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Making history with Pride


â„– 19 | July 2013

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Part One

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) network for The co-operative

№ 19 | July 2013

Welcome to Respect’s 2013 Pride Guide

In the guide we’ll give you an update on what LGBT events we are supporting this year and let you know how you can get involved. Plus lots more!

‘Barberpop’ songstresses Scarlet Street talk playing the main stage at Manchester Pride Pages 8 - 9

Liam Powell, star of MTV’s hit show ‘The Valleys’ reveals ‘It gets better’

Respect member Robbie Kimpton shares some of his Pride moments Page 18


Pages 22 - 23

Leading LGB charity Stonewall let us all know why they support Pride, BeLGBT invite us to take part in #LGBTQHour, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) are there if you need them, we meet the teams behind Hull Pride and Cardiff Mardis Gras + lots more!

The Co-operative are ‘Champions of Diversity’


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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№ 19 | July 2013

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again. Pride season is well and truly here. It is one of my favourite times of the year, busiest too, and I’m sure my fiancé Matthew dreads it - well he does get more ‘him time’ to watch his ‘Married with Children’ box-set. I attended nine Pride events last year. I am capping it at six this year (although I love Pride), I do want to make it down the aisle! Pride to me means more than the spectacle of lavish parade entries and outrageous outfits. I wrote an article for Gay Star News last Summer titled ‘Pride is more than fanfares and floats’ and recently I’ve received quite a bit of feedback from people agreeing that the Pride events to most people are about partying and the reason the events actually take place has been lost to the majority. I think this is disappointing but it is encouraging to see lots of events bring to the forefront the more hard hitting areas in their focus this year. Whether it is London and Birmingham celebrating marriage equality or Manchester making us remember what things were like for LGBT people in the 80s (I was born in 82’ so a child of the 80s), I think Pride definitely has a place in todays society. Hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Pride events take place around the world every year. From small groups of people in a community hall to those on the scale of a big music festival with hundreds of thousands of people attending, each one has something in common. They promote equality rights, increase visibility of the LGBT community, build a stronger community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

Pride is about celebrating who you are. Feeling you can be yourself. Letting the world know we are here. We all have the right to be treated equally, in all areas of life. We are all different and difference should be embraced and celebrated. Pride also plays an integral and essential part in supporting many LGBT charities all over the world. Without Pride they simply wouldn’t be able to provide the

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fantastic, and often overlooked services they offer to thousands of LGBT people every year. Whether that is being a caring voice at the end of the phone when you have no one else to turn to or supporting to those living with or affected by HIV, they rely on pride. This is especially important in a climate where many of them face the real possibility of shutting their doors due to the global economic situation and government cuts. As part of the team that arranges our support and presence at the events, one thing is for sure. The number one reason we are there is to show our support of our employees and the communities that we serve. The Co-operative does have a branch in every postcode in the UK after all. We take a grass-roots approach and our entries are about the people taking part and making the experience special. We bring people from all walks of life together, all smiling with pride and being proud of who we are and the business we work for.

The Co-operative is all about inclusivity and everyone is welcome in our pride parade entries. You do not need to be lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender to take part. Employees, members, customers, charities, your kids… the dog… everyone has the right to show their pride.

Taking part in a pride parade should not be a privilege. That is one of the reasons we will be there. Every employee and member, each with their own unique personalities, skills and flair, help us to shape a diverse business where differences are seen as an asset. If you would like to join us at one of the events please get in touch. If you don’t have anyone to go with or feel nervous, please contact us and we’ll put you in contact with other ‘Friends of Respect’ and offer some advice too. I remember my first Pride event, Manchester 2009, and I was scared senseless. I needn’t have been as within a few minutes it felt as though I was amongst friends and a part of something special. If you are attending one of the sixty plus Pride events in the UK this year (or further afield), have a great time and remember to be safe.

Thomas Anderson Respect Co-chair & Pride Guide Editor @thomasinmanc

The co-operative 3 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

Showing our Pride Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their selfaffirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build communities, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma, is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights movements throughout the world. Pride has lent its name to LGBTthemed organisations, institutes, foundations, book titles, periodicals and even a cable TV station and even the Pride Library. In the UK lots of LGBT pride events take place every year, from Edinburgh to Hull and Bristol to Brighton, each year more and more communities come together to celebrate. They are also a great opportunity for businesses, charities and community groups to come together and support spreading the messages of equality. The Co-operative supports Pride events of all sizes and we would encourage more big businesses to show their support and financially support some of the smaller Pride events in the more isolated communities that often don’t get the support they need. We are delighted to have supported many Pride event’s first events including North Wales Pride and to have been the first national big business to sponsor Europe’s largest transgender celebration ‘Sparkle’. We’re here for you this Pride!


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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№ 19 | July 2013

Come & join us! Student Pride 1-3 March

Bristol Pride 13 July

Sparkle : Europe’s Biggest Transgender Celebration 11-14 July - Manchester

Northern Pride, Newcastle

Come an d join us in our p arad at Nottin e entries g Brighton hamshire, & Manc Prides. hester We’ll be rocking streets the and ‘Ma king history with Pri de’ along th e way!

19-20 July

Hull Pride 20 -21 July

Nottinghamshire Pride 27 July

Peel Park Pink Picnic, Salford 28 July

Brighton Pride 3 August

Stoke Pride 10 August

Manchester Pride 24 August (day of the parade)

Reading Pride 31 August

Cardiff Mardis Gras 31 August

Grimsby Pride 31 August

The ative r e p o r oThe C rted** ove ppo u ents s v s e e ha T Prid re than B G L 60 Mo . 0 1 0 ss 2 e e n c i s n i u s er b h t o y an UK! e h t in

Cumbria Pride 5 October

**Every Pride event we are supporting is receiving a financial donation or payment from The Co-operative. It’s the right thing to do!

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The co-operative 5 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

A message to all Friends of Respect from Jenny Barnes Since my first Pride event sponsored by the Wales Region of The Co-operative Group in Cardiff 8 years ago, I have seen how important it is that everyone, no matter what your sexuality is, gets involved with Pride events. Not only are many of the events a great family fun day out but they are an opportunity where we can all celebrate diversity and our uniqueness.

The Co-operative Group is proud to be supporting 15 LGBT Pride events all over the UK this year. Supporting so many events (more announcements to come), more than any other business in the UK, enables people of all differences to attend a range of events locally, which are not employer specific and break down some of the issues around isolation. The events are also a fantastic opportunity for employees from all business areas, stores, depots, hubs, major occupancies, our farms and all other locations to come together and show their pride. I am delighted to be working with the Respect network to improve democracy, employment and goods and services to the LGBT community, within an industryleading team. I am looking forward to joining you all at some of the events and I look forward to seeing you there.

Jenny Barnes Board Director and Diversity Champion Proud ‘Friend of Respect’ and Senior Sponsor of the Respect network The Co-operative Group

Let’s keep connected Twitter @CoopRespectLGBT Website Email Respect magazines Visit our careers portal at and you'll see why we are ranked 3rd by Stonewall in their 2013 Workplace Equality Index. Come and join us, say hello and you'll find ‘You're welcome’.


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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№ 19 | July 2013

Making history with Pride It’s a bit of a tradition that every year we give our Pride campaign a theme. Last year our theme was ‘Smiling with Pride’ and it sure lived up to its name. This year to recognise the 150th birthday of The Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) and the historic moment that saw The Co-operative being the only business in the UK to give evidence in support of Equal Marriage in the UK Parliament, and that this year we were the first retailer to ever make it into the Top 10 of the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index - number 3, our theme is ‘Making history with Pride’. We are proud of these achievements and landmarks and we want to share our cooperative difference with as many people as possible. Working in collaboration with The Co-operative Membership, the Respect network has developed what we feel is our strongest and most authentic set of resources to date. These include 50,000 pride rainbow themed stickers, a new 5 meter wide opening banner (see image below), 10,000 Co-operative Food branded pride flags and an advert that will appear in Pride Guides all over the UK. The heart theme may be simple but we think it is very effective. Be sure to grab a flag and stickers (you can collect all 6) if you see us at a Pride event this Summer.

Local : Loved : Trusted

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The co-operative 7 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

Taking their influences from singing sirens of the 1940s & 50s and mixing that with a current pop edge, Scarlet Street have created a brand new sound guaranteed to get you hooked. You can catch the girls at Manchester Pride this Summer! Why hello 'Scarlet Street'. Please introduce yourselves to our readers! Hello there! We are (in alphabetical order...) Rachel Cook, Jennifer Davies, Zita Frith and Rosie Winter and we are Scarlet Street! A four part harmony group taking our influences from singing sirens of the 1940s & 50s and mixing that with a current pop edge. We like to call what we do 'Barberpop' mixing old school Barber shop with modern pop!

We see you’re playing the main stage at Manchester Pride. Excited much?  SOOOO excited! It's our first Pride as a band and be asked to play the main stage is a total honour! Our Rachel has been going to Manchester Pride for the last 8 years and has told us all about it so we can't wait to check out the other amazing acts, watch the parade and of course enjoy a tipple or two down next to the Canal!

Have you released any music and how can we buy it? We have indeed, we released our first EP 'Barberpop' back in December and It's been selling really well. You can download it from iTunes or go to our website and order yourself a gorgeous retro hard copy on CD made by our very fair hands might I add!

We love the video for 'Down by the river'. How was the experience filming it? Ah thank you! We're glad you like it. It was such a fantastic experience as it was out first 'proper' video. We wanted it to look as stylish as possible so we came up with a storyboard idea and organised costumes, location etc. Our local college offered to film the video itself and the team were great and extremely professional. The day itself was pretty long and tiring but we feel the outcome was well worth it! We've done another one since to Olly Murs song 'Trouble maker' which you can find on our youtube channel ( along with all our other videos.


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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â„– 19 | July 2013

Will you be performing at any other LGBT events this year? There's nothing in the diary so far as we've been saving ourselves for Pride up until now but our fingers are crossed that people enjoy us at Manchester Pride and that something else comes up, as we reckon the audience is perfect for us and our style of music. And we're already hoping to be asked back to Manchester next year!

How important do you think the Pride events are? Pride festivals are obviously amazing parties like no other and great for bringing cities and towns alive, but their real significance is in their raising of the profile for the LGBT community and of course in the money the events raise. Manchester Pride do an amazing job of raising funds for LGBT and HIV charities, supporting tons of charities and youth groups in the city and beyond, many of whom couldn't function without Pride's funding. The George House Trust Candlelight Vigil on Bank Holiday Monday is amazing as well for reminding the community to remember those lost to HIV. We're so proud to be able to give our support to the event.

What is next for Scarlet Street? Obviously we are hoping for world domination in the next few months but that may be a little out of reach right now ;) so we are concentrating on getting a new EP recorded in time for Christmas, filled with Christmas favourites and acapella carols. We all love Christmas and whatever better way to celebrate than to put our own little spin on some beautifully written tracks.

Find out more about Scarlet Street by visiting Follow the girls on Twitter at @Scarlet_St

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The co-operative 9 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

â„– 19 | July 2013

20 - 21 July Hull

Hull Pride Director Andy Train reveals more about the biggest Hull Pride ever! We’d love to know more about Hull Pride. Fire away! This is the 12th Hull Pride and we have grown year upon year. We are now based in a beautiful park in the shadow of the KC Stadium in West Park, Hull. Our one day event is now a two day bonanza and for the first time in many years we have a walk preceding the park based celebrations. It's a main stage focussed event which also has a performance arena allowing others to entertain who don't fit well on a main stage. There are many stands and stalls of organisations that support the LGBT+ community it's families and friends as well as the police, fire service, NHS and council who join in the fun and games. We are fully licensed with a giant bar and there is a delicious selection of food and tempting delights for all the family. We have a free App. with our full line up on it as well as being a way to report Hatecrime. Free wifi will make it easier to upload all your images of the weekend and you can even watch it all online as it's streamed live. This includes all the backstage fun that you don't normally get to see. If you fancy a treat why not go VIP! or before the West Park based main event come and join us for our Pride Walk setting off from Hull City centre at 11am.

We love a Pride act. Who have you got lined up to entertain the crowds?

Prou dly The C sponso red b o-op y erati ve M emb ers Does the event offer something for all the family?


It certainly does and in fact this is an area we have been working on over the last few years. We provide activities and performers that attract a wider audience and we enjoy an atmosphere that is truly second to none.

Lots of popular locally based talent that make people come back year after year but also our Pride's Got Talent winner: Chris Speck. Pride favourite Kelly Wilde, Saturday's headliners are: Kitty and Jo O'meara from S Club 7. Sunday we have a real crowd pleaser with Britain's Got Talent's Kevin Cruise, Ultra 90's and Badness (amazing Madness tribute band). We have a hoola hooping fitness instructor, a dog show and pride games as well as all the usual "joiny in songs" (YMCA, Old Camp Fire, Doe a Deer and Court of King Caractacus) we do every year. Face painting, Crafts for the children, fair ground rides and bouncy castles.

What would you say to those people that say pride events are irrelevant in 2013?

What role do you think Hull Pride has with supporting an inclusive community in Hull?  

Hull has a vibrant nightlife and especially on Pride night visit any one of our LGBT venues. There is a selection of reasonably priced hotels and a much improved shopping experience. We have a lovely marina, a giant bridge and a massive submarium called The Deep. A great place to spend a weekend with friends! We are also in the running for City of Culture 2017.

It allows organisations, companies and entertainers to focus on the LGBT community their families and friends. It ensures that the wider community is reminded of the diverse community in which we live and that not everyone is the same. It sends a powerful supportive message to those who might otherwise feel isolated or alone.

Support your local Pride! 10

The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

It's more relevant than ever. Despite making progress and advances in equality people are still being bullied and harassed for being gay. We will continue to hold pride events until the World feels like pride and as long as it provides support for often isolated individuals. It also recognises our heritage and just how far we have come in the UK.

For those traveling to Hull from further afield, what does Hull have to offer? @hullpride2013 Use the hashtag #lovehullpride Join the conversation on Twitter @CoopRespectLGBT Visit our webpage

№ 19 | July 2013

Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st July 2013 Saturday £4, Sunday £4, Weekend £6 Tickets Available at: or on the gate

#lovehullpride Jo O’meara, Badness, Kitty, Kelly Wilde, Kevin Cruise, Rozalla & many more!

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The co-operative 11 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

All this summer, Gaydio is recruiting volunteers to get involved with their local Pride events. They’re offering the volunteers free media skills and training, then they are encouraging them to work with the organisers of their local Pride event to deliver audio and written content supporting the event. All of which is then published on Gaydio's website. Gaydio's two Breakfast Show presenters, Chris Holliday and Emma Goswell are traveling all over the UK delivering the training. If you are interested in getting involved or want to see if your local event is part of the project, head to to find out more.  Gaydio's Emma Goswell said, "This exciting project has really engaged with members of the LGBT community in areas of the UK that often don't get the support or recognition they need. Gaydio would never have been able to reach these people without the incredible support offered by The Co-operative." Thanks a million to all the volunteers who are giving up their time to carry out interviews, write articles, take photos and edit work!

Project Pride is proudly sponsored by

Sex with fewer risks. Practice safer sex and you're far less likely to pick up an STI, including HIV. It means using condoms - always. Sex and condoms go together like Ant and Dec. We can't have one without the other. 12

The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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â„– 19 | July 2013


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The Beat of Gay UK co-operative FM The | DAB | ONLINE 13

Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

PRIDE in our stores all over the UK!

Manchester, High Street

The enthusiasm from our members in our stores with showing their support of Pride events has been truly amazing to see. Whether it is every member of staff in our food store at the Strand in London wearing our ‘Smiling with Pride’ t-shirts for London Pride to all four Manchester city centre Food stores proudly flying pride flags in the store windows to support Manchester Pride, you’ve helped us ‘Make history with Pride’.

Pride is for everyone!

London, The Strand




The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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â„– 19 | July 2013

FFLAG is an organisation of parents of lesbian daughters and gay sons which seeks to promote the well-being of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, their families and friends

FFLAG supports families, works to combat prejudice and discrimination and helps to create a society that is respectful of diversity. National Helpline: 0845 652 0311 email: Registered Charity No. 1079918

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The co-operative 15 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

The LGF are there if you need them! Will the Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) be attending any Pride events this summer? We are indeed! We’ve already attended Sheffield, Bristol and Essex Pride doing research for our Part of the Picture study into substance misuse among lesbian, gay and bisexual people. We’ll also be at many of the big Pride’s around the North West showcasing our range of services including Oldham, Blackpool, The Peel Park Picnic in Salford as well as L Fest in Staffordshire, and not forgetting Liverpool and Manchester!

With so many people in one place, do you use the opportunity to do any surveys and research? We do - Part of the Picture is a survey of drug and alcohol use among LGB people. There is an online survey ( but we also go to several Prides a year as it’s a great way to speak to lots of LGB people in one place. Research like this is really important as it increases knowledge and understanding of the LGB community and also helps to improve services. The Part of the Picture stall will be at the Lifestyle Expo area at Manchester Pride – so why not come down, fill out a survey and you’ll get a free bottle of water and bag of sweets!

There are more and more Pride events appearing on the calendar every year. How important do you think the events are?

shows solidarity for those who face persecution in their home country.

We saw you in the Manchester Day Parade earlier in the year with your luscious lips. What do you have planned for the Manchester Pride parade? Thank-you! The lips were part of our Kiss Hate Goodbye campaign, we want people to understand what exactly a hate crime is, what it involves and how to report it. The concept was to have something fun and engaging with a serious message. We’ve been asking the community to organise ‘kissing flashmobs’ around the country to raise awareness and get people to speak up about hate crime and give it some lip! We want everyone to unite against hate, intolerance, inequality and injustice by creating an atmosphere in which couples can show their love and affection for one another in a positive and powerful way. You can get involved at As for the Manchester Pride Parade we’ll once again be doing our walking entry and are very excited! Traditionally we march donned in our iconic Enough is Enough! t-shirts, but this year we are doing something new! We want to keep it under wraps but we can tell you there will be lots of PINK! On a more serious note, we’ll be highlighting some of the issues that LGB people face and ensuring people know, ‘We’re Here If You Need Us’.

Prides have a really important part to play in LGB&T visibility and acceptance. Especially in smaller towns, having a Pride can be incredibly important to the people living in that community, and can go a long way to making people feel more included. It’s important to remember that not everyone is afforded the same freedoms as us here in the UK, and LGB&T rights worldwide have a long way to go. Supporting your local Pride event also

Find out more about the LGF at Follow them on Twitter at @lgfoundation


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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The co-operative 17 Respect 2013 Pride Guide Reg. Charity No. 1070904

Registered Charity No. 1070904

â„– 19 | July 2013

One of Respect’s very first members ‘Robbie Kimpton’ shares his own Pride experiences! Have you ever taken part in an LGBT Pride parade? I've attended Manchester pride for the past 6 years. I have also attended Gran Canaria and Sydney Pride in the past.

How has your experience been taking part in The Co-op's entry at Manchester Pride? It's always great fun joining colleagues in the Co-op entry. There is a great atmosphere and it's always good to meet people from other parts of the business.

You're a photographer too. We hear you've been a photographer for the big club event 'Federation'? I've done pictures for both ‘Federations’ club event and parade entry, Freakshow and Aftershock.

If there are employees out there feeling a bit nervous about joining us at a Pride event, what would you say to them? There is absolutely nothing to worry about! Everyone is really friendly and you’ll soon feel at home.

How does it make you feel when there are members of The Co-operative Board & Executive joining us at Pride events? I think it's amazing to have support from the Board and the Exec and this sets an example for other big employers around the UK.

What's your favourite pride moment? Again, it has to be the parade. There is such a buzz!

The Co-operative Membership’s new Pride advert reaches over 100,000 people!

№ 19 | July 2013





A4 Ad.






The brand new Co-operative Membership Pride advert, designed by the Respect network Steering Group, has had it’s official unveiling in some of the biggest LGBT publications in the UK. Influenced by the Respect Steering Group, the advert is featured in the July issues of the UK’s biggest free LGBT mag ‘Midlands Zone’ and the South East’s premiere LGBT mag ‘GScene’. Not only that but the advert is featured in many Pride event ‘Official Guides’ including Bristol Pride and Hull Pride. Already, more than 100,000 people have saw the advert. #makinghistorywithpride

Watch out for our NEW advert in the August issue of ‘Out North West’

Follow Robbie on Twitter @robbiek85


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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â„– 19 | July 2013

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The co-operative 19 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

Stonewall love Pride, get over it! Charlie Wheeler-Quinnell, Client Account Manager at Stonewall, lets us know what Pride means to them. We’ve seen Stonewall at lots of Pride events around the UK. Why do Stonewall take part in the events? It’s a great way to celebrate equality in Britain and share that experience with as many of our supporters as we can. Pride has different significance to different people; some people are really empowered by the show of visibility from the parade. Others march because they are deeply passionate about an issue like equal marriage. For some the highlight of pride is the chance to be there with their friends and families, collecting the latest information and catching up with their local community. Pride still plays a key role for gay people up and down the country.

We hear you had 400 volunteers in your 2013 London Pride parade entry. How was the experience? It was our biggest Pride ever and it was a huge privilege to march with our volunteers, young people and Diversity Champion members. Supporters wore our iconic ‘Some people are gay get over it!’ t-shirts and carried ‘Say I Do To Equal Marriage’ placards in five languages to support our campaign. With over 400 volunteers involved I think we definitely stood out and got a really positive reaction from the crowd. You can’t underestimate the impact on people who have gay friends and family – or who are worried about coming out – of seeing thousands of gay people on the streets.

It would have been lots of peoples’ first time taking part in a pride parade too? Over 150 young people participated in our Youth Pride Brunch in the morning and marched with us in the parade. It was a first for some of them and great to see them really enjoying their first Pride safely.

And what is this we hear of some new Stonewall t-shirts! The rumours are true! To show our support for Equal Marriage we’ve launched ‘Some guys marry guys’ and ‘Some girls marry girls’ t-shirts. Our ‘Some people are gay get over it’ t-shirts are now also available in black. They were very popular with visitors to our stall in Trafalgar Square and Respect readers have the opportunity to win one in this issue!

What would you say to someone that really wants to attend a pride event but has no one to go with and they are afraid they’ll be outed? Pride is an event for everyone, so whether you’re gay or straight get involved and enjoy the day! If you don’t know when or where your nearest Pride is visit for more information.

WIN A STONEWALL T-SHIRT To be in with a chance of winning one of Stonewall’s iconic t-shirts - you can choose the design and size - all you need to do is email us the answer to this question: How many volunteers joined Stonewall in their London Pride parade entry? (clue - the answer is in the article!) Email your answer to by 30 September 2013.


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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№ 19 | July 2013

Feeling you can be as


as you want to be is, I think, a very

freeing experience and one that can be

authentic role models programme

A one day programme for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff to think about authenticity and being a role model in the workplace

people perform better when they can be themselves At Stonewall we know how important role models are to our sense of self. Along with hundreds of leading employers across the UK, we understand that people perform better when they can be themselves. Designed specifically for

lesbian, gay and bisexual staff at all levels of an organisation, this one day programme will help you to explore what it means to be authentic in the workplace and how you can become an effective LGB role model.

Become an authentic role model today - email

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The co-operative 21 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

Respect meets star of MTV’s hit show ‘The Valleys’ Liam Powell Has being a part of hit MTV show The Valleys changed your life? The main thing is I’ve given up working for my family business with my dad. My dad owns a furniture import company. I was stuck in a rut really. I was doing things I wasn’t really enjoying, it was ok but wasn’t really what I wanted to be doing. I really love music so The Valleys was an opportunity for me to get out of that and pursue my dreams of being a DJ. So I’ve basically gone from working in an office to traveling all over the UK and Europe playing the big clubs. Sadly on the show it doesn’t really show my abilities. They’ve got to make a story and make it fun but when I go in to the clubs everyone loves it and I get a great reaction, I’m a really good standard.

What’s been the highlight of your time on the show? The highlight was probably the last series, series 2, when we all come together at the Valleywood night. That was awesome and a really good scene for us all to come together and have a right laugh doing it. One of the other highlights was me and the boys on our camping trip in series 2. We had such a laugh and it was amazing. It was a freezing cold day and we were wet through but we got together and said ‘you know what boys, we’ve got to make


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

some laughs and good TV’, so we had a few drinks and had a mess about in the mud and rain, playing rugby, building tents - things like that. It was carnage but good fun.

We hear you’ll be heading to Australia soon? I will indeed. Me and the twins will be in Australia in August promoting the show out there and I’ll be doing some DJ’ing as well. I’ve been watching the new series of Geordie Shore set in Australia and it all looks exciting and I’ve been out there a couple of times myself so I’m definitely up for going out there and partying ‘valley style’. The last episode of The Valleys showed that I wasn’t coming back but what I’ll say is don’t count your chickens. We’ve got to make a TV show and series 3 hasn’t been commissioned yet so hopefully when it does they’ll be recalling everyone. We’ll wait and see!

You’ve recently DJ’d at Swansea Pride too. How was that? Yes, I DJ’d at Swansea Pride this Summer. It was a really good day. Plenty of people turned up and I was there selling my ‘Proper Gay’ t-shirts.

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№ 19 | July 2013

Do you have any plans to play Cardiff Mardis Gras? We’re currently finalising things but I have been approached to do it so fingers crossed I’ll be there, if not DJ’ing, definitely hosting on the main stage. I love Cardiff. Maybe I’ll see you down there!

For anyone coming to Cardiff, do you have any restaurants and bars you’d recommend we checked out? I’d definitely recommend a bar/club called KAPU on Mill Lane. It’s a really cool bar, Tiki style. Lovely cocktails and really cool music. I go there for atmosphere, music and drinks. It’s amazing. Somewhere for food, I’d recommend a place called the Cozy Club. A great setting and atmosphere with cool tapas and drinks selection.

What about the gay scene in Cardiff? It’s really small sadly. There’s one club called Pulse (also in Swansea), which is the main gay club and theres a bar called WOW, that I DJ at regularly. WOW is quite small but it’s always got a great atmosphere. Swansea is a bit of trek so I don’t go there too much. I’m a bit of an addict for KAPU. It’s an inclusive place where everyone is welcome.

Tell us about your ‘Proper Gay’ t-shirt range It’s quite ironic really because theres so many people that have watched series 1 of the show and unless you’ve watched episode one where I actually come out and tell everyone I’m gay, in the rest of the episodes there wasn’t much reference to be being gay. I don’t really come across as gay so throughout the whole process of the series until there was some scenes of me and my boyfriend (now my ex-boyfriend), nobody really knew I was gay. So when people were asking me if I was gay when I was out and about , people would ask ‘Are you gay?’ and they’d say ‘no, no you’re not’ and I’d say ‘I am really gay. I am. I’m proper gay’. Because is Wales ‘proper’ is like saying ‘I really am’. So that’s where it came from. Me and my manager got talking and he said you should get that on a t-shirt. So I said shove it, I’ll put it on a t-shirt and wear it. I’ve done my share of hiding my sexuality back in the day but now I’m out and happy. I came out about three years ago to close friends and family. I was really lucky. I have an awesome family and my friends were great. I play rugby and I’ve not had one bad reaction to coming out. It’s an accolade to my friends I guess.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming out? I always say when I’m asked on Twitter or in person that however you feel now, it does get better. Even if you feel scared or you don’t feel you’re ready. Take your time and when the time is right do it.

What’s your daily grooming routine like - are you a metrosexual? My boyfriend calls me the straightest gay he’s ever met. Apart from going to the gym, I’m lazy, I don’t get out of bed, I don’t do fake tan, I’ve had my eyebrows plucked once and I didn’t like it. Being in the rugby club environment, if someone turns up with shaved legs, plucked eyebrows or fake tan, you get a ribbing for it. I don’t need that stick, I get enough as it is. My routine is I get out of bed, brush my teeth, I’ll have a shave once a week and that’s me done. Email your stories and get in touch at Find us on the Intranet Home > HR & People > Diversity > Respect

You ca n buy t he t s h i rts at www.j ennajo nathan

Have you ever been out on Canal St in Manchester? I have yes. I’ve been up there a few times. I’ve been to G.A.Y and Morning Glory, it’s open late so that’s where you’d find me. I’ve sampled it a few times.

What’s next for you? We’ll be launching ‘Proper Gay’ events at Cardiff Mardis Gras. So basically I’m taking over a club called Ladybird. It’s Proper Gay does the Ladybird club. We’ve called it the Wild After Party. There will be big celebs, top DJs, big prizes and a new part of the club will be opening. We are targeting an inclusive crowd and those that just want a good night out, you don’t have to be around loads of people with their tops off to have a good night. There will be a carnival atmosphere with people dressed up as exotic animals , crazy different things like pyrotechnics, fire throwing and prize giveaways like iPads. It’s a party night! More nights will follow, based around having a good time as opposed to those events with people strutting their stuff looking at guys with their tops off. It’ll be absolutely brilliant with Beverley Knight and Rylan. Check it out!

The co-operative 23 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

The Co-operative are back to sponsor Manchester Pride for the 5th consecutive year Pride Fringe: Throughout August The Big Weekend: Fri 23 - Mon 26 August Parade: 24 August Manchester Pride is Manchester’s annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) festival, held over the August bank holiday weekend. But there's much more to Manchester Pride than the Big Weekend and, since 2003, the festival has spanned a full ten days with a series of art, culture, heritage, debate, sport, music and film events celebrating the great diversity of the LGBT community. This year, Pride Fringe will extend further, throughout the month of August. Last year, they successfully hosted a number of community events to promote and share the diverse, hard working local groups that we have in Manchester and increase the public awareness of LGBT communities. This year they are increasing these events with a whole host of comedy, literature, art, sport and debate from across the North West and they are always keen to host new events and ideas that you may have for future festivals so get in touch and be part of the excitement. Manchester Pride has traditionally been a fundraiser for the LGBT and HIV communities and is the only Pride event in the UK that has consistently done so.

Since 2003, Manchester Pride has raised and distributed over £1million. @ManchesterPride

№ 19 | July 2013

There's a lot more to Manchester Pride than the Big Weekend. This year, there are over forty exciting Fringe events taking place across the city centre, including live music, theatre productions, film screenings, sporting activities, art exhibitions and community groups. Some of our highlights include:

PRIDE CUP PRESENTED BY SALFORD CITY REDS Salford City Stadium is set to become the venue for what could be the worlds first inter-pride sporting events, when Manchester Pride takes on Leeds Pride in a game to touch Rugby League for the Pride of Prides Cup 2013. 09 August, sees Salford City Reds take on Leeds Rhinos, in one of the last Super League matches of the season. As part of this years Manchester Pride Fringe, there will also be a Rugby League match between Manchester and Leeds Prides, to show the great work that has gone on in the last twelve months toward making Rugby League a truly diverse and welcoming sport for our LGBT Community. Salford City Stadium, Eccles £10 to book email

IDENTITY PARADE The event brings together a selection of Manchester’s finest LGBT performers and provides a platform to parade new work that explores Queer identity. Expect an exciting mix of performance, story-telling, comedy, poetry and song at this inaugural outing, featuring performances to whet the appetite by Tuheen Huda performing panda poetry about love, sex and cottaging in Manchester, Sarah Emmott performing hilarious new stand-up material and Gareth Cutter blending drag, folk music and storytelling in an extract from ‘Uses of Enchantment'. Saturday 24 August, 14:30 and 19:30

You can buy your Manchester Pride tickets from The Co-operative Food stores in Manchester City Centre. Every penny of the ticket sales goes back to Pride!


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

The Lass O’Gowrie - £7.00 Join the conversation on Twitter @CoopRespectLGBT Visit our webpage

№ 19 | July 2013


BOOK NOW manchesterpride

Company no: 4671318. Registered charity no: 1117848 Raising money for LGBT & HIV charities and organisations in Greater Manchester

*If purchased on or before 22 August 2013

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The co-operative 25 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

Cardiff Mardis Gras 31st August Millennium Stadium

We catch up with the team behind the biggest LGBT event in Wales! What can we expect from this years Cardiff Mardi Gras? We can expect everything that we've had in previous years - a fun-fair, stalls and markets, family areas, a 'live' cabaret area and of course the Main Stage. Not to mention the unique Welsh flare that the LGBT community in Cardiff and beyond brings. It's going to be THE event of summer 2013 in Cardiff!

You've changed the location of the event this year we hear? Yes, we have! Aside from it being impossible for the event to get ‘rained off’, we stand for LGBT Equality and Diversity and what better what to make that statement than by moving into a world famous venue?! The media interest already generated by this move has been far greater than any other Mardi Gras before. This media coverage is extremely positive for promoting what we all believe in – equality for the LGBT community. We want to be noticed, understood and accepted by the wider community across Cardiff and Wales. The more attention we can get, the better. We firmly believe that by holding Cardiff Mardi Gras in a venue as epic as Millennium Stadium, we are sending out a clear message - we are big, we are bold and we are going to celebrate equality and diversity in a massive way in 2013, so come and join with us!

You have some fab people performing. How important is it to have some big names performing? It's not THE most important thing about the day, but it is quite important. Cardiff Mardi Gras is all about celebrating LGBT equality and diversity and our names help us to celebrate that. This year, our two main headliners are big supporters of the LGBT community Rylan Clark is a gay main himself and Beverley Knight has been a public supporter of LBGT rights all of her career.

How do you support the LGBT community in Wales? Lots goes on to support the LGBT community in Wales. Cardiff Mardi Gras is inclusive of everyone, no matter what your sexuality or gender. That's a brilliant message to send people who aren't entirely sure of their sexuality yet. On the day, we have lots of information for the


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

LGBT community - Stonewall Cymru always play a big part in the market stalls and we also have sexual health advice available this year too.

How important do you think Pride events are? It's important to celebrate who you are and not shy away from it because you feel you have to. More importantly, it's important to show the wider community who you are. This is why Cardiff Mardi Gras is one of the best Pride events in the world - it's inclusive of everyone. It's all about the whole community coming together as one, regardless of sexuality. Let's celebrate diversity and LGBT equality together!

For someone not familiar with Cardiff, what does the city have to offer? What doesn't it offer?! Cardiff offers everything every other Capital city has to offer – but without the hustle and bustle of a large city. Cardiff Bay is a 10 minute walk from the city centre and is a beautiful place to spend a sunny day. The city centre has plenty of bars, clubs and restaurants – not forgetting the shopping venues! Cardiff is unique in the fact that it has a world-class stadium in the centre of town. Most cities have theirs nowhere near town, but Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium is literally a 2 minute walk from the shopping district!

“We are big, we are bold and we are going to celebrate equality and diversity in a massive way” Is there a gay scene? The gay scene in Cardiff is fab! There’s something for everyone! The gay scene focuses on 2 streets that are adjacent to each other – Charles Street and Churchill Way. Be sure to check out the plenty of bars and clubs on both streets!

Is the event inclusive and is there something for all the family? Absolutely. It’s important to us to include the wider community. As well as the fun fair, there’s a dedicated youth and family zone. In fact, everything we have to offer at Cardiff Mardi Gras will appeal to all ages and all sexualities – we cannot wait ‘till August 31st. Join the conversation on Twitter @CoopRespectLGBT Visit our webpage

â„– 19 | July 2013

Proudly sponsored by The Co-operative Membership

Find out more about Cardiff Mardis Gras by following them on Twitter @CWMardiGras and visiting Email your stories and get in touch at Find us on the Intranet Home > HR & People > Diversity > Respect

The co-operative 27 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

#LGBTQHour - The hour where the world comes together credentials and shows its at the heart of their business. Quite simply they walk the walk and not just the talk.

We hear you've been spreading the word at Pride events too. Please tell us more.

Tell us about #LGBTQHour! How did the idea come about? It was the collaboration of a number of ideas to be honest. The first being the horrendous tweets of homophobic hate that were coming from France at the time Same Sex Marriage was going through French Parliament, some of which must have been quite distressing if you live there. The second aspect was the continual use of the word Gay in a negative context which grinds you down. The third aspect was there are many "insert-cause" hours mainly around shopping local, and our thoughts were that theres thousand of groups like BeLGBT across the country and beyond and they want to raise their voice so people can find them and be encouraged to join. If the hour helps achieve that by each person taking part and supporting others then the chance of people finding out about some of the great causes out there will increase.

What has the reaction been? Phenomenal to be honest. We've had tweets from across the globe and it’s getting bigger each week. We started producing a storify story each week but to be honest its become somewhat unmanageable to do that, plus we don't want anyone to feel left out. Of course with all these things theres been a few small negative responses, ‘Why do I need just an hour to be Gay and other misconceptions?’, but on the whole there’s been fantastic feedback and it’s getting bigger each week. Our goal is to see this go Global across timezones.

Respect has contributed to #LGBTQHour since the first week. How important has this support and that of other organisations been? Without the support and belief of Co-op and other organisations that have been there since the start I am not sure other groups would have joined in. It’s support like this from large organisations that is invaluable, it costs nothing but speaks volumes for their equality


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

Originally as a group we'd planned to walk at Pride London, but it was a bit too early for us and not everyone was ready or comfortable in being seen taking part. Sadly we made the choice to pull the group out of Pride but then Peter Tatchell, whom we admire greatly, offered us the chance to march with him so we simply couldn’t refuse. We marched in solidarity with our LGBTQ family in Russia. We were quite fortunate that stepped in for us and printed us some great stickers and we managed to blitz the crowd promoting #LGBTQHour and it had a real positive impact.

It doesn't end there either. We can see you're very busy arranging events and supporting your community too? Yes we have just delivered a hugely successful event in partnership with Bedford Central Library. We had a great evening when James Wharton came to visit us for a book reading of ‘Out In The Army’. It was great to see people coming along that just are not into the scene. We're also planning some other events right now, but real efforts are being focussed behind the scenes working with Public and Private sector groups on a number of ideas around health, social care, and also with Sports Clubs around the Sports Charter. It’s interesting when you engage with some they claim "Sports is accessible to all" but yet the evidence says simply relying on meeting the equality act does not break down the behavioural barriers to joining a club for the LGBTQ community.

What is next for you? Enjoying the summer of Pride's mainly, but we have had discussions with a local TV company around the Sports Charter and after the success of Bedford Cricket Club signing up we are in discussions with other clubs too and hope to get greater representation in the county. We're also keen to make sure we deliver more events across the County as we've been quite Bedford centric and are in discussions with a number of groups. But our eye is firmly focussed on LGBT History Month next February. We don't like to stifle enthusiasm but we are being encouraged to deliver a big spectacular event, we have plans we're working through and lots of interest and we'd welcome anyone getting on board to volunteer to help deliver it, regardless of how much time they can offer.

Find out more about BeLGBT by following them on Twitter @BeLGBT Join the conversation on Twitter @CoopRespectLGBT Visit our webpage

â„– 19 | July 2013

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The co-operative 29 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013 2




7 8



Our ‘Summer of Pride’ Playlist



1. The Feeling ‘Never Be Lonely’

4. Beverley Knight ‘Greatest Day’

7. Alison Moyet ‘Love Resurrection’

Manchester Pride

Cardiff Mardis Gras

Brighton Pride

2. Sophie Ellis Bextor ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’

5. JLS ‘She Makes Me Wanna’

8. Freemasons ‘When You Touch Me’

Bristol Pride

Birmingham Pride

Brighton Pride

3. Sam Sparrow ‘Black & Gold’

6. Stooshe ‘Black Heart’

9. Blue ‘One Love’

Manchester Pride


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

Brighton Pride

Bristol Pride

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Liverpool’s annual festival of queer culture presents 10 premieres, exclusives & treats to celebrate 10 years. ld Wor re ie m Pre

Cliff, 1962. Image courtesy of the Royal College of Art

ld Wor re ie Prem

Portrait of a Lady April Ashley

Chelsea Hotel Earthfall

27 Sept – 20 Sept ’14 Museum of Liverpool

1 & 2 Nov Unity Theatre

Early Reflections David Hockney

Sandi Toksvig 5 Nov Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

11 Oct – 16 Mar ’14 Walker Art Gallery

This Way Out Boy George & TradeMark

John Waters Live ‘This Filthy World’ 8 Nov Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

30 Oct – 25 Nov Pop-up gallery Liverpool city centre ld Wor re ie Prem

England’s Erotic Dream

ld Wor re ie Prem

Black Le Gateau Chocolat

30 Oct – 25 Nov Pop-up gallery Liverpool city centre

14 & 15 Nov Unity Theatre

Germ Free Adolescents

Boy George in Conversation

30 Oct – 25 Nov Pop-up gallery Liverpool city centre

BOOK NOW and see full festival listings


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14 Nov St George’s Hall

Homotopia Festival @homotopiafest Sponsors:

Media partners:

The co-operative 31 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

Volunteering: Every employee is entitled to two days each year to volunteer on

SPOTLIGHT ON : The Co-operative’s support of the diverse communities we serve

community projects and initiatives. 10,558 days of employee time invested in community activity in 2012 – compared to an average of 4,513 days in other large businesses.

The Co-operative Membership Community Fund: The Community Fund supports

voluntary and self-help community organisations by awarding small grants of between £100 and £2,000. The fund offers co-operative members the opportunity to donate part, or all of their share of profits.

Investing in local communities: In 2012 The Co-operative invested £18.3m in UK communities.

Inspiring young people: In 2012 1.2 million young people benefited from our UK community investment activities.

Create your own Pride flag in seconds with the fab ‘FANBRUSH’. Brought to you by Parade Accessories, visit Amazon to purchase for less than a tenner!


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

Respect Steering Group member Steve Ratclif f is taking part in the National Lottery Anniversary Run on Sunday 21 July. Show your support! The 5 mile course will traverse the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park past iconic Olympic and Paralympic Games venues including the Velodrome and the ArcelorMittal Orbit before reaching a thrilling conclusion on the track inside the Stadium. Each runner will have the opportunity to bring two friends or family members who can enter the stadium and cheer them on to the finish line. With 10,000 runners, that means a crowd of up to 20,000 cheering spectators in the stadium!   Steve said, “As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited about racing on the track in the Olympic Stadium. I’ve been training for it and hope to do the 5 miles in around 45 minutes. I also think it makes me pretty rare, because as a kid brought up in Shepherds Bush in London I also ran in school sports at the old White City stadium, which had hosted the athletics for the 1908 Olympics… I don’t think there’s many people who’ve done that double.”   If you want to support Steve in his historic double, please donate to the Co-op’s Charity of the Year, The Carers Trust, using this link

Join the conversation on Twitter @CoopRespectLGBT Visit our webpage

№ 19 | July 2013

Stonewall is on the lookout for talented, innovative and ambitious account managers to join its expanding Workplace team to further the success of the Diversity Champions programme. Stonewall’s 2012 Living Together report showed that alarmingly in the last few years 2.4 million workers in Britain have witnessed homophobic abuse in the workplace. As a Client Account Manager in the dynamic Workplace team, you’ll work with employers from a range of sectors to tackle discrimination and proactively create gay-friendly working cultures where all staff are able to be themselves and achieve their full potential.

Email your stories and get in touch at Find us on the Intranet Home > HR & People > Diversity > Respect

The co-operative 33 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

Britain’s Got Talent 2012 semi-finalists ‘The Showbears’ will be adding some sparkle to our parade entry at Manchester Pride!

№ 19 | July 2013

Messages o f support fr om some we known ‘Frie ll nds of Resp ect ’ “The Co-operative is leading from the front within the corporate sector with regard to supporting the forward advancement in gay equality which is evident in your supporting and sponsoring of 15 Pride events in 2013. Tackling homophobia and prejudice attitudes is incredibly important and hugely relevant today, and by supporting Pride events, the Co-op is underlining it's commitment to equality.” James Wharton Author, Role Model and former Soldier


The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

“Go and have a good time. Enjoy it! 2013; life has changed so much. To think there is still homophobia around is ridiculous; I don’t understand what someone’s sexuality has got to do with opinion on someone’s life, someone’s opinion on people, it’s still quite alien to me. It’s still there. All go out, have a good time. Have the best time and best fun they can.” Craig Colton X Factor star and recording artist “Stay true to who you are. There is only one you and you are unique and special. Good luck!” Alexandra Burke Pop superstar and Friend of Respect

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№ 19 | July 2013

The health and safety of everyone taking part in our parade entries is very important. Please read though the information below. This information has been included in the interests of everyone involved in the events. Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility. • The parade will take place whatever the weather. If it is glaring summer sunshine, please bring sunscreen. It is also recommended you bring a small bottle of water (this will be provided where possible). • Snack vans will be located around the parade at most events. We advice you eat something before the parade starts. You will use lots of energy. No food is to be eaten during the parade. • You will not be able to leave the parade once it has started. Remember to wear comfortable footwear. • The events are family events. Any person or persons taking part in the parade displaying nudity, simulated sex or acting in any lurid way will be pulled out of the parade by The Co-operative and/or the parade organisers. They may also be liable for prosecution under the Public Decency Act. This could also result in action taken against you by The Co-operative. • You must be able to keep up with the speed and duration of the parade. They normally last around two hours but could be longer. There will be limited toilet facilities but there will be venues around that will allow you to use the toilet if needed. • If you have any mobility or health concerns these should be flagged up to the Respect network or your named contact prior to the event so suitable advice can be sought and given. Otherwise you may not be able to take part in the parade. • Remember – you are representing The Co-operative at all times whilst wearing your Co-operative t-shirt or branded clothing. The events are supported by the senior management teams and executive and they will be attending lots of the events. • If you are walking near a vehicle, please keep a safe distance. • If you spot anything suspicious in the vicinity of the parade route, please flag this up to your parade entry co-ordinator (these will be made clear on the day) and to the pride organisers). • If anyone in the parade entries is injured at any time, this is classified as a Road Traffic Accident and you may be subject to a breathalyser test. • Children under 16 must be supervised at all times and remain the responsibility of either their parent or guardian. The age restriction is different at most events. If you plan to bring along any children, please email to check before the day. • In many locations, such as Manchester, the local public transport will run as normal during the parade (metro links etc). Please co-operate with police and the pride organisers at all times. • No smoking is allowed during the parade. • The consumption of alcohol is not prohibited during the parade and can only be drunk in authorised areas. You can be fined for drinking alcohol in alcohol free areas. Anyone under the influence or deemed to be drunk will be asked to leave the parade.

In the event of an emergency on the day, please immediately flag this to your Co-operative pride co-ordinator or the pride event organiser. These will be made clear on the day of the events.

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Don’t forg et to ema il and tweet us y our pics!

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The co-operative 35 Respect 2013 Pride Guide

№ 19 | July 2013

This guide has been produced by The Co-operative Group’s inclusive lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employee network ‘Respect’.

@CoopRespectLGBT 36

The co-operative Respect 2013 Pride Guide

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Respect 2013 Pride Guide