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Learn Useful Ways To Take Best Care Of Your Silver Plated jewellery Article Written By: Sow Spirited Gifts Everyone loves to wear jewellery. Jewellery comes in the different type of elements. Silver is one of the most preferred materials in jewellery. Not just real silver jewellery, but fashion silver plated jewellery is also in high demand these days. To keep your jewellery in the best shine and condition, you need to take good care of them.

Cleaning plated silver items in an eco-friendly way UK provides several popular gifts stores. UK Harry Potter gifts provide several types of amazing silver jewellery pieces for men and women at an attractive price. They are prone to get tarnish. This is because the exposed area of silver reacts with air. This changes the colour of the jewellery item. As the base coating of such jewellery pieces is very thin, proper cleaning is required to preserve its shine without damaging it. Cleaning Method:  

Mix a teaspoon of mild liquid soap in lukewarm water. Dip a clean, soft cloth in this solution. Submerge your silver jewellery in this solution and gently scrub it. Focus on the ridges and grooves. You can clean the jewellery for not more than ten minutes. Rinse it and dry it using a clean cloth. You can do this procedure for all types of silver jewellery items such as rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.

How often do you need to clean it? UK Harry Potter gifts are the leading place to buy the best silver plated jewellery items as gifts to your loved ones. If you wear your jewellery on a daily basis, you need to clean it regularly to keep it in the best condition. Cleaning it once in every fifteen days or a month is sufficient to maintain its luster. Useful tips to keep your jewellery in the best condition: 

Save it from humidity

Humidity is one of the factors that can lead to tarnish. Thus, to avoid your jewellery from getting tarnished, you need to store it always in a cool, dry place. 

Keeping in separate compartments

Don’t keep all your jewellery pieces together in a single box. This can lead to scratches. To avoid this state, keeping them in separate compartments would be the right way. 

Adopt the right cleaning practice

To clean your jewellery pieces, you should refrain from using any harsh and chemically enriched soaps and cleaning agents. Use of these items can lead to scratching on the jewellery piece and can harm it. Prefer a soft cloth and a mild soap over these harsh substances. 

Don’t let your ornament stay in the water for a long time.

Don’t clean it more than ten minutes. Prolonged cleaning or exposure to water in any way can corrode its delicate parts. So, it is advisable to take off your jewellery when indulging in any sort of aqua activities such as swimming, shower or cleaning. These are some of the simple and effective tips which when implemented properly keeps your jewellery like new forever.

Learn useful ways to take best care of your silver plated jewellery  

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