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lagranja design Well resoluted commissions have no need of being explained.

At Lagranja Design they like to walk across the design’s quicksands. Routine kills creativity, that’s why they handle projects as uneven as museums, trophies, luminaries, christmas street lighting or the creation of our own furniture collection, Lagranja Design. As to interior design, they’ve redesigned spaces that range from shoe stores and hotels till headquarters and restaurants. They

merge their imaginary with in-house product design and unexpected elements that provide matter to all of them. They believe that well resolute commissions have no need of being explained, these will be the ones that, at the end, will speak for them. They widened the horizons and transferred ideas from one to another context to such a level, that they ended up releasing Lagranja in Hong Kong and Istanbul, two children toddlers.

It’s been already ten years since they decided to open a studio in a room located in la Granja street, in Barcelona, that borrowed them the name. With the arrival of commissions, the phone calls, two paint cans and an intern the adventure began. If someone had told them…