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A wet start to the New Year

Not my fave

Cooroy and surrounding districts are still cleaning up after the flash flooding we received in the aftermath of ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald. As much as the rain was appreciated after our hot and dry Christmas period, Australia Day saw many residents cut off from townships with loss of power and phones. Our thanks to the Emergency workers who, once again, worked tirelessly to ensure our safety and minimise loss.

Bob to stand and asks Mayoral candidates to step forward FORMER Sunshine Coast and Noosa mayor, Bob Abbot, has shared his intentions as the Noosa de-amalgamation campaign starts to move into top gear. In front of supporters and a large media gathering at Noosa Marina where his “Big Bob for the Big Job” campaign began five years ago, Bob announced he agreed that a new council would be financially viable. But, to the surprise of many, he announced he would only serve as a councillor and not as mayor. Bob said he wanted to make his intentions known now, after constant specu-

lation about his position on the March 9 deamalgamation referendum. “I’ve come to the view that I will be certainly voting yes on March 9. I’ve come to the conclusion that a Noosa Council of the future can be viable. I’ve had a look at the figures and I think, regardless of the rhetoric that’s been run around, it is highly possible.” Mr. Abbot said. Bob went on to say that he wouldn’t be standing in the way of future leadership but would like the candidates for mayor to come forward before the March 9 vote.

February 6, 2013

“I think the mayoral candidates who know they’re going to stand owe it to the people of Noosa to let them know their intentions before March 9. I don’t intend to get involved in any campaign – the people of the old Noosa Shire need to make that decision themselves. But if we do get a ‘Yes’ vote – I don’t think “back to the future” is an option. I think people are trying to find out I think exactly what I’m doing and what others are going to be willing to do.” he added. Continued on Page 3

HAPPY New Year everyone and I hope you all survived the rain and wind on Australia Day without too much drama. I spent quite a bit of time that day on the phone to my insurance company after opening my bills (which I had avoided doing over the holidays) and realising that both my home and contents policies had lapsed. Not surprisingly they will not renew your insurance while you’re in the midst of a cyclone. So as the trees on my property started to topple, I poured myself a stiff drink, locked myself in the toilet (the smallest room in the house) and belted out Que Sera Sera. And I wonder why the kids think I’m eccentric. Thankfully we didn’t sustain any significant damage, apart from a broken downpipe, so embarrassing as it is, I will probably have to buy water this week. We were lucky though, because before our road was cut off from town I managed to make a quick dash to IGA to panic shop. The empty shelves suggested that I’d left my run a bit late, but I did manage to stock up on the essentials, like chocolate, chips, a big tin of powdered milk (which remains unopened) and a plethora of other delectables. Unfortunately we then proceeded to panic eat until we were sick, which made our family stint in the toilet more than a little uncomfortable. My insurance policy was the only thing that lapsed that day. My New Year’s Resolution of “getting organised this year” has now been amended to “finish renovating the ensuite”. So there you have it … expired insurance, eccentricity and ensuites … Doris Day show tunes … Not my fave! Next edition: February 27 Booking deadline: February 14 Copy deadline: February 18



Winners Xmas Shop Window Competition

The New Year – no real surprises

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The New Year has arrived, and with it the rash Of credit cards refusing to give up more cash, Last year is history, it’s over, it’s dead, Let’s try and forecast, what is lying ahead. Princess Kate is preparing for the Royal birth, (To the media the most beautiful baby on earth), Someone somewhere will start some more wards, Boats will bring more refugees to our shores. Australia will tell China to pull up their socks, A few companies will end up broke, on the rocks, Sports experts will abound, in cricket, footy, and tennis, Dieticians will warn up junk food is a menace. Greenpeace will be at sea protecting the whales, While the big stores will bemoan the fall in sales, In some poor countries starvation deaths will increase, While our society overeats, and is becoming obese. Academics will drone on about health and education, Leaving nurses and teachers to cope with the situations, One of our submarines will venture bravely out to sea, Tiresomely we’ll see Lance Armstrong, again on TV. The Americans will keep their guns, declaring it a right, A decision, which undoubtedly, is not very bright, Interest rates will possibly be the lowest for years, Bringing self-funded retirees closer to tears. No money for hospitals, nurses, things of that sort, But plenty available for fireworks and sport, There’ll be a referendum for Noosa Shire’s disconnection, Followed by the dramas of a Federal Election. It seems as though we’ll be getting more of the same, If something bad happens, they’ll find someone to blame, So prepare yourselves citizens, for the year ahead, And pray that this lucky country is competently led. Jim Dunstan Note to Kate and Will: There is only one most beautiful baby on earth, and every mother has it.

CONGRATULATIONS to Maple Lane Country Gifts and Quick Snips for winning first and second in the Christmas Shop Window Trail. They both receive a voucher from Queensland Media Print. Harry McKeown was the lucky Shop Window Trail entrant who won the $100 IGA voucher. Thank you to all the shops that entered - we had 28 shops participate in total and we received hundreds of votes for the best windows. It’s a great show of our fantastic Christmas community spirit.

Clean up Australia Day

Unitywater invites residents to tour the new Cooroy Sewage Treatment Plant • Wedding Ceremonies • Master of Ceremonies • Commitment Ceremonies • Life Celebrations • Funerals

Maple Lane Country Gifts window display

RESIDENTS of Cooroy and Pomona are invited to take part in a public tour of the newly upgraded Cooroy Sewage Treatment Plant on Friday 8 February. Unitywater extends the invitation to the community to mark the completion of the $19 million facility. Unitywater CEO George Theo said: “The completion of this project will provide Cooroy with a modern sewerage system, which will benefit customers and the environment. “We encourage interested residents

to take part in a guided tour of the facility that will service the current and future population of Cooroy and Pomona.” Tours will be offered at the following times: 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Places are limited and bookings are essential. Bookings must be received no later than Friday 1 February 2013 by emailing Renee Black at or phoning her direct on 5475 3768. This event is proudly sponsored by Monadelphous.

CLEAN up Australia Day will be held on Sunday, March 3. The bin site is usually in the car park adjacent to Apex Park, opposite Cooroy Hire. The site supervisor will be there from 7.30am until 11am for those who have no registered online. Please wear solid footwear and bring a pair of gardens gloves on the day. I look forward to a good roll out on the day. John Gabb – Site Supervisor

Cooroy-Eumundi Garden Club THE next meeting of the Club will be the AGM to be held on Monday 11 February 2013 at the Anglican Church Hall, Miva Street, Cooroy commencing at 9.30 am. The speaker will be Jeff Fernley, Parks Leader from Parks Operations North of the Sunshine Coast Council. Jeff will speak on the work of his team in relation to the Council Parks and Gardens. New members are always welcome. For further information please contact Secretary John on 5415 1213 or mobile 0410 485 285.

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Butcher’s Family Pies . . . Ready to Heat & Eat Come in & “Meat” us

5485 1256 Memorial Avenue, Pomona Page 2 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

Chickens Ava ilable N ow! Now!

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news De-amalgamation information night set for 12 Feb


ON 9 March, Noosa residents have to vote on whether or not we de-amalgamate from the Sunshine Coast Council and form a new Noosa Council. To help with the decision process a public meeting providing information will be held at Cooroy Bowls Club on Tuesday, 12 February at 5.45pm for a 6.00pm start. Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson will be in attendance speaking about the reasons to stay amalgamated (the NO vote) and Noosa Mayor aspirant, Cr. Russell Green will be in attendance speaking about the reasons to deamalgamate (the YES vote). Both speakers will speak for 10 minutes and then answer questions from the floor. “People are still confused or undecided about which way to vote and what it will mean to them,” Cooroy Chamber of Commerce President, Danielle Taylor said. The Chamber decided to organise a public meeting with proponents of both the yes and no vote available to answer questions to enable everyone to get all the information they feel they need in order to make an informed decision when they go to vote. “A common query we’ve heard recently is about who is going to run for the councillor and mayor positions if Noosa does de-amalgamate. People want to know who could potentially be running the new Noosa Council and to help them decide on whether to vote for de-amalgamation or not,” she added. “We are also hearing concern about the state government recommendation not to include divisions if the vote is successful on 9 March and what that will mean for representation from the hinterland communities. The issue of a state government appointed administrator if the YES vote is successful will also be discussed. We are therefore urging anyone that is considering standing for a role in the new council to come along to the meeting and let people know of their inten-

Land this Good at this Price is hard to find!

tions. It will also be a great chance for many locals to get the facts straight from both sides of the vote,” Ms. Taylor said. The primary purpose of the meeting is to provide information about the deamalgamation vote. However, there are currently several other topics which are also relevant to the people of the hinterland. Therefore, following the deamalgamation discussions a presentation on the draft Rural Futures Strategy will be conducted by John Elliott, Policy Planning and Strategy Manager with Sunshine Coast Council. This is a draft

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson

Noosa Mayoral candidate Russell Green

strategy that applies to the hinterland region including the Noosa hinterland towns like Cooroy, Pomona and Kin Kin. Submissions with feedback on this strategy are due by 22 February. To finalise proceedings, Sergeant Mal Scott from Cooroy Police Station will give an update about recent police activities and an update on recommendations for changes to parking spaces in Maple Street, Cooroy will be provided by Danielle Taylor on behalf of Cr Tony Wellington who is unable to attend.

Bob asks Mayoral candidates to step forward

• All useable 7 acres with beautiful fertile soil • Good water with rocky creek • Be self-sufficient - grow just about anything • Private level house site • New fencing on 2 sides, bitumen road frontage • Power at front boundary • Driveway in place $420,000 ‘ Cooroy ’ John Tucker 0418 713 487

Cedar Springs Acres from $199,000

Continued from Page 1 “There are a number of reasons for this. I believe I can add some continuity and long-term knowledge to the new Noosa Council and I think I can provide some stability but it’s probably nine months before an election will be held” Bob went on to say he believed the role of a State Government appointed council administrator would be crucial in setting the groundwork for a new council. “I don’t want to see a CEO from some big corporation come in and set an agenda that was not in keeping with the Noosa community’s view” he said. Voters can look forward to a series of forums to be held in the coming weeks, starting with one being presented by Cooroy Chamber of Commerce at Cooroy Bowls Club on February 12 (see above) to learn more about their options as voting day approaches. Ex-Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot has announced he will stand for councillor if a new Noosa Council goes ahead

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Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 3


Australia’s Pearl Harbour

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ON Thursday, February 19, 1942, Australia suffered the first onslaught on its soil, when Darwin was bombed by the Japanese. The raid resulted in many casualties, both military personnel, and civilians, and in enormous damage to the ground instillations and shipping. This was only ten weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbour, which brought the Americans into the War. The raid on Darwin was made by 36 fighters, 71 carrier bombers, and 81 carrier attack aircaft, and it comprised the same group that bombed Pearl Harbour. This was a considerable force, and Darwin’s pitiful defence was a few 37 millimetre anti-aircraft guns, 10 US Air Force P40 Kittihawk fighters, 5 RAAF Wirraway training aircraft, and the armaments on the ships in the Harbour, plus a few obsolete Lewis 303 Light Machine Guns, (first World War vintage) which were useless against low-flying strafing aircraft. All the Allied aircraft were destroyed by the enemy in a matter of minutes, and the Japanese bombed and strafed virtually at will. Their targets were the Police Barracks, the Hospital, the Post Office, shops and offices, Government House, the shipping, main wharf, and the Hospital Ship Manunda. The first raid lasted about an hour, and its main target was shipping, which included the American destroyer, the USS PEARY. The second raid, at noon, by land-based twin engined bombers, consisted of some 54 aircraft. It lasted about 20 minutes, and concentrated its fury on the airfield and its buildings. Darwin was by now a devastated

by Jim Dunstan

smoking ruin, a scene of utter chaos, its harbour filled with sunken and damaged ships. Casualties were impossible to assess, but the accepted figure was approximately 250 killed, and between 300 and 400 injured. It gave little comfort to know that more bombs were dropped, more ships sunk, and more civilians killed than at Pearl Harbour. Fortunately, about half the population had been evacuated before the raid, and of the remaining 3000, only 63 were women. The price to the Japanese? 5 aircraft lost, another 5 aircraft ‘probable’! There were many stories of heroism on this day, but also many stories of chaos, lack of leadership, confusion, and widespread looting by both civilian and military personnel. A Royal Commission was created in March, only weeks after the raid, to examine these factors. It pointed it main criticism at the conduct of the civil authorities. They found that no plan had been formed to deal with resultant conditions, and that the assistance of the military authorities should have been sought earlier. There was a lack of preparation, and an absence of leadership and discipline. The magnitude of the raid, the damage, and the casualties were concealed from the public b the Government, on the grounds of civilian morale. Darwin based occupation of Australia was considered by the Japanese, but this was abandoned as they were otherwise occupied in the East Indies. The raids on Darwin and the west coast of Australia were designed to deny the Allies any bases in that north western area.

news Noosa District’s 50th Jubilee NOOSA District SHS will celebrate its 50th jubilee next year, with celebrations in May 2013 coinciding with the official opening of the school on May 25, 1963. An official Facebook site has been set up at: for those who want the latest news on the event and so that the community and past students can RSVP to the event and make contact with old friends. The Facebook site has pages where past students can nominate “Noosa Notables”, there is also a section for memoirs, photos and a page to remember past teachers and students who have passed away. Prizes are on offer for worthy contributions to the Facebook site. Car bumper stickers promoting the event are on sale at the school’s front office for the cost of $2 from the beginning of the new school year in 2013. A 50th Anniversary Book will also be available to purchase during the celebrations in May. Families and businesses can sponsor a page in the 50th Book at the cost of $30. The school is looking for memorabilia for a display. These could be old Yali magazines, uniform items, newspaper clippings or photos. Those who can assist are to contact the school office on: (07) 5472 2222 or Liz Garbacz in H Block on: (07) 5472 2251. NDSHS and the Cooroy community are very excited to celebrate this significant milestone next year.

Cooroy Pony Club THE Cooroy Horse and Pony Club sign on is on Sunday 17th Feb from The AGM will be at 11.30 am at the Pony Club grounds, Mary River Rd, cooroy. The first muster of the year will be from 1pm Peta O’Neill ( Secretary)

COOROY Maple Street Surgery in Cooroy is delighted to welcome Dr Conor Murphy to its team of committed Doctors and staff Conor has worked in a variety of Queensland settings since first arriving in Australia in 2004. Starting at Gympie General Hospital, he has also spent time at the Royal Brisbane and Nambour General Hospitals, working in fields such as general medicine, emergency medicine, surgery and mental health. For the past twelve months Conor has been working in general practice in Beerwah. His interests include all areas of general practice, in particular mental health and preventative health. Conor is married with two young daughters and has made the sunshine coast region his permanent home. In his spare time he and his family enjoy the beautiful scenery and many outdoor activities that the sunshine coast and it’s hinterland have to offer. Conor has always believed in practicing quality affordable medicine and is looking forward to being s lont term member of this community. Bulk Billing is available for those in need of financial support at the doctors discretion

PHONE: 5447 6644 Page 4 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

46 Maple Street Cooroy


COOROY RAG BOUQUETS & B R I C K B AT S BRICKBACKS to the new country neighbours who let off dozens of fireworks at 9:30pm in this tinderbox country around Black Mountain. Please be aware of the fire risks of backyard burning, fireworks, etc at the moment, and let your neighbours and fire-fighting volunteers around the district get some sleep. BOUQUETS to the wonderful people who came to my daughter’s aide when her grocery trolley toppled on an uneven surface, spilling groceries and two toddlers onto the pavement. Thank you for your quick response and for comforting the children. Both are fine and continuing to enjoy their visit to Cooroy. BRICKBATS to the Gospel Church members who shout their message out on megaphones on a Sunday night. Please have some consideration for residents who don’t want to hear your message. BOUQUET to Andrew Thompson of Kinnmond Creek Road Cootharaba for the great work he did in ensuring the recent Cootharaba fires did not become a real disaster. The fire trucks attending the fires in Junction Road had exhausted their water supplies and as all the surrounding dams were without water the situation looked pretty grim, the fire having the potential to threaten many homes. A local who knew Andrew (and his truck) called him and he returned to the area from a job he was on to get his truck and water pump and then spent the next 11 hours (through the night) supplying water to the fire trucks. Andrew is not a fireman but is a local hero and although not one to seek recognition, certainly deserves it! BOUQUET to the Energex & SES workers who worked tirelessly after the floods to ensure the safety of everybody and did their best to restore power as soon as possible. BRICKBATS to drivers who don’t indicate at the roundabout at the Cooroy Industrial Estate. On Wednesday 23rd at 7.30am I (a local tradie) left the hardware store unaware that the side door of my van was open. A valuable nail gun in a black box fell out at the RSL roundabout. BOUQUET to the kind person who placed it on the bench outside the RSL for me to collect. I am most appreciative and would like to thank you in person. Please contact me on 0431 651 215. BOUQUET to Darren Pope of Cooroy for sending the Cooroy Rag his flood photo pics. BRICKBAT to the lady who kept on walking after her unleased dog bit and opened a gash on my leg while near the park at Cooroy on December 18. The damage required medical attention. Email:

Grants help with environmental works on private property IF you own a property on the Sunshine Coast and would like to protect and enhance the biodiversity of your land and of the Sunshine Coast region, you should consider applying for a Landholder Environment Grant. Sunshine Coast Council is currently accepting expressions of interest for these grants, which assist landholders with environmental works on their properties. Landholder Environment Grants have a three stage application process – an expression of interest form must be submitted before 5pm 25 February, a council officer will arrange to visit your property to discuss the project and funding amounts and then you will need to complete an online application. Community Programs

Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the Landholder Environment Grants helped council to develop partnerships with the community and help the local environment. “These grants are about council and the community working together to deliver projects that protect our region’s natural assets, preserve the biodiversity of the region and promote ecologically sustainable management of our environment,” said Cr McKay. “Projects that are eligible for funding include fencing to restrict stock access to vegetation and waterways, revegetation to restore degraded areas or establish vegetation corridors and control of environmental weeds to rehabilitate native vegetation areas. “Priority will be given to projects with high ecological value.

“As with any of council’s grant and funding programs, I strongly encourage people to contact a grants officer if they have any questions about eligibility or the application process.” Contact a grants officer on 54418616 or grants@sunshinecoast.qld. or visit www.sunshinecoast.qld. Expressions of interest close 5pm 25 February 2013. Applications can be made after a council officer has visited your property and are due before 5pm 22 April 2013. Council is also currently accepting applications for the Environment category Community Grants, open to not-for-profit community groups. Further information about these grants is available on council’s website and applications close 1 March 2013.

Coor oy Cooroy

Chiropractic Robert C. Hilditch D.C.


• Instant Health Fund Claims • Approved Veterans Affairs provider • Low Force Activator Technique • Soft Tissue Trigger Point Therapy • Manual adjustment/mobilisation Clinic Hours Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday By appointment only

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PEST CONTROL Jay & Nicky Turner 0409 217 328

Specialising in all types of Pests, Termite Inspections & Treatments All Work Guaranteed

1300 501 377

On ya bike! IF you own a bike and need some basic maintenance tips don’t miss out on the free maintenance session presented at Cooroy Library on Saturday, Februrary 16 from 10am to 11.30am. The On Ya Bike workshops presented by Sunshine Coast Council’s Living Smart and TravelSmart teams give practical demonstrations on fixing a flat tyre, bike cleaning, lubricating and making basic adjustments. Participants will also be given information about local trails, pathways and on-road cycling networks across the Sunshine Coast. TravelSmart Sunshine Coast encourages residents to discover how to leave the car at home and find cleaner, alternative methods of transport. Book by visiting council’s library website or call 1300 LIBRARY.

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Don’t Let GREETINGS BREAK SEASONS the MOULD THE take HOLD DROUGHT MelcoLanhams Cooroy would like to wish our Customers a Happy Christmas and a Safe New Year! Thank you for all your support in 2009. 11 Regards, Tim Lanham & the Team

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COOROY RAG Cooroy Pomona RSL Sub-Branch donates to flood victims The Cooroy-Pomona Sub-Branch met last week and voted to donate $1000 to the District Wide Bay Burnett Sub-Branch to assist victims of the recent flood. They are also writing to other sub-branches in the district asking them to donate if they possibly can. Members of the public can also make donations at the Cooroy RSL. Receipts will be issued for tax purposes.

PH: 0448 553 134

A fond farewell to Fiona Well, what a fabulous 6 years it has been at the Cooroy Community Bank branch. As many of you may know, I’ve been the Branch Manager this whole period and writing articles in Cooroy Rag for nearly that long too! However, it’s now sadly time for me to move on. I came to the role with over 15 years in banking - most of it with Bendigo Bank in a myriad of different roles. My time at Cooroy though, has been particularly special. I entered the world of “Community Banking”, where the traditional elements of banking remain – writing loans and managing banking products for customers, but there are also a few distinct differences. Firstly, there is a real emphasis on banking relationships being handled locally. Decisions are generally made and managed right here, including direct phone lines into the branch. This formula is ideal for Cooroy where there is a strong sense of local community. The second major dif-

Directors Peter Billinghurst and Wayne Martin

Accounting, Taxation & Planning for Businesses, Investors & Self Funded Retirees

• Small Business Services • Structure establishment, maintenance & advice (Companies, Trusts & Self Managed Superannuation Funds) • Superannuation & Retirement • Rental Properties, Shares, other Investments & Capital Gains

Our experienced team have been in the local area and working together for many years. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we develop with our clients

22 Cedar Street, Cooroy PHONE: 5442 6228 Page 6 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

ference is the distribution of profits made by the bank back into our community. This element is particularly different. Six years ago Cooroy had only been opened a few years. The branch had a good foothold and was making a small profit, but the funds being returned to our community were fairly small. That has now changed markedly. Over the past 6 years, we have grown the business considerably, and with that have come greater profits and therefore a greater numbers of local sponsorships. This financial year alone, we will support more than 25 different groups in and around Cooroy with partnership funding. Sponsorships range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. You all know who you are and I hope many readers in Cooroy Rag have come to know many of these as well! What I think is really terrific is the many different ways this funding is used. They range from new equipment and facilities for local sporting

groups (Cooroora United Soccer Club, Cooroy Tennis Club and Cooroy Gymnastics to name a few), funds to assist the running of local community events (Christmas In Cooroy and Pomona King of the Mountain), to school scholarships and education programs for primary, secondary and tertiary students (Cooroy State School, North Arm State School and Noosa District State High School). In December last year, you may have read in Cooroy Rag about our funding of our first major project – the restoration of the Cooroy Memorial Hall and School of Arts. We are very excited about seeing this project advance and partner with other levels of government to assist in bringing the Grand Old Dame to life again and helping provide the people of Cooroy with a restored hall to enjoy for generations to come. I’ve felt really privileged to be associated with all these groups over the last six years. It’s been a fantastic ride

to be part of the various events and projects that have been championed. I thank all for the opportunity to work with you as we’ve watched your visions become realities. Thank you too, for your ongoing response to my articles. I received regular emails, phone calls and personal visits to discuss them. There will soon be another manager in place at our

Cooroy Community Bank branch and I’m sure he or she will find lots of new and interesting ideas to share with you. Good luck to you all and thanks for your support over the last 6 years. Keep supporting the Community Bank that supports you, and remember.... bank with us and everyone benefits!


COOROY RAG Letters to the editor No Divisions THE Minister for Local Government has recently confirmed that a new Noosa Council would be an undivided Council and there will be no divisions. It is therefore quite possible that all Councillors may come from say Noosa Heads and Sunshine Beach. The other areas Noosaville, Tewantin and Cooroy may have no elected Councillors. A Council with no divisions cannot be supported, so on the 9th March say NO to de amalgamation of Noosa. Jeff Nuske 10 Milpera Retreat Noosa Heads Qld 4567

Know where your teenagers are I HAVE a real gripe for the next issue although I am sure that if you ask the whole township of Cooroy they will have had enough to!! One particular group of kids hang around town, they are such ... well I guess the words I would like to use wouldn’t be very nice. The other night around 8pm I was driving along heading out along Mary River Road and a group of kids proceeded to throw rocks at my car I drive this route regularly and on another occasion at night again probably at about 10 pm I came off the bridge and nearly ran over 3 of them. I hit the brakes and you know they didn’t move off the road they just kept strolling past the car. I would love to tell you where I live but would not like to be identified but that same group of kids late at night who think they can use people’s yards as thoroughfares for their own amusement. When you ask them not to be there they spew profanity that would have my generation living on sunlight soap for a year!!! I have approached one mother and I now know why her children in particular have no respect for anyone let alone the community they live in. She should be ashamed of herself!! I don’t know if the other kids have parents or if they know what their kids are up to but I can tell you that they wander the streets doing God knows what till all hours. They have been near my house at 2.30am. I know of some in the community who have approached the police about these kids and the parental supervision that they don’t receive. I know the police are trying their hardest to make it right and get them off the streets, easier said then done I guess. My gripe is one that is shared by many in the community it is whispered in the supermarket, mused over a few drinks at the pub, scrutinised by the business owners of our town … my

gripe is that these families should know where their teenagers are and what they are doing, these kids need to learn respect for the community around them. This is a beautiful town, the people here all know and acknowledge each other, word gets around like wildfire in a town like this … maybe it wouldn’t hurt for kids to get a swift clip over the ear to learn respect. This has gone on for over 12 months now and these kids are getting worse. I guess though it will only escalate and maybe someone might just get hurt from the actions of uncivilised disrespectful children who think they can do what they want and say what they want!! Anyway, I give my full permission for you to run with this story. I am sure that if you ask around their will be many but because these are the type of people that are cruel and mean a lot of folk are reluctant to come forward and protest what shouldn’t be an issue in the first place!! In saying that, Cooroy has always had its fair share of kids that do the “wrong thing” but never has it gone on for so long that the whole community is at a loss and now tries not to even make eye contact with the little sods! Good luck to the Cooroy Police I personally hope that when you catch them in the wrong you throw the book at em!! Name supplied, Cooroy

What would you do? I HAVE read a letter to the editor in a paper that was critical of the residents of Garnet Street in Cooroy, voicing their concerns on the traffic speed in their street by a unnamed writer. I do not mind an open and honest debate on issues, but do not hide behind a screen and have the decency to place your name to the issue, this is un- Australian, un-Queenslander, Un-Cooroy. The unnamed writer indicated that the residents were short term. Wrong, many residents have lived in Garnet Street and have for many years. The contribution that they have made to the community of Cooroy over the many number of years has made Cooroy what is today as mentioned by the unnamed writer, a great place to live. The question I would propose to the unnamed writer is “what would you do if traffic was increased by large numbers past your door when you had very little traffic movements before?” All the residents want is the speed to be reduced, tootpaths to be built, and tree planting as promised by council. The fact is vehicle speed movements in Cooroy is becoming faster. Let’s all slow down, what is the hurry. Let’s be courteous and wait for the driver to park their vehicle not tear out to the wrong side of the road and give a nasty look. Stop and wait, give a wave

and a smile and slowly move on. The same with the pedestrians, stop and let them cross give a wave and smile and hopefully a smile and a wave will be returned. Let’s have a slogan for Cooroy, we are Courteous Cooroy-ites. The unnamed writer wants to blame someone that is me. I was councillor for Cooroy (Division one) of the Noosa shire when the bypass road was suggested. I would like to see the paper media take a lead not print any material that does not carry a name. That is the Aussie way. Ray Kelly Cooroy

Conquering the odds GREAT to see and hear about freedom being kept alive. A notice to every democratic person, this story has such an inspirational drive as almost unbelievable. A small community is almost unanimous in taking on the power of Main Roads (you know, an insurmountable bulldozer forging ahead, protected within its own aura). The scenario is set for Main Roads to construct an interchange just north of Cooroy – ending a peaceful quiet neighbourhood who invested in that future. Over the years, one, two, three men spearheaded the district, opposing Main Roads – all to fall on their swords. Enter a quiet, five foot mother of four, Kathy Castellero, a mother who nurtures the environment and its inhabitants. A dog with a bone type who doesn’t know the meaning of no. You would applaud such determination, but at the same time think; well, good luck. For over 12 months, meeting after meeting, discussion over arguments, back up from State MP Peter Wellington (best pollie in Australia), brushing aside obstruction after disappointment, being told no, go, may as well give up. Walking miles to deliver updates, getting opinions, organising interviews, publicity to the cause, creating a management team, a committee, endless organisations, newspaper articles – one gets the picture. The politeness from Main Roads management made a difference. Turning from dismissed to utter admiration. A busy interchange thus directed elsewhere. Everyone out there has an input into this wonderful world of ours. The input will be steered by the interest. But please have a go, do your thing, you are not just a number. One does make a difference, never quit with what you believe in. Thanks Kathy. Cudgerie Action Group Notice: 18th December 2012. The Federal Transport and Infrastructure Minister, the Hon. Anthony Albanese, agreed to and signed off the completion of Section A on the Curra to Cooroy bypass. This includes the redirected/Cudgerie Action Group success of an interchange 900m north of Cudgerie underpass.

Cuts for Mutts DOG GROOMING

NOW OPEN Behind Pets Fur Ever Cooroy Shop 8/14 Maple Lane

Deb Scott


$5 OFF


Senior Veterinary Nurse - Dog Groomer

0422 457 998

DISCOUNTS FOR SENIOR CARD HOLDERS Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 7



Taxable Payment Reporting by Seb Vecchio Happy New and prosperous year! 2013 is going to a be a healthy, busy and prosperous year for you, your family and your business. But just when you thought “I wish I had to do more paperwork submit to the ATO” the ATO has heard your thoughts and commenced sending letters to taxpayer businesses who operate in the Building and Construction Industry and engage the services of a contractor. The office of SPVaccounting has been inundated with calls from businesses that have received these letters. Briefly, businesses in the building and construction industry now need to report to the ATO (from the 2012/13 income year) the total payments they make each year to each contractor for building and construction services. NOTE: This report is required to be lodged by 21/7/2013 The ATO advise: “The aim of the system is to improve voluntary compliance with tax obligations by those contractors who are currently not doing the right thing”. Businesses will only need to report if all of the following apply: • They are primarily in the building and construction industry; • hey make payments to contractors for building and construction services; and • they have an Australian business number (ABN). Businesses are only required to

SauersLocally Produce & Garden Centre Owned & Operated FENCING

GARDE N PRODU CTS Huge range of • Produce • Stockfeed • Animal Health • Irrigation • Fencing • Fertilisers • Tools • Pet Accessories • Nursery • Garden Products & much more!






13 Diamond Street, Cooroy • Ph: 5442 5933 • Fax 5442 5911 Trading Hours Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm Sat 8.30am-12.30pm

Page 8 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

report the total of the payments made (i.e., on a cash basis) to each contractor during the year, not the individual amounts. Where the invoice from the contractor includes both labour and materials, whether itemised or combined, it is the total amount of the payment (including GST, if applicable) that needs to be reported. The ATO have provided an extensive list of what they consider as building and construction services on the website taxablepaymentsreporting. The ATO advise the building and construction services are specified activities performed on, or in relation to, any building, structure, works, surface or sub-surface. The “Taxable payments annual report” will be required to lodge to the ATO by 21 July 2013, it will require the following information to be included on it: Payee’s Name, Payee’s ABN, Payee’s address, Gross payment for the year (including GST); and Total GST. It also should be noted that there is no requirement for you to provide a copy of the “Taxable Summary Report” to the contractor, just the ATO. More information can be found at 00313486.htm, from your accountant or arrange an appointment to see Seb on 5442 6884.

RDA SUNSHINE Coast Riding for the Disabled (RDA) is about to recommence sessions for our riders with a disability for 2013. Volunteers are always needed. Sometimes there is the need for 3 volunteers for each rider! Volunteer Training morniings will be held from 4th - 8th February at our 25 acre RDA Centre at North Arm, between Yandina and Eumundi. Morning tea is provided. If you would like to become a volunteer you can contact the Secretary on 5472 7280 (or 5447 6604 ah) or visit our website for more information. Come and see the wonderful smiles your assistance will generate!

Letters to the editor I WISH to make comment on the rude individual who stated in the “Brickbats and Bouquets” column, December issue, that residents of Garnet Street are narrow-minded, perpetual whingers! He/she completely missed my point! The person who made the above comment probably wasn’t even born, or, if so, hadn’t even heard of Cooroy, when my family chose to live here! We have lived in Garnet Street for the past 45 years, and I don’t need anyone telling me that Cooroy is a “bloody good town”, or that I need to think of the town as a whole, - and I have no intention of “shuffling off”, as he/she suggested! I am now in my final years, with limited mobility, and Garnet Street has become a danger zone for the elderly and school children who are forced to dodge heavy vehicles and speeding cars. Being wakened by trucks at 4.30am, or anytime during the night, is also not very funny! Not all vehicles using this street are guilty of misuse, and there are some local companies, e.g. Bonnells, whose drivers are sensitive to their fellow Cooroy citizens and keep to the rules of the road! Wouldn’t it be great if others observed the rules? This person obviously resides in some idyllic area of Cooroy where there is no heavy or speeding traffic - if indeed he/she actually lives within the town! In twelve months, thanks to shortsighted planning by Council, our street has been transformed from a quiet, pleasant hinterland neighbourhood, to a noisy speedway and truck route. We were offered no choice in the matter, and the outcome on our lives is even worse than was anticipated. Council did agree, belatedly, to introduce measures to moderate the impacts of the bypass, including additional speed signage and after-hours access restrictions on heavy vehicles. As residents, we have been forced to accept the reality of the bypass, and all we ask is some consideration from drivers who use Garnet St. Note that in my previous comment, my complaint was that the speed limits, and the 7pm to 7a.m heavy vehicle restriction are being ignored, with apparent impunity, by inconsiderate cowboys who think the road is there for their convenience! I don’t wish noise and diesel fumes on anyone, including your correspondent. Every person in Cooroy is aware of, and objects to, the gridlock at the Myall/Elm Street intersection, though it has absolutely nothing to do with the speed and noise of traffic in Garnet Street, or it’s nightly use by heavy vehicles! It is on record that the group of residents living in this area made Council very much aware of, and predicted, this outcome! I would suggest that your correspondent contact Council about that particular problem, and I can assure him/her that they will have our full support. He/she might also like to reflect on their “circumspect” outburst, and show some empathy to long standing locals who are the very people he/she purports to represent as in, “the town as a whole”! Life is not all about business, it’s about people! Resident of Garnet Street

SPV Accounting



Know your insurance FROM beneficiaries and benefits to policies and premiums, personal insurance is full of technical terms. Here are some common questions – and answers – that may help you better understand the world of insurance, and how it can help ease financial stress resulting from difficult and challenging life events. Is there a rule of thumb for how much cover you need? Generally, you need to think about having enough cover to pay off your mortgage and any other outstanding debts you have such as credit cards, maintaining your family’s lifestyle and needs such as childcare and education costs, and replacing your income should you be unable to work either in the short term or permanently. What does insurance cover? · Life insurance – pays the full sum insured when the insured person dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, meaning they have less than 12 months to live. · Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover – provides an agreed lump sum payment if you become disabled and are unable to work again. · Trauma cover – pays an agreed lump sum if you suffer a serious illness or injury that is covered under the policy, such as cancer or heart attack. · Income Protection – generally pays you a monthly benefit of up to 75% of your regular salary, (and in some cases, 100% of your regular superannuation contributions into your superannuation fund) for an agreed period of time (eg two years), while you are too sick or injured to go to work. Life insurance, as well as other insurance such as TPD and Income Protection cover, may be provided through your superannuation fund. You may want to check the insurance offered under your superannuation fund, your level of cover and whether you should

Providing Total Business Care Principal: Seb Vecchio

By AMP Financial Planner Chad Monroe of Provision Wealth Management

increase it depending on your needs. Keep in mind that Trauma cover is generally not available through your superannuation fund. Why should you nominate a beneficiary for life insurance? If your life insurance is held outside superannuation, you may wish to nominate one or more beneficiaries. This strategy avoids your life insurance payment going to your estate. By nominating a beneficiary, your life insurance proceeds will go directly to the people you want it to go to. Your nominated beneficiaries do not necessarily have to be your dependants. If your life insurance is held within superannuation and you wish to nominate a beneficiary, this nomination will apply to your whole superannuation account (ie your account balance and any insurance proceeds you receive). Superannuation law requires that the beneficiary is either a dependant or your estate/legal personal representative. You can generally nominate a beneficiary in one of two ways: 1. Binding nomination – If you make a binding nomination that satisfies all legal requirements, then you are directing the trustee to pay your superannuation (account balance and any life insurance) to the beneficiaries you have nominated. Most binding nominations expire after three years, so you need to remember to keep your binding nomination up-to-date. 2. Non-binding nomination – If you make a non-binding nomination, the trustee will take into consideration your wishes as to who receives your life insurance. But unlike a binding nomination, the trustee will ultimately decide which of your beneficiaries will receive your life insurance. Even though most non-binding nominations do not lapse, it is still important to keep it up-to-date. If you do not make any nomination, the trus-

tee of the super fund will usually either pay your superannuation (account balance and any life insurance) to your estate or to a dependant, using its discretion. Got more questions or need more detailed answers to suit your personal circumstances? Speak with us, today on 07 5447 7740. * Chad Monroe and Provision Wealth Management Pty Ltd are Authorised Representatives of AMP Financial Planning Pty Ltd, ABN 89 051 208 327, AFS Licence No. 232706. Any advice given is general only and has not taken into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, before acting on any advice, you should consult a financial planner to consider how appropriate the advice is to your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Professional Studio

services include ✓ Tax Preparation ✓ Accounting Services ✓ Bookeeping ✓ Business Planning ✓ BAS Preparation ✓ General Business Advice CONTACT

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Classes from $7.50 per lesson Exams & Concerts held yearly

2 fully air conditioned studios with sprung floors

Classical (Exam & non exam classes) Jazz Hip Hop Modern Expressive Contemporary Stretch & Strength Introductory to Dance (5 under) Musical Theatre Performance Troupe (Audition only) Acrobatic Contact our friendly staff for more information Inquires: 0414686161 13 Kauri street Cooroy










NOOSA HEADS OFFICE First Floor ‘Noosa Central’ Bottlebrush Ave (PO Box 132) Tel (07) 5447 3122

COOROY OFFICE 16a Maple Street (PO Box 560) Tel (07) 5447 7666 Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 9



Clean-up with a thought for charity stores BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED THEORY & PRACTICAL

10 Fantail Cresent Cooroy


5447 7461

Calf Sales at Eumundi Saleyards Mondays at 1pm Cattle Sales Fortnightly at Eumundi Saleyards Tuesdays at 1pm

FOR TOP AUCTION PRICES consign your cattle to

EUMUNDI SALEYARDS Market Advice & Inspection

Mike Wheeler 5496 1203 or mobile 0417 320 590 Clint Murtagh 0428 711 102

AS the mammoth clean-up operation gets underway in the wake of Ex-Cyclone Oswald, Endeavour Foundation and Lifeline are together urging people not to leave flood-damaged items at clothing collection bins and recycled clothing stores. Endeavour Foundation General Manager of Consumer Business Leanne Rudd said the devastating storms and floods wreaking havoc throughout Queensland would exacerbate the problem of overflowing rubbish at bins and outside stores following the holiday season. “Our thoughts are with cyclone, storm and flood victims as they face the heartbreak of damage to homes and businesses, and the daunting task of cleaning up and starting over,” said Ms Rudd. “But we urge people not to leave water-damaged goods in or around charity bins or outside Endeavour Recycled Clothing Stores and Lifeline Stores. Many councils will have extra rubbish collections or give residents free access to dump damaged goods at waste transfer stations – and we ask that people utilise these services,” she said. Marketing Manager of Lifeline services in Queensland, Anna-Maria Masci, also called on the public to use council waste disposal services for the clean-up. “We absolutely understand the necessity for discarding damaged goods,

however we do ask people to consider the impact of discarding these goods outside charity shops or donation bins,” Ms Masci said. “If the goods are not re-sellable, we do have to arrange and pay for dumping. By spending our time, effort and money on removing rubbish, we have a reduced capacity to assist those in the community who are in the greatest need,” she said. Ms Rudd said the 2010-2011 floods had resulted in a costly clean-up bill, after Endeavour Foundation was inundated with broken, damaged and unusable items. This cost thousands of dollars – money that could have been used to support people with a disability – and took up the valuable time of staff and volunteers. “Endeavour Foundation services and stores have also been affected by the flooding and dealing with illegal dumping only adds to our difficulties,” she said. “The cost of cleaning up dumped items will affect our capacity to support people with a disability. “We rely on genuine donations to raise funds – but if you’re leaving something that you yourself wouldn’t consider buying second-hand, then it’s of absolutely no benefit to us or the community members we support,” said Ms Rudd. Ms Masci said anyone experiencing feelings of emotional distress or anxiety following the storms could contact Lifeline’s 24-hour Crisis Line on 13 11 14.

Well done year 12s CONGRATULATIONS to Noosa District SHS student Jayde McGrath, who’s hard work during the year was rewarded with an OP 1. Tom Schofield and Louis Skokidis received OP 2 and Ben May and Sianna McKenzie obtained 3s. Deputy Principal Stacey Daveson said she was happy with the achievements of the 2012 Year 12 cohort. Most students are pleased with their results and a large percentage are looking to defer their studies to take a “gap year” in 2013. The students are grateful for the support provided to them by the Noosa District State High School staff and school community.

Cooroy-Noosa Family & Local History Group IF you are interested in finding more about your family who were early settlers and where they came from, Cooroy-Noosa Family and Local History Group has enthusiastic librarians on duty to assist with the right information to get you started. The research room is open from 9.30am to 1.00pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 41 Miva Street, Cooroy where you will find that Family and Local History is an absorbing and stimulating pastime with the opportunity to improve your computer skills. Seminars and informal talks are held regularly on a wide range of topics, the group has an extensive resource library of overseas and local books and magazines. and are easily available to members and visitors through the group’s annual subscription to both sites. The Group also takes an active part in many community events as well as publishing a journal ‘Missing Link’ which includes members stories of their investigations and general interest articles. To find out more phone 5442 5570. The end of year raffle of a $100 Bunnings Gift Card was won by Barbara (ticket Black F38) and the second prize by James (ticket C56).

Matrimonial Property Disputes De facto Property Disputes Parenting Agreements Family Dispute Resolution Assistance Divorce Proceedings

Anita and her team welcome all enquiries

Unit 4, 13 Garnet Street COOROY QLD 4563 Phone 5447 7861 Fax: 5472 0556 Page 10 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

PO Box 353 COOROY QLD 4563


COOROY RAG police beat Sergeant Mal Scott

Blue Light Disco need numbers

THE Cooroy Blue Light Disco is now entering its sixth year of operation. Over the years we have averaged good attendances in the vicinity of 100 to 150 kids per disco but in the last half of 2012 for some unknown reason our attendances dropped well below that number. I have analysed the reasons behind this drop in numbers and come up with the well worn excuses of cold weather, strict family budgets, lack of motivation for parents to drive there kids into Cooroy but all of these reasons pale into insignificance when you see 150 kids all dancing and having a great time whilst being well supervised in a

friendly family oriented atmosphere. Parents are able to drop their kids off at 6.30pm and go out for dinner or enjoy some time alone knowing the kids are having a great night all for the price of $5. Like any event the disco has operating costs which need to be covered so we can cut even and pay our bills at the end of each disco. Everyone acknowledges that the disco is a great Cooroy asset but to be very honest I have to say that if the numbers for the disco do not increase to a level that allows us to pay the bills then we may not be able to continue the discos. Remember that the discos are not money making ventures and any excess money is put back into the community. The next disco is on the 9th of February at the Cooroy Memorial Hall 6.30pm to 9.00pm. A small increase to $7:00 has been made to the entry costs to cover expenses which may be revised if we return to out larger numbers.

Cool easy wear cotton with loads of colour


SHOP 2/1A GARNET STREET (Opposite Cooroy Hotel) 5442 6025



F F O % 0 7 TO

Selected Styles & Sizes

Congratulations to Penny Taylor and Russ Price from the Workout Shed. Russ popped the question on Boxing Day on the beach at North Shore. A very shocked Penny said “when I realised I had to say something ... of course”.

Maple Street

New Year! Fresh Start!

VET . . . . . . naturally different

Smiles on Dials

Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 11

COOROY RAG Cooroy Outside School Hours

RSL Managing Secretary Karen Marriot congratulates children and educators from Cooroy Outside School Hours Care on their efforts) CHILDREN at Cooroy Outside School Hours care spent a very busy last term in 2012 carefully designing and creating beautiful hand crafted items to sell at the Cooroy Markets. The children collaborated with educators for this project which was initiated by the children. After attending a recent Blue Light Disco a group of children returned to the service chatting about the renovations of the Memorial Hall, they suggested that as a group we should assist with this Community Project. Many discussions and planning meetings were held with the children and educators agreeing on hand making products during after school care and selling them at the

Cooroy Markets held in the Memorial Hall leading up to Christmas. Market Co-ordinator Tilly, was very welcoming of this initiative by the children and the other stall holders were supportive of their efforts and contribution. The pride, sense of ownership and contribution displayed by all children involved saw each and every one further develop their sense of connectedness to their immediate community. With the support of the community the children’s stall was almost a sell out on the day, $103 was raised through the sales of their items and was donated to the RSL as a contribution to the renovation of the Memorial Hall.

news Cooroora Woodworkers Club’s proud heritage THE Cooroora Woodworkers Club is holding its annual Wood & Craft show as part of the Cooroy Fusion Festival on Friday & Saturday 10 & 11 May 2013. This very popular event will be held as usual in the Cooroy Memorial Hall in the main street of Cooroy. The Cooroora Woodworkers Club was founded by a group of like-minded woodworkers who held their first meeting in the SeaScouts facility in Noosaville on 14 December 1988. The fifteen founding members soon swelled to 46 in April 1990 when the meetings and demonstrations moved to the Noosa High School. The first wood & craft show (it was then called the “festival”) was held in October 1990 and for a period two “festivals” were held each year and the annual interclub competition had its beginnings After a number of years of negotiation with the Noosa Council, the club submitted a proposal to renovate an

old cottage in the grounds of the old Cooroy butter factory which was to be demolished. With lots of volunteer work, sponsorship from local businesses and joint funding from the council, the renovations were completed in late 1997 and club settled into a permanent home. In 2008 the decision was made to build a new library in Cooroy and that meant the clubhouse would have to move and a new workshop be established. The new site selected was within the Lower Mill precinct and incorporated elements of the heritage listed buildings in that area. Slowly, the old kilns were converted into the club workshops, the original clubhouse was moved into the precinct, an old railway shed became the carvers hut and the area was landscaped to promote visitors to the area. The club officially moved in during 2009 with Councillor Ray Kelly doing the

Woodworkers move the clubhouse honours. By 2102 the club had over 100 members and still continues to be community-oriented, assisting where appropriate to contrib-

ute to the timber heritage of the area. In 2013 the club has its 25th birthday – please come to the club Wood and Craft show to join us in this celebration.

Cooroy MOPS ARE you a mother with children aged 0 – 5? Would you like some time enjoying the company of others mums, while you listen to a speaker/DVD in parenting, chat and then participate in a creative activity while your children are lovingly looked after by carers with blue card holders? If so, then MOPS might be for you. MOPS is held on 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month (excluding school holidays) at Hinterland Christian Centre (just down the road from the Cooroy Library). Cost: $6 (includes child care.) We next meet at 9.30am, 7th February. Our theme for the year is “Plunge.” Are you willing to take the plunge this year and give MOPS a go? And if you have been before maybe it’s time to see if it works for you this year? For more information contact Linda Hanson on 5472 0402 or check out our facebook page.

what’s on at Mill Place February at the Butter Factory Arts Centre Second Life Exhibition Dates: Friday 1 February – Saturday 9 March 2013 Gallery Open: Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 4pm & Saturday, 10am – noon Official Opening and Artist in Residency LaunchDate: Tuesday 12 February 10amUsing an ancient basketry technique, Mary Elizabeth Barron’s sculptures are made from old clothes predominately of the artist, her family and friends. Clothes are utilitarian and practical yet personal and intimate and their purpose in this first life helps to inform their second life as art. Both the physical structure and the emotional memories guide and inspire the form of these sculptural pieces. Artist in ResidenceDate: Tuesday 12 – Saturday 16 FebruaryVisitors to the gallery will meet Mary Elizabeth Barron and learn a traditional coiling technique to create a textile coil from recycled fabric that will then be incorporated into a community artwork by joining them together in a long thread. Free event, group bookings are necessary. Exhibition Guided Tour Date: Friday 15 February, 10am Includes morning tea. Free event, bookings essential.For further information please contact the Butter Factory Arts Centre on 5454 9050.

at the Cooroy Library Wednesday 6 10-11.30am

“Bring on the Birthdays: Ageing with Adventure” author talk with Maggie Counihan

This is a book of hope and the spreading joy in a fast changing world. “Our mantras are ‘age is no barrier’ and ‘do new things.’” Free, Bookings Essential. 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Wednesday 6 6-7.30pm

Understanding Super

It is an educational presentation so it explains the general common concepts rather than going into precise calculations etc. Free, Bookings Essential. 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Thursday 7 10-11am

Morning tea with Friends - This month featuring Retail Store Artist Pam Walsh

Pam creates delightful ceramics in “The Pottery” at the Butter Factory Arts Centre. They are then sold in the Retail store with other works from the Pottery. Pam volunteers in many art related activities around the precinct, runs her own workshops at the Butter Factory and helps with sales in the retail store too. Free, No Bookings required. Morning tea provided

Thursday 7

Baby Rhyme Time

Songs, rhymes and baby talk for parents with newborns to twelve months. Free, No Bookings required.

Wednesday 13

Depression to Expression

You are invited to join Clare Forrest as she shares herpersonal journey - from her struggle with depression tonow living in joy, peace and happiness. Free, Bookings Essential 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Saturday 16 10-11.30am

On Ya Bike! Bike maintenance workshop

This 90 minute workshop involves practical demonstrations on how to fix a flat tyre, and will give participants tips on cleaning, lubricating and making basic adjustments. Free, Bookings Essential 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Wednesday 20 10-11.30am

S for Sustainability

Sustainability – This session gives a greater understanding of the true meaning of sustainability and discusses the topic on a global basis. Free, Bookings Essential.1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Thursday 21 10-11.30am

Reclaiming Inner Power

Learn to create harmony and balance in your relationships and interactions with others. Identify disempowering thoughts and actions. Understand self-respect and respect for others. Cope with change. Free. Bookings Essential.1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

.Maureen LeFanue is a Medical Herbalist [ATMS Member] with over 35 years of experience with Bach Flower Remedies, herbs as well as homeopathy. Free. Bookings Essential 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542 7279) or online at

Time for Tots Wednesday 6 February 9.30 – 10.30amStorytelling for the under 5’s and families, including for 4 weeks a toddler tour of the current exhibition and participation in a craft activity. Free event. No bookings required. 10.30-11am Get CreativeDate: Saturday 16 February, 10.00am - noonCreative activities for the family. Be inspired by 10-11.30pm the latest exhibition then spend time creating your own piece with family and artists. All ages welcome. Free event, no bookings required. Tuesdays 3 – 5pm 8 week course 5 February – 26 March

Expressive Painting for Children with Debra Dougherty

Cost: $160 for 8 weeks or $20 per weekFor further information and bookings contact Debra on 0439 749 248 or

Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 February 9am – 4.30pm

Maquette Making with Craig Medson

Cost: $130 – includes all materials For further information and bookings contact the Caloundra Regional Gallery on 5420 8299.

Monday 11 February 9.30am – 2.30pm

Palm Inflorescence Random Weave Baskets with Rene Bahloo

Cost: $80 – includes all materialsFor further information and bookings contact Rene on 0438 162 552 or

Saturday 23 February10am – 3pm

Palm Leaf Sheath Flat Weave Baskets with Rene Bahloo

Cost: $80 – includes all materialsFor further information and bookings contact Rene on 0438 162 552 or

Wednesdays 9.30am – 12.30pm

Clay Bodies with Julie Wall

Cost: $30 per session plus materialsFor further information and bookings contact Julie on 0402 939 409 or

Thursdays 9.30 – 12.30pm

Wheelwork and Hand Building with Monika Juengling

Page 12 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

Thursday 28 Cost: $35 per session + materials & firing (approx $20)For 10-11.30am further information and bookings contact Monika on 0413 532 939 or



Bob Shearer: 3.11.41 - 21.12.12 BOB’S family would like to sincerely thank the Cooroy community for their love and support in our time of loss and thank you for your expressions of sympathy conveyed to us in so many ways. Bob and his wife June moved to Cooroy in 2009 as a retired couple to be closer to family. They purchased their dream home at Black Mountain. Bob recently and sadly lost his battle with Metastatic Melanoma. Bob’s favourite person in the world was his wife June Rosalind. He also had tremendous pride in all his children, their achievements and activities. As a result of all of this, all his children, Dale, Kym, Davina and Janelle were extremely proud to say “Bob Shearer is my father”. He was also a loving and proud grandfather to: Jesse, Jakson, Codi, Beau, Ky-an and Blake. Bob was his happiest when his family were all together. Over 500 people attended Bob’s funeral on the 28th December 2012 in Nambour and many were from the Sunshine

Coast region. Bob was a volunteer with the Cooroy Rag folding papers, loved playing lawn bowls locally and was affectionately known as Uncle Bob to a few at the local IGA because he was introduced as this by his nephew Shane Scanlan. Bob was a retired school teacher and born in Dalby in 1941; the second son of John and Gwendoline Shearer. Bob, had three siblings – John, Harley and Heather. The children were raised on a farm and Bob said some of his fondest memories were here. He was educated in Dalby and Warwick, and it was this education in rural towns that gave him a great affinity with rural life and the issues that faced the education of young people in rural Qld. Bob also completed some relief teaching in Pomona over the past few years. Bob felt privileged to be a teacher and said it gave him many opportunities to meet wonderful people and touch many lives in his lifetime. He was also a wonderful sportsman….. tough, resilient, and could run

like the wind. He captained and coached many teams as well as refereeing rugby league. Bob enjoyed rugby league, cricket, indoor cricket, athletics and lawn bowls. In fact he held the Warwick State High School long jump record for 51 years. Bob spent many hours with his children teaching them sporting techniques and training and this remarkably resulting in all his children representing Queensland in 9 different sports. Later on in life, Bob was also known in the Shearer household as the undisputed champion of the TV remote. He managed to watch at least 5 different sports at once yet still knowing exactly what was going on each. But in more recent times his favourite activity was being involved in his grand childrens’ sporting and academic pursuits. He was so proud of them. Particularly, when his grandson Jesse, won the Christmas Santa race last year down the main street of Cooroy. Bob was a truly great human being. He genuinely cared about people, and made everyone feel

important. He engaged people to the extent they became part of his life. It was this interest in people and the life issues they faced that encouraged Bob to spend time with them and support them through those issues. As well as being a wonderful husband, a great father, a devoted grandfather and friend to all, he also took a great in-


terest in his extended family and he enjoyed being a devoted fatherin-law, brother in-law and uncle. Thank you Bob for what you gave us all. Bob’s family would like to thank Dr Venter and the staff at Maple Street Surgery, Noosa Hospital and Nambour Selangor Hospital for the excellent care he received during his illness.

MADILL Motor Group would like to welcome Andrew Denny back as General Sales Manager at John Madill Toyota Noosaville. Andrew and his family are Cooroy locals and love the small country town feel, Andrew has over 15 years experience in the motor industry and is keen to retain local business. So if you are looking for a great deal on a new Toyota, Holden, Hsv or Great Wall please give Andrew a call.

New Season Boo Radley In-store Now

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Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm - Sat: 9am-1pm

24 Maple St, Cooroy - 5447 7185

Cooroy Ladies enjoying a workout at the Older adults exercise classes

• Gentle Exercise Classes for Older Adults in Cooroy • Personal Training • General Group Classes in Eumundi

Phone Lucy on 0412 489 313


Yanmar EA2400 • Japanese quality • 24hp diesel 4 wheel drive • 2 speed hydro transmission • Power steering

• Cruise control • 24 month 1500hr full warranty • Finance available

Great deals on attachments when purchased with tractor

“Tractor only’ price $16,495 inc GST Lower Mill Road Cooroy 4563 Phone 5442 5999

Tractor shown with optional attachments

Open Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 8am - 1pm

Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 13

Classifieds Church Notices

Cooroy Community Baptist Church

Jesus the hope of the world CWA Hall

COOROY MARKET Held at RSL Memorial Hall Maple Street, Cooroy Every Thursday 8 - 1 Crafts, Clothes, Bric-a-Brac, Plants, Fruit & Vegs, Jewellery, Books and Flowers. Contact Tilly 0418 793 962.

Maple Street Cooroy Worship Service 10am Sundays

Ever ybody Welcome Everybody Enquiries: 5485 0265 - 5447 9355

Kin Kin Creations Market Held at the Kin Kin Hall

1st Sunday of each month - 10am to 2pm If you would like to book a spot at the next Kin Kin Creations Market Email

Volunteers Needed

Uniting Church in Australia Cooroy/Pomona

SUNDAY SERVICES 8.00am - Cooroy - 51 Maple St 9.30am - Pomona - 27 Factory St

PH: 5447 6152 The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia QCWA Hall. Maple Street, Cooroy

Clairvoyance - Guest Speakers - Healing Meditations Supper provided All Welcome

Rev Kathy McVann - 0414 972632 Rev Trish Palmer - 0432 954 346 “Come join in the fellowship & Laughter”

Anglican Parish of Cooroora Pomona 7.30am - Cooroy 6pm Pomona - Rectory St - Sunday 7.30am Cooroy - Tewantin Road - Sunday 9.30am Kin Kin - Main St - 10.00am (1st Sunday of the Month) For more info call 5485 1218


What’s On

Do you have a couple of hours to spare each week or fortnight? Pomona and District Meals on Wheels needs deliverers and kitchen help. If you would like to help, phone 5485 1777 between 8a.m.-12 noon, Mon. Wed. Fri. or email us: We would love to hear from you.

Temptations Coffee Shop at Eden Hospital Any hours you have to spare would be a great help Phone 5472 6416 Healing Group LOTUS HEALING GROUP Every Monday, Cooroy CWA Hall next tp RSL. From 9.30am with meditation at 10am. $10 donation per service to cover hall costs. Morning tea and lunch are included. All welcome. Contact Jenny on 5442 8246 or 0405 363 604.

“Piggy” a pink pig soft toy at Christmas in Cooroy (and there are still tears) Lost by Thalia aged 4. He’s about 40cm tall, quite dirty, wearing a shirt and hair clips on his ears.

Any sightings 5442.7527 or 0402026725 Reward if found. Piggy’s been the favorite toy since she was a baby.

3 Sets of Keys 6 keys with Mazda Remote, 3 keys with purple clip ring, 2 keys with metal tag & Yamaha motor Lost somewhere between Cooroy RSL and Carters Ridge Call 0419 038 598 Keys large set, approx 12 keys Lost somewhere between Swift Dve and Belvedere Newsagents 0412 346 356

Our next edition is February 27 Deadline for Bookings is February 14

For Sale


1981 Jayco Swan

POMONA SUNDAY SERVICES Pomona Community Hall - Reserve Street

9.30-11am Family Service *Contemporary Music *Teaching *Kids Church FREE FOOD & DRINKS AFTER SERVICE ENQUIRIES: Snr Pastor Joy & Allan Cross 0412 972 744

OPSHOP: Options 4 U 2/14 Reserve St, Pomona - PH: 5485 0206 - 0412 972 744


TINBEERWAH HALL Cnr Sunrise & Noosa-Cooroy Roads EVERY SUNDAY 10 AM REVERAND LAINE HARRY 54490937 GEOFFREY PECKITT 0459 494 277 Page 14 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

Sleeps 7. Good Condition. Full annex. Gas/electric fridge. Gas oven, cooktop. Electric lights. Registered to July 2013. Comes with RWC & gas certificate.

$7,500 - Ph 0411 601 024

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Sylvia Kenzler - long time local makes her final curtsy

. SYLVIA Pansy Kenzler was born 8th March 1925 at Murgon. She was the 8th child to Carl & Martha Bichel and was aged 87 when she passed away on the 21st January 2013. She was married to Johnny. The Bichel family lived on a share farm, so there were chores for the children to help with in looking after the animals. She was most often, as a growing child, accompanied by her younger brothers Alan & Ron, which presented them with golden opportunities to indulge in some mischief! She told tales of when she was around 10

years old, such as repeatedly opening the gate of the pig sty & then the three of them would race to their father to tell him to come quickly, the wretched boar was out again! Carl never quite understood how it could happen. Another time Sylvia & Ron found 4 small pieces of an unknown substance. Their mum was cooking, dad was reading the paper at the kitchen table. The 2 children, unnoticed, popped the 4 pieces into the old wood stove. The 4 pieces were in fact dynamite. Well, up it went, filling the kitchen with soot, creating havoc, near giving their mum & dad a heart attack. Both kids got such a fright they took off, jumping over the verandah rail and heading bush. To this day no one knows how they didn’t break a leg or 2, as the house was high set. The family moved around a lot during the depression years, so Sylvia attended many bush schools. In 1942 the Bichels settled in Cooroy. They purchased an old house for eighty pounds ($160) at 1 Kauri street. She met & married her husband John in August 1948, their union lasting 65 years. In the early years of their marriage, they settled on a half share farm at Cloyna, near Murgon, then another farm in Gympie. They were blessed with 6 sons & 1 daughter. They bought their first farm at Mary’s Creek near Gympie. Unfortunately, Sylvia became ill with pneumonia, and when she was about 4 months pregnant, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis. She spent the next 5 months in Gympie Hospital until their daughter Lenore was born. Sylvia’s sister took care of the baby while she and John

both went for treatment at Chermside Hospital, for John was diagnosed with T.B. also. After a stay of 9 months, John went home but could only do light work. Lenore was 14 months old when Sylvia was allowed home. Due to the illness they lost their first farm and home as there was no one to keep it going. The Kenzlers then purchased a house at 29 Tewantin Road Cooroy for six hundred pounds ($1200). Sylvia raised her 7 children and contributed to the family income by picking for the local vegie growers (beans, peas, eggplant, zucchini and squash). John worked as a builder, and in later years as a machinist at the lower sawmill. Sylvia also worked at the Cooroy Hospital as a cook. She loved her sport on the TV, getting very excited & agitated at the same time. Other interests were lawn bowls badge collecting, puzzles and playing cards. When lost for the right word, she would succumb to saying “watchamacallit”. She was a great cook and loved baking cakes and biscuits, and nobody made better tarts then Sylvia. She was a great knitter and kept the family warm during the winters with lovingly knitted jumpers, beanies and bed socks. After selling their house they lived at Black Mountain for some years until finally moving back to Kauri Street, next door to the old family house where they lived for 20 years until Sylvia passed away. John’s ill health has put him in Nambour Nursing Home but mainly Nambour Hospital for the past 2 months. Sylvia was dearly loved by family and friends and will be sorely missed.

Cooroy Scouts have a blast at the Australian Jamboree

The Winning Campsite (pic of the gateway and pic of the dining tent) all constructed by the children

Scouts getting harnessed up for the giant flying fox

Scouts ready to depart Cooroy for Jamboree

AN Australian Jamboree is held every three years and attracts scouts from all over Australia and the world. This year it was held ‘just up the road’ at Maryborough just after Christmas. 11 youth members and 4 leaders from the Cooroy Scout Group attended and had an amazing time. Wow, what an experience! It is nearly impossible to describe what a huge event a Jamboree is - 11 days of fun, excitement, challenges, meeting new people in tent city of over 8,000 youth members under the supervision of 3,000+ leaders and helpers. Our scouts were part of a combined troop with Bardon and Rangeville and won the prestigious “Camping Standards” Award for having the best organised and cleanest camp site. Congratulations! This is something to be very proud of when you have SO much competition. Our scouts showed great maturity by working together perfectly in their patrols and took care of all their own day to day needs such as cooking, cleaning, washing their own clothes and getting themselves away to onsite and offsite activities on time. The Cooroy leaders are very proud

of our fantastic youth members and their efforts. Cooroy Scout Leaders were involved in the planning, implementation and running of the “Climb It” Zone which boasted the 50 metre 6 person flying fox, a huge abseiling tower, bouldering walls, multiple rocking climbing walls and a “high ropes” challenge activity. This was just one of the many adventure activities available. Well done to our leaders for their dedication and hard work! Looking forward to the next Jamboree? The 24th Australian Scout Jamboree will be at Cataract Park, NSW in 2016. See you there! 2013 Section Meeting times. Venturer Scouts (14 to 18 yr olds) will resume Monday 4th Feb 3.30pm. We have a NEW VENTURER LEADER!! YAY! Many of you will know “Gecko” already from high school. Come along on the 4th with your activity ideas and wish list for the term. Scouts (10.5 to 14 yr olds) resume on Thursday 7th Feb 6pm. There will be a troop council meeting for PL’s and APL’s, games and planning for the term ahead. Cub Scouts (8 to 10.5 yr olds) resume on Thursday 7th Feb at 4pm. “Mulgu” has some fun stuff planned and we

will also have a pack council meeting. CAR BOOT SALENext Scout Group Car Boot Sale is scheduled for the Sunday morning 10th March. Please phone your site bookings to Christina on 5442 5968. Cost is $15 per site. For more information and last minute updates, visit our car boot sale Facebook page. Just search Facebook for “Cooroy Scouts Car Boot Sale”PLEASE COME ALONG ON THE DAY AND SUPPORT OUR LOCAL STALL HOLDERS! Cooroy Scout Group is now gearing up for a full program of fun activities for 2013. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and the website for details. Volunteers are always needed, so if you are a fun, organised person, why not think about becoming a leader. If you like to know more about Cooroy Scout Group, please contact our Group Leader Elaine Williams on 0438 851 474. Visit our website for more information about Cooroy Scouts including fee structure etc. www.cooroy.scoutsqld. Visit out Facebook page for all the latest news: https://www.facebook. com/#!/groups/ 252834694819944/

For all Your Lawn & Garden Needs Free Quotes Call

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Got your drains ready for the wet season? Peter McL ean McLean Mini Excavator Hire • Drainage • Driveways • Pipe Laying • Shed Pads

Phone 07 5447 7076 Mobile 0427 648520 COOROORA


8 Lower Mill Road, Cooroy

• Timber Slabs for sale • Handmade wooden artifacts for sale • Carving & Turning • Classes for Members • Memberships Now Available • Donations of Timber gratefully accepted • Sawdust & Shavings available Open Mon-Sat 9.00am-12 noon Contact Jim Pound 5442 6995 for Purchases & Donations of Timber

home stay

cuddles all day play time exercise great food great company safe homely fun this is NOT a kennel . . .!!

Please call Faith - 5447 7769 Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 15



Cooroy Community Bank helps gymnastics club find balance SINCE the current Cooroy Gymnastics building was opened in December 1995, locals of all ages and skill level have made their way to Cooroy Sports Complex. But it’s not just for gymnasts. The club runs adult fitness classes, teen fitness classes as well as trampolining for those who wish to purely learn flips. Each term over 300 gymnasts participate in Kindergym and afternoon programs. The club also hosts special needs children from our local schools, allowing them to experience the gymnasium. Manager of Cooroy Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank, Fiona Hutchings was delighted to hand over a $1,500 sponsorship cheque to Cooroy Gymnastics Club Supervisor, Kate Graham this week towards new equipment for the club. “We see it as a great fit for Cooroy Gymnastics and our Community Bank, who not only support us with an annual cheque, but sponsor our Gymnast of the Month program as well,” Kate said. “As many locals know, Cooroy Gymnastics is a wonderful family club and it’s great to have had our Cooroy Community Bank’s support for many years. We’re thrilled to have them on board in 2013 and their sponsorship of the club has given us a lot to be excited about this year. Who knows, we may even have another Josh Chambers on

our hands? Josh was recently selected on the Australian team to compete in an invitational meet Las Vegas in June. If we can keep helping our gymnasts’ dreams come true at any level we’d be delighted,” Kate said. Those sentiments were echoed by Fiona. “Cooroy Gymnastics Club is made up of great people who volunteer a lot of their time and have built their club from the ground up. The club looks great with its recently completed renovations and is filled with so many age groups just having fun. It’s wonderful to see so many smiling faces. Our Cooroy Community Bank of Bendigo Bank sees our sponsorship as a great way to support the club now and in the years ahead”, Fiona added. If you would like to know more about Cooroy Gymnastics Club, call 5442 5800 to find out about class times and what your local gymnastics club is all about! Since 2002, Community Bank Branches in Cooroy, Marcoola and Tewantin have combined to give back more than $1.1 million to community groups, schools and organisations just like Cooroy Gymnastics. The branches continue to provide communities with an opportunity to enhance control over their community capital, ensuring more money stays in the area for local investment. To find out more, visit Fiona and her team at the Cooroy Community Bank branch at 36A Maple Street.

Impact Boxing presentation day IMPACT Boxing finished the year last year as they always do by throwing a huge Xmas Party & Presentation day to say thank you to all their fighters, families, supporters & sponsors. 2012 was yet another successful year for the club winning 4 Qld Novice Titles, 4 South East Qld Titles, 4 National Golden Gloves Titles, & 5 Qld State Titles, with 4 of our Qld title holders making the Qld representative team to compete in Adelaide at Australia’s biggest National Titles tournament in Feb. This years winners were: Fighter of the year - Sam Cameron-Hands; Most Tenacious Fighter - Connor Jones; Most Improved Fighter - Cian Jones; Best New Prospect - Alec Aird-Cardiff; Cory Whitmore & Alex Slade Memorial Cup - Ben Cameron-Hands; Impact Champion Award Keegan Codd, Daniel Degiorgio, Tai Hawkins, Callum Jones, Payton Aird-Cardiff, Jake Henry, Reece Mercieca; Incentive Awaed - Caiden Mercieca. Training for 2013 has already began & the gym is buzzing. Impact Boxing welcomes new comers no matter what your age or experience level may be. We offer an ego free environment to suit everyones needs, whether you just want to get fit or you want to take that extra step further & test yourself at competition level. You can train like a fighter along side a fighter. For further info call Mark on 0403264048.

Presentation Day 2012 winners

Eumundi Dragons Junior Rugby Union Club all about team work and fun THE rugby season is once again fast approaching and rugby is a great sport to keep your kids active. The Dragons pride themselves being a friendly, fun filled, family orientated club. We encourage team work, sportsmanship and a get in there and have a go attitude. Having the Eumundi Showgrounds as our home ground certainly is a bonus, with it being one of the most picturesque grounds on the Coast. We invite all past members, new players and families to join us on our sign on day on the 9th of February 10:00 am till 12:00 pm and 3:00pm till 5:30 pm. This year the mighty Dragons have a great sign on package with a club shirt, playing shorts and socks, a club cap, water bottle and rugby ball all included in your sign on fee. The Eumundi Dragons are a registered Get started club and if you meet the criteria the government will pay up to $150 to help pay club registration. For more information email us at Page 16 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

Are you thinking about joining a friendly golf club? COOROY Golf Club is inviting women of all standards to join their 9 hole competition on Tuesday mornings. The Tuesday Club is designed for beginners but we also have more experienced players who are willing to help so if you have never played golf but have been unsure where to begin this is a perfect opportunity to come along and see if this is for you. An Australian handicap is not essential and you can play for 3 weeks before needing to become a member of

the club. Memberships are currently available. We would also welcome experienced golfers who would like to play 9 holes in our Tuesday competition and/or 18 holes on Thursdays. The new year competition began on Tuesday 5th February 2013 at 7am but you are very welcome to come along any Tuesday and see if this group is what you have been looking for. Enquiries to Cooroy Golf Club 5447 6258 or Mary Miller 0418 207 414.



Unleash your creativity

Jason Kelly (Pictured above left) presented with his new Suunto Quest Heartrate Monitor by Cooroy Tennis Club Coach Rob Schmitt. “I think it’s awesome” said Jason, a regular at Cardio Tennis Fitness Workouts, after being advised of his win for completing Tennis Australia’s Cardio Tennis Survey.

SUNSHINE Coast Council invites art enthusiasts to join professional sculptor Craig Medson for a two-day maquette making workshop at Cooroy’s Butter Factory Arts Centre on 9 and 10 February 2013. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from a professional the methods of creating maquettes that can be used in the production of large-scale sculptures. There will be no limit on theme or design so unleash your creativity and enjoy the journey. Whether you already have an existing idea of what you want to sculpt or if you need inspiration, Craig Medson will be there each step of the way to help to discover your true potential. The workshop will include how to build the form directly in clay creating the maquette over a small wire armature, as well as casting a small block of plaster and directly carving the form. This will be an easy, fun and creative workshop that will teach you techniques you can use in the future. The main materials used will be clay and plaster but if you prefer to work in plasticine you are welcome to bring your own. It is recommended participants bring a sketch book or photographs of forms they are interested in. The workshop will be held from 9am to 4.30pm on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 February and is just $130 per person including materials. No previous experience is necessary, places are limited and bookings and pre-payment essential by visiting council’s gallery website.

Thomas and Riley Staff born 22/9/12; Thomas (R) 6 1/2lb and Riley (L) 6lb. Healthy baby boys for Andrew and Jodi, brothers for Jessica. Grandsons for Helen & Bruce Staff and Lyn Guyer, nephews for the Kluck, Rush and Broad families.

Applications open for water funding program ELIGIBLE not-for-profit community groups can apply now for funding with Sunshine Coast Council’s Water and Sewerage Funding Program to help with water and sewerage access charges for the 2012/13 financial year. Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the funding would help many of the region’s struggling community groups. “The $700,000 available through the Water and Sewerage Funding Program is an opportunity for council to help the local not-for-profit groups, who contribute so much to our communities”, said Cr McKay. “The funding is designed to assist groups in meeting the costs associated with water and sewerage services. Through this program, council will contribute a percentage towards fixed access charges. “We have so many fantastic sporting, recreation

and community groups here on the Sunshine Coast and many could do with some assistance to pay their water and sewerage access charges. “The Water and Sewerage Funding Program will not cover usage charges, but for groups that have very little income, help with fixed access charges will go a long way. “I encourage all not-for-profit groups to visit council’s website or contact a grants officer for further information or assistance with an application.” Applications for the Water and Sewerage Funding Program close at 5pm Friday 22 March 2013. Visit for eligibility criteria and to apply. For further information or assistance phone 5441 8385 or email

An amazing milestone was achieved when Jessie Hartley celebrated her 101st birthday with family & friends at the Cooroy RSL. Many happy returns, Jessie, we look forward to seeing you next year!

Free legal information and advice for flood victims RESIDENTS in flood-affected areas can access free legal information and advice relevant to their circumstances from Legal Aid Queensland. “People affected by natural disasters often have a range of legal issues to deal with such as property or car damage, insurance, tenancy issues, debt, employment and access to electricity and other services damaged by the floods,“ Legal Aid Queensland Chief Executive Officer Anthony Reilly said. “People can contact Legal Aid Queensland on 1300 65 11 88 for the cost of a local call to get free legal information and advice, or to be referred to another organisation who can assist with their problem.” Flood victims can also access a range of free

IF you entered the 2012 Cooroy Central Guardian Pharmacy Photo Competition at Christmas in Cooroy, your photo’s are now available for collection. Please drop into the Guardian Pharmacy, Maple Street Cooroy during normal trading hours to pick them up. Thank you for entering.

factsheets and resources on the Flood and Cyclone Legal Help website, including a guide to assist people with their insurance claims. This website was established by Legal Aid during the 2011 natural disasters. For more information about Legal Aid Queensland’s flood legal information and advice services, call 1300 65 11 88 or visit

Tinbeerwah Art Group WELCOME back to all our members. 2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year with lots of creative activities and trips to galleries etc. Classes have recommenced at Tinbeerwah Hall cnr Sunrise Rd and Noosa-Cooroy-Rd. Applications are invited from people who would like to join this dynamic group. All levels of ability are welcome from beginners to advanced and all mediums are catered for including acrylics, oils, watercolours etc. So why wait? Do something good for yourself and contact Jan Cooke 5473-0235 or Avril Hare 5448 1448 for further information.

Best wishes to Ben Webb who celebrated his 21st on January 30th. Happy Birthday princess! Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013 - Page 17


Rebrand good news for Pomona Inc POMONA Inc has been rebranded as a result of its General Meeting as Pomona Arts Inc, with a focus on the performing and visual arts at its venues at the Majestic Theatre, Old Pomona Railway Station Gallery and the Pomona Country Markets. This formal change in direction is great news for the culture and

OPEN 7 DAYS - 7am-5pm

• Antiques • Giftware • Air-conditioned Indoor Dining • Shaded Outdoor Table Seating • Coffee / Drinks • Homemade Cakes & Lunches • Teddy Heaven • Jewellery

Book for your Special Occasions Shop 5, Reserve St, Pomona - Ph: 5485 1883

Page 18 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

Look for the Big RED Awnings

arts in the northern Sunshine Coast hinterland. The Majestic Theatre reopens after its summer break with more live music. Award-winning Sunshine Coast songstress Ange Takats launches her much anticipated second album ‘Arva’ with her old time band featuring Steve Cook, Caroline Trengrove and Tim Finnigan on Saturday February 16, 7:45pm. Ange’s soulful voice evokes the joy of the Andrew Sisters one minute and the melancholia of Billie Holiday the next. Tickets: $28 online at or $33 at the door. Doors open at 6:0pm Light refreshments, drinks and supper available. For more information, phone The Majestic Theatre on (07) 5485 2330. Silent films accompanied by the theatre organist are scheduled at 10:30am on the Saturday February 2 “Steamboat Bill Jnr”, Monday February 11, 10:30am “Tramp Tramp Tramp”, Thursday February 14, 10:30am “Our Hospitality” and Tuesday February 19. The gallery is continuing its excellent program of visual arts, with the current exhibition “Joint Adventure” oils, clay sculpture, acrylic, shellscape Four Artists! By Trish Howie, Pat Armstrong, Bev Watkin, Moriarty.

pomona Jason McFarlane 2.11.93 – 13.1.13

We would like to thank our family, friends and the whole community for all your support and help after the tragic loss of our beautiful son Jason. Ian and Toni McFarlane If we could visit heaven, Even for a day, Maybe for a moment, The pain would go away. I’d put arms around you, And whisper words so true, That living life without you, Is the hardest thing to do. No matter what we do, No morning dawns or evening falls, When we don’t think of you.



Church helps community

Council courts Cooran

The official opening of the new Cooran netball courts was held on December 19 with Cr Tony Wellington and members of the Cooroora Netball Club. SUNSHINE Coast Council has completed construction of two new netball courts in the hinterland town of Cooran and the Cooroora Netball Club now has a place to train and stage competitions. Division 12 Councillor Tony Wellington said the Cooroora Netball Club is one of the largest on the Sunshine

Coast. “It draws on players from Cooran, Pomona, Boreen Point and Federal,” Cr Wellington said. “Membership has grown to nearly 100 players.” “The completion of the courts will allow for social competitions over summer and I’m sure they’ll get constant use during the coming com-

petitive season.” Club President Julie Hawkins said council had done a fantastic job on construction of the courts. “I really want to thank Councillor Wellington and all of council, for making our dream for new courts come true,” Ms Hawkins said. Councillor Wellington said the courts are positioned on the north-east corner of Chris Kenny Park, next to the Pomona Cooran Amateur Rugby League field. “Selection of the site for the courts has taken into account potential flooding issues as well as minimising impacts on existing flora and fauna,” he said. “The two netball courts meet Australian Standards and have synpave covering, line marking and height adjustable netball hoops. “This will be a terrific community asset to be enjoyed by locals for many years to come.” .

Healing Centre opens in Pomona POMONA HEALING CENTRE opened on Tuesday the 5th of February in the old Masonic Hall in Pomona. Facilitator, Ishtarlia. offers meditation, (including full moon meditations), workshops, massage, energy work, sound healings, crystal healings and with yoga and more to come. Ishtarlia has space for rent for other practitioners and workshop facilitators. On Tuesdays she will host guided meditation and sacred sounding using voice and singing bowls. The times are 10am and 6.30 pm and will continue weekly. Cost is $11. Come and join us and experience sound meditation with Ishtarlia at 9 Station Street Pomona. Enquires phone 0412 909 156.

International Women’s Day event ‘A WOMAN’S WORLD’ – a creative conversation What do you love about being a woman? What inspires you and moves you forward in life? Come and join us in a creative exploration of these and other great questions. Using conversation and simple art techniques we will begin to unfold some of the ways we can empower ourselves in work and play. Friday 8th March 9.30am - 12.30pm Lawson Shed, Pomona & District Community House $25.00 – Light lunch included Places are limited to please book in early. For reservations and more information call 5485 2427

COOROORA SCREENS & BLINDS Established 1996 Lic 704038 • Blinds • Rollers • Romans • Venetians • Verticals • Panel Glides • Awnings

HARDWARE IN September 2012 the Cooroy Seventh-Day Adventist Church members were encouraged to come up with an idea of how our church could help the community, especially leading up to Christmas. As a result the Nifty Fifty Christmas offering was launched. The idea was that parents and children would collect as many 50 cent coins as possible and each Sabbath drop their coins into a specially made piggy bank in the shape of a 50cent coin. Full of enthusiasm and willingness to contribute to the Christmas offering, it became apparent that the children enjoyed it, so the adults ensured every child would have at least one 50cent coin each Sabbath to drop into the piggy bank. Although we were collecting we were still not sure how as a church we could help the community, until a church member read a local story about Pastor Joy Cross having a burden to help the needy in the community. With the help of her church, Living Hope Christian Outreach Centre, they have opened a very affordable food distribution outlet called “Food Connection” in Reserve Street Pomona, next to their Options 4 U Op Shop, where they offer food parcels to families that are feeling the pinch in this present economic climate. We contacted Pastor Joy and explained our idea and what had been happening over the last couple of months and asked if we could make a small contribution to the Food Connection to help with the food parcels. On Saturday, 15th December 2012 Pastor Joy attended the Christmas service at Cooroy Seventh-Day Adventist church, where, after a brief interview with Pastor David Reilly about the Food Connection, we presented her with our bag of silver (50cent coins), which tallied up to just over $340. Our prayer is that our communities will be blessed by the efforts and dedication of Pastor Joy Cross and her team of volunteers, in helping meet the needs of others. The Cooroy SeventhDay Adventist church would like to continue to support this worthy cause in 2013 and beyond. For more information phone 0449299466 or 0412972744.

Cooroora CANINE CLIPPING New Salon Open in Cooran • Dog Clipping - 18 Years Experience • Tick Clips & Breed Styles • Kind - Gentle - Patient

Manufacturers of INVISIGARD • Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Security Doors & Screens

17 Factory St, Pomona 5485 1287


Pick up & Delivery available to local areas COORAN - POMONA - COOROY Please phone Melanie 0419 420 433 71 Tablelands Rd, COORAN

✓ Contractors & Handyman Supplies ✓ Building Materials ✓ Gardening Needs ✓ Rural Supplies ✓ LP Gas Supplies ✓ Key Cutting ✓ Paint & Plumbing Supplies Everything you need for a Happy New Year

Professional Service & Advice Mon-Fri Sat-Sun

Trading Hours 7.00am - 5.00pm 7.30am - 2.30pm

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dining & entertainment Australia Day Heralds Major awards for our local heroes


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

VALENTINES DAY Lunch or Dinner 3 Course Meal & a Glass of Bubbly $55 Bookings Essential

THURSDAY NIGHT 2 Course Meal $25 on pre-selected menu FRIDAY AFTERNOON Cocktails & Tapas 3-6pm

WE have always known Cooroy is a unique village, and that what makes it so special is those people who work so hard for their fellow man (and woman) and their communities. The Australia Day awards revealed two of these people, and what was extra special was that the 60 invited guests managed to keep the acknowledgment dinner hosted at the Cooroy RSL on Australia Day a secret, which is definitely a major accomplishment for our grapevine! President of the RSL Club John Simmons presented flowers to

11 Emerald Street, Cooroy - PHONE: 5447 7224

Noosa’s Historic First Licensed 1868


Entertainment from noon

February 10th - John Withers & Crew in a Jazz Tone 17th - Col Noble 24th - Paul Bellerby



PH: 5485 3100

Monday - Roast Tuesday - T-Bone Wednesday - Schnitzel Thursday - Curry FRIDAY NIGHT

Yvonne Pattinson, in recognition of her being named on the Australia Day Order of Australia recipient list Yvonne has spent a lifetime dedicating herself to any community that she resides in, and Cooroy got lucky when she moved here from further down the Coast some 13 years ago. You can often see Yvonne driving the Community Bus taking our elderly to medical appointments or shopping, or over at the Bowls Club doing everything including bar tending, kitchen, cleaning and running games, or at the RSL fundraising. Yvonne also compiled the Memorial Hall cookbook to raise funds for essential works, which you can purchase from the Club reception. Yvonne stated that “it is the wonderful people that assist in these endeavours that deserve the recognition, and I would like to thank them for their support and hard work” The tables were then turned when our favourite bagpiper, Donny Drysdale, heralded the arrival from a hiding spot of the Vice -President of the SEQ Zone Wide Bay Burnett District of the QLD Returned Serviceman’s League, Don Jones. Don proceeded to award the Australia Day Medallion to a shocked John Simmons, acknowledging Johns contribution for a greater Australia, and an Australia Day Certificate of Achievement from the QLD RSL State Branch for his outstanding service in Pensions, Advocacy & Welfare Services (PAWS). John, whose tireless work as an advocate for returned servicemen and their families across the region, is a truly inspirational man who manages a workload that belies his age and own health issues. John seemed at a loss for words, however spoke of his PAWS team who enable such a wide and

Yvonne and John dedicated range of services including hospital visitations and family support, and of their outstanding achievements including being awarded the District Shield in 2012, which he assured would be replicated again this year! He personally thanked the PAWS team - John Diprose (Hospital Visits) Don Scott, Lance Wardlow & Terence Charles (Welfare) & Denis Thompson (Pensions) For a tiny branch their efforts are nothing short of incredible. To both John and Yvonne, we are all honoured to have you here with us in Cooroy, and are very proud of your achievements. You continue to inspire us to “give more, expect less” and provide a wonderful example of how each of us can truly make a difference in the world.

Goose Club & Muso Jam

• Devonshire Teas • High Tea Luncheons • Children’s Tea Parties Hand-made & Home-baked Savouries, sandwiches, scones & sweet treats Let us spoil you for your next special event or get together with friends OPEN: TUESDAY-SATURDAY 9.30AM-4.00PM

Ian, John and Don

11B Wimmers Lane - Phone 5472 0296 Bookings Essential

Cooroy Probus THERE has been no rest for the members of our Cooroy Probus Club over January. We entertained ourselves at the monthly meeting with stories of embarrassing moments in our lives. Some I’m sure were never shared. A financial adviser has been booked for next month. Never too late! Our theatre outing to the Calendar Girls was an outstanding success made all the more enjoyable by having first class seats courtesy of Trevor Blake. The play was tightly scripted and provided well placed humour to counteract the tears. The monthly dinner group organized a sunset cruise on the Noosa River followed by fish and chips at the Noosa Marina. A glorious evening, a colorful sunset, happy times and great timing as the very next night the heavens opened and the storms began. Cooroy Probus meets on the first Monday of each month at the local RSL.

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Carol Blake and Derek Stevenson enjoying the sunset on the Noosa River

dining & entertainment


Chinese and Thai New Year’s Celebrations Dhoms Kitchen will celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve with a dinner this Saturday 9 February to welcome in the Year of the Snake. Dhom and Spencer will prepare a set menu of Thai-inspired Chinese dishes. “For many Thai’s of Chinese descent, there are three new year’s celebrations in Thailand each year: Western New Year, Thai New Year and Chinese New Year” notes Dhom. “Thailand has a rich Chinese culture which dates back several centuries and which has had a profound influence on Thai cuisine”. Dishes to be served on Chinese New Year’s Eve will include Sang Choi Bao of chicken, lup cheuong and shiitake; Crispy Ocean King Prawn Rolls with house made plum sauce;

Dumplings with Szechuan chilli and black vinegar; and Twice Cooked Pork Belly with steamed bread and pickles. There are limited seats still available. For enquiries call 54477710. The New Year’s festivities continue in April with the celebration of Thai New Year (Songran), traditionally a time to show respect to elders. On Saturday 14 April Dhom and Spencer will present a delicious set menu of Thai Street food favourites for $45 per person from 6.00pm. Dishes will include a Miang of Wild Betel Leaf with house-smoked salmon and finger lime caviar; turmericcrusted organic chicken wings with spicy Isaan dipping sauce; and a steamed red sea-

food curry. As usual they will source as much of their produce as possible from local growers and producers, many of whom have become friends over the years. Dhom’s kitchen will also be open for lunch and dinner on Valentines Day with some delicious specialties and tantalising desserts. Bookings are strongly recommended. Dhoms Kitchen is listed and recommended in the Queensland 2012 Good Food Guide. Facebook: dhomskitchen. 1a Garnet Street, Cooroy (opposite Cooroy Hotel) Ph. 5447 7710. Right: Turmeric-crusted organic chicken wings with spicy Isaan dipping sauce.

The return of a chap, two divas and a piano in a brand new show - Love Bytes LOVE Bytes is a magical concert showcasing three fabulous voices, a superb accompanist and glorious songs from My Fair Lady, One Touch of Venus, Wizard of Oz, Carousel, Fiddler On The Roof, South Pacific, Pal Joey, Show Boat, The Boys From Syracuse, The King and I, Strike Up the Band, Jekyll and Hyde, Aspects of Love and a fabulous George and Ira Gershwin medley. A large slice of some of the greatest music ever written will fill the night when this highly talented foursome returns to The Independent Theatre at Eumundi at 7.30 on Saturday night, February 16th. D’Arne Sleeman, Elizabeth Hood, Bernard Wheaton and Mark Leung, showcase a program that bubbles along with comedy, ballads and banter. Don’t miss the return of this exceptional quartet of talent. Remember it’s for one night only. Book or get a group together. Tickets $20, $18 concessions. 5472 8200 or

Left: D’Arne Sleeman (Soprano), Bernard Wheaton (Tenor), Mark Leung (Piano) and Soprano, Elizabeth Hood


‘on Opal’ @ the Bowls


Now Open Friday Lunch 12-2

$10,000 SUMMER GIVEAWAY Sponsored by The Outdoor Furniture Specialists Noosaville, Aqua Pumping & Solar, Bi-Rite Electrical Noosa & Mower & ATV Solutions Cooroy


F E B R U A RY S a tu r d a y 9 t h away e iv G s r rs e d a r T Tr 0 0 $ 10 S a t u r d a y 16 t h C o o rroo y B a ll ** Saturday 23rd e p i ip w S a g e M s r rs e b Mem ** NEW POKIES ONLINE

Tues & Wed Night includes FREE Dessert Wine selection $10 a bottle



5.50 LUNCH





Monday-Saturday Steak or Fish Salad & Chips


*excludes Sun & Pub Holidays

SEAFOOD SATURDAY Fresh & Fabulous from 6pm


FEBRUARY 8th - Sheez Jake 15th - Fabian 22nd - Chad Shuttleworth

WEB Email –


SUNDAY LUNCH & DINNER $ Reef’n’Beef NEW Kids eat Free*

Friday Nite After Dark



One Child per paying adult

$5 COFFEE & CAKE NEW 10am-12 + 3pm-5pm

RSL Maple Street 54476131 Bowls Opal Street 54476051

*excludes Sun & Pub Holidays

Information for Members, Guests & bona-fide visitors -

Courtsey Bus Thursday - Sunday Nights

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dining & entertainment Build a strong future - volunteer Cooroy!


FRESH SEAFOOD & TastyMonday Takeaway Menu - Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 9.30am-7.00pm Friday: 9.30am-7.30pm Saturday: 10.30am-7.30pm Sunday: 10.30am-7.00pm

Friday & Saturday Nights Try Our Thai Seafood Red Curry 5/12 Maple Street Cooroy

PH: 5447 7022

IT is the beginning of a new year, and many residents may have come to the end of 2012 thinking it has been a hard year, either personally, business or community wise. It has been hard, and it can only get better by using the challenges presented as opportunities to improve our community, its services and it’s future sustainability. Good, progressive, positive changes don’t just happen. They are achieved through dedication, hard work and community comradeship that ensure our current services are retained, and new ones are instigated to address any gaps. Sit and think for a moment how our lives would be if we did not have the SES, Fire Brigade, Family Support Services, or the selection of sports, activities and events that are housed in Cooroy and the surrounding areas. They make our village a true community, desirable, liveable and infinitely more interesting for those that live here and those that would like to. What about our Christmas in Cooroy, and its incredible tree….the Library Precinct and its artists and programs, the Lower Mill site and its woodworkers and events. They not only enrich our environment and culture, but add value to our properties (because people want to LIVE in such a great community), increase business (people want to visit and attend our events) and in a domino effect provide the means for funding opportunities for our non profit organisations. This relationship is a never ending cycle and link, which affects every single resident in some form, regardless of age,


Corona Carton





LIVE MUSIC FEBRUARY Saturday 9th ........................ Gut Instinct

Sunday 17th .................... Phil Emmanuel

Saturday 16th ............. Michelle Brown

............................... & Bill Ryan - 2pm-5pm

Famous Jam Session Every Thursday Night

BEER GARDEN RESTAURANT Meal Promos Wednesday Thursday Friday Nights

Lunch Specials


Wednesday Sunday

5442 8811 - Memorial Drive, Eumundi Page 22 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

interests or financial demographic. Good communities cannot rely solely on others. It is not governments or Council that create these productive communities. It is the residents and relevant stakeholders and the efforts they put in that maintain community services, create others, lobby for legislative changes, and submit for funding…the list goes on. It is YOU that does and can make a difference, and one of the best ways is through VOLUNTEERISM. Why become a Volunteer? More than 6 million Australians contribute to their communities by volunteering each year. People volunteer for many reasons and in many different ways. Whatever your own personal reason is for volunteering, know that you always gain as much (or more) than you give. Some of the key reasons and benefits to you personally of being a volunteer include: • gain new skills, add to your CV • meet new people & new friends • great networking opportunities personally and for business • try something new – diversify and challenge yourself • get active, improve your health, and laugh a lot! • make a real difference to others and the community – every bit counts • achieve a sense of personal purpose and increase in self esteem • be a positive role model for your friends, family, children or grandchildren • contribute to the future of your community • enjoy shared responsibility and mutual benefits • have a say in what happens, and be part of controlling the environment you live in Some interesting statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS General Social Survey 2010): • 66% of volunteers reported that their parents had done some voluntary work compared to 44% of non-volunteers. • Volunteers were more likely to be involved in other aspects of community life than those who had not volunteered in the last 12 months. • Working a higher number of hours per week did not necessarily deter people from participating in sport and recreation volunteering. The highest participation rate (88%)

was among those working 41-48 hours per week. As an individual, why not think about what you can gain from being a volunteer. Everyone knows someone who is a volunteer and has seen the great work of volunteers in the community. Why not open some doors to your own personal development. Where to start? There are two main ways that people get started. First option is to choose an organisation that you have an interest in and contact them about roles they may have available. The second is to choose a volunteer role based on the skills you want to use or gain, and contact a variety of organisations offering your services. This is a great option for job seekers that give you a “foot in the door” to the industry/sector you want to work in. Training and qualifications gained by volunteering give job seekers a significant advantage over their competitors. Volunteer Cooroy is a program that links volunteers to organisations, and organisations to volunteers!. There is a large range of local sporting and community organisations with interesting volunteer roles and opportunities RIGHT NOW. There is something for everyone, and range from Public Relations, Secretarial, Accounting, Corporate Governance, and Board/ Committee positions to Green keeping, Coaching, bar service, event co-ordination, fundraising and more! Julie Ainscough (pictured with Sandy Bolton) has just commenced volunteering in a variety of capacities at the RSL and at the Bowls Club. Julie compiles the Sub Branch newsletter, assists with events, provides customer relations at Reception, tends bar and enjoys a host of other roles weekly. Julies loves the interaction and meeting such a broad range of people, and says that “it really is a nice way to show how much my husband (who volunteers on the community bus) and I love Cooroy. We have integrated so quickly into our new community, and already have a wide circle of new friends as a result. For anyone of any age, it is such a great way to become a “local”. You really do get more out of it than you put in!” If you would like to join Julie and others to help build a strong Cooroy, contact Sandy or Elaine on 54476131 or email for more information.

Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2013 now calling for entries SUNSHINE Coast Council today announced nation-wide entries are being sought for the prestigious Sunshine Coast Art Prize (SCAP), with entries closing on 28 March 2013. Now in its eighth consecutive year, SCAP has achieved national acclaim for its annual representation of contemporary Australian art. Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said SCAP was one of the richest art prizes in Australia and continues to attract the best contemporary and emerging artists our nation has to offer. “The Sunshine Coast Art Prize awards are valued at over $46,000 in 2D, 3D and T3 (Tertiary) categories,” Cr McKay said. “SCAP is produced by Sunshine Coast Council to encourage artistic excellence and to bring quality artwork to a regional audience. “The award provides a distinguished contribution to the national art calendar, attracting talented artists from around the country to enter contemporary 2D and 3D art. “Every year this competition attracts a dynamic range of media and artists. “The artists who participate, whether they are younger emerging artists or more

established professionals, consistently produce an extremely high standard of art work.” A selection of 40 finalists will be chosen from the entries in each of the national categories submitted to the pre-selection panel and will be presented in exhibitions at each of council’s galleries with the winners of the 2D and 3D categories each receiving $15,000 cash prize. In addition to the top awards, other prizes include: · Two non-acquisitive ‘Highly Commended’ prizes in the 2D and 3D categories, each to the value of $2,500, will also be announced at the official exhibition launches. · A non-acquisitive People’s Choice prize in each of the 2D and 3D categories, to the value of $2,500, to be awarded to the artists who receive the most votes from visitors to the SCAP 2D and 3D exhibitions. Sunshine Coast’s emerging tertiary students will be showcased through SCAP T3, a non-acquisitive art prize that includes $3,000 for a 2D category and $3,000 for a 3D category. To apply online for the 2013 SCAP or for more details visit council’s website.



Rosy fights for her independence

ROSY is very proud of her home in Cooroy. It was purpose built so that, with support from professional assistants, she could live as independently as possible. Rosy is well known around town and is admired and respected by her friends and neighbours for her determination to live her life to the fullest as an active member of her community. After living in her own house in Cooroy for eight years, she has now been informed by

the Queensland Government that she must move away, or lose the funding she has depended on for the past six years for her to live her life. She has been told that staying in her home at Cooroy will mean that no-one will be there to help her get out of bed as usual. No-one will be there to help her get dressed, and noone will be there to help her with breakfast. Rosy is shocked about what has happened to her. “I have heard that the Queensland Government was trying to save money, but I never thought it would mean losing my home.” She has thought long and hard about what she should do. “I don’t want to be forced to leave my home and my local community. This is where I live. My family and my friends are around me here, and I love being part of this community. I just don’t think it’s fair.” Rosy has many friends and supporters who are outraged about what is happening to her. Bob Lee, from Sunshine Coast Citizen Advocacy, an agency which provides advocacy to people with disability said, “The Queensland Government is ignoring its own policies about how people with disability like Rosy are supported. They should be proudly celebrating the success achieved by Rosy in living a great life in this community with the support provided through Disability Services. Instead they are telling her that the only thing that counts is saving money. They should really

Personal Trainer on a Budget THERE is no doubt that a personal trainer can help you achieve much better results in your exercise regime than going it alone. A personal trainer can ensure you are using proper technique, help motivate you and keep you focussed. Personal trainers are no longer used just by the rich and famous either. Today personal trainers are working with mums and dads, non-professional athletes and even children. But for some the cost of a personal trainer is still outside their budgetary constraints, which is why Make a Difference Health & Fitness have introduced their new group sessions. “Our group sessions are only going to be with a maximum of six people at a time in our air conditioned private studio. You’ll get

the benefits of working with a personal trainer but at a reduced cost. And there isn’t any lock in contracts or upfront fees. You just pay for the sessions you attend. We can cater for all fitness levels and will still tailor your workout to your level of fitness and goals. Plus I believe in making exercise fun so you’ll be more likely to continue to exercise. Clients can be assured that we don’t have a boot camp mentally here at all,” said personal trainer, Lee Smith. Make a Difference Health & Fitness is located at Overlander Avenue in Cooroy and group sessions are $12.50 per person for a one hour session. For more information contact Lee on 5442 6179, 0407 597 748 or visit their website at

be seeing this as money truly well spent.” Rosy has decided that, despite the threats to withdraw her support, she wants to stay in her home and in her local community. “I’m counting on my community to help me. I need people who support me to express their outrage about what the Government is doing, and I need people to let me know if they are willing to help me when my paid workers are no longer here.” If you would like to let Rosy know that you support her, text her a message on 0437 116 954.

• Meditation • Yoga • Workshops • Massage • Energy Work • Sound Healings • Crystal Healings

9 Station St, Pomona 0412 909 156

If you sometimes forget to say ‘I Love You’ to that special someone, say it this Valentines Day with a GIFT VOUCHER from us. Luxury Body Treatments, Facials, Massages & more




5442 6239

Pomona’s new healing centre POMONA HEALING CENTRE opened on Tuesday the 5th of February in the old Masonic Hall in Pomona. Facilitator, Ishtarlia. offers meditation, (including full moon meditations), workshops, massage, energy work, sound healings, crystal healings and with yoga and more to come. Ishtarlia has space for rent for other practi-

tioners and workshop facilitators. On Tuesdays she will host guided meditation and sacred sounding using voice and singing bowls. The times are 10am and 6.30 pm and will continue weekly. Cost is $11. Come and join us and experience sound meditation with Ishtarlia at 9 Station Street Pomona. Enquires phone 0412 909 156.

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Family support centre in crisis

Have you got your party feet ready for this festive season???

Come in and see Maria, Scott and Chloe for all your feet requirements.



Now available at Cooroora Family Health Station Street, Pomona

Certified with Martin and Pleasance in Schuessler Tissue Salts. Come and have your Bowen Treatment enhanced with a cell salt protocol just for you ASTHMA BACK PAIN STRESS SCIATICA INSOMNIA NECK PAIN FROZEN SHOULDER MIGRAINE


Phone: 0438 861 107 7 Garnet St, Cooroy

THE Cooroy Family Support Centre (CFSC), which has been an integral part of the hinterland community for over 20 years, is now appealing for community funding support to keep its vital services going. Established in 1991, its mission has been to provide all members of the community access to affordable counselling and support. Each year the Centre provides counselling for families affected by domestic violence. In addition the CFSC offers counselling for other issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, loss, trauma, substance abuse, eating disorders, anger management, relationship and parenting issues. At the CFSC payment for service is assessed on an individual basis but is never priced above $25 per session whereas private counselling costs can cost up to $150 per session. Unfortunately after 22 years of service, the Centre is now faced with considerable financial challenges and must look to the community for support or face further reductions in its services or even closure. Around 80% of funding comes in the form of an annual grant from the State Government and for many years the CFSC has

managed to operate by supplementing the balance by fund raising and donations. A recent ruling by FairWork Australia has mandatorily imposed a higher salary structure for community workers without a corresponding increase in Government support. Meg McCaughey, Senior Counsellor and member of the Management Committee says… “There are a number of factors specific to this regional area that contribute to domestic issues, such as a high level of families in low-income brackets; a large proportion of one-parent families; many seniors living alone suffering isolation and loneliness; as well as new families transitioning to the area without wider family support. In addition to this we are now seeing an increasing number of families that have members working in the mining sector on a fly-in fly-out basis, this can have a significant impact on healthy family dynamics.” The option to access affordable, professional counselling is severely limited in our region and there is currently a waiting period of 2-3 weeks for new clients to access the CFSC services. A unique benefit of the CFSC’s service to the community is that it

benefits people who cannot afford access to a fully priced service. Kate Pryde, President of the Management Committee says “The Management Committee continues to seek new sources for recurrent funding but feels it is now time to raise awareness in the community of the Centre’s plight. With the reductions in government spending we need to look to the community for their support otherwise the Cooroy and surrounding districts are in danger of losing this extremely valuable, in demand service.” How can you help? · By making a one off donation (fully tax deductable) to the centre · By becoming a friend of the centre by purchasing an annual Friends of the Centre Membership · By supporting the CFSC fundraising events. To learn more about the Cooroy Family Support Centre, to make a donation or become a friend of the Centre visit their web site and look for the tab “how you can help”. To speak to a Management Committee member directly about assisting please contact Kate Pryde on 0412215581..

Eye examinations should All over wellness be the first test of the school year WITH one in four children suffering an undetected vision problem, Optometrists are encouraging parents to ensure their children make a healthy start to the 2013 school year by having their eyes examined before school starts. “The number one tip for a successful school year is to get your child’s eyes checked by an optometrist specialising in children’s vision care. Good vision is crucial to a child’s performance both inside and outside the classroom,” says local optometrist Jenny Currie of optometry@cooroy. Along with allergies and asthma, eye disorders are the most common long-term health problems experienced by children. Undetected vision problems may also contribute to learning difficulties and behavioural issues. With 80 per cent of all learning experienced through vision, many children with undetected vision problems often fail to progress well in school. “Vision problems may not always be apparent to the child or the parent so it’s important to make sure an eye examination is checked off the ‘back to school’ list before school starts” says Heather McLeod, also of optometry@cooroy. Common signs of possible vision problems in children: Holding reading materials too close to or too far from their eyes; Con-

stantly rubbing of eyes; Continually squinting; Having irritated or teary eyes Symptoms such as these can often be misinterpreted as behavioural issues or learning disabilities causing children to become impatient, lack attention or become fidgety during the day. “Parents should not rely only on vision screenings conducted at schools to pick up eye problems. A thorough eye examination should be conducted at the beginning of the school year to ensure any changes to eye health are picked up early,” said Jenny. “At optometry@cooroy we specialise in paediatric vision care and are one of the few optometric practices on the Sunshine Coast offering full scope behavioural optometry services including Visual Information Processing skills screenings and assessment as well as Vision Therapy programs.” One in 10 Australian children suffers from a long-term eye disorder. Early detection and treatment is key. Monitoring your children’s vision may help identify any potential eye health issues before permanent damage occurs. For further information please contact optometry@cooroy at 62 Maple Street or call 5442 5555. For more information about full scope children’s vision care visit

COOROY Lakridge Health and Beauty, established in Cooroy for over 12 years, offers a full range of treatments to their growing client base - treatments which address the body on a physical , emotional and nutritional level. “We believe the body is like an onion has layers. Spiritual; emotional; nutritional and physical,” said Bowen Therapist Lisa Pree. “To get to our core healing process we first have to work out which is the primary cause for concern. Could it be a phyical problem....are we exercising ? Or perhaps excercising wrongly. Perhaps the problem is emotional ... are you stressed, tired, anxious, moody or just cant concentrate. Perhaps the problem is dietary; eating the wrong foods or foods that don ‘t agree with our bodies, some bodies are intolerant to certain foods. “All these problems can cause imbalances within the body creating injuries , pain,bloating, inflamation, and a feeling of unwellness. We have fully trained experienced therapists that have proven positive outcomes for Pain relief..Sport injuries - Relaxation - Nutritional guidance - and womens health issues just to name a few. We work along side qualified medical practioners and compliment their healing stratagies.” If you want to make changes in your life. Get on the wellness train. Give the Lakeridge team a call 5442 6239.

EyeZ for you

beauty salon


FREE Eyebrow Stencil with every Lash Lift, Myscara or Deluxe Facial

½ PRICE Shellac Nails

with every Tuscan Spray Tan All Natural Clinical Skin Care Products used in Facials Beth - 0400 591 299 - Clare - 0404 487 201 Inside Cooroy Hair Design - Opposite Library Page 24 - Cooroy Rag, February 6, 2013

• Dr Bronwyn Ahern BDS (hons) Syd Uni • Deb Kerridge Hygienist/Therapist • Helen Rose Hygienist/Therapist • Sophie Dodd Hygienist A Gentle team dedicated to providing personal preventative & comprehensive dental care

(07) 5442 6722

9 Garnet St Cooroy 4563

health Noosa Hinterland


Denture Services

New Vet offers alternative treatments

MAPLE Street Vet is a naturally different veterinary surgery. The clinic’s philosphophy has been developed over many years in normal practice. Maple Street Vet is basically trying to fix our own perceived wrongs in the way normal practice is undertaken. So visiting Maple Street Vet is going to be a different experience, you will get different opinions and advice. “So let’s talk about the areas of difference,” says Dr Garry Bright. “Diet – we honestly believe that fresh, mostly uncooked food for our pets’ is the most nutritious. The biggest issue with feeding a home prepared diet is, can we get the balance and amount food fed right..? Well yes you can, Maple Street Vet has developed its very own computer software to help you balance your pet’s diet. “Acupuncture – the magic of needles! The best way I can describe to you what acupuncture does is to draw you a simile: “Imagine you have a radio that can tune into 12 Radio stations all at the same time. Ill health may mean that one or two stations are tuned in and the rest are all out of tune. In health mostly all the channels are tuned in

and the sound is crisp and clear….. “So essentially acupuncture tweaks the body so that it “tunes” in the channels to create balance. The type of acupuncture I most routinely use is called Balance Acupuncture – simply as every needle has an IMMEDIATE effect once placed into the body. “When I treat humans it is easy to ask “Where is the pain now?” and I can continue to hunt down the pain. This is where the challenge lies in animals – and I have developed two mechanisms to understand where their problems might be. “Examination goes without saying an important step but I am very fortunate in that through years of practicing Aikido, Qi Gong and meditating I am able to connect to the patient’s energy and feel the energy disharmony. That is to say I am able to feel their pain, for example the pain is in the left knee joint, under the knee cap. “Sometimes I don’t get that feeling (usually when it is clearly obvious where the problem lies) and I can search the area using a laser whilst at the same time monitoring my own pulse. When an affected area is found my pulse rebounds – this phenomenon is known as Nogier’s pulse and is used extensively in a style of Acupuncture used by German doctors – Controlled acupuncture. “Herbs – nature’s cures. Let’s continue to use the simile of the Radio and the 12 stations in tune, the radio is playing and all twelve stations are in tune but the radio is very quiet, you can barely hear the sound …the herbs are like a Volume control, they turn up the energy. “The body’s energy is built up of many layers of substances a bit like layers of oil, die-

sel, petrol and water; the heavier oil is at the bottom and the lighter layers at the top. Acupuncture does very little to build substances – it is said that approximately 40 sessions of acupuncture will do the same as one herb in building blood. Herbs are used to build substances like blood.” Garry and Cathy Bright are recent immigrants via Zimbabwe and London, but feel like locals in the few short years we have been here and absolutely love our community. “Our children attend school in Noosaville and as I write this my eldest daughter is attending Australia day celebrations in Noosa as a Nominee as a young Noosa legend. Cathy has her dog agility school set up on our acreage and I have my trees that I can commune with for a little tree hugging. Garry Qualified in 1989 as a vet from Onderstepoort Vet School in South Africa, studied for four years at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading in the UK 2004 as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Patent Herbalist. Attended conferences in Vienna- Austria, Orlando- USA, Lanzhou- China, Melbourne -Australia on Veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine. Cathy qualified from London University with a Bachelor of Animal Science and was a Head nurse in a veterinary practice in London prior to the birth of our three children. 42 Maple Street, Cooroy, Qld 4563 5447 7877 Ï% 0435 565908 (24Hrs)

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New Year’s body cleanse and transformation WITH the new year now underway comes the time to implement the new year resolutions to change our old habits, many concerning health & the way we help ourselves to get the best from life. With this in mind, Maple Street Acupuncture & Natural Medicine have detox & weight loss programs to cleanse & promote a healthy lifestyle after the Christmas indulgences while the motivation is still high. We use Metagenics Integrated Detox products, a scientifically formulated range of nutritional & herbal supplements for gastrointestinal, liver & kidney support to detoxify & revitalize the body. We also incorporate acupuncture to stimulate the natural repair function, massage to release metabolic byproducts from the muscles or hypnosis so you can stay committed to make the change for 2013. There are 2 main programs which we utilize: 6 weeks for health complaints or long term conditions or 2 weeks for short term lifestyle excesses. The 6 week Integrated program has

3 stages. (1) Remove - treats the digestive system to remove opportunistic bacteria, parasites & waste which produce toxins that is absorbed into the bloodstream & damages the gut lining. (2) Renew - replenishes the gut flora with high quality probiotics, alkalises the body & supports normal healthy kidney elimination functioning. (3) Release - supplies herbal & nutritional support for proper liver function & antioxidants for cell protection from free radical damage. The 2 week express program combines the Thermo Phase Detox & G-Tox Express products. Changes to eating habits during the process are key so we provide a recommended food list & the Metagenics website also supplies recipe suggestions for easy planning. Metagenics are an industry leader in specialized natural health supplements & health care. For further information on this program please call or visit us at Maple St Acupuncture, 12A Maple St , Cooroy, 07 54425526 where we can taylor a plan to your particular needs.

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real estate Perfect small acreage, like a fairway to heaven


THIS is a find! Being just about walking distance into Cooran this block has it all, its 1.6ha of pristine, lush, weed free, mowed usable land, with sensational scenic views of the Hinterland and situated at the very base of the majestic Cooran Mountain. It’s private, has two dams, is fully fenced, power and phone are ready to go and a small caravan makes for a weekender where

1 DAY OVER THE WEEKEND Pickup Friday PM Return Monday AM MENTION THIS AD FOR 10% DISCOUNT ON FIRST HIRE 2 Johnson Crt, Cooroy off Jarrah St Call Cameron 5447 7722

you can listen to the whip birds, kick back and decide just where to build. Perfect for a horse or two, this really is an outstanding piece of property. Priced at $319,000, call Michael Robinson from Raine & Horne Noosa Hinterland for further details on 0431 865 616 or at the office on 5485 1788, or call into the office at 8 Reserve Street, Pomona.

Outstanding residence

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IF you’ve been watching and waiting, now’s your chance - this fantastic 6.15 acre Noosa Hinterland property is being sacrificed for sale. Privately nestled amidst its beautiful surroundings, the 304m2 architecturally designed sustainable residence creates a beautiful welcoming sensation. So many features and local attractions the list could go on for ever, but here are just a few: - Flowing floorplan with magnificent tallowwood flooring & light filled interiors - 5 spacious bedrooms, 2 stylish bathrooms, study & media room - Gourmet kitchen with granite benchtops & European appliances - Casual living, soaring ceilings with scenic windows and combustion fire - Covered timber entertaining verandahs with majestic hinterland views - Stand alone solar power system, fast ADSL, EMR reduction and Data/Phone cabling throughout. - Double bay garage plus several outbuildings and storage rooms - Located opposite national park and Noosa Trails - Picturesque dam, numerous fruit trees and native bush to explore - 35 minutes to Noosa & within 15 minutes to Pomona This property is one of the few properties were the photos do not do it justice, call today to arrange an inspection, you won’t be disappointed. Priced at $599,000, call Michael Robinson from Raine & Horne Noosa Hinterland for further details on 0431 865 616 or at the office on 5485 1788, or call into the office at 8 Reserve Street, Pomona.

10 Properties SOLD since January 1st - More Listings needed Urgently - Buyers Waiting!! Call Paul Bielby NOW and lets get Crackin . . .

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1. Cleaning – who’s responsible? The landlord is responsible for the maintenance and repairs needed to bring the property back to a liveable condition, including fences, gardens and pools. These repairs need to comply with health and safety laws. The tenant is responsible for removing or cleaning their possessions. Landlords and tenants are encouraged to communicate with each other over the clean up. 2. Can the tenant stop paying rent if the property is damaged? A tenancy agreement does not automatically end as a result of flooding (or natural disaster), even if the premises are totally destroyed. A tenant or landlord must give the other party a notice formally ending the agreement because the property is not liveable (see How do I end a tenancy agreement because the property is unliveable? below).This notice will end the tenancy agreement on the day the notice is served. However, notice must be given within one month of the disaster occurring. Once the correct notice has been given, the agreement is ended and the tenant is no longer required to pay rent. 3. The property is partially damaged, can rent be reduced? If a property is damaged, the landlord and the tenant can come to an agreement to reduce the rent until the premises are returned to the condition prior to the disaster. The agreement should be put in writing and signed by all parties. If an agreement can’t be reached between the parties about a reduction in rent, or the amount of the decrease, then the RTA’s free

dispute resolution service may be able to assist. Under the Act, tenants may ask for a rent reduction if: - the premises are partly unfit to live in - if services, facilities or goods to be provided to the tenant are no longer available - if the amenity or standard of the premises decreases substantially, so long as the damage was not caused by the tenant. 4. How do I end a tenancy agreement because the property is unliveable? A tenancy agreement is ended by either the landlord giving the tenant a Notice to leave (Form 12), or by the tenant giving the landlord a Notice of intention to leave (Form 13) on the grounds of non-liveability. Download these forms from our website or call the RTA on 1300 366 311 to request forms. The notice must be given within one month of the disaster occurring. 5. What is non-liveability? A property is considered unliveable if it has been destroyed, or made unfit to live in, for reasons other than a breach by the tenant or landlord. The premises may be considered unliveable when the property has become unsafe for health and safety reasons. However, each situation needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis. People should also consider what outcome they’re after, for example does a tenant wish to end the tenancy and leave, or stay but negotiate some rent relief. Find out more at or call the RTA on 1300 366 311.

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High on Stratford

The perfect lifestyle property awaits you! The highly desirable address is only the beginning of why this immaculate home is such a great find. From the elevated 1.56 acres you will enjoy abundant breezes and relaxing Northerly views to distant mountains. Entertain and impress friends and family from the rear undercover deck overlooking the private tropical pool enclosure. Fully fenced for pets and kids, with a bottom gate for parking larger vehicles and accessing the large shed/workshop/man cave. This home is a dream design with spacious rooms, wide entry area, and sky high ceilings. Not only are there 4 large bedrooms, a wide open plan dining /living area and sensational kitchen, this home offers 2 media rooms. One is located near the family end of the home and is ideal for fun for

kids of all ages. The other is separate and ideal for that home cinema we hear about in top-end properties. The master bedroom takes in morning views and a double shower, double hand basin, and massive walk through robe that will satisfy the biggest of shoe collectors. If you are in the position to make this very special property your own, you will know you have arrived in your new home the minute you step inside. Immaculate, spacious, interesting, and quality are words which describe the internal design of the home. Outside is the epitome of Queensland’s famous lifestyle and still a low maintenance property. Come and inspect now, call for an appointment for a private tour today Paul Bielby 0437 346 256 Countryside Realty.

Watergum Place, Black Mountain

real estate Dierdre Drive, Eumundi

WITH immaculate presentation, this spacious contemporary 3/4 bedroom home enjoys aspect, privacy, lovely views to Mt Cooroy & Eumundi Range and is located only 5 minutes to Eumundi & Cooroy and approx 15 to Noosa. Set on 1.8 acres of beautifully manicured grounds at the end of a quiet culde-sac just off Eumundi Range Road, this is a property that has absolutely everything. The spacious brick and timber home features a modern granite kitchen with stainless steel miele appliances, formal living/dining with timber floors, media room, enormous family/ rumpus room, 2 outdoor covered entertaining areas, one of which overlooks the inground pool & on the lower level another room which could have a multiple of uses for example as a fourth bedroom or the perfect home office space. The bedrooms are all dou-

ble size with built-ins and the master has an enormous walk in robe and ensuite with double vanity. The property is full of extra special additions to make life more pleasant: ducted AC, solar hot water, integrated vacuum system, massive under house storage, back-up generator, reverse cycle AC, remote control double garaging and much more. Bore water provides endless irrigation to the multitude of mature fruit trees and a lilly covered spring fed dam is a feature. For the toys there is a separate double bay shed with power which can be accessed through the solar powered front gates. If quality, presentation, position and location are paramount, this is a property you must inspect. Contact Kess Prior, 0404 344 399, 5447 7000. Price: $745,000.

Stephen Kidd designer residence Specialising in Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, New work & Repairs

LOCATED on the upper edges of Black Mountain this beautiful family home offers it all. Set on over 2 acres of fertile land with spectacular views across the Hinterland past Mount Cooroy, Mt. Eerwah and beyond to the Sunshine Coast. This North facing property is an easy 5 minute drive to bustling “heart of the Hinterland”, Cooroy and approximately 15 additional to Noosa Harbour and all the attractions of the Coast. Tropical gardens surround the home offering the new owner’s flexibility of use, privacy throughout and an entertainer’s dream. Indoor/outdoor living, large kitchen with spacious open plan living areas and 4 comfortably sized bedrooms all add to the quality feel. Fully useable land offering ample enjoyment for the gardener at heart, all the hard work has been done! To add to all of this there is solar hot water, 1.5kw solar power, extensive vegetable gardens, shed and 20,000 gallon water storage. Follow the sun or stay in the shade as the seasons change with the Hinterland’s famous indoor/ outdoor living options and fully functional entertainment areas. If you are looking for a comfortable home, close to town with privacy, useable land, with amazing scenic views in one of the most tightly held areas of the Hinterland then you have found it. Price: $519,000. Phone Jim Ennis 0402 587 298 at

THIS chic contemporary designer residence which rests on just over 50 acres of totally usable land offers a combination of luxury, style, class & comfort, and is only minutes from the popular market town of Eumundi. Designed by Stephen Kidd with a thoughtful mix of materials, textures and finishes including skillion roof lines, soaring ceilings, polished concrete floors and full length bi-fold doors. Six bedrooms in total, the master features an exquisite ensuite, enormous robes, private outdoor spa and eye catching views across the ornamental lake. Entry through the oversize timber door leads past a generous study allowing home office opportunities and full broadband access. A spacious guest wing provides a kitchenette, living room, two luxurious travertine bathrooms, two bedrooms with builtins, and is thoughfully positioned at the opposite end from the master suite. In between, the free-flowing floor plan links the indoor/outdoor living areas to a stunning chef appointed kitchen with marble benches, Zanussi stove and oven, Teppanyaki Plate and deep fryer. Two generous lounges, each with their own fire place flow from either end of the functional kitchen fitted with ice machine, two dishwashers, walk in cold room and walk in pantry. Entertaining is a breeze with expansive

timber terraces flowing to a 20 meter wet edge lap pool, built in BBQ and pizza oven. For the horse lover there are 4 electrified paddocks, corrals, 4 stables, tack room, feed room and Mary River sand arena with Polvin post and rail fencing all set privately away from the home. The homestead is positioned facing north and provides wide private vistas over the property from almost every room. Wildlife abounds around the expansive family friendly lawns that stretch from the home in all directions and the property adjoins the Eumundi Conservation Park making it perfect for early morning horse rides. Some of the property extras include: two security gated entrances, workshop, chicken coop, veggie gardens, separate artist studio, decorative fire pit, 4500 native cabinet timber trees, stocked spring fed dam, 30,000 gallons of water storage, electric dog fence, crimsafe fitted windows, back to base security, covered dual carport and portico entry, plus double lock up garaging. Situated just 20 minutes from Hastings Street shopping & restaurants, 7 minutes from beautiful Peregian Beach and 90 minutes drive from Brisbane international airport this stunning home is the epitome of stylish estate living. Please call Kess Prior 0404 344 399 or 5447 7000 at for further information. Price: $2,995,000

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Things are hotting up in the Wombats Den! THE End of the 2012 season saw Cooroora United make their mark again in the Sunshine Coast Competition and they are looking to build on this success again in the 2013 upcoming season. The final scoreboard showed the Under 15 girls team finishing the season 2nd overall and then going on to win the Grand final; the Under 13 boys made it into the top 4 teams overall which earned them a spot in the finals series. The Under 12 boys were minor premiers and the Coastal Women’s team finished 3rd on the ladder. Most of the finals games had the Cooroora Cheer squad there to support them and help lift their game. Senior Presentation was held at “The Locale Restaurant” and gave the club an opportunity to recognise the best of the best for the 2012 season. Lauren McGreevy received the “Bendigo Bank Female Player of the Year” Trophy and the “Kinetic Male Player of the Year” was Tony McCarthy awarded for his work both on and off the field as coach/player in the 3rd Division team. Best and Fairest in the 3rd Division Team was Scott Spencer with Matt Dawson taking out the Players Players Award. Tommy Wilkinson scooped the pool for the over 35’s team with Stephanie Kapiotas taking out the Players Player trophy for Coastal Women. Stefany Mabb walked away with a swag of trophies on the night including Best and Fairest for Coastal Women, Rising Star and the Golden Boot Award achieved through her

17 goals during the season and 3 during the final series. This total put her as the third highest goal scoring player in the Sunshine Coast Women’s Competition. Junior presentation was a great success. On the day, the sportsmanship and skill of Taine Watson was recognised when he was awarded the Junior Male Player of the Year trophy and Teegan Hall was the first ever winner of the new Junior Female Player of the Year. 2013 will be even more of a phenomena as CUFC take to the fields in March with up to 5 senior teams ( men’s and ladies including over 35’s men’s). This will be the largest number yet for Cooroora in the Sunshine Coast league. Junior teams have always made up the largest component of the CUFC squads and with Under 6’s receiving free registration from Sunshine Coast Football again this year will also swell the numbers. Boys and Girls can play from under 6 all the way through to Under 11 in the Small Sided Football Competition and then move onto Under 12 - Under 17 in our Competitive Junior Sides and while all players are more than welcome CUFC already know they will be encouraging as many Under 13 players to take up the sport this year to continue to make the female component of the club strong. Improvements around the grounds carried out during last season and the off season will only add to the competitiveness and atmosphere at every home game. Field One has now been completely laser levelled and returfed with work to begin on Field 2 soon. The

Toilet complex has been altered to add referee shed facilities and the canteen under the management of Frank and Matti and their band of volunteers has been utilised by all visitors and members. Sign on for the upcoming season will open soon and details of this can be found at website. An information day has been organised for Friday the 1st of February 3:30 - 5:30 and on Saturday the 2nd from 9:30 till 11:30. So if you are interested in playing one of the best sports around, in a competition that is competitive, for a club that is progressive, family orientated and fun then sign up for what will be one of CUFC’s best seasons yet. Hear the Wombat Roar!!!!

Matty D (centre) Players Player 3rd Division Mens

Lauren McGreevy and Tony McCarthy - Senior Male and Female Players of the Year

Demons sign-on

Under 14’s won the flag last season under coach Brett Evans Footy season is about to begin and Pomona, Cooroy & District AFC have sign their on day 16th and 17th February, 10am – 2pm at the club or Saturday morning at the Cooroy IGA. Last year the under 12’s and under 14’s both won their respective flags and are keen to triumph again this season. Thanks to generous junior team sponsors Eco Cottages Pomona and Wimmers. For more information phone Paul Bruce on 0417 003 166.


February 9th, 10am-Noon 3.30pm-5.30pm @ Eumundi Showgrounds Free Club Shirt, Play Shorts & Socks, A Club Cap, Water Bottle & Rugby Ball included in Sign on If you meet the criteria the Government will pay up to $150 to help pay registration.

For more information email us at

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Clinton’s our Australian and World Champion swimmer

Clinton receiving his Australia Day Award from Campbell Newman COOROY’S “Super Fish” Clinton Stanley has returned home a world champion from his final International Swim Meet. Clinton represented Australia in Italy at the 6th World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships. He had excellent preparation for the Championships, having trained long and hard in the pool with Coach Ian Robinson at the Noosa Aquatic Centre. He also had many 2 hour gym sessions with his personal trainer Georgina who made sure he had good recovery. After joining the team of 23 swimmers and 8 support staff representing 5 states and 2 territories, the teams long flight took them to the European Institute of Sport in Varese Italy. The EIS is run by the Australian Institute of Sport and was like a home away from home, having Australian power points and even

vegemite. Being able to train, acclimatize and use their top class training facilities certainly gave Team Australia the perfect preparation. I feel sure this reflected also on the teams excellent results. From Varese Team Australia joined the other countries at the Athletes Village in Loano. Clinton was very fit and focused in Italy therefore had a fantastic competition, swimming all personnel best times in the heats and backing up to do it again in the evening for the finals. He not only regained his 1500m freestyle world title for the second time but also the 800m world title. He swam faster than the British 800m world record holder winning the title in a negative split time. Clinton came home with many international medals also 6 world medals, 4 Gold , 2 Bronze medals and 8 World Records. Australia was crowned World Champions for the third time with 37 Gold, 18 Silver, 15 Bronze and 26 World Records. As the Head of Delegation for Australia I felt so proud to be part of the amazing and inspirational team. There were many wonderful highlights and it was especially special for Clinton being his last as an International competitor. Clinton is now 36 years old and also a 2013 Queensland Australian of the Year Awards finalist, he has represented his country seven times. Along with the 10 world championships Clinton has secured another 13 gold, eight silver and 11 bronze world medals in his international swimming career. This is a wonderful achievement for Clinton who didn’t start swimming competitively until he was 17 years old. It just shows you with the love, support and dedication there is nothing you can’t do! Clinton has just been named Senior Sports Star of the month and is off to Palmer Coolum Resort on 1st February for the annual sports Awards. Proud Mum and Head of Delegation for Team Australia Sue Stanley

Footy season kicks off DUST off those footy boots kids – the whistle is about to blow to commence the Rugby League season for 2013. The Noosa District Junior Rugby League will hold a come and try/sign on day the 23rd February at 57 Mary River Road, Cooroy – 9am to 12pm, for all the families wanting to try before signing up. Please note, you must bring your birth certificate/passport if registering for the first time. The fees are $200 for the first and second child in the same family with fees then reduced to $150 for every sibling after that. You will receive a 10% discount if you pay

your fees in full on the 2nd and 3rd February and on the 23rd February 2013, discount will be given for “new registrations” only. Each child receives club shorts and socks, club shirt and boot bag with registration. If you want to join a Club focused on providing a fun, safe, family oriented environment to play the greatest game of all, rugby league, come and join us on one of the above dates. A jumping castle and free sausage sizzle will be provided on the day. For more information, please go to – forms are available to download and fill out to make the process easier for you.

sport Cooroy Tennis Club THE Cooroy Tennis Club recently held the Annual General Meeting at the clubhouse and the new committee elected for 2013 are as follows. President: Rhonda Prescott, Secretary: Dorelle Goldsworthy, Treasurer: Ron Phillips. Committee Members: Fraser Bradley, Alan Hodkinson, Brian McLoughlin, Noelene Bradley and Helene Charles. The club thanks the members who attended the meeting. Senior fixtures recommence in February. Could interested players please contact CTC Fixtures Co-ordinator by email: Join us for mixed social tennis on Sunday 3 March at 5pm. Balls provided and cost is $2 for members and $5 for non members. The Club encourages anyone interested in playing tennis to come along to social tennis held every Tuesday Thursday 8am and the first Sunday of each month at 5pm. Casual court hire is also available almost any time. For further information contact our committee members, Rhonda 0400 415 370, Fraser 5485 1942, Dorelle 5447 6674, Alan 5447 6270, Brian 5447 7173,Noelene 5485 1942 or Helene 5447 6945. Rob Schmitt and Di Peterson are our professional coaches. Contact Rob on 0431 386 333 or Di on 0478 127 619 if you would like private coaching.


12 NOON - 1PM HIT OFF $10 PER PERSON Includes Green Fees, Comp Fees & PRIZES

Must have an Australian Handicap

Myall St, Cooroy • 5447 6258

Don’t Push & Burn - Mulch it! • Land Clearing • Fire Breaks • Re-growth • Lantana infestations • Stump Grinding • Trees • Fence Lines • House Sites • Driveways – (new or repair) • Earthworks 4 in 1 • Mowing – 21Hp Zero Turn (light to med slopes)

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Darrel: 0412 020 789 - 5447 9799

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