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Coco Lin’s Profile

Name:Coco Lin

Birthday Date:1995/08/13

Hobbies:Guitar,Music,Shoes,Take Photo




I very like korea,but even then somebody may don’t like it,but I love their culture and people. BIGBANG is my favorite boy group,2NE1 is my favorite girl group,and Cha Seung Won is my favorite actor,even he is already 43 years old,and So Ji Sub is my favorite actor too.


I used to be a student of food field when I was a senior high school student,and here are pictures of food I made for a competition.Even my team didn’t get a good ranking,but we get a good experience.


I like cameras and I always take pictures when I’m outside,here are the pictures I took,taking picture let me feel good,and I can forget something bad.

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