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Since the firm’s founding in 1960, Cooper Carry has grown into

a global design practice with thoughtful, collaborative design as the cornerstone of our core principles. With professionals in architecture, graphic design, interior design, landscape architecture, planning and sustainability consulting, we embrace a holistic philosophy. This approach has enabled us to provide our clients with a more thoughtful, collaborative design process; one that merges all aspects of the project. From our offices across the United States, we have been privileged to provide this comprehensive view of design services to the most prominent private, institutional and public entities throughout the world.

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Cooper Carry’s studios focus the talents of our design specialists on projects that demand in-depth understanding of the unique aspects of a project. Our knowledge of the nuances of various project types smoothes the path to a successful design. Every studio is guided by veteran principals knowledgeable in the specialty area and accomplished in the practice of connective design.









Office Cooper Carry’s Office Studio has designed over 16 million square feet of office space. Our connective design approach anticipates and accommodates the complex demands that the cyclical growth and contraction of companies place on office buildings. We have a strong record of bringing added value to office developments through creative innovations such as skilled design of

landscape amenities _ courtyards, plazas and pedestrian amenities _ which serve to supplement the office environment and the emerging mobile worker. Connective design results in a more inspiring environment for employees and visitors, thus improvement of business performance and ultimately a more valuable community asset.

Park Center One, Dunwoody, Georgia

Park Center One Dunwoody, Georgia 585,000 SF office building and parking structure with a direct connection to public transit. Design Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning and Environmental Graphic Design

Park Center Dunwoody, Georgia Phases 1 & II





900 16th Street NW Washington, DC 201,481 SF Design Services: Architecture and Interior Design Cooper Carry is the Architect of Record and collaborated with Robert A.M. Stern, as the Design Architect.

Riverwood 200 Atlanta, Georgia 300,000 SF Design Services: Master Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environmental Graphic Design and Sustainability

Intergraph Corporate Headquarters Huntsville, Alabama 240,000 SF Design Services: Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture

800 North Glebe Road Arlington, Virginia 319,677 SF Design Services: Architecture and Sustainable Design

Mylan Global Headquarters Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania 280,000 SF Southpointe Site: 39 Acres Mylan Site: 11.14 Acres Design Services: Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Master Planning

900 North Glebe Arlington, Virginia 149,835 SF Design Services: Architecture and Sustainable Design

The Regent at 950 North Glebe Arlington, Virginia 263,000 SF Design Services: Architecture and Interior Design

3330 Peachtree Road Atlanta, Georgia 16,504 SF Design Services: Architecture

Dulles Station - Building A & C Herndon, Virginia Building A: 191,355 SF / Building C: 186,969 SF Design Services: Architecture and Interior Design

Duke Energy (formerly Progress Energy) St. Petersburg, Florida 220,045 SF Design Services: Architecture

100 City View Atlanta, Georgia 250,000 SF Design Services: Architecture and Interior Design

SunTrust Financial Centre Tampa, Florida 825,828 SF Design Services: Architecture

Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1,393,000 SF Design Services: Architecture and Interior Design

Bethesda Row Bethesda, Maryland 5 blocks; 300 residential units; 93,000 SF of total commercial space; 106,000 SF of total office space Design Services: Architecture and Planning

Red Hat Tower (formerly Two Progress Plaza) Raleigh, North Carolina 420,000 SF and a 1,000 car parking facility Design Services: Architecture

Adtran Corporate Headquarters Huntsville, Alabama 81 Acre site; 1,020,000 SF Design Services: Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture

PNC Plaza (formerly RBC) Raleigh, North Carolina 750,000 SF Design Services: Architecture

RiverPlace Greenville, South Carolina 275,000 SF Design Services: Architecture and Landscape Architecture

The Mercato Naples, Florida 477,667 SF of GLA Design Services: Architecture, Environmental Graphic Design, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Planning

Printpack Corporate Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia 150,000 SF Design Services: Architecture and Interior Design

PPD Pharmaceuticals Headquarters Wilmington, North Carolina 450,000 SF Design Services: Architecture

TD Bank Corporate Campus (formerly Carolina First) Greenville, South Carolina 65 acres; Building A - 125,000 SF; Building B - 100,000 SF Design Services: Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning

Times Square South Atlanta, Georgia 470,000 SF Design Services: Architecture

1900 Crystal Drive Arlington, Virginia 733,820 SF Design Services: Architecture (Architect of Record) and Sustainable Design, Design Architect: Pickard Chilton

Cooper Carry Connecting people to place F

ocused on the innovative design of exceptional spaces and places, Cooper Carry is one of the nation’s most dynamic, context-driven design firms. Our projects are crafted to enrich the experience of the people who interact with them for a day or a lifetime. An internationally recognized team of design professionals, with vast experience in a variety of project types, collaborate in the pursuit of excellence through the practice of connective design. Since our founding in 1960, we have steadily built a reputation for our attention to detail, thoughtful design and client service. Each project is a composition of imaginative connections amongst buildings and their components. But it doesn’t stop there as we strive to incorporate our projects’ interaction with surrounding buildings, communities and the environment . . . all of which are impacted by the other. Connecting people to place is the cornerstone of our design philosophy and it is that connectivity which anchors our architectural, planning and urban design approach. As an example, our design process treats landscape with equal importance to buildings and we pursue excellence in landscape design just as carefully as we do the design of the building itself. The net result then is that we combine architecture and landscape design into a rich composition of functional, thoroughly connected spaces, formed to enhance the experience of the inhabitant, thus celebrating not only the interior, but exterior environment as well.

Almost since our founding, sustainability has served as the foundation of our connective design philosophy. The result is that our team is inspired by the interconnections amongst natural systems which support our lives—plants, animals and the physical world they inhabit. Consequently, we collaboratively pursue creative design solutions using nature as our model with the result being a more holistic project. The connective design process simply assesses the sustainability of materials, the suitability of assembly methods, and the options for organizing buildings and landscapes into compositions which tend to maximize the advantages of solar orientation, weather, natural light, building conditioning, and other variables which affect the building’s environmental performance. In essence, we seek ways to optimize the human experience, thereby elevating the quality of life for all who come to live, work or play within the spaces and places we design.

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