Stoney Point Bull Sale

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MEATING ALL HEALTH ISSUES Ultravac 7 in 1 @ Marking + Booster + Annual Booster as a Yearling

Pestiguard @ Marking + Booster + Annual Booster as a Yearling

Treated with Dectomax Injectable Prior to Sale

Stoney Point 6 Point Health Assurance PI Ear Notch Tested Negative Prior to Sale

Vibrio @ Marking + Booster + Annual Booster as a Yearling

Bovilis MH + IBR @ Marking + Booster + Annual Booster as a Yearling

This Program exceeds the Standard set out by the Zoetis Star Breeder Program. 7 in 1

Ultravac 7 in 1 prevents spread of Leptospirosis (which can affect humans) and protects against Clostridial diseases (blackleg, Tetanus, pulpy kidney, black disease and Malignant oedema).


Pestivirus is a highly contagious virus that reduces conception and pregnancy rates and results in poor growth rates of PI cattle. We treat all our Bulls with Pestiguard.

Ear Notch

Our Bulls are earnotched and tested by Swan Veterinary Services to ensure they are free of Pestivirus.


Vibrosis is the hidden STD and a major cause of infertility and abortion. It is spread by infected bulls and is controlled by Vibrovax.


Whilst Bovine Respiratory Disease is mostly a feedlot issue it can occur in your herd and causes morbidity and mortality. Bovishield ensures your purchased bull has immunity.


Dectomax presale ensures our Bulls are free of parasites at sale date.

Remember ­â€“ boosters are required for 7:1, Pestiguard and Vibrovax. All Are Due 5.3.19

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