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(Left-right) Danielle Scarfo, Tampa Bay campus; Jason Masopust, Leigh Curtis, and Houda Derri, Auburn Hills campus; Professor Victoria Vuletich; Hai Dui, Lansing campus; Jennifer Lyons, Lavi Gonzalez, and Christine Behrman de Colindres, Tampa Bay campus.

(Row 1, left-right) Lavi Gonzalez, Houda Derri, Hai Dui, (row 2, left-right) Leigh Curtis, Jason Masopust, Jennifer Lyons, (row 3, left-right) Christine Behrman de Colindres, Professor Victoria Vuletich, and Danielle Scarfo.

STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM STUDENTS SEE RESULTS OF “BREXIT” UP CLOSE When eight WMU-Cooley students enrolled to be part of the law school’s Study Abroad program in Oxford, England this summer, little did they know they would be living through history in the making – at ground zero! The students arrived to a nation roiling with disbelief and uncertainty after the historic “Brexit” vote, a referendum that decided the United Kingdom (U.K.) will be leaving the European Union. “Many people told us that the widespread assumption was the referendum to leave the European Union would never pass,” said WMU-Cooley Professor Victoria Vuletich, who accompanied the students to Oxford. “The BBC featured stories of numerous young people who did not vote, or voted to exit as a lark, thinking their votes would not count. Several of them were remorseful and expressed a desire to revote. Even the leaders of the pro-Brexit camp seemed a little surprised at the outcome. The students and I


learned that, though our individual votes may be one in millions, they do matter. Each vote really does count.” While in Oxford, the students studied European Union Law and European Union Business Law. The courses focused on the workings of the European Union at the same time widespread discussion and commentaries were occurring about how Brexit will actually play out in the months and years to come. The students were in for another historic experience with the election of Theresa May as Great Britain’s second female Prime Minister. “Hearing and observing firsthand the political and constitutional crisis the Brexit vote spawned and

Benchmark | Winter 2016