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GRADUATIONS Tampa Bay Ceremony Sabrina Mentor provides the valedictory remarks, speaking about how WMU-Cooley faculty go above and beyond to teach students the ethical values in the profession of law.

Sabrina Mentor provides the valedictory remarks.

Julianne Holt, Hillsborough County public defender, speaks to WMU-Cooley graduates during the law school’s recent commencement.

“Let us always remember to take the time to understand not just the legal aspects of each client’s case, but that person’s state of mind and the life-altering impact to their life should we fail, even in the slightest, to always do what is in their best interest.” SABRINA MENTOR

President and Dean Don LeDuc; Julianne Holt, Hillsborough County public defender; Sabrina Mentor, WMU-Cooley graduate; and Jeff Martlew, retired WMU-Cooley associate dean.

Holt, who received her bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida and law degree from South Texas College of Law, told students to have a passion for practicing law. She noted that individuals lives will be affected everyday by their work as practicing attorneys.

“I have been a practicing attorney for 36 years and get up every morning loving what I do.” JULIANNE HOLT


Tampa Bay campus Associate Dean Jeff Martlew (right), presents Nestor Gonzalez his diploma.

Benchmark | Winter 2016