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Obsessed with getting your hands on the iPad 2? Well why not have a read of our verdict about Apple’s latest bit of tech before splashing out all that money.

We bring you the first of our extracts from World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century. A book trying to do exactly what it says on the tin.

OUR FIRST ISSUE What’s inside this week’s edition of theline WILL LONDON 2012 BE THE FIRST SUSTAINABLE OLYMPIC GAMES?





























We make no secret of the fact that we are massive Elvis fans here at theline. What we wanted to know is how ‘The King’ is perceived in today’s society.




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Meet theline T 6


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That’s us there on top of the podium.

e Team


t gives us great pleasure to welcome you all to Issue One of theline, a magazine dedicated to bringing you information in an entertaining and exciting way. So what can you expect to find inside Issue One we hear you ask? Well, there’s our news section, which will bring you up to date with what matters most to you. This week we take a look at the efforts being made by Britain to make the 2012 Olympics environmentally friendly (P.10) as well as the work of the late, great John Sullivan (P.11). Then there is our entertainent section which will look to bring you unbiased reviews, previews and sneak peeks of all the best music, film, theatre and video game releases. Our weekly dose of features will cover a wide range of topics and our first issue is no different. We have an exhaustive interview with Welsh Rugby star Sam Warbuton (P. 20) who talks pressures and pleasures of playing for Wales. Then we have our regular feature society, which asks you, the audience to discuss with us your views on a particular icon. Our focus this week is on ‘The King’, Elvis Presley (P.24). Our gadget section is sure to cure any technology hunger pains you may have and we’ve been privileged enough to get our hands on the

Apple iPad 2 this week. To find out how we got on turn to page 33. For all you sports fans out there we have a treat this week with a guest column appearance from Tottenham Hotspur and Wales footballer Gareth Bale, fresh from his Player of the Year award Gareth gave us the lowdown on his most successful season to date and his future ambitions (P.39). We also take a look at the upcoming Rugby World Cup and the ups and downs of another fantastic Premiership Football season. Rounding off the issue is the first exerpt in our series of six which looks at the upcoming, 2nd edition release of World Changing: A User’s Guide to the 21st Century. This book contains countless ways in which our actions today, could impact immensely on tomorrow. So go ahead, turn the page and begin your journey with us... We hope you enjoy it.

Things we have learned this week... 1. David Cameron and the Royal family know how to throw a party. 2. Barcelona players all suffer from spontaneous collapsing. 3. Goal-line technology really does need to happen soon.




What does it take to be Number One?


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Bronze, Silver, Gold...Green? You would expect to see plenty of Bronze, Silver and Gold at the Olympic games but Great Britain is looking to add Green to that list.




n a recently published environmental report the 2012 Olympic organisers outlined the efforts they are making to create the world’s first “truly sustainable” Olympic Games. If the figures and plans in the report are to be believed then the reduction of the carbon footprint could be as large as 100,000 tonnes of emissions via the attaining of materials and the venue’s construction. A foreword in the report from the organising committee’s chairman, Lord Coe, detailed the innovations and breakthroughs that have been made. He said of the operation: “No-one had tried to calculate the complete carbon footprint of a Summer Games, and no-one had built an 80,000-seat stadium as light in structure and environmental impact as ours.” Because of this focus on the environment the stadium was constructed using a variety of methods, such as using recycled materials. The report tackled five main environmental themes that ran throughout the 2012 Games. These were: climate change; biodiversity; waste; inclusion and healthy living. David Stubbs, the committee’s head of sustainability said: “Nobody looked at all the embodied emissions of building temporary infrastructure that would only be used during the Games and Paralympics. “By building venues that are more akin to what is on the hire market, then it is possible to choose material that exists already.” The following two reports are scheduled to be released next spring and the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 respectively. The efforts shown here are sure to set a precedent for future organising bodies of Olympic Games, if not events of all kinds.

500 and counting

Lord (Coe) of the manor


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The original Del Boy

Coe & Co.

“The Dickens of our generation” B ritain has been rocked by the passing of one of its most prized television talents. John Sullivan OBE, creator of Citizen Smith, Just Good Friends, Rock and Chips and perhaps most famously Only Fools and Horses has passed away at the age of 64. Sullivan had been suffering with viral pneumonia and spent his last six weeks receiving treatment in intensive care. Sir David Jason, who starred as Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses, said he was “devastated” by the news. He added: “We have lost our country’s greatest comedy writer but he leaves us a great legacy, the gift of laughter. My thoughts at this time are with his lovely family.” Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played Rodney in Only Fools was “deeply saddened” to hear of his friends passing and said of Sullivan: “He was a shy and self-effacing man, but had a huge passion for his work and was looking forward to writing more Rock and Chips, I hope the last episode makes him proud.” Sullivan has been survived by his wife Sharon and two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren. BBC’s Head of Comedy, Mark Freeland said:

“No-one understood what made us laugh and cry better than John Sullivan. “He was the Dickens of our generation. Simply the best, most natural, most heartfelt comedy writer of our time.” Freeland went on to say: “Everything he wrote was basically about his life and the absurdities he faced, and the great characters he met. “And they just struck a resonance with everyone in the nation – you don’t get an audience of over 23 million people if you’re not doing something right, and chiming bells with a huge amount of people.” Amongst the tributes and sentiments that flooded in via interviews and social networking, Stephen Fry commented via Twitter saying he was “terribly saddened” by the news of Sullivan. He added that we had lost “one of the great comedy writers of our time.” And indeed, it is hard to argue with that statement. Having created one of Britain’s most beloved comedies and kept it entertaining for over a decade. Only Fools was not Sullivan’s first show but it became his

masterpiece, starting in 1981, it ran regularly until 1991 when it ended. Sullivan created a number of Christmas specials that continued until 1996 when the ‘final’ episode was broadcast with the Trotters finally becoming millionaires. Fast-forward to 2001 and one more Christmas special was produced due to popular demand, again a huge success. The show has spawned a number of spin offs and most recent of all was Rock and Chips, a prequel to Only Fools which documented Del Boy’s younger years. The third and final episode was to be Sullivan’s last work to be broadcast. No-one will forget the gifts that Sullivan has left us. Only Fools and Horses perhaps more than any other show he has worked on has that classic ability to transcend the era in which it was conceived,remaining funny for generation to come.

Couple of plonkers



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BARACK OBAMA (L) OSAMA BIN LADEN (R) Al-Qaueda leader Osama Bin Laden is DEAD Osama Bin Laden has been captured and killed as US president Barack Obama told the world “we got him.” Bin Laden was shot dead at a compound near Islamabad, after intelligence led the US forces to the man who is believed to have ordered the attacks on New York and Washington on 11th September 2001. There is a rising state of fear now the “most wanted man alive” is dead. CIA director Leon Panetta said that al-Qaueda would “almost certainly” try to avenge the death of Bin Laden. For the time being though, jubilant scenes erupted outside the White House with crowds chanting “USA, USA” after DNA tests confirmed the face of terror was dead.

One Had a Great Time

As the councils do their best to clean up the remains, we reflect on the biggest party Great Britain has ever had.


t’s 10 a.m and the usual sound of birds whistling is being drowned out by something altogether more appealing.... Sizzling bacon. Today is a very special day, not least because there is a fry-up being cooked, it is the day Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle. Having polished off the greasy meal I wonder to my lounge and watch as the ceremony unfolds. “Does anyone know of any lawful reason why these two should not be married?”, call me cynical, or perhaps too much of an Eastenders fan but I thought someone was going to shout out. Silence continued and the wedding went ahead unhinged, even the balcony kiss managed to look natural and not at all awkward or false. But enough about the loveydovey stuff, let’s move on to the real reason so many people are excited about today, a government

sanctioned reason to consume alcohol in the streets. The Royal Wedding Street Party craze. Royal fever has swept the nation with streets up and down the country getting involved in the festivities, some putting on live music and barbecues, others erecting temporary pubs in the middle of the road to quench punter’s thirst. The street I’ve opted for is Newcombe Road, in the city of Southampton, a student area through and through. Social networking sites have been going crazy with details of the event. Four DJ’s spinning their vinyls from inside seemingly ‘normal’ houses while a predicted 2000 people strut their stuff. These predictions were not wrong and a mixture of students and permanent residents of the city turn up in good spirits to celebrate the occasion. It’s not long before the atmosphere is electric and the blend of joyous people and

dance-inducing music has infected the area. With everyone turning up for a good time trouble was minimal and meant all could enjoy the day without worrying that an angry fist would catch them at any time. In condoning the nationwide events, David Cameron has done himself a massive favour in the popularity stakes. More than that though, he was helped chip away slightly at the stereotypical view that Britain’s population regress to nothing more than violent cavemen (and women) when alcohol and crowds combine. I tip my cap to Cameron and all involved in the arrangment of parties, not to mention the efforts of cleaning teams to get the roads back in working order in such timely fashion. I know I’m not the only one who hopes Prince Harry makes an honest woman of someone soon, thinking about it, he likes a party too so maybe he already has someone lined up.

Sony fear 100m users victim of identity theft Sony have warned users that almost 25 million extra gamers may be the victim of identity fraud after the recent hacker attack. Last week, Sony admitted that hackers had stolen the personal details of 77m Playstation users, which is thought to include credit card details and addresses. Sony have assured gamers that the Playstation network will be up-and-running again this week. Boxing legend Sir Henry Cooper has died Heavyweight boxer Sir Henry Cooper has died at the age of 76 after a career that saw him crowned as the British, Commonwealth and European champion. The legend who is revered for knocking down Muhammed Ali, fought 55 times, winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award twice and received a knighthood in 2000. Britain’s World Heavyweight Champion David Haye used Twitter to pay tribute to Cooper: “One of Britain’s greatest sports man Sir Henry Cooper passed away today. true warrior and great human MOSTLY A’sAuftsdyuft being. Rest in tfyusd Peace,” Haye wrote. suyd ftuysd


tfuysdt uyfst duyf tsduyft

John fourth World Championship sduyHiggins ftuysdtwins fuysdt John Higgins came from behind to fend off the fuysdt fuystd uyf stduyft 21-year-old potting suydt fuysd tfuystsensation Judd Trump 18-15 toduyftsuydf win his fourth World Championship at the tuysdt fuyst Crucible. experienced MOSTLYThe B’s yft suydt Scot was outplayed and out-potted by the young maestro as Trump fuysdt fuys tduyftsduyft fired two centuries to build suydt fuystdfuyst dfuy t an incredible 10-7 lead. It was just two costly errors from the stduyft suydt fuysd tfuyst youngster that gave Higgins a chance to put his duyftsuydf tuysdt fuyst nightmare twelve months behind him with a dfuystduyft suydt fuysdt World Championship win. A year ago, Higgins MOSTLY C’s ftsduyft was the subject of match fixing allegations and suydt fuystdfuyst dfuyof t any deliberate although he was cleared stduyydt dfuy actions, he fuystdfuyst returned in November from a t six-month ban.



Just one of the many parties taking place around the country.


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Apparently, Berlin’s Lovely this time of year

Liam Neeson heads back to Europe in another action packed thriller that sees his trip to Berlin take a turn for the worst when he starts to question his own identity. Neeson’ s back and this time he’s playing an American botanist under the name of Dr. Martin Harris. He travels to Berlin to attend a conference where a major announcement on world hunger is about to be made. Set in the German capital of Berlin, Dr. Harris experiences a car accident and when awoken he discovers his wife doesn’t recognise him and another man (Aiden Quinn) has assumed his identity. After awaking from a four-day coma, he’s ignored by disbelieving authorities at the hotel and hunted by assassins. He finds himself alone, tired, and on the run. Using his recollection of what’s happened he seeks aid from an unlikely and reluctant source (Diane Kruger), the taxi driver responsible for the accident. He plunges headfirst into a deadly mystery that will force him to question his sanity, his identity, and just how far he’s willing to go to uncover the truth. The question is whether Dr. Harris is victim of a fraud, or has he actually lost his mind? Many believed this film to be some what of a sequel to last years blockbuster Taken, which saw Neeson travel to Europe on a brutal mission to save his kidnapped daughter, slaughtering anyone who stood in his way. They are in fact two different films that hold many similar aspects. As the film’s scribes based this on a novel, there’s a definite sense of more plot machinations and character depth that have been either excised or rushed through. You’d be more likely to link Unknown to the Bourne films where you get an obvious misplaced amnesiac as


a central character, reaching out for help on his journey of discovery, with odd moments of explosive action happening around him. The only difference being that someone like Dr. Harris is somewhat reliant on his intellectual thinking to unfold the mystery he finds himself in. Neeson seems the perfect fit for these genres of film where he displays an effortless knack of emotion and physicality, an area of acting that only the greats can deliver. Once again he finds himself in Europe but this time he seems more like a lost puppy, being unfamiliar with the language. Luckily in both films he’s trained to kill even though he appears as a scientist, there’s a lifestyle to Dr. Harris that he’s yet to discover. A thriller like this has to be set in a European country. it creates an atmosphere of being alone and lost when you struggle with the foreign language and a lack of a map leaves you asking random people for directions. The least you’d expect is for Dr. Harris to be fluent in the German language being a scientist and all. Don’t feel too disheartened when the action fails to live up to the epic onslaughts we saw in Taken. It’s a shame the makers of Unknown failed to see that the world wanted, an even better Taken. What we got however, was a good storyline that was executed rather poorly. The action scenes exploded towards the end of the film, but when they came they were too short and lacking in drama. The story is open to interpretation and you’ll be hanging on until the end to see if he’s capable of discovering his true self.

Don’t look directly into the eyes


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The Hangover 2

Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) are back for another morning of ‘what the hell went on last night’. After a year since the hangover first appeared on our screens, the boys are back and have gone one step further this time on a night of heavy drinking. This time it’s off to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined. It quite simply has to be 10x worse than before and you know it’s going to 10x funnier.

Ed Sheeran: A-Team

Arctic Monkeys - Suck it and See

If you’ve not heard of him by now, it’s time to move out from underneath that rock. Ed Sheeran is famous amongst his fans for his sofa surfing and impromptu gigs in supermarket car parks and boasts over a million hits on YouTube and a sellout UK tour. The 20-year old is a master of the pedal and acoustic guitar with a vocael style similar to Damien Rice. Sheeran moved to London selling CD’s from a rucksack and played 310 gigs in ONE year before his song You Need Me, I Don’t Need You became an online hit and Ed became a sensation. His new single the A-Team is his first release from upcoming album ‘+’. Check Ed out on YouTube.

Arctic Monkeys have finally returned with the sound that gave them so much success and have finally ditched their dark and ominous, bass guitar driven last album. The new single Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair has reignited the flame that saw the bands meteoric rise to fame and with their cliché long titled track and obscure lyrics it’s certainly an encouraging sign for the upcoming album Suck it and See. It still lacks the kick and guitar rift of Brianstorm and the catchy can’thelp-but-overplay debut single I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor but there is huge improvement from the subdued releases of latest album Humbug. Album is released on 6th June 2011.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

What better way for every man to release the stress of real life than to pick up his commando weapon and live the life of artificial violence? Step into the shoes of Alex Mason and endure a campaign of brutal killing in countries like Russia, Vietnam and Cuba. Experience online multiplayer or tackle the living dead in Nazi Zombie where you will run but you’ll never hide. It’s the war game of the year.




Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

Begin your journey on the ‘Road to the Masters’ as you experience for the first time the famous Augusta National Golf Course. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters opens your eyes to the rich history and tradition of the tournament that all pro’s hype to be the most special of them all. The career mode has been built around working your way up to eventually competing in The Masters. The journey to becoming the next owner of the Green Jacket has begun.

the eyes



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Pints, Tents and M

The British ‘Summer’ is just around the corner which must mean it’s Festival time. theline give you the lowdown on the best who’s, where’s and when’s.

GLASTONBURY 22nd-26th june Welcome to the largest Greenfield music festival on planet Earth. After celebrating 40 years of festive fun at last year’s event, many are looking ahead to another exciting selection of fascinating line-ups that Glastonbury has to offer. Amazingly, tickets had completely sold out for Glastonbury 2011 within four hours of them going on sale. This year’s event welcomes a long list of musical talent from the Queen of R&B Beyonce Knowles to UK favourite Plan B. Make sure to check all your favourite


headliners and acts on the Pyramid stage and pray this year’s festival is like the last with captivating music and tropical temperatures. Expect all the same procedures of queueing, finding a spot to set up camp and walking to the nearest bar. Tempt your taste buds in to having some Far East flavours or more traditional, good ol’ proper English Country grub. If nature calls don’t worry; free toilet roll is available and with over 3,000 portaloo’s you’ll have no issues with waste disposal. There are many places to visit in the 900-acre surroundings. On the eastern

fringe of the site you’ll discover the Theatre & Circus, which is defiantly worth the trip to experience an amazing selection of entertainment from the sublime to the outright ridiculous. Be sure to check out West Holts which showcases a selection of future roots music. From Afro grooves to Hip-Hop, Reggae to Techno, Dubstep to Soul, this is for people who know that bass is the place. The line-ups and stages are prepared all that’s left is for you to get ready and embark on the United Kingdom’s number one festival.


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d Music ISLE of WIGHT 10th-12th june Take a short trip across the British channel this summer and you’ll find the Isle of Wight Festival at Seaclose Park. This year’s main stage looks set to be up there with the best. Kings of Leon, Kaiser Chiefs, The Courteeners, Foo Fighters, Kasabian and We Are Scientists all enter the Isle of Wight for the Festival that attracts nearly 90,000 people. If you missed out on a golden ticket, the festival will be shown on the new Sky 3D channel and Sky Arts across the weekend of 10-12 June. All you’ll need is high bass speakers and a straw hat... You are practically there.

READING/LEEDS 26th-28th august Muse and My Chemical Romance head up Leeds on the Friday and finish off in Reading on the Sunday. Pulp and The Strokes are the other headliners that will be performing. This year Reading introduces the Radio 1 NME Stage. Late night entertainment can be found at the Cinema tent in the Arena, at the ActionAid tent in the campsites and at the two popular Silent Arenas, one based in Orange and the other in Red. Bars are cash only and require ID for purchases. The White bar will continue serving ales after success in 2010. There are food stalls throughout the site selling a variety of food, burgers, baguettes, noodles and milkshakecam all be found here. Leeds 2011 are delighted to announce that the City’s council have given the go ahead for campsite DJ’s, Piccadilly Party and Silent Arena to run on until 6am each night. The dance stage is also unveiled this summer where they announce the legendary UNKLE bringing a worldwide exclusive show under the guise of UNKLE Sounds, and the incredible SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO performing live. North or South doesn’t matter when it comes down to these two festivals where you’ll encounter on three days of bank holiday musical heaven.



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The Weekly Informer d - 9th May 2n


3rd/4th May Champions League Semi-Final, 2nd Leg Barcelona v Real madrid, KO 7.45pm Man United v Schalke 04, KO 7.45pm It’s El Classico take five. Real Madrid travel to the Nou Camp this week as Jose Mourinho’s team look to overturn a controversial 2-0 defeat in last weeks match at the Bernabau. Madrid will have to do this without two of their strongest defenders, Sergio Ramos and Pepe who both picked up suspensions in the first leg, whilst Barcelona hope Messi can do the damage again and send Pep Guardiola’s team to the final at Wembley.

Ferguson’s men take a comfortable two-goal advantage into the second leg of their semi-final match against their German opposition. Goals from Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs all but sealed the tie at the Veltins-Arena last week as the Red Devils look to repeat the final of 2009 against rivals Barcelona. Schalke brushed aside defending champions Inter Milan in the last round after notching up five at the San Siro. It’s fair to say that this tie is still far from over.


TV & Film 2nd May Rock & Chips 3: The Frog and the Pussycat

3rd May The Green Hornet

John Sullivan gives us the third of the prequel series Rock & Chips following the young life of Del, Rodney and the rest of the gang. This hour-long comedy follows the trotters and friends in a special essential addition for all fans of Britain’s favourite sitcom, Only Fools And Horses. It’s 1961, and Joan (Kellie Bright) is determined to change her life. Taking up a job as a charlady, which Reg (Shaun Dingwall) has found her, she soon finds out that her new employer has other ideas about how she can pass the time. Del Boy tries his luck as a movie producer where cash problems hold him back. As luck would have it, his girlfriend’s father may be able to help him out - he just doesn’t know it yet!

Seth Rogan stars as Britt Reid in this action-comedy where he becomes the new publisher of LA newspaper “The Daily Sentinel” after the sudden death of his father. A life of partying soon changes to a career of fighting crime as a masked superhero, “The Green Hornet”, teaming up with his driver and kung fu expert, Kato (Jay Chou). They see their chance to do something meaningful for the first time in their lives: catching the bad guy. Protecting the law by breaking it, Britt becomes the vigilante Green Hornet as he and Kato hit the streets. Using all his ingenuity and skill, Kato builds the ultimate in advanced retro weaponry, Black Beauty, an indestructible car which boasts the lethal combination of fire and horsepower.

Entertaiment 7th May, Guild Hall, Southampton Milton Jones: Lion Whisperer Stand-up comic and occasional panel-show guest Milton Jones visits Southampton’s Guild Hall to continue his hilarious Lion Whisperer tour. Tickets for the event are £17. Most recognised from his appearances on Mock the Week, Jones


has also featured in Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and is the voice of eight series’ with Radio 4 , including The Very World of Milton Jones and Another Case of Milton Jones and an array of other radio and television.


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Welsh prodigy Sam Warburton talks EXCLUSIVELY to theline about the pressures and the pleasures of playing professional rugby for Cardiff Blues and Wales.


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04/05/2011 12:30

Sam Warburton is the rising star of Welsh rugby playing for club and country in a position where experience is as crucial as his explosive, dogged and physically imposing approach to the game. He’s represented Wales at age groups 16, 18, 19 and he captained Wales Under 20 team in the Junior Rugby World Cup when the Welsh fell at the final hurdle en route to the final. “Losing in the semi finals to New Zealand was devastating. After such great performances in the earlier stages it was a shame not to get to the final. “I’d picked up an injury in pre-season afterward as well so it wasn’t a great few months for me. But I had great rehabilitation and when I finally made my first senior cap for the Blues and Wales, it was a huge honour”. Warburton’s first international debut came against Canada but he says he felt a greater fulfillment from receiving his starting cap at home against Samoa. “It was great to play against Canada but with the big boys away on the British Lions tour the test was keeping the jersey on once they returned.” With 75,000 people packed inside the Millennium Stadium, Warburton stood proud with his hand on his chest representing Wales at just 21 years of age. And in this years’ Six Nations, Warburton was a figurehead for Wales in all of their defensive and even attacking displays with his first try coming against Italy in their 24-16 victory in Rome. “I can’t believe it, to tell the truth. To score for your country in the Six Nations is an immense feeling and it was a cracking bit of play by Hooky (James Hook) and the boys’ movement to create the gap for me - I just went for it!” The touch down was shortlisted by the BBC as a standout try of the season and Sam was also drafted into the Official sponsors’ player of the tournament. “It was my twin brother who told me, he always has a laugh when they use a picture of me with stories but this time they opted for a prettier face instead of mine! “But it hasn’t settled in to tell the truth and I still can’t believe it when I see my name in the papers or people stop me around Cardiff to say well done. “Before the Six Nations, I didn’t feel like I was a professional yet. It’s hard to explain but when you’ve got a career in sport you need to achieve something, do something, make something happen or your career can pass you by and nobody remembers you. “The try I scored was just a different level to everything I’ve ever experienced before. It wasn’t necessarily the finish that made it so special but that it was my first senior try for Wales. After his exceptional displays this Spring, there’s no doubt that Warburton is a future captain contender for his country but still the Blues flanker remains modest and humble with his recent surge to stardom. “I’m not into fame, twitter or celebrity girlfriends. I’d be happy with a Nokia 3310, my mates from school and childhood sweetheart! “I’ve got a few nicknames from some of the rugby boys. I get called Avatar because of my nose but the most recent one was from Jamie Roberts who calls me ‘Natasha’, I didn’t get it at first but then the boys started singing ‘I bruise easily’ by Natasha Bedingfield! “I’ve always been quite lean and don’t have a high body fat percentage so when I’m rucking and mauling for 80 minutes I turn up for warm down the next day with bruises all over me like a gone-off banana!” It’s a sure sign that Wales not only have a true great in the making on the pitch but also an absolute gentleman off the field. Sam Warburton was talking to James Robertson



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04/05/2011 12:30

Elvis... in Society Like the four seasons, perceptions change. With that in mind, the first in our series of society features looks at ‘The King’ Elvis Presley, how do you perceive him?


nown as ‘The King of Rock and Roll’ or simply ‘The King’, Elvis Presley was the most important musical artist of the 20th Century. With a career that spanned over two decades, Presley brought charisma, soul and energy to each and every one of his performances until his tragic death in August ’77. Originally from Tupelo, Mississippi, Presley moved with his family to Memphis, Tennessee when he was 13. This new environment would have a great influence on the music he went on to produce.

His music career began in 1954 when Sun Records owner Sam Phillips signed him to his label. His goal was to unleash the sound of African American music to a greater audience and he saw Elvis as the perfect poster boy for this. He would go on to be signed by RCA Victor in a deal that was brokered by Colonel Tom Parker. As an employee of this label he would go on to have over 30 number one hits in a range of different countries, ultimately leading to his induction into four separate musical hall of fames as well as a Lifetime Achievement Grammy at the age of 36.

Em Rockall Age 20 Elvis is: “Leather, Rhinestones and Rock”

Catching hits with soulful, rhythm and blues songs as well as the harder hitting rock and roll ballads he made; Elvis had an unbelievable impact on the musical industry of his generation as well as leaving a mark on generations to come. It is for all these reasons that Elvis Aaron Presley is the first in theline’s series of …in society features. We asked a range of people how they perceive ‘The Pelvis’ as well as produce a picture that they feel best illustrates the legend. So here they are, the opinions you gave alongside the drawings you made, some are flattering, others, not so much.

Sam Pretorius Age 21 Elvis is: “The reigning King of England and Rock & Roll”


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04/05/2011 12:30


Josh Bisson Age 20 Elvis is: “A true gunner at heart”


001_MASTER_PAGE.indd 25

04/05/2011 12:30

Mark Faint 1/4 Age 49 Elvis is: “No more, no less” 26

001_MASTER_PAGE.indd 26

04/05/2011 12:30

John May Age Unknown Elvis: “Where did it all go wrong?”

Laura-Elise Hastings Age 20 Elvis: “Had really great hair”

Kim Faint Age 47 Elvis is: “Ian Beale, The guy works down the chip shop and swears he’s Elvis”

Holly Eddings Age 28 Elvis is: “God...If heaven is a place then Elvis will greet me at the gates along with Marilyn Monroe, a few angels and Jesus” 27

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04/05/2011 12:30

Charli Easson Age 29 Elvis is: “A sexy motherf**ker” 28

001_MASTER_PAGE.indd 28

04/05/2011 12:31

Kristian Low Age Unknown Elvis is: “What people wanted, what people needed, what people miss ”

Phil Thompson Age 35 Elvis has: “Left the building...” 29

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iPad 2 Lands When Apple released the iPad over a year ago it sold three million units in it’s first 80 days. If you’re someone who thought the iPad needed improving, say hello to Apple’s response.

The Speed

The Feel

The new model is a staggering 33% lighter, slimming down from 13.4mm to 8.8mm. A feature that may be overlooked due to the technology on offer is the magnetic smart cover to protect the screen. It adds no bulk or extra weight to your iPad and acts as a sleep control when the cover is opened or closed with no risk of damage. A stand is created when the cover is folded to complete this brilliant new addition.

Apple has opted for an A5 1GHz dual core processor to speed up usage. If you compare this to the original you’ll notice an immediate difference. It’s nine times faster and the increased speed means gamers and movie viewers will enjoy superb image quality at a faster rate, making the iPad 2 the ultimate multimedia device.

The Look

At first glance, the iPad 2 is identical to its predecessor. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is Apples approach as the iPad 2 retains its high-resolution display with its IPS technology, giving you 180 degrees of superb viewing quality.


The Experience

You’ll notice the new iPad has two cameras. This allows FaceTime video calling. The camera on the front brings you face-to-face with your friend, as the camera on the back can share where you are, who you’re with or anything around you that you might want to share. Even with its lighter, thinner and faster design, the new iPad 2 has maintained it’s 10-hour battery life and with its improved processor, you’ll be browsing websites, playing games and selecting apps quicker than you could ever imagine.



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Essential Apps With over 65,000 apps available on the new iPad, theline team have cherry picked six must-have apps. Armed with these you will be the envy of all your friends.

Popular Science


Check out all the latest information in technology, science, gadgets, space, green tech and more. You can access all the content from each month’s print issue along with digital only extras.


Transform your iPad into a full-fledged DJ system and take your mixing skills to another level. With unprecedented ease–of–use and innovative multi–touch mixing features, djay for iPad brings DJ’ing to your fingertips.


Make the most of your large screen as the iMovie offers features that make editing HD movies fast and fun. Capture some of your greatest shots and make a movie in minutes with this amazing app.

Follow all your favourite celebrities and friends with the official Twitter app. Tweet and conduct real-time searches, share photos and videos while sending links to your friends around the world. A burst of timely information in the palm of your hands.


Fitness Class

Choose from over 230 real-time fitness videos with seven full free classes offered to get you into the groove. FitnessClass lets you stream workout videos over WiFi or 3G while you listen to your own music and get interactive.

Urban Spoon

Discover the best places to eat wherever you are. Explore thousands of restaurants and filter choices to suit your taste and find the perfect dining destination. Still stuck? Tap “spin” and let the iPad decide for you.



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GO, GO, Gadget theline brings you the latest and greatest in technology from around the globe, showcasing gadgets you can’t live without.

AR Drone

£299.99 - The first PDA-controlled quadricopter has arrived. Introducing the Parrot AR Drone to the skies. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the full hull shield protects the AR Drone from collisions and hidden enemies.

Samsung 50” 3D TV

£649 - An exciting combination of 3D technology and 50” screen viewing offers immersive viewing experience. There’s a handy USB socket for connecting up your mobile device or digital camera and a PC input for big screen gaming or web surfing.

Tag Heuer Carrera 1887

£2695 - Fitted with TAG Heuer’s new movement, this beautiful watch is available in leather strap or bracelet. Clean and simple dials give this flashy timekeeper a classic appearance without any gimmicks.


Wand Remote

£50 - Bring magic to your remote control with this multi function wand remote. It’s a new control device that works on any infrared platform such as a Hi-Fi or recorder.

Beats Headphones by Dr Dre

£259.99 - Listen to your music as if you’re in the studio with the Beats audio speakers by Dre. The precision-engineered, advanced speaker design means you will experience music the way artists and producers want you to.

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Chris Ashton’s trademark try

A look at the Home Nation’s chances of winning the Rugby World Cup



his Summer brings the seventh International Rugby World Cup. The event, being hosted this time by New Zealand,will run between early September and late October, and is set to eclipse any previous sporting occasion ever to be held on the islands. The tournament will comprise of the twenty best Rugby playing nations on the planet, who will battle it out over group and knockout stages in a bid to claim the biggest prize the game has to offer; the Webb Ellis Trophy. Closer to home, the build-up to the tournament for the Home Nations has been a mixed bag. England, who have recently shaken off their more ‘boring’ style of play, that they have been so often ridiculed for, came within eighty minutes of taking home a thunderous Grand Slam. Ireland produced some fine displays despite getting off to a shaky start against the lesser Italian side, with Wales and Scotland having

disappointing campaigns after some promising signs before the tournament. Each side have their influential players who have the ability to make a difference to the end result. Scotland will be hoping for a better display from fly-half Dan Parks who is usually inspirational for the Scots in the midfield but looked a shadow of his former self. Wales will have the youthful wing pairing of Leigh Halfpenny and George North as former World Player of the Year Shane Williams is drawing close to the end of his career. Jamie Roberts will need to improve if he has any hope of rivalling any of his opposite numbers in the leading nations. Brian O’Driscoll will dictate the play for Ireland as the centre recently rejected an invitation to the Royal Wedding so he could prepare his Leinster side in their European semi-final win against Toulon. And of course, the swan-diving record try-scoring Chris Ashton will be hoping to leave his mark on the

World Cup by continuing his fine form for both club and country in the Southern Hemisphere. The Home Nation representatives for the competition will be well aware of what awaits them in the native land of the Maori, with such heavy weights as South Africa and Australia also traveling to compete. However, few will disagree with the fact that the mighty All Blacks have been unplayable in recent months, with quality and depth that has not been seen for decades in the sport. With a home crowd who are desperate for their men to finally live up to their ever-present tag as the best international team in the world, could this finally be their chance to shine on the world’s biggest stage? Of one thing you can be sure; there will be nineteen other teams prepared to lay everything down to stop that from happening. Fancy a flutter? offer England at 15/2, Ireland 25/1, Wales 33/1 and Scotland 100/1.


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s Ashton’s emark try


n the age where the lives of the rich and famous become the focal point of the common man, will the increasing number of superinjunctions that are filed against the media to avoid being named and shamed take it’s toll on the strained relationship between the love triangle of celeb-journalist-fan? John Terry had his injunction overruled by a judge and the world looked down on the England captain in shame as his infidelities with a teammates fiancé were unveiled. BBC journalist Anrew Marr also filed for an injunction after he had a marital affair while actively reporting for the Beeb. Now, we have Imogen Thomas, former Miss Wales and Big Brother contestant (what a title, ey?) – she

claims to have been “thrown to the lions” after it emerged the Welsh lass had an affair with a high profile married footballer. The players’ identity has been hidden, but Imogen was revealed as a home-wrecker and could face jail should she name and shame the love rat family man. So where do we go from here? After a player scores a wondrous goal from all of a million yards against a dozen of the world’s finest goalkeepers in the smallest goal ever created, should the media name this talented individual despite not being able to do so in more negative circumstance? It’s merely a matter of time until fans will have to commission a songwriter to compose their chants and newspapers like the News of the World will have to hack into mobile phones to get a story… oh wait.

S N W O D D N UPS A UP Fernando Torres has finally scored his first goal for Chelsea. It took almost twelve hours of football and ironically a puddle from torrential downpour to help the £50m man to break his duck. South Coast football clubs Brighton, Bournemouth and Southampton are ALL on the verge of promotion this season. The fans are more likely to bask in the glory of success as rivals Portsmouth failed to mimick such a feat. DOWN Jose Mourinho has gone from the ‘special one’ to the ‘annoying smug one who should really stop being so annoyingly smug’. He’s on the brink of the sack from Real Madrid and it’s unlikely any British clubs will take him on. Nope, no way Jose.

Imogen Thomas is without a voice

Cardiff City got thrashed 3-0 at home to Middlesbrough when anything but a defeat would have kept their automatic promotion hopes alive. Instead, the Bluebirds had their wings clipped and will endure the lottery of the play-offs alongside rivals Swansea City.



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theline welcome Spurs’ talisman Gareth Bale for an EXCLUSIVE guest column If I had a penny for every time I was asked about my 24 game winless run after joining Spurs then I’d be rich enough to retire! People were saying I was cursed but since that I’ve played in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and won PFA Player of the Year so it can’t be too bad! I’m often asked if I’m surprised by my performances this year, I’ve always been confident in my ability and knew what I could do with a bit of luck if I could stay fit and get a decent run in the team. When you have a good season there is always added pressure to go one better next year. And after a season like this, it’s definitely going to be impossible to settle for anything less next year. I’ve gone from being on the bench to being sat at the PFA awards in practically two seasons. I couldn’t believe I was even considered to be on the same list as Cantona, Rooney, Ronado and Henry. My Mum started balling-up as soon as she heard my name announced as the winner, it was a special night for my whole family as my Grandad was celebrating his 80th birthday – what a present! I’ve got some breaking news, too. I’ve recently joined Twitter! BUT, I’m not tweeting just yet or sharing the username for that matter – I set it up to see what the fake accounts of Gareth Bale have been getting up to! My favourite one has been @GarethBale03 – who’s even been sending good luck messages to my captain for Wales, Aaron Ramsey. It’s been great to see Rambo back after the horrific leg injury he suffered against Stoke, I think he’s one of the best midfielders in the world and alongside Wilshere, Arsenal certainly have enough cover for Fabregas if he decides to leave. As a team, we’ve been disappointed not to have taken advantage of teams around us dropping points. We could really be in a battle for the title – not just fourth. Hopefully, my home town Cardiff City get promoted, I got some stick from the fans when I played at Ninian Park for Southampton, but now I understand that they’re just annoyed I wasn’t a Bluebird!


Gareth Bale was speaking to James Robertson



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A ‘living’ room


With a second edition just around the corner theline bring you the first in a series of exerpts from the eco-warrior handbook World Changing: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century Living in dense, urban neighbourhood gives us a bug leg up on living in a more ecological way. When we live in compact communities, it’s easier to drive less, share more and tread lightly on the planet. But often our cities themselves are a bit of a mess. Although cities do help us reduce our environmental impact on distant areas (in that we don’t have to splash into forests or blast hillsides to create homes), the natural systems closest to cities often degenerate into shattered remnants of what they once were. This is tragic, because most cities have grown up where nature was particularly bountiful – where

farmland was rich, fishing was good and water was abundant. So, as cities grow, the best land often ends up paved with asphalt or concrete, the best water polluted with sewage ad runoff. The layers of separation that old methods of infrastructure place between urban dwellers and the natural world cloud our ability to make smart, long-term decisions with the interests of the earth in mind. We need urban infrastructure that allows us to live in harmony with the natural systems that sustain us – we need to start thinking of the entire planet as home. There’s no such thing as an entirely human place. When you stand on the sixteenth floor of a Manhattan

skyscraper, in one sense you stand as much in nature as if you were in the middle of the woods. The water coming out of the tap from the hills of upstate New York, and then spiralled down the drain to a sewagetreatment plant on the east river. The walls around you are built of stone pulled from quarries, metals dug from deep mines. The climate that prevents the building from being buried under the snows of a new ice age remains in relative balance through the workings of forests and ocean plants the world over. Tug on any aspect of your life, and you will find it connects back to nature, if you follow the string far enough.


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It is time, then, for change. It is times, to paraphrase writer Wallace Stegner, to live on this planet as if we planned to stay. To do that, to build a civilisation that is broad in time, we need to begin building cities whose workings resemble as closely as possible the workings of the rest of nature. That goal, of greening our cities until they are part of the working fabric of nature, seems impossibly far off, surrounded as we are by asphalt and concrete, cars and buildings, clanking machinery and suspended wires, in places where nature (think rats and pigeons) survives off our trash or is shoehorned into tiny parks and the edges of lawns. But the first strides toward greening our cities may be easier than we’d tend to imagine. How much greener could cities get if we took nature as a model? Well, much of the infrastructure that makes urban life possible is overdue for green replacements. The price tag for rebuilding urban infrastructure is not small, but the cost of maintaining the systems we now use is pretty huge over the long haul. This makes the idea of gradual replacement of

these systems entirely realistic, if we approach it as the work of decades. Living Wall: What if instead of plugging in our air fresheners, we watered and weeded them? In Ontario’s University of Guelph-Humbers’s main building, designers built an indoor wall of plants as a living air purifier. The four-storey biofilter holds a thick jungle of ferns, ivy, and other plants that work together to break down harmful airborne contaminants into water and carbon dioxide. Since the plants absorb pollutants and break them down naturally, the wall requires no cleaning. Additionally, the fresh air generated by the mass of greenery reduces the need for ventilation systems, promising big savings for the University. The “living Wall” gives a big boost to the aesthetics of the building, as well. Like a work of living art, the lush greenery towers high in to the building atrium. Scientist have been attempting to quantify the psychological benefits of the bio-filter, predicting that the presence of so much greenery will improve attendance. For those of us accustomed to

regurgitated oxygen for ventilation ducts, this kind of innovation is a breath of fresh air. Green Roofs: While we worry and complain that cities are running out of room, we sit underneath a vast amount of unused space. Remarkably, as real estate prices soar, rooftops never seem to be part of the equation, even though in most urban areas, flat, open roofs offer all the same potential of a yard or deck. Planted out with grass or a garden, a green roof not only cools a building, it absorbs harmful UV rays that damage exterior surfaces, and generates oxygen, but it adds a beautiful, useable outdoor space for leisure and gardening. Even with extensive greenery, a green roof can be relatively low maintenance. Unless you live in a desert, rainfall will help water it, especially if you grow climate-appropriate foliage. In extremely dense areas where nobody has the luxury of a yard, green roofs can enhance quality of life by putting a lawn over their heads.

Toyota Hybrid: Car of the future

Car & Fuel

The car has become a necessity and a shrine. Sprawling suburbs and bad urban planning have made it nearly impossible for us to get anywhere without driving. Even when we do have other options, many of us are reluctant to give up our cars, because our cars – and the idealised “open road” they call home – have become part of our identities. As discussions of future oil crisis and the role of oil in the Iraq war heat up, so do the efforts of manufacturers and politicians to convince us that our cars are the very essence of freedom. But the truth is our cars are just tools – and we need better tools now. The auto industry was built on a seemingly endless supply of gasoline, but now it has become increasingly clear that the end is in fact, in sight. The concept of “peak oil” is pretty simple: Oil is a limited resource. Whenever we’re dealing with finite resources, there comes a point when dwindling supplies make it

more expensive to extract more of that resource, and we start extracting less. The tem for that point is production peak. Without a doubt, at some point cheap oil will start running out, and less and less will be available. The critical question is, when? Some geologists argue that the production peak is imminent; others say that we have ten to twenty years, and still other say that we have the entire twenty-first century to figure out a new energy future. Opinions may vary, but automakers are of one mind on the issue, and have already begun to plan for the end of cheap oil. Even if we did have decades before we hit peak oil, we can no longer ignore the damage our cars do to the planet. Finding, pumping and burning fossil fuels is changing our climate, polluting our seas and involving is in resource wars. Peak oil or no peak oil, there are two ways about it: we have to shed our dependence on oil now.



04/05/2011 12:31

How do we kick the oil habit? Many auto companies are working on short-term solutions: high-profile hybrids (quickly becoming Hollywood’s trendy new accessory); more efficient gasoline engines; cleaner burning diesel engines; and bio-fuels and synthetic fuels to substitute for petroleum. Right now, our choices matter more than ever – every time we go to the showroom and drive a hybrid instead of an SUV off the lot, we send a message to automakers to keep the solutions coming. The long-term solution is likely electric, whether the electricity is provided by a super-efficient battery or by a hydrogen fuel cell. Researchers and automakers are looking to electrify the drive train, powering vehicles only with electricity and motors, rather than with petroleum fuel and combustion engines. Several years ago, most people would have said the hydrogen-powered cars were the only solution – and exciting new developments from manufacturers like Honda have restored faith not only on hydrogen cars but also in a future hydrogen economy. However, hydrogen development is more challenging that had originally been anticipated, and will clearly be slow to yield workable results. We can’t assume that hydrogen-powered cars will be perfected in time to head off the potential shortages and disastrous environmental consequences of peak oil and global warming. There may not be one right answer to the car question. Every piece of the puzzle could be important – from saving fuel now, to supporting new vehicles that run on clean energy, to backing legislation that will pave the way for the future of cars and fuel. The road ahead demands a different kind of car. Drivers’ Ed: in the immediate term, no simple solution to our fuel and emissions problems presents itself. There’s no magic rabbit coming out of the technology hat. The best thing we can do right now is to choose wisely and behave responsibly. There are two basic and related approaches to shedding our dependence on oil: substitute and conserve. On the substitution front, we can use bio-fuels and synthetic fuels whenever possible. On the conservation front, we can swap our gas-guzzlers for cars that are more fuel-efficient: smaller, newer, diesel, or hybrid-electric. And we can choose not to buy SUVs. When it comes to conserving fuel, it’s not just what you drive, it’s how you drive it. Abiding by the following tips will help you conserve: • Avoid idling. If you need to warm up your engine on cold winter days, keep idling time to less than thirty seconds - Drive slower. When congress imposed the 55-mile per hour speed limit in response to an earlier oil crisis, the result was and estimated 2.5 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel conserved in 1983 alone, according to the National Resource Defence Council. That figure works out to 163,000 barrels of fuel per day – the output of a midsize refinery. • Drive steadier – jackrabbiting gobbles fuel. Use cruise control when possible. - Use an overdrive gear if you car has it. This mode reduces your engines speed, which saves gas. • Keep your car cleaned and well maintained. Dirty air and fuel filters reduce gas mileage, as does low tire pressure. Also, refrain from using your car as a storage unit – the more weight your carrying around, the lower your gas mileage will be. - No matter what you drive, you can benefit from the above suggestions. But if you own a hybrid, you can squeeze out even more outrageously good mileage by knowing how to best drive your vehicle, as follows: • Accelerate quickly from a stop. Unlike in a standard car, this is actually more efficient for a hybrid’s electric system. • Coast or use coast control whenever possible. • Brake gently whenever possible – this will recover braking energy to the battery. • Use the real-time miles-per-gallon display to monitor your car’s activity – you’ll likely be able to determine other patterns.


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A worker makes an effort to preserve oil

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