why we need your personal information, how the confidentiality of this information is protected, what information about you is recorded, and how we intend to use the information. Accountability COPA is responsible for your personal information that is under our control. We have appointed a Privacy Coordinator who is accountable for COPA’s compliance with this Privacy Policy. Our entire staff is trained in the organization’s policies related to privacy. Specifically, we do not provide any personal information to anyone without the consent of the individual as explained below. Identifying Purposes Personal information collected and retained by COPA is comprised of any or all of name, mail and email address, and telephone and facsimile numbers. Additional information is collected regarding flight

COPA’s Annual General Meeting COPA is looking for host airports for the coming years

The COPA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a great way for aviators from across the country to gather and share their common interest. Besides being a formal meeting required by law to conduct the annual business of the Association, the AGM presents an opportunity for COPA members to gain an insight into the running of the Association and its future as well as an opportunity to interface directly with the COPA Board of Directors and Management Staff. Hosting an AGM can be as simple as providing local assistance for a meeting room at or near an airport to conduct a 90minute meeting of the members plus present awards and scholarships. The host can also propose to add this onto an already planned event, such as a fly-in. The local COPA Director will work with the host to ensure a successful AGM. The COPA AGM will be held on a rotational basis across Canada. For example: 2015

Western Canada** Exact location not yet determined – open to proposals


Eastern Canada* YARMOUTH, NS

* Eastern Canada for this purpose is considered to be anywhere east of the Ontario/Manitoba border ** Western Canada for this purpose is considered to be anywhere west of Ontario/Manitoba border

For more information on how you can host the COPA Annual General Meeting, please contact COPA at 613-236-4901 ext. 110 or e-mail . You can download the Guide to Organizing COPA’s Annual General Meeting from the COPA website


training, aircraft ownership and date of birth to compile our own statistics on our members so we can determine how best to serve them. We do not sell our lists of personal information. The information is used to conduct regular mailings to our members, in the form of the monthly newspaper, COPA eFlight electronic newsletter, periodic electronic notices of membership renewal status as well as other electronic articles of interest. COPA will also use this information (name and date of original membership) to produce the COPA Gold & Silver members list to recognize long-time COPA members. We currently share member contact information with trusted COPA members on an area specific basis so that they can recruit members for our COPA Flights*. Your name, mail and email addresses and telephone number may also be transmitted to trusted third-party partners in order to inform you of products and services that our COPA partners offer and that we believe may interest you and in many cases benefit COPA through contributions made to COPA by the partners.

Opting In If you wish to be contacted by one of our third-party partners via email, please update your membership profile and check the box marked “I wish to receive electronic solicitations from third parties”. If you do not select this box, you will not receive electronic communications from our third-party partners until you check.

Opting Out If you have agreed to subscribe to thirdparty solicitations and now wish to not do so, by direct mail, please update your membership profile and check the box marked “I do not wish to receive any direct mail solicitations from third parties” If you wish to make changes to your profile concerning opting in or out of third party solicitations and do not want to do so by accessing your membership profile yourself, please contact our membership staff member 613-236-4901 ext. 105 or Our COPA partners are required to have a policy in place that complies with the re-

quirements of applicable federal or provincial privacy legislation in Canada for the Protection of personal information and they must sign a written agreement with COPA that limits their use of your personal information collected by COPA.

Consent By being a member of COPA, you are giving COPA your consent to obtain and use your personal information, in compliance with federal legislation and this policy, whether obtained orally, by completion of the membership application, from an email or from your membership profile that you have created or updated in our online membership database.

Access/Accuracy We do our best to keep our records accurate and up-to-date, but we need your help in making sure your personal information is correct in our membership system. Please update your profile whenever your information changes or notify us of any changes or corrections at 613-2364901 ext. 105

Safeguards All member information in the COPA database system is encrypted and the database is password protected. COPA will store personal information using hard copy and/or electronic means in such a way as to prevent unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or disposal of the personal information. Employees who have access to this information are familiar with our Privacy Policy. We may disclose personal information in responding to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes but only in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada. We also may choose to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We may collect and possibly share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law. • continued on next page


JULY 2014


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Brant Aero named new Cessna Service Centre

Brant Aero have become Canada’s Newest Authorized Parts and Service Centre for the Cessna Aircraft Company. Brant Aero’s President Bud Field expects this growth to be the first of several expansions in the high-tech sector of service and support to business and general aviation. “This affords Brant Aero a solid foundation on which to continue with and expand our company well into the future. We are


Operating Principles All questions related to the interpretation and application of this policy should be directed to the Privacy Coordinator, Heather McLaren. Please contact her by email at or telephone 613-2364901, ext. 110.




proud to have been chosen by Cessna to represent their products and provide warranty service for Cessna aircraft. “Business and general aviation in Southwest Ontario will benefit from this new Cessna presence and we look forward to growth with the Cessna brand and expansion into other new revenue streams associated with the Cessna Aircraft Company.” Brant Aero is located at the Brantford airport.


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• continued from previous page

*Best Practices In order to safeguard COPA member contact information, members who are given access to personal information for the purpose of recruiting for our COPA Flights are advised to use the BCC field when sending out emails.

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COPA Flight welcomes letters on subjects of interest to the aviation community. Letters must be signed and include the writer’s telephone number. Letters may be edited for length, grammar and libellous statements.





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JULY 2014

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association

Corporate Membership


OPA’s corporate membership program is available to companies interested in supporting the association’s efforts to promote aviation, to encourage air safety through education and to lower the cost of flying. Corporate members are welcome to designate an individual for a regular personal membership to the association. This is a way to provide the company with regular voting and membership privileges in COPA. Corporate members are entitled

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The following businesses are COPA Corporate Members: 604 Moose Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron Sponsoring Committee - Providing familiarization flying for the cadets of 604 Moose RCACS. Tel.: 403-263-0300; Website: Air Traffic Specialists Association of Canada - ATSAC represents Flight Services Specialists(FSS) at the International Flight Service Station (IFSS) Airport Advisory sites (AAS), and Flight information Centres (FIC) across Canada. 1-866-WXBRIEF. Tel.: 807-548-2516; Fax: 807-548-2500; Website: Andrews Hofmann & Associates Inc. - Tel.: 416-946-7508; Email: Angels of Flight Canada Inc. - Our team of specialized health care and travel professionals is dedicated to quality patient care and safety through the coordination and delivery of comprehensive medical solutions worldwide. Website: ATC Quality Engine Overhaul - Engine overhaul/repair, non-destructive testing, dynamic balancing, engine modifications, dynamometer testing. Tel.: (705)325-5515. Aviation Unlimited – Established in aircraft sales for over 17 years. Tel.: 905-477-0107; Fax: 905-477-9616; E-mail: ; Website: Blacksun Web Hosting - In support of Canadian Aviation, BlackSun offers a discount on all web hosting, ecommerce, domain name registration, and web design services for COPA members.Tel.:306933-9898; Fax: 306-933-4987; Website: Blacktop Paving Inc. - Paving asphalt and concrete runways, taxiways, tarmacs, ramps etc. Original, resurfacing and repairs. Tel.: 780-433-6666; Fax: 780-433-6636; Website: Boisvert & Fils Aviation Ltd. — The only seaplane base on Montreal Island, providing seaplane maintenance, aviation oil and avgas. Maintaining, buying, selling and trading seaplanes since 1979. Tel: 514-648-1856; Fax: 514-648-9309; Email: Brampton Flying Club - Flight school, flight college, Cessna pilot centre, aircraft maintenance, Cessna aircraft and parts sales, Humphrey’s pilot shop, fuel sales. Tel.: 905-838-1400; Fax: 905-8381405; Website: Brant Aero - Tel: 519-753-7022; Fax: 519-758-0530; Email: Briggs Trucking & Equipment Ltd. - Heavy equipment hauling and rental. Fax: 780-449-6021; Email: Calgary Pilot Supply Ltd. – Pilot supplies, wholesale and retail. Retail store located in Calgary. Distributor for ASA, APR, Culhane manuals, Noral flight bags, books and more. Tel: 800-563-9633; Fax: 403-296-0099; Email: Canadian Aviation Expo - Canada’s largest aviation Trade Show and largest Fly-in. Tel.: 800-776-5976; Website: Canadian Propeller Ltd. - Provides aircraft propeller, governor plus NDT services. We are an authorized Hartzell & McCauley service centre. Our licensed, factory-trained personnel provide quality work at excellent prices. Service to Hamilton standard by experienced, long term staff. Tel.: 204-832-8679; Fax: 204-888-4696. CBR Technology Inc. - Remote airfield services include - runway firmness testing, survey of threshold, runway profile and obstacles. Full to partial AWOS installation and servicing, dual aircraft altimeter and on-site personnel certification. Industry Canada Licensing for personnel and base stations, flight check instrument procedures. Tel.: 403-285-6432; Fax: 403-452-1598; Website: Classic Aviation Ltd. - Tel.: 604-460-1588; Fax: 604-460-1586; Email: CNC4-Guelph Airpark Inc. - Fuel 100LL Cardlock System 24/7. Runway (14-32) 2,500 ft. long with lights dusk to dawn. Runway (0523) 2,100 ft. Completely renovated restaurant. Forty-one T hangars. Sixteen full sized hangars. Tel.: 519-716-0521; Fax: 519-836-9763. Cooper Aviation - A friendly country airport, CST3 is located in downtown St. Lazare and home to COPA Flight 43. We sell 100LL AvGas and have telephone and toilet facilities on site. A five minute walk to restaurants, grocery and hardware stores and the post office. For more information on tie-down rates and other services: Tel.: 450-455-3566; Fax: 450-455-9226; Email: Diamond Aircraft Ind. Inc. - Diamond Aircraft is the industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of certified composite general aviation aircraft. Tel: 519-457-4032; Fax: 519-457-4021; Email: Digby Annapolis Regional Airport - Digby Municipal Airport 3,950 ft. runway capable of accommodating mid-size aircraft 365 days a year. We are staffed 24/7 at our terminal. Tel.: 902-245-5885; Fax: 902-245-6372; Email: Dorval Aviation Inc. - Dorval Aviation is a flight training centre offering the full curriculum of training from private to commercial including multi, instrument and float ratings. Tel: 514-633-7186; Fax: 514-633-6719; Email: Duess Geological Services Ltd. - Providing a wide range of mineral exploration services throughout Canada. Tel.: 613-542-8822. Early Bird Air Ltd. - AB - agricultural chemicals, aerial seeding and spraying service, crop dusting and spraying. Tel.: 403-934-3618.

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Tel: 450-672-8409; Fax:450-441-7638; Email: Hammond Aviation Ltd. - Hammond Aviation Ltd. - Exclusive Wholesale distributor for a wide variety of quality aviation products servicing the Flight School and Pilot Shop industry. Call 1-888-2561106; Fax: 519-284-2522; Email: ; Website: Hot Seat Chassis - Manufacturers Flight Simulators used for training aviation procedures. Flight software is PREPAR3D by Lockheed Martin and is accurate for every airport on the planet. Complete systems start with one display and then add a cockpit display or our Pilot Pro. Contact us at 860-582-5031 x 126; Website: Jetpro - An engineering firm specializing in the design of instruments approaches and departures. Our capabilities include conventional VOR/NDB/ILS and satellite-based procedures including GPS/WAAS. Tel: 780-973-5902. Kelly Panteluk Construction Ltd. – Tel.: 306-634-2166; Fax: 306634-7822; E-mail: Kindersley Plane Owners Inc Legendair Inc Leggat - APEX - Cessna aircraft sales, service, parts. Cessna Caravan service, parts. Mooney Service Centre. Engine overhaul, NDT, structural repair, modification. Tel.:905-477-7900; Fax: 905-4778937; Email:; Les Ecuries Chalimar Inc. - Tel.: 819-425-3261; Fax: 819-4259273. Les Motels de L'Energie Inc. - Tel: 418-589-9293; Email: Lift Capital Corporation - LCC Aircraft Finance provides financing for certified new and used piston fixed wing and qualifying advanced ultra light aircraft for non-commercial use. Tel.: 1-800-530-0225 or 416-621-5522 Magnes Group Inc - Providing value and protection to Canadian aircraft owners, pilots, operators and manufacturers for over 40 years. 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Mirage Aviation Inc. - Compagnie de pourvoirie au nord du Quebec chasse caribou, peche et aussie une piste d'aterrisage. Leading the world of Outfitters, Mirage Outfitter Inc. is northern Quebec's jewel. Whether your accommodations needs are for our caribou hunting, fishing, landing strip or other northern work related activities. Tel.: 819-854-5151; Website: Nemeth Investment Group - We can help you build wealth and protect your assets. Offering reduced fees to COPA members. Ask about our Delaware Income Portfolio (1 year +8.4%). Tel.: 519-6407740; Toll Free: 1-800-265-5982; Website: Norseman Festival Committee - Annual floatplane festival, July weekend, before Oshkosh, in Red Lake, Ontario. Focused on Norseman and other historically interesting floatplanes. Seminars, flypasts, displays, bush pilot meeting place and festivities. Everyone welcome. 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We’re there to keep you in the air. Tel.: 800-776-4656; Email:


COPA Flight news

JULY 2014


Compiled by Michel Hell, Publisher, Editor

Serving our communities since 1964

Radial engine project coming together nicely

By Jerry Wilcox A few more valve covers, baffles and clamps and our Curtiss Wright R 2600 will be a complete engine again. Magneto timing will be done when it has a propeller, fuel and oil systems will be worked into the trailer build – a ‘design as you go’ process. Cylinder installation took several days. You don’t put these jugs on single-handed so a few were installed each time a helper was available. All 280 base screws are installed, torqued and wire locked in groups of five. We started with #1 and #12 (the two master rod cylinders) and then just worked around the engine. The holding jig makes it so the case can be turned so cylinder pads can always be in a convenient location for installation. Unlike in the airplane where a change of cylinders #7, #8 or #9 was always a dreaded task. Valve adjustment can also be done by turning the engine in the jig but a little tricky to be sure you are at the correct position so a final check will be done later. One item missing from the beginning was propeller blades so a bit of a search began. I was surprised to see a local set on Kijiji, but the price was too high for our budget and they were what the overhaulers refer to as toothpicks, COPA not the wide paddle COPA Flight 2 member Richard Pederson working on cylinder #4. type as on the TBM. FLIGHT 2 Over the years I had done business Fredericton, N.B. Each blade still weighs about horsepower engines are being deTerry prepared with Harry Hope of the blades by in- 60 pounds and the assembled signed and built. Hope Aero in MissisMost everyone thinks an enstalling the re- prop will be about 300 to 350 sauga so I figured I’d give them quired bits, wrapped them for pounds. A big thanks to Terry gine this size must be very coma try. I always found Harry to be shipping and as luck would have Hope of Hope Aero for the blades plicated but I have found just the a very pleasant, helpful person to it Lee Coulter (one of our COPA and also to Lee for hauling them opposite to be true. The nose case deal with and have now discov- Flight members) was driving his home. and accessory drive sections are ered his son Terry is following truck to Toronto. How could one We have had several visitors a bit daunting at first sight but along in the same manner. during the rebuild, they are al- they turn out to be just pure meask for a better deal. My email was answered Since arriving here the blades ways impressed first by the size chanical puzzles with half the fun promptly with the offer of a set of have been shortened to about an and then by the engineering in- being the figuring out how to take DC3 blades – like our engine, 80-inch diameter and reworked volved in something like this it it apart and then reassemble it. they were not going flying any with several hours of sanding and becomes hard to imagine. Many of the assemblies are demore. We have the 23E50 Hamil- polishing into a high luster finish Just think of it, the Wright signed so they only go one way, ton Standard hub, it’s common to with some satin black on the back brothers flew with a homemade bolt holes or keyways will not line many aircraft, and these blades and the usual Ham standard yel- engine of less than 20 horse- up unless they are in the correct will work great for us. power and 35 years later 1,900- position and several areas have low tips. tapped holes that don’t hold anything together but are there to install a bolt to act as a puller to separate the cases on disassembly.

Flight 2 President Dave Gamblin working the body English into the final cylinder #14.

Concept of trailer by Chris Wilcox.

The most difficult aspect of the engine is the size/weight of the parts. The helping hands of the COPA Flight members have made that much easier but even still a shop crane was enlisted a few times. As noted in my first installment a dedicated trailer will be built for the engine and a concept has been drawn that is looking very good. Work now will shift to the manufacture of the trailer and that seems to be a bit out of the scope of an article for COPA but when complete we will be sure to let everyone know. We are all looking forward to the first start, clearing the cylinders, counting 12 blades and flipping the mags on.



JULY 2014

COPA Flight news

Above: Thumbs up for a flight in a gyrocopter. At left: Hey, I like what I hear. Photos courtesy Gustavo Corujo

COPA FLIGHT 181 Tillsonburg, Ont.

COPA Flight 181 hosts 3rd annual COPA for Kids Day

By Gustavo Corujo Approximately 100 children and 10 pilots took to the skies Sunday, June 1 during the COPA for Kids Aviation Program at the Tillsonburg Regional Airport. The COPA for Kids event is a program designed to give children between the ages of 8 and 17 an opportunity to experience flight in a general aviation airplane. This event was made possible by the generosity of local COPA Flight 181 pilots, volunteers and Tillsonburg Regional Airport.

Step right in, and perhaps see the future.

Ground school first and then flying.

Flights in a helicopter were also available. Photos courtesy Gustavo Corujo


JULY 2014

I like to stay ahead of my aircraft. So if I’m 40 miles out with weather rolling in, I’m listening to what’s happening in front of me. AWOS. Pilot chatter. A quick check with flight service. Sometimes, there’s a lot to decipher. But I need to hear it clearly. Because when I do, I feel confident. Prepared. In the moment. And that allows me to just

focus on what matters,


MORE NOISE REDUCTION. LESS DISTRACTION. Better sound can make all the difference, especially where you go. Which is why, with 30% greater noise reduction than conventional noise reducing aviation headsets, the A20 headset lets you hear more of what you need to hear. While proprietary cushions and minimal clamping force let you fly comfortably for hours. Meets or exceeds TSO standards.

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Bose A20 ®


Aviation Headset Made in U.S.A.




JULY 2014

COPA FLIGHT 45 Goderich, Ont.

Flight 45 performs fly-by for D-Day 70th

Know safety No pain


No safety Know pain

Checking out aviation fun stuff.

Flight participates in aviation fun day at Waterloo airport

By Gordon Millar, Flight Captain At the Waterloo Wellington Fight Center’s Aviation Fun Day our local COPA Flight “Breslau Flyers COPA 26” manned a display booth. It was a good day with a fair number of people walkCOPA ing through the hangar and seeing FLIGHT 26 what was going on Kitchener / at YKF. We proWaterloo, Ont. vided information about our Flight and the activities we are involved with as well as promoting COPA National and its purpose. We were also hosting a COPA for Kids event on June 7 and this was a good opportunity to promote the event and sign up some children.

Fun day entrance.

Donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund today Here are some examples of how the Freedom to Fly Fund has been applied to date (The complete text of several legal rulings in our favour can be found in the COPA Guide to Private Aerodromes on the member’s only section of our web site):

Freedom to Fly Fund Donation Form

- Funded Venchiarutti V. Longhurst and Longhurst (1992), a landmark ruling in which the Court of Appeal for Ontario confirmed the right of individuals to own and operate a private airstrip. The key decision in that case was “The Aeronautics Act makes no distinction between “airports” and “private airports,” both of which constitute matters of exclusive federal concern.”

Given the considerable challenges we continue to face against our freedom to fly, we urge everyone to consider donating whatever amount you can afford to the Freedom to Fly Fund. We have all benefited significantly from those who donated before us. Now it is time to ensure that we continue to be able to protect your freedom as well as the freedom of those who will follow us.

- Funded legal representation before the Federal Court of Canada to successfully establish that Transport Canada’s Letters of Counselling can be appealed to the Civil Aviation Tribunal (now the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada).

Membership number ______________________________________

- Revenue Canada was convinced to eliminate 10 per cent Excise Tax on private aircraft.

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

- Participated in the resolution of a situation where a farmer’s silo was being erected on the approach path to the Chatham Ontario airport, effectively shutting down a runway.




- Thwarted an attempt by Ontario Hydro to force an aerodrome owner to bury wires on his property despite the fact Transport Canada had determined the airstrip was safe and the risk was adequately addressed by a cautionary note in the CFS.

Individual/Group Donation: $25

- Successfully defended pilots who were taken to court for landing at Banff and Jasper airstrips.

Corporate Sponsorship Donation: Platinum

- Participated extensively over several years in the effort to convince the government to retain the Banff and Jasper airstrips.

Specify amount $_______

- Successfully defended the rights of seaplane pilots to maintain their access to lakes in the Temagami Park area of Northern Ontario, then Kawartha Highlands and contributed to a study in support of retaining seaplane access to B.C. parks. - Convinced a municipality in Nova Scotia that building permits are not needed to construct hangars on a newly established aerodrome near Lunenburg. The municipality backed down when their Legal Counsel reviewed the past cases that are highlighted in COPA’s Guide to Private Aerodromes and COPA’s Legal Counsel provided guidance for the COPA member involved so that he and his lawyer could steer the matter away from a costly legal challenge. - And much, much more... Anyone can apply for financial assistance, but expenditures are carefully controlled by the COPA Directors who decide what projects are deserving of financial support. Details concerning the application process can be found at



or specify amount ______

Automatic Monthly Donation _______ (via credit card only) Gold



Two Ways to Donate 1.





By Marilyn Bruinsma Goderich’s Legion commemorated the 70th anniversary of DDay on Saturday, June 7. We had four D-Day veterans who marked the occasion with us. The veterans, Air Cadets, Celtic Highlanders and military vehicles paraded to the cenotaph for a service followed by a moment of silence and the COPA Flight 45’s missing man formation. D–Day celebrates the liberation of France, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. Germany had occupied Europe for four years with devastation of hunger and sickness. Hope was gone when the Allies lost at Dunkirk. Canadian troops were significant in the win at Juno Beach. The army landed on the beach, paratroopers were dropped inland, the air force provided air assaults and the navy shelled the German destroyers. D-Day was the beginning of the end of the Second World War. The fighting left many Canadians wounded and dead. August 1944 was the liberation of Paris. It would be nine more months with the May liberation of Holland before victory of Europe was realized. Many young Canadians fought in Europe and many remain there in foreign graves. Many came home wounded and scarred. For many Europeans they prospered in their new home, Canada. Many remembered the Canadian liberators for their kindness and freedom. We honour the memory of these young soldiers who served their country well. The parade continued to the Dutch Liberation Park where families, if Dutch immigrants, met the veterans. Here one of the earliest Dutch immigrants, Annie Vanden Heuvel with her son and great grandson laid a wreath. Then children of Dutch heritage presented the veterans with bouquets of flowers tied with ribbons and a tiny Dutch “klompen”( wooden shoe). The parade returned to the Legion where military vehicles were displayed so people could touch, and sit in them. Inside, lunch was served and music was provided by Goderich’s MacAdam Road Band. A great celebration to remember 70 years of Canadian history with our veterans.

Credit Card # _______________________________/ Expiry date ___________________________ Name on Card ____________________________ Signature _______________________________


Visit our website:

NOTE: Since the FtFF is not a charity, donations are not eligible for tax receipts. You will, however, receive a receipt for your donation for your records.

Mail to: Canadian Owners and Pilots Association 71 Bank St., 7th Floor, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5N2


JULY 2014


Mirage named ‘Best of the Best’ by Robb Report

Piper Aircraft’s piston-powered M-Class Mirage.

Piper Aircraft’s top-of-the-line piston-powered M-Class Mirage was named “Best of the Best Personal Aircraft for 2014” by the Robb Report. “A pressurized cabin, six seats, and a full-size air-stair door are unusual features for a pistonpowered single-engine aircraft, but they are part of the package with the Piper Mirage,” wrote the luxury lifestyle magazine. “While the plane is designed primarily for utility and efficiency, Piper did not overlook comfort. The cabin features roomy leather-upholstered folddown club seats, electric outlets for personal devices, reading lights, and an easily accessible interior baggage compartment,” according to the publication, dated June 1, 2014. “The cockpit is equipped with Garmin’s G1000 avionics suite, synthetic vision, ice protection, and a terrain warning system. The efficient Lycoming engine provides the Mirage with a range of 1,500 miles and a top speed of

245 mph. The starting price is about $1.1 million,” the magazine concluded. “This is yet another recognition that Piper Aircraft delivers the aircraft of choice for aviators throughout the world,” said Piper Vice President of Sales and Marketing Drew McEwen. “When a prestigious lifestyle publication like the Robb Report acknowledges the many advantages that our customers experience every day, it reinforces Piper’s reputation for excellence, backed by thousands of pleased aviators over many decades of flying.” The Piper Mirage is powered by a 350-horsepower dual turbocharged engine and has a 213 ktas cruising speed, as well as the ability to cruise up to 25,000 feet in pressurized comfort. Piper Aircraft, Inc., headquartered in Vero Beach, Fla. And is a member of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association. For more information visit

Hartzell Propeller back in business with Mooney

Hartzell Propeller Inc. and Mooney more Mooney airplanes were factory International Corp. are again in business equipped with Hartzell propellers than together as the aircraft manufacturer has any other prop. During recent years, Hartzell Probegun production on the first new peller has offered high performance twoMooney airplane in five years. Hartzell Propeller has initiated deliv- and three-blade propellers on various eries of the company’s three-blade, Mooney models as operators upgrade the blended airfoil, scimitar props to props on early model M20 aircraft Mooney’s manufacturing operation in through Hartzell Propeller’s Top Prop Kerrville, Tex., for factory installation program. In its 85-year history, Mooney has on its Ovation and Acclaim Type S airmanufactured and delivered more than craft models. Nearly 10,000 Mooney airplanes 11,000 aircraft worldwide. Today, more have been equipped with Hartzell props. than 7,800 customers in the United States Under the most recent purchase order, and 1,000 overseas fly Mooney’s proven, Hartzell Propeller will supply propellers high-performance airplanes. For more infor all Mooney Ovation2 GX, Ovation3, formation, visit For more information on Hartzell proand Acclaim aircraft models. “Mooney is pleased to have Hartzell pellers visit Propeller back in the fold,” said Mooney CEO Dr. Jerry Chen. “We build fast, high performance airplanes and Hartzell props provide the requisite performance and reliability that Mooney owners have appreciated and respected for years.” Hartzell Propeller President Joe Brown said, “We congratulate Mooney for weathering the storm and restarting its production lines. Our relationship with Mooney and Mooney aviators goes back decades and we are happy for the Mooney community. It is tremendous to see these aircraft rolling out the door and into the skies again.” New Mooney airplanes will soon be flying with Hartzell Propeller’s next generation of props featuring innovative blended airfoil technology. Hartzell manufactures these blades using a combination of revolutionary machining centers and robotics. One of the launch platforms of the original Hartzell twoCertified by Transport Canada so you blade compact aluminum propellers in the early 1960s was can prepare for, practice and perfect: the Mooney M20C. Through the decades, the M20 airframe was u IFR Renewals (Group 1 & 3) improved with the addition of metal wings, generations of u IFR Training and Refreshers avionics, fuselage stretches, increased gross weights and more u Unfamiliar airports and terrain horsepower. u Adverse weather and failures Through most of these changes, the Hartzell compact u Multi-engine and glass cockpit aluminum propeller was standard or offered as optional familiarization equipment. Beginning in 1955, until production ceased in 2009,

At left: Mooney Acclaim with threeblade blended airfoil prop manufactured by Hartzell Propeller.

Designed for general aviation, PrecisePilot’s full-motion flight simulator allows VFR, IFR, and student pilots to train and keep proficient through Scenario Based Training. Now you can keep your skills sharp over the winter, and practice manoeuvres more economically over the summer. So why not shoot a night ILS into JFK on the way home from work? We even video your flight for your leisurely review. From out of town and need an IFR renewal or refresher? There are great places to stay a minute away. Hotel discounts available. We’re right here in Toronto, but you can fly anywhere in the world.

Look what’s landed in Toronto


PrecisePilot The Professional Approach Visit us at Bookings email: Or call 905-370-0471



JULY 2014

Edenvale’s newest ride has classic twist

By Peter Walpole There’s a new member on the flight line at the Edenvale Classics Aircraft Foundation (ECAF): CF-CVT is a Fairchild Cornell II from 1943. This WWII classic was built by Fleet Aircraft of Fort Erie as a primary trainer for the BCATP. So it’s been around. It was previously owned by Collingwood Classic Aircraft Foundation (ECAF’s precursor), but was sold some years back. It needed and received a thorough overhaul and refit. CVT was acquired very recently from Alfred Bean, who has clearly treated the old girl with great care and respect. This Cornell II has been flown by Vintage Wings and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton from time to time. They too have ‘mothered’ the plane. It is gorgeous. You can see lots of photos on-line if you Google CF-CVT. The Cornell line, with various engines, was designed as a primary trainer — fixed gear and prop. But its approach and depar-

The new Cornell II complements its stable mate, the ECAF Tiger Moth and photographs very nicely.

ture numbers are very similar to those of its contemporary combat aircraft — so upgrading to, say, a Hurricane was relatively easy following more advanced training. CVT has a Ranger 6-440C-5 inverted six-cylinder engine put-

ting out 200 horsepower. Comfortable cruise is about 120 mph. The ECAF pilots who have already handled the plane are very positive, describing the plane as comfortable to fly and land. The ailerons are crisp. The rudder

needs solid footwork. It was clearly designed for good training practices. ECAF already has a comprehensive ground school planned for its pilots and handlers. Plans are underway to have

the Cornell complement the Tiger Moth, being available for rides for members and the public. We expect to see the plane in the air during the Edenvale Classics held this year on Saturday, August 9.

Aviation accident /incident summaries The following are recent general aviation incidents involving light aircraft taken from daily reports from Transport Canada and the Transportation Safety Board. Please note that for the most part, these records contain preliminary, unconfirmed data which can be subject to change. A13C0030: A Piper PA-32-260 was en route near Kisbey, SK. The engine (Lycoming O-540-E) lost power and the pilot carried out a forced landing in a farm field. The pilot was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The five passengers sustained minor injuries. A13P0048: A Cessna 152 was landing on runway 01 at Langley, BC. Directional control was lost and the aircraft veered from the runway surface and came to a stop in the grass. The pilot was able to taxi the aircraft back to the pavement and exit the runway without further incident. There was no damage or injuries. A13Q0050: A Piper Twin Comanche model PA-30 was on a IFR flight from Kuujjuuaq, Quebec (CYVP) to Iqaluit, Nunavut (CYFB), with two persons on board. During the landing roll on runway 35, the right hand main gear collapsed and the aircraft fell on its belly and skidded to a halt on the west side of the runway. There were no injuries. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. A13P0059: A Cessna 172 landed on runway 31 at Victoria, B.C. It was instructed to exit right onto taxiway E and contact ground. The aircraft exited right onto taxiway E, but continued on E across the hold line by 100 feet towards runway 03/21 before being stopped by the tower controller. The pilot had not changed frequencies to ground as instructed. Traffic in position ready for departure on runway 21 was held until the C-172 was clear. A13W0035: A Robinson R44 departed the CNRL Smokey Gas Plant at approximately 0930 MDT for repositioning to Whitecourt, AB (CYZU) for scheduled maintenance, with a planned inspection stop at a well site en route. Shortly after departure from the well site the pilot experienced engine power loss. It was estimated that the aircraft was 200 feet above ground with airspeed of approximately 50 knots when the power loss occurred. The pilot attempted an autorotation landing into a forested area approximately 0.3 nautical miles from the departure site. The aircraft contacted tall trees and

was destroyed by the subsequent impact with terrain; there was no post impact fire. The pilot, who was the sole occupant, escaped the wreckage with minor injuries. Search and rescue was initiated with a SPOT Personal Tracker beacon 911 function. The aircraft was also equipped with a 121.50 MHz emergency locator transmitter (ELT) which activated on impact. No locator signals were received by the Rescue Coordination Centre or reported to the Nav Canada area control centre. There were no indications of an impending engine failure prior to power loss. A13O0066: A ski-equipped Cessna 180H touched down on a mud and sand covered strip, in Cochrane, Ontario. The skis dug in and the aircraft nose pitched down allowing the propeller to strike the surface. As the empennage settled back on to the ground, the ground contact was of sufficient force to structurally damage the tail section. The pilot was not injured during the event. The purpose of the flight was to switch over from skis to floats.

Le texte ci-dessous représente divers incidents d’aviation générale impliquant des avions légers. Les textes sont sélectionnés à partir de rapports de Transport Canada et du Bureau de la sécurité aérienne. Veuillez noter que la plupart de ces filières contiennent de l’information préliminaire, nonconfirmée et sujette à changement. A13C0030: Un Piper PA-32-260 était en route près de Kisbey, SK. Le moteur (Lycoming O-540-E) a perdu du pouvoir et le pilote a effectué un atterrissage forcé dans un champ de ferme. Le pilote a été transporté à l’hôpital, souffrant de blessures sérieuses. Les cinq passagers ont subi des blessures mineures. A13P0048: Un Cessna 152 atterrissait sur la piste 01 à Langley, C.-B. Le contrôle directionnel a été perdu et l’avion a bifurqué de la surface de la piste et s’est arrêté dans le gazon. Le pilote a été capable de circuler l’avion de retour sur le pavage et il est sorti de la piste sans autre incident. Il n’y a pas eu de dommage ou de blessure. A13Q0050: Un Piper Twin Comanche, modèle PA-30, effectuait un vol IFR de Kuujjuuaq, Québec (CYVP) jusqu’à Iqaluit, Nunavut (CYFB), avec deux personnes à bord. Durant le roulé à l’atterrissage sur la piste 35, le train principal

droit s’est affaissé et l’avion est tombé sur son ventre et il a glissé jusqu’à l’arrêt complet sur le côté ouest de la piste. Il n’y a eu aucune blessure. L’appareil a subi des dommages importants. A13P0059: Un Cessna 172 atterrissait sur la piste 31 à l’Aéroport de Victoria, C.-B. Il a été instruit de quitter la piste à droite sur la voie de circulation ‘E’ et de contacter la fréquence sol. L’avion est sorti de la piste vers la droite sur la voie de circulation ‘E’, mais il a continué à travers la ligne d’arrêt par 100 pieds vers la piste 03/21 avant d’être arrêté par le contrôleur de la tour. Le pilote n’avait pas changé à la fréquence sol tel qu’instruit. Le trafic qui était en position et prêt à décoller sur la piste 21 a été retenu jusqu’à temps que le Cessna soit dégagé. A13W0035: Un hélicoptère Robinson R44 est parti de CNRL Smokey Gas Plant à environ 09h30, heure des Rocheuses, pour se repositionner à Whitecourt, AB (CYZU) pour de l’entretien planifié, avec un arrêt planifié d’inspection au site d’un puits durant la route. Peu après le décollage du site du puits, le pilote a eu une perte de pouvoir moteur. On estime que l’hélicoptère était à 200 pieds sol avec une vitesse avant d’environ 50 nœuds lorsque la perte de puissance s’est produite. Le pilote a tenté un atterrissage en autorotation dans une région boisée à environ 0.3 mile nautique du point de départ. L’aéronef a contacté les grands arbres et a été détruit par l’impact avec le sol qui a suivi; il n’y a pas eu de feu après impact. Le pilote qui était le seul occupant, a quitté l’épave avec des blessures mineures. La recherche et sauvetage a été déclenchée avec la fonction de signal 911 de la balise personnelle de suivi SPOT. L’avion était aussi équipé d’un ELT 121.5 Mhz qui s’est activé lors de l’impact. Aucun signal de location n’a été reçu par le Centre de coordination des recherches ou rapporté au Centre de contrôle régional de Nav Canada. Il n’y a eu aucune indication d’une panne de moteur imminente avant la perte de puissance. A13O0066: Un Cessna 180H équipé de skis a atterri sur une piste de boue et de sable à Cochrane, Ontario. Les skis se sont enfoncés et le nez de l’avion est descendu, permettant à l’hélice de frapper le sol. Au moment où l’empennage est retombé au sol, l’impact avec le sol a été d’une force suffisante pour endommager structurellement la section de queue. Le pilote n’a pas été blessé durant cet évènement. La raison du vol était de changer des skis aux flotteurs.


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JULY 2014


Never jump from a fully serviceable airplane

These words were told to me by Frank E.W. Smith, an Air Canada captain. I had just begun taking flying lessons and proudly announced to him one evening that I was considering jumping from an airplane, a parachute jump, a free fall; open the Cessna door and bail out. Frank rose up and with his gravelly voice said, “Come on over here.” He walked me over to his liquor cabinet, reached in for two glasses and deftly poured in some single malt Aberfeldy Scotch, a drink that I had never tried to that date. He then stuck in a couple of ice cubes and said, “Let’s go to the barn and feed the horses.” As he was pitch forking the hay he very sternly told me, “Never, ever jump from a fully serviceable airplane” and true to my mentor’s teachings I have not. “Always fly it to the ground, it’s much safer, and aim between the trees,” and I believed him. Those words have stuck with me but since that eventful day I have developed a great fondness for Jorma’s wife jumping out of a perfectly functioning aircraft. single malt scotch. Frank later on became the president of CALPA, Canadian Airline Pilots As- unable to pull the rip cord. Miraculously, from the back pack. The Guinness sociation, a guest lecturer and a pilot that he was not killed. He hit the edge of a was highly respected by his peers. He snowy ravine at an estimated speed of Book of Records served in the Second World War as a somewhere between 120 and 150 mph, claims, “On August ferry pilot flying supplies over the then slid, rolled, and plowed his way 16, 1960, Joseph Kitdown to the bottom. He suffered spinal tinger, in the ExcelBurma “hump.” He told me of a story about one flight injuries and a broken pelvis, but was able sior III test jump, set when he was returning to base flying a to fly again three months later.” – the previous world record for the highest crippled C-46 that had been shot up, in Source: parachute jump. He jumped from fact one of the engines received a a balloon at an altitude of 102,800 direct hit and was completely feet (31,333 m) (which was also gone, missing, not there, from the “Both optimists and pessimists a manned balloon altitude record wing. at the time). A small stabilizer Close to the base he called the contribute to our society. The chute deployed successfully, and tower and asked for an expedited optimist invents the airplane and Kittinger fell for four minutes and emergency landing. The tower the pessimist the parachute.” 36 seconds, also setting a stillasked, “What is your emerstanding world record for the gency?” to which Frank replied, longest parachute free-fall, if “One of our engines is missing.” ~ Gladys Bertha Stern falling with a stabilizer chute is The young tower operator counted as free-fall. At an altitude quickly asked, “How badly is it of 17,500 feet (5,300 m), Kitmissing?” Frank never did wear a The word “parachute” comes from tinger opened his main chute and landed parachute. But how about wearing a parachute, the French prefix paracete, meaning to safely in the New Mexico desert. The jumping but not opening it and landing protect against, and chute, the French whole descent took 13 minutes and 45 on the ground? This guy did: “Lieutenant word for fall. The modern parachute was seconds. During the descent, Kittinger Chisov was a Soviet Airforce Lieutenant invented in the late 18th century by experienced temperatures as low as on an Ilyushin Il-4 bomber. In January of Louis-Sébastien Lenormand in France 94 °F (-70 °C). In the free-fall stage, he 1942, German fighters attacked his and it was in 1907 that men first para- reached a top speed of 614 mph bomber, forcing him to bail out at an al- chuted from observation balloons during (988 km/h or 274 m/s). Felix Baumgartner broke Joseph Kittinger’s record on titude of approximately 22,000 feet. WWI. The first jump from an airplane was October 14, 2012, with a jump from an With the battle still raging around him, Lt. Chisov intentionally did not open his not until March 1, 1911. Of the first 70 altitude of 127,852 feet (38,969.3 m) parachute, since he feared that he would airmen to parachute from a plane, about and reaching speeds up to 833.9 miles just be an easy target for an angry Ger- one third of them perished. See, Frank’s per hour (1,342.0 km/h). In my humble opinion you gotta be man while he was dangling from his words held true about jumping from a nuts! parachute harness. He planned on drop- plane. It is estimated that one in a thousand In 1919, major advances were made ping below the level of the battle, and then, once he was out of sight of the Ger- by the incorporation of a rip cord that sport parachute openings fail. One in a man fighters, he would open his chute could be deployed a safe distance from thousand you say, eh? On that note, I and land safely. However, he lost con- the aircraft and the development of a enrolled my wife for a sky dive at our sciousness on the way down, and was pilot chute that drew the main parachute local airport. She was now going to

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defy the odds and hurtle herself to terra nova from ten thousand feet in the sky. “Me?” you ask. No way, not a chance, never in a thousand years would I step into nothingness from a perfectly functioning aircraft. My wife saw on Oprah that someone had put sky diving onto their bucket list and so she was determined to try it as well. I immediately called my insurance broker and increased the amount of her life insurance. Not so sure why they would call it life insurance because it really is death insurance, but that is another story for a later date. So off we trundle to CYPK and an hour later the King Air is heading out. Fearful for my wife, my trembling hands clutch her insurance policy. Minutes pass as the airplane climbs higher and higher. I can barely think for my mind is like her parachute and only functions when it is open. Then it happened. It seemed like the airplane exploded open gently and sent a myriad of coloured parachutes into the air, gently floating down to the earth to face gravity. My wife was one of those parachutes. Slowly she drifts, closer and closer, and then finally her feet hit the ground. She is safe. I crumple the insurance policy and place it in my jacket pocket. From now on, I will only let her fly and no more sky diving as the cost of insurance is too high. I asked one of the sky divers why on earth would they jump from a perfectly functioning aircraft? He said that sky diving was like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it but only you can feel its warmth. I said I never tried sky diving and the other only after I was born but outgrew it quickly. But you know, now that I think about it, perhaps I do feel that same warmth when I am inside the cockpit flying my airplane.

Jorma Kivilahti is a commercially rated pilot, flying since 1963, he received his float rating in 1964. He has flown commercially in the past. He uses his licence in his vocation of marketing recreation property throughout Canada.

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Quicksilver confirms large aircraft order for China

Quicksilver Aeronautics signed a distribution agreement resulting in an order for 77 aircraft in May, 2014. The first two aircraft are presently in the manufacturing process in Quicksilver’s Temecula, California factory and will be shipped to China for their final assembly, testing, and training of Chinese technicians. “We have been pursuing quality contacts in China and are pleased to associate our company with JH Nanning Group,” said Quicksilver Aeronautics President and CEO, Will Escutia. “The visit to China included the signing of a framework agreement between the Provincial Government of Guanxi and JH Group for the development of general aviation in this province of Quicksilver Southern China.” has delivered As part of the dismore than tribution agreement, Quicksilver CEO Will Escutia visited facilities where JH Nanning Group plans to assemble aircraft. JH Nanning Group 15,000 kits became the exclusive around between Quicksilver major success for Quicksilver points, all very affordable. distributor of Quickand JH Nanning barely one month after the com- Quicksilver’s Sport S2SE is ofsilver in China. Negothe world Group involves the pany won FAA acceptance to fered at the retail price of tiations concluded establishment of dis- produce their Sport S2SE model $39,999, making it one of the successfully between Liang Ming, president and CEO tributors and sub-distributors in as a fully built Light-Sport Air- lowest priced SLSA models available. Amateur-built kits reof Guangxi Jihang General Avia- China to satisfy the needs of a craft. The company will continue to main available at lower cost as do tion Co., Ltd. and Quicksilver’s growing market. Quicksilver aircraft will be assembled in China. offer kits both as ELSA and Ex- Experimental LSA. Escutia. The company is creating three “The interest of the Chinese To jumpstart the activity, Quick- perimental Amateur Built vergovernment to develop high-tech silver will produce kits for ship- sions, ensuring a range of price manufacturing locations in the industries is evident,” observed ment to China where they will be Escutia. Quicksilver was invited reassembled and test flown. Quicksilver has delivered in a tour of the area where the building of the new China Aero- more than 15,000 of its kits nautical University for 16,000 around the USA and the world students is being constructed. and has highly refined their busiJiang Xianfa, chairman of Invest- ness model. In a second phase and to satment Promotion Group Government Laibin, invited the isfy expected Chinese demand, California aircraft manufacturer manufacturing of components for to be part of this big project which aircraft is being considered. Furencompasses the development of ther plans are being drawn to ina new generation of aircraft de- corporate research and development once the China Aeronausigned by Chinese engineers. “We buy what we produce,” tical University is in operation. This expansion into the bursaid Mr. Xianfa. The first phase of this project geoning Chinese market marks a

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(Alberta and Saskatchewan) Jack Vandervalk Box 747, Claresholm, AB T0L 0T0 Phone: 403-625-2292 Fax: 403-625-2120

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United States, a method allowed under the ASTM Industry Consensus Standards program and FAA regulations. An expansion into China follows this model and sets the stage for the Quicksilver enterprise to grow briskly as its long proven and modestly priced aircraft should be well received in that nation.

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TC aviation enforcements This enforcement action summary itemizes each case closed by the Regional Aviation Enforcement Offices for which a licence suspension, civil penalty or court fine has been imposed. It would be difficult to consolidate all the information in all cases; therefore, the brief narrative accompanying each case is intended to provide the basic factual information concerning the contravention. Region




Atlantic October 9, 2011 CAR 601.04(2) $500 monetary penalty A private pilot operating a Piper Aerostar aircraft on a VFR flight entered a Class “F” Special Use - Restricted airspace without authorization and without radio contact. The individual was sanctioned with a $500 monetary penalty. Ontario Dec 29, 2012 CAR 605.94(1) 10 days licence suspension An airline transport pilot flying a Gulfstream Astra aircraft on an IFR flight experienced a mechanical problem that required one engine to be shut down and re-started. On the subsequent landing, the pilot inspected the engine and determined it was safe to continue the flight to destination. No entry in the aircraft journey log book was made prior to the aircraft departing. The pilot was sanctioned with a 10 days licence suspension. Ontario Sep 5, 2013 CAR 601.04(2) $750 monetary penalty A private pilot operating a Piper 180 aircraft on a VFR flight entered a Class “F” Special Use - Restricted airspace without authorization to do so. The individual was sanctioned with a $750 monetary penalty. Ontario Sep 29, 2013 CAR 601.04(2) $750 monetary penalty A private pilot operating a Cessna 172 aircraft on a VFR flight entered a Class “F” Special Use - Restricted airspace without authorization to do so. The individual was sanctioned with a $750 monetary penalty. Pacific March 1, 2013 CAR 602.01 $1,500 monetary penalty A private helicopter pilot operating a Robinson R44 helicopter landed in a congested parking lot in a built-up area and subsequently departed without authorization. The pilot was sanctioned with a $1,500 monetary penalty. Pacific

July 31, 2013

CAR 602.12(2) 35 days licence suspension CAR 601.08(1) 35 days licence suspension A commercial pilot operating a Robinson R44 helicopter flew his aircraft at very low altitudes over built-up areas, landed in a congested provincial park without authorization, and operated in a control zone without an ATC clearance. This last contravention resulted in his aircraft conflicting with multiple IFR flights in a busy control zone. The pilot was sanctioned with a licence suspension totalling 70 days. Pacific

October 24, 2013

CAR 401.03(1) x 2 $2,000 monetary penalty CAR 501.01(1) $250 monetary penalty CAR 605.86(1) $1,000 monetary penalty CAR 606.02(8) $1,000 monetary penalty CAR 605.84(1) $1,000 monetary penalty A private helicopter pilot flying a Robinson R22 helicopter did so without a valid pilot’s licence, did not have a valid medical and had no insurance on the aircraft. In addition, he flew the aircraft without maintaining the aircraft in accordance with the maintenance schedule and without meeting the airworthiness directives and did not submit an Annual Airworthiness Information Report. The pilot was sanctioned with a monetary penalty totalling $5,250.

Mesures d’application de la loi

Ce sommaire des mesures d’application de la loi itémise chaque cas complété par les bureaux régionaux d’application de la loi et pour lequel cas une suspension de license, une pénalité civile ou une amende judiciaire a été imposée. Il serait difficile de consolider toute l’information dans tous les cas; par conséquent, le bref narratif accompagnant chaque cas a comme but de fournir au lecteur l’information factuelle de base au sujet de l’infraction. Région




Atlantique 9 octobre 2011 RAC 601.04(2) Amende de 500 $ Un pilote privé aux commandes d’un aéronef Piper Aerostar effectuant un vol VFR est entré dans un espace aérien réglementé de classe F à statut spécial sans autorisation et sans contact radio. Une amende de 500 $ lui a été infligée. Ontario 29 déc. 2012 RAC 605.94(1) Suspension de licence de 10 jours Un pilote de ligne aux commandes d’un aéronef Gulfstream Astra effectuant un vol IFR a éprouvé un problème mécanique pour lequel il a dû arrêter un moteur puis le redémarrer. Quand il a atterri, le pilote a inspecté le moteur a déterminé que le vol pouvait se poursuivre en toute sécurité jusqu’à destination. Aucune entrée n’a été faite dans le carnet de route d’aéronef avant le décollage de l’aéronef. Une suspension de licence de 10 jours a été imposée au pilote. Ontario 5 sept. 2013 RAC 601.04(2) Amende de 750 $ Un pilote privé aux commandes d’un aéronef Piper 180 effectuant un vol VFR est entré dans un espace aérien réglementé de classe F à statut spécial sans autorisation. Une amende de 750 $ lui a été infligée. Ontario 29 sept. 2013 RAC 601.04(2) Amende de 750 $ Un pilote privé aux commandes d’un aéronef Cessna 172 effectuant un vol VFR est entré dans un espace aérien réglementé de classe F à statut spécial sans autorisation. Une amende de 750 $ lui a été infligée. Pacifique 1er mars 2013 RAC 602.01 Amende de 1 500 $ Un pilote d’hélicoptère privé aux commandes d’un hélicoptère Robinson R44 a atterri dans un stationnement achalandé, dans une zone bâtie, puis a décollé sans autorisation. Une amende de 1 500 $ lui a été infligée. Pacifique

RAC 602.12(2) Suspension de licence de 35 jours RAC 601.08(1) Suspension de licence de 35 jours Un pilote professionnel aux commandes d’un hélicoptère Robinson R44 a survolé des zones bâties à très basse altitude, a atterri dans un parc provincial achalandé sans autorisation, et a survolé une zone de contrôle sans l’autorisation de l’ATC. En conséquence de cette dernière infraction, l’aéronef est entré en conflit avec de multiples vols IFR dans une zone de contrôle achalandée. Une suspension de licence de 70 jours a été imposée au pilote. Pacifique

31 juillet 2013

JULY 2014


inReach Explorer world’s first satellite communicator with built-in navigation

DeLorme, the innovation and exchange messages. Trackleader in personal satellite com- ing intervals can be adjusted munications and navigation tech- from 10 minutes to four hours, nology, has announced the with two-minute tracking availupcoming launch of its newest able to subscribers of the comproduct, inReach Explorer, incor- pany’s highest level Extreme porating a new range of naviga- service plan. tion functions. Using DeLorme’s Earthmate The latest generation of in- App, inReach Explorer also pairs Reach is now available in stores wirelessly with iOS and Android and builds on DeLorme’s award- devices to access map data and winning technology to keep avi- make text messaging even more ators, outdoor adventurers, convenient. When paired with a offshore boaters, hunters, travel- mobile device, inReach owners ers and workers connected wher- get exclusive, unlimited access to ever they go. DeLorme’s topographic maps In addition to the messaging, and U.S. NOAA charts, which tracking and SOS capabilities, can be downloaded via an Interusers of the inReach Explorer can net connection prior to departure view, create or navigate and remain available in routes and waypoints. the Earthmate app, even An easy-to-follow map when beyond cellular Stay on view displays routes, coverage. waypoints, tracks and track, stay In the event of an messages geo-located emergency, the interacin touch onscreen for backtracktive SOS capability of ing or self-rescue. inReach automatically The built-in digital compass, triggers remote tracking and albarometric altimeter and ac- lows users to communicate via celerometer sensors ensure accu- text back and forth with responracy and provide heading and ders at the international 24/7 bearing information, accurate el- search-and-rescue monitoring evation readings, speed and other center, ensuring prompt response useful trip statistics. with the appropriate resources. The company also announced inReach communicates over the launch of Freedom subscrip- the Iridium satellite network, protion plans for all inReach prod- viding truly global two-way ucts, allowing users to pay for satellite connections, high netsatellite service only when they work reliability and low-latency need it, on a monthly basis. data links (less than 60-second “inReach Explorer is the first delivery of messages end-to-end) personal satellite communicator anywhere on Earth, with no gaps, to bring together the power of fringe or weak signal areas. innavigation with truly global SOS Reach has the ability to maintain alerting, GPS tracking and two- a satellite signal lock even in difway text messaging in one ficult GPS environments, such as rugged, waterproof device,” said in a steep canyon or under a Michael Heffron, CEO of De- heavy forest canopy. Lorme. Suggested retail price for in“For people whose recre- Reach Explorer is $379, with a ational activities or work takes choice of annual satellite subthem to remote locations without scriptions or no-contract Freereliable cellular coverage, in- dom plans with only a minimum Reach Explorer is a single, light- 30-day commitment. Freedom weight device that can help them Plans start at $14.95 per month navigate, communicate and seek for the safety service and go up help in the event of an emer- to $99.95 per month for the highgency,” Heffron added. est service level. Perfectly suited Using the company’s online for the year-round user or for Explore portal, inReach owners consistent peace of mind, the can also plan their routes and company’s standard annual conwaypoints ahead of time and tract plans offer a lower monthly share their trip details with family cost ranging from $11.95 to and friends to follow along on- $79.95 per month. line with the user’s MapShare inReach Explorer is designed page or via social media posts. and manufactured in the United The dedicated MapShare page States. A list of retailers is availprovides peace of mind by letting able at others ping an inReach user’s loTo learn more, visit www.decation between tracking intervals

24 octobre 2013

RAC 401.03(1) x 2 Amende de 2 000 $ RAC 501.01(1) Amende de 250 $ RAC 605.86(1) Amende de 1 000 $ RAC 606.02(8) Amende de 1 000 $ RAC 605.84(1) Amende de 1 000 $ Un pilote d’hélicoptère privé aux commandes d’un hélicoptère Robinson R44 a effectué un vol sans licence de pilote valide, sans certificat médical valide et sans assurance pour l’aéronef. De plus, il a utilisé l’aéronef sans en assurer la maintenance conformément au calendrier de maintenance et sans tenir compte des directives de navigabilité, et a négligé de soumettre un rapport annuel d’information sur la navigabilité aérienne. Une amende totale de 5 250 $ a été infligée au pilote.

T/C Approved SMS Certified AMO #10-74

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JULY 2014

Gold Cup Air Rally heads across border into New York State

By Akky Mansikka arrived, others arrived shortly Our adventures started Thurs- after. Team 2, who were coming day Sept 5, waiting and listening from Guelph in a C150 would for Mary Norman to arrive in am- join us in Lock Haven, PA. It was phib Cessna 185 at Mary the first time for Team 2 to be in Woodall’s cottage on Loon Lake a rally and the first time they flew in Muskoka. I was going on the together. The participants were: 99s annual Gold Cup Rally with Team 1: us, Mary, Mary and two Marys. That would be fun! Akky in Amphib 185 C-FFOV From Loon Lake we would fly to Team 2: Robin Hadfield and Rockcliffe, in Ottawa. Jessica Buscher in C150 C-FSDI The clear blue sky did not Team 3: Noriko Date, Jean have a cloud in it as we sat on Franklin Hancher and Marilyn Mary W’s dock listening for the Dickson, C172 C-GYTI arrival of FFOV. Mary N. was Team 4: Susan Begg, Maureen able to spot the red chairs on the Egan, Sharron Lutman in Cdock and landed in front of us on FROF the water. Team 5: Sophie Veilleux and An hour later, after a smooth Lina Masi in C-FYSZ take off, we were on our way Team 6: Lisa Bishop and Janet over remote landscape of lakes Chesterfield in C-182 C-GJVV and trees. This ended in the flat After the BBQ we went to the farmlands of the Ottawa Valley. homes of Susan Begg and Mo Following the Ottawa River as Egan …. where we stayed the per ATC instructions night. we passed by ParliaFriday morning, ment Hill, The Naafter a delicious home tional Gallery, The cooked breakfast and Prime Minister’s the pilots briefing, we Residence and there all departed for the beside the Ottawa Notes hour and a half flight River was Rockcliffe from the to Syracuse where we Airport right beside would clear Customs. the Canada Aviation On departure we and Space Museum. were given the first Dorothy Berthelet set of questions and and her husband Bob challenges, as the of the Eastern Ontrally was a competiario Ninety Nines tion. Our knowledge Chapter judged the of Canadian and U.S. spot-landing. We Airspace was tested could see the lines on these challenges. painted on the runThe knowledge we way but we were long. Too bad. obtained came in useful. Even though they were not on We crossed the St. Lawrence the rally, Kathy Fox, Nicole Har- River near the Thousand Islands ris, and Sonya L’Heureux, other Bridge into the U.S. and on to members of the Eastern Ontario Syracuse where one of Mary W’s Chapter greeted us when we tax- oranges from South Africa was ied in and joined us for delicious confiscated at Customs. Other hamburgers and fries made by a than that it was a quick, pleasant most friendly man at the barbe- experience. Perhaps the customs cue stand right at the airport. It agent wanted it for his lunch. was a joyous occasion to see old After lunch we were given friends and strengthen our bond. new challenges and continued to Some participants had already our final destination for the day,

Ninety Nines

Rally participants at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome.

The Gold Cup rally winners.

William Piper Memorial Airport in Lock Haven, PA. En route we flew over the flat topped hills of Pennsylvania. Many of them had natural gas fracking plants on the tops. After refuelling the airport manager drove us across the airport to the Piper Museum for a private tour. Our guide went into great detail of the history of the company and the plane that made Piper famous… the Cub. Saturday morning we flew east to Duchess Airport in Poughkeepsie, NY. Green rolling hills lead up to the Catskill Mountains then down to the Hudson River Valley. After refuelling, we tied down the planes for the night, loaded into the rental cars, a quick change at the hotel and then on to

the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome where we were treated to demonstrations and aerobatics in airplanes from the WWI - WWII era. Some of the earlier planes only flew a few hundred yards and a few feet off the ground not unlike the Silver Dart and Wright Flyer that I had seen in historical movies. With pilots and crew wearing period costumes it felt like you were really reliving the times. Old Rhinebeck was hosting a fundraising dinner and silent auction that evening and we would join them for our final banquet. Feeling like VIP’s having our own table we were able to give our speeches and presentations there without interfering with the others.

Runners-up for the Gold Cup was Team 6, Janet Chesterfield and Lisa Bishop, and the winning team was us, Team 1. We, Mary Norman, Akky Mansikka and Mary Woodall were presented the trophy which we then had the pleasure of taking home with us. Noriko Date won the spot landing competition. The organizers did a great job planning and organizing the rally. Thank you to Susan Begg and Sharron Lutman for organizing the route and challenges, arranging the tour and accommodations in Lock Haven; Noriko for making the rally certificates and tail numbers; Mo and Susan for billeting the Ninety-Nines; Robin Hadfield for organizing the accommodations and car rentals in Poughkeepsie; Nicole Harris for looking after the registration and money; Mo for lunches on the go; Al for driving and pancakes and to the many others who helped make the rally such a success. Sunday morning we woke up to low ceiling and rain. Up to now we had had the best of weather. But the forecast was clearing later in the morning for our return trip to Muskoka Airport. We were the first team to leave under low ceilings but good visibility. To avoid high terrain we followed the Hudson River north until the ceilings rose and we could go cross-country direct to Syracuse for refuelling. As we were an amphib we did not need to go around Lake Ontario but could go straight across. It was spectacular as we left the U.S. shoreline across the great blue expanse and a few minutes later greeted by the Quinte Peninsula on the Canadian side. Sun and clear blue skies had returned. Past Sand Banks Provincial Park, Presqu’ile Provincial Park, over Rice Lake, The Kawarthas to Muskoka. After calling Customs in Muskoka, refuelling and tying down the plane, a friend of Mary W’s brought glasses and Champagne. What a way to celebrate the winning of the Gold Cup and the end of a great adventure.


JULY 2014


Ninety-Nines 2014 stamp honours Rosella Bjornson By Marilyn Dickson In 2008 the East Canada Section of the Ninety-Nines, an international organization of women pilots, launched a plan to honour noteworthy Canadian women pilots. Through Canada Post’s Picture Postage program the NinetyNines have designed stamps which can be used as regular letter postage within Canada. The 2014 stamp will celebrate Rosella Bjornson and her career. Designed by First Canadian Chapter member Suzanne Wiltshire, the stamp features Rosella as a newly hired Transair First Officer and then as a Canadian Airlines Captain. The First Day Cover incorporates a profile of Transair’s Fokker F-28 aircraft and will be cancelled in Lethbridge where Rosella had her first official fly- line Transport Rating and began applying for a job with an airline, ing lesson. Rosella Bjornson stamps will she received the standard negabe released at the Air West Flight tive replies – except from TranSchool (Hangar 7), Lethbridge sair, based at the Winnipeg Airport at 1:30 p.m. on July 13, International Airport. Several Transair pilots knew 2014 - the fiftieth anniversary of her first flying lesson. If you’re in Rosella and had observed her the vicinity, please join us for the work ethic. Transair was in the midst of expansion and needed ceremony. ! Rosella’s interest in flying ig- more pilots. Rosella had the exact qualifications nited at a young age they required. The when, as a youngster chief pilot even ofshe sat on her father’s fered her a job knee and held the choice, Captain on controls as he flew the Twin Otter or his Aeronca Champ. Copilot on the Her 17th birthday gift Notes Fokker F-28 (Felwas an easy choice from the lowship). for her parents - flyIn April 1973 ing lessons! She had Transair, Canada ‘s her first official flyfourth largest airline, ing lesson at the hired Rosella BjornLethbridge Flying son as First Officer on Club July 13, 1964. a Fokker F28 jet. She When Rosella told became the first her high school guidwoman First Officer ance counsellor she in Canada, and also wanted to be an airthe first jet qualified line pilot, he laughed and told her “that wouldn’t be female airline pilot in North possible because she was a girl.” America. She was the first woman to be Rather than give up or try to fight the system, she accepted this in- hired by a commercial airline in Canada, and the first woman formation as feedback. A determined Rosella knew member of the Canadian Air Line she would need much more than Pilots Association, joining a frathe minimum requirements in ternity of about 2,800 male airorder to poke her way into this line pilots. One would think Rosella had male domain. She contacted Air Canada to ask what qualifications arrived. However, it wasn’t all to they wanted for their pilots. be smooth flying for this young When told they preferred to hire woman. Being first in a field may well university graduates as pilots, Rosella enrolled in the University lead a person to confront inconof Calgary Bachelor of Science sistent policies or practices. The company’s lack of policy Program. She moderated her winter academic studies by flying for pregnancy leave for pilots during the summers, earning her presented new challenges. Transport Canada wouldn’t Commercial Licence and Instrucgrant a Category 1 medical to tor Rating. She saw instructing as her way anyone who was pregnant. Transair grounded Rosella. to build the experience (hours) reThe company would not offer quired by the airlines. This later turned out to be her sick leave because it did not providential. In Rosella’s spare consider pregnancy an illness. time she earned Multi-engine and She was forced to take a personal Instrument Ratings and chatted leave of absence. Upon her return to work, she with pilots in the coffee shop. When she completed her Air- was offered a course on the Boe-

Ninety Nines

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ing 737, which resulted in her commuting between Toronto and Edmonton for work. Her second pregnancy was more readily accepted by the company but Transport Canada was slow to grant her a waiver to continue flying. Again she was grounded. Later, Rosella successfully worked with Transport Canada to change their ruling. Now a pilot can fly under a doctor’s supervision for the first six months of a pregnancy.

In 1990 Canadian Airlines International promoted her to Captain, the first Canadian female airline captain, a position she continued to hold with Air Canada, flying 737’s. With her wonderful sense of humour, Rosella is a gracious, highly skilled role model to Canadian women who have subsequently been hired by the airlines.

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Please see for information about previous years’ stamps. Rosella stamps are available in four formats. With each order you will receive a brief bio which we encourage you to copy and send with correspondence when you use the stamps. Domestic Postage sheets of 50 can be used as regular letter postage, even after the next rate increases - $80. A booklet of 12 stamps is useful for those desiring a smaller quantity for regular letter postage - $22. The Keepsake sheet features 25 regular sized stamps plus one large stamp - $45. A limited number of First Day Covers are available for $5 each. They will be of particular interest to the stamp collectors among your friends and family. Sheets of 50 stamps, Keepsake sheets and First Day Covers may be ordered by mail from Bev Fraser, Box 56060, Fiesta Outlet, Stoney Creek, ON, L8G 5C9. An additional $4 cost will be required for mail orders. Please note that Rosella Bjornson stamps are not available at postal outlets.



JULY 2014

Bryan Webster and Brian Hantke are happy to announce the wire which brought them together has been marked.

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Bry, the Dunker Guy

by Bryan Webster

Squeaky tailwheel gets the grease

Great news — I flew over a very dangerous wire recently, which I have mentioned numerous times in past articles, and now there are three red discs hanging off of it! On Aug. 6, 2013, I contacted Transport Canada to advise their Safety division of a wire strung across a lake only a few miles northwest of the Lloydminster, Alberta airport. This wire is 1,000 feet long and approximately 50 feet in the air supported on either shore by common wooden telephone poles. There was no marking on the poles or the wires and while doing touch and goes in a Super Cub on floats a friend and myself came within a few inches of striking it in flight. After writing about this situation in the October COPA Flight, one of our members who works for the power corporation in that area called and stated something would be done ASAP. Months later I again checked on the wire only to find nothing had been done and it was still there, waiting to take down any unsuspecting pilot. I again contacted the individual, who stated they were working on it but this was a large project as the wire and poles had to be beefed up to support the weight of a heavier wire and large marker balls. Then soon after, out of the blue, I received a call from another COPA member who tells me he and his wife actually hit the wire back in January of 2000 while inspecting the lake for

touch and goes on skis. As the story goes, he was flying his Champ over the lake where this wire crossed only to find his aircraft literally stopped in the air and hammered into the ground wrapped in a power line and then, in his words, being just happy they were both alive. Not only was the aircraft a write-off but, to add injury to insult, he was later presented a bill for repairs to the power line plus a pole which was literally snapped off. What amazes me personally, yet today, is why was the line not marked back then as it was obviously a hazard and needed to be dealt with. Oh well, at least now something has been done and there should not be any future mishaps. So, thank you to whoever got the job done! I’m just back now after egress training in five provinces and happy to announce another large group of pilots and their passengers are better equipped to handle a ditching should the unimagin-

able happen to them. This summer, my plans include egress training at a variety of locations plus check-outs in a Cub on wheels and later floats, as well as on a Caravan Amphib. I am also happy to announce that any day now I should be seen merrily puttering about in a 1946 Luscombe 8E on floats which I have just purchased. This will be the topic of my next story complete with pictures, titled: Luscombe adventures. Fly Safe and stay current.

Bryan Webster is a high-time light aircraft specialist with 12,000 hours in numerous aircraft from hang gliders and ultralights and almost everything flying up to 12,500 pounds on wheels, skis and floats. Bryan is also CEO of Aviation Egress Systems offering egress training across Canada. For more information contact: Bry the Dunker Guy: Tel. 250-704-6401 or visit — Not able to attend egress training? Take the ground school online.

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JULY 2014


CTI asks Diamond Aircraft to provide fleet of 22 trainers

CTI Professional Flight Training selected the Diamond DA20-C1 as its primary trainer and the Austro Engine-powered DA42 as its complex, multi-engine trainer. Diamond Regional Distribution Centre Premier Aircraft Sales of Fort Lauderdale, Florida negotiated the agreement which includes training, support and acquisition of a fleet of 22 aircraft plus 10 options with a total value of USD 7.8 million. CTI President and CEO, Alan Mullen said, “We looked carefully at all competitors in the marketplace; at the end of the day Diamond’s safety record, low operating costs, modern design, training effectiveness and excellent customer service and warranty support left no rational alternative. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Diamond and Premier as we execute our aggressive business plan.” Following the successful acquisition of Professional Flight Training, LLC in the spring of 2014, CTI’s flight academy operations are being conducted by its wholly owned subsidiary, CTI Professional Flight Training, located in Fort Lauderdale. New operations are scheduled to commence at CTI’s facilities in Millington, TN in the summer of 2014. For further information about CTI, visit and and for further information about Diamond Aircraft Industries, Inc., visit

Diamond DA20.

Diamond to offer Centurion 2.0s upgrade for DA42 Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH (Diamond Austria) will include Centurion 2.0s engines in the existing DA42 type certificate, offering TDI owners and operators the possibility to upgrade from their 135horsepower Centurion 1.7 and 2.0 engines, up to a 155-horsepower 2.0s. With this program Diamond Austria supports an existing fleet of over 500 Centurion equipped DA42 aircraft as an additional alternative to the current conversion program. Both DA42 TDI and DA40 TDI aircraft can be retrofitted with the Centurion 2.0s kit. Centurion engines are produced by German-based Technify Motors GmbH (TMG), part of the Continental Motors Group, a division of AVIC International Holding Corporation (previously known as Thielert). European certification is expected in July 2014. North American validation is planned but pending on demand. “It is important to offer our existing TDI customers satisfying possibilities for

an upgrade,” said Christian Dries, Diamond Austria CEO. “DA42 TDI owners now can choose between the original 135-

horsepower Centurion, the 155-horsepower Centurion 2.0s performance upgrade, the top of the line 170-horsepower

Austro Engine, or even the conventional gasoline Lycoming option.” “We are pleased with Diamond’s decision to offer to our mutual customers the Centurion 2.0s. It represents a major commitment to the existing customer base,” said Kenneth R. Suda, managing director and president of Technify Motors. Conversions will be performed by a limited number of authorized centres that will also be able to offer major service work, inspections, refurbishment and other upgrades (like weather radar). Details, including pricing and availability, will be released as this information becomes available. For more information about Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH, visit: For more information about Continental Motors Group, visit: For more information about Centurion of Technify Motors GmbH, visit:

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JULY 2014

Zenair celebrates 40th year The Canadian manufacturer of recreational aircraft kits is turning 40 this year. Zenair Limited was founded by Chris Heintz in his two-car garage in 1974; the company moved to its current 15,000 sq./ft. facilities on the Huronia Airport (CYEE), in Midland, Ont., more than 30 years ago. Now directed by the founder’s sons, the family-owned business makes complete airframe kits for a number of popular two and four-seat all-metal designs as well as light aircraft floats. Over the years Zenair designs have set a number of world records – including longest distance flown non-stop by CH 300 for any aircraft in its category (Trans-Canada flight - 1978). While the majority of Heintz’ varied designs are used around the world for personal recreation, they are also used for glider towing, agricultural spraying and flight training. Thanks to their excellent off-airport capabilities, some are even used for missionary work and anti-poaching missions in remote African locations. As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, Zenair Ltd. is planning a Fly-in/Open House event at its facilities on Saturday, July 19. A week later, one of its aircraft kits (a STOL CH 750) will be fully assembled and tested during the seven-day AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in in Wisconsin. This “One Week Wonder” project will mirror similar feats accomplished by Zenair in the nineties. “We hope that many join us for these exciting events” said Michael Heintz, company

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As part of its 40th anniversary celebrations, Zenair Ltd. is planning a Fly-in/Open House event at its facilities on Saturday, July 19.

the birthplace of their homebuilt aircraft.” For more information on Zenair, its aircraft kits and planned events for the company’s 40th Anniversary celebrations, visit

spokesman. “Thousands of our kits have been assembled by builders over the past 40 years and the July 19th fly-in will give many past and current builders, owners and enthusiasts an opportunity to meet again and to visit

The Quiet Revolution. Customization and Comfort -

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Sennheiser S ennheiser (Canada) IInc. nc. Avenue 221 Labrosse A venue Pointe P ointe Claire Quebec H9R 1A3 Contact: Tim Mell Aviation Business Director, A viation 514-927-5242

W When hen w wee started star ted the th e Q Quiet uiet Revolution, Revolution, we we set se t o out ut to to make make iitt accessible accessible tto o everyone, ever yone, ranging r an gin g ffrom rom sstudent tuden t p pilots ilots tto o eexperienced x p e rien ce d a aviators. v ia t o r s. TThat’s hat ’s why why you you now now have have the the choice choice between b e t we e n ttwo wo outstanding outstanding S1 S1 headsets headsets with with ccustomizable u s t o m i z ab l e ccomfort omfor t features features ssuch u ch a dj u s t a b l e h e a db a n d ass a adjustable headband ttension e n si o n a nd sunglass sunglass comfort comfor t zzones. o n e s. P ut on on y our and Put your ffavorite avorite S 1m odel: What W ha t y ou’ll get get is is a q uiet eennS1 model: you’ll quiet v ironment and an d n o is e p ro te c tio n u nsurpassed in in a vironment noise protection unsurpassed h headset eadset tthat ha t o offers f fers a wealth we al t h o off ffeatures eatures and and is is sso o ccomfortable omfor table tto ow ear. IIff you you just just want want tto o experie x p eriwear. eence nce the the joy j oy o off flying flying ttry r y tthe he new new S1 S1 PASSIVE. PASSIVE.

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JULY 2014


An evening alone L

By Stu Simpson

ights, camera, action, I recite to no one but me. It’s my final mantra before takeoff in my Cavalier. Nav and strobe lights on, transponder to ALT, and power up to go. Gladys, my instructor, taught me that. Acceleration, steady and strong. Tail up. It stays there for a few seconds. Then a pleasant easy grin and a twinkle of excitement and giddy disbelief as the Cav slips away into the first few feet of the air. The radio is mute this spring evening. The Cav and I are alone climbing to the northeast for Three Hills, about 25 minutes away at our speed. The sun shines on the earth then bounces right back up, reincarnated as small tendrils of warm turbulence weaving their way to cooler heights. The Cav catches some of them, rocking this way or that as we fly along. Sleek fuel tanks perch on each wing tip seeming to race the rest of the plane through the late afternoon. The wooden wings, marvels of strength and endurance, flex every now and then with the bumps. The ailerons move clandestinely, barely noticeable, each time I nudge the plane back to level from a deviation. My Three Hills landing is a little rough. A puffy duvet of warmth floats us along in ground effect for an extra couple hundred feet, then suddenly abandons us, plunking the Cav ingloriously onto the pavement. I spend a pleasant half hour chatting with my motherin-law Diane, a graceful, enchanting woman in her 80’s. We watch a few landings by the local flight school’s planes, then I hug her, kiss her cheek and take once more to the air.

I don’t know where I’m going yet, but I head northwest, certain someplace will come to mind. I finally decide on Innisfail. The Cav and I soon arrive over top of the airport, an old wartime strip that still enjoys regular use by glider pilots, parachute jumpers and guys like me. I set up for some touch and goes on runway 34. I love landings. I adore how the Cav talks to me then, maybe by straying slightly from the glidepath, or through subtle hints in the airspeed as we get closer and closer. I answer with the lightest touch on the stick, or a miniscule change in RPM, maybe a tweak on the trim. And this time, as there often is, there’s a sharp stab of fear when I cut the throttle just short of the runway. It

jousts with my logic, fighting over whether or not the Cav will make the runway or tangle in the grass just this side of it. Of course, logic has always won and once more the Cav glides beautifully across the button. My landing is bad, purely my fault this time. But the sky offers salvation and another chance, so I throttle up and run away from my sins. The Cav climbs superbly and soon we’re setting up again for another try. Twice more I land at Innisfail, and these landings are good. I am redeemed. We leave there heading south. The shadows grow longer, the air gets smoother. I smile at the evening from the depths of my soul. The Cav follows a section line between two highways; the main highway on the left, and a smaller, twolane version on the right. There’s something primal inside that draws me to such symmetry; a comfort and pleasance found in the balance of the straight lines below. I feel the same about the symmetry of airplanes. • continued on next page




JULY 2014

Searching for, selling and building aircraft

As this column is being prepared the news regarding the Malaysian Boeing 777 is not good. The batteries in the black boxes have long since died and the location of the wreckage is still not known. The authorities are considering the hiring of outside contractors to search the ocean floor with various electronic devices including side-scan sonar. A few years ago, Air France Flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean on the way to Paris. It took almost two years to locate the wreckage and to recover the black boxes. Hopefully, for the sake of the families and friends of its passengers, locating the wreckage of the 777 will take less time. Consider the relative cost and simplicity of SPOT technology as compared to the many millions of dollars being spent to by Rem Walker locate the 777.

Rem’s report

Selling Amateur Built Aircraft To sell your Amateur-Built Aircraft the procedure is the same as for a Type Certificated Aircraft. Instructions and a new application form are with the Certificate of Registration. The C of R is kept up to date by Transport Canada to show the name of the current owner. Fill in the “Notification of Change of

Osprey attracts attention at fly-in.

Owners” card and mail it. Complete the new application form then send it, along with the registration fee of $110 to Transport Canada. The Special Certificate of Airworthiness Amateur-Built Aircraft (C of A) is issued once by Transport Canada and remains with the aircraft even if it is sold many times. It shows the name of the Builder, Registration Marks, Model and Serial number.

Evening alone

What would happen, I wonder, if I just kept going? What if I didn’t in another 50 miles turn for home at Kirkby Field? What if I just flew until I needed to land for gas, or food, or sleep? I could look at a map and choose a place with an airport. It would have to be one with fuel, the elixir that feeds this addiction. I could set a course now and see where I end up. What would really happen? Where would I go? What would I see? It’s a fantasy in which I’ve immersed myself a thousand times. I’ve nibbled at such freedom on other flying adventures, and I crave another taste. I want to run from the bad weather that’s forecast for tomorrow; to pick a direction and just fly, limited only by time and distance. I indulge a twinge of disappointment and self-pity that I can’t go, that I can’t escape and just fly away. Then a much deeper guilt strikes me for my brief but shameful greed. How dare I pity myself? How dare I feel anything but blessed as I fly my Cavalier? How can I pout while my senses completely consume the sky around me and the cherished moments I’ve lived this evening? What would others give to have such riches as mine? The Cav and I continue south, exactly a mile above sea level, but only a couple thousand feet above the world below. I revel in our speed as I often do with this plane. It’s so much fun to watch cars on the highway vanish beneath the wings at half our speed.

My thoughts wander again, this time pondering the engineering that went into my airplane. What calculations took place to figure out how strong the flaps have to be? How did they know the speed where the plane stalls? Why is the landing gear leg that thick? How do they calculate the drag of my Cavalier? There’s curiosity, but I don’t really want to know. That knowledge might take the mystery from flight, pare it all down to cold hard numbers and facts. To know the strength of materials, or the coefficient of lift, might rob me of my innocence, of my wonder and fascination with flying. I don’t need to know a wizard’s secrets. I like to believe in a little bit of magic. I’m close to Calgary now and I need to pay more attention as the air space gets busier. I switch to Calgary’s arrival channel to learn of any other planes that might be close to me. I listen for several minutes but none announce themselves. So I switch to Kirkby’s frequency and tell anyone who cares that I’ll soon be landing, that I’ll soon be mortal again. I fly overhead, confirm the wind and complete the circuit onto final approach. Once more the Cav talks me through the


Know safety No pain No safety Know pain

COPA Flight file photo

The C of A is kept in force by the yearly inspection and entries in the Journey Log Book, as required by the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). If you happen to have a Ramp Check the C of A and C of R are two of the items that will be checked by the Transport Canada Inspector. The Ramp Check will also include your Pilot License/Medical, the Journey Log Book (up to date?), Insurance Certificate, Aircraft Flight Manual, Radio Operator’s Certificate, ELT, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid Kit, Seat Belt/Harness,

Life Jackets (over-water flights), Load Security and the Weight and Balance Report for the configuration of the aircraft. A Ramp Check is a possibility wherever and whenever you fly. If you keep all of the paperwork in an envelope inside the Journey Log Book it will all be in one place when needed.

Building an Amateur Built You or a group of friends can construct an Amateur-Built Aircraft as a unique project, either from raw materials or a kit. It must meet the 51% Rule which

requires the builder to construct or assemble, or personally oversee the construction or assembly of the major portion of the aircraft. The aircraft must be constructed as a unique and individual project, not constructed under a mass production system. Mass production means the simultaneous construction, by the same builder, of more than one Amateur-Built Aircraft, glider, rotorcraft, manned free balloon or airship, of the same type and model. You, the builder, may contract for professional assistance in the construction or assembly of parts of the aircraft, provided the work is subject to your overall control. These are some of the regs outlined in the Handbook which provides more details on the regulations, hints, paperwork, inspections, etc., dealing with Amateur-Built Aircraft. The Handbook is available, at no cost to you, and is provided by the Experimental Aircraft Association Canadian Council. Your request may be sent by mail to: Rem Walker, 2348 Garnet Street, Regina, Sask., S4T 3A2 Tel: 306-352-6442 or Fax: 306-565-0694.

Rem Walker learned to fly in 1946. His first project was a Jodel D-9 CF-PFB started in 1958 and flying in 1963. Most recent completion is a joint project with Bob Meyer, a 1929 Gipsy Moth completed and flown in 2005.

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landing, and maybe this time the fear of the last little power-off glide is a bit less. My logic is winning. The last landing of the evening sees the wheels kiss the greening grass and the Cav rumbles gently as we slow and turn off the runway. A glance to the west and I know I’ll have the Cav fuelled and back in the hangar just as the sun disappears. My day is complete. Most times I prefer flying with others. I enjoy sharing the air and the amazement of flight with my wingmen, with pilots who think of the sky as I do. But on this flight it was truly fine to spend an evening alone. off Take with


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Night flying presents its own set of challenges

Night flying is fun, it is quiet and the air is usually more stable. However, we must occasionally remind ourselves of the challenges night flying presents.

Weather Planning Night flight under overcast cloud, even when no rain is forecast, should be planned so that you can safely pass over all obstacles with at least 1,000 feet of separation. Towers may be lighted, but a light won’t help if the light is in the cloud. Unlighted towers and wires are invisible at night. Hills with little human habitation are difficult, often impossible, to see on a dark night. Flight in valleys under a cloud cover therefore may be hazardous. Distance downward is as hard to judge as horizontal distance in areas where there are no ground lights. Gently rising terrain can put you perilously close to, or into, the trees before you are aware of them. When flying at night under a cloud cover over unfamiliar terrain, it is a good policy to follow airways or air routes and comply with IFR minimum en route altitudes (MEA) or minimum obstruction clearance altitudes (MOCA). We should fly at least 1,000 feet (2,000 feet in mountainous areas) above the Minimum Elevation Figure (MEF) indicated on VFR maps.

Take-off Many airports have a problem with wildlife. Before taking-off from airports without a Control Tower or FSS, it may be a good idea to check out the runway to make sure it is clear. A habit of taking another look at the windsock just before take-off is a good idea. Wind direction should be foremost in your mind when starting the take-off roll, as drift off the centerline is more difficult to see at night. During a take-off at night there is a perception that the aircraft nose is pitching up rapidly. The tendency is to lower the nose, which will keep the aircraft on the ground longer and at a higher speed, which in turn can cause control problems, including drift. As the aircraft lifts off the runway, the runway lights, and all other lights immediately ahead, disappear, leaving a black hole devoid of anything that can be used for depth perception. You must therefore shift your attention to the instruments as the aircraft becomes airborne, and maintain a positive rate of climb, and a constant heading. The positive rate of climb should be established by the altimeter and the VSI, then set the climb airspeed and maintain it. Turn only if you must at low level and do it primarily using the instruments. Use no more than a rate one turn and keep your climb speed.

Climb If the initial climb is attempted visually, there is a strong tendency to lower the nose of the aircraft and one wing. A rate of descent may be established that may not be detected visually. Lights flashing by on one side of the aircraft only, or brighter lights off to one side, can give you the feeling that you are in a turn in that direction. City lights on uneven terrain make for a poor horizon and possible vertigo. Disorientation or vertigo will make it difficult to concentrate on the instruments. An iron will, combined with total confidence in the instruments and your training, is your life insurance.

“At any time during the flight, disorientation can occur if lights flash by on one side of the aircraft... Maintaining a close watch on the instruments will help combat this.” Accident Report 1 The PA 31 Piper Navajo crashed into heavy bush after take-off for an IFR night flight. The TSB indicated that preliminary information points to pilot disorientation owing to the “black-hole effect” after the pilot flew beyond the runway environment. Any pilot, including an IFR rated pilot, can become disoriented after takeoff at night if he or she doesn’t make the transition to instruments quickly after take-off. Maintain the climb on instruments until you are at least 500 feet AGL. Through 500 feet, VFR navigation can be safely commenced, but disorientation can still be a hazard. The instruments should be monitored more closely as the lack of surface definition makes altitude and attitude judgment

more difficult. Lights over uneven ter- hole. The black hole effect makes you rain or a cloud cover may make a hori- feel you are higher than you are. If you zon non-existent, making it more diffi- get just a little low on final approach, cult to keep the wings level and to main- trees or rising terrain may bite you. tain altitude in turns. Use the PAPI lights on Monitor your altitude final approach if they are closely. Many pilots have available. When PAPI lights inadvertently climbed into are not available, as soon as cloud, as cloud bases are difyou can while turning final, ficult to see at night. You set the runway threshold should have good idea from lights in your windscreen in your weather briefing of the the same place you usually reported or forecast cloud place the threshold of the base, and you should be prerunway in your windscreen. by Dale Nielsen Hold the runway threshold pared to level off at least lights in this position on 1,000 feet below it. your windscreen all the way Reported cloud ceilings down. Adjust your airspeed are observations taken by with power and attitude. contract weather observers The distance between the and FSS specialists, using approach and the runway the terrain to assist them. edge lights will also help to Their visibility and judgjudge the descent. The ments are also hampered at night, making their observations less lights will remain the same distance reliable than they are during the day. An apart if the descent is consistent. If you AWOS reports cloud bases immediately are getting low on the approach, the above the instrument. There may be distance between the lights will appear lower cloud nearby. Be prepared to level to be getting closer together. If you are off, and even descend, immediately if getting too high on the approach, the your forward visibility starts to decrease. lights will appear to be getting farther apart.

Chock to chock

Weather in Flight Constantly watch for weather along your route of flight. In remote areas, or any area with few lights on the ground, it is easy to fly over an area of fog or low cloud without noticing. Watch for lowering cloud ceilings. If your forward visibility appears to be decreasing, or disappears, it is probable the cloud ahead is lower than you are. Descend or turn around. If you find yourself continually descending to stay clear of cloud, make sure you don’t descend below a safe altitude. Any time precipitation is encountered, immediately turn on your pitot heat, turn off your strobe light, and landing and taxi lights if on. These lights will be distracting and may cause disorientation. At any time during the flight, disorientation can occur if lights flash by on one side of the aircraft. This is especially true if you are flying in precipitation and the visibility is reduced. Maintaining a close watch on the instruments will help combat this. Black Holes Study the terrain around an airport before making a night approach to it. If there is no habitation on the approach end of a runway, there will be a black

Got an aviation safety story to tell? Dale Nielsen would like to hear from pilots who have educational aviation experiences to relate. Excerpts from these stories will be used in upcoming safety articles. Dale can be contacted via e-mail:

Accident Report 2 The Cessna 182 struck several trees on approach to the airport and crashed. The point of impact was on the extended centerline of the runway, 250 feet above the airport, and 4 miles short of the runway. The pilot and passenger were killed. The FAA reported the probable cause of the accident as pilot failure to maintain sufficient altitude to maintain terrain clearance during a dark nighttime approach.

Accident Report 3 Witnesses stated the PA 28-140 Piper Cherokee appeared to be unusually low on a nighttime final approach to runway 23. The aircraft struck the ILS localizer antennae and crashed short of the runway. The pilot and passenger received minor injuries.

Landing As you pass the runway threshold lights for landing, you enter another black hole over the runway. Look well down the runway and use the runway edge lights and your landing light to assess drift and to assist in depth perception.

Dale Nielsen is an ex-Armed Forces pilot and aerial photography pilot. He lives in Abbotsford, B.C., and currently manages a small airline and teaches part-time for a local aviation/university program. Nielsen is also the author of seven flight training manuals published by Canuck West Holdings.

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Our national security: Who is watching?

In Canada and the United States, we citizens should be feeling pretty secure about our sovereignty and safety. After all, we have many agencies looking out for us in both countries, guarding our borders and keeping away those who would do us harm with bombs, guns, drugs and so on. The Canadian Border Services Agency is our federal agency responsible for border enforcement, immigration and customs services. U.S. Customs and Border Protection secures their homeland by preventing the illegal entry of people and goods into the United States. The CBP is the largest law enforcement agency in the U.S. These organizations the first-line are defense, so to speak, against the bad people and organizations bent on destroying or terrorizing our way of life. Backing up these guys, there are plenty more agencies in North America. The Coast Guard, the national by security agencies, department of HomeBarry land Security, CSIS, Meek the FBI, ATF, the Secret Service, CATSA, RCMP, CIA, state and provincial police, Departments of Public Safety, Special Forces, all the military branches, the SPCA, private investigators and locksmiths. In northern Canada, bands of roving “Rangers”, a part-time force, conduct surveillance or sovereignty patrols far above the Arctic Circle. Made up of Inuit, First Nations, Métis and nonAboriginals, they assist the military operating against any invaders that can keep warm enough to operate at 50 below zero. And so it goes on and on. There’s no way to calculate the number of people employed by this massive, “biggest-of-allindustries” conglomerate in the western world. At every major airport at any given time, there are “agents” in the security lineups patting down passengers, looking in their shoes, scanning entire bodies and opening luggage to confiscate shampoo and toothpaste. Their mission is set in stone! Do not allow anything on an airplane that could be used as a weapon (that includes fingernail clippers) or in the construction of a device capable of damaging that aircraft. This is indeed an admirable goal, but sometimes it seems to me that the entire operation is headed off on the wrong track. It is surprising that with all

From a



PC pilot

by Peter O. Walpole

inconventhis ience and trouble they cause for travelers, that an 18-year-old student was able to board an airplane in Edmonton last September (2013) carrying a homemade pipe bomb. Security initially found the device in his carry-on bag, but he was informed he could take it with him. The highly trained CATSA “agents” didn’t recognize the explosive device for what it was. The young man politely declined to take it on board. Off he went on a holiday to Mexico. While he was gone, someone decided that it might not have been a good idea to let him simply walk on that aircraft. The Canadian authorities had to wait until he returned to Edmonton, where the teenager was apprehended by what sources described as a large contingent of RCMP officers, which included a SWAT team, bomb squad and an explosives-sniffing dog. However, in their statement, the RCMP said: “Two plainclothed officers were dispatched, and the suspect was apprehended without incident.” The Canadian Transport Minister declared, “The safety of Canadians and the travelling public is our government’s top priority.” The CATSA officer thought, “I guess this means E.I. for me.” And at the end of the day, the young student was allowed to go home after paying a $100 fine, and was told to donate $500 to a burn unit. Sound like the Keystone Cops? Before you start thinking that our Canadian security is just

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a bit “mixed up” consider this incident south of the border. About one month later, there was another newsworthy “breach of national security” when a small airplane flew undetected from Canada into the United States, and continued all the way to Nashville, Tennessee … a distance of 500 miles over U.S. soil. Nobody noticed until well into the next day, several hours after the plane had crashed on the Nashville international airport. The NTSB investigated and released the following details. A 45-year-old male rented a Cessna 172 from the Windsor, Ontario Flying Club, departed around 8 p.m. and disappeared into the night heading south. Evidently, he crashed at about three in the morning, the plane burned and the pilot was killed. The reason for the flight has not been established, but the security concerns raised are the big issues. Questions like, “how

did this aircraft fly 500 miles into the U.S. and then circle and crash on a major airport without anyone noticing?” Further, in spite of the big fire, the air traffic controllers never saw it. Just before nine o’clock in the morning, a departing G.A. pilot taxied past the charred wreckage and wondered what it was doing there. He reported it to the surprised tower personnel. There are a lot more questions in this incident than there are answers, even at this point in time. You can bet that several agencies are involved, looking out for their own interests. I’d suggest the FBI, the ATF, the Secret Service, Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, the FAA, Transport Canada, the RCMP, CSIS, insurance companies, the CRA as well as local police forces in Windsor and in Nashville, all have their people seeking answers. This was a big international

incident! You would think that with all the security measures already in force, it couldn’t have happened in the first place. Where were the F-16’s? Who was watching the radar screens? What’s been missed here? Is this issue of “homeland security” just too big to handle? Would hiring even more people solve the problems? Will these guys who perpetrate international issues keep coming out of left field and blindsiding us with more novel ideas? Perhaps instead of frisking old ladies in airport security lineups and taking away their Mylanta and Tums, resources ought to be re-deployed to where they’d be more effective. Governments tend to operate using knee-jerk reactions, and then wonder why the real problems don’t go away. If I knew what the solution was, I would be a famous and rich person, entertaining offers from governments and security operations around the world. There are no easy answers and the bureaucrats responsible for all of this are hog-tied to a great degree by civil rights organizations, political correctness, the laws and values of our society and all sorts of other bleeding hearts. The simple fact of the matter is the whole “homeland security” idea needs some re-thinking. And I’d suggest if the officials in charge can’t figure it out and come up with better answers than telling us that “The safety of the traveling public is the government’s top priority,” then we’ll be in trouble for a long time.

Barry is a former broadcaster and ambulance paramedic. He is a commercial pilot, has owned several aircraft and pursues interests including writing on various topics at his home in Vernon, B.C. Contact him at


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JULY 2014

Young at heart... Get the feeling by participating in a COPA for Kids day

I need to brag a little. Today variety, I was surprised at the (May 31st), our newly reincar- range of behaviour and exubernated COPA Flight 6, Victoria, ance from plane load to plane took to the skies and hosted its load. first COPA for Kids event. Ever. I had one brother-sister Okay, well perhaps not combo who barely said a word “ever” – there is a story floating during the flight (but were beamaround that some years ago ing from ear to ear when we pilots in Victoria took kids fly- landed). Next, I had a planeload ing, but certainly within the liv- with a nine-year-old who talked ing memory of today’s C4K vol- every second of the 12-minute unteers it was our first event. flight. I think she must have misIt went extremely well too: understood when I said to speak over the course of our six-hour loudly into the intercom. The day we managed to fly 99 kids, entire flight her speech resemages 8-17. Not bad bled my first year for the Flight’s first chemistry prof: C4K event! “Whooooooaaaaa. We cheated a little Looooooooookk. though. Our flight Aaaaaaaaat. Theeeee. was very well supSaaaaaiiilll-booaaat.” ported by our neighWhy do we waste bouring flights in gas flying kids? Boundary Bay (#5) by Dr. Jonathan Despite being a and Nanaimo (#91). Wallace relative fledgling in In fact, of the eight general aviation aircraft flying, three myself, I believe had come over from these COPA for Kids a sister flight. events are very Similarly, in important, if not crupreparation for today cial for the future of our unwearyingly General Aviation. C4K coordinators take a Let’s Bill and Perry have moment and talk themselves participated in neighbouring C4K about the elephant in the corner events, to gather ideas and for- of the room. General Aviation is not doing well in this country – mulate our own plan of attack. I have heard in the past of we all know this. The average C4K ‘incidents’ where children age of the GA pilot population is and families were wandering well… old. I have attended a few differaround unsupervised on the apron while C4K aircraft were ent flight meetings now across actively manoeuvring! I am the province and I have only pleased to say that today we once or twice encountered somemaintained a tightly controlled one younger than me. I’m 35. ramp area “hot zone” and with both designated aircraft marshals and family marshals we were fortunate to altogether avoid any ‘incursions’. Some of our other community groups came out to support us too: the Victoria JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre) was represented, as was the local flying club, and the BC Aviation Museum even lent us a small helicopter as a static display. St. John Ambulance provided volunteer first aid service which we thankfully did not have to use, and the Catalina Grill restaurant provided a lunch for GA appears to be a pursuit of the volunteers. Even our local pack of Nanchangs got involved the aged – perhaps partly by provided several formation because of the cost of flying, perhaps partly because the perfly-overs at noon. Victoria tower which has ceptions, values and interests of been involved in the planning for younger generations are changmonths, were flawless in their ing. At the same time, we live in a handling of the extra C4K aircraft: more than 100 C4K relat- society which is becoming proed movements! They even grant- gressively more obsessed with ed us priority departure off of an liability issues and government intersecting runway, and cleared over-regulation. This means that us through their control zone via the reputation of GA within society is fighting a battle on two pre-determined “COPA routes!” There are of course many fronts: First as aviation becomes operational details we can improve for our “second ever” more complex with the regulatoC4K event scheduled for Sep- ry, legal and technological implitember, but what a remarkable cations, the leap in knowledge success we enjoyed this time. required to appreciate what GA My hat is off to each and every is and what it requires, grows volunteer who participates in exponentially. In other words it has become C4K across Canada. Of course I am saving the best more and more complicated for part for last – the kids! This the non-aviation enthusiast (lay being the first time I have per- person) to wrap their mind sonally flown for C4K and not around GA and it certainly doeshaving ankle biters of my own n’t help that this is happening in

Fit to fly

an age of electronic media and instant gratification which has all but destroyed the public’s attention span. “Why would windmills one kilometer from the edge of a runway be a problem? Don’t planes have GPS nowadays?” “My car has been burning non-leaded bioethanol fuels for years now and I haven’t had any problems. Pilots should try it too.” Second, the regulatory, legal and technological factors combine to make general aviation more expensive, less readily accessible, and thus fewer laypeople are able to experience GA at all. Long gone are the days of barnstorming and country fairs where you can jump in and go for a short ride for a few dollars. Regulations, liability insurance, fear of hijacking, etc.

etc., have put much of an end to that. A friend in Victoria has started using a social media website to offer free airplane rides to people in and around Victoria. He splits the fuel cost of the flight by the number of occupied seats (i.e. if he takes two passengers, everyone pays one third). He has flown over a hundred members of the public by now – many of whom may not have experienced GA otherwise. Nevertheless other pilots look at what he is doing and fret that he *might* be breaking TC rules – running a commercial operation etc. etc. Where does the fear of regulation (whether the interpretation is correct or not) meet the moral obligation to do what is right and what we believe in, I wonder? The reality right now though is that unlike a boat, or an RV (nice “healthy,” “fun” ways to spend an afternoon or a holi-

day), planes are seen as dangerous, expensive, noisy and otherwise undesirable in our communities.

Breaking down the invisible wall… If you think about it, GA does exist for the most part in a metaphorical magic-fortress. Pilots do mysterious things that most people don’t understand. Why would anyone intentionally turn off the motor (“stall”) in an airplane? Another pilot friend of mine years ago once told me that he saw GA as a kind of private club that really only pilots and their passengers get to enjoy; much of the rest of society doesn’t even know about our private paradise. “Invisible walls” perhaps? Tragically for my friend, his local GA airport is now slated for closure by his municipal government. The airport is seen as being a liability and far less desirable compared to other opportunities for the community. As pilots I believe we need to do more to break this elitist image we have unwittingly acquired. We are far too few in number; and due to a complicated series of bureaucratic decisions in the past, the things we require to continue to fly are largely regulated by the non-aviation enthusiast members of society who have little knowledge of aviation and often no interest in understanding let alone supporting us. Just consider: on a regular basis our GA airports are slated for closure – usually without a replacement plan. Those airports which remain open are often operated in a purely capitalistic manner which sees GA being looked over for lucrative sources of income – i.e. commercial operations, or worse, non-aviation operations! In Victoria we currently have a large grocery distribution centre as well as a building supply facility leasing airport lands which otherwise could have been used to build hangars. Flying clubs all over the country are being threatened, or facing closure as airport boards see these GA clubs as what they truly are (in the capitalist sense): poor sources of income… Our fuel source (for most of us) is compromised. One refinery in Canada still produces 100LL. No approved substitute

is approved let alone available yet. As GA pilots we are facing a veritable tidal wave of anti-GA sentiment fuelled by ignorance, greed, indifference and more.

How to survive a tidal wave Well, for the non-pilot the key is to get to higher ground, but for pilots, we have a better option: take to the skies! To be really effective though, we must take others with us. I’m not talking about our airport friends or our usual passengers; I’m talking about the non-flying public. We must educate them and help them understand! COPA for Kids is a great program. As of today, there are 99 kids in Victoria who now understand a bit more about what GA is, and will appreciate the activity a bit more the next time they see or hear a small plane fly overhead. Not only that, the parents and siblings and friends of those 99 kids are going to hear about how great GA is. Perhaps in a few of those 99 kids, a seed has been planted, and at some point in their lives they will take more of an interest (whether career or recreationally), in aviation. Even if they don’t ever fly again, they will always have a fond memory, and perhaps their vision of what GA is will be more healthy than the current sentiment: seeing GA aircraft as stinky expensive death traps! Why stop at kids though? In Victoria like many airport communities we are organizing scheduled fly-outs on a regular basis. Pilots who are willing, open up their seats to passengers – some of whom have never flown GA before. It’s like barnstorming for the new millennium perhaps? What about Hope Air, Angel Flight and other related charity organizations? Beyond flying people, we can be good Samaritans too. The BC Float Plane Association in recent years was threatened with being banned from landing in BC provincial parks. The story is a dramatic one and best told by Bryan “the dunker guy” Webster, but the end result is that the float pilots offered to carry out the occasional trash bag from BC Parks – free of charge. • continued on next page


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Around here, most pilots don’t fly that much

That infamous Freight Train of Time stops for none of us. Once we are on it we will only ever get off once, and those who have don’t come back and tell us what it is like! Being the FBO of an airport since 1971 has been a real education for me regarding human nature. We have well over 107 aircraft and one gyroplane at our field. Fifty-one of them are ready to go and could fly almost anytime, 35 need some tweaking and 21-plus need to be worked on and re-assembled. Of the ones that can go anytime, about 25 of them get 12 hours or more a year flying. The rest only get to enjoy the full measure of their creation one to five times a year. One of the things that has always surprised me is the number of people that get all enthused about flying and then after dashing out and purchasing a plane, vanish! Daily life gets in the way, then weeks, then months, and suddenly years disappear. In Canada, the records show that there are 64,932 pilots (including student pilots who have a permit) with a total of 36,078 airplanes (30,066 single-engine). That is roughly one-half an airplane for each pilot. In the U.S., there are 597,109 students and pilots. Canada has the highest number of pilots per capita of any country in the world. When you get a pilot licence, you are a member of a very large fraternity. Easy in and out of trailer. However, if you are very individualistic and want to stand There is just something alone, get an ornithopter. There about a mechanical toy that is only one registered in Canada. calls me to go and play with I am not sure what kind of it! Even if it is only for a licence it would take and I susfew minutes at a time. There pect it might be tough to get a is a magic feeling for me in check-out! being able to start, see and The more we do something by hear a gas engine run. the better we get and often the Wayne We have been very caremore we want to do it. The conWinters ful not to build the airframe verse also holds true. When the larger than the trailer it is weeks and months go by in a going to go in, however, pilot’s life without flying, there there is nothing like the is a natural reluctance to “just go fly” and even more to go get a check-out. feeling of comfort one gets from actually No one wants to embarrass themselves in seeing it fit in the trailer! I did not want to make the perplexing the presence of another peer, instructor or decision as whether to modify the factory otherwise. Time just keeps going by, and so it is trailer a foot longer or chop a foot off the with the building of our new “Groovy airplane fuselage! Next month we will have flown the Flyer.” I want to get it done so badly, but all the other things in our operation keep new engines or I will be hiding under a rock! getting in the way. Flying season is upon us and I would We do have the new DLE 222 engines broken in now, but not mounted on our like to share a few lines on what I have first prototype where we are going to test learned over the years about getting my them. I can hardly wait because they purr flying skills back in shape, after some so smoothly. It is just finding the time to times of absence that happen to us as mentioned above. A good example is the mount them up. I still have one of the engines on the long, but not forgotten winter we have test stand and just love to go out and give just had. I don’t profess to have all the answers, the prop a flip to make it light up. They start so easily. It is a lot like when I was a in fact I do not understand many of the kid with a new toy. It is hard to leave questions, but following are some of the things that I have learned. alone.

Off we go

Fit to fly

Now instead of being “noisy, polluting, dangerous toys of the rich” the Parks Board sees float planes as collaborative, wonderful, safe, vehicles which leave a park cleaner than before! It is a win-win for everyone. If we as pilots go out of our way to be less elite about our flying; and if we as pilots can come up with creative ways to use our love of aviation as an asset to the betterment of society, the tidal wave we are currently facing will be halted. All we have to do is get out there and do it!

Victoria’s first C4K event… So, to end on a positive note, let’s get back to the kids. Needless to say, the entire event was a hoot and I look forward to our next endeavour. For anyone reading this article who has not participated in C4K before, I

Make sure pitot tube and static are not plugged And check everything else on the airplane

The Startup Don’t forget to holler “Clear Prop” before lighting the engine (Even if you are the only one on the field!) The Pre-Take Off Checklist Make sure you have one in hand or memorized

The Take Off Look way down the runway Ease the throttle on Keep wings level with the ailerons Use the rudder to keep the aircraft straight Don’t climb too abruptly (in case engine fails) Watch “real” horizon outside windscreen Level Off Remember where straight and level flight is (horizon) Set throttle Let stabilize Adjust Trim

Things I’ve learned First of all before any flight we all need to ask ourselves three things: 1. Am I good for the flight (mentally, physically, emotionally)? 2. Is the airplane good for the flight (mechanically, fuel, etc.)? 3. Is the weather good for the flight (and when I come back)?

The Walk-Around Check the oil levels Look at the prop and spinner Physically check for clean fresh fuel Check for water at fuel drains and in gascolator Make sure there are no visible leaks or stains Ensure switches are off and then pull propeller through Check tires – air and condition Make sure all wing bolts (and strut) are in and secure Have a good look at the fabric or skin on wings and tail Check ailerons for looseness and operation Look at flaps and hook ups Check horizontal stab. Check rudder and pins Check elevator, especially attach points and control points Look for “floppy” gear doors if retractable

The Approach Make sure of settings for carb heat and mixture Resist the temptation to “over control” Let the airplane fly Set glide with proper airspeed The Landing Let the airplane fly Watch way down the runway Don’t “land it” Let it land when it is ready

Before the initial flight (after being away from it for a while) it is good practice to go over something similar to the above and try and visualize each step and see if there are any hurdles that one could get caught on. The most common thing I see, after someone’s absence of flying, is the tendency to over control the airplane. I am not ready to get off the time train, nor can I, but I am going to try to enjoy the ride a little more and take some of that “me” time we all need. Tick-Tock, TickTock.

Wayne Winters received his pilot’s licence in 1971 at the Municipal Airport in Edmonton, Alta. In 1989, he completed his commercial ultralight licence and opened Blue Yonder Aviation Inc., where he has personally trained hundreds of pilots, built seven different kit airplanes, as well as designed, built and flown six airplanes from scratch. Blue Yonder Aviation continues to manufacture the Merlin GT, Merlin EZ, EZ Flyer and other kit airplanes. E-mail:

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would strongly encourage you to sign up to volunteer in one this season. Everyone always thinks of the need for volunteer pilots but the reality is that the operation could not run at all without a coordinated ground crew of airplane-savvy volunteers. Enjoy the summer sunshine, get out there and get some excited kids (young and old) away from their TVs and out flying! As always if you have any questions or feedback, I appreciate hearing from you. Until next month, happy flying, and see you in the skies!

Dr. Jonathan Wallace is an emergency physician, and former CAME. He enjoys taking to the air whenever the sky over Victoria turns blue.

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JULY 2014

New capabilities come with G3 installation


By Phil Lightstone

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nsight Industries is a great Canadian success story. Canada has lots of successful businesses and entrepreneurs who fly under the radar. They don’t spend a lot of money on advertising. They develop innovative products that become part of our DNA. Product They have a can-do attitude that is all about quality and customer satisfaction. They quietly deliver outstanding products both in Canada and internationally, without a lot of fanfare. Last year, we upgraded the Insight GEM603 graphic engine monitor in our 1998 Commander 114B. The GEM603 worked like a charm. It displayed EGT and CHT and with a push of button would display the first cylinder to go lean of peak during leaning. It was easy to read, reliable and simple to operate. Each cylinder has two probes, one for CHT and one for EGT. It provides a reactive approach to engine management. As a Commander factory installed instrument, it provided reliable service for the last 15 years. Three years ago, Insight began the development of their new line of graphic engine monitors. Let’s face it. The folks at JPI had a more modern mouse trap. Insight’s new G line delivers new capabilities which their competitors have not yet matched. With a 100% made in Canada approach to technology, Insight’s new instrument not only delivers data recording, but also adds significantly more capabilities than its older brother. With a full colour display and the ability to incorporate fuel flow, outside air temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, manifold pressure, propeller RPM and a host of other sensors, it is a significant step up from the GEM603 (and the JPI). The installation in the Commander was pretty straight forward. I chose Air Partners at Toronto Buttonville Airport (CYKZ) to do the upgrade. In fact, this was their first upgrade. I elected to use the 2-1/4 inch instrument. It’s a simple plug and play upgrade, if you do not want to instrument anything other than EGT and CHT. The existing CHT and EGT probes do not have to be changed. In fact the existing wiring harness is plug and play with the new instrument. A single small hole had to be drilled into the panel to accommodate the “PG” knob located at the top left hand corner of the instrument. A simple installation, four screws and one grounding wire. I decided to keep the new instrument in the same location as the old one. In this manner, there was no fuss or muss with the existing CHT/EGT wiring harness. In fact, the new instrument is about four inches shorter than the old one. This should make the installation into aircrafts with shallow panels much easier. I’m thinking about airplanes like Mooneys. Fortunately the Commander factory had left sufficient slack in the harness to accommodate the shorter instrument. In the Commander, we decided to

install a variety of new probes and sensors. Without replacing the existing primary engine instruments, a redundant set of probes and sensors were installed. Having had the MAP gauge fail in flight, it was reassuring to have an independent and redundant system. The Commander which I fly is setup for the serious IFR pilot. With dual vacuum pumps, two alternators, a second set of primary flight Review instruments, the addition of a redundant set of engine probes and sensors, attached to the G3 made a lot of sense. Next on my to-do list is to get a serious IFR ticket (VFR rocks!). To accommodate the new probes, a separate DB25 connector is located on the rear of the G3. The G3 kit has all of the essentials needed for an installation

upcoming annual. The Commander’s existing OAT is electronic, with a probe installed in the underside of the left wing near the wheel well. It seemed to make sense to install the new OAT probe in a similar position on the right wing. To accommodate the installation of the electrical wires, the interior would have to be removed. It is more frugal to install these wires during the upcoming annual when the bird will be in a thousand pieces. To right size the installation costs, it’s wise to plan out the installation or

New G3.

The G3 kit.

(please add AME and water). It includes all of the probes, sensors, connectors, pins, wires, EMI clamp and an installation CD. A little bit of homework is required by the AME before ordering and installation. For example, the oil pressure sensor in available in three different sizes. The next question is where to install the various new probes. During the installation, I had a few calls with Joe Rasso and Khalil Ahmad of Air Partners. The real question was whether to “T” into the existing MAP and oil connections, or install the probes independent of the existing connections. In my mind, the decision was simple. I did not want the failure of an existing system, for example, the MAP transducer or its aluminum tube, to impact the Insight system. The good news, is that the Lycoming IO540 in the Commander had a number of unused ports which would accommodate the new probes and sensors. In the new setup, we installed six new probes (RPM, fuel flow, oil temperature, oil pressure, vibration and manifold pressure). We decided to defer the installation of the outside air temperature to the

upgrade. During a routine maintenance interval, for example, during an oil change, reviewing the placement of probes into the engine would help the installation process. Understanding the placement of the new probes helps the mechanics order any additional fittings or components which are not included in the kit. This includes a flex line from the G3 instrument to the manifold pressure sensor, as well as a few other fittings. As they say, a bit of planning in advance will make the installation faster. What I mean is that the installation of the instrument with new probes, reusing the existing CHT/EGT probes, is about eight to 10 hours of labour, depending upon the complexity and specifics of your aircraft (and off course the expertise of your mechanic). However, the time required to order any additional supplies, will just increase the time that your aircraft is off line. With the Commander upgrade, the aircraft was off line for three days. Interestingly, during the installation, Khalil, had a quick question for Lycoming. He was on hold for 45 minutes. With no wireless handset in the shop, he was tied to a desk, a total

waste of time and money. Ly c o m i n g needs a new call centre application, which informs the caller how long the wait time will be. As with most graphic engine monitors, the G series delivers EGT and CHT temperatures both as a graphic as well as numerically. With an onboard processor, tight computer code, a two GB secure digital storage card and a full color screen, the G series is more like a special purpose computer, focusing on engine management. With up to 10 screens, which are selected simply by turning the knob, pilots and mechanics can quickly and easily navigate to the desired menu or display. The screens are pretty simple and provide more information than just EGT and CHT temperatures. The 10 screens are set up as: Main Screen which displays the current engine statistics, Probe Diagnostic, EGT Periodic Temp Variation, Engine Vibration, Take-off Performance, Turbulence, Horsepower, User Configuration, Enter Total Fuel, and Fuel Function. The entry level G1 and G2 instruments have less screens than the G3 and G4 instruments. Flying the G3 was simple. Once powering up the aircraft master switch, the G3 immediately came to life. The first screen provides details about the G3. In a few seconds the main screen is displayed (EGT and CHT bars). There is a lot of information and screens in the G3. I found that it’s best to review the Pilot Guide before flying the instrument for the first time. The last thing that you want to do is to be calling technical support at 5,500 feet. • continued on next page

Check the 3D animation on our website!

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G3 review • continued from previous page

Joe Rasso and Khalil Ahmad of Air Partners. I chose Air Partners at Toronto Buttonville Airport (CYKZ) to do the upgrade.

The entire process took about two minutes. More time can be spent formatting the Excel page in an effort to print it out. From a graph perspective, the bigger the paper, the better. Fortunately I have access to a colour printer, which will print on 11 x 17 inch paper, commonly referred to as tabloid. For old school mechanics with older eyes, the bigger paper might be better. Clearly for the computer literate, modern age mechanics, emailing the file over would be preferable over paper copies. Setting a base line is an important element of engine management. Through setting up manifold pressure, RPM and leaning (either lean or rich of peak), a given amount of horsepower and fuel flow will be created. This will yield a set of CHT and EGT temperatures. The interesting part of the data is not so much the data itself, but more importantly who and how it’s used. My experiences with maintenance shops has been limited to a small number of shops in the Greater Toronto Area. I’m curious about

the AME’s view to the use of the data. I expect that there will be two schools of AMEs. First, there are those who have been repairing aircraft since Orville’s first flight. I’m wondering if they will understand how to interpret the data and more importantly practically apply the data to the real world. Then I think there are those AMEs who have been servicing Cirrus’s and Cessna’s with the new Garmin and Avidyne avionics packages with built-in EMS (Engine Management Systems). I would like to think that they have had the training and foresight to embrace this changing world. With the vibration sensor attached an interesting baseline can be created which facilitates a proactive approach to out of balance props, corrosion impacting camshaft lobes and general out of service limits being reached. Interestingly, our early warning systems has typically been limited to the annual compression test and the amount of oil consumed and metal in the oil filter and oil sample.

A friend of mine once said that he added two quarts of oil, every 4 hours. He thought that that was ok. I quickly redid the math for him, saying, 1 quart every two hours sounds really bad. Another flying buddy of mine flies a Piper Cherokee. The bird easily flies 200 hours a year. With 700 hours left to recommended TBO, he thought that everything was fine. The compressions were great, there was no metal in the oil filter and the oil samples were coming back clean. During a routine taxi at his home airport, he inadvertently had a prop strike. The resulting engine tear down revealed an engine whose components were well past their serviceable limits. Net result was an engine overhaul, well before the recommended 2,000 hours. I’ve always wondered if he would have been a candidate for a catastrophic engine failure. Well, the good news is we will never know. I have to say that there is quite a change between the before and after pictures of the GEM upgrade. The amount of information which is provided, as well as the clarity of the new color screen is head and shoulders above the 1998 installed graphic engine monitor. As they say, a picture says a thousand words. If the layout of my panel was a bit different, I think that I may have elected to have installed the three-inch G4 instrument. The G4 provides a much larger display and more importantly has both selection knobs on the bottom of the instrument. This allows a more ergonomic installation. However, I am sure that each aircraft installation will be a little different. Although I had an open threeinch instrument hole, it was on the left side of the yoke and not in line of sight with the other engine instruments. It made more sense to keep all of the engine gauges together. I believe that for those of us flying less than modern age machines (think of old school), Insight’s G series of engine management systems, delivers a cost

effective way to implement new age technology and information without a radical change to the aircraft’s panel and more importantly your pocketbook. It bridges a gap for those pilots who don’t want to upgrade their panel to a full flight and engine management system. I can’t imagine the cost of upgrading the Commander’s steam gauges to a G1000 or Avidyne flight management system. But from the engine management system’s perspective, the Insight G series fills a gap quite nicely, without the need to spend hours reading manuals, running computer simulators or spending training dollars on conversion flights. The computer code which Insight’s developers write is extremely fast and compact. With advances in device connectivity, think about the connected cockpit, I would envision a “G5” with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity to an iPhone or satellite data phone. Instantaneous data link to Air Partners would provide a second set of eyes in the cockpit. I can already hear Joe Rasso … “Phil what are you doing, lean her out!”

Actually, the instrument is very intuitive. I was able to master it in the air very quickly. Reading the Pilot Guide certainly did not hurt. With the instrument providing real time data on its main page, there really is not a lot to do other than look at it, let the information sink in and adjust your engine settings accordingly (MP, Prop and Mixture). Simple. Who says that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. The real interesting part of the G3 is the data which can be copied off of the Secure Digital card onto your computer. I have an old HP NetBook. (Remember when they were all the rage?) In the aircraft, I simply pulled (push first) the SD card out of the front of the G3 and inserted it into the SD slot in my NetBook. Most modern laptops have SD slots. Windows recognized the card, and with a few clicks, I was in the file folder containing the G3’s data. I have to say that the folks at Insight got the computer aspect of the instrument’s data logging right. The instrument saves each flight into an individual CSV file. Organizing these data files is key to efficiently and effectively using the data. The instrument creates a year folder, month folder and day folder. This is a smart and easy structure to find the data associated with a specific flight. For those technology inclined pilots, it looks like this: \2013\JULY\JUL27SAT A separate data file is created each time the instrument is powered on. If you’re flying multiple flights during the same day, this makes a lot of sense. The file contains a bunch of information at the top of the file, specific to the instrument and your aircraft. The rest of the file contains a single line of data points at each specific time interval. To keep life simple, the current time of the reading is in the first column in the file. The file is saved as a CSV file, which allows multiple software programs to read it. I found it easiest to use Microsoft Excel to open and read the file. The neat part of Excel, is the ability to read the data points and display it as a graph. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below is a graph, which I created quickly and easily in Excel.





JULY 2014

CWHM brings home latest aircraft

On May 22, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum ferried home their latest acquisition. C47 Dakota C-GRSB is a D-Day veteran and flew in the RAF as FZ692 named “Kwicherbichen”. The historic airframe also flew in the Canadian Air Force as 12945. The CWH worked hard this spring to bring C-GRSB up to ferry status after it had not been flown for three years. As time and money permits the C-47 will be brought up to flight status and painted in her original RAF markings. Below: C-47 flies overhead Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Photos courtesy Eric Dumigan

C-47 taxis up to the ramp of her new home.

What’s ‘On the Horizon’

The office of the C-47.


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COPA Flight provides free listings of aviation events as a service to the aviation industry. Please restrict submissions to 30 words or less and send them in by the 1st of the month prior to publication. Send to: COPA Flight, On the Horizon, 71 Bank St., 7th Floor, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5N2; Fax: 613-236-8646 or E-mail:

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COPA has relevance in BC & YT

Sometimes I’m asked: “So what does COPA do for me in B.C. & Yukon? It seems to be all Eastern stuff, like wind farms, etc., that COPA seems to be looking after. What about right here on the West Coast and in the mountains?” Well, let’s see if I can address that type of comment. First of all, there are about 2,800 COPA members in BC and the YT. That equates to about 16% of the total membership. There are 22 active COPA Flights in BC and one Flight in the YT. The BC & YT members are represented by two COPA directors: Brian Webster in Victoria; and myself in the Lower Mainland. I would first direct folks to the COPA website ( and they should take a look at what is offered under the headings of: Membership Benefits; Funds/Scholarships; News; Did U Know; Flying in Canada; & Safety Videos. Your local GA airport has many uses over and above commercial and All of these headings have drop recreational flying. In this instance, B.C. Forest Service, Wildfire Managedown menus that hold a wealth ment Branch personnel, based at the Qualicum Beach Airport (CAT 4), of information for the Canadian are receiving their annual safety training when working on and around pilot and demonstrate the beneand on the website), that benefit An example was the successfits of COPA. But one of the most interest- pilots all across the country, such ful campaign to remove the landing headings is titled: “About as insurance programs, COPA ing fees for small aircraft at the COPA.” There are several more for Kids, and lobbying for Naniamo Airport Some other issues that have drop down menus under this changes in the pilot licensing system that resulted been very successful are heading including: in benefits like demonstrated by the BC Float“Why Join COPA” extended medical plane Association/COPA Flight that has several more periods and obtain- 72’s success with the BC Park listings including ing Recreational Service that turned an adversar“Membership BenePilot Permits, (that in ial situation over denied lake fits” and the one that previous times was access in parks, into one of total I favour in this area unheard of), there are cooperation. COPA national had is titled “COPA many issues that are significant input in helping to Accomplishments.” site and issue specif- bring this situation to a successIf you take the ic. ful conclusion by helping the time to look in this by W.T. (Tim) Many of the BC floatplane volunteers in BC on area you will see a Cole & YT issues relate to many fronts. list of over 60 aerodromes & airOr how about saving the two accomplishments ports. Some of the aerodromes at Banff and Jasper? whereby the aviation sites that COPA has Oh yeah, I know they are in community all across become involved in Alberta, but if you are using Canada has benefited over the years are: those routes to get to and from from COPA’s lobbyBC Parks (seaplane BC, they are important mountain ing or intervening at access), Cortes sites that were to be totally various levels of government. This includes pro- Island, Delta Air Park, Dun- closed and are now available for viding expertise and funds to can/Quamichan Lake, Fort Lan- emergency, and in the case of support the issues that promote gley, King George Air Park, Jasper, for recreational use. That Personal Aviation and the Free- Nelson, Pitt Meadows, and ski was a big win for COPA! operations at YT airports. The How about the recent win dom to Fly in Canada. The “in Canada” portion of level of involvement has ranged where COPA organized a major the previous statement is impor- from becoming very involved, write-in campaign regarding the tant because, while there are like my predecessors, Tony proposed closure of the weather many other fine international Swain and Terry Wilshire, did at stations at Clinton and Lytton? organizations that promote avia- the Delta Airpark; or by provid- That campaign resulted, in not tion, it is COPA that represents ing funds from the Freedom to only saving the sites, but also Fly Fund; or by providing advice resulted in Nav Canada spending Personal Aviation “in Canada.” So let’s get back to what’s in to the local operators and clubs, millions of dollars to upgrade the it for the folks in BC & YT. Well, and also by lobbying the various two sites. Having a respected national aside from the many general levels of government on behalf organization that can provide accomplishments (listed above of the GA community.

Safety training at Qualicum Beach Airport

B.C. & Yukon

Plane talk

helicopters. This community-based safety service (and others like it) is just one of the many critical functions that is supported by small local airports. These small airports are a critical component of the Canadian infrastructure. Photo courtesy Tim Cole

advice, financial support and both regional and national communication links is critical to the well-being of Personal Aviation in BC and Canada. I have only scratched the tip of the iceberg, in my examples of how our region is supported by the national organization, but it is important to say that in my opinion the aviation community in BC and YT are well served by COPA. Could it be better? You bet, it can always be better, and that happens by having the members getting involved in their local flying club and/or COPA Flight, and making sure that we are working as a team that are strong advocates for Personal Aviation in BC, the YT and in Canada.

Aerodrome News Sometimes all the lobbying in the world cannot change some minds, and it is sad to report that the Quilchena aerodrome (CBT6) has a NOTAM that permanently closes the aerodrome by its new owners. Similarly it is reported that the same corporation has purchased the property that the old Dog Creek, WWII aerodrome is located on. During the war there was a radio station and a radio range located at this site that had the classic triangle runway system. The aerodrome is on the east side of the Fraser River and

located up on a high flat bench. It is approximately 60 miles northwest of Lilloett. I have landed there several times and many of the local pilots use it from time to time. It is not now listed in any publications and it is shown on the VFR charts as abandoned. It is now truly closed. These closures are the decisions of the new owners, and it seems to be a sad trend to what is happening to aerodromes in British Columbia and Canada as properties are bought up by nonaviation-minded corporations or individuals.

Nav Canada Nav Canada has three new aviation notices listed on their AWWS website relating to BC and the YT. The first notice relates to the “Fraser River Corridor Air to Air Frequency” and the frequencies and procedures to be used when flying the Fraser River corridor between Pitt Meadows and Chilliwack. These best practices are being implemented to ensure all pilots using this busy uncontrolled airspace are on the same frequency at the same time and in the same place and they are compatible with the previously posted frequencies in the adjacent training areas. • continued on next page

Ready to go ... again!! On May 7th, 2014 a historic event took place at the Victoria Airport when a rare rebuilt de Havilland Mosquito carried out its first taxi tests. Photo courtesy Bruce Prior



JULY 2014

COPA Aviation Guides

Your one-stop information shop

All COPA Guides are available free to COPA members on the COPA website. Except where noted, they are available in three formats: HTML, Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The COPA Guides are also available on paper, for a fee that represents the cost of printing, packing and mailing the guide. RAA Chapter 580 held their annual Fly Market on May 17-18 at Sechelt (CAP3).

Plane talk

If you are a user of this airspace please ensure that you read the notice and start implementing the procedures. Nav Canada was able to get the information published on the back of the next edition of the Vancouver VTA (edition #39), that will be available in early July 2014. These recommended procedures are a result of the local flying training schools, general aviation users, Transport Canada, TSB and Nav Canada working together in a Lower Mainland VFR Committee to make this airspace safer. This is a work in progress and after using these procedures all summer there will be an opportunity to give feedback to Nav Canada at their Fall Consultation Meeting on how the procedures worked and if they are satisfactory as published or if they need

further modification in next year’s publications. I think this is a good step forward that will certainly enhance safety in our busy airspace. It’s up to us, the users, to make it work. The second notice relates to changes that are taking place in BC and the YT with regards to RCO’s. Three new RCO’s will be installed at: Creston, Salmon Arm and McBride and two new DRCO’s will be installed at Bob Quinn and Old Crow. Also the RCO at Castlegar will be relocated and the frequency changed to give better service. These changes will occur on the 24th of July 2014 at 0901 UTC. The third notice relates to the closure of the RCO at Penticton, however there is an overlap of the RCO’s at Oliver and Kelow-

Photo courtesy Tim Cole

• continued from previous page

na, and in addition there is still a Flight Service Station at Penticton. This closure took place on May 29th, see AIC 18/14. These new RCO’s are very positive additions to the low level VFR VHF mountain communications system and thanks should go to Nav Canada for upgrading the system. May you have: “Tight Floats & Tailwinds.”

Folks please send me your BC and Yukon news and I’ll make sure it’s published. Send your information and requests to: or 604-299-0806 or cell 604-8330226.

W.T. (Tim) Cole is a COPA Director for B.C. & the Yukon and COPA’s Treasurer.

BC home perfect for aviator lifestyle

By Crystal Molnar and Jasmine Morin Lead an adventurous and versatile lifestyle in the beautiful Marble Range of the Cariboo and enjoy the best of both worlds! Revel in the privileges of modern living in a two-bedroom, three-bath, 2,734-square foot custom-built utopia with a backyard aerodrome and over 500 fully fenced acres. Welcome to Clinton/Bleibler Ranch, where summers are warm and winters are white. Far enough from town to enjoy expansive fields, dense bundles of trees and a pond, all promising a serenity not found elsewhere. This natural serenity is not lost while in the home itself; custom walnut and maple floors, tall aspen pillars and vaulted ceiling are just some of the many wood detailing found throughout each room. The space is open, yet the rooms feel private and separate. The living space flows into the dining area which opens up to the grand kitchen. Off of the dining space is what truly makes this home a blend of indoor and outdoor tranquility; a step-down sun room composed entirely of Wonderglass windows overlooks the

AOPA/COPA Guide to Cross Border Operations - Written jointly by AOPA and COPA, this extensive guide is for pilots planning to fly across the Canadian/American border for the first time. It includes information for pilots of either country on cross-border flight procedures, regulations, customs and much more. COPA Guide to Buying an Aircraft - This guide to private aircraft purchasing starts with determining the right aircraft and goes to completion of the sale. The extensive detail is designed to carry first time aircraft buyers safely through the process. The package includes step-by-step procedures, good-to-know tips, articles by well-known authors and forms for Offer to Purchase, Bill of Sale and two different sample Partnership Agreements. COPA Guide to the COPA Flights - COPA Flights are the local chapters of COPA. Join the growing number of aviation communities that are establishing COPA Flights to revitalize recreational flying in their area. This guide outlines how to start, run and promote a COPA Flight. COPA Guide to Getting Back into Flying - This guide is for people who used to fly and would like to get back into flying. It explains the requirements and gives an easy checklist to get you though the medical, recency and recurrency requirements along with much more useful information. COPA Guide To Estimating Aircraft Operating Costs (HTML format only) - This is an aircraft operating cost estimating program. Just plug in the numbers and the program works out your aircraft costs per year and per hour. Requires Microsoft Excel to operate. COPA Guide to Private Aerodromes - Completely revised with more information on Federal Jurisdiction! This guide will assist COPA members in developing their own private aerodrome including dealing with municipal and provincial governments. This guide also links to many key federal jurisdiction court cases, all in PDF format. COPA Guide to Public Airports - Cited by Canadian airport experts as one of the best sources of airport information available in Canada! This guide was written as a result of numerous requests by airport managers and municipal officials for guidance material on how the most successful public airports are run. The guide includes information gathered from those that run the country’s most successful airports about landing fees, airport governance structure, tax applications and much more. This COPA Guide is publicly available and is not “members only”. COPA Guide to Enforcement - This is a COPA guide to assist you when you find yourself the subject of a Transport Canada enforcement action, including what to expect, how the system works and how to deal with the investigation process and TATC (formerly CAT) appeal, if necessary. The guide deals with “loss of medical” appeals too. COPA Guide to Dealing with Aircraft Accidents - This guide has been written by renowned aviation writer Garth Wallace to give information to pilots about the practical and psychological aspects of aircraft accidents. It is a wonderful guide for COPA Flights, local clubs and communities to use for accident planning - read it before there is an accident! COPA Guide to Certified Aircraft - This is the world of traditional factory built aircraft that are certified to government standards – Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and other well known brands. Certified aircraft make up the majority of aircraft flying in Canada today! This guide will take you through some of the key things to know about certified aircraft including aircraft certification, STCs, LSTCs, ADs, annual inspections, “out-of-phase” maintenance items and more! COPA Guide to the Owner-Maintenance Category - This guide explains the background and regulations governing the Owner-Maintenance Aircraft Category. It includes everything you need to know to put an aircraft in the O-M category. COPA Guide to Ultralights - An introduction to ultralight aircraft for both new pilots and experienced non-ultralight pilots! The guide includes sections on what ultralight airplanes are, which licences are required, regulations and operating cost reports on some typical ultralights to give a flavour for owning and flying these aircraft. There is also data on ultralight safety and answers to many questions about ultralights. COPA Guide to Amateur-Builts - This guide is designed as an introduction to amateur-built aircraft of all types. It takes the pilot new to amateur-builts through the whole spectrum of aircraft in this category, including airplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes, balloons, airships, gyrogliders and lots more. This Guide is designed to give you the background information that you will need to get involved in amateur-built aircraft, whether you are planning to design your own plane, build from plans, build a kit or buy a used amateur-built aircraft. It covers some of the pitfalls, regulations and choices available. It is designed to get you started!

expansive, landscaped lawn. The property also features an attached garage, barns, workshop and sheds. Solar panels and a wind turbine are just two of the eco-friendly energy sources this home relies on. The most advantageous and original feature this property has to offer is the 4,400-foot paved runway. The world is at your fingertips from your front door.



Positioned at the end of the taxiway is a 3,200 square foot hangar with a heated floor. Make this place your home and take advantage of all this property has to offer. Fly to the coast for a day or ride your tractor in the hay fields; here at the Clinton/Bleibler Ranch, the sky is truly the limit. For more information visit

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COPA Guide to the Limited Class - Welcome to the fascinating world of ex-military warbirds, Soviet Bloc transports, jet trainers, military liaison aircraft, non-certified sailplanes from exotic parts of the world and many more unusual types of aircraft – the uniquely Canadian “limited class.” This Guide will walk the pilot or prospective owner of one of these aircraft through the new Canadian rules, covering the advantages and the pitfalls found in this diverse group of aircraft. COPA Guide to COPA For Kids - This guide is designed for COPA Flights and COPA members who wish to fly young people. COPA For Kids aviation program provides free of charge a motivational aviation experience, initiating young people to the science of flight. This COPA Guide will provide just about everything you need to know to get started flying young people in your area. COPA Guide to Gliding - Welcome to the wonderful world of flying without powerplants, This guide - externally written for COPA by the Soaring Association of Canada, covers all aspects of gliding and soaring in Canada.

The COPA Guides can all be found in the “Members Only” section of the COPA website. To order any of these COPA Guides in hard copy format, contact COPA at

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JULY 2014


On the Note: Events headed by a COPA logo denote COPA National or COPA Flight events.


Meet COPA’s president/CEO Kevin Psutka, COPA president/ CEO will be making presentations at the following events: June 28, Waterloo Air Show, CYKF: . Attendance as a guest only. Contact Kevin Psutka to arrange a time to meet during the show. June 30, Gatineau, QC, CYND: Vintage Wings Hadfield Summit: . COPA will have an aircraft on display.

June 20-22, Tillsonburg, ON (CYTB): “A Gathering of Harvards and Heroes” Celebrating 75 years of the Harvard in Canada! A reunion of surviving Canadian Harvards and the people who maintained and flew them in military service. Special guest speaker at the Saturday hangar banquet is retired LGen Allan DeQuetteville, RCAF fighter pilot and Chief of Air Staff. Check out the website and Facebook for constant updates as many events are being planned for the weekend or contact Pat Hanna at 519-212-6021.

June 21, Peterborough, ON (CYPQ): The COPA 2014 Annual General Meeting is just around the corner. It is taking place at the Peterborough Airport. Join us for a fly-in breakfast, seminars, the Annual General Meeting and the Awards presentation. To pre-register please email or call 1866-840-2830.

June 21, Langley, BC (CYNJ): Langley Aero Club/COPA Flight 175 invites you to join us for our annual fly-in from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. There will be door prizes/silent auctions and trophies. There will be vendors showing the latest equipment and an open forum. The ladies will be serving hot dogs and homemade chili and there will be lots of our famous homemade pies. This is a day of fun for the whole family. For more information, please contact Gary Peare at 778-3239115 or June 21, Whitecourt, AB (CYZU): COPA Flight 185 Second Annual COPA for Kids. Coordinates are N54 8.63 / W115 47.20. Rain day June 22. For more information, please contact Curtis Brownlee at 780-778-0854 or Visit us at June 21, Smiths Falls, ON (CYSH): COPA Flight 100 will be hosting a COPA for Kids event. Rain date June 22 held at

July 6, Bancroft, ON (CNW3): COPA Flight 119, Annual Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 08:00 until noon. Held in conjunction with the Town of Bancroft’s annual Water, Wheels and Wings weekend. Festivities in town all weekend. Static Displays, Vintage Cars. Jet A and 100LL available by credit card. No landing or tie down fees. Camping allowed on the airport. For more information, please contact Gary Gaudreau at July 27-31, Oshkosh, WI: Attendance as an industry attendee only. Contact Kevin Psutka to arrange a time to meet during the show.

Russ Beach, Smiths Falls-Montague Airport, 102 Van Exan Drive. The flying portion of the event runs from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; we ask that all participants arrive by 9:30 a.m. There will be a BBQ for all the kids, their parents, pilots and volunteers, starting at 12:00. Pilots wanted. Please contact Jeff Whaley at to pre-register and/or get further information. June 21, Brampton/Caledon, ON: Goggles and Great Times, The Great War Flying Museum is holding its first annual BBQ from 5:00 p.m. on held at the Brampton Airport, Great War Flying Museum main hangar. Silent auction and good times get-together on the longest day of the year. The music will take you back in time and set your toes tapping. Replica WWI aircraft will give demonstrations and the whole museum will be open for browsing. Tickets are just $30 for dinner and music. Cash bar: Great silent auction items. Proceeds will support the museum’s centennial commemorative programs. Add a membership for $160 and you can get a new member’s ride in the Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter. Put aviation in the spotlight during the centennial of WWI. See www.greatwarflyingmuseum for details and internet ticket booking or email Nat at

June 22, Carp, ON (CYRP): EAA 245 Annual Fly-In Breakfast and Open House. Breakfast is back at EAA 245!! A hardy breakfast will be served between 07:30 and 11:00. Food available the rest of the day. Aircraft displays, homebuilding demos, Young Eagles flights. The public is welcome. Rain or shine. Exit at Taxiway Bravo, Radio 122.8, N45 19 09, W76 01 20. Websites:,, . For more information, contact Ken Potter at 613791-6267 or June 22, Vegreville, AB (CEV3): After a hiatus of several years the Vegreville Flying Club will once again host a Fly-In/ Drive-In, breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Runways 31/13 - 4000 feet. 122.8 in use. Right hand circuit on 31. For more information, please phone Lowell at 780-632-2931. June 22, Salmon Arm, BC (CZAM): FlyIn Pancake Breakfast and/or lunch 0800 -1300 hrs. Held in conjunction with Airport Appreciation Day and partnering with Shuswap Emergency Preparedness. Airshow with Ron Andrew and his Pitts Special, Rapattack demo/water drop, sky diving, lots of static displays of homebuilts and ultralights. Search and Rescue and Fire Rescue demos using the jaws of life. For further information, please email

June 28, Tillsonburg, ON (CYTB): COPA Flight 181 TC Annual Rust Remover “Spring 2014 seminar”. 1000 hrs - 1200 hrs. Free event. Terminal building Board Room. SkyWay Cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch. For more information, please contact A. Murray at or 519-842-2929. June 28, Summerside, PEI (CYSU): COPA For Kids, rain date June 29. For more information, please contact Dave Thomas at 902-836-3344 or

28 juin, Mascouche, QC (CSK3): COPA Flight 71. Pour la première fois en près de 20 ans, l’aéroport de Mascouche sera l’hôte d’un rendez-vous aérien. Ne ratez pas l’occasion de visiter cet important aéroport voué à l’aviation générale dans la région de Montréal ! Plus de 100 places de stationnement seront aménagées pour la journée. Des hot-dogs et des boissons seront offertes. Fréquence au sol pour la journée : 123.35 Pour plus d’informations, contactez le président de l’APPAM, Pierre Boudreault, au 514-2475175 ou au

June 28, Mascouche, QC (CSK3): COPA Flight 71. For the first time in almost 20 years, the Mascouche airport will host a Fly-In. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this important general aviation airport in the Montreal area. More than 100 parking spots will be set up for the day. Hot-dogs and refreshments will be served. Ground frequency for the day: 123.35. For more information, contact the president of the APPAM, Pierre Boudreault at 514-247-5175 or

June 28 - 29, Sherbrooke, QC (CYSC): Les Faucheurs de Marguerites, COPA Flight 37 is proud to invite all COPA members and the aviation community to its 20th annual fly-in. No air show and no aerobatics! Menu: A lot of aircraft of all kinds, fly market, static displays, workshops, (metal, composite, weight & balance), exciting conferences/seminars, homebuilt/ aircraft restoration contest, commercial exhibit, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft clubs, Saturday night special supper followed by a dancing party, restaurant on site. A lot of fun! For more information, please contact Real Paquette at 819-878-3998 or visit our website at

June 28 - 29, Sherbrooke, QC (CYSC): Les Faucheurs de Marguerites, COPA Flight 37 est fier d’inviter tous les membres de COPA et toute la communauté d’aviation sportive du Canada et des USA à son 20 ième rendez-vous Aérien annuel tenu à l’aéroport de Sherbrooke. Ce n’est pas un pageant aérien! Il n’y aura pas de démonstration en vol ou d’acrobaties aériennes. Au menu : beaucoup d’aéronefs de toutes sortes, marché aux puces, avions en démonstration statique, ateliers de construction (composite, métal, poids et centrage), conférences et séminaires, concours de construction/restauration d’aéronefs, comptoirs commerciaux, manufacturiers d’avions, clubs d’aviation, souper-party du samedi soir, restaurant sur place. Tours d’avions et hélicoptères disponibles. Camping gratuit sur place. Beaucoup de plaisir! Pour plus d’information, visitez notre site internet :, ou envoyez un courriel à; ou Réal Paquette au 819-878-399. • continued on next page


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JULY 2014

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June 29, Deloraine, MB (CJJ4): Annual Fly-in, Drive-in Breakfast hosted by Deloraine Flying Club, 8:00 a.m - 12:00 noon. Everyone welcome. Large 1/18 scale model P-38 aircraft up for raffle. AMO open house. Comm 122.8. For more information, call/text Mark Pazdzior, 204747-4787 / or Bruce Hodgson, 204-534-8329.

June 28-29: Waterloo, ON: Kick-start your summer by experiencing amazing aerial displays at the 2014 Waterloo Air Show. Aviation is showcased both in the air and on the ground. Returning favourites will include spectacular displays by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Canada’s CF-18 fighter jet demonstration, daring aerobatics, warbirds and more. Tickets available at www.waterlooairshow. com or at the gate.

July July 1, Ottawa, ON: The Rockcliffe Flying Club will host its Annual Fly-In Breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. $6/per person. Sightseeing Flights in a Cessna 172 will be available from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. $30/per person based at the Canadian Museum of Aviation. For more details, please contact Brenda Reid at 613-746-4425 or email

July 5, South River/Sundridge, ON (CPE6): South River/Sundridge Flying Club and COPA Flight 23 are hosting a Breakfast Fly-in (drive, bike or walk-in) pancake and sausage breakfast will be served between 09:00 - 12:00hr. For more information, please email July 5-6, Haliburton / Stanhope, ON (CND4): Algonquin Highlands, Ultralight, Homebuilt Fly-In. Antique cars on Sunday. For more information, please contact Airport manager Jim Livingston at 705754-2611.

July 6, Owen Sound, ON (CYOS): COPA Flight 144 6th Annual Wings and Wheels. 60+ aircraft expected, 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. First 30 pilots will receive a free embroidered ball cap, all pilots receive a free lunch coupon. Prizes courtesy Aircraft Spruce, See 400+ classic cars, trucks, displays, vendors, B-25 display, fly on Vintage DC-3 aircraft, Rotary food booth all day, 100LL, Jet ‘A’, Unicom 123.000. Co-ordinates Lat. 44 35’ 25�, Long. 80 50’ 15�. For more information, please contact Steve Meades at 519372-3485 or

July 6, Bancroft, ON (CNW3): COPA Flight 119 Annual Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 08:00 until noon. Held in conjunction with the Town of Bancroft’s annual Water, Wheels and Wings weekend. Festivities in town all weekend. Static displays, vintage cars. Jet A and 100LL available by credit card. No landing or tiedown fees. Camping allowed on the airport. For more information, please contact Gary Gaudreau at

Photo courtesy Ken Lin

July 12, Huron Park, ON (CYCE): Anderson Aviation Services Inc. is hosting a Fly-In BBQ from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. For more information, please contact Tim at or 519-228-6111.

July 12, Estevan, SK (CYEN): COPA Flight 3’s Annual Fly-In, Drive-In, Walk-In Breakfast sponsored by the Estevan Flying Club and the Estevan/Weyburn COPA Flight 3. For more information, please contact Doug Reetz at 306-4211421 or 12 juillet, Saint-AndrÊ-Avellin, QC (CAA2): La corporation des pilotes vous invite à leur 2e dÊjeuner aÊrien. Le dÊjeuner sera servit de 800h à 1200h à l’intÊrieur du hangar principal de l’aÊrodrome, 13 juillet si pluie. Venez visiter notre belle rÊgion, parler aviation et faire de nouveaux amis dans une ambiance amicale. Piste en gazon, stationnement pour hÊlicoptères. Bienvenue aux campeurs sous-l’aile. Pour information: 819-983-8454 ou ou CFS-CAA2. July 12, Saint-AndrÊ-Avellin, QC (CAA2): The pilots of Saint-AndrÊ-Avellin invite you to their 2nd Annual Summer Fly-In with a rain date of July 13. Breakfast will be served inside the aerodrome’s main hangar from 800hr to 1200hr. Come, visit our beautiful area, make new friends and talk aviation in a friendly, homey atmosphere. There is a grass

AIRCRAFT FOR SALE ONLINE Canadian Plane Trade classified advertisements appear on Canada’s largest aviation web site:

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Ultralight Summary

A package of information on Ultralights (UL), Advanced Ultralight Aeroplanes (AULA), medicals, definitions, pilot licensing, registration, flying schools, sources of information, etc. For your complimentary copy, please contact:

ULTRALIGHT SUMMARY 2348 Garnet St., Regina, SK, S4T 3A2, Tel.: 306-352-6442 Fax: 306-565-0694

airstrip with plenty of parking and also helicopter parking. Welcome also to under-the-wing campers. For more information: 819-983-8454, or CFS-CAA2 Information. July 12, Campbell River, BC (CYBL): Wings and Wheels Fly-In Show and Shine sponsored by the Campbell River Airport Authority and North Island Cruisers Car Club in support of TeenFlight Campbell River. Located at the Sealand Aviation end of Taxiway Delta. For more information, please contact Bill Alder at 250-287-6259 or and visit our websites at or July 13, Dawson Creek, BC (CYDQ): Fly-In, corresponds with Largest Car (20th Anniversary) show in northern B.C. See for more info on the car show. Breakfast served starting at 7:00 a.m. free transportation to the car show, until 3:00 p.m. Co-ordinates are 55 44 32N, 120 10 59W. For more information, please contact Rod Folster at or visit and check out our facebook page, Mile Zero Flying Club.

July 13, Arnprior, ON: COPA Flight 33 Luncheon BBQ from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Main terminal apron near the Gazebo (Alternate Hangar 21 if weather poor), aircraft parking: grassed area between main apron and Rwy 28. Will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages (your

choice) plus a cold drink (Cola or Sprite), $6 per person (customer may have a second hot dog if requested). July 13, Kars, ON (CPL3): RAA Chapter 4928 12th Annual Lunch served from 11:00-14:00. Come out and meet other aviators. Comm 123.4 RWY 26/08, 45 06’N, 075 38’W. For more information, please contact Larry Rowan at 613-4892332 or July 14, Shoal Lake, MB (CKL5 ): COPA Flight 162 COPA for Kids Flights. Call the Shoal Lake Leisure Services Office at 204-759-2629 to register. Starts at 6:00 p.m. Rain date is July 15. For more information, please contact Dennis Schoonbaert at 204-491-0100 or

July 18-20, Northwood Lodge, BC: BC Floatplane Ass’n (COPA Flight 72) is holding its AGM weekend at Timothy Lake, just a few miles east of Lac LaHache, BC. Always a great agenda and lots to eat and drink. Fishing derby! Members only at the Saturday morning AGM but everyone welcome to all the rest. Plan is to finish their new runway by then, check with them if you are float challenged. Drive in to Northwood Lodge, or land at the 108 Mile strip. For more information, please inquire to Camping, cabins, info, and reservations at or 250-396-7311.

July 19, Midland, ON (CYEE): Zenair’s 40th Anniversary Open House & Fly-In held at the Huronia Airport. Zenair — Canada’s leading manufacturer of recreational aircraft kits — is 40 this year! A unique opportunity for past and current builders, owners and enthusiasts to meet and visit the birthplace of their Zenair design. Open to public; all welcome! See or for more information, please phone 705-526-2871 or July 19, Midland, ON (CYEE): Northern Regional Fly-in & Rust Remover sponsored by Midland-Huronia RAA Chapter. Transport Canada Safety Seminar presented by John Grier starting at 10:00 a.m. BBQ lunch available from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. For more information, please call John Smith at 705-526-8086 or

July 19, Brandon, MB (CYBR): Brandon Flying Club, in the Hangar Summer Barbecue from 10:00 – 14:00. This is the second fly-in event for the year. Come and celebrate as the Brandon Flying Club is certified at 11:30 as COPA Flight 189, the newest member in the family of COPA Flights. All Manitoba and Saskatchewan COPA members are invited to witness renewed activities at the Brandon Airport. For more information contact Fredrick Fenton or Markus Seiter at 204-728-7691. • continued on next page



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July 19, New Germany, NS (CCA2): 6th annual Pilots’ Picnic. Come for a day of float flying and enjoy great company, lunch, music, RC flyers, antique cars and swimming. Lots of shoreside parking. Comm 122, N44-33, W64-45. Rain date July 26. For more information, please contact Mervin Zinck at 902-521-5388 or July 19, 25-26, Red Lake, ON: The Norseman Floatplane Festival will kick off at the Red lake Airport on July 19th with Wings & Wheels static display, airplane tours, Pitt Special aerobatic flights, a concert and a crowd challenging Fire Fit demonstrations. Weekend two will take place at the Kinsman Beach in Red Lake where visitors get a chance for an up close look at the sturdy, long lived Noorduyn Norseman that gave its name to this nostalgic and feel good event. For more information, please contact The Norseman Festival Committee at 807727-9996 or visit

July 20, Kelowna, BC (CYLW): COPA Flight 36 Fly-In Pancake Breakfast and Social. Come join us in warm and sunny Kelowna! If you have ever been looking for an excuse to fly in to our friendly Okanagan skies, this is it! Come and meet our club members and other aviation enthusiasts from the Okanagan and surrounding areas. Co-ordinates for this event are 49.96 N / 119.38 W. For more information, please contact Pamela Nelson at 778-402-5425 or July 20, Vulcan, AB (CFX6): Vulcan Flying Club 39th Annual Fly-in Breakfast from 0800 - 1100. Fuel available. Everyone welcome. Co-ordinates for this event are N50 24 27, W113 17 00. For more information, contact Norm E Kristjansson at 403-485-2791 or July 20 Iroquois, ON (CNP7): The Iroquois Flying Club’s 48th Annual Fly-In Breakfast beside the beautiful St. Lawrence 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. New seaplane dock beside the airport. For more information, phone 613-657-1646. July 20, Pitt Meadows, BC: Airport Day, a fun-filled family day at Pitt Meadows Airport. Featuring the excitement of flight for young and old and in between. Check out wings & wheels, careers in aviation, kids’ rides and eats - lots of eats. A free for all, free parking, free admission from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 100-18799 Airport Way. Check our website at July 24, Stayner, ON (CNV8): The First Canadian Chapter of the 99’s is hosting its Annual Amelia Earhart’s Birthday FlyIn Tea. Ladies, dust off those party hats and climb into your plane, fly over (or drive) to join us for the third annual Fly-In Tea. Great food, great conversation. Whether you are a female pilot, active or lapsed, or a female student pilot, we welcome you to join us for a fun afternoon at our Tea. For more information, please contact Robin Hadfield at

July 26, Stettler, AB (CEJ3): Stettler Flying Club/COPA Flight 135 2014 Hawaiian Fly-In, 11:00 a.m. hangar flying and refreshments, noon Hawaiian food ceremony and meal. Authentic Hawaiian style Luau BBQ prepared by Henry Johnson, $12 per plate. N 52 18 36, W 112 45 14, Runways 07 – 25 (all circuits south of aerodrome), 3,000 X 75 asphalt ARCAL ATF 123.000, 100 LL Avgas available. Rain date July 27. What the heck! Pull your loud Hawaiian shirts out of the closet and put them to good use! Please RSVP by July 21 to You may pull out with no problem up to and including Tuesday, July 22, but please notify us by


e-mail if you decide you cannot attend. We are limiting attendance to the first 120 folk who reply.

Seafair. For more information, please contact Brent McKenzie at

July 26, Kapuskasing, ON (CYYU): COPA Flight 120’s Annual Fly-In & Lumberjack Festival. Shuttle service, camping, food. Co-ordinates N49 25 30, W82 25 37. For more information, please contact Bob Pellow at 705-335-6382.

July 27, Russell, MB (CJW5): Russell Flying Club/COPA Flight 138 annual Pancake Breakfast, 8:00 a.m. until noon. 4,000’ pavement, avgas & Jet A. For more information, please phone 204773-6634 or 204-773-0102.

July 26-27, Powell River, BC (CYPW): Wings and Wheels Fly-in, Westview Flying Club and PR Vintage Car Club will host a Fly-In/Show and Shine on the weekend of Powell River’s Annual

July 28-August 3, Oshkosh, WI: Plans are ramping up for the 62nd annual EAA AirVenture fly-in convention at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wis. The 2014 NOTAM is now available to pilots

flying to Oshkosh. You can download a PDF version by visiting the website and find additional hints and tips for pilots arriving at and departing from AirVenture online at

August August 2, Nelson, BC (CZNL): COPA Flight 87, Airshow Nelson 2014 ‘Thunder in the Valley’. Once again the Nelson Pilots Association will be hosting Airshow Nelson. This aviation event attracts both locals and folks flying in from across

JULY 2014


B.C., Alberta, the U.S. and beyond. Nelson’s Municipal Airport will be buzzing with activity for young and old as well as pilots and non-pilots. The fun gets underway Saturday morning with our famous pancake breakfast at the airport starting at 8:00 a.m. From aerobatic gliders to jets: The excitement starts right from the word go! Antique, classic, warbird and homebuilt aircraft will be on display – as well, flying demonstrations and an afternoon air show will be the order of the day! Featured will be eight renowned Canadian Airshow performers such as Bill Carter, John Mrazek, Paul Hajduk, • continued on next page

Regularly Held Events Lethbridge, AB: The Lethbridge Sport Flyers, COPA Flight 24 would like to invite you to our weekly Saturday morning breakfast, 7:30 a.m. held at Smitty’s Pancake House, 2053 Magrath Dr. S. in Lethbridge, Alberta. We encourage you to call ahead if you’re in the area. If you catch us at a Fly-In instead please feel welcome to join us there. All of our activities including the postings of our monthly meetings can be found on our Event Calendar at Contact our club President, Mic Thiessen at 403-327-8808 or email Havelock, NB: COPA 27/ The Havelock Flying Club invites you to fly-in or drivein for breakfast any Sunday of the year. During the month of October Sundays present your Journey Log Book to enter our 2014 Cross Country Cup Competition. Our winner will be announced on Sunday Nov 2/14. The Pilot flying to the most locations noted in COPAs “Places to Fly” section as verified by his Journey Log will receive the 2014 Cross Country Cup. Please note we cannot accept faxed or emailed entries or we can’t meet you at any other location. Simply fly in, enjoy breakfast, and enter to win. For more information, please contact Steve Eastwick at or 506-386-4120. High River Airport, AB (CEN4): First Thursday of every month at the 187 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadet hangar the EAA Chapter 1410 has their monthly meeting 18:30 - 21:00. Whether you have a casual interest in aviation, you are an active pilot, or you are an avid homebuilder of aircraft, we offer the chance to meet others who combine fun with learning. We meet to learn from informative speakers, participate in various social activities, and are active in the flying community. Come by and visit! Please contact Paul evenings at 403271-5330 or Visit our website at for more details. Winnipeg, MB: RAA Manitoba regular meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the RAA Hangar at the Lyncrest Airport. For more information, contact Jill Oakes at Nanaimo, BC (CYCD): Welcomes you! Nanaimo Flying Club holds regular meetings; Third Sunday of every month 0930 hours, followed by guest speakers and lunch. Meet and greet breakfasts or brunches held first Saturday of every month. Keep the dust off your wings; join our “Truancy Squadron” callout offering weekly impromptu fly-outs. The cost is free - the fun, priceless. Visit for a round of golf next door, or join the BC-Social-Flying group on Yahoo to see what’s happening. Special events and theme parties held throughout the year. Social activity suggestions to encourage flying and relations with other clubs always welcome. Co-ordinates lat - 49.1683°, long -124.0357°. For more information, please contact Don at 250-758-3540 or or visit Edenvale, ON (CNV8): Every Thursday (January 5-December 15) the restoration shop is open and we invite everyone to fly over, or drive by and pay a visit. Membership flights are available in all our tail-dragger aircraft, including the Tiger Moth. For more information, contact Robin Tripp at 705-818-2223 or Visit our website at Edmonton, AB: COPA Flight 176 regular monthly meeting. 1st Thursday of the month at 19:30 held at the Alberta Aviation Museum – 11410 Kingsway Avenue NW in the lecture area. For more information, please see our website, or contact Janis at Pontiac, QC: Escadrille 169 Pontiac, déjeuner mensuel le 1er samedi du mois. De novembre à avril: au restaurant Bellevue situé au 460, route 148, (chemin Eardley) Aylmer, 819-685-0733. Environ 1 km à l’Est du chemin Terry-Fox. Hélicoptères: stationnez dans le champ à 500 pieds au Nord-Ouest du restaurant, 45-25-41, 75-53-52. L’hiver, avions sur skis et avions sur roues, stationnez sur la rivière chez Maurice 45-2631, 75-55-31, 1 mille à l’ouest du VOR d’Ottawa. Téléphonez Maurice avant votre arrivée pour connaître les conditions de la surface d’atterrissage. Maurice vous aménera en auto au restaurant. De mai à octobre: à la marina d’Aylmer situé au 1, rue Principale, Gatineau (Aylmer) (45-23-48, 75-51-36). En auto ou en hydravion. Venez parler aviation avec des pilotes passionnés! Les conjointes et les enfants sont bienvenus. Pour plus d’information contactez Maurice 819360-0706 ou Andre 819-329-2830. Pontiac, QC: COPA Flight 169 Pontiac, monthly breakfast meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month. From November to April: at the Bellevue restaurant located at 460, Highway 148 (Eardley road), Aylmer, 819-685-0733. About 1 km east of Terry Fox road. Helicop-

ters park in field located 500 feet northwest of the restaurant. 45-25-41, 75-5352. Winter time, ski planes and wheel planes, park on the river at Maurice’s house 45-26-31, 75-55-31. Call Maurice before your flight for the landing surface condition. Maurice will take you to the restaurant with his car. From May to October: at the Aylmer marina located at 1, Principale Street, Gatineau (Aylmer) (45-23-48, 75-51-36). By car or by seaplane. Come and talk about aviation with passionate flyers! Spouses and children are welcome. For more information, please contact Maurice at 819-360-0706 or Andre at 819-329-2830. Shoal Lake, MB (CKL5): Shoal Lake Flying Club/COPA Flight 162 holds general meetings on the second Tuesday of every second month (Feb, April, ...) at 7:30 at the Airport Terminal Building, visitors welcome. The December meeting is a pot luck supper followed by a short Annual Meeting and a social event. Check the meeting schedule by clicking on the News and Events tab at Email for more information. Okotoks, AB (CFX2): Foothills flying Club, COPA Flight 81 regular meeting at 19:30, last Monday of the month, Sky Wings classroom at the Okotoks Air Ranch. For more information, please contact Jim at or 403-689-6950. Lindsay, ON: Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport (CNF4) COPA Flight 101. Kawartha Lakes Flying Club has a regular monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. LCVI High School in Lindsay. 260 Kent St. West. Come in east door. For more information, please contact Bob or visit the KLMA website, Flying Club tab. Sundre, AB: Sundre Flying Club meetings second Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm. Hamburgers, hot dogs and snacks anytime at terminal - self serve. For more information, contact Myron Bignold at 403-638-7370 or Picton, ON (CNT7): COPA Flight 53 breakfast, second Sunday of the month starting at 8:00 a.m., April - December. Located at the Prince Edward Flying Club, co-ordinates N 43 59 21, W 77 08 21. For more information, call Jeff and Jackie Douglass at 613-471-1868. St. Thomas, ON (CYQS): Join us for COPA Flight 75 Wednesday evening BBQs June 11 to Sept. 3, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Best $6 fly-in BBQ in town! For more information, please contact Dave Hinton at Victoria, BC (CYYJ): COPA Flight 6 usually meets the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. You do NOT need to be a member of the VFC or of COPA in order to participate. For more information, please contact Estevan, SK (CYEN): Regular COPA Flight/ Flying Club meeting, held 1st Tuesday of even numbered months, February, April, June, etc. at 7:30 in main terminal building. For more information, please contact Neal Linthicum at 306-421-7629 or Calgary AB: The Aerobatic Club of Alberta invites you to our monthly meetings at 7:30 p.m.on the second Tuesday of each month. Get together and socialize with others who have a casual interest or curiosity in aerobatics and aerobatic aircraft, occasionally conduct an aerobatic manoeuvre, or are currently pursuing aerobatic competition. We meet to discuss various club events, aerobatic training, aircraft and to participate in social activities. Location of meetings change, visit for details and more information about the club, events, contest results/photos and contact information. Pitt Meadows, BC (CYPK): Aero Club of BC is holding its traditional fly-in and fuel sales. Every 2nd Sunday of the Month 09.00 to 18.00. Free hot dogs and coffee between 11.00 and 15.00. Regular Meetings are held on every first Wednesday of the month 19.30. for Aero Club events please connect to our web page page and join our Facebook Page. Brampton, ON (CNC3): 7:00 p.m. Monday Night BBQs begin! Every Monday night from June 9 to Sept. 3rd. join us for our legendary Monday night summer BBQ. Going strong into our 11th season. Burgers, sausage, and all fresh trimmings. Nominal cost. RAA-TR Hangar, north end of airport. For more information, please contact President Fred Grootarz at 905-212-9333,; or V.P. Alain Ouellet at 416-709-2020,



JULY 2014

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Peter Herzig and introducing Phil Symman’s Super Pitts 12! And for the first time ever – a high speed air race reminiscent of the Golden Age of Flying and more. Airshow Nelson sees more than 3,500 people through the gates. For more information, please contact Case Grypma at 250-505-3249 or

July 28August 3: Oshkosh, WI: Plans are ramping up for the 62nd annual EAA AirVenture flyin convention at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wis. The 2014 NOTAM is now available to pilots flying to Oshkosh. You can download a PDF version visiting www.airventure .org/notam Additional hints and tips for pilots arriving at and departing from AirVenture are also available online at www.airventure .org/atc

August 3, Merritt BC (AD5): Merritt Flying Club’s Annual Fly-in Breakfast from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Join us for a great day. Lots of parking , Jet A and 100 LL. For more information, please call Herb Graham at 250-378-7075 or August 3, Killarney, MB (JS5): Killarney Flying Club’s Annual Fly-in Breakfast. Fly in or drive in. Full breakfast served 8:00 a.m. until noon. Bob buys breakfast for all pilots that fly in and mention that they saw this in On The Horizon! For more information, please contact Bob at 204523-6316 or

August 8-10, Abbotsford, BC: Abbotsford Air Show Fly-in/Camping is being hosted by Abbotsford Flying Club members. Dedicated Fly-in parking and camping on field Friday through Sunday. Meals and showers available at clubhouse. For more information please contact Ed Boon at

August 8-10, Havelock NB: Havelock Flying Club, COPA Flight 27 Annual FlyIn and Open House. Come join us for a fly and fun weekend. Breakfast and lunch

on Saturday and Sunday. Auction on Saturday at 1400 which will include some aircraft parts and sponsor donated items. BBQ steak dinner Saturday. We hope to see many returning friends and visitors to one of the region’s most popular GA destinations. Lots of aircraft and vehicle parking and camping. Drop by or stay the weekend. August 9, Shoal Lake, MB: Pierce 6th Annual Fly-In Potluck held in conjunction with Manitoba Flying Farmers Chapter Queen Fly-In and meeting (meeting in hangar 2:00 p.m.) and the Shoal Lake Flying Club Summer Fly-out. Starts at 11:00 a.m., ends when you go

home!! Chili and coffee provided, those attending bring potluck side dishes, salad or desserts. Located at the Pierce Farm grass strip, N 50° 15.151’, W 101° 3.012’ runways 14 and 32, pilots monitor 122.8 when flying in or drive in – ½ mile south of Beulah, MB then 1 mile west. All pilots and non pilots welcome. For more information, please contact Ken and Colette at 204-568-4651 or August 9, South River/Sundridge, ON (CPE6): South River/Sundridge Flying Club and COPA Flight 23 are

hosting a COPA For Kids event. For more information,v please contact:

August 9, Stayner, ON (CNV8): This is Canada’s premier fly-In for vintage and classic airplanes. For the past 25 years pilots hold this date and fly to the Gathering Of The Classics. A great event, meet up with old friends, check out the other airplanes, see over 100 classic autos, enjoy some great food, and take a Transport Canada-approved Safety Seminar. This is a fun-filled day for the whole family. Last year we had over 250 airplanes

fly in to the Gathering of the Classics. It is important to read the Pilots Approach Procedures on our website at and practice good airmanship on your arrival, as well as on the ground. For more information, please contact Bryan at 705-818-2223 or August 9, Vanderhoof, BC: The Vanderhoof International Airshow will be happening once again on August 9th 2014. For more information, please call at 250-744-7756 or 1-800-752-4094. • continued on next page

Gold & Silver COPA’s Gold Members Members supporting General Aviation for 50 years or more

COPA’s Silver Members Members supporting General Aviation for 25 years or more


COPA Gold & Silver members list The purpose of the COPA Gold & Silver members list is to recognize long-time COPA members. If you estimate that you were a COPA member prior to 1964 you are a Gold member. A member prior to 1989 would be considered a Silver member. Please send in the completed form below. Your name will be added to the Gold & Silver membership list in recognition of your contribution to making COPA the voice of General Aviation.

Name: ____________________

COPA Membership No. ____________________

City: ______________________


Year Joined: ______________


Please send to: COPA, 71 Bank St., 7th Floor, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5N2; Fax: 613-236-8646; E-mail:

Application for COPA Gold & Silver membership list

August 3-6, Loveland, CO, USA: Join IFF Loveland convention ’14. Make your reservations now since this is high volume tourist season and other activities are happening at this same time. Download application from the Horizon calendar on COPA’s website at and mail the completed registration page to: International Flying Farmers, P.O. Box 309, Mansfield, IL 61854, or call 217-489-9300 to register by phone.

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10 August, Hawkesbury, ON (CPG5): COPA Flight 131/Hawkesbury Flying Club annual BBQ and Corn Roast from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., rain or shine! Hotdogs, corn on the cob, soft drinks and more. Fly-In or drive in, everyone welcome! We are located at a General Aviation and Ultralight friendly airport 3435 County Road 17, Hawkesbury, Ontario. For more information, please call Steve Farnworth at 613 632-3185, email or see

10 août, Hawkesbury, ON, (CPG5): COPA Escadrille 131 / Hawkesbury Flying Club, Rendez-Vous aérien annuel, épluchette de blé d’inde: 10 août de 11h00 à 13h00, beau temps-mauvais temps. Hotdog, blé d’inde, liqueurs douces et plus. En avions ou en voiture, tout le monde est bienvenue! Notre aéroport est facilement accessible à l’aviation Générale et aux ultralégers. 3435 Chemin du Comté 17, Hawkesbury, Ontario. Pour plus d’information, vous pouvez communiquer avec Steve Farnworth 613 632-3185, par courriel: ou, voir notre site web

August 10, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC (YJN): COPA Flight 160/APBQ affiliated member Fly-In St-Jean 2014, International Balloon Festival. You’re invited to join us on the 10th Aviation enthusiast get-together. Free hotdogs, corn on the cob, soft drinks and more. A complimentary pass will be given to all pilots and their passengers upon landing at the StJean Airport (YJN) Quebec tower 118.2 Gnd 121.7 Please note runway will be closed from 1800hr-1900hr while launching hot air balloons. In case of bad weather, it will be canceled. For further information, visit or contact Nicole Legault at

August 10, Westlock, (CES4): COPA Flight 139 Westlock Flying Club Annual Fly-In Breakfast 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Free “wing-camper” BBQ Saturday night. Grass runway available beside residential airpark. For more information, please phone 780-349-1094 or August 14-17, Drumheller, AB (CEG4): The Great Dinosaur Valley Fly-In of 2014, sponsored by Western Canada Tribe, International Comanche Society. All Piper Comanche enthusiasts welcome. Children especially welcome! Several interesting tours and activities planned. For information package, hotel info and to pre-register (essential) please contact Donald Ostergard at 403-8230405 or August 15-17, Bainsville, ON (CLA6): Aeronca Bellanca Champion Fly-In, all types welcome! Friday night BBQ, seminars on Saturday, dinner in the evening, fly out breakfast on Sunday. Free camping & tie down. Co-ordinates N45 12 00, W74 2145. For more information, please Brian Russell at 613-347-7000 or August 15-17, near Plattsville, ON: Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada (UPAC) Annual Convention. Join us at Lubitz Field (CLB2) for this exciting grass roots aviation event with drive-in and flyin visitors from across Canada. Come for a weekend of flying, seminars, workshops, prize draw, live entertainment, exhibitors, demonstration flights, fly mart, fun and camaraderie. Camping for tents, campers and motor homes. (no power or water). Café Les Aires is open all weekend. There is no charge for camping, admission, or exhibitors. We ask for donations to cover expenses such as porta-potties. See for more information.

August 16, Oliver, BC (CAU3): The South Okanagan Flying Club/COPA Flight 158 is hosting its Annual Fly-In, Drive-In, Walk-In Breakfast. Great break-


• TEACH IT RIGHT - Instructional Techniques for Flight Instructors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$21.95* + S/H & GST • VFR OVER THE TOP - Preparation for the VFR OTT Rating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$19.95* + S/H & GST • PILOT PREP - Private Pilot Ground School Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$69.95* + S/H & GST • COMMERCIAL PREP - Commercial Pilot Ground School Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$79.95* + S/H & GST • NIGHT FLIGHT - A Night Flying Ground School Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$17.95* + S/H & GST • MULTIPREP - Preparation for the Multi-Engine Rating . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$24.95* + S/H & GST • INSTRUCTOR PREP - Class 4 Instructor Ground School Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$79.95* + S/H & GST • ULTRALIGHT PREP - Ultralight Ground School Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$69.95* + S/H & GST

*for COPA members

All eight books written by Dale Nielsen Published by

Canuck West Holdings 2340 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 3Z8 604-202-9360 •

fast served from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Everyone welcome. For more information, please contact club President Victor Seder or club VP Mike Beaulieu at August 16, Patry Island, QC: Bernie’s fly-in for seaplanes and helicopters located on the Gatineau River 1.75 miles south of Bouchette or six miles south of the Maniwaki airport. N 46 10.411, W 75 57.302. Frequency: 123.2. Held from 09:00hr to 16:00hr. Free lunch for pilots and their passengers. For more information, please contact Bernie Gougeon at 819-465-2069, or André Durocher at 819-3292830, August 16, Patry Island, QC: Bernie’s fly-in hydravions et hélicos seulement sur la rivière Gatineau. Environ 6 milles au sud de l’aéroport de Maniwaki ou 1.75 mille au sud de Bouchette. N 46 10.411, W 75 57.302. Fréquence: 123.2. Samedi 16 août, 2014 de 09:00h à 16 :00h. Diner gratuit pour les pilotes et leurs passagers. Contact: Bernie Gougeon, ou 819465-2069 ou André Durocher, 819-3292830, August 16, Virgil, ON (CYSN): CARES in support of Airport Fest. The Civil Air Rescue Emergency Service (CARES) in partnership with the Niagara District Airport’s annual Airport Fest will present an open house and static display showcasing our mobile unit and our two SAR Aircraft. This is our annual fundraiser as we are a not-for-profit organization. We will be serving hamburgs, hotdogs etc. and will have a beer garden at the CARES building. It’s a great opportunity to learn about CASARA and our role in support of Search and Rescue. “That others may live”. Co-ordinates are 43 11.56 North/ 79 10.27 West. For more information, please contact Gord Tessier at 905-3210580 or 16 août Ste Anne du Lac, QC: Aviation PLMG, en collaboration avec le comité des loisirs de Ste Anne Du Lac invites la

JULY 2014


population à un déjeuner aérien de 8:00 à 13:00. Ce déjeuner servira à amasser des fonds pour le comité des loisirs et sera servie sous le chapiteau à l’aérodrome. Venez parler aviation avec des pilotes passionnées! Arrivé sur roues sur flotteurs ou en hélicoptère. Comme activité il y aura: Compétition vol voyage, véhicules antiques, kiosque aéronautique, animation, camping sous l’aile. information: Pierre ou Manon 819-586-2234.

on Sunday. Camping on site, breakfast Saturday & Sunday, BBQ selections at lunch times. Saturday evening BBQ Steak, auction Saturday afternoon, music and campfire. Come and join us! For more information, please contact Leonard Murray at 506-622-0105 or

August 16, Ste Anne du Lac, QC: Aviation PLMG Fly-In Breakfast under big top in collaboration with Ste Anne du Lac leisure community. All funds will go to Ste Anne du Lac leisure community. Welcome to aircraft enthusiasts, landplane, seaplane, helicopters etc. Let’s talk about aircraft. On the program, antique vehicles, aeronautical display, movies, under wing camping, air flight trip competition. Information or contact Pierre or Manon at 819-586-2234.

August 22 -24, Kingston, ON (CCE6): COPA Flight 109 KUC’s Annual Fly-In and Camp-In. Show up Friday night for a corn roast and stay the weekend. We’ll have a canteen running most of Saturday along with a hot dinner at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. Sunday morning we’ll host a toilet paper roll throwing contest. For more information, please contact Art Ottenhof at 613-386-1971.

August 16, Plattsville, ON (CLB2): Transport Canada Civil Aviation 2014 Ontario Region Safety Seminar from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. Attendees will qualify for the 2-year recency requirement as per (CAR) 421.05(2)(b). Location, Ultralight Pilots Association of Canada Convention Plattsville (Lubitz Flying Field). Local contact Kathy Lubitz ( ). Presenter, Brenda Frame Civil Aviation Safety Inspector – Flight Operations. Topic, Transport Canada Summer Safety Seminar. For further information, please contact Will Boles, Civil Aviation Safety Inspector at 416952-3858 or August 16, Moose Jaw, SK (CJS4): Moose Jaw Flying Club Fly-In Breakfast. Breakfast served 0800 to 1100. Co-ordinates for the event are N50 26 05 W105 23 16. For more information, please contact Gerry Julian at 306-692-8932 or

August 16-17, Miramichi, NB: COPA Flight 39 Annual Fly-In/ COPA for KIDS

August 23, Collingwood, ON (CNY3): First Canadian Chapter 99’s Fly or Drive Lunch. All female pilots and their companions (male or female) (pilot or nonpilot friend/s), are invited to join the First Canadian Chapter 99’s for their monthly Fly-Out (or drive) Lunch. This month we will meet for noon at the restaurant located inside the Collingwood Airport. For more information, please contact Robin Hadfield at

August 23, Rocky Mountain House, AB (CYRM): COPA Flight 166/Rocky Mountain Airport Fly-In Breakfast from 07:00 till 12:00. Co-ordinates are N52 25 47, W 114 54 15. For more information, please contact W.J. Horemans at August 23, Pelham, ON (CNQ3): COPA Flight 149 Annual Fl y - I n / D r ive - I n . Rain or shine. 0800-1200. COPA for Kids will be offering flights as weather permits. For more information, please contact Adrian Verburg at 905-733-0542. • continued on next page

On the



JULY 2014

Lat. (N) 50 32 01, Long. (W) 113 50 34. For more information, please contact Jim Bleaney at

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August 23, Claresholm, AB (CEJ4): Fly-In Breakfast from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Sponsored by Town of Claresholm, Chamber of Commerce, and put on by the Lions Club. Rides to/from town available (museum, murals, etc.) co-ordinates are N50 00 17, W113 37 48 (NDB-408). For more information, please contact Murray at 403-625-3782 or

September 28, near Mont-Tremblant, QC: AirKanata (the Heli-Operations branch of the KanataTremblant resort) is organizing a fly-in for helicopters from 10:00 to 15:00 at the KanataTremblant Resort. Come see the Laurentian fall colours! Free lunch at the beach or clubhouse when you arrive by air. Discounts available for overnight stays in our rental condos. Inquire at or phone 1-877-734-3414 x23. Resort info at

August 23, Tillsonburg, ON (CYTB): Ontario’s South Coast Airshow. We have a wide variety of performers that will be attending the airshow. Acts include a wing walker, aerobatic performances, various jets and warbirds as well as a sky dive team. The Canadian Harvard Association will also be performing and offering their popular “back seat rides” on the day of the show. Please see our website for a listing of our scheduled performers and their aircraft. Check out regularly for information.

August 24, Embrun, ON (CPR2): COPA Flight 132 Annual Fly-In/Drive-In Breakfast from 0800 to 1100 hours. Coordinates N45 14 28, W 75 17 55. For more information, please contact Henri Monnin at 613-764-0756 or

August 24, Grand Forks, BC (CZGF): COPA Flight 62/The Grand Forks Flying Association invites friends, family and aviation enthusiasts to the 3rd Annual Airport Appreciation Day and Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Co-ordinates are N49 00 56, W118 25 50. This year’s event will see static displays including vintage aircraft, classic cars, trucks and bikes by local and visiting participants along with local Farmers’ Market vendors selling local goods and produce. The model R/C flying will start at 11:00 and end when the day winds down. For early-bird arrivals who want to camp under the wing of their plane on Saturday August 23rd join us for a hosted potluck BBQ at 5:00 p.m. and outdoor runway theatre at dusk featuring the movie PLANES with popcorn and refreshments on-site. Watch for additional events during the fly-in including a feature guest speaker to be announced. Watch for us on Facebook! For more information, please contact James Traynor at 250-442-5646 and Ann Gordon at 250-4428388, August 24, Alliston, ON (CYN4): OFF Fly-In, Potluck Lunch. Classic planes, classic cars with Dave Hadfield. For more information, please contact Jamie McCague at August 29-31, Stanley, NS (CCW4): Everyone welcome to share our 43rd annual Fly-In. Friday arrivals, registration, Friday evening free corn boil by Aerotec Engines, live music. Saturday more arrivals, aircraft judging, Forums, exhibitors, hangar market, kids’ activities, cake walks, hay rides for kids and adults, candy drop, auction Saturday evening followed by fireworks. Sunday more aircraft judging, forums, exhibitors, more kids activities, hangar market, hay rides and awards presentations. Come for the weekend, campers welcome, limited bunks in the Stanley Hilton, food on site all weekend. Co-ordinates: N45 06 02, W63 55 14. For more information, please call Fly-In Director Don Ledger at 902832-1962, or Club President Kevin Layden at 902-4625813, View Stanley’s website at

July 19, 25-26, Red Lake, ON: The Norseman Floatplane Festival will kick off at the Red Lake Airport on July 19th with Wings & Wheels static display, airplane tours, Pitts Special aerobatic flights, a concert and crowd-challenging Fire Fit demonstrations. Weekend two will take place at the Kinsman Beach in Red Lake where visitors get a chance for an up-close look at the sturdy, long-lived Noorduyn Norseman that gave its name to this nostalgic and feel-good event. For more information contact The Norseman Festival Committee, Tel.: 807-727-9996; or visit

September September 1, Stettler, AB (EJ3): COPA Flight 135 Stettler Flying Club annual Fly-In Breakfast Labour Day Monday. All you can eat pancakes, eggs, ham and sausages from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. For more information, please contact or see September 1, Brampton, ON (CNC3): 7:00 p.m. Grand Finale, Monday Night BBQ. The last Monday night BBQ of the season. Burgers, sausage, and all fresh trimmings. Nominal cost. RAA-TR Hangar, north end of Brampton airport CNC3. For more information, please contact President Fred Grootarz at 905-2129333, or V.P. Alain Ouellet at 416-709-2020, September 4-7, Killarney, ON (CPT2, CKY4): Northern Lake Amphibian Pilots’ Killarney Fly-In. Pilot sessions focus on safety, maintenance and flying tips from our Lake experts. Companion sessions run concurrent to pilots sessions. Coordinates are N45 58 09, W81 3025. For more information, please contact Donna Louth 705-689-9289 or September 6, Oliver, BC: Canadian Rockies Chapter of 99s will hold Poker Run with Terminus. Fly to 5 of 6 participating airports for your Poker Hand – Kelowna, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kamloops, Penticton, with the Terminus at Oliver, B.C. Rain Date will be Sunday, September 7. For more information, please contact Betty Lee Longstaff at 250-309-2881 or September 6, Parry Sound, ON (CNK4): 11th Annual Fly-In and Drive-In. Hope to see you all again this year and if you haven’t made it out yet, come on over to the great family event. Planes, helicopters, cars, bikes, flights, lots of food, games and surprises... For more information please contact Neil or Lindsay at 705-378-2897 or updates will be posted on Facebook.

September 6, Lindsay, ON (CNF4): COPA For Kids, sponsored by Kawartha Lakes Flying Club COPA Flight 101 Lindsay. Rain date September 7. Registration on line starts July 14 see for more information, please contact Bob Burns at 705-324-8027 or September 7, Brockville, ON (CNL3): Old Fashioned Fly-In Breakfast (Grandparents Day) beginning at 8:00 a.m. until the food runs out. Rain or shine. For more information, see our website at or call 6133424100. For airport information, call 613-342-4511. September 12-14, Niagara Falls, ON: Ontario Flying Farmers’ Convention. Join us for a weekend getaway filled with fun and adventure. Everyone is encouraged to be at the Comfort Inn on the 11th so that we can all have breakfast together on Friday morning and begin our weekend of fun. For those who plan to fly CNQ3 Niagara Central Airport is your destination. There will be more information to follow as the Convention draws near. For more information, please contact Adrian or Hortense Verburg at 905774-8283 or September 13, Tillsonburg, ON (CYTB): Annual Wings ‘N’ Wheels Open House. A fun-filled day for the whole family! Experience the Harvards, Yale, Tiger Moth and lots of collector cars! Lunch is available on site! See our website for further updates at or contact Pat Hanna at 519-212-6021.

September 14, Stirling, ON (CPJ5): COPA Flight 53 Annual Fall Fly-In. Oak Hills Flying Club is having their annual fall fly-in lunch. We are a General Aviation and Ultralight friendly airport. We have 100LL fuel at a low price. For more information, please contact Christine Kilgore at or 613-243-4384. September 20, Barrhead, AB (CEP3): COPA Flight 185 COPA for Kids. Coordinates are N54 5.82, W114 26.33.

Rain day September 21. For more information, please contact Curtis Brownlee at 780-778-0854 or and visit us at September 21, Disley, SK (CDS2): EAA Chapter 154 Fly-In, Drive-In BBQ from 1100hrs to 1500hrs. For more information, contact Vic Zubot at 306-731-2249 or Ron Wood at 306-751-1064.

September 21, Kamloops, BC (CYKA): COPA Flight 82 Annual Fall Fly-in Pancake Breakfast from 08:00 - 11:00 held at the Kamloops Flying Club. For more information, please contact Blake Farren at 250-314-9876 or September 26-27, Penticton, BC (CYYF): Celebrating the Aviatrix! Western Canada Section of Ninety-Nines Conference. Open to everyone, pilots and non-pilots, aviation enthusiasts and general public, come join us in Penticton to Celebrate the Aviatrix with a Friday Wine & Appie Reception, fashion show, networking, winery tours, golf, dinner and banquet, $100 hamburger presentation, keynote speaker (Dr. Jill Oakes) and more. For more information, please contact Maryse Rajotte at or visit September 27, Oshawa, ON (CYOO): Airport Open House. Aviation businesses open, booths, hangar buy/rent info, sightseeing flights, hands on activities for kids, plane and other displays of interest to fly-in and CYOO-based aviators as well as regional residents. Food available 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Coincides with Doors Open Oshawa noon until 4:00 p.m. For more information, visit our website at and

September 28, High River, AB (CEN4): Foothills Flying Club COPA Flight 81 FlyIn Breakfast at High River from 08:00 to 11:00 in conjunction with the Annual River Classics Car Club Show & Shine in downtown High River. Co-ordinates are

28 Septembre, près de Mont-Tremblant, QC: AirKanata (la division Héliportée du centre de villégiature KanataTremblant) organise un rendez-vous aérien pour hélicoptères de 10h00 à 15h00 au centre de villégiature KanataTremblant. Venez voir les couleurs d’automne des Laurentides! Lunch gratuit à la plage ou au ClubHouse lorsque vous arrivez par la voie des airs. Rabais disponible pour les gens désirant passer la nuit dans une de nos unités de location. Renseignez-vous à, ou par téléphone au 1-877-7343414 x23. Informations sur le centre de villégiature disponible à

October October 4, Haliburton / Stanhope, ON (CND4): Algonquin Highlands Fly-In Breakfast with a rain date of October 5. Come visit Haliburton’s beautiful fall colours and have breakfast with us from 9:30 until 13:00 hrs. For more information, please contact Airport manager Jim Livingston at 705-754-2611.

October 5, Shoal Lake, MB (CKL5): COPA Flight 162 Annual Fall Fly-In. Breakfast is $7 from 8:00 a.m. until to 11:00 a.m. Everyone welcome whether you drive or fly in on wheels or floats call 204-491-0100 for pickup at the lake. We have heat – don’t let a cool day keep you away! For more information, please contact Dennis Schoonbaert at 204-4910100 or October 18, Kitchener/Waterloo, ON (CYKF): CC Ninety-Nines Fly-Out (or drive) Lunch. What a great day to get some beautiful fall flying and join a great group of female pilots at lunch in the Runways Cafe at the Kitchener/Waterloo Airport. All female pilots, current, lapsed or female student pilots, are encouraged to join us for our monthly fly-out lunches. For more information, please contact Robin Hadfield at

December December 6 (Tentative), Brampton, ON: Awards Dinner, cocktails at 6:00 p.m., dinner at 7:00 p.m. The Do-NotMiss event of the year. Held annually in the Wings restaurant at Brampton Flying Club, this is the occasion at which completion, first flight, and other recognitionawards are presented, followed by a keynote speaker. For more information, please contact President Fred Grootarz at 905-212-9333, or V.P. Alain Ouellet at 416-709-2020,

Free listing for your aviation event Deadline: 1st of the month prior to publication E-mail: or use the form on page B-10

Flying tomorrow? Join COPA today! For more information visit


JULY 2014


Air Canada debuts Boeing 787 The first of 37 Boeing 787 Dreamliners ordered by Air Canada arrived in Toronto on May 18th. The Boeing 787 s/n 35257 is an 800 Series registered C-GHPQ and wears tail number 801. On May 20th Air Canada invited the media, dignitaries and celebrities to their facility at Silver Dart Drive in Toronto to tour the Dreamliner. After several days of air crew training with local flights between Toronto and Ottawa, 801 will commence revenue flights in July between Toronto and Tokyo. At left: The front end of the GEnx-1B engine. Below: Guests take a tour of the Dreamliner in Air Canadaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hangar. Photos courtesy Eric Dumigan

Profile of one of the GEnx-1B engines which power the Dreamliner.

First class accommodations, above, and at right, economy class.

Info-To-Go Buildersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Handbook

Info on the documentation required by Transport Canada to register your aircraft in the Amateur-Built Category, CofA, CofR, Inspections, Check Lists, 51% Rule, High Performance Aircraft/Rating, IFR, Aerobatics, ADs, etc. Now includes CARs 507 permitting 5000 pound gross weight, importation of homebuilts constructed outside of Canada and allowing professional assistance during the construction of your aircraft.

For your free copy contact:

HANDBOOK, Canadian Council, 2348 Garnet St., Regina, SK, S4T 3A2 Tel.: 306-352-6442 Fax: 306-565-0694



JULY 2014

Airc craft Spru anad daa Aircraft Ai f Spruce S p ucee Canada C d Canad 9 ,6,72853,/276+23$7%5$17)25'$,53257 9,6,72853,/276+23$7%5$17)25'$,53257 Everything for Airplanes!

Lowest Prices Guaranteed! S1 Headset

BoseÂŽ A20ÂŽ Aviation Headset


7KH%RVHÂ&#x160;$Â&#x152;$YLDWLRQ+HDGVHWSURYLGHVVLJQLILLcantly JUHDWHU QRLVH UHGXFWLRQ WKDQ FXUUHQWO\ DYDLODEOH ,W DOVR provides an improved level of comfort, clear audio, %OXHWRRWKÂ&#x160; FRPPXQLFDWLRQV LQWHUID DFH DX[LOLDU\ DXGLR input and priority switching. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s made in the U.S.A. and PHHWVRUH[FHHGVDOO762VWDQGDUGV

S1 Digital Headset......P/N 11-09919 ........$995.0 S1 Passive Headset ...P/N 11-10744 ......$385.00

NEW Garm min GDL 39 3D

adds simultaneous A portable ADS-B receiverr,, which ad display of aircraft attitude information (pitch and roll). Garmin GDL 3D Unit Only ...................................P/N 11-12366. .............. $977.00 Garmin GDL 3D iPad / Android ...........................P/N 11-12367. .............. $977.00 G Garmin i GDL 3D iPad iP d / Android w/Battery ...........P/N 11-12368. ........... $1,034.00 Garmin GDL 39 R Remote Mount .......................P/N 10-05503............... $919.00

Dual GA plugs w/ Bluetooth .............. P/N 11-08724 ............... $1,095.00 Lemo 6 pin plug w/ Bluetooh............. P/N 11-08725 ............... $1,095.00 Helicopter plug w/ Bluetooth ............. P/N 11-08726 ............... $1,095.00 Call or visit our website for additional models.

Garrmin V Virb irb Elite Camer erra a System


LightSpeed Sierra ANR

DCPRO.......................................................... $400.00 DCPRO-X ...................................................... $695.00 H10-13Y Youth ..............................................  H10-20 ...........................................................  H10-30 ..........................................................  H10-60 ..........................................................  H10-13.4 .......................................................  H10-13.4S .........................................................................................  H20-10 ...............................................................................................  H10-13X ANR (battery) .....................................................................  H10-13XL ANR (battery) ...................................................................  

AvMap Ultra - EFIS



New series of VHF NAV/COM radios, the GTR and GNC series. As the replacement products for the popular SL30 and SL40 models, the GTR VHULHV &20 WUDQVFHLYHUV DQG *1& VHULHV 1$9&20 UDGLRV LQFOXGH D EUHDGWK RI QHZ IHDWXUHV WR UHGXFH SLORWZRUNORDGZKLOHDOVRRIIHULQJDQDIIRUGDEOHVROXWLRQWRPHHWWKHUHTXLUHPHQWVRIWKHN+]FKDQQHO VSDFLQJPDQGDWHUHFHQWO\HQDFWHGE\WKH(XURSHDQ8QLRQXQGHUWKH6LQJOH(XURSHDQ6N\ 6(6 LQLWLDWLYH Garmin VHF COM GTR 225 w/harness.................................................. 11-11351 ....................... $2,067.00 Garmin GTR 225a COM 8.33 Khz 10w w/harness ................................ 11-11352 ....................... $2,971.00 *DUPLQ*75ECOMNK]ZZKDUQHVV .................................. 11-11353 ....................... $4,017.00 Garmin GNC 255a NAV/COM 8.33 Khz 10w w/harness ....................... 11-11354 ....................... $4,535.00 *DUPLQ*1&E1$9&20.K]ZZKDUQHVV ....................... 11-11355 ....................... $5,507.00

Gar min AERA

$ $P L  3 A Am $P 3 $  A Am GMA A P D T  GTX

:LWKDFKRLFHRISRUWUDLWRUODQGVFDSHRULHQWDWLRQWKHDHUDÂśVÂłYLUWXDO UHDOLW\´Ă&#x20AC;LJKWJUDSKLFVFDQEHIUDPHGZLWK*36GHULYHGLQGLFDWLRQV RI JURXQG WUDFN DOWLWXGH JURXQGVSHHG YHUWLFDO VSHHG DQG WXUQ LQdication â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all updated 5 times per second. 795 Americas ................................ P/N 11-10034 .......... $1,699.00 795 Atlantic ................................... P/N 11-10035 .......... $1,954.00 , 3DFLÂżF .................................... P/N 11-10036 .......... $1,954.00 $ $599.00 LÂż  G$WO WL  O  LO EO

P/N P N 11-08044 PN  $   PN PN PN w H PN

7KH $Y0DS 8OWUD () 6 V D V DQG D RQH GHY FH Z K D   XOWUD EULJKW 6XQ JK  5HDGDE H /&' G VS D\  7KH XQ  V GARM N GPSMAP 696 & 695 FRPSDFW RQO\      PP QV D QJ GHS K  DQG X D GPSMAP Am Am OLJKWRQO\R]JZK HR KH S RGXF VRQ KHPD NH  GPSMAP DUHDURXQGOER] J P N 11 12004 $1 379 00 GMA 240 Aud o Pane Aircraft Spruce is a proud Exc Exclusive us ve D s bu o o he AvMap U a GMS 340 Aud o Pane 11 11 11 11 11 11

05618 05836 05903 05904 02942 02944

      $240 95 $199 95 $285 95 $239 95


P N 11 06619

$972 00

P N 11 08061

$1 517 00

D2 3RFNH 3DQH ' VS D\ P N 11 12158 $1 639 00 D 3RFNH 3DQH ' VS D\ $1 375 00 P N 11 10739 PR CE REDUCT ON ON D O g na y $1 568 00

(06 '

('0 ' J D $QD RJ(*7 &+7 A p o s know ha unn ng he eng nes a peak pe o mance means max mum e c ency Max e c ency means subs an a sav ngs n ue bu ned and eng ne ma n enance ('0  assu es p o s o peak p ec s on eng ne pe o mance s mp y and econom ca y EDM 700 4C    EDM 700 8C    EDM 700 6C    EDM 700 9C    EDM 700 7C    )XH  6FDQ  om JP ns umen s p ov des con nuous d sp ay o ue bu ned n ga hou e and bs ava ab e on spec a o de Fue Scan 450 a so p ov des o a ue used ue ema n ng endu ance n hou s and m nu es ue equ ed o nex waypo n ue ese ve a nex waypo n and nau ca m es ga P N 10 00135  





6 Packs AA48103 3 AA48104 AA48108 AA48109 AA48110 AA48111

P N 08 01266 P N 08 01267 P N 08 01268 P N 08 01269 P N 08 01270 P N 08 01271

$460 00 $345 00

LED LANDING & TAXI LIGHT D op n ep acemen o ad ona ncandescen gh s No need o mod y R  D H  H[ V QJ QFDQGHVFHQ  PRXQ QJ  3D HQ HG RS FD  GHV JQ  ' DZV HVVSRZH XVHV HVV/(' V KDQR KH /('EDVHGEX EV 5XJJHG ]HG R  D F D  VKRFN  Y E D RQ DQG HPSH D X H DQJHV  2S P ]HG /(' V DQG ' YHH HF RQ FV R PD[ PXP HDQGE JK QHVV 1RG PP QJR  RVVR  n ens y ac oss vo age ange o 11 Vdc o 30 Vdc Reduced ma n enance cos s Mee s a env onmen a equ emen s o RTCA DO 160 F /HG/DQG QJ 7D[ / JK 3D  P N 11 08459 $317 00 Vo ume p c ng ava ab e Ca o ema

Exc us ve to A rcraft Spruce!!!

+RRN 1 3X Â&#x152; 7 H 'RZQV HD X H F RVHG HQG 6  KRRNV PDGH RP K JK TXD \ V HH Z KKHDY\S D QJ DQG HGRZQED GVD HPDGH RPK JKJ DGHD XP QXP  KD GHQHG R V HQJ KDQGED EX Q VKHGDQGDQRG ]HG )X Q VKHGZ KH KH    R   G DPH H Q\ RQ RSH P N 13 00448 $28 50    5RSH+RRN 1 3X + : QJ P N 13 00449 $27 50   5RSH+RRN 1 3X /RZ: QJR 7D P N 13 04962 $33 95   5RSH+RRN 1 3X + : QJ P N 13 04961 $32 50   5RSH+RRN 1 3X /RZ: QJR 7D


Pu chase a 406 MHz ELT om A c a Sp uce and you w ece ve Q KH ER[  D EXFN V S RP &23$  5HGHHP \RX  EXFN V S DQG   \RXKDYHDQ QG Y GXD PHPEH VK S &23$Z H[ HQG E\RQH\HD  a va ue o $55 a no cos o you you have a am y o co po a e PHPEH VK S  &23$ Z  DSS \ K V YD XH   R \RX  PHPEH VK S DFFRXQ  R H[ HQG \RX  PHPEH VK S  )R  QRQ PHPEH V  &23$ Z  S RY GHDFRPS HPHQ D \RQH\HD  QG Y GXD PHPEH VK S FRPS H H Z KD R  KHEHQHÂż VR EH QJDPHPEH P N 11 P N 11 P N 11 P N 11 P N 11 P N 11 P N 11

06966 08667 04652 06370 05670 06314 06987

$827 00 $1 361 00 $1 080 00 $1 720 00 $2 305 00 $933 00 $2 936 00

P ease ca o v s ou webs e o add ona mode s $V PS HRQH VKR  HD PHQ Z KHYH \Âż XSS HYHQ V HDGEX G XSRQVSD NS XJVDQGYD YHV QUART P N 05 21300 $44 50 A co TCP D spense On y P N 05 21500 $6 50 TCP d spense so d sepa a e y o qua s ze

P N 08 04969 P N 08 04970 P N 08 04971 P N 08 04972 P N 08 04973 P N 08 04974

$120 75

CH48103 1 CH48104 1 CH48108 1 CH48109 1 CH48110 1 CH48111 1 CFO 100 1

08 00905 08 00906 08 00907 08 00908 08 00909 08 00910 08 05921

$26 50 ea

Ae oshe 15W W 50 Mu g ade Case Ae oshe M ne a O Case Ae oshe W100 SAE 50 Case Ph ps O SAE 20W W 50 Case Ph ps M ne a O 20W W 50 Case Exxon E e 20W W 50 Case Add ves Camgua d O Add ve 1 P n TCP Fue Add ve Q Lycom ng O Add ve 6 oz M c o on CL 100 A c a K AvB end O Add ve 12 oz New P g Fo m A Funne D a n ng Too

o de a s

Rece ve a FREE&23$PHPEHUVKLSZKHQ\RX FREE&23$PHPEHUVK SZKHQ\RX Receive purchase a 406 MHz ELT Aircraft Spruce. ELT from rom A rcra Spruce

LT Wh p Ame K ng AK 451 CAN EL Ame K ng AK 451 23 Canada $ H[0((/7Z KZK SDQ HQQD $ H[0((/7Z K RGDQ HQQD  $ H[0(+0(/7Z  RGDQ HQQD Kannad 406 AF Compac K Kannad 406 AF EL LT

AA48103 AA48104 AA48108 AA48109 AA48110 AA48111


The EMS D10 con nuous y mon o s a senso npu s o he powe p an ue and o he m sce aneous sys ems mmed a e y annunc a es any abno ma y equ ng a en on P N 10 01160 EMS D10   

FAA PMA Approved Reduced Pr ce

Fine Wire UREB36S .... P/N 08-01233 ....... $82.75 UREM38S.... P/N 08-01234 ....... $80.75 URHB36S .... P/N 08-01230 ....... $80.75 URHM38S ... P/N 08-01232 ....... $80.75 Massive URHB32E ....................... P/N 08-00245 UREB37E ....................... P/N 08-00246 URHB37E ....................... P/N 08-00247 UREM37BY .................... P/N 08-00248 UREM38E....................... P/N 08-00046 URHM38E ...................... P/N 08-00047 UREM40E....................... P/N 08-00048 URHM40E ...................... P/N 08-00049 $26.99 ea.

Tempestâ&#x201E;˘ Tornado Pumps AA3215CC or AA3216CW Improved (inlet and outOHW VWDWRUSRUWLQJUHGXFHVSHDNORDGVDQGLPSURYHVDLUIORZ7KHÂłELSRODU´SXPSLQJ DFWLRQKHOSVPDLQWDLQEDODQFHGURWRUORDGLQJUHGXFHVZHDUDQGH[WHQGVOLIH Tornado 3000 215CC ........... P/N 10-00609...............$393.00* Tornado 3000 216CW .......... P/N 10-00610...............$393.00* nado 3000 215CC P/N P N 10-00611 10 00611 00* Tornado To $393.00 $393

$21 50 ea

() 6 ' 6\V HP nc udes emo e compass moun ng ay & USB se a conve e () 6 ' P N 10 01705   



08-01468......... ........ .....6OLFN.LW .....$3,145.00 08-02572.......... .6OLFN.LW .....$3,740.00 08-01487..........6OLFN.LW .....$2,496.00 08-01578..........6OLFN.LW .....$3,255.00 08-02666..........6OLFN.LW .....$3,748.00 08-04516-38 ....6OLFN.LW .....$2,486.00 08-02616..........6OLFN.LW .....$3,850.00 08-02681..........6OLFN.LW ..... $3,611.00

The () 6 ' sp sc een capab y pa ons he d sp ay o s mu aneous y show he p ma y gh ns umen s a ong w h add ona n o ma on as n e changeab e pane s

&DS X H DQG KD H RX  H  PR  PHDQ QJ X  H SH HQ H  Z K KH +(52 % D  (G RQ   PD H  DQG JK H  KDQ  EH H QJ p ede e o de e mp o ed mage qua and powe u new ea u e gea ed o e a and on en en e P N 11 12137 P N 11 12136

06-08005 ...........  06-08010 ........... $85.75 06-08015 .........  06-08020 .........  06-00018 .........  06-00314 ......... 


7KH*75SDQHOPRXQWFRPPUDGLRIRUH[SHULPHQWDODQGOLJKWVSRUWDLUFUDIW that offers a slim design and powerful features, including advanced auto-squelch, 3D audio, stereo interrFRP VWHUHR PXVLF LQSXW DOHUW LQSXWV EHVWLQFODVV VWDQGE\ IUHTXHQF\ PRQLWRULQJ RQVFUHHQ IUHTXHQF\ LGHQWLÂżFDWLRQDQGPXFKPRUH Standard Kit............................... P/N 11-11999 ............. $1,333.00 Standard Kit + Harness............ P/N 11-12003 ............... $1,491.00

With the fit, comfort, features, and value youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve come WRH[SHFWIURP/LJKWVSHHG6LHUUDLVEHVWLQFODVV Sierra ANR .................................P/N 11-08588 .............. $625.00


Condor 5.0-5 4 Ply ........... P/N Condor 5.0-5 6 Ply ........... P/N Condor 6.0-6 4 Ply ........... P/N Condor 6.0-6 6 Ply ........... P/N Aviator 6.0-6 6 Ply ............ P/N Aviator 6.0-6 8 Ply ............ P/N

VIRB records true HD 1080p video that lets you relive every minute of your adventure LQ IXOO KLJKFRQWUDVW XQGLVWRUWHG GHWDLO $GMXVW UHVROXWLRQ DQG ÂżOPLQJ VSHHG IRU FULVS dramatic slow motion up to 120fps. Set multiple HD video modes: 1080p@30fps, S#ISVS#ISV[#ISV 31..................... $399.00 P/N 11-12090..................... $345.00

=XOX&LUFXPDXUDO'XDO*$3OXJV%DWWHU\3RZHU P/N 11-09692 ........... $850.00 =XOX&LUFXPDXUDO6LQJOH/(023DQHO3RZHU P/N 11-09716 ........... $850.00

HP em

We now offer the complete line of Michelin Aviation Tires.



*R3 R+H R% D (G RQ&DPH D6 GoP o He o 3+ S e Ed on Came a S

FREE Goodyear Calendar with any Goodyear Purchase (while supplies last).

Garrmin D2 Pilot GPS Aviation W Wa atc ch

Special Pricing on Zulu Quantity Orders &DOORUYLVLWRXUZH HEVLWHIRUGHWDLOV

Moun PN A210 Panel Mount PN A210 Mobile Moun IC-A14 (Simple Key).......................... P N IC-A14 (Full Key) ............................... P N IC-A24 Nav/Com ............................... P N IC-A6 ................................................. P N

The Goodyear Flight Custom III replacement tire fo light aircraft, the Flight Special is an unsurpassed RUPDQFH 'HVLJQHG FRPELQDWLRQ RI YDOXH DQG SHUIR IRUORQJWUHDGOLIH HWKLVWLUHLVEXLOWWRODVW 5.00-5 6 Ply ......... P/N 06-05100-3 ..........$189.75 6.00-6 4Ply .......... P/N 06-05200-3 ..........$235.95 6.50-8 6 Ply ......... P/N 06-05600-3 ..........$296.95 6.50-10 8 Ply ....... P/N 06-05900-3 ..........$358.00 7.00-6 6 Ply ......... P/N 06-06200-3 ..........$263.95 7.00-6 8 Ply ......... P/N 06-06210-3 ..........$304.00

G 25 G 35 7035 28 G 242


Now n Case o 12

CH48103 1 CH48104 1 CH48108 1 CH48109 1 CH48110 1 CH48111 1

08 00905 12 08 00906 12 08 00907 12 08 00908 12 08 00909 12 08 00910 12

$316 00 ea

P N 08 P N 08 P N 08 P N 08 P N 08 P N 08

05451 05410 05401 05301 07198 00432

$96 75 $6 65 $79 75 $80 75 $76 99 $102 75

P N 08 P N 05 P N 08 P N 09 P N 08 P N 12

07096 21300 05600 35805 05470 03147

$28 50 $44 50 $36 75 $137 95 $16 70 $22 95

*  S QN SRZH  D F D  ED H HV R H  D G DPD F PS RYHPHQ  Q ED H \ HFKQR RJ\ FRPE QHG Z K KH QHZ Q H QD RQD  FR R  R  HDG DF G D F D  ED H HV  8VHG E\ PR H D F D  PDQX DF X H V DQG KH P D \ KDQ DQ\ R KH  E DQG  $  ED H HV D H G \ cha ged G Ba e es a e u n shed w h E ec o y e H[FHS RYH VHDV G 243   G6381E    G 246   6381C     G 247   7638 44    G25S  

&RQFR GH ED H HV D H V DQGD G equ pmen n many p oduc on a c a and a e manu ac u ed o p o Y GH RS PXP SH R PDQFH DQG ED H \ H  &RQFR GH ED H HV D H X Q VKHG Z K H HF R \ H  H[FHS  RYH VHDV  7KH GHV JQD RQ 0  Q SD  QR  QG FD HVPDQ R GYHQ QJ 0DQ R G YHQ HGED H HVGRQR  HTX HDED H \ER[  $ XEHD DFKHV RED H \PDQ R G RYHQ JDVVHV R KHRX V GHR  KHD F D RG24 15   RG24 11   RG 35AXC   RG 25   RG24 11M   RG 12LSA $252 95 RG 35A $297 95 RG380E 44    7KHFRPE QD RQR H[ HPHSRZH DQGSH R PDQFHPDNHV KH 2'<66(<Â&#x160; ED H \ SH HF  R  D DQJH R  DSS FD RQV  nc ud ng au o LTV ma ne comme c a ac ng and powe VSR V  2'<66(< ED H HV GH YH  Z FH KH RYH D  SRZH  DQG K HH PHV KH HR FRQYHQ RQD ED H HV $191 80 11 01945 Odyssey Ba e y SBSJ16 $158 75 11 08080 Odyssey Ba e y PC 625 $120 75 11 08081 Odyssey Ba e y PC 545 $136 75 11 08082 Odyssey Ba e y PC 545MJ Odyssey PC 680 Ba e y T ay Pu p e $137 95 11 11557 11 11558 Odyssey PC 680 Ba e y T ay B ue $137 95

FAA AeroNav Charts FAA In stock at Aircraft Spruce!

www a rcra spruce ca n o@a rcra spruce ca 3KÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021;)D[ 3KÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021;)D[

150 Av a on Avenue Bran ord Mun c pa A rpor (CYFD) Bran ord ON N3T 57L 2SHQ0RQ  )U DP SP 6D DP SP $ 3 FHVVKRZQD H&'1EDVHGRQVK SPHQ  RP% DQ R G 21 $ 3 FHV6XE HF  R&KDQJH: KRX 1R FH


Canadian Plane Trade 014 AUG. 2NE IS I DEADL Y 4 JUL

Phone 613-236-4901 Ext. 106

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Email Publications Mail Agreement Number 40005288

COPA Flight Classified Section

JULY 2014

1940 J5A CUB CRUISER, 2558 TT, O-290D@ 840, Sensenich @ 764 / 2009. New battery, Ceconite and Stitts ʼ95, lifetime struts. Excellent maintenance. Always hangared. $35,000 OBO. 705-466-5572. (34070)

1957 AMPHIB DEHAVILLAND BEAVER, 11,200 TT, 890 SMOH, new prop 2010. New paint 2008. Fresh Annual, Wipline 6100. Privately owned, fresh water. Always hangared. Compartment conversion and more. $419,000 USD. Russ 604-290-6699. (34218)

1962 CESSNA 180E, 15 SMOH, 15 SPOH, 2526 TTAF, STOL kit, Edo 2870 floats, wheels, (hydraulic skis available). Paint/int 7. LRF. $110,000. 250-567-9961, (33961)

1968 PIPER TWIN COMANCHE, 6752 TT, 888 SMOH, Q-tip prop 281 SN, R/STOL, 430W, HSI, DME, ADF, Elt 406, LoPresti mods. NDH. Marcel 450-464-4790, (34286)

1969 CESSNA A185E, EDO 597-2790 amphibs, IO-520D 300 HP 925.5 SMOH, 30.9 SPOH, 406 ELT, new tires, Concorde batt, fuel pump, xpdr, Garmin 296 nav/com/KX125. ADʼs/SBʼs completed. Fresh Annual, STC listing. LRF. 450-562-6931. (34514)

1970 LARK AERO COMMANDER, 1472 TTSN, 1199 TTE, 4/seats intercom, Engine 180 HP Lycoming. New rear windshield, tires. 406 ELT, radio, xpdr/encoder. Paint 8/10. Int 7/10. NDH. All ADʼs. $40,000 OBO. 819-665-9564. (34294)

1972 MODEL CESSNA, 182P, Horton STOL Kit, Micro VG Kit, 870 SMOH, 35 SPOH, IFR Equipped. $84,500. 780416-1598. (34281)

1978 COMMANDER 114, MUST SELL, PRICE REDUCED! Spectacular paint, leather, Garmin GNS480 WAAS, Garmin GMX200 MFD, King A/P w alt. hold. 1437 SMOH, 3/bl. Nicest Commander in Canada! $94,900. Email for info (34519)

1985 GERONIMO, 6378 TT, 1671 TTE, 44.2 TTP (2009), 156 gals, King IFR. Safe, reliable, easy to fly, training available. Excellent Corporate maintenance. Always hangared. $59,000 OBO. 705-466-5572. (34069)

1999 PELICAN 914, 840 TTSN, electrohydraulic Czech 1300As, CS,VGʼs, Dynon, EKPIV, 406 ELT, 760 Com, Mode C, LED Lights, lithium battery, underwing camera (google Barry Haley Pelican for videos). $70,000 OBO. 905-430-0619, (34511)

50 ACRES OF PRIME COUNTRY LIVING, 3 bedroom home with 1,000ʼ x 50ʼ private runway. Just minutes from Owen Sound and ski hills. Call Brandon 226-923-0482 for more information. (34503)

CESSNA 182P 1971, 3735 TTAF, 230 HP Continental 170 since rebuilt by Continental. New Hartzel Prop 3/bl, Garmin 250XL. New int/paint Alumigrip. Jan 2014 annual. CNV8. $115,000. Martin 647-296-3374. (34230)

D.H. GYPSY MOTH CF-AAA, part of Watt Martin collection, accepting bids up until July 31/14. Contact Don at 514-856-9579, 905-699-7991, (34487)

D.H. GYPSY MOTH CF-AAJ, part of Watt Martin Collection, accepting bids up until July 31/14. Contact Don at 519-856-9579, 905-699-7991, (34484)

D.H. TIGER MOTH CF-CKF, part of Watt Martin collection, accepting bids up until July 31/14. Contact Don at 519-856-9579, 905-699-7991, (34486)

MAULE M7-235 SUPER ROCKET, IO-540, 2440 Edo Floats, Tundra Tires, Vortex Generators McCauley 3/bl prop. Garmin 696 GPS. 323 TTSN. $110,000. Contact at 705-635-2297, (34298)

STOL PA-22 SUPER STRETCH, TTS/A/O 683 hrs, Engine 336 SMOH, S/top new cylinder 75 hrs, Lycoming 260 HP, C/S prop 360 hrs, 4/intercom, GPS, iCOM 100, Floats 2800 w/hatches. Useful load 1,200 pds. Gatineau, QC. $89,900. Richard 819-955-7653, 819-663-4335. (33713)

SUPERB CHEROKEE SIX 300, 2720 TT, 820 SOH, 347 SPOH, 430W, KX155, STEC 55, EDM800, Strikefinder. NKDH. Immaculate paint, meticulous maintenance, always hangared. Huge option list. Gorgeous, reliable. $98,000. 705-466-5572. (34066)

2004 CESSNA 182T, 1175 TTSN, G1000 w/GDL69A WX Datalink, 406 ELT, Tanis Heater! Well Maintained, Hangared! $219,900 USD. Contact Apex Aircraft Sales 905-477-7900, (34539)

2007 CIRRUS SR22 G3 TURBO GTS! 1240 TTSN, TKS De-Ice! Dual Garmin 430WAAS, Skywatch Traffic, Stormscope! $315,000 USD. Contact Apex Aircraft Sales 905-477-7900, (34540)



1956 CESSNA 172, 3775.6 TTSN, completely rebuilt airframe 266.2 hrs ago. New paint, windows. Continental engine. Spin on oil filter. Many extras. $30,000. 613687-5674. (34399)

1974 CESSNA 172M, 160 HP, commercially registered, IFR, 0 hrs engine, 8,500 TTAF, 160 HP, Lycoming O-320-E2D, Narco Nav/Coms, new Garmin GTX 327 xpdr 2012. Clean Paint/in. Cruises at 6.8 Gal per/hr. Logs SN. CYSN. $69,500. 289-241-4544. (34405)

LYCOMING O-320 H2AD CORE, 1800 SMOH, good compressions, last flown 8/13, now at KSCH, 2” crack crankcase. $2,500 USD not including peripherals, exhaust, prop, shipping. Email owner (34475)

MUSTANG II, 570 TT. Good looking, fast, efficient and fun. Folding wings, Tri-gear, 160 HP. Always hangared. $35,000. For details see or call 514-696-4572. (34476)

1974 CESSNA 185F ON 2790 AMPHIBS, 5990 TT, 1200 SMOH, 250 PROP RATED AT 8. Int/ext good cond. Hangared at Abbotsford, BC. $119,000. 604-534-4490, (34478)

VACATION IN KAUAI. The Garden Island Kiahuna Plantation Resort on 35 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens on beach front property. Condos that meet every budget. Contact Homeowner Mickey at 250-294-3745. (34480)

1960 CESSNA 172, Cap 2000 floats, 3992 TT, 423 SMOH. Current CofA. Horton STOL. Excellent performers and condition. $67,500. For details 705-454-3707. (34483)

1967 PIPER CHEROKEE PA-28-140, 15HP, 6012 TTAF, 2068.3 SMOH, 780 SPOH, VOR, MODE C, NAV/COM, COM, Horton wingtips, MOGAS STC. Annual 04/2014, all ADʼs. Owned/hangared since 1994. Well maintained. $25,000 OBO. 418-7746847, (34491)

JOIN CESSNA CARDINAL & PRIVATE HANGAR, together valued @hundred thousand at Collingwood Airport. Low time, IFR panel. $4,495 Group Share plus $270/mth, includes 2 hrs flying. Contact Jeff 705-428-3537, (34493)

2005 SONEX, 351 TTA /E. Fuel injected. Straotmaster digital multi function instrument. Becker Comm. and Mode C xpdr. Cruise at 130 mph, 4 gph, do not exceed speed 197 mph. $29,000. 780-849-6785. (34495)

1976 CESSNA 172M, 180 HP, CS prop, 2150 TTSN, 190 SMOH. EDO 2000, wheels, Horton, STC 80” prop. NAV/COM, I/C, EGT, CHT. $88,500. Contact at 250-483-3032 or email at (34496)

2009 ZENAIR 701, Rotax 912S 100 HP approx 100 hrs. Floats/wheels, VGs on wings/tail, awesome STOL performance. Always hangared, mint condition. Can deliver. $56,000. 709-6381203, (34497)

1966 C172G, 3800 TT, 2 Comms (4 place), Electronic Fuel Flow, Digital Tach, Autopilot, Rosen Visors, 2 GPS, PCAS, very good interior, engine preheater, new 406 ELT. Always hangared. $48,000. 416-5753247. (34498)

C-180B, 1959 TTAF, 3011 TTE, new factory 29.2 hrs. prop 88” Mccauley 29.2 hrs new rt wg bladder, 2870A Float, 185 wheel gear. Asking $105,000 CDN. Contact at 204-268-1765 or email (34500)

1947 C-140, 4478 TTAF, 392 TTE, Cont-85, Maule tail wheel, C-172 brakes. Skis/paint/int 9/10. $28,000 OBO. Phone 204-268-1765, (34501)

FUN AND FAST FLYING! Grumman TR2 with 160 HP upgrade (100 hsn 0320). Paint/ Interior/glass new ʼ07. New radio, in dash GPS, carb ice detector, fuel computer. Cruise 130-160 mph. Lost medical. BC. $25,000 OBO. Bob 250226- 7997. (34502)

1991 CHALLENGER II CLIP WING, assembled in 2011 Puddle Jumper Floats, wheels and skis Included. 503 Dual Ignition Rotax 20 hours running time. Always hangared. Great shape. Asking $19,500. 613-345-0929. (34504)

HANGAR 30F, located at the NW end of Brampton Airport, 50 ft. x 35 ft., 16 ft. ceilings. Door opens to 14 ft. Built in 2000. Fully insulated/ finished interior. Gas heater. $150,000. Henry Murray 416-618-0496. (34505)

1968 CARDINAL-FG, 180 HP, CS prop 105 hr, 3559 TTAF, 1049 TTE, Nav/com 12Dʼs,136,150 KR85, PS1000, Skyforce111C. New: battery, alternator, regulator, oil pump o/h 2010,mags o/h 2010, windshield ʼ09, 140 mph cruise. $40,500. (34508)

1969 PA-28-140, 6400 TT, 410 SMOH,160 HP, Reif Engine Heater, Fuel Flow and EGT guage, 406 ELT, IFR, wing, tail, cabin, engine covers. pilot tow brakes. NDH. $39,000. 403-836-9751, (34510)

1994 PELICAN CLUB 912 UL, 2530 TT, 153 TTE by Rotech, Warp Drive Prop, intercom, ICOM, dual controls. $24,500.705-542-1816. Contact at (34513)

1973 CESSNA 150L, 7470 TT, 511 SMOH. 2006 frame up rebuild: New paint, interior. Built in Garmin 296 GPS. Mode C xpdr. Last Annual May 2014. Always hangared. $31,500. 519-6331542. (34515)

ESTATE SALE, 1991 Christavia Mark I (Serial No. 0009-M), 344.9 Hobbs TTAF/TTE, Continental O-200. Basic VFR instruments. For sale as is/where is. Asking $15,000 OBO. 613-9671066. (34516)

1977 CESSNA 182Q, 7200 TTSN, 840 SMOH, GNS 430 GPS, GTX 320 xpdr, GMA 340 Audio Panel, KI 203 VOR, ADF, ICOM A210, GEM 610 Engine Analyzer. $80,000 US. 306-242-2457. (34517)

1999 REBEL, 543 TTAF, O320 E2A 642 TTE, Sensenich 74x56, Wheels, 1800 Amphibs, Wheel Skis, 90% IFR Panel, King Avionics, Mode C. Hangared CPR2. $85,000. Ron 613821-3872, (34520)

FOR SALE ONE THIRD SHARE IN BEST BUILT HANGAR, High River, AB. Solid steel Ibeam construction. Cement floor with in slab heating. 60 ft. x 60 ft. Super close to runway. Questions email (34522)

1976 ROCKWELL 114, 2176 TT Engine 180 SMOH, 100 SPOH, S-Tec 50, Collins IFR, Garmin 530W, HSI. VGʼs, new annual. $105,000. Lake Central Air Services 705-6874343, (34523)

CESSNA 150M, 1977 TT, 186 hrs. SMOH. New starter, alternator, tires. Paint & interior 2007. Garmin COM. GPS Lowrance glass panel, xpdr Mode C. $39,900. 819-763-7736. (34529)


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2007 Cirrus SR22 Turbo G3, 1240TT, TKS DeIce, Recent Import!...........................$315,000 US 2004 182T, 859 TTAE, TKS DeIce, KMH880WX/Traffic, ADF, DME .........................$225,000 US 2004 SR20,1/3Share @ CYKZ, 800 TT .....................................................................$59,900 US 2003 Cirrus SR22, 1145 TT, Garmin Glass Panel and TKS De-ice! Exc Maint!.........$203,000 US 2001 Cessna T182T, 541 TTSN/20 SFOH, TKS DeIce! NDH! 1000 lb U/S!................$255,000 US 1980 C182Q, 2250 TT, 175 SMOH, STEC A/P! Fresh Annual! ...................................$82,000 US 1997 Mooney 201 MSE, 1840 TTSN, KingDitial plusG530WAAS!Speedbrakes! .....$175,000 US 1997 Zlin Z242L, 1105 TT, 20 SMOH - Lowest time Zlin around! Garmin 430! Hangared! ..$115,000 US 1994 Jetprop, 1527TT, 575Since New -21 Engine, Fresh Annual, Upgraded Avionics! $775,000 US 1994 Seawind, 80% Complete, Chev V6 Alum Engine! ..........................................$80,000 US 1993 Bonanza F33A,1064 TT, King Digital, Exc Cond! ..........................................$200,000 US 1982 Archer, 419 SM, King Digital, STEC 50, Major Refurb on Import! ...................$69,900 US 1979 Arrow IV, 2710TT, 595 SFOH, Garmin GMX200 MFD, ASPEN 1000 PFD! ...........$109,900 1979 Bonanza F33A, 2650 TT, 1830 SNew Engine, 530 WAAS, Tip Tanks! ...........$164,900 US 1979 C180, 2850 TT, 68 SMOH, Great Avionics, LRF! ............................................$155,000 US 1978 Grumman Cheetah, 1555 TT, 90 SM, Long Range Fuel (51 US) .....................$49,900 US 1978 Cessna Skyhawk 172N, 14330 TT, 1350 SM, Long Range Fuel! ...............................CALL

1977 C150, 11022 TT, Trainer, Engine On Condition! Fresh 200-Hr. Inspection April/14.......$17,000 1977 C340A, RAM VI, 4298 TT, 1676 SMOH, Known Ice! Keith Air! ......................$249,900 US 1977 Turbo Aztec F, 2507 TT, 439 SM, Full De-ice! LRF! .......................................$149,900 US 1976 C414, 5811 TT, 10/1300 SM, Known Icing! ..................................................$149,900 US 1975 Cessna A185F/Edo2790 Amphib, 1445 TT, 550 SNEW Engine! Skyharbour P&I! ...$144,900 US 1975 C421B, 5114 TT, 356 SM, De-ice, Air, LRF (222 US Gal.)! ............................$199,900 US 1974 Seneca I, 2812 TTSN, 1062 SMOH L&R, Repainted in 2010! Low Time ..........$79,900 US 1974 Aztec E, 9390 TT, 1635/1441 SM, Garmin 530, Ext Maint!.............................$99,900 US 1970 Aztec, 3965 TT, 700 STOH, G530 WAAS/STEC 55X/Ryan TCAD .....................$119,900 US 1970 Mooney Exec, 2300 TT, Ready for Paint .............................................................$40,000 1968 Mooney M20E, 3718TT, 300 SMOH, KX155/GS, All Logs, NDH!...........................$75,000 1967 Cher 6/260, 3503 TT, 1493 SM, King/Narco incl DME, GPS 295! ....................$65,000 US 1966 Mooney M20E, 3718 TT, 300 SMOH, KX155 NAV/COM, Autopilot! ................$50,000 US 1965 Lake LA-4, 1878 TT, 95 SMOH, Repainted in 2012 ........................................$69,900 US 1964 Cherokee 140, 6970 TT, Engine ‘On Condition’, Hangared! .......................... $24,900 US 1946 Aeronca Champ, 2587 TTSN, Hangared! ........................................................$32,000 US Hangar for Sale in Brampton/Collingwood w/Door/Motor/Heater/Insulated ............$75,000


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10 Aeronca 1946 AERONCA 7AC, 3250 TT, 127 SMOH, Continental 65 HP, Slick Magnetos, Millenium Cylinders, new windshield, Airtex interior, Air Tech fabric. Hangared. $25,000. 519-785-0510,

25 Beech BONANZA 1950 B35, 3340 TTSN, 1100 SMOH, 20 SPOH, Dual King KX155/209, KR-87 ADF, KA-134 Audio Panel, auto pilot and much more. All AD/SB complied, excellent maintenance. $37,500 USD. 519843-6515,

40 Cessna 1966 CESSNA 172G FLOATPLANE, 3850 TTSN, 137 SMOH, CAP 2000s, new NAV/COM, Mode C, 4/pl intercom, 2/props. New batt & tires. Hangared. Annual Nov/13. $68,000. 613-392-1133, 1967 CESSNA 150G, reduced price $18,500. 580 TTAF, 1800 TTE, good compression one com xpdr. Both mags and carb. Recent change. General condition 7/10. Contact for more info Len Kennedy 506-622-0105, 1970 CESSNA 185, 4800 TT, new IO 550, new 3 blade, Horton, EDO 3430. 8/10. NDH. $180,000. 514-695-5614. 1975 CESSNA 150M, 3374 TTSN, 1575 SMOH, Icom 200, Garmin 327 xpdr, Mode C, Kannad 406 ELT intercom. Based at CYRP. Annual June 2014. $25,000. 613-259-2347, 1975 CESSNA 172M, 3561 TTAF, 1627 SMOH on Penn Yan O-360 conversion (1984), Horton STOL conversion, dual nav/comm, ADF, DME, C xpdr and 406 ELT. New mags, harnesses and plugs, tires 2010. Kennon wing, tail and canopy covers, 4 place intercom. NDH. Never a trainer. $44,000. 778-458-2287. 1976 CESSNA 172M, 2400 TTSN, hangared, was commercial, approx 300 TTSO, Lyc 180 HP, dual King flip flops etc. $80,000. 250-395-6659. 1980 CESSNA 182Q, 1664 TTSN, 475 SMOH, 127 (April Ęź05) SPOH, 67 hr on 6 new cylinders, new Garmin xpdr, heavy duty nose wheel, skylites. $92,500. 306-584-8567 eve. CESSNA A185F 1974, sur flotteurs EDO 3430, bubble windows, roues, STOL Robertson, moteur Continental IO 520 (300 HP), helice Hartzel 3 pales, 2800 TTSN, 750 SMOH, 150 SM, radio King, intercom, xpdr, ELT 406 mhz. $165,000 taxes incluses. Gaetan 819372-6864, GORGEOUS 1974 172M SKYHAWK factory floatkit, on wheels,1713 TTAF, 603 SMOH, pristine CAP 2000 floats, hangared, Skyharbour paint and Goderich A/C leather interior, both 10/10, two props, wheel pants, Mark 12D nav/com, Narco 810 com, ADF, Mode C, audiopanel, NAT I/C, panel lights, strobes. NDH. All logs SN. $105,000. 705-497-4711 days, 4950986 eves/wk ends, email pics

45 Citabria 1968 CITABRIA 7ECA, 885 TTSN, O235. Icom-ICA200, Garmin- GTX327, intercom. Always hangared, based at CPR3. NDH. $42,000 OBO. 519-3435626.

50 deHavilland 1963 DHC-2 DEHAVILLAND BEAVER, 14,144 TTAF, 1,167 TTE. Hartzel prop 152 TT. New Edo 4930 floats c/w hatches 42 TT. Jasco alternator, battery forward. Tip tanks. Good paint/int. Fresh annual. D.H. GYPSY MOTH PROJECT, 50% plus finished with engine, 4 wings finished, part of Watt Martin collection, accepting bids up until July 31/14. Call Don 514-856-9579, 905-699-7991,

80 Grumman

100 Homebuilt

1975 GRUMMAN AMERICAN AA-5, 1330 TT, Lazar electronic ignition, good paint, glass and interior, Nav/Com, ADF, Garmin Mode C xpdr, 4/pl intercom, 406 ELT with new batteries, recent new hoses, brake lines, engine baffles. Selling for health reasons. Always hangared, same owner since Ęź78. $34,500 CDN. 250-652-2742.

100 Homebuilt

ZENITH 250 with two sets of wings, Tri-Pacer less eng. Swallow for display only. 125HP Lycoming and 200HP Ranger engine. Lots of homebuilder parts. 519-453-2579.

120 Mooney

120 Mooney 1965 MOONEY M20E, 3300 TT, 450 SMOH, propeller 35 SN 2008, VFR, front intercom, 1 piece windshield, stainless discs, front harness, cowl closure, oil filter, light weight starter, affordable speed. $70,000. 250-9968805.

Flying tomorrow? Join COPA today!

1970 MOONEY, 130 SMOH, loaded. New annual. $55,000. Ted 250-7624924.

2007 CAVALIER 102.5, experimental, O290 Lyc., Warp 3 blade prop, 406 ELT. Certified but not flown. Asking $18,995. Contact at 204-759-2826,

AVIATION ABBREVIATIONS For a list of common abbreviations used in Canadian Plane Trade Classified advertising please see page 12 or view on our website at:

GLASTAR PROJECT FOR SALE, minimal work completed. (Fuselage & rudder). Asking 23,000 US plus shipping. 519-351-0013.

SPRING AVIATION 3010 Aviation Way, Kamloops, BC, V2B 7W1

MINI MAX, 220 TTSN, Eng. 40 SMOH. In wing tanks, new Icom radio, aluminum skis, 447 Rotax, v.g. condition, fly away. Always hangared. $8,900 OBO. Phone only 780-4606841, 780-945-0411.


Tel.: 250-554-2616 Fax: 250-554-2215 AIRCRAFT SALES

WHEELER EXPRESS FT painted, engine ready, close out inspection complete, as is $42,000 can finish to suit. Contact Archie at 705-754-9743,

Buyers are recommended to check with original manufacturer to ensure structural and airworthiness requirements are met.



â&#x20AC;˘ 2009 Cessna 400TTx, 125 TSN, G1000 Avionics, TKS de-ice, SVT ................................................. $475,000 US â&#x20AC;˘ 2005 Cessna T206H, 960 TSN, G1000 Avionics, Flint Tip Tanks, WAAS, SVT, Traffic, 406 ELT ........ $405,000 US â&#x20AC;˘ 1980 TU206G - Amphib, 3090 TSN, 35 TSN Engine, 3730 Floats, RSTOL, Flint Tip Tanks, RH Door, VG, Sportsman ..................................................................................................................................................CALL â&#x20AC;˘ 1979 Turbo 182RG, 2850 TSN, 1340 TSOH, King/Garmin Avionics .............................................................CALL â&#x20AC;˘ 1977 Cessna U206G, 4790 TSN, 203 SOH, 227 on new 3-blade prop, Horton STOL, very good paint and interior .................................................................................................................................................CALL â&#x20AC;˘ 1976 Turbo 210L, 3475 TSN, 605 TSOH, RAM 310HP, King Avionics, HSI, RSTOL, 406 ELT ............. $129,900 US â&#x20AC;˘ 1975 Cessna A185F, 5364 TSN, 322 TSOH, 395 SPOH, EDO 2960 floats ............................. $119,900 CDN â&#x20AC;˘ 1961 Cessna 185, 3150 TSN, engine 25 SFRM, propeller 25 TSN, EDO 2870 floats, new paint, everything new or overhauled - firewall foward .................................................................................. $125,000 CDN â&#x20AC;˘ 1959 Cessna 180B, 1682 TSN, 158SMOH (O-470R), 158 SPOH, recent paint and interior, VGâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Horton STOL, EDO 2870 floats ........................................................................................................ $125,500 CDN â&#x20AC;˘ 1953 Cessna 180, 4590 TSN, 810 SMOH, 8.00 Tires, Edo 2870 Floats, Updated Panel, MASA STOL ...$105,000 â&#x20AC;˘ 1946 Piper J3, 2425 TSN, 550 TSOH (85 HP), 340 SPOH (metal), full restâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;n in â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;06 ..................................CALL â&#x20AC;˘ PK4000 Floats, Cessna 207 and Helio, 200 hrs. Time Since New.........................................................CALL â&#x20AC;˘ Federal 3200 Skis with Cessna 180/185 rigging .............................................................................$9,500




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00+%%/2&1-$2*% 4'+2$3,+#1/*$ ,+% $3%*1 &%*+.% ++,%1$(#12$ +% 4'+2$3,+#12/-+,,+2% (#1.301./2+


  +.+. +21+1(++#1-$2*1(3. +2%1 2/.1&/3

43210/.-,+*+1)('+(*/2&1)%1$,%/1,)%*+#1/( 1"! 1$2*%1$%+1/(*2/,,+21$(#12$#+,$(+1 +1-2/0+%%1%1-2/.-*,&1$(#1$'+1$11%$.+1#$&1%)--)(1 2$*+1/(1/2#+2%12+0+)'+#1 + /2+1-.1 


800-433-0814 - Toll free U.S./Canada 330-698-0280 Local/International 330-698-3164 Fax



(&#&!'('"!( & &'(& "  &

" & "& '("& '!' & & !( &  & !"(& "& $ (& ( '& !' &"' &!!' &(' !'( & '& " ((" 

)('(&%($#"((&! % # &"&#("&( (&'&!$&& &( & ('( "( (""(!" " $



THIS MONTH’S FEATURED LISTINGS Canada Area Code Index 1946 ERCOUPE 415DX, O-200 engine, Lycon 8-1 pistons. Engine 40 SMOH, 2430 TT. Owner maintained. Double nose fork, Alon rudder pedals and seats, bubble windshield, large back windows, Alon seats. $23,000. 250-992-9795. (34507)

1963 C-182F on Edo 2790 Amphibs. Asking $105,900. Details, email or call 403-581-3300. (34260)

1971 PIPER PA-18-150, 2650 TTSN, 1245 TTE, Borer prop 125 TT, Edo 2000 Floats, Federal 2000 skis. Lifetime struts, Stitts 1998, overhauled carb, radio, intercom. $75,000. 250-7191601. (34521)


BRITISH COLUMBIA 250 (Victoria, Prince George, Kelowna) 604/778 (Vancouver, Surrey)

ALBERTA 403/587 (Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat) 780 (Edmonton, Fort McMurray)

SASKATCHEWAN 306 (all of Saskatchewan) 1998 j6 KARATOO EA81, 100 HP, 1315 GW, carbon fiber floats, streamline struts, wider fuselage, flaps, warp drive sea plane prop, 3.8 gp. Too many new parts to list. Excellent performer. $22,500 firm or trades considered. Phone calls only 250-698-7577. (34499)

HANGAR FOR SALE RED DEER AIRPORT. Can hold up to 6 small a/c, has two door openings & was built as cold economical easy access aircraft storage from the weather. Has power, 4,483 sq. ft. On leased property. $46,000 OBO. 403-877- 4458, (34479)

PA-12 W/EDO-2000S+WHEELS. Hangared. Good fabric, great panel, outstanding performance. 650# useful, 7.3 GPH in the cruise, $75,000 sale/partnership. Arnprior. The perfect first floatplane. Info at or call 613-733-2544. (34506)

MANITOBA 204 (all of Manitoba)

ONTARIO 416/647 (Toronto) 519/226 (London, Windsor, Kitchener) 613 (Ottawa, Kingston) 705 (Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay) 807 (Thunder Bay, Kenora) 905/289 (Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Mississauga)


1978 CESSNA 185 FLOATPLANE, 34/30 floats and wheels, 2 built in compartments, 2 RPM gauges, plane is encoded, bubble windows, accident/salt free, 3 NAVS, 1 ADF, 2 xpdr, intercom, 2 GPS, fuel management system, dual locking system, trolling motors mount, cable on front of floats for walking across. Paint 7/10. Current CofA. $150,000. Anything wrong will be fixed free of charge before finale sale. Ian 807-6216358. (34197)

C-172K 1970, 4555 TTSN O-360-A4M 180 HP PennYan 240 SMOH, Sensenich 83 SNEW, McCauley 157 SNEW, STOL kit, refurbished 2007 (windows, insulation, interior, seats and paint) bubble windows, BAS shoulder harness, Baumann 2550 floats, GPS Avmap, VOR, NAV/COM, RPM P1000, 4/pl intercom PM1000II, CHT. Empty weight 1462 wheels 1610 floats gross weight 2,500 lbs. ADʼs to date. 450-479-6519. (33871)

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Bifold Hangar Doors

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Call us at: (905) 878-5805 E-mail us at:

Specializing in Hangars and Hangar Doors 7115 McNiven Road RR#3 Campbellville • Ont • L0P 1B0

Proudly Canadian since the early 1980’s

CESSNA 152, engine 480 SMOH, 7600 TTAF, RT-385A Nav/Comm, Bendix/King Skymap II moving-map GPS. KT76A Mode C xpdr, 2/pl intercom dual push-to-talk. Propeller redone 2010. Paint fair/average, very good int. Flown regularly. $34,900. Owner financing available. Langley Airport. For information contact 604-7653917. (34524)

418/581 (Quebec City, Rimouski, Chicoutimi) 450 (Laval, Longueuil) 514/438 (Montreal) 819 (Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivieres)

MARITIMES 506 (New Brunswick) 709 (Newfoundland) 902 (Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island)

The time is right, your future is here! Join and support

COPA Canadian Owners & Pilots Association Contact COPA today: Telephone 613-236-4901 Fax 613-236-8646; E-mail:



COPA is personal aviation Join now and support aviation in Canada today! Membership benefits include: • Information • Representation • Insurance • Assistance • Friendship

Membership Benefits • Freedom to Fly representation to all levels of government • Information - 12 issues of COPA Flight per year • Discounts on aviation products, services, car rentals and accommodations • Pilot insurance • Fly-ins and seminars

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“NEW” 2011 CHALLENGER LS CLIP WING XS65, 30 TTSN, 8 TTE, registered as XS50, upgraded to Rotax 582, oil injection, professionally built, Becker Radio, xpdr. Many upgrades. $39,900. (34477)

1941 TIGER MOTH WITH SKIS, 676 TTSN. 141 since complete rebuild. 31 SMOH with slick mags. 10 gallon aux tank. COM. Intercom. Xpdr. Mode C. Aera GPS. $145,000. For more see (34067)

1946 FLEET CANUCK, extremely good condition. 5565 TTSN, 777 TTSM. New glass, skis. Asking $40,000 Make me an offer, no reasonable offer refused. MUST SELL! Call 905-3532224. (34259)

1946 J3 CUB, C90 Continental 4231 TTSN, intercom, portable ICOM radio, head set. Garmin/GPS, skis, wheels, EDO1400 floats, wing tank, ELT, ext antenna. Excellent condition. $44,900. Contact 705-692-4540, 705-377-4094, (34235)

1946 PIPER J3, 2425 TSN, 550 TSOH, 340 SN propeller, extensive restoration completed in 2006. $37,500. Contact 250-554-2616, (33117)

1947 AERONCA CHAMP 7AC, 3530 TT, Engine 0 SMOH, be the one to break in the new engine! Flies great, economical! Icom radio, new ELT, wheel pants. $26,000. 418-482- 9406. (33630)

1947 STINSON VOYAGER 108- 2, 2665 TTSN, 225 HP Continental O-470J Super Stinson conversion. Engine 300 SOH, 1042 SMOH, McCauley CS 42 TTP. Restored ground up. Sold with inspection. $63,000. Scott 780-542-1182, (34481)

1948 AERONCA 15AC SEDAN, 2190 TT, 360A1A 895 TTSN. Wing rebuilt to AD 2012. Floats reskinned 09, Rud Stab 08. Has 406 ELT. 705-324-9358, (34263)

1948 CESSNA 140, O-235-C1, 115HP, 437 TTE, 2400 TBO. DG, HSI, CHT, xpdr Mode C to 2016. NEW CofA. Float and ski kits, GPS, Strobes. Nice paint/int. Bruce at 780- 645-6683, (34534)

1958 CESSNA 180, 4323 TT, 604 SMOH, 202 prop, tight Edo 2870 floats. Wheels, Garmin GPS. $105,000. 416-233-4497, 705-687-9104, (34509)

1963 CHEROKEE 180, REDUCED to $38,900 OBO. 1293 TTE, 0 SMOH, 0 TTP, 0 hr Mags, Lycoming O-360-A3A, xpdr ICOM210E. Current Annual. Muskoka. Contact at 705-687-3873, (33992)

1965 PIPER PA28, 180 HP, 2990 TTSN, 1150 SMOH, 50 SPOH, Dual, Nav/Com, xpdr, 2 GPS, 4/pl, intercom. New paint/int/glass. Speed mods, shoulder harness. Hangared. Reduced $54,000. (34490)

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1965 PIPER TWIN COMANCHE PA 30, 3770 TT. New paint/bladders, stainless brakes, Tip tanks. 200 mph, 13 gph. Former Canadian registered. OBO OVER $60,000 CDN. Free airline trip to Florida w/purchase, FREE DELIVERY to Canada. 954-684-8781, 772-467-6562. (33476)

1966 C150F, 3237 TTE on condition all cyl. 75 plus. Reupholstered seats, wheel pants, A210 Icomm, Garmin 296C, ADF, 406 ELT, 2 headsets. Annual due July. $16,000 loss Med. Must sell. 705-788-5700. (34238)

1966 CESSNA 150, 2880 TT, 356 SMOE. NEW: windshield, interior, tires, tubes, 760 channel Icom transceiver, intercom and $700 tail light Beacon. Always hangared past 30 yrs., never a trainer. NDH. $24,500 firm. 613-623-7071. (34545)

1967 172H, 4590 TT, 0300D 1590ET, new prop. 2 Narco MK12D VHF/VOR, ADF, 195 GPS, Mode C xpdr, 406 ELT. Professionally maintained, current annual, regularly flown. Always hangared. $46,000. Will deliver. Contact (33991)

1968 CESSNA U206C, IO550F, Continental eng 904 TTSRM, wheels/floats EDO 3430 like new, new cyl at 723 hr, McCauley Black Mac 84” prop, 6 seats. STOL Kit. $155,000. Raymond Cloutier 450- 778-2578, (34267)

1969 CESSNA 185 on EDO 2960 floats, 3 blade prop, 6400 TTAF, 380 TTE, 204 TT prop, VHF, ADF, xpdr, GPS. Complete new paint (maroon and annual. Parts r/h flap, aileron available. $135,000. 250-758-1453. (34400)

1970 CESSNA 182, 3750 TTAF, 590 SMOH, 160 STOH 2012, GAR 250 GPS/COM, 406 ELT. Extended range tanks, autopilot. Hangared. Asking $69,000. Randy 403-586-4302. (34531)

1972 CHEROKEE 6 300, 3100 TT, 400 SMOH, IFR equipped, 2 VOR, ILS, Apollo GX 60 GPS, 6/pl intercom. $89,500 US. 240-429-2279, 204803-2102. (34530)

1974 CESSNA 182P on EDO 2870ʼs. 2480 TTSN, 1170 SMOH, 65 SPOH, GNS430, SPW float kit, 406 ELT, JPI 700, Monarch fuel caps, recent interior, Mogas STC. 2012 paint. $150,000 CDN. 867-765-8253. (34396)

1975 BELLANCA DECATHLON 8KCAB, 1422 TTSN, 259 SMOH. Hartzell CS 259 SPOH (2009). Garmin SL-40 comm, GTX-320A xpdr (Mode C) new 2012. EI digital gauges. Hangared, flown regularly, aerobatic, fun. $65,000 OBO. Neill 403-874-7050. (34128)

1975 CESSNA 150M, 6551 TTSN, 316 SMOH, ICOM VHF, Mode C xpdr, Artex 406 ELT, AvMAP GPS, 4 pt harness, wheel pants, intercom. Fresh Annual. $30,000 + GST OBO. 780-831-8745, (34303)

1975 CESSNA 172M, 160 HP, 865 SMOH, wheels and floats, GPS, wing covers, eng heater, Mode C xpdr. Annual fresh June 2014. $79,500. For more info contact at 705-3744338 or email (34485)

1977 CARDINAL RG, 1/3 share, hangared in Pitt Meadows. Full IFR, GTN650, Powerflow exhaust, 140 kt cruise, Hartzel 3/bl prop, 1700 SMOH. Annual April 2014. $22,000 OBO. Contact at or 778-351-1350. (34246)

1978 CESSNA 182RGII, 2020 TTA/E, eng 898 since complete repair overhaul, not 0 timed. Inspected on condition. A/C 8/10. NDH. $96,000 US. For more info contact Doug at 306-3547744, (34300)

1978 CESSNA 185F on EDO 3430 FLOATS, tight. 4832, TTSN, 817 SMOH, 234 hr Hartzel prop. Seaplanes West engine mount, leather interior, many extras. Well maintained, int/ext 8.5/10. Fresh annual. $178,000 must sell. 705746-1675, (34528)

1979 172N, 6100 TTSN, IFR. Aircraft comes with a zero time spare engine, wheel pants, strobes. Skytec starter, plane power ALT, new radios. Fresh annual, will deliver. NDH. $65,000. 780975-2995, (34078)

A SUPERIOR pilot is one who stays out of trouble by using SUPERIOR judgment to avoid situations which might require the use of SUPERIOR skill.

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Keep them alive – tune 121.5 As of 1 February 2009 there is no monitoring by satellites of 121.5 MHz distress signals from Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). Only 406 MHz is monitored by satellites. Until such time as CAR 605.38 is revised, older ELTs (TSO C91 and C91a) continue to be acceptable but, since they do not broadcast on 406 MHz, monitoring by overflying aircraft and limited range ground receivers will be the only means of detecting a distress signal from older ELTs. It is more important than ever to monitor 121.5 and to report any ELT signal to a NAV CANADA Flight Information Centre by radio as soon as possible. Reference: CAR 605.38

You may be the last hope for your fellow pilots and their passengers. 71 Bank St., 7th Floor, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5N2 • Tel. 613-236-4901 • Fax 613-236-8646

AeroShell W 100 Plus (case of 12 qts.) Our Price!! *$65.00* Phillips X/C Aviation 20 W 50 (case of 12 qts.) Our Price!! *$70.00* AeroShell Fluid 4 (3.785 litre can) Our Price!! *$26.00*

*plus EHC and GST where applicable*

We ship by FedEx or Greyhound.

Call for a shipping rate today!


Edmonton: 3515 76th Ave. (780)-413-1826 Calgary: 6811 52nd St. SE (403)-234-8954



1979 C-185 ON WIP 3730’s, 2579 TT, 1022 SMOH, 400 STOH. Full Garmin, Wing X. Asking $229,000 CDN. 30 Other Fresh water Floatplanes at 613-632-0123. (34532)

1979 C-206-550 ON AEROCETS, 1940 TT, 440 SFRM, 80 SPOH, Garmin, S-Tec, R/STOL, Flint Wet Tips. $299,000 USD. Also 30 other floatplanes & Amphibs. 613-6320123. (34542)

1993 ZODIAC CH601-HDS, Rotax 912UL, 760 TTSN, IVO Airplast flight adjustable 3 blade prop, ICOM A-4 Intercom, Garmin 95 GPS, Cruise 120MPH. North Bay. $20,000 OBO. 705471-7449, (34536)

1996 CITABRIA HOMEBUILT, Lycoming O320 150 HP, 2 doors, 880 TT, wheels/floats 2300, Federal Skis. Excellent condition. $75,000. Contact Raymond Cloutier at 450-778-2578, (34266)

1996 RV6A, 580 TT, Lycoming IO360 180 HP, Warnke F/P prop, VMS digital engine monitor. NDH. Hangared at CYHU. $60,000. Ross 613347-7451, (34247)

1997 MAULE M-7-235C, 2010 TTSN, 330 SMOH, Baumann Amphib, Garmin 300XL GPS/Com, KX155, KT76A xpdr, S-TEC 50 AP, NSD360 HSI,JPI EDM-700, JPI FS450, VGs, HID lights. Always hangared. NDH. $145,000 USD. Steve 403-660-7824. (34397)

1999 ROBINSON R22 BETA II, 450 hrs remain on A/C - 4/bl. Always hangared. Many extras. $104,999. Contact at 250479-7223. (34092)

2003 ZODIAC CH601 XLB, 515 TTSN, eng Jabiru 3300 120 HP, GRD ADJ Prop, 720 radio, Mode C, dual controls, economical to operate, 20L/hr. Asking $43,900. 705-474-5010, (34282)

2004 CIRRUS SR-22 G2, 1336 TTSN, 711 SMOH, G430W package, ETAWS, CMAX, TKS De-ice, loaded with options, custom cover, fresh parachute repack and propeller done, located at CYBW. Hangared. $210,000. 403-850-9123, (34393)

2005 MURPHY MOOSE, hangared, professionally built, zinc chromate throughout w/less than 200 hrs. Many options including M-14 radial engine, Alaskan wheel kit, bubble windows, float kit. $125,000 must sell. Contact 780-937-6973, (34139)

2012 ZENAIR CH801 STOL, 57 TTSN, Cert Lycoming 360, Garmin, Intercom. Always Hangared, more pics upon request. Lost Medical. $70,000 OBO. 403-948-4191. (34288)

BEAUTIFUL LOW TIME 1968 CARDINAL 177, 2806 TT. Always hangared. Mogas STC. Well equipped. 5 hrs. fuel. New radios and windshield. Lost medical. $39,995. Contact at 705282-1595. (33632)

CANADIAN LANCAIR E.S., 372.5 TTSN, 226.5 hrs on NEW 2003, IO-550-N, 310 BHP, Garmin, Century HSI, S-TEC 50 Coupled to HSI and GPS. $189,000 USD. Contact at or 613-632-0123. (34541)

CAVALIER 102.5, 797 TTAF, O-320-B2B, 186 TTSN, Sensenich metal prop. Totally rebuilt/97; 1750# GW, 622# useful load, VFR instruments + Garmin GTX 327 TXP Mode C, Val Radio. Hangared. $25,950. Contact at 250-309-4171, (34111)

CHINOOK PLUS 2 ROTAX 912UL, 80 HP 3 hrs Amateur Build. In-wing fuel tanks, dual controls & instruments, Tundra Tires, carb heat, cabin heater, electric flaperons. Always hangared. $34,900 OBO. Contact at 403-358-1306 or (34262)

COMPLETELY REBUILT MARK V NORSEMAN with 221 hrs on a Tulsa rebuild - Airframe 100% rebuilt including new panel in Aug/2013 Garmin 797 GPS encoding altimeter/ KT76A KY97. 218-820-8791. (34166)

Martin Robert Aircraft Purchases & Sales

819-538-8623 Cell: 819-536-9803 Fax: 819-538-1062

C.P. #9, Lac-à-la-Tortue, (Qc), G0X 1L0 EXCLUSIVE DEALER IN QUEBEC

1984 CESSNA TU206G: 2995.3 (NMDH) TT, 1203.7 (TSIO520 6 new cyl), 198.6 (Black MAC 80’’) SPOH. All new panel with new wiring and marking by Aeroteknic in ST-Hubert, Garmin 796 GPS Air Gyzmo, 2X Garmin Radio GTR 225, Garmin GTX 327 xpdr Mode C, PS engineering intercom with Bluetooth, 406 MHZ ELT, JPI EDM 730 (Replaced the RPM-Manifold Press-CHT-EGT-Battery Ind-oil temp-oil press-GAL hr.-...). Aerocet 3500L Floats, wheels with fairings, Flint Tips Tank 30GAL extra, Robertson STOL Kit, strobe light, LED beacon light. Ext 8.5/10, all new interior 9/10 +. *****ALL NEW PANEL BOARD, INCLUDED ALL NEW AVIONIC AND JPI EDM 730!!!******* 3800 LBS MAX GROSS WEIGHT!!!!!! $229,000.

Visit us at:



DHC-1 CHIPMUNK, 4600 TTSN, 360 SMOH, Garmin GTR225 Com, 496 GPS, KT76A TXPD, 407 ELT, intercom new tires, slick mags, Cleveland brakes, heater. Logs, annual 06/14. CYKZ. $85,000 USD. Contact John 905-554-4165, (34466)

GLASTAR 2006, 180 HP, constant speed, 361 SN, Narco 310+, xpdr Mode C, Dynon D10A, autopilot, extension tanks, Avmap GPS, XM Weather, ELT 406, electronic ignition, seat cover, wing covers. Hangared. $75,000 CDN. (34474)

LUSCOMBE 11A, 2860 TT, 80 hrs on overhauled engine & prop. Good exterior, interior & radios. Encoding tpx, intercom. $29,500. 250655-6420. (34467)

NEW 2011 MURPHY MOOSE, 30 TTSN, 360 HP M14P radial, Garmin transc., Mode C xpdr, Dynon EFIS, grt EIS. CofA. Winnipeg. $125,000 OBO. 204-795-2445, (33967)

NEW PRICE: 1946 Taylorcraft BCS12D, 85 HP, 1360 TTE. Wings, airframe new Ceconite, inspected and oiled 2012. New headliner, seat, floor/glass 2012. 1320 floats, 12” skis/tires. $34,000 OBO. Colin @ 613-582-3545. (34062)

PIPER CHEROKEE PA28 140 SN 28-20177, 4186 TTSN, 1791 SMOH, Mode C – GPS King nav-com KX135 moving map, ELT. Paint/int 8/10. Fresh annual. Hangared. $32,500 neg. 819-889-1121, (34526)

SUPER PETREL 100 AMPHIBIANS, Rotex 912S 100 HP 80hur, Warp Drive 3 blade, (BRS), IC-A210 Radio, GARMIN aera 500, Zaon Flight systems (PCAS MRX), ELT, intercom, double batteries. Squamish, BC. $79,900. 604-9667011. (34525)

SUPER STINSON 108-2, 2854 TT, 0-470R, 411 SMOH, prop 0, Edo 2440Bʼs, wheel gear, refurbished in ʼ02, leather/wool interior, 4/pl intercom, Mode C. Asking $54,000. Salmon Arm, BC. 250835-2141. (34492)

NEW MILLER MOTOR GLIDER, retract, speed brakes, cruise 130. New Franklin 60 HP. $42,000 may consider trade plus cash. 705-654-1124, (34567)

This month’s PHOTO CLASSIFIEDS are on pages C-1, C-2, C-5, C-7, C-8, C-9 & C-10

1970 CESSNA 150K, 6500 TT, 650 SMOH. VOR/ILS, ADF, ELT 406. Wheel pants. Clean and great condition. (CYHU). 514-746-7894, 438-878-7674. (34549)

1986 RUTAN LONG EZ, 470 TT, Lycoming O235 L2C, recent STOH, xpdr Collins TDR-950, Garmin 296 GPS, Kannad 406-AF ELT, ICOM A5 Radio, Flightcom 403mc Intercom. $32,000 Hangared CYRP. Contact Andrew 613-836-3968, (34568)

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A Home to House Your Dreams

CYIN Clinton/Bleibler Ranch Airport - Perfect Home This exceptional large acreage trophy property with a panoramic view offers a luxury home with custom additions and an amazing opportunity. Fly into your own back yard and park your plane in a private hangar. Perfect for horse lovers, too, with hundreds of miles of outstanding riding on your doorstep, as well as 130 acres of irrigated hay fields. Coordinates: N51°15.98’ / W121°41.05’ • Elevation: 3,695 feet MSL Magnetic Variation from 2014 is 17° East • Time Zone is UTC-8(7) Runway: 4,430’ x 90’ with 50’ width paved • Surface: Asphalt • GNSS LNAV Approach Two bedrooms, 3 baths (1 half bath and 2 en suite) • 2,734 sq. ft. • Partial basement Attached garage, detached hangar, barns, workshop and sheds MLS #120651 • $3,877,000 Cdn.

2615 Big Bar Road, Big Bar Lake, Clinton, BC, V0K 1K0 • For more details, contact Goetz Kopf, 250-819-9922 • Century 21 Desert Hills Realty, 867 Victoria Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 2B7

Info-To-Go Builders’ Handbook

Info on the documentation required by Transport Canada to register your aircraft in the Amateur-Built Category, CofA, CofR, Inspections, Check Lists, 51% Rule, High Performance Aircraft/Rating, IFR, Aerobatics, ADs, etc. Now includes CARs 507 permitting 5000 pound gross weight, importation of homebuilts constructed outside of Canada and allowing professional assistance during the construction of your aircraft.

For your free copy contact: HANDBOOK, 2348 Garnet St., Regina, SK, S4T 3A2

Tel.: 306-352-6442 Fax: 306-565-0694


SR2500 SUPER REBEL 25% completed and inspected. Tools, table, paper work and manual incl. $17,000. 705-632-1024,

135 Piper 1958 PA-22 TRI-PACER PROJECT, 150 HP, 1082 TT, 0 SMOH, new tires. Fuselage, tail new fabric painted. Hangared. $15,000. 519-785-0510, 1962 COMANCHE 250, 3600 TT, 275 STOH, 6 new Lyc. Cyl, 35 TTP. XTR 7110, GD avionics. GD A/C. Int/glass new 8/10. $45,000 USD OBO. 250426-5118, Cell 250-421-1484. 1965 PA30 PIPER TWIN COMANCHE, 5223 TT, 168/306 SMOH, 168/0 SPOH. Stabilator service bulletin SB1189 complied with. Garmin 430W/GPSS - Coupled STEC-50 autopilot w/alt hold. Perfect plane for commercial/multi-IFR/cross-country time-building. Annual Inspection Feb/2014. $85,000 US. Contact John at or call 613831-1100. 1966 PA28-235, 2817 TTAF, engine 474 SMOH, 201 TTP subject to change. Collins audio panel, dual nav/coms, ADF, DME. ECI fuel/temp gauges, 406 ELT, BAS Harness. LR tanks. for more info, in annual. Much more! 1970 PIPER CHEROKEE PA28-140, 150 HP, 4150 TTSN, 2180 SMOH, very strong. Horton wingtips. $19,900 OBO. 418-615-3130. 1973 PA-28-180 CHEROKEE CHALLENGER 4500 TTSN, 490 SMOH. Certified aircraft and IFR equipped. Inexpensive to own and operate. Best value for the cost per hour. VOR, ADF, Mode C, wing leveller, dual com TKMMX11, audio panel, custom cover, engine blanket, well-maintained, and flown often. Good time builder or trainer. More information and details at Contact William at 604-202-4083 or email

135 Piper 1974 PA28-151, hangared since 1993 restoration. eng on condition. Mixed IFR. Based CYNJ. Open to partnership. $45,000 OBO. 604-307-2054. CHEROKEE SIX PA 32-300, 1975, 2910 TTSN, 160 SMOH (2005), Hartzell C3YR (2005), GNS 430W, Garmin XPDR mode S, strikefinder, ELT ME406, GEM610, Horizon P1000, 6/pl intercom. LRF. A1 maintenance, always hangared. $120,000. 418-906-5227.

180 Taylorcraft

215 Aircraft Wanted

265 Employ. Wanted

270 Engines for Sale

OTTAWA AVIATION SERVICES OFFERING MAINTENANCE IN BOTH OTTAWA AND CORNWALL. Mobile services available, we can come to you. Nous parlons francais! 613-7379410(w), 613-864-1547 cell.

AEROBATIC FLIGHT LESSONS CLASS II ABI, CERTIFIED PITTS S2A. Based in Oshawa, Aero/IFR ground school, Gopro, & Smoke available. Contact Desmond Lightbody ABI,AGI,IGI 905-809- 3360.

CONT IO 470 VO, ser# 170515R 1548 hrs. Log book, parts and shop manual incl. New set standard piston rings and shipping stand incl. $2,500. 705-632-1024,

250 Blocktime CHEROKEE based in the Maritimes needs to be flown. Looking for pilots who need to build time. For info email

260 Computers

1947 TAYLORCRAFT, 150 HP, new CAP 2000 floats, 37 hrs on total rebuild, 1,330 TT, 32 gal LRF, flaps, owner maint. $49,900 OBO. Gerry 250-723-9904.

185 Ultralight CHALLENGER II BULA, 503 DCDI Oil Injected, 10 gallon. Professionally built, covered, painted 2001. Skis, Turbulence covers, many spares. Ottawa area. $17,495.00 negotiable. Serious inquiries. Please contact at for more details. MITCHELL WING U-2, basic ultralight, 800 TT, Koenig engine, flies very well, rare bird, radio, brakes, basic panel, cond.A-1, one owner. More info

285 Floats for Sale

Advertising pays!

FOR SALE OR TRADE • 1975 CESSNA A185F, CAP D many 3000E, 2500 SOLTTSN, extras • 1971 A185E, Aerocet 3500L, 1700 TSN, NDH • 1982 PK3000 FLOATS, NDH • 1970 Cessna 172K, CAP 2000, 1340 TTSN SERVICING, BUYING, SELLING, TRADING SEAPLANES SINCE 1979

SINGLE SEAT ROTAX 503 ENGINE, 120 TT. Strobe landing lights. Balloon tires. Parachute. Wings are off for transportation. 519-664-3475.

For more listings, please visit our web site


215 Aircraft Wanted CASH FOR YOUR AIRPLANE, damaged, derelict, parts projects. Also have wings, tails, engines, exhaust, struts. Parts for Seminole, Mooney, 177B, 150, 152, 172, Viking, Citabria, Apache, Midget Mustang. 519-4532579.


CONTINENTAL O-300-D, 6 SMOH, 3964 TT. All logs and receipts. Includes mags, starter, carb. Has been pickled, in a shipping crate ready to go. 778-808-7738.

GROUND SCHOOL INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE from Tomvale. Includes everything you need for any aeroplane or helicopter exam from $119. Now downloadable. For details or 613-4792625.


Tel.: 514-648-1856 DE10

125 Murphy


Fax: 514-648-9309

1980 PIPER ARCHER II, IFR, 5020 TTSN, 1025 SMOH, NAV/COM, COM, ADF, xpdr C, GS/LOC. Always hangared, good cond. $49,900. 519392-6984,

Know Safety, No Pain No Safety, Know Pain


Aircraft Hangar Specialists

Cessna 182 Float Conversion Kits All 1956 thru 1986 Aerocet floats Wipline floats EDO floats

NEW ST C adds 40 0 lbs.


Industrial and Commercial Buildings also available e-mail:

GROSS WEIGHT INCREASE on Cessna 182, P, Q and R Increase to 3360 lbs.!! Over 1200 lbs. on Straights, 1000 lbs. + useful load on Amphibs!

1-800-561-2200 Proudly Made in Canada Design Build and T-Hangars available

3500L Straight and 3400 Amphibious for Cessna 180, 182, 185 and 206 2200 Super Cub 5850 Beaver

DUNDAS, ONTARIO Ph: 905-627-1127 Fax: 905-627-7339 or Jim @ 250-545-4884 Photos courtesy of Edenvale Aerodrome and Lake Central Air Services Demonstrator Aircraft in Vernon – Come see



285 Floats for Sale 2790 EDO AMPHIBS, newer bottoms, excellent condition. No patches, 185 rigging. $20,000. Dan 705-8782802. CAP 2000 FLOATS WITH SUPERCUB RIGGING, condition 7/10, Red striping. $7,500. Ryan 780-842-0498. CAP 3000 WITH RIGGING C180185 $5,000. PK3500 with rigging C206 $5,500. Explorer 4500 amphib without rigging $3,500. Rasakti 4000 amphib without rigging $5,000. JeanGuy Bernier 450-658-2041. CERTIFIED FORWARD BOTTOM SKINS for most Edo Float. Contact Ed Peck 902-467-3333, fax 467-3136 EDO 2960 FLOATS with homebuilt Maule rigging, Tight. Blue/Yellow on White. $10,000. Ryan 780-842-0498. FLOAT BRACE WIRES, tie rods, most popular lengths in stock, new certified, new surplus and some used wires. Ed Peck 902-467-3333 NEW 2000 & 2250 FLOATS ANY RIGGING for homebuilt & OM aircraft. Also several sets of damaged Edo & PK floats for parts or rebuild. Ed Peck 902-467-3333. NEW AND USED FLOATS, 1400 2200, 2500 + 3500 lb, displacement. Info at or call 519-225-2399. EDO 2870 FLOATS WITH HATCHES, 180/185 attach fittings, great shape. $7,900. EDO 2960 floats with hatches, 180/185 attach fittings, lots of patches, $4,900. Idaho USA. Dave 208-659-9065.

285 Floats for Sale PK 2300 FLOATS, Scout rigging also 172 Rigging. Please call 204-482-1001.

300 Hangar Space CYKF T-HANGAR FOR RENT, 40ʼ wide, 12ʼ high, sliding steel doors, asphalt floor. $330/month including electricity. Tie downs available. Peter 519-400-2743, HANGAR 22 IS FOR SALE AT CZBA, out front faces 14/32, 30ʼx40ʼ 10ʼ opening height. ready to move in. 905-808-6737, for more info. HANGAR FOR SALE AT CZBA (BURLINGTON AIRPARK) 39x32, electric door, convenient location near parking lot. $35,000 OBO. Jerry 905631-1391, HANGAR FOR SALE AT CZBA (BURLINGTON AIRPARK) 39x32, electric door, convenient location near parking lot. $35,000 OBO. Jerry 905631-1391,

300 Hangar Space HANGAR SPACE AT LACHUTE AIRPORT CSE4. Newly built hangar bright and warm for more information visit or contact Julian at or 514-995-0537. HANGARS FOR SALE AND LOT LEASES AVAILABLE at the High River Regional Airport. All services, JetA and 100LL, GPS approach, 4,150 ft. runway, minutes south of Calgary. For all information view online at HANGAR IN YTS APPROX. 30 X 40, radiant heat bi-fold door, key code man door. Includes use of a common area/waiting with bathroom fridge and stove. $75,000. 705-465-0383. NEW T-HANGARS CNF4, construction will commence early August 2014 and expected availability will be September/- October 2014. The rental fee will be $450 per/month +HST. Contact Airport manager.

HANGAR FOR SALE AT WATERLOO AIRPORT, 6,600 ft. hangar with 55 ft. wide door plus 1,440 ft. office. $475,000 CDN. Ron 519-342-5133,

T-HANGARS FOR RENT AT THE OSHAWA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT, hangar space is now available for lease. Great hangars with electricity and bi-fold doors. Contact Chris Pearce at 905-576-8146 ext 5 or



Floats and wheel skis

• Three-day preparation for Transport Canada exams • Montreal area Tel. & Fax: 819-438-1758

Intensive Ground School




Your Premiere Source for Pre-Owned Parts for Cessna 180/182/185/206/207 • Fuselage parts, cowlings, tail feathers, engine parts and mounts, wings, interior parts and more, avionics and instruments • No parts too large or too small • We also have a homebuilders’ corner (wheels and brakes), instruments, landing gear and lots more • Skywagon City will purchase damaged and derelict aircraft or inventories • Currently parting out 50 aircraft

Skywagon City Inc. 2851 Skywagon Blvd., Brechin, ON, L0K 1B0 705-484-5667 Fax 705-484-5606


Window Latches Now available for your 100, 200 & 300 Series


Ce & i rtified ns toc k

Specializing In Fibreglass Aircraft Parts Email: (208) 664-9589 V-Mail 1-800-891-7687

• Products FAA Approved • Interior Panels • Glare Shields • Nose Bowls • Extended Baggage Kits • Composite Cowlings for All Cessna 180 and 185 and Years 1956 to 1961 Cessna 182 Aircraft Models • Vinyl & Wool Headliners • Products Available for Many Single-Engine Cessnas • PA18 Carbon Fiber Cowlings for Non-certified Cub Aircraft Available • Soundproofing Kits Available

AVIATION ABBREVIATIONS The following are common abbreviations used in Canadian Plane Trade classified advertising. When counting an ad for insertion charges, each abbreviation is one word. When more than one abbreviation is shown, first given is preferred. AC.................................................air condition A/C................................................aircraft AD ................................................Airworthiness Directive ADF...............................................automatic direction finder A&E ..............................................airframe & engine alc .................................................alcohol (as in alc. prop) AP pilot ATS................................................automatic throttle system ASI ................................................airspeed indicator 360CH............................................360 channel radio 720CH............................................720 channel radio CG.................................................centre of gravity CHT...............................................cylinder head temperature Comm/com...................................communications Cont..............................................Continental (engine) CS..................................................constant speed propeller DG ................................................directional gyro DME..............................................distance measuring equipment EGT ...............................................exhaust gas temperature ELT ................................................emergency locator transmitter Enc Alt..........................................encoding altimeter FBO...............................................fixed base operation FD .................................................flight director FREMAN, FREM.............................factory remanufacture GEM..............................................graphic engine monitoring GPH ..............................................gallons per hour GR..................................................glide ratio GS .................................................Glideslope HP .................................................horsepower HSI ................................................horizontal situation indicator IFR.................................................instrument flight rules ILS ..................................................instrument landing system 3LMB/MB......................................3 light marker beacon LOC...............................................localizer LRF................................................long range fuel (capacity) Lyc.................................................Lycoming (engine) MB ................................................See 3LMB MK................................................Mark (model of equipment) MPH..............................................miles per hour NAV ..............................................navigation NAV/COM.....................................navigation/communications NDB ..............................................non-directional beacon damage history OAT...............................................outside air temperature OBO..............................................or best offer O/Oxy ...........................................oxygen P&W .............................................Pratt & Whitney (engine) RMI magnetic indicator RNAV ............................................area navigation SCTOH ..........................................since chrome top overhaul SCMOH.........................................since chrome major overhaul SFREMAN/SFRM ...........................since factory remanufacture SMOH ...........................................since major overhaul SPOH ............................................since prop overhaul STC................................................supplemental type certificate STOH ............................................since top overhaul STOL .............................................short take off & landing T&B...............................................turn & bank TBI ................................................turn & bank indicator TBO...............................................time between overhauls time TTAE or time aircraft engine TTAF or TTA time aircraft frame TTSN time since new VFR ...............................................visual flight rules VHF...............................................very high frequency VOR ...................................................very high frequency Omni-Range xpdr ..............................................transponder


300 Hangar Space OLIVER AIRPORT CAU3 new 42s 33s 12 T hangars for sale or rent. Victor 250-498-4570,

305 Help Wanted ALBERTA AIRCRAFT WELDING AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY is looking for sheet metal welders and riveters. Full time position cw company benefit package. Will train the right candidate COPA MEMBERS ARE ENTITLED TO ONE 2-MONTH COMPLIMENTARY CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT IN THE CANADIAN PLANE TRADE SECTION, â&#x20AC;&#x153;HELP WANTEDâ&#x20AC;? FOR THOSE SEEKING EMPLOYEES OR â&#x20AC;&#x153;EMPLOYMENT WANTEDâ&#x20AC;? FOR THOSE SEEKING A JOB. LIMIT ONCE PER MEMBER AND A MAXIMUM OF 30 WORDS. WANTED EXPERIENCED PILOT looking for block time on single-engine aircraft (preferably IFR capable), near Alma / Saint HonorĂŠ / Bagotville. Dan

335 Parachutes PILOT EMERGENCY PARACHUTES for gliders, powered aerobatics, warbirds. Sales and service. Back, seat, chair; custom colours. National, Softie, Strong, new/used. Call Flying High Manufacturing Inc., 403-6872225, or thru

340 Parts for Sale C-85 COMPLETE EXHAUST SYSTEM WITH CARB HEAT AND HEATER MUFFS. $300 plus shipping. Phone only, 780-460-6841, 780-9450411.

340 Parts for Sale D.H. MOTH PARTS COLLECTION, engines, wings, floats, skis. 60+ years of parts, part of Watt Martins collection, taking bids up till July 31/14. Call Don 519-856-9579, 905-699-7991, PARTING OUT SEMINOLE, Cardinal, C-150, C-172, Mooney, Viking, Apache. Also rebuildable Tri-Pacer, Zenith 250, Aeronca Sedan also O290 Lycoming, 200 HP Ranger engine, lots of parts. 519-453-2579.

365 Real Estate DREAM LOCATION, PICTURESQUE SETTING, COOKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S CREEK close to Red River north of Winnipeg, 32 acres of prime level farmland, over 2,000 ft. depth for landing strip. Beautiful private treed home site, with 700 ft. creek frontage where vendor used to land and dock Cessna 195 on floats. Lots of room to build hangar and home, close to historic St. PeterĘźs Stone Church â&#x20AC;&#x201C; property is also sub-dividable. Clayton Bristow, Sutton Group, text me your email address for listing and survey info. 204-232-7750.

365 Real Estate AZ â&#x20AC;&#x201C; AZHOMEANDHANGAR.COM Arizona Aviation Real Estate Specialist. Airparks, Fly in Ranches and Estates. Pegasus, Stellar, Carefree Sky Ranch, Thunder Ridge, Eagles Roost, Mogollon and 14 additional airparks. Associate member of the Baja Bush Pilots. 408888-6380 direct. COMMERCIAL OUTPOST FLY INONLY PREMIUM CAMP ON BEAUTIFUL TROUT AND PIKE LAKE. About 50 miles north of Blind River Ont. For pictures and details, email PRIVATE AIRFIELD LOTS, two approx. 45 acre lots with grass runway access located 1 hr NW CYYZ. Build in scenic Niagara Escarpment and share 1,800Ęź N/S and 3,700Ęź E/W runway. For more details FEDERALLY REGISTERED AERODROME! CPK9, 30Ęź x 40Ęź hangar, electric bi-fold door, 3/bed bungalow, 2/car garage, lg/deck, handicap access, stair glide, hoyer lift, fuel shed & tank, tile drained, 2/tie downs, sock, geo thermal furnace. $795,000. 519848-3595.

Take flight with Travelers Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great to have good choices. Travelers has unique pilot-friendly financing programs that get you what you want. We understand the industry and share your passion for flight. Contact Aircraft Finance Specialist John Mealey 416.706.4331

BC GULF ISLANDS SIDNEY ISLAND 2 ACRE WATERFRONT LOT, strata development, stunning location with many great homes, 2,600 ft. private grass air strip, 300 ft. dock, 1,500 acres of parklike common property with many miles of road, wildlife, beaches. Incredible place to be able to fly into. $220,000. Please email for more info

Aircraft Exterior Fairings 450 NEW VINYLESTER AIRCRAFT EXTERIOR FAIRINGS MODELS Available on the WEB at 819-375-1250 Fax: 819-379-1131

365 Real Estate YOU HAVE READ A LOT OF ARTICLES ABOUT P.E.I. In C.O.P.A. this year so come to CABLEHEAD AIRPARK (CCA3) for a visit. Beautiful lots starting @ $25,000 & B&B on field. and May 15 to Oct 15 call 902-961-2311.

KOVACHIK AIRCRAFT SERVICES LTD. 40 years experience Certified AMO

* Specializing in fabric work, structural repairs and rebuilds â&#x20AC;˘ Engine overhaul and repair â&#x20AC;˘ Parts and accessories â&#x20AC;˘ STC - for Stewart Warner Fuel Transmitters â&#x20AC;˘ Certified or Homebuilt

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905-335-6759 E-mail:

Humphrey Aircraft Services Located on the water in the heart of SAULT STE. MARIE, Ontario

AMO 52-93 Inspections â&#x2014;&#x2020; Repairs â&#x2014;&#x2020; Rebuilds â&#x2014;&#x2020; Welding â&#x2014;&#x2020; Parts Aircraft Import & Export SKILLED â&#x2014;&#x2020; EXPERIENCED â&#x2014;&#x2020; DEDICATED 100 LL FUEL AT THE DOCK Convenient Customs Clearances Phone: 705-759-2074 â&#x2014;&#x2020; Fax: 705-759-0038 Email:

Great Deal for COPA Members on AOPA Pilot Subscriptions! COPA and AOPA have once again teamed together to provide a great benefit for COPA members. For many years COPA and AOPA offered subscriptions to AOPA Pilot magazine, access to the AOPA members only section of the AOPA website and pilot assistance services. When you give them your COPA member number, you will be entitled to a special annual rate of $50 US, compared with other international subscribers who pay $65 US. This improved program also includes faster service â&#x20AC;&#x201C; subscriptions are now arranged by contacting AOPA directly at 1-301-695-2000.

#"! ##!" "!

COPA members can subscribe to 12 editions of the e

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magazine and have access to the he â&#x20AC;&#x153;member-onlyâ&#x20AC;? website and access to pilot assistance for flying in the USA. A.

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LAST MINUTE CLASSIFIEDS 1947 CESSNA 140, 7118 TTSN, C-85 1760 SMOH, Prop 495 TTSN, Cleveland brakes, 60 Amp alternator, Mode C. Lights for night VFR. Annual July 2013. $17,000. Daniel 604-657-6640, 1969 CESSNA 180H, 3642 TTAF, 808 eng, IFR equipped, Stec AP with alt. hold, 406 ELT, firewall battery, tight and fast CAP 3000 floats, skis, $135,000. for info. 1976 ARROW II, 3801 TT, 2356 SMOH, 555 STOH good engine, King Digital, II-Morrow VFR GPS, STEC 50 A/P, Cruise 140 Kts. Gorgeous. New int/2014, good paint/-1998. Excellent maint. 905-454-2110. (34089) 1976 CESSNA A185F, 4267.5 TT, 1418.6 TT SMOH, wing X, 1300 lbs useful, Sportsman STOL, canoe rack, 3430 floats, with hatch, bubble windows, fresh prop, 193.0 STOH. Fresh Annual. Asking $119,000. 705-2728759. 1976 LANCE, 3586 TT, 556 SM, Garmin/King Digital, G496 Panel GPS w/satellite WX-XM radio; HSI, WX10 S/S, Av fan, Fuel Computer,engine analyzer, stdby vac, a/p. Recent annual. 905-454-2110. 2005 CESSNA TURBO 182T, 400 TT, IFR, oxygen, Garmin-1000 III with autopilot, GEA-71, GDL-69A, GIA-63, WX-500, GTX-33, Pointer-3000, leather interior. Good condition, all log books. Annual Nov/2014. $235,000 USD. 905-510-0046, 2005 GLASS GOOSE, amphibious, 273 TTA/E, 170HP. MAZDA RX8 rotary engine with RWS components, xpdr, radio, elt, intercom. Original builder/owner, always hangared. Asking $60,000. 506-530-5780.

1966 C-150 TD, 6511.6 TT, 50.5 SMOH, O-320/150+HP. New glass, 40 GAL LRF. Skis, KX175B & Garmin Enc. 406 ELT. Fresh Annual. $50,000 OBO. 867-699-4321, 780-217-2595.

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1969 SUPER CUB 150, 2385 TTSN, 950 SMOH, floats, wheels, skiis, Borer & cruise props, GPS, VAL com, intercom, droop tips, geared starter, good Stitts. Retiring from flying. Asking $79,900. 705-654-3917. 2001 3 SEATS ZENAIR CH300TD, 850 TT, Lycoming 3-320 160HP 850 STOH, Com, GPS, xpdr, Intercom. $22,000. 613-443-1469. 1965 172F, 4802 TT, 1778 SMOH, 639 TTP, Nav/Com, xpdr. New slick mags/harness. Alternator conversion, float kit. $25,000. For more info 3100 SQ FT HANGAR IN COURTENAY AIRPARK M, fits two airplanes in separate bays; two offices, two parts rooms’, mezzanine storage, 2/pc bathroom and more. $149k. Contact Dean 250-339-2021



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CESSNA 170, 1948 classic aircraft, complete rebuild November 2013, 3230 TT, 1350 SMOH, 0 SPOH. New glass, tires, paint, cables. Hangared. $31,500 OBO. 519-235-2432. CONTINENTAL O-200 A48 CASES AND BOTTOM END, new main and con rod bearings, good logs, no prop strike. $5,200 OBO. 705-754-1124, OLDS-DIDSBURY AIRPORT CEA3 is seeking a caretaker-maintenance person. Mobile Home lot is available at the airport. Gerry Bakken 403-5071754, Bob Jackson 403-507-0316.

1980 182RG, 7591 TT, 376 FREM,18 SPOH, Major King Digital Upgrade DME, HSI, KLN-90B IFR GPS, 76C Xpdr - all in 2005; stdby vac, Tanis heater, Rosen visors, carb temp. Int 2005, paint 1995. 905-454-2110. 1980 TURBO 206, 3730 Amphibs, 2298 TT, 786 SFactOH, 75 STOP, Garmin 530, 430, audio, xpdr, WX; King HSI, KR87. 300A/P, RSTOL, tiptanks, 3800 lb. GWT, bubble windows, 406 ELT, wheels. Fresh annual. 905454-2110.

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current C of A, excellent condition, paint 7/10, new interior 1996, always hangared. $24,000 OBO. 32





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It is possible to have your COPA membership renewed automatically every year. This new service prevents your COPA membership from lapsing if you forget to renew on time. It also saves your association from sending out renewal notices. Sign up for automatic membership renewal and save. COPA members applying for the automatic membership renewal will save $2 on their next renewal. If you have renewed your COPA membership recently, you may still apply. Then your next renewal will be automatic and you will save $2.

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$58.00 plus applicable taxes

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$79.00 plus applicable taxes

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Total to be charged annually (CREDIT CARD ONLY): $ ________________ Please list family members below if you are applying for a Family membership. (They will receive a membership number if they do not already have one.) Name: _______________________________________________________________ Member No: __________________ Name: _______________________________________________________________ Member No: __________________

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I Agree: By signing this form you are authorizing COPA to debit your credit card account on your ANNUAL renewal date for a personal ($58.00 plus applicable tax), or a family ($79.00 plus applicable taxes). It is the responsibility of the member to notify COPA of any changes to your credit card ie. Expiry date. Should membership fees increase, you will be notified by mail and will be requested to fill out a new form.

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