Stoney Point Bull Sale

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ABOUT OUR REFERENCE SIRES Our Reference Sires have produced a stunning presentation of heifer bulls, 20 out of 27, (Angas average birth weight or less) but maintaining growth and carcase!! KOUPALS B&B IDENTITY Loaded with power and performance, IDENTITY is of moderate size with outstanding muscle and bone. Very correct, smooth with a gentle disposition. Standout bull inspected on the 2017 Tour – best feet and legs seen on the tour. Mother is Krebs top donor cow with a magnificent udder. Stoney Point were fortunate to obtain most of the first semen batch to arrive in Australia and it is no longer available. A rare chance for Australian Angus breeders to Identify with a truly great bull.

STONEY POINT LOVIS L178 Now upgraded to an AI sire, LOVIS exhibits good docility in a moderate frame but with explosive growth, great muscle expression on sound feet and legs. His dam H233, by Bartel E7, is our top donor cow – look at his indexes.

MUSGRAVE BIG SKY Standout Musgrave sire, BIG SKY is a true outlier with all out performance, particularly maternal and carcasse. A powerful sire, heavily muscled and good footed. Very eye catching phenotype. His dam is a world class female. Sons have been sought after in recent sales in Australia.

STONEY POINT LIMOUSINCE L213 Thick, Thick, Thick, LIMOUSINCE has great depth of body, standing on good feet. Outstanding data spread. His dam is by the very productive Africa 217. Wonderful temperament. Will add capacity to your herd.

STONEY POINT LANSON L165 Premium champagne quality, LANSON is a true heifer bull in top 1% for days to calving so they come early. Has very good carcasse weight and overall indexes.

STONEY POINT LOBSHOT L267 Great Upward son, LOBSHOT is a true heifer bull with a big scrotal (which is often absent from heifer bulls) and top carcasse and RBY figures.

Topping off the Reference Sires are a number of elite sires for Coolana and Murdeduke where we were fortunate to purchase some elite dams PTIC to these bulls.

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