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Shrutika Patil Prachi Shah Divija Shah Varsha Halarnkar Sanjana Shettigar Nikita Doshi Gaurav Londhe Akash Juvekar Akshay Salunke Samir Munaf

Siddhivinayak Temple


Raichandwadi Rahivasi Seva Sangh Toilet



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Just along side the road Maintained by a community Consists of 8 Indian W.C and 1 Western W.C. Provision for senior citizens like handles and European WC. Properly lit up at night and safe.

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Community toilet not a public toilet Not a separate gents and ladies toilet No urinals No washbasins. No taps inside the toilets, as a result water has to be taken in wile using it.


Can be converted into a public and communal toilet Plantations could be done around the toilet Could be used during rush hours of Siddivinayak


Community environment is disturbed Could become more unclean. Since no appointed care taker for whole day so condition can worsen.

Side Elevation

Front Elevation


Back Elevation

 Total

chawl consists of 85 houses.  Toilets are scattered in the area in three clusters, according to the placement of chawls.  There are total 15 toilets.

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Even though it is clean from inside the surrounding is very filthy. The toilets well lit hence can be accessed easily at night. Its built only for the community hence the responsibility of cleaning is taken by the community. The water supply is available all day , making it convenient to maintain. Privacy is maintained since each house has a key to access the toilets. The women do not have proper sanitary disposal facilities.

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