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WELCOME Choosing the right education for your child is one of the most important decisions a family makes. After all, the school you select will play a vital role in shaping the adult your child will eventually become. At Coomera Anglican College we work in partnership with you and your family in a supportive Christian community to nurture, stimulate and challenge your child. Our highly professional, innovative, caring teachers have been individually chosen to cater for the wide-ranging talents of each student and to offer a broad array of co-curricular activities. Working together we can help your child reach his or her potential through a balanced involvement in the academic, spiritual, sporting and cultural life of the College. Our priority is to produce graduates who are:

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Articulate, independent and self- motivated Resilient with a positive self-image Able to think and communicate with clarity and precision Open to continuous learning Independent thinkers Responsible risk takers Creative, imaginative and innovative Able to weigh moral values with an informed conscience illuminated by faith Prepared to make a significant contribution to the global community.

If these are qualities you consider to be important, then we look forward to meeting you and your child. Dr Mark Sly Principal





OUR PURPOSE Inspire Excellence in Teaching, Learning, Service and Faith.

OUR PHILOSOPHY At Coomera Anglican College, we believe in the education of the ‘whole’ person through the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, cultural and intellectual growth of each individual.

Students are provided with positive reinforcement and acknowledgement within the classroom on a personal level and more publicly at assemblies and celebration evenings for a wide variety of achievements.

Every student has the right to try to be the best they can be, without being hindered by others or pressured into being someone they are not. Social justice begins in the College by ensuring each student has equal opportunity to develop to their individual potential and follow their own dreams.

High standards of personal behaviour in terms of respect, courtesy, consideration, manners, punctuality, personal presentation and the wearing of the College uniform are required of all students and it is an expectation that parents and staff support the College in their efforts to maintain these standards.

Awakening the desire in students to become life-long learners is the greatest gift we can offer them in a rapidly changing world.





QUALITY DESIGN Our beautiful College, set on ten hectares in the northern Gold Coast, has been carefully master-planned by experienced school architects using unique, high quality specialist design features. Our Primary and Secondary campuses have each been designed to cater for separate Junior and Senior areas. In particular, Junior Secondary (Years 7-9) and Senior Secondary (Years 10-12) are managed as two distinct areas. This structure enables us to retain the benefits of a small friendly College atmosphere while offering a fantastic range of facilities and technology.

EXCELLENT FACILITIES To complement our technology rich classrooms, our specialist facilities cater to a variety of practical and academic interests and include the following: • Six fully equipped Science Laboratories with experimental work stations, the latest microscopes linked to computers to enhance learning and a separate greenhouse. • Two-storey Technology Centre incorporating a Film and Television classroom, computer laboratories and a modern, well-

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equipped Secondary Library full of the latest print and electronic resources. Primary students have their own Primary Library in their campus. Purpose built Performing Arts Centre complete with Music Classrooms and soundproofed instrumental tutor rooms. Light and airy Art Studios where our award winning budding artists can develop their talents in painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and digital photography. Design and Technology Workshop where students can bring their own designs to life and enhance their practical problem solving skills. Brand new kitchen facilities for our budding chefs studying Food Technology and Hospitality. Extensive Sports Centre housing two full sized basketball/netball courts, professional gymnasium, viewing mezzanine area, kitchen and change rooms. Aquatic Centre offering swimming lessons, squad training and water polo. Additional sport facilities include 3 large grassed sports fields, tennis courts, internal and external sports courts and dance studios. Tertiary training rooms for vocational pathways and programmes through our own Coomera Training College.





EARLY LEARNING CENTRE Coomera Anglican College Early Learning Centre is a vibrant, exciting learning environment where children are valued and recognised as competent, capable and creative learners. The highly experienced and qualified staff work in partnership with families to ensure that the children are successful and active in their learning. Our Centre aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in education and care through: • Low child to staff ratios, allowing maximum quality interactions. • Adoption of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Being, Belonging and Becoming across the whole Centre as the foundation of our programme. Fully qualified teachers using the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines to teach and prepare our Pre-prep children for school readiness and a smooth transition into Preparatory year in the College.

Daily online documentation for parents with images along with rich and meaningful information describing the children’s learning in context and their progress identifying their strengths, skills and understanding. Opportunities to interact with the whole College through ‘Godly Play’, Under 8s’ Day, Grandparents’ Day, Book Week and Festival of Gifts enabling the children to develop their sense of ‘belonging’ to their wider community. Education and care is offered to children from 15 months to 5 years of age, from 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year.

OUTSIDE SCHOOL HOURS CARE The College operates its own Outside School Hours Care Centre offering before and after school programmes and vacation programmes.





PREPARATORY The First Year of School Our Preparatory Programme has been established since the College inception and is the first year of the Primary curriculum. It is a full day, five days a week programme where children begin their academic curriculum. Children learn through all key learning areas, including: English, Mathematics, Studies of Society and Environment (including History), Science and Religious and Values Education. They also experience eLearning, as well as The Arts (Drama, Music and Visual Arts), Chinese and Physical Education with specialist teachers. All learning areas are taught through structured classroom lessons integrated with fun games and activities acknowledging the importance of play in early education. Individual assessment and guidance along with small group activities allows children to learn at their own pace using a style appropriate to them. Daily homework, written reports and student folios are provided for parents allowing them to keep in touch with all aspects of their children’s education. Parents are welcome to participate in many of the classroom and College activities. Preparatory students form a part of our whole College community and as such become involved in all College activities such as Sport Carnivals, Assemblies, Worships, Excursions,


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Theme Days and Swimming Programmes at a level appropriate to their age and stage of development.

YEARS 1-6 Developing that Love of Learning During this period staff aim to continue to develop in children strong literacy and numeracy skills and excellent work habits and attitudes, while fostering a love of learning now and for the future. Learning activities are planned with the awareness that each individual has their own particular learning style and their own special gifts which are extended to enable each child to reach their full potential. This is assisted by our in-class extension opportunities, Maths Mastery and Infinity & Beyond Group Programme. In addition, Spelling Mastery, Home Reading and Guided Reading (Oxford Reading Tree) vertically cross year levels allowing all students to consolidate or extend their learning as needed. In addition to their usual classroom teacher, Primary students benefit from weekly contact with specialist teachers in the areas of Health and Physical Education, Sport, Chinese, Music and Drama. Leadership programmes, adventure camps, competitions, concerts, community involvement, talent quests and festivals are all part of the fun and community at Coomera Anglican College.


JUNIOR SECONDARY A Smooth Transition Our experience and research has shown that students in this age group from Years 7 to 9 have very specific needs and as such we have designed a programme to meet those requirements within a safe and supportive learning environment. Staff who work with our Junior Secondary students are trained to meet the unique needs of young adolescents and have a genuine care and understanding of the learning and developmental characteristics of children during these transition years between the Primary and the Senior Secondary years. A focus on engagement in stimulating learning experiences and the development of positive, supportive relationships characterises our classrooms. In Years 7 and 8 students are introduced to a wide variety of specialist subjects. Year 9 students select from a range of exciting electives as they begin their transition to Senior Secondary schooling and future career pathways.

EXPLORE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY At Coomera Anglican College, all students from Pre-Prep to Year 12 use computers and other related technology on a daily


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basis. In addition to specialist computer laboratories, technology is available in all classrooms through a variety of means. Primary classrooms are fitted with electronic whiteboards and/or banks of laptops and desktop computers. The College eMind Programme provides secondary students with take home laptop computers, tablets and other devices. All secondary classrooms are fitted with data projectors, screens and speakers providing instant online access to all students and teachers through the College wireless network. This in-class access to the internet and the College network reference resources brings the world into every classroom. Specialist software has been installed in classrooms for subjects such as Art for digital photography and design, Film and Television for specialist film editing, Science for viewing microscopic images and analysing data and Music for composing. Advanced software also enables students and parents to connect with the learning management system and College network from home to access term lesson timetables, homework and assignment requirements, term assessment and exam timetables, letters, forms, College calendars and even student reports. This enables parents to keep up to date with homework tasks and College events affecting their children and to contact teachers directly via email.


SENIOR SECONDARY Preparing for Adult Life

Career Pathways

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are beginning to plan for their future beyond school and can select subject areas of particular interest to maximise their future options for tertiary study or employment.

While the majority of our students aspire to enter university, great careers don’t always begin at university level. Students who are more trade focused have the opportunity to study one or more vocational subjects or a vocational course while still completing the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) to Year 12. This can be integrated into a simultaneous work placement, traineeship or apprenticeship.

In addition to studying English, Mathematics and Religious and Values Education, students can choose from a wide range of elective subjects including: Ancient History, Art, Biology, Business Organisation Management, Chemistry, Chinese, Design Technology, Drama, Film Television and New Media, Geography, Graphics, Hospitality, Information Processing and Technology, Legal Studies, Manufacturing, Modern History, Music, Music Technology, Physical Education and Physics. Subjects are added and vary from year to year depending on the interest from the students. In Year 10 students elect a variety of subject units to assist them in making appropriate choices for their final two year course of study in Year 11 and 12. They also receive a significant amount of careers guidance and counselling to assist them to discover career options that suit their particular skills and interests. On-site Career Expos and visits to and from universities and colleges are arranged to better prepare all senior students for tertiary studies.



Coomera Training College At Coomera Anglican College, our students have the option to study a nationally accredited certificate or diploma qualification as part of their QCE in Years 11 and 12 through our own on site tertiary provider. Coomera Training College also offers day and evening courses to the wider community in Children’s Services, Business, Hospitality, Marketing, Tourism and Education.




Our College is developing a proud sporting history. Sport is an important element of the curriculum with a wide range of competitive and recreational activities offered including a specialist Athlete Development Programme for selected students who are high achievers in their chosen sports.

All students from Preparatory to Year 7 enjoy the benefits of music classes held in our purpose built performing arts facility. A range of skills are taught from music theory to singing and playing instruments. Small group and individual tuition is available from specialists in a wide variety of instruments.

We participate in the Years 4-12 Associated Private Schools (APS) sporting competition and all students represent the College in weekly competition in a variety of team sports. The competition is conducted in school hours with weekly out of school hours training. Students from Preparatory to Year 10 participate in an Aquatics Programme as part of the Physical Education curriculum.

Students progress to composing and analysing styles of music before having the opportunity to select specialised music subject units as electives in Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. The senior subject Music Extension is available in Year 12.

Outside of the APS Competition, instruction is also offered in a broad range of other recreational and competitive sports including AFL, CACaburra Netball Club, Basketball Club and Rowing. All students are also expected to participate in the annual swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals. Students who excel in their sport have the opportunity to attend additional training, Physical Education extension classes (Athlete Development Programme) and represent the College at District, Regional, State and National levels.


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There are also a large range of opportunities to participate in one of our many performance ensembles including string orchestra, choirs, rock bands, acoustic rock bands, jazz band, concert band and drumlines, to name a few. Our College musicals, concerts, eisteddfod entries and participation in tours and camps, also offer opportunities to all students interested in performance and backstage techniques.


EXTRA-CURRICULAR EXPERIENCES All students are encouraged to participate in our diverse range of co-curricular activities in order to foster a sense of belonging and facilitate mental, spiritual, cultural and social growth. Activities range from additional sports clubs and specialist or fitness coaching to interest groups in the arts, crafts, technology, music, drama, academic excellence, support and extension groups. All include club experiences and challenging, stimulating performance or competition. Students may participate in club activities provided by specialist academies onsite with professional coaches and teachers such as Netball Club, AFL, Soccer, Rowing, Dance School, Cheerleading, Karate, Tennis, Swimming, Gym, Rhythmic Gymnastics. Others are free and operated by our own teachers in areas such as Chess, Environment,

Crafts, Computers, Public Speaking, Debating, Maths Olympiads, Animal Welfare, Memory Skills, Cross Country. Students participate in regular excursions for various subjects from Preparatory and experience professional performers and specialist workshops related to their academic, creative and personal development. All students from Year 4 attend an age appropriate camp which includes adventure and social activities essential for personal development. All compulsory excursions and camps are included in the fees with no extra levies charged. Students involved in music, art, Chinese or sport can be offered additional opportunities for tours, camps and workshops and an optional holiday ski tour is offered to all Secondary students.



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WE WELCOME INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS The College is registered to accept international students from Year 3 to Year 12 and via Coomera Training College, a nationally registered training organisation. We work closely with a reputable Homestay Agency to ensure students travelling alone are well cared for in the home of a local family. Secondary students must have completed a High School Preparation course or have the equivalent level of 4.5 to 5.0 IELTS scores prior to entering Coomera Anglican College. This is to help students assimilate to life in Australian schools and feel more confident with their English language skills. Students are integrated into classes with local students and receive specialist English support classes each week as part of their programme. This immersion into Australian culture and English language for

international students has enabled many students to progress to University education upon graduation. Coomera Training College accepts International students to study nationally accredited certificate or diploma qualifications in Children’s Services, Business, Hospitality, Marketing, Tourism and Education. The College also welcomes visits from small groups of students from schools and colleges overseas as part of cultural tours in Australia. Full tour programmes can be arranged including academic, English learning and recreational activities. Contact the College for more information.

The Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane – CRICOS Provider No: 02423E





iLR – THE HEART OF THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY Our Values Culture is an important aspect of our spiritual development within the College. Three simple words, imagine, Listen, Respect are integral to teachings across all campuses. It is within these central guidelines that students participate in age appropriate education and self-discovery programmes such as personal goal setting and positive self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for others. The College caters for the spiritual, as well as the academic, social and physical aspects of our students’ lives. Pastoral Care is a vital programme offered to all students from Preparatory to Year 12, having as its focus the spiritual and emotional well-being of students and their families. It is important to our staff and parents that students learn about themselves and their relationships with others in order to be successful, healthy individuals, both now and into adulthood.

The Pastoral Care programme covers a wide variety of topics including friend and family relationships, study skills, personal and career analysis, personal development and grooming, self-discipline and self-esteem. Many of these programmes are directed by visiting professionals in various areas of expertise. Some including students’ annual visits to recreational, leadership and adventure camps. While others are run by our own highly experienced College Counsellor to whom students and parents have access as the need may arise. All students attend a Worship and Assembly each week and participate in Religious and Values Education lessons designed to increase the depth and breadth of their knowledge about religious and cultural beliefs all over the world.





COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS At Coomera Anglican College we recognise that our students, parents, staff, contractors, donors and volunteers are all integral members of our College community. Our campus offers community facilities, such as a canteen/coffee shop, gym/fitness/yoga, indoor sports centre, netball club, basketball club, dance classes, karate, rhythmic gymnastics and tertiary courses that are accessible to all. Coomera Anglican College Foundation Ltd supports the College and the Parents and Friends’ Association through assisting with Fundraising activities and events. The Foundation also organises the study tours that create important international connections for our students. We believe that our students remain a part of our family, even after graduation, and the Past Students’ Association enables us to stay in touch with graduates and keep them involved in our community.

Students are encouraged to proudly serve their local community, and in turn, we welcome local businesses to support our own fundraising efforts. By becoming involved in the community, students are able to spread their wings beyond the College through: • Volunteering for local charities • Joining sporting, academic and cultural experiences through excellence workshops and competitions and tours to local, rural and interstate schools • Participating in international cultural tours and hosting visiting students from interstate and overseas In becoming part of the wider community’s activities, students are learning leadership skills, tolerance toward others and how to learn from the experiences of others. We are more than a College – we are an integral part of our students’ lives and the lives of their families. A strong community is important to us and we invite you to come and be part of the Coomera Anglican College experience.







LOCATION Coomera Anglican College is located at the rapidly developing northern end of the Gold Coast, just 45 minutes from Brisbane and 20 minutes from Southport. This makes both an easy commute for employment, business and recreational activities.

TRANSPORT The College is well serviced by school bus transport, with several routes running throughout the surrounding districts and connecting to the nearby Coomera Railway Station. Routes run north through Pimpama to Ormeau, south through Helensvale to Parkwood, east through Hope Island to Runaway Bay and west to Wongawallan toward Tamborine Mountain. Students using the school bus services are supervised by staff within the College grounds until buses depart.

HOW TO FIND US The College campus is only one minute from the Pacific Motorway, opposite Dreamworld. Travelling along the Pacific Motorway, take Exit 54 to Dreamworld and follow the signs to Days Road.

Address Postal Phone Email

8 Days Road, Upper Coomera QLD 4209 Australia PO Box 457 Upper Coomera QLD 4209 +61 7 5585 9900

The Corporation of the Synod of the Diocese of Brisbane – CRICOS Provider No: 02423E [16]

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