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June ‘10 - current

Travel South USA Marketing Coordinator

The following is a portion of my portfolio. It contains works done: For Advertising Copywriting class -Pages 3-5 For John Milledge Academy -Page 6 For The Colonnade (GCSU newspaper) -Page 7 For DiscRevolt (Published in Performer Magazine) -Page 8 For Z97.7 -Page 9 For pink erasers (Copywriting Test) -Pages 10-11 Concert fliers -Pages 12-19 And yes, I agree. this cover page is pretty boring... but wait! Look what’s inside!


The Curiously Strong Chocolate Dipped Mint

for what it may not be worth, there are many things not in this portfolio because they only exist on paper. There are many concepts I don’t have the means to create at the moment but would love to sit down with you to discuss and/or act out personally for maximum visual effectiveness. thank you for your time. you’ve been beautiful. -cooper

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Ad book  

this is my portfolio as of today. it does not contain about 5 campaigns that are on paper and yet to make it to my reality. It also doesn't...