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Karl C Parrish Daily August 26, 2013

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Editor: Santiago C.

Review of Bronycon

FUN Section!


This week, we have a very special interview with Santi M. about random things.

Bronycon 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland was a huge success, and our expert reviewer Cinta S. is here to review it.

Due to popular demand, we have changed the Vladimir Putin section to the FUN section, complete with comics and games.

We have asked 10 people to answer some questions in a survey which holds very amazing questions. I think.



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If today is your birthday, you will turn 1 year older. If not, then you will have a normal day like everybody else.

Chance of Downfall: 40%

-Santiago Campo, Horoscopist Extraordinaire (send complaints

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Humidity: 52%

Renovated Cafeteria The new MS and HS cafeteria has been renovated to include healthier foods, and a new payment system. The payment system is similar to Elementary’s paying system, in which you have an account and you pay by your fingerprint. Some say that the new system is awful, but some say that it is kind of good. The food that the cafeteria sells has also changed to match Elementary’s Healthy Food System, filled with muffins, muffins, and more muffins. Oh, and healthy foods as well. One thing that most people like about the new cafeteria is the ability to pre-order food and skip the line by doing so. It has been a very nice addition and I really think it has improved the student’s lives. Another new addition to the MS and HS Cafeteria is the lunch. Lunch can be pre-ordered only, but it is a very cool addition if you are really hungry or if you get to your house really late, not giving you time for Lunch. This new additions to the cafeteria has made some people angry because of the removal of coca-cola, but after a while, they have started to calm down.


This were the answers of the interview I did with Santi M.: 1. What is your favorite animal? A: Black Mamba. 2. Where did you go to on vacation? A: Europe. 3. What is your favorite TV show? A: Heroes 4. Do you like the new changes to the food court? A: Yes 5. Why do you think that Pluto is not a planet anymore? A: Because scientists think so and scientists are cool. 6. What do you think is the purpose of life? A: Don’t worry, Be Happy. 7. Please explain the latest 5 minutes of your life. A: I just got to school. 8. What is your favorite country? A: US of A 9. If you could change anything in history, what would you change? A: The latest 2 seconds of my life 10. Cure Cancer or Stop World Hunger? A: Stop world hunger.


Bronycon 2013 Review Our reporter on duty, Cinta S. (totally not Santi C) went to Baltimore, Maryland to see the newest Bronycon, a convention for bronies. It included a lot of panels, and fun activities, and our reporter is here now to share his experiences and give it a nice and fair review for whoever’s reading this. (HI MOM! LOOK, IM ON THE NEWSPAPER I WOULD LIKE TO SAY [REDACTED]). Sorry about that. Some editor got excited and started typing it. Unfortunately since we don’t know how to erase stuff, we hired a special guy to fix it for us. It should be okay now. Okay, so he told us this:

“The convention was great, it included a ton of VIP guests like the writers of the show, some famous brony song performers, and more. It also included other guests like the Bronies React team, the leaders of FOBEquestria, the director of Equestria Daily, and some friends of mine over at the Brohoof MC Panel. One of the most interesting things they had was BronyPalooza, in which The Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, F3nning, Assertive Fluttershy, and more performed. A cool thing was that Ponyville Live and Everfree Network, streamed the panels via a livestream, and some real funny things went on at the IRC chat. Overall, I would give this convention 5.1 out of 5 because it was a really amazing convention, full of entertaining stuff to do 24/7”





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