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Cooper Instruments Presents Ohaus Scales At Cooper Instruments & Systems we take great pride in offering some of the best instruments available. We create instruments for a wide variety of industrial and engineering purposes, particularly the aerospace testing, oil production and medical industries. Our company’s focus in our own precision-built instruments has always been force and load measurement, but we recognize the need for other types of instruments as well. That is why we’re an authorized distributor for Ohaus, one of the most trusted names in the instrument field. Ohaus has always focused on measuring mass, and creates incredibly accurate scales and balances. To understand why Ohaus has become such a trusted name in the instrumentation field, one need only look at the history of the company. Ohaus has existed as a company for over 100 years and has specialized in scales for the entire time. Gustav Ohaus and his father started out in the early 1900s repairing scales in the Newark area. The older Ohaus was a German-born scale mechanic and the younger Ohaus had experience in the heavy foundries where measuring devices often did not stand up to the job. By 1912, they launched their very first scale that they had built themselves, the Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance. The Harvard Trip Balance was such a reliable high-performance device that it remains in production in updated form today and is the gold standard of balances across the world. During the following decades Ohaus focused on refining their products for even more durability. The company researched and patented methods for improving balance longevity. They also began to branch out into more specialized types of measuring devices, such as those needed for testing in the grain industry. During World War II Ohaus was entrusted to create instrumentation for the US war effort. Immediately the company stepped up production and met the requirements of the US military. During this time Ohaus also expanded significantly. In the mid-20th century Ohaus continued to innovate, introducing their overhead triple beam balance and other long-running instruments. In the 1960s Ohaus was the first company to introduce magnetic damping in a balance to provide faster results; in the 1970s they introduced their first line of precision electronic balances; and in the 1990s Ohaus introduced their first modular balances. Today, Ohaus continues to expand its production with cutting-edge mass measuring instruments for education, laboratories and a variety of specialized fields. There is no name in the scales and balances business that has proven to create such fine equipment as Ohaus. That’s why Cooper is proud to offer Ohaus products to all of our customers.

Cooper instruments presents ohaus scales  

At Cooper Instruments & Systems we take great pride in offering some of the best instruments available. for more information please visit ht...

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