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For 40 years, Cooley has led the way in teaching people to become outstanding lawyers.



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Here Is Why You Should Enroll at Cooley Cooley has an excellent legal education program, great faculty, dedicated and personable staff, first-class facilities, and an award-winning professionalism program – essential attributes of every great law school. Cooley has more scheduling options than any law school in the nation. With five campuses, classes that begin in January, May, and September, and parttime day, evening, and weekend programs, attending law school has never been more convenient. Cooley is among the nation’s most affordable private, independent law schools. Its low tuition and generous scholarships keep your costs down.
























Legal Program

Cooley leads in legal education

Cooley Graduates Lead in General Practice Lawrence P. Nolan, President of Nolan,Thomsen & Villas, P.C. Attorney Larry Nolan is President and Founder of Nolan,Thomsen & Villas, P.C. formed in 1976. Selected consistently as a Michigan Super Lawyer over the years, Nolan has attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. His firm's mission is to provide outstanding quality legal services at affordable rates, all while delivering personal attention to clients' needs. Nolan is Chairman of Cooleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Board of Directors and also is affiliated with and is on the board of numerous professional organizations, associations, and clubs.


Juris Doctor Curriculum Cooleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s curriculum is designed to help students master the knowledge, skills, and ethics needed for bar examinations, law practice, and further graduate study. Every Cooley student must complete 90 credit hours, including 63 credit hours of required substantive and skills-based courses, plus 27 credit hours of elective courses in one of several concentrations of study.The curriculum also requires actual practice experience before graduating. Graduate LL.M. Programs Cooley offers a broad array of graduate legal education programs. Students may earn an LL.M. degree in Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law and Finance, Insurance Law, U.S. Legal Studies for Foreign Attorneys, or in a Self-directed Program.









Dual-Degree Programs Cooley has developed dual degree programs with several institutions of higher education, giving students the opportunity to earn the Juris Doctor degree and Master’s degrees in Business Administration, Public Administration, and Social Work. These programs allow students to apply credits earned in one degree program to the completion of a second degree program, which in the end saves time and money. Foreign Study Students have the opportunity to enrich their legal education by studying in various locations around the world. Cooley offers programs in Australia and New Zealand, and a summer session in Toronto. In addition, Cooley has participated in programs operated by other law schools in many diverse locations such as Oxford, Cambridge, London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Moscow, Cape Town, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Cooley Students Lead in Initiative Valerie Smulders, Founder of Smulders Law Office, PLLC Steve “Two Pound” Forbes, International Boxing Federation super featherweight champion,was fielding offers for fights. And with the offers came contracts – documents that led Forbes to seek his wife Valerie Smulders’ advice. Smulders now handles all of her husband Steve’s negotiations. It sparked a passion, one that ended up being her calling: Smulders decided to become a lawyer. She now practices in the areas of Family Law, Estate Planning, Real Estate, Landlord/Tenant, Social Security Disability, and Business Transactions at her firm, Smulders Law Office, PLLC. 4

Experienced Faculty

Cooley Graduates Lead in Legal Justice Hon. Jane Markey, Judge, Michigan Court of Appeals Judge Jane Markey has participated in more than 5,000 decisions and ruled on every type of case, from murder, to contracts, to tax law, to divorce. She is widely known throughout the state - bench, bar, and litigants alike - as smart, prepared, courteous, consistent, and impartial. She is highly respected both professionally and personally. Her nearly 22 years as an appellate and trial court judge have taught her how to build consensus and collegiality among judges with differing viewpoints. An incisive intellect, excellent command of the law, wit, and pleasant demeanor are her trademarks.


Cooley leads in experienced faculty Excellent Faculty Cooley Law School has one of the largest and most experienced faculties in the nation. Cooley professors teach three terms a year, which adds up to a faculty with more teaching experience than almost any other law school in the country. And, unlike most other law schools, Cooley’s faculty members bring to the classroom many years of experience as practicing lawyers. Cooley students thus gain valuable insights into the real world of practice in specialized areas of the law. The faculty’s real-world knowledge combined with their exceptional academic backgrounds makes them the heart and soul of Cooley’s outstanding legal education program.

Cooley Law School has the distinction of being the only law school in the country with two members of its faculty chosen to be included in a law professor-focused study seeking the “best law faculty” in the country. Nelson Miller, professor and associate dean of Cooley’s Grand Rapids campus, and Phil Prygoski, professor at Cooley’s Lansing campus, both have been chosen to be part of the study, which is designed to identify the best law faculty and to publish their best teaching practices in the book What the Best Law Teachers Do (Harvard Press 2012).Visit the Cooley website and find out why Cooley professors are great teachers, making them some of the best law faculty in the country.



Academic Resource Center Unique to Cooley is the Academic Resource Center, where good students go to become even better students.The professionally trained staff helps students develop and refine skills that are critical for a successful legal career. Through the Introduction to Law class, a host of seminars, and one-on-one instruction, students develop skills in critical thinking, critical reading, reasoning, briefing, outlining, studying, and examination writing. bar Preparation Cooley Law School offers effective, free pre-bar exam preparation courses to all students to prepare them for bar passage. Options include the multistate bar exam overview, the essay writing workshop, and programs provided through the Academic Resource Center. Cooley also offers a 3-credit elective to jump start studying for the multistate bar examination. Students who choose our pre-bar prep programs perform better on bar exams across the United States.


Cooley Students Lead in Public Advocacy Renee Edmondson & Danielle Dawson Third-year Cooley Law School students Renee Edmondson and Danielle Dawson recently helped develop language to amend legislation aimed at creating Michiganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first-ever Animal Abuser Registry. House Bills 5402 and 5403 would require convicted animal abusers to register, pay a $250 fee, and notify police of address changes.The proposed legislation, which has made national headline news, is bolstering the duoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s confidence in their lawyering skills while providing them with an extraordinary look into the legislative process.



Cooley leads in skills training

Cooley Graduates Lead in Healthcare Dennis Swan, President and CEO, Sparrow Health System Dennis Swan always knew he would go to law school. He just didn’t foresee it would be at night while raising a family and working more than full time. Now the president and chief executive officer of Sparrow Health System in Lansing, Michigan, Swan leads an organization that is constantly changing. And that is just the way he likes it.


Externships Cooley’s program furthers the school’s mission of practical legal scholarship by placing students with practicing lawyers throughout the United States and in various countries around the globe. Externships are learning opportunities for students placed with nearly 3,000 lawyers and judges who have agreed to provide a mentored learning environment. Student externs receive classroom training from faculty members in addition to supervision and evaluation by their attorney mentors. Clinical Opportunities We believe students immersed in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment study and understand the law more fully and are better prepared to serve their clients. Cooley requires a minimum of 3 credit hours in a clinical experience. Students may apply for clinic courses once they have accumulated 40 credit hours.

> Sixty Plus, Inc., Elderlaw Clinic A two-term clinic that provides free legal assistance to elderly residents of local counties. > Estate Planning Clinic A one-term clinic available to evening and weekend students. > Cooley Innocence Project Helps secure the release of wrongfully imprisoned persons. > Family Law Assistance Project A two-term clinic in which students represent low-income people in family law and domestic violence matters. > Access to Justice Clinic A two-term clinic in which students provide general, civil legal services to clients referred by the Legal Assistance Center at the Kent County Courthouse. > Washtenaw County Public Defender Cooley clinic where students handle a wide variety of criminal defense work, from misdemeanors to felonies. > Public Sector Law Project A one-term clinic where students provide civil legal services of a transactional, advisory, legislative, or systemic nature to government clients in management or elected office. > Immigrant Rights and Civil Advocacy Clinic Cooley students meet with foreign national clients who need help with immigration, naturalization, and civil matters.



Cooley Students Lead in Service Roberto Suarez Suarez was midway through his third-term studies at Cooleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lansing campus when the veteran military officer was called to active duty and deployed to Northern Iraqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mosul area, leaving behind his wife and young daughter. While he credits his Cooley training for helping him to navigate complex issues, Suarez also leans on the worldly teachings of far different experiences, serving most recently as a U.S. military negotiator in Iraq. Suarez is now an attorney at the Michigan law firm of Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge.



Affordable Tuition

Cooley leads in helping you manage law school cost Cooley Graduates Lead in Security Edward Gibson, Director, u.S. Forensic Technology Solutions at PricewaterhouseCoopers Ed helps corporate decision-makers address complex issues such as e-espionage, cyber intrusions, theft of IP and PII, money laundering, corruption, and criminal exfiltration of data at a global level. His former titles read like a novel: FBI Special Agent, Assistant Legal Attache-American Embassy London, and Microsoft’s Chief Cyber Security Advisor in the United Kingdom.

Affordable Legal Education Cooley Law School is among the nation’s most affordable private, independent law schools. Most U.S. law students fund their education with loans and scholarships. In addition to offering federal loans, Cooley offers generous scholarships based on merit. Financial Aid Contact a Cooley representative to: > Learn how to pay for law school > Review scholarship opportunities > Explore loan repayment options > Design a financial aid package that meets your needs


For More Information Detailed explanations of available financial aid programs, scholarships, budgets, and general information are accessible at Admissions Office Thomas M. Cooley Law School P.O. box 13038, Lansing, MI 48901 P: (517) 371-5140, ext. 2244 or 2245 (800) 874-3511 – 24-hour toll-free F: (517) 334-5718 E:



Cooley leads in scholarships Honors Scholarships Honors Scholarships are awarded up to 75% of tuition, based on Admission Index or LSAT score. Once enrolled, students can earn or increase their scholarships based on class rank. Michigan and Florida Residents Michigan and Florida residents admitted to Cooley Law School may be eligible for a 10% Honors Scholarship Enhancement or other scholarship opportunities. Enrolled Students Enrolled students may earn an Honors Scholarship from 10% to 50% based upon their class ranking at Cooley, even if they did not earn a scholarship based upon their entering credentials. At Cooley Law School, an Honors Scholar will retain the highest scholarship award level during the entire time at Cooley, so long as the student is not subject to sanctions under the Honor Code or Disciplinary Procedures.

LSAT HONORS SCHOLARSHIP LSAT Score 165+ = 75% of Tuition LSAT Score


= 60% of Tuition

LSAT Score


= 45% of Tuition

LSAT Score


= 30% of Tuition

LSAT Score


= 15% of Tuition

INDEX HONORS SCHOLARSHIP Index Score 217+ = 75% of Tuition Index Score


= 60% of Tuition

Index Score


= 45% of Tuition

Index Score


= 30% of Tuition

Index Score


= 15% of Tuition

CLASS RANK HONORS SCHOLARSHIP Class Rank Top 5% = 50% of Tuition Class Rank

Top 6-10%

= 40% of Tuition

Class Rank

Top 11-15%

= 30% of Tuition

Class Rank

Top 16-20%

= 20% of Tuition

Class Rank

Top 21-25%

= 10% of Tuition

Cooley Students Lead in Student and bar Organizations Dewnya bazzi, Attorney at The Dewnya bazzi Law Firm, PLLC As a Cooley student, Bazzi served as founder and president of the Cooley Muslim Legal Society, president of the Intramural Sports Organization, president of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society, as well as a member of the Diversity Committee, the Jewish Law Student Association, and the Women's Lawyer Alliance of Michigan. She also was a 2011 Distinguished Student Award winner, an award that honors those graduating students who have displayed high standards throughout their law school career. She is now President of the Michigan Muslim Bar Association. 10

Cooley Graduates Lead in Government Relations The Hon. bart Stupak, Former u.S. Congressman, Partner and Lobbyist, Venable LLP As a Congressman for 18 years, Mr. Stupak developed a deep understanding of issues that directly affected his constituents, including matters related to energy, healthcare, telecommunications and international trade. Many of the bills he sponsored were signed into law, including the first bill he ever entered, introduced in his name, during his first year as Congressman. At Venable, Stupak is in a unique position to provide clients with well-informed, extensive counsel that is based on a thorough knowledge of these industries and related legislation. 11

How to apply to Cooley

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


1. Take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Cooley Law School will use your highest LSAT score for determining admission. (Score must be less than five years old.) 2. Register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS). You may receive more information by visiting, or by calling (215) 968-1001.

3. Determine your Admissions Index Once you have taken the LSAT and registered with CAS, determine your admissions index using Cooley’s admissions formula. (Below.)


(UGPA + 15) + HiGHest LsAt = Admissions index

Admission Eligibility Cooley Law School uses a fair and objective formula to determine eligibility. An applicant’s cumulative Undergraduate Grade Point Average (UGPA), as evaluated by Credential Assembly Service (CAS), is multiplied by 15, and the resulting number is added to the candidate’s highest Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score. All applicants are required to take the LSAT and register for the complete CAS service. (Foreign-educated applicants should contact the Admissions Office.) Students may take the LSAT more than once. LSAT scores are honored for five years.

You may also choose to mail a completed, signed application to:

Character and Fitness Meeting the minimum index and LSAT score may determine eligibility, but the Faculty Admissions Committee also assesses a candidate’s character and fitness before extending an offer of admission. All applicants are required to complete an official Cooley Law School application available online at or All questions on the application, including disclosure questions, must be answered completely and forthrightly. Failure to disclose information can be grounds for denial or revocation of admission.

Admissions Office,Thomas M. Cooley Law School P.O. Box 13038, Lansing, MI 48901

Visit for full disclosure information.

4. Apply to Cooley Apply online through or Read and understand the importance of character, fitness, and full disclosure.There is no application fee. 5. be sure to print a copy of the application for your records.


Cooley Students Lead in Volunteerism Amanda King, Winner of Cooley Student Great Deeds Award While at Cooley, Amanda donated her time, energy, and talents to numerous charities. As part of the Black Law Students Association, she organized a carnival and silent auction that raised over $2,200 for Kids’ Food Basket. She worked to become a bachelorette in a charity auction for cystic fibrosis. Amanda also traveled to Ghana,West Africa where she investigated the effects of smoke on the respiratory systems of the women and children exposed to cooking fires.That investigation led to a formal appeal to public officials with a proposal for the distribution of medication pertinent to the symptoms of the people affected by the smoke. 12

Flexible Scheduling

Cooley leads in scheduling options Cooley Graduates Lead in Finance

A Year-Round Education > Several full-time and part-time options > Choose to attend Cooley year round with summers off, in the evening, or on the weekend

Janene McIntyre, Public Finance Lawyer at Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith P.C.

> Full financial aid is available for all semesters

As a Public Finance/Corporate attorney for Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith P.C., Janene McIntyre has much experience in municipal finance, including serving as counsel for several state and local issues in the states of Michigan, Connecticut, Missouri, New York and the District of Columbia. She also has a passion for mentoring and volunteering in professional organizations, including serving as president of the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association. Before working with Foster Swift, McIntyre worked as a full-time bond lawyer with Lewis & Munday, P.C.

> Attend law school while you work or attend to family


> Begin in January, May, or September

Choose When to Start Day Classes – Monday-Friday > Start in September at any one of Cooley’s campuses Afternoon Classes – Monday-Friday > Start in January at any one of Cooley’s campuses Evening Classes – Monday-Friday > Start in May at any one of Cooley’s campuses Weekend Classes – Saturday & Sunday: Mornings & Afternoons > Start in September at Cooley’s Lansing campus > Start in January at Cooley’s Grand Rapids campus > Start in May at Cooley’s Auburn Hills campus Weekend classes are not available in Ann Arbor or Tampa Bay.


the right schedule Daytime, Afternoon, Evening, or Weekends Take from 2 to 5 years to complete your degree. Part-time or full-time, you'll be taught by the same full-time faculty and have to meet the same graduation requirements. 1. FuLL-TIME: Terms Off for 3 Years (15 credits/term) 2. FuLL-TIME: Year-Round for 2 Years (15 credits/term) 3. PART-TIME: Year-Round for 3 Years (12 credits/term) 4. PART-TIME: Year-Round for 4 Years (9 credits/term) 5. PART-TIME: Year-Round for 5 Years (6 credits/term) 6. WEEKEND: Part-Time 3-Year or 4-Year programs 14

Typical First-Year Curriculum


1. FuLL-TIME: Traditional Terms Off for 3 Years Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Property I, Torts I, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law I Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars¥, Contracts II, Property II, Torts II, Research & Writing, Constitutional Law II Term 3: OFF

2. FuLL-TIME: Year-Round for 2 Years Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Property I,Torts I, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law I Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars¥, Contracts II, Property II, Torts II, Research & Writing, Constitutional Law II Term 3: Personal and Professional Responsibility, Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure I, Secured Transactions

3. PART-TIME: Year-Round for 3 Years Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Property I, Torts I, Criminal Law Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars¥, Contracts II, Property II,Torts II, Civil Procedure I Term 3: Personal and Professional Responsibility, Research & Writing, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure II

4. PART-TIME: Year-Round for 4 Years Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Torts I, Criminal Law Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars¥ Contracts II, Torts II, Civil Procedure I Term 3: Research & Writing, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure II

5. PART-TIME: Year-Round for 5 Years Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Torts I Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars¥, Contracts II, Torts II Term 3: Research & Writing, Personal and Professional Responsibility

6. PART-TIME: Weekends Term 1: Introduction to Law, Contracts I, Property I, Torts I, Criminal Law Term 2: ARC Skills Seminars¥, Contracts II, Property II, Torts II, Civil Procedure I Term 3: Personal and Professional Responsibility, Research & Writing, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure II ¥ RECOMMENDED

Cooley Students Lead in Achievement Tom Smith, Leadership Achievement Award Winner At Cooley,Tom Smith had the opportunity and support to explore and succeed in his career goals. He developed the discipline and competence to master the legal knowledge and skills through a variety of course work and co-curricular activities. He was on the Law Review, vice president of the Student Bar Association, president of the Federalist Society, a school Ambassador, and was involved in a diverse range of activities.Tom’s law school success earned him the school’s Leadership Achievement Award. He now has a career as a captain in the U.S. Air Force JAG Corps doing exactly what he loves to do. 14


Cooley leads in outstanding facilities Campus locations that work for you – five locations, one great law school. Complete your law degree at any of our four locations across Michigan and our newest campus in Florida. With appellate and trial courtrooms at all campuses, high-tech classrooms throughout, and one of America’s largest law libraries, Cooley provides an excellent setting in which our students can study, our faculty can teach, and our staff can work.

Cooley Graduates Lead in Corporate Law David Grumbine, Senior Counsel at Whirlpool Corporation Grumbine unveiled what Whirlpool calls the National Product Council, a group of three law firms that would handle most legal disputes for Whirlpool in North America and with its suppliers.Whirlpool’s internal dispute resolution team consists of 30 employees. The group oversees approximately 700 lawsuits and 12,000 claims each year for the Fortune 500 company with annual revenue of approximately $18.4 billion.


Our facilities are unmatched in size, scope, quality, and beauty. DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR TAMPA BAY CAMPUS




Campuses Section





Cooley Students Lead in Community Service COOLEY LAW SCHOOL STADIUM ANN ARBOR CAMPUS


Sophia Thelusma For Sophia Thelusma, helping Haiti was a priority even before one of the deadliest earthquakes in history struck the already impoverished country. The devastation it caused has only fueled her already blazing passion for the country and its people. Sophia founded the organization Reach for Clean Teeth as a third-year student. The organization aims to educate young Haitians on the importance of dental hygiene and provides them with complimentary toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss.





Cooley Graduates Lead in Foreign Government Ruby Makiyama, Elected Member of the House of Councillors (Kanagawaprefecture) of the National Diet of Japan Ruby Makiyama holds a prestigious seat with the National Diet of Japan, the equivalent of serving as a U.S. Senator. Makiyama represents the Kanagawa region, the second-most populated prefecture in Japan and the equivalent of a U.S. state.



Cooley campuses in vibrant communities Cooley’s campuses are all situated in thriving, desirable locations. Several of our campus locations even made Money’s 2012 Top 100 List of America’s Best Places To Live, including, Riverview, Florida, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Troy, West Bloomfield Township, Shelby Township and Macomb Township, Michigan, which are located only minutes from Cooley’s Auburn Hills campus. Lansing: The 500,000 square-foot Lansing campus allows all students to learn in state-of-the-art wireless classrooms, to practice in court facilities, and to study in the spacious Brennan Library, all located in Michigan’s capital city. Auburn Hills: Located on 67 wooded acres in suburban Detroit, the campus boasts a new, large, “green,” and technologically advanced law school facility. Study in a serene environment in the heart of a major metropolitan area. Grand Rapids: The five-story law center features a loft-style setting, housing a law library on two levels, a computer lab/electronic classroom, two courtrooms, and many study rooms. The campus is located in the thriving heart of this great cultural city. Ann Arbor: Located in one of the most desirable places to live in America, the Ann Arbor campus offers all of the same Cooley amenities in a lovely Alden Dow-designed facility. Tampa bay: Tampa Bay is a great place for students to live and learn the law – a destination known worldwide for its beautiful landscape, many attractions, and thriving arts and cultural community.

Cooley Students Lead in Practice Skills GRAND RAPIDS CAMPUS DOWNTOWN LANSING

LaToya Palmer and Erin Moss, Top Client Counseling Team in the Country Palmer and Moss bested teams from 95 law schools across the United States, taking first place in the 2011 American Bar Association’s Law Student Division Client Counseling National Competition, and went on to the international competition in the Netherlands.


Ethics, Service, and Professionalism


Cooley leads in ethics, service, and professionalism Cooley Graduates Lead in Government Relations

Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism Cooley’s Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism is dedicated to the following ideals:

Nell Kuhnmuench, Lobbyist and Director at Governmental Consultant Services Inc. (GCSI)

> Lead by modeling and teaching ethics

GCSI is a lobbying firm representing such national names as AT&T, Chrysler, and major universities. Kuhnmuench is routinely ranked as one of the top two lobbyists in Michigan. She sees her role as an advocate – one who works tirelessly for clients.


> Foster and encourage service > Practice professionalism > Commit to our communities

By creating a culture of professionalism in the law school, Cooley intends to foster the highest caliber of relationships between the Cooley community and the legal and local communities.To this end, the Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism has launched and maintains many initiatives to ensure our students, staff, and faculty are encouraged, and have many opportunities, to meet their professionalism goals. Ethics Library Cooley’s Ethics and Professionalism Library maintains nearly 5,000 volumes of ethics materials.The Ethics and Professionalism Library is open to students, faculty, and attorneys to promote the research and study of ethics and professionalism.


Ethics Programs > Ethics and Professionalism Library > Ethics in the Curriculum > Ethics Speakersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Bureau

Service Programs > Commitment to Our Communities/ Cooley Cares > Leadership in the Law > Pro Bono Programs



> Service to Soldiers: Legal Assistance Referral Program

Professionalism Programs > Cooley Student Mediation Board > Cultural Competence Workshops > Enforcing Student Conduct Codes > Integrity in Our Communities Speaker Series > Professional Development and Mentoring > Professionalism Portfolio and Pathway to Success Course > Public School Mentoring and Assistance Programs > Student Wellness

For more information visit

E. Smythe Gambrell Award Through Cooley's innovative, award-winning Professionalism Plan, which received the American Bar Association's highest recognition for professionalism, the E. Smythe Gambrell Award, Cooley created a culture of professionalism that permeates every part of the school. Everyone at Cooley is challenged to adopt professionalism as a way of life. Most recently, Cooley Law School brought together nearly 60 national leaders in the legal and higher education fields for its inaugural Professionalism Advisory Committee meeting held July 2012. The group identified professionalism issues that most impact the practice of law and higher education and advised Cooley on ways to improve and promote professionalism in legal education.

Cooley Students Lead in Social Awareness Charles Hamel Hamel has always had a passion for rock climbing, and is now using his passion to raise money and awareness for individuals affected by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Hamel and his climbing partner Allen Zeitlin, who is a medical student and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, created charity benefits the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation and funds a grant for PTSD research.They have raised more than $5,000 for the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.


The American Bar Association, the organization that accredits law schools, does not allow full-time students, those taking 13 or more credits per term, to work more than 20 hours a week. The initial Honors Scholarship is continued as a minimum award for the duration of the student’s enrollment at the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, so long as the student is not subject to sanction under the Honor Code for Disciplinary Procedures and so long as the law school continues the Honors Scholarship program. Scholarships are in the form of tuition credits. The Thomas M. Cooley Law School is committed to a fair and objective admissions policy. Subject to space limitations, Cooley offers the opportunity for legal education to all qualified applicants. Cooley abides by all federal and state laws against discrimination. In addition, Cooley abides by American Bar Association Standard 211(a), which provides that “a law school shall foster and maintain equality of opportunity in legal education, including employment of faculty and staff, without discrimination or segregation on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.” This brochure includes descriptions of some current policies, practices, and schedules at Cooley Law School. This brochure is not a contract and does not, and cannot, create any contractual rights. All policies, practices, and schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Thomas M. Cooley Law School is accredited by the American Bar Association, 321 N. Clark Street, 21st Floor NE, Chicago, IL 60610, (312) 988-6738,; the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges, 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1413, (800) 621-7440,; and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education. Additional information regarding this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 323099-0400, toll-free telephone number (888) 224-6684. Students can review copies of the documents describing Cooley Law School’s accreditation on reserve at the law libraries. Annual summary financial information is available to the public by contacting 300 S. Capitol Avenue, P.O. Box 13038, Lansing, MI 48901.

We set our standards high at Cooley. Our program of legal education is rigorous, challenging, and thorough. Come to Cooley if you want to learn how to be a great lawyer.


Thomas M. Cooley Law School 300 South Capitol Avenue P.O. Box 13038 Lansing, MI 48901

Lead Today. Lead Tomorrow. Cooley Law School.

Since its founding in 1972, Cooley Law School has provided students with the practical skills necessary for a seamless transition from law school to law practice. Cooleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s emphasis on sound academic knowledge, practical skills, and professionalism prepares our graduates for roles of leadership.

Admissions Catalog - Viewbook  

Since its founding in 1972, Cooley Law School has provided students with the practical skills necessary for a seamless transition from law s...

Admissions Catalog - Viewbook  

Since its founding in 1972, Cooley Law School has provided students with the practical skills necessary for a seamless transition from law s...