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SOUND They’re unsigned, but that doesn’t make them uncool

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THE SOUND AWARDS 2010! Yes, It Is That Time Again.

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YOU ME AT SIX: From Surrey To The States

Top 10 Venues For Your First Gig.


ly,Frankie,Fly are a two piece from Southampton who have been making music since they were 10. It was only seen as a side project that Francois Cote, 20, was working on, but the band really took off when Matt, also 20, got involved. The band has been running officially for a year now, but you wouldn’t think so with the talent that they show at every gig. On the day of the interview, Frankie came in looking relaxed and gave me a big cuddle and explained that Matt, wasn’t joining us, as he was unwell. It wasn’t the first interview that Francois

The Southampton-based band supported EX AMPLE at Portsmouth's Pyramids last month. SOUND interviewed frontman Francois Cote

(otherwise known as Frankie), has ever done, so he was quietly confident. When I met Frankie, after being introduced and so forth, he mentioned that he was in a band. He then went on to tell me about a gig that was coming up, and that I must go and show support, as they wanted a lot of people to be there. I assumed that they were just starting out, and that they wanted to play in front of a reasonable sized audience. But the more I got to know Frankie, I have realised that

CROWD PLEASER Frankie in action at the Portsmouth Pyramids


he is a cool and collected guy. Whatever goes with him and even if there wasn’t much of an audience, he will play his heart out and still give a good show. But since then, their fan base has exploded. He no longer needs to ask me to go along to his gigs. He simply invites everyone who likes his facebook fan page and see them swarm in to yet, another music venue that they are playing at. Considering then has not been around for long, the group are doing very well for themselves. “It is so surreal that people are just coming to a gig to see us,” says Frankie. “At the beginning, we will be lucky to have a crowd of 20. Now the gigs we are appearing at are sellouts. It is mental.” Just recently, the band got asked to play at the Pyramids in Portsmouth, to support Example, who is a recently signed up artist. He has had five top 40 singles, and is on his way up, so being asked to support someone like him was seen as an achievement for Fly, Frankie, Fly, and quite right too! Not many bands who have only really just started out can honestly say they have been asked to support a musician like that. When asked about the gig-supporting Example, Frankie said that the show was “a sell-out, meaning 1,400 people turned up to see the event, which made the atmosphere so electric.” Being his biggest show to date, I am pretty sure he must have been nervous. But Frankie never shows this. Right now while he is recollecting the memories from the night, he is sitting there

Cover & Feature Images Courtesy of You Me At Six and Fly, Frankie, Fly

NEWBIES Frankie & Matt when they started out

laughing with a big grin on his face. “I remember sitting backstage just before going on and hearing the roar when our cameraman went on stage to take a few snaps of the crowd. I then realised that meant it is my turn to play, that’s when the nerves kick in. I guess

It is so surreal that people are just coming to a gig to see us before then, I forgot what I was meant to be there for. I am too laid back for my own good!” When I asked about how he felt about the performance itself, he just smiled and said: “as good as someone makes it.” Which I then had to ask: “how did you make it?” which he cheekily answered:

“fantastic.” This is what I love about Frankie, he does think that him and Matt are good, which some might say is cocky, but others will say that they have the right to be. Confident people make great performers, such as Robbie Williams. But Frankie does it all in good flavour. So the important question popped up: “what was Example like?” “We only met Example briefly, he arrived at the venue just before going on and left straight away. He was playing at Bestival the next day so he was very busy. I managed a few quick words, but they are between him and me.” As he said that, he did the sly wink and then laughed and said: “Your face was a picture.” As my interview was coming to a close before Frankie had to rush off to a lecture, (yes, even though he is a rock star, he still prioritise his studies,) I asked what his verdict was on the gig overall. “It was a great experience. For an hour after the gig, we signed tickets, T-shirts, arms, you name it. We even posed for photos with fans and people who have only just heard us. It was crazy. We made lots of new friends and fans that night.

Q&A How would you describe your sound? Our sound is quite hard to describe, Rob Da Bank called us ‘kind of indescribable’ and we have been likened in interviews to many bands ranging from ‘the pet shop boys’ to ‘crystal castles’ Who are your influences?

We take a lot of influence from electronic bands such as ‘crystal castles’ and ‘pendulum’ and also take a lot of influence from pop punk.

What do you count as achievements? We have been played on Radio 1 and have played some big shows, such as the ‘example’ show and shows with ‘shy child’ and ‘unicorn kid’. Do you have one favourite venue/gig? We really enjoy all shows, our favourite show to date has to be the show with ‘example’ in Portsmouth.



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