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Remembered and Treasured (JANUARY 25, 1942 — JULY 25, 2016)


We will remember Elliot Glicksman for much more than his intellect and as a distinguished professor at WMU-Cooley Law School. We will remember and treasure him as a good man. Rabbi Amy Bigman of East Lansing elaborated on the gift of a good name during a moving memorial service in Ann Arbor for the late Elliot B. Glicksman, WMU-Cooley Distinguished Professor Emeritus. “In the Book of Ecclesiastes,” started Rabbi Bigman, “our rabbis taught that there are three crowns: The crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood, and the crown of royalty. But they emphasize that the crown of a good name exalts them all. The Elliot I knew, the Elliot all of you knew, had that crown of a good name.” Rabbi Bigman went on to say that, “a good name is to be treasured above precious oil. Wealth, health, and even


life pass away, but a good name lives forever. It is this view that the Talmud teaches. “Monuments need not be erected for the righteous. Their deeds are their memorials. They will be remembered and revered for the kindness they have shown, and for the love they have given. “They are shining examples of what it means to be a mensch.” Friend and colleague Distinguished Professor Emeritus Charles Palmer captured the essence of why Elliot will be treasured always by our WMU-Cooley community. “For Elliot, it was his knowledge of evidence law that he was most

Benchmark | Winter 2016