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Pizza Sandwich

+ Homemade Pizza Sandwich This is the special recipe of mine which is Pizza Sandwich, It is easy and takes short amount of time to make, and the ingredients are easily found, so whenever you want to eat Pizza, Pizza Sandwich is the best option for you.


Recipe Ingredients

Baking Machine 1 Pack of Bread 1 Pack of Cheese 1 Bottle of Tomato sauce 2 Plates 1 Scissor 1 Spoon




Several Steps for making Pizza Sandwich. Each step is explained well and I added photos of making it so that it would help you understand and follow.

First Step:

Sixth Step:

Spread tomato sauce

After 5 minutes,

on one piece

take out the bread

of bread

Second Step:

Seventh Step:

Spread the cheese

Cut them into half

on the surface of the bread

Third Step: Put the bread on the baking machine

Fourth Step: Cover the bread with another piece of bread

Fifth Step: Close the baking machine



Pizza Sandwich


Park Sung Jun 10A Shanghai Singapore International School

How to make a Pizza Sandwich  

How to make a Pizza Sandwich