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MIL AG RO ’09 A Cultural Treat MAY 22 n 23, 2009

University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, K R Circle, Bengaluru - 560 001

ABOUT UVCE  UVCE is a pioneer among engineering colleges across India. It is the oldest established engineering college in Karnataka and 4th in India. It was founded by the czar among engineers, Sir M Visvesvaraya himself in 1916. The technical education provided here is of very high reputation, which led it to be ranked 16th among technical institutes across India by people with immense technical prowess.  UVCE does not limit itself to being technically extravagant but also it is culturally diversified. The campus will be buzzing with activities all through the year, which provides opportunities to students to showcase their talent and prove their mettle in various genres. In a way, UVCE not only shapes the careers of its students but also makes them fit to face the real world challenges that are posed in the society. UVCE is witnessing even more positive improvements and is here to stay for very long time.

About MILAGRO  MILAGRO is the biggest annual cultural get together that happens during even semesters of the curriculum. With a history of around two decades, it forms a platform where every individual in college comes together to create a difference and an epitome. It upholds the pride of UVCE.  As the meaning of the fest suggests, “coming together”, it’s a platform for all the students in our college to come together to organize this mega event and feel proud. It is an experience worth to be remembered for a long time. There are a lot of expectations from the day the posters of this fest are seen on the boards and it has lived up to way ahead of its expectations. It is a carnival of events wherein there is place for everyone.

EVENTS The lists of events in our fest are as goes below:  ROCK SHOW













 GAMING And many more to go...

SPONSORSHIPS  Sponsorships play an integral part in successfully organizing any event. They add the required zing to the event. They are the backbones of any successful team. We are expecting encouragement towards organizing Milagro, a student run event to boost our confidence.  We are offering the status of Lead Sponsors to the organization that processes 60,000 INR for this fest.  Those processing an amount of 40,000 INR towards this fest will be conferred the status of Associate Sponsor.  You can also sponsor for individual events. You can extend 20,000 INR to be the event sponsor. We warmly welcome you to be a part of the event and would appreciate your participation in it. The support and contribution by your organization is of immense value to us.

BENEFITS OF BEING A SPONSOR:  Widespread publicity throughout the fest for our sponsors by placing their logos on prominent places across the campus.  Information about the sponsors would be shared while campaigning in various colleges via print media, radio, newspapers and television advertisements.  Large amount of crowd gathering during the two days of fest, during which the organization would be publicized extensively through while anchoring the shows and also while Emceeing.  The logos of the companies would be inscribed on the mementos and goodies that would be handed out to the event winners.  Most of all, you would have the satisfaction of supporting a student initiated and run event.

CONTACTS Abhishek Asifahmed Nadaf Chandrashekar Pankaj Bhatt Raghunandan C M Sandeep B H Shruthi S Rao

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Email: Address: University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, K R Circle, Bengaluru - 560 001

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