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About Us Cool Décor Company is a U.S. distributor of modern décor and gift items designed in Europe. We are very selective as to the products that we want to carry. We try to source products that are original and cool in their design, yet functional and well made. But most importantly, the products must generate a positive emotion when you see them. Cool Decor Company serves as a platform for European design brands that want to market and sell their collections in the U.S. We are striving to build longterm relationships with both the brands that we represent and the retail dealers selling our products to the end user. What initially started off as Cool Kids Company has recently turned into Cool Décor Company with a collection of products that is not only suited for kids, but that also contains items that can be used in any modern décor. We are proud to present you each brand in this catalog.




9 - 10

11 - 12

13 - 14

15 - 22


Mr Maria is a Dutch design studio based in Amsterdam. The studio was founded by Jannes Hak and Lennart Bosker. Mr Maria is a brand with a playful artistic character. Rather than a clear-cut philosophy the designers have an open-minded view that translates into concept and form. Mr Maria aims to create eye-catching products for children of all ages. Shaping clouds into pure, clean and warm creations is their main goal as designers. The modernist Mr Maria collection features a cool range of kid and earth-friendly designer lamps. All lamps are LED powered (except Miffy Dream), providing an energy efficient, long lasting, and safe source of lighting for any kid’s décor. Mr Maria’s creations are made out of durable and recyclable Polyethylene. The lamps are equipped with a dimmer, which provides the ability to create the optimum ambiance for your child’s room or any modern interior space.




L 10” x W 10” x H 20” MFFS01

Miffy XL

L 16” x W 16” x H 31” MFFL01



Height 11.8” BRWS01

Brown XL

Height 19.6” BRWL01

Type: LED Lamp with dimmer Material: Polyenthylene From: Designed and made in Holland



L 17.5” x W 11.2” x H 16.5” LIA01 Type: LED lamp with dimmer Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland


L 14” x W 13” x H 24” KKES01 Type: LED lamp with dimmer Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland



L 13” x W 13” x H 16” NANK01 Type: LED lamp with dimmer Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland


17” x W 17” x H 20” ANNN01

Type: LED lamp with dimmer Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland


Smiley XL

ø 17.1” SMILXL Type: LED lamp with dimmer Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland

Little Prince

L 20.8” x W 9.4” x H 23.6” LTPC01 Type: LED lamp with dimmer Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland



L 12” x W 19” x H 16” SNFF01 Type: Play seat Material: Polyethylene From: Designed and made in Holland


L 22” x W 19.6” x H 33.4” BBGM01

Type: Beanbag Material: Non-removable fire retardant cover, filled with polystyrene beads and foam From: Designed and made in Holland Not available in the USA


The Zwitscherbox is designed to relax and bring a sense of calm to our hectic lives. This birdhouse-inspired sound box activates with a motion sensor and produces a calming melody of relaxing bird chirps, as like you are walking in the forest. Without further impulse, the serenade of bird songs fades out automatically after two minutes. This fine piece of design can be placed anywhere you want; in the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or in a nursery to calm down the little one. The Zwitscherbox has adjustable volume and can also be turned off completely. The motion sensor covers a range up to 4 ft. Battery operated and available in multiple colors.


W 4.3” x D 1.4” x H 5.7”


9.24 ounces


Plexiglass and ABS plastic / Wood and ABS plastic


3x AA (not included)


Designed in Germany, made in India


12 pcs (assorted)


Cherry wood / White

Walnut wood / Black



Black / White

White / White



Green / White

Blue / Black



Yellow / White

Forest print / White



The Paper Vase Cover, designed by Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop, provides a creative and stylish way to up-cycle your used bottles. The product is designed to cover any empty bottle and transform it into a cool looking modern vase. It’s inspired by minimalistic forms and geometric shapes, giving the design a modern look. Made entirely of coated and recyclable paper, the Paper Vase Cover is adjustable in height by rolling up the paper as you wish, making it fit over any bottle. The triangular structure makes it able to be easily set around any object, staying in form without bending or collapsing. The product comes flat-packed in a matching envelope, making it a great gift.

The Paper Vase Cover is a fair-trade product that is hand-folded in India by women supported by the Tiny Miracle Foundation, living in the slum of the Pardeshi community in Mumbai. The Tiny Miracles Foundation uses part of the proceeds to support the community, aiming to make it self-supportive and break out of poverty by 2020. 11

Paper Vase Cover - Small Dimensions: Product: 4.3” x 3.14” x 9.8” Packaging: 4.7” x 7.4” x 0.2” Weight: 2.11 oz.

Yellow Tones FP2060

Green Gradient FP2170

Blue Tones FP2080

Material: FSC coated paper

Pink Tones FP2040

Watercolor White FP2030

Gold FP2210

White FP2070

Peacock FP2160

Grey Gradient FP2180

Marble Black FP2150

Watercolor Blue FP2010

Abraham Mignon FP2140

Paper Vase Cover - Large Dimensions: Product: 9.4” x 5.5” x 16.5”

Packaging: 11.4” x 8.6” x 0.2”

Weight: 5.4 oz. Material: FSC coated paper

Gradient Red FP1030

Vermeer Milkmaid FP1070

Gradient Grey FP1020

Marble White FP1240

Gradient Green FP1010

Jungle Leaves FP1250

Black FP1050

Delft Blue FP1060

White FP1040

Silver FP1090

Battle of Gibraltar FP1260


Assembli is a small Dutch design laboratory experimenting on that ideal mixture of playful design, low-tech assembling and DIY. Assembli loves to create fun items that contribute in several ways to life. Their animal collection of 3D DIY paper wall trophies consist of Rhino, Hippo, Bear, Giraffe and Wolf. Each style makes for a simple and creative, yet fun and original addition to any modern dÊcor. The DIY folding kits contain 3 posters of high quality paper, glue, a folding lath and easy to follow assembly instructions. Assembling these wall trophies is a satisfying activity. It requires a few hours of time and patience, as well as some Houdini moves to put the 3D pieces together. But that’s all part of the fun!




Dimensions: 15.35” x 15.74” x 15.74”

Dimensions: 15.35” x 10.63” x 15.74”

Available Colors: Blue, Orange, Brown, White

Available Colors: White, Yellow, Grey, Mint



Dimensions: 14.96” x 13.38” x 15.74”

Dimensions: 25.59” x 16.53” x 19.68”

Available Colors: Yellow, White, Pink, Mint

Available Colors: Orange, Yellow, White, Pink



Dimensions: 18.11” x 11.41” x 15.74”

Dimensions: 22” x 9” x 22”

Available Colors: White, Grey, Brown, Blue

Available Colors: Purple, White, Mint. Brown The kit includes the option to build a Unicorn.

FOX / Two Tone Dimensions: 48x26x38 cm Available Colors: White, Orange, Grey, Brown The kit includes the option to assemble the fox with a white neck.

All products are designed and made in Holland MOQ 12 pcs (assorted) 14

IXXI is an innovative and affordable way to display wall art. This clever Dutch design system consists of printed individual square cards that are joined together by ‘I’ and ‘X’ shaped connecting parts, creating a cool and fresh solution to decorate any interior wall space. IXXI products are printed on premium quality Synaps paper, which is a UV resistant, water resistant and tear-proof material. Each product comes in a compact gift box with easy to follow assembly instructions. Installation is easy and does not require any hardware or nails. IXXI’s retail collection offers an inspiring selection of images made in collaboration with designers, photo agencies like Getty Images, and world-renowned museums as the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, The National Gallery, Museo Nacional del Prado. Bring a true work of art into your home at an affordable price. The uniqueness of the IXXI concept is that it is modular and customizable. Anything can be printed on the Synaps cards, offering endless possibilities in image, shape and size. Therefore, the IXXI system does not only make a great consumer product, it is also well suited for customized commercial projects.


Synaps paper with matt finish. ABS plastic (connecting parts)


Each box contains the following items: cards, connectors, hanging strip,


Designed and made in Holland

TESA power strips, drawing pins, click stick, manual.


Almond Blossom - © Van Gogh Museum

160 x 120 cm (48 cards) IXVG009

Banana Leaf - © Hinson

160 x 120 cm (48 cards) IXHNS002


The Dancer - © Museo del Prado

120 x 160 cm (48 cards) IXMDP011

Mona Lisa pixel

200 x 200 cm (400 cards) IXSP019


Girl with a Pearl Earring pixel

160 x 180 cm (288 cards) IXSP001

Van Gogh pixel - © Van Gogh Museum

160 x 180 cm (288 cards) IXSP003


Still Life with Flowers - © Rijksmuseum

120 x 180 cm (54 cards) IXRM002

Flamingo (Claude Finch-Davies) - © National History Museum

100 x 140 cm (35 cards) IXNHM00


Bohemian Skull - © Hannah Lemholt

140 x 140 cm (49 cards) IXHL002


180 x 120 cm (48 cards) IX1X002


On the Move - © Hannes Beer

120 x 120 cm (36 cards) IXSP002

Loco Color - © Studio Boot

100 x 100 cm (25 cards) IXSP027


Miffy ABC - © Mercis

100 x 120 cm (30 cards) IXSP036

Vintage Room

160 x 120 cm (25 cards) IXSP072


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Cool Decor Company - Catalog 2018  

Cool Décor Company is a U.S. distributor of modern décor and gift items designed in Europe.

Cool Decor Company - Catalog 2018  

Cool Décor Company is a U.S. distributor of modern décor and gift items designed in Europe.